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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, March 2, 1933
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Weather , *l«h pwelpiUtloh near middle of •rt<f end of weekl mild temperatnre*, followed by «oWer middle of week. ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 2, 1933 ALGONA COUNTY TITLE IN BASKETBALL Defeats Swea City and Wesley in Tourney. Nearly 900 persons crowded the high school gymnasium Saturday night and again Monday nlgh't to watch finals in the annual county boys' basketball tournament. The first game Saturday evening between Algona and Swea City was won by Algona, 33-20, In a surprisingly easy tilt which fans had expected to be a real battle. This game decided the championship among class A schools In the county. The second game Saturday night was between Wesley and -Lione Rock for the county championship of class B schools, and was won by Wesley, 43-33, in an exciting game. Wesley was behind most of the time, but got the Stride the last quarter and ran up IB points to win. Algona and Wesley played Mon- I HI hi FA Av/co /sis» M ^., O /_ n i •»«*._ -. • • %^ 220 ATHLETES TO TAKE PART IN TILT HERE Games Will Be Held Afternoon and Evening. Schedule on page .'(, 2nd section. Miss Looney Sends Persona/ Message for Kossuth Women , schools ' with athletes, will take part in a day night to championship. decide the county Wesley took the lead In the first quarter, which ended 96, but Algona came back In the second and got the edge, 1'3-12. The third quarter ended 27-18 In Algona's favor, and the locals maintained the lead till the game ended, [ 36-25. Teams Get Trophies. Both teams received trophies following the games Saturday even- I ing, and Algona was given possession of a basketball trophy follow| ing the game Monday night. Algona's scoring record follows: FG FT PF sectional tournament at the Algona high school gymnasium, beginning this afternoon at 2:30 and lasting till Saturday evening. There will bo 21 games. Six will be played today and tonight, ten tomorrow, and four The prices of single admissions are 35c and 25c, with season tickets selling at $1.25 and 75c. Tills tournament is not to be confused with the tournament here last week, which was a county affair. The sectional tournament is held under the auspices of the Iowa high school athletic association, and it is one of 42 such sectional tournaments in the state this week-end. Winners here In classes A and B will play in one of 10 state-wide district tournaments, and district winners there will go to a state tournament, where the state championship will be decided. Eight schools which took part In cooking 1 By Gladys Looney. Cooking School Demonstrator. v It Is with great pleasure that I look forward to the school at Algona. It Is the ambition of every woman efficiently to manage and conveniently to equip her home, as well as to ho a good cook. Much of one's success In homo inanaffcniciit centers around the Kitchen and if s activities. Families must ho properly fed to ho healthy and happy. As homemakers wo are Inlor- fisted In foods, well selected, purchased economically, properly prepared, mid attractively serv ed. Around the table Is the one place where wo have the family together. I'Ct us mnko this school of benefit to each of us; a place for the exchange of Ideas) a forum In which questions may he answered and your problems In cooking solved. Won't you come every day] llrliig your friends, also your choice Ideas and the little tricks that, make your work easier and the results better. I hope to give you some In return. Our program will bo entirely different each day. CHECK ARTIST IS NABBED IN ALGONA hero last noon on I (Nordstrom ------------ 6 1 1 Sellstrom ------------- 3 i 4 Cretzmeyer ___________ 5 6 2 D. Post ............ ...0 o , 1 Shackelford ___________ 0 0 3 H. Post ---------------- 0 o 2 iBruns .......... ______ 0 0 2 The Wesley Scoring record -was:- FG FT PF I Wngert [Kunz 0 Nelson 2 lEUenbacher 3 I'.rranzen 3 InJman 0 iKrsus i Wesley, 34 j Tltonka, 21. Wesley defeated Tltonka, 34-21, In [the first game of the tournament last Thursday night. Wesley led 118-11 at the half. Nelson, 6 ft. 8 In., I waking four baskets and five free throws, His height gave him a de- I elded advantage. Eisenbacher was Ijecond high, and Wlngert made five |«Jkets before he was put out of ~ > on personal fouls. the county tournament .last week will be included in the sectional tournament. Games as scheduled follow: THURSDAY 2:30—Bode vs. Wesley. 