Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 6
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t'AGE SfX KOSStJTH GQtrNfir>Al>yANCB ) ^ALQONA > ' IOWA MARCH LEGION'AilX' AT BANCROFT HELPS NEEDY last Tuesday evening. Mrs. A, H, Puclis won high score. Mm A. H. Foth entertained at two tables of bridge at her home last Tuesday evening. Mrs. A. H. Kuchs won high score. The Roy Samite, Fairmont, spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Alike •Sandt, and flier brother, Arthur Ilenser. E<1 Droessler went to Des Molnes House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County; or" the Cleric of said Court; and at 9 o'clock a. m, of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause If any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said de- Bancroft, Feb. 28—The regular ! Monday morning with County Agent Dated at Algona, Iowa, February monthly meeting of the American Morrison, Legion Auxiliary was held Friday brother. afternoon <tt the homo of Mrs.' Mr. and Mrs. Dan McGee, Algona, to visit a 28, 1933. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH I Public Auction Fair**,» w»..ui-'ii ivb •«.• tw • i vui\.> \»j. .in.1 K), »tli . <11JII UTll£t. J^rtll i\li;V.7trt?t £ illT" 'Bridget Qulnn, A quilt was finish- mont, are visiting her mother and ed and pillow tops wore made to be brother, Mns. Cora Hunt and Flynn sent to headquartero at Des Moines Hunt, for the tiupply shelf. TUie regular; Mrs. M. J. Dyer went to Alta business meeting of the auxiliary Is to -bo held at the homo of Mrs. W. A. Munuy on Tuesday, March 7, at 8 p. m. The quarterly county meeting will be held Tuesday, March 7, at 2 p. m., at Wesley. Wednesday to visit a week with her daughter, 'Mrs. Alphonse Fangman. MUCH MOVING GOING ON IN SOUTHCRESCO - I South Cresco, Feb. 2S—Twenty- drees prliow. Mrs. O. D. Hart and one years ago the Stephen Losses P. J. «chilt7, won the prizes for. began housekeeping on the Chubb bridge, while Anna Ralie and Peter farm, which was sold last fall to Foresters In Hard Times Party— The W. C. O. iF. hold a card party and dance at /the Forester hall Friday evening and a large crowd attorid«i. Tickets were 50c a couple and '$06 was taken in. It was n 'hard ti.rww da.nce, and Mrs. L. J. Mousol and .Leo Lumpo won the I E. J. McEVOr, 25-27 Clerk of the District Court. Kramer wo<n in 500. nished tho music. Viisko's fur- ' Fred Biers ted t, WQiittemore. Mrs. Walter fieilenfelcl, north of Hobar- •5L ^J=T«ss--. i - - =S 2 2? S,r cbrato the, occasion. Cards played and Mrs. J. W. were n ml A , KOna . NOTICE OF PROBATE OF tVHL No. 3703. State of Iowa, Koseuth county, as. In District Court, January term, 1933. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting 1 to be the last Will and Testament of Daniel Murphy, deceased, dated August 22, 1929, having 'been this day, filed opened and real, the 22nd day of March, 1933, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, beford the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 9 o'clock a, m. of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of Bald deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, February 20, 1933. (Seal) E. J. McEVOY, Clerk of District Court north of i B ^ Alma Grelner, Deputy. Walter Thilges, a single i-^- Hutchison, This advertisement is intended for farmers who intend to hold a public sale this winter, and Us object is to provide a form calling for everything the printer will need to make a good bill and a good ad. Interested farmers should clip this advertisement and save it till they need it. When you are ready, Just fill out this form and take it to your printer. Form for Sale Bill and Advertisement 1—It is customary to start out with some reason for holding the sale, such as "As I am about to quit farming and move to town." Give your reason here: __^ . KOna . aer John Iluuncrt won lush «eon«. Mrs. man f mn B(M , e> hafl Di j Attorney. I^J. fcohilte and ,,oe -JiOtz received farnlf mc;Ued by c . p _ WM ™ « i _ j Son, who have moved east of Lu I TJiols Itroi.lK'r-ln- Miw Wc/ld- j V ° rn< V Mr ' a " d Mrs " Delma -i- An- STATE OF IOWA, Mr. ami Mi«. H. E. Thols loft RUSl j0 "° n ° ckl marned last fal1 ' ...... ------ ----- 24-26 >*OTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE KOSSUTH COUNTY,- SS. have begun housekeeping on the H. Notice is hereby given that termaker :it the creamery here. -Give the distance from such towns as you want to mention to your farm. (Do not say "Five miles = northwest of Algona"—say, "Four miles west and one mile north,of Algona") 1 j. B BUSINESS KOS8UTH W«*kly Newspaper Found/a, Entered M Second-o.a* December 31, 1908, at th n na, Iowa! Un e at March 2, 1879. W. B, Quarton tiaw Offices Offlce 421, Algona, Iowa. Office Iowa Stato Office phone L. E. Linnan Attorneys-at- Attorneys-at-i^aw Phones: Office, 28; T. p. 8. J. VAN NESS, 0. Vf. STIll| Lawyers Rita Dicrs Has Uirlliday— A l.iirthd.'iy party was Sun- ........... __.. day evening at the Clem Dicrs hom - -' f j i TT — ----- i "i.v, iy.Jd, in ravor 01 xne a<tirmers vacated by Harry Sunding. | state bank _ AV hiUemore, Iowa, as 1 he Suml.ng, : and Everett Hedlund j plainti£r , aml against Jame ^ p . ^V nir °\ ed to f «™* the « miles Welr and Carrie Welri as de£end . ' nuth of Amos - The Paul Palmers. for Ritn. EMers. Cootie at six table*. Edna Wibbon and Bernard Dahlhausor, oC Algona, won the hisrh .scores, while Lorraine Tierney and Edward Farrow received Ion'. 'nhvtvl fl '° m U0! ' llh of A teona, have the old J •' ITVl* f 1 ».»1-i VI n.-, ,. +• V. . 'V-l -_ •»«••.._ 1 -I-.. Attends Ixfrlslutiiro's "Frolic"— Collett« C. Wolp drove to Des Moine.s Thursday and attended the! legislative frolic held at the Savory hotel. She. returned home Mrs. Mike T>ro<««lor and Jessie Ste- i 7 1 ' britz accompanied her and visited ! mes friends there. Fry farm, near th 0 A'els Mitchell's, vacated by Bert Brown. Jr. & I). Club Hns Meeting'— Forty persons attended a Mothers and Daughters club party Friday evening at Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Clayton's. The time was spent at jigsaw puzzles and 500. The high score at cards was won by Mrs. C. H. Potter and H. Bjelland; low by Mrs. F. L. Zeigler and L. A. Potter; Mos- A ' Potter ' Runch- Snrpriso for Uio I/Pitslugs— Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso were married six years Sensing- Sunday, ey, and Clayton were the committee in charge. A county federation meeting is to be held March 7 at ants, for the sum o£ Four Five Hundred Forty-eight and 33/100 (54548.33) Dollars and costs, taxed at Ono Hundred Three and 33/100 ($103.33) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said James F. Weir and Carrie Weir to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The West One- Half of the Northwest Quarter, of 'NW>4) of Section 3—Give day and date of sale 4—Give hour when sale is to begin. 5—What about lunch, if any? 6-How many horses? Describe each animal, with weight and age, and If you have any outstanding horses or teams give particulars ' (J. D, Shumway n J & KELLl' Attorneys-at-Uw 1. A. Atttorncy.nt-I.aw i Office In Quinby Bulldlntl Phone 180 ' Thirty-Three (33) Township Ninety-six (90) Range Thirty (30) West of the 5th P. M.; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy eaid execution, with costs Algona! The next local meeting will t0 satls£y eald execution ' with costs be on March 9 with M and accruln ^ cost s at P" b «c auction, !>e on March 9 with Mrs. „ „, Algona, second house south of the woodworks. Officers and that evening 25 of their friends surprised them. Cards were played and Mrs. Frank Fangman and Lawrence iFtuigman, of Alta, won ; c ,, , r . high scores. Snnillnfi-s Move to Ames- be elected J. W. Sclinltj; 50; Celebrates— J. W. 