The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 30, 1972 · Page 3
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April 30, 1972

The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 30, 1972
Page 3
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Voice of the people Y *! l>*r.»**> HtgJ» SdK«( found .'-.-jj; «J*-tl M»ft IhsttU *» f&r Aa ftiwlr (,1 ittfM KtJit- H'onllnued front Pagfrt? — lleadquartm Recently, In the new*p*per, th*r« wm * picture of (he headquarter* The head of (he orKanltalion called COPE Mid Ihal COPE wn paying (or the headquarters. it li ohviotii (hat (he candidate* whoM> material U in prominence are promoted by COPK. I fed that COI'E •hould change the name to the COCK Candidate* Headquarter* or totneOiing more appropriate $t> if you, the titiieni. want to find out information on the local and ilate candidate* running in the primary etarltwH, you will need to contact the candidate* or (heir own campaign headquartm TV democratic rhatrman'b wife Afcutrcd ui that there will b* » Democratic Hcadtfuartrrt opm Morv (he flwirf aJ rlttiitnt in November lu ftftrrt l)>r caniJkUlM ut ',)«• • RE-ELECT 1 i CARLE. TIPTON CQNSmBLE Pf«ctent 6 H -*..H * 4iflt,l irt,.( •I'll I'til MJV > FOR HKU DAY MOTIIKK'S DAY MAY llth Shrrtlrn I'enlJoui 'jOlS Yaupun Clulr Mrs. Sims likes lax office changes T« 7V r'sttt Tt»it is f«( « (jrJilical trtl«f )u»,l l»ttl )Uif Jtrj l*»-ti !o Ihr (wjifiSj !AI orffxr lalri)" Thrfr it tfttJIr * rhattgr tn (h>c old** »ir*»> Ihr r>r» 14 I a&e<"»i,o? •coiicrlaf ha» l*Tti ch ottur 1 Jfri a <*.W!gr (of (hr trlsrfjf.rti! of (Jsr U lf»i >T f I +i»» |jcSn~vc tfxfr "ill t* fi«jf* ihatjjffl fividt »fl** Hie f; «ft Hi? i I Jw! frit! t*S n>r>i,»,»J<- ol II A * l.UUJ-y; Ih4! lit it ittit lt»> ('<>fcr!' in !K»( '.ttr Mict truy *•« i-fatti-he refuted with the excuse that he could not hire qualified people. Now, im't the word of the commU«ionrr« and the county judge *i good at Mr. Thomii? Hai he b««n promlied • job ai appraiser If he will endor«c Mr Cormtt? I feel (hat Mr, Bealrd hat proven the type man that h* ii, hy the excellent job he it doing We have a change for Ihr better, Irt* keep II, Mr* KvelynSiro* We*l Columbia Carla Gager questions Caldwell's motives To The Fact* H* I>r Battle'* trtlw 1 read with arnu>wir<t"nl your letter Mating Mr Caldwetl had no political motive* cvttcrrrun& asking Speaker J'nc* here to ditruu n park Why ihen dtd Mr (.'aWwrll [•jbluh a (nclufi- u( tnmxll »wJ (oral l<-aii<-r. *tih {fa m iJx- lurjfj o< 4 p»nj I »d»jrrliw»neftl in Tfc* Katt» w.rtiir thrw da>> allrf 1ttF/BRA208PORT PACTS, Frwport. Te*«. Sunday, April 3», W2,S*etl«H I, Pif e 3 County. Left return Nell Caldwell to the Texai HOUJHS of Keprewntailve*. Carolyn ixifcc H«Jlng 44SJaimlne I jike Jackson Mrs. Lynch asks why Neil changed support To The Fact* At UK- COI'K forurn a» repwlH in The Hrawnporl KacU, April IB, 1S72, Neil Cald»«ll *»i a«ked, "Why did >nu wf^/fi the ftp* Sfieakfrr of (he Houte *hen • fev» day* ("li»ttil>n ui C onjmrftf (uf iriusifiig (tjlstfumi- \r>*(A\n} in Mr Caldvll S oljituue Itii A»>, Uw l^tttr Jictvjfl 7o TV- .Vrt! Cik)).t-!l fvjwrkrftUln-r, rifttd 1 1 If. m Houw hnuutit) fte Apfi) S>. S/!,-7f !