3:30—Corwlth vs. Seneca. 4:30—Llvermore vs. TUngsted, 7:30—Lu Verne vs. Ottosen. •8:30—Algona vs. Emmetsburg. 9:30—Buffalo Center vs. Rolfe. ,,.,.,-. .. . FHIDAY 9; 00 a. m.—Bradgate vs. Woden. .10:00—(Ledyard vs. Titonka. 11:00—lLone Rock vs. Rodman. 1:30 p. m.—Mallard vs. Plover. At 2:30 tomorrow wnners in .the first brackets will play winners in the second brackets, etc., till the championship is decided. The bracket schedule appears In the second section of today's Advance. •E. J, Cannon, who was arrested week Wednesday after- a charge of issuing bad checks, is awaiting 'hearing In jai at Eagle Grove. 'Sheriff Wilson, of Clarion, and Marshal George Newcomb, Eagle Grove, came to Algona, and made the arrest. Cannon had spent several days at Eagle Grove recently, representing hmself as a salesman Saattioff was high point man for I Titonka, Larson, who sank three I tailed personal fouls Fenton, 25 j Seneca, 11. In the second game Thursday |F«nlpn defeated Seneca, 25-11. Kraw was high point man for Fenn; widen for Seneca, lone Rock, 32) Ledymrd. 28. Ite lallfl thal£ found lLone I™ 13 " 12 . but Lone Rock Imme- the lead to 20-14 Itor »1 e " bask <^ and a I'M almost half nt throw (Rock ' s Th l hom l )s °n was high point- I"i Verne, 47 i Bancroft, 7. first game Friday was high point sinking WORLD DAY OF PRAYER TO BE OBSERVED HERE A union mission festival, in observance of the World Day of Prayer, will be held tomorrow afternoon at the First Lutheran church, With 'the missionary societies of the First Lutheran, Congregational, Method.lBt, Bantlst,, Nazarene, and Presbyterian 'churches cooperating.' •Each society will have part In the program, and each pastor is atoo scheduled. The title of the program is "Follow thou Me." Mrs. D. D. Monlux, president of the First Lutheran society, will preside as chairman of the program, which opens at 2:30. There will be special music. The program, in the main, will consist of prayer. This Is another cooperative effort on the part of the churches to get together In a concerted movement. The meeting Is in no way restricted, being open to all who wish to attend. •epresenting for the Reese Iowa AVeather .Strip company. He passed several worthless checks there on a Waterloo bank, but the checks did not come back till after he had left. 'Last week Wednesday morning an Eagle Grove bank received another check, written by Cannon and made out to a restaurant owner here. Cannon had no funds in the bank, so the bank officials called the Wright county sheriff and the Eagle Grove marshal. The officers came at once to Algona, and soon found and arrested Cannon. His wife, who was with him, accompanied the .party to Eagle Grove. Mrs. Cannon drove on to Des Moines from Eagle Grove Tuesday to see her husband's employer in an attempt to raise $40 necessary to cover the Algona and Eagle Grove checks. She was expected back at Engle Grove last night with the money. Meanwhile her husband Is held In jail, and his hearing has been continued • while the money- raising effort was In progress. Who Recalls this former Lodge Here? Delving" recently among' old records and papers of Prudence lodge of the Masons, Secretary D. L. teffcrt came upon a roll of ancient certificates of member ship in the Oriental Order of 1'alm and Shell, which was ap- parontalj- a long- since forgotten Alg'ona lodge. The certificates are about 2'^ foot high and two feet wide. They are fancifully adorned and hoar a number of quotations In ancient languages, also a series of cabalistic letters. They are dated In 1880. How they came to be among the Masonic records Is not known, but probably the Palm and .Shell lodge met In the Masonic hall. In the certificates respectively appear the following- names: Klnsey Carton, J. C. Heckart, H. P. Hatch, S. G. A. Head, Geo. E. Clarke, D. W. Sample, C. D. Pet- tlbone, J. H. Warren, William Carter, ,T. X. Payne, W. A. Beard, slcy, and Samuel'I,. iScott. All, It Is believed, are now dead. ROAO PROGRAM FOR 1933 GETS BOARD'S 0,K, All Townships But Cresco to Have Road Work. Township road trustee representatives, at a recent meeting with the board of supervisors to plan the township road program for 1933, found that shrinking funds caused by the tax reduction program had reduced the amount of road work possible in the county this year. However, some road work will be done In every township, except In Cresco township. The program, as approved, according to townships, follows: Eagle—Gravel two miles on south of sections 22 and 23, and two miles on south of sections 27 and 26. Grant—Gravel two miles on east of sections 14 and 23; grade a mile on south of 24 and a mile o n west of 25. 