'Schiltz celebrated his 50th George Hedlund, Ames, came Saturday amd took a truckload of goods to jVmes for his son Everett, farmer J. w. 'scniitz celebrated his 50th -•—••-« -.^i u » o^.i .i^veieui, iarmer birthday Sunday and that evening j ere two years ' Four trucks came TIT., ^n^? TT^T r~~ m~i+- _-i n*-_ j i from Ames Sundav and m/iv/v? ti>i« Mr. and Mrs. Joo Ealtz and Mr and ' Ames Sunday and moved the Mrs. N. J. iSchiltz were entertained Harr y Sundings down. The daughter Mrs. N. J. iSchiltz were entertained at dinner at his home. Hard TtniOH 1'arlj 0-lvon— Antoinette fHart entetained 2S of her school friends ait her home Saturday evening at a hard times party. Charlecs Quinn won the drees prize. Arlene remained to teach the No. 5 cichool in Whittemore township and the Edw. Wichten- Benefit Party for I). B. Team— The C. O. -F. gave a card party and danoe. Monday evening for 6ho -benefit of the teskcrtball team at St. John's. Other Bancroft Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Se-e-ney were _. _ cllv , 0 ulsull . Jeri late ,,„_ at Mason City Friday and visited day night for CallenHer on receipt with her sister, Mrs. Dave Gill.ert. lot news that her mother had suf- is livin dahls. IVowlyiveds Are Serenaded—John Simon and his bride got home last week Monday night, after a honeymoon with the former's sister, Mrs. Charles Winandy, Chicago. Thirty friends surprised the newlyweds by serenading them last week Tuesday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Stewart. Five hundred was played. Mrs. Olson's Mother Stricken— to the highest bidder, for cash, in in hand, on the 17th day of March, 1933. at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 15th. day of February, 1933. CARL. DAHUHA.USER, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa, By Casey Ix>ss, Deputy. Van Ness & StiHman, Plairitiffs Attorneys. 25-26 Mrs. Laurence Olson - late Fri- Mr. and Mrs. A. L. O'Neil, Dodge, spent Saturday here with - fored a stroke on her right side which was wholly paralyzed Word yze or her mother, Mrs. Kate Bolster and: Sunday said the patient was uncon- her sister, Mrs. C. J. Siaudor. Mr. jscious. O'Neil Ls food inspector for foul- counties around Fort 'Dodge. Isabel fiuinders and -Mrs. Charles Baker spent Saturday in Windom, Minn., with their sister, Mrs. Charles •Sldlling. llalen Skilling, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mns. Chariot) Skllling, 'returned with thorn and will attend «t. John's school here. Sho will make her first communion 'this year. iMr. and Mrs. Felix Wilmus, St. Cloud, Minn., arc visiting his mother, Mrs. A.n-ton AVilmus and her aunt. Mrn. John Kockler. They arrived Saturday. Mm. F. Wilmus was Christina Kockler before, her marriago and formerly IKK! hero. Mrs. .loo .tanks and Mrs. II. J. Guide took Mrs. llolley to her home at Fort IKxIgo Ha tin-day. Mrs. Hoi- ley a sister of Mrs. Jenkn and came up last week .to attend the funeral of .Mrs. Jenk.s, of Ixxlyard, Robert Wilhelml, the young son of Mr. ami iMr.s. Harold VVilhelmi, has been on tho sick li.-jt t'he past week. Mrs. Henry Wiley, of Swea City, is helping cam for the bji.be. She bi Mrs. Wilhelmi's mother. Mr. and Mm. Petor Kivunoz- enter- tainod at t'lu-e. 'tables of bridge at their home Friday evening. Mrs. Frank Foth and P. ,1. Wchiltz won high scores, and Mrs. Joseph Rocker drew the cut prize. Mr. and Mrs. O, S. Underkofler, o£ Buffalo Cemer, epent Sunday evening here u-idi the Frank Keekers, and KOI su-quainteil with their grandson, Philip Franklin Recker. Mr. and Mns. If. B. Monke and Mrs. William Va.sk,> and .son Marvin returned Saturday from Dubuque, whore they attended the wedding of a relatives. •Marguerite Welp, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. .1. Welp, spont tho week-t-jid in Waterloo with her aunt, Mrs. E. 11. Brink and uncle, Dr. L. W. Welp. A large crowd attended a card party and dance at the Forester hall Wednesday evening-. Bridge and 500 were played. Twelve draw prizes were given. Mr. and Ms. A. H. Fuchs entertained at three tables of bridge at their homo Sunday evening, airs. R. J. Welp and J. H. Sheridan won high scores. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Guide entertained Mr. and Mrs. C. C. .Smith and Eva Whitney and Mattie Warner, of Burt, at dinner Sunday. (Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fangman and daughter Darlene Ann, of Alta, spent the week-end here with his folks, the HJVan-k Fangroans. Mi-e. A. H. 'Foth entertained at two tables of bridge at her home HoNwortlig Hack from Nebraska— The W. H. Bosworths, who moved to Lincoln, Neb., last March, have returned and have a farm near Burt. iMrs. Bosworth and the children are visiting her parents and brothers, the Rochleaus. Other South Cresco. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiles have returned from near Marshalltown and are with Mrs. Stiles' parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Clayton. Mr. and Mrs. Stiles were on a dairy farm, the owner having been in California since last fall. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris, former residents here, suffered cuts and bruises in the recent icy spell, when their car went into a ditch near Fairmont. A little grandson with them was uninjured. There was a neighborhood farewell party for the Stephen Losses last week Wednesday night, and one for Mrs. Walter Geilenfeld Monday night. The John Browns recently moved to Algona, and the Fred Kleins from Algona to the Brown farm to help with the dairying. John drives his milk truck. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Miller returned la.st Thursday after a visit since the Saturday previous at their daughter, Mrs. L. H. Crawford's, Minneapolis. Albert Grosenbach and her pupils at the Parsons school gave a program Friday afternoon in honor of the birthdays in February of noted men. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hayne, Peoria, 111., were guests Saturday night at A. T). Lehman's. Mr. and Mrs. Dowoy Pentecost, of Storm Lake, are visiting the Frank Kcllys. Mns. L. A. Potter is sick with high blood pressure. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF 1'llOHATE OF WILL No. 3700. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. March term, In District Court 11)33. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Dan C. Crowell, deceased, dated January 20, 1931, ana Codicil dated October 20, 1932, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 27th day of March, 1933, la fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of the State of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County. George H. Lewis, Plaintiff, vs. Jake Ellman, widower; (Bertha Anderson and A. E. Anderson, her husband r Albert Ellman and Mrs. Albert Ettman, his wife; Bena Peterson and 1 C. O. Peterson, her husband; Korae Ellman and Ella Ellman, hta wife; Actdie L, Seymour; Kossuth County, Iowa; Iowa State Highway Commission; Defendants. To Each of the Above Named Defendants: You are each hereby notified that the petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled cause te now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, claiming of Jake Ellman the sum of $4,773.00, as money justly due and interest thereon at 8 per cent per annum from the 24th day of January, A. D. 1933, and the costs of this action, including an attorney's fee of $90.00, $7.30 paid for continuation of abstract of title, and $298.43 paid for 1931 taxes, on a promissory note of $4500.00 dated April 21, 192C, due April 21, 1931, bearing interest at the rate of 5% until maturity and 8% thereafter until paid, which note was executed by Jake Ellman and Tena Ellman, his wife, In favor of George E. Lewis, and secured by a first mortgage on the following described real estate situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wlt: Southwest Quarter (SW^) of Section Fourteen (14), Township Ninety-nine (99) North, Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the 5th P. M., which mortgage was executed and delivered by the said Jake Ellman & Tena Ellman, his wife, simultaneously with the making and delivery of said note, filed for record April 23, 1926, and recorded in Book 94, page 523 of the Kossuth County, Iowa, Mortgage Records; that subsequently the said George E. Lewis sold and assigned said note and mortgage to the plaintiff, George H. Lewis, by written assignment, filed for record January 4, 1933, recorded in Book 107, page 372 of the Kossuth County, Iowa, Mortgage Records. Plaintiff asks the foreclosure of said mortgage, and that the lien of his judgment be decreed prior and paramount to any right, title, interest, lien, or claim, you or either of you may have or make to said mortgaged premises. Plaintiff asks for the appointment of a receiver to collect the rents and apply them toward the payment of taxes, and the balance toward the payment of plaintiffs said Judgment, interest, and costs. For further particulars, see the petition now on file in the office of the Clerk of said Court. And that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the next term, being the March Term of said Court, which will commence at the Court House in Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 27th day of March, A. D. 3933, default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon as provided -3 HIBAM W. WHITE 1 Attorncy-nt-lnir Office over Iowa State BBJ| Phone 206. Algona, 1 1*. A. DANSOff Attornoy-At-LaiT Office over Iowa State Phones: Office, 4GO-J.; "' DOCTORS JOHN JT. KF1VEFICK Pliyslclnn nncl Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Si« Office phone 300 Res. phone 326. C. H. CBETMIEYEB /•w,! 1 * 11 ? 81013 ! 11 and Sur sw Office In John Galbralth Phones: Office, 310; rea., vlgona = s-: P. T. JATfSE, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office on South Dodge Stn Phones: Office, 66G; residena Algona, Iowa ^ ' — WALTEB FEASER, M, '. Physician and Surgeon . Office In Quinby Bldg., Room I Phone No. 12 MELVI1T a. BOUBM Physician and Surgeoi . Office In Postofflce Block! Phones: Office, 197; realden W. D. ANDREWS, D. 0. | Osteopathlc Physician and Located In General Hosp. Phone*: Office 187, Rei. i close „„, Let the printer sweat « youre ls you 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock? ™~*™™™""""™^™«»""»*-HI«« 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc.? B. A. EVANS, M. D. Over Bprchardt Drug St« Phones: Residence 312, offlw| Algona, Iowa. = DENTISTS BE, U. H. OLSON Dentht. Gas or novocaine used for| traction. Located over Christensen Phonea: Business 166, reside Algona, I»wa VETERINARIANS ll-Which do you want to come first-horses, cattle, or hogs?, 12-Farm machinery. Give make and condition. Make a complete" lisT"^ grindstone may fetch a buyer ten miles away =y 13—Miscellaneous | 15-How many bills do you want? ( Tne usual numb er is 100™.^ m ° nthS? "~~"" 1 ""^^"L^ d ° y ° U Want? (The USUal size tt ™e-fourth page) " by law. 23-26 B. I1LYNN, Attprney for Plaintiff. 17—Your name 18—Auctioneer • . T 19—Clerk —— __ ™>"»*™™™» tMmtitvhmrn »«ii w'-lmfcfc ."«•«»» jvn gen rvtay to prepare CODT tar mmmmMmmmimmml^y* L. W. FOX J. B. AVINKEL , Veterinarians West State Street, Algoiu Phones: Office, 475-W.; res. < ====== INSUBANCE KOSSUTH COUN1L INSURANCE A8SOCUTKJ Over 115,000.000 worth of In In force. A home company. »ecure. j. p. p aX aoi.. ' City Property Loan* Fnnn 1 Insurance. Real Estate. | CUNNINGHAM 107 W. State St. Algona, I Loam 1300 op lees obtained quickly c personal security. For additional information i write or phone CUNNINGHAM & I< Algrona Fboi Representing Federal Finance Co. Des • TYPRINT HAV€

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