/v«r if with !/.» !r»!t,* Mjnlhrtir sttw* marking /u }>\rll\ »(••/») f A of i-fifh rlnlrt. (hrough Thumdaj, May Uth (or .Mwthrr'» l)a> ddjvrry. USA H. PARKING PL^ I I rfTjfr !>ii! lie ta'x in otSM-r ts Ua» UK I trill «! win »oc »•«• aK! sfc tt<* tot tiiif* ' I'reipir . U in r,t-'T-«tT.! »a» m*<ir t>fc In t'jii<J»e5I hflf ; or »UJ pttipri*'.(on> ("ommtl'.et I4ufi't SfcirA bt> I IfeUik i( thr i«tt£ ts !|K-> iff rsrrftl Why you should elect TO BEY DAVENPORT COUNTY COMMISSIONER »>»»>»•«•»•••«a»a>««ai INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE hut llr it in r»o Ul cimlv NEW IDEAS FOR A BETTER BRAZORIA COUNTY 1 OPTIONAL ROAD LAW trtm \rtr* »RO. »r H«t«-d lo *dop( (fcf optkmal rxud taw The con. lUudkxi and matnt<*n*Mr t 4 count* ro*«l«. Ifcr tmerrUitp »nd uw ol all counts road ngolpmrnl. malrrailt and iupplir»v a«d (tor idmlniKf »lk«i o/ thr r»ad Arpjr»ro»») »ooW br handtrxl b> a counl; road rnflnrrt "llhoul rrjcard to hr hat * Hl(\ t»o«n thr t nl\mtl> ol j» \| j»r«rnl bt n j mrmtwr ol Utr Utntuifam. Irrjiutrr ol ihr tU nor it ( nunn Senior Cillirnt AttacUllao Dirftlar ot ihc Krrrpatt J»)fr«. mrmbrf a> (fir |(CJ««A|>«| l(o<ar> t'lMh. tad a mrmbrr (it Ihr l'»r\b)trrian Ihurth Ur batr a paid rounli road mctnrrr but Ihr admtnlKtJtk>n it Mill OB a prrcintl l«rl \\bii do ««• ilUI ha»r o\rrUpptng r<|ulpmrn| ownrd b> I (irrclncU" Datmport brllr»n, in (otlo«inK Ihr op- Ikonal ru»d law and ».»>uig Ihr laipa>«i IhU addrd r \p<-nw ol prtvinrt oirrUppinR o< equipment and malrrlaU. 7kc road mKinrrr. b> law. hat thr lr C al j»a«rr lo •ppainl »nd hire all count) ro»d prrvoonrl — not Ihr Count) t'ommlvvionrri! TTjr ffiglnirr. b> l»v». U to prrparr culmatrt (or Ihr purrhatr ol «julpmrnt and matrrUU — MI ibr Cou»i> Com- m!»»io4irr»! \\Tt\ do thr Cammiuloomt w«nl (hit pourr? BUDGET thir |>rc*rnl Count) CommtnUxirr* nay we nerd morr mom-} lo run Ihc Count) (iiMrfnmrnl, Wr Kill rolletl In l«\r> Ihli )rar In Hraiorla Count). Our prrtrni roinniittlofK-li vtanl a budgrt of li.U.\,n77,7J. I Hi »e nrrd more niom-yT |)4\rii|iurl tliinln l«-tlrr managrmrnl ol riUlinK 'undt will rllmlnatr Ihr rard (or niarr (n\ dolUrt. NO. I ON THI 1AILOT VO7E FOR... HONESTY I INTEGRITY I ABILITY I ELECT POLLUTION CONTROL Kor »r\rr»l jr«r» Ihr prnmt Com- nilnlonert Court promln-d to control the terrific pollution problem* Me ire faced »ilh in IhU cottnlj. Hlg prooiUrt were made. Nothing hat been done Ui help control our polullon problem. Hat our tUuaikxi been remedied lo the rxienl lh«i »r no longer need prrtectlon tnm pollution? Davenport believe* It hat not been remedied and Brmoria CounUlnt trf entitled lo a pollution control board adequate pertonnel. TOBEY DAVENPORT COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT 1 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, MAY 6 HI WIU MSTIN TO THi PIOPLI" ro. POL. ADV. earlier you nald you would (tupjvort r>eWltt Hale?" Mr. Caldwell'i reply wa* "I didn't know Rsyf/vrd Price wa» going to run earlier." Thi* U an obviou* example of Neil Caldoell't in- connUiency. I received a personal letter from Mr Catdwell dated March 30,1972, and I quote: "Kayford Price of Palcttine wa* elected Speaker of the Hou»e I pledged to support Mr Price in February, 1971 " W)iy did Neil Caldwell tell me in this letter that he had »upporl«J I lay (or d Price nirtcc Fehruary, 1971, and yet he publicly InxixU (hat he didn't know flayford Price wa» nwnlng earlier? And why did he repeatedly and publicly pledge support to DeWItt Hale until ju*t prior to election of (he new Speaker? Wllh the exception of Neil Caldwell and two other member* of the "Dirty Thirty." that group supported DeWitt Hale So it »cem» that all along Neil Caldwell wanted it to appear that lie wa* looking for reform through association with the "Dirty Thirty" while he wa* aciuafly privately soliciting a timely and hP fluential visit to our county from fUyford Price. Mrs. Larry Lynch I'M Tulip Trail Lake Jackson (In The Fact* April 19, the report of (he COPE rally paraphrased Caldwell's response to the above question as follows: "I didn't know Rayford Price was going to run earlier. When I found out thai Hale was being supported by Gus Mutscher, W. S. Heally and Tommy Shannon, I supported Price."~Ed.) Carolyn Reding cites Neil's committees SomethiA9 Tor Everyone THE SALE YOU'VE WAITED FOR!! SPRING CLEARANC FOR MORE RELAXED SHOPPING THIS SALE-FEATURING DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS EACH WEEK FOR FOUR BIG WEEKS-BEGAN LAST*MONDAY WITH SOFA'S AND CHAIRS- TOMORROWS OPENING WILL BE: PHASE II BEDROOM SUITES, MATTRESSES AND DINING ROOM GROUPS REDUCED I..UIGI: CHKST-O.V-CHKST »nd MATCHIM. BKt> Solid mafrfr *hh rich burtilthrd lloith . I o«i(.u»ll> line. 47».(« KKDlCKO; 325.00 I OAK BAHIKU)K C11K.S7 tad 111 7CH. H'unttional (or bedroom. drn. . <>r din ins HrfuUr 4I" KNKKIIOU: |)^SK Solid maplr. I Kinivhrd b»rk Itrgular Ili.W 125.00 UKUUT.IK 95.00 REDUCED lOSTKMrOH.AHV f.11011'. Hold wulpturi-d dn4gn. Includn Urge triple dre-»»er and mirror, huge W cheit. lighted console headboard. acr)lic (or bedspread. Keguiar 9IS.90 SI'AMSH GROl'I' with 76" dresser uilh dramatic antique gold mirror. cheM~on-rhrM. headboard, two 2 drawer night viand, dark oaL Keguiar LA-Z-BOY Rockers-Recllners and SofeHos Specials on many styles I percent OFT on neat terlet ol lunc- | lional Karl) Ainrrlccan bedroom furniture «llh plavtlr lopt. Spc- Sl'AMSll HKI)IUK)M C.ROI I' Include* triple dre»»er. landtcape KK.Ul'CKO! mirror. che»i-on-chen. dramatic Ungilre headboard, ! drawer niRhl Wand. Dark oak. Krgular i?6.00 |7p<. Sl'AMSll IIEUHOOM GHOL'l'. ITriple drnter. i»ln mirror*, huge HEDrCKD! Ichen-on-chen. headboard, tuo ! JOA £f\ [draMer nlRhl Mandv. Heaulllul detail* 477.dU Si'ANLSH f.HOU'. ::" triple dr«»er >*ilh twin mirrors, door chr»t. head- buard. niRht »tand. 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