'Springfield-Gravel two miles on south of 19 and 20; grade on north lines of 7, 8 and 9. Hebron—Grade on east lines of 23, 26, and 35, and a mile on nor.th of 25. Swea—Gravel on east lines of 8, 17, and 20. Harrison-—Gravel on east lines of 22, 27 and 34; grade on north lines of 17 and 30. Ledyard—Grade on east lines of 7 and 18, and on east line of section 2. Lincoln—^Grade on east lines of 29 Here's Rodent For Real Pied Piper's Skill and 32 ; and on north and west lines of. 26. Seneca— Gravel on south of 10 J. A. McDonald Is badly In need of a Pled Piper. For some weeks his house has been harboring' a rat, and Mr. (McDonald had "laid" for him In a big way; but the rat Is too wise. First a trap was used, hut the rat was too much for It; the sprung trap was always found empty. Then poisoned wheat was spread about, but the rnt Just gobbled It up. For a few days everything was quiet on the rat front, and Sir. McDonald was sniffing around to locate- the body. Then Mr. Rat came back, apparently as healthy as ever. • Next a non-poisonous "surefire" preparation was used, and again the rat disappeared. Mr. McDonald's sniffs disclosed no body odor, however, and In a few days there was the rat once more. One night last week Mr. McDonald got out his 12-gauge shotgun and stationed himself where he could watch the rat's favorite hiding place. The rat was there, but he was too sly and quick to give Mr. McDonald a shot. Up to yesterday afternoon he was still In good health, but Mr. McDonald, thoroughly on his mettle, was asking just one good shot. MAYOR SALARY OUT IN TWO BY COUNCIL Slash to $250 from $500 Effective This Year. The mayor's salary was dropped from $-500 to $250 annually in an ordinance passed by the city council last Thursday night. «n™ ay0t " Specht ' wno has received $500 a year during the two years he 'has been in office, is the second Algona mayor to receive the salary 1ST SESSION WILL BEGIN AHO'CLOCK Nearly 50 Prizes t<* Be Awarded Every Afternoon. Miss Gladys Looney, nationally known cooking school expert, ana her assistant, Miss Ruth King.., Ames home economdcs graduate, arrived last night from Emmetsburgf to open a 3-day cooking school. here in the former Bryant building- assembly room at 2 p. m . this after- J-ne salary for years was only the May01 ' council felt $50 term 'in that his full TWO NOMINATION PAPERS FILED IN SCHOOL ELECTION Only two nominations have been filed in the city school election, J. GUmore for treasurer and C. E. R. La .Barre for the board. The terms of A.' E. Michel and Mrs. St. John expire at this election, but it is not known definitely whether they will be candidates again. This morning is the last time to file for printed ballots, and it is expected that one or more of the incumbents will file. with five fro *u °=vuim wiin rive fc« w> and Baddeley also ' three free 88- I * k0ta seore pertod the Speaks at Rotary. The Rev. M. A. Sjostrand, of the First Lutheran church, spoke briefly at the Rotary club luncheon Monday. His theme was "Push," which, 'he said, Is what is needed today more than anything else to put the world back on its feet. Open House Is Planned; Keith E. 1>. Keith will bo 80 years old next Monday, and In his honor, lit tho homo of his son, L. ~\\~. Keith, there will be open house next Sunday for ull friends who desire to call. Mrs. L. W. Keith a nil Mr. and Mrs. H. AV. Keith will assist in entertaining'. The open house hours will be from 2 till 5 p. in. Note that the day Is Sunday. COMMUNITY CLUB MEETPOSTPONED A small attendance at the annual meeting of the Community club | Monday night caused postponement till next Monday night at 8 o'clock at the Legion hall. The basketball tournament, an academy party, and a Masonic party kept away many members. There were 20 on hand, and a short discussion . was had on the telephone situation. The club had been Inyited to join the farm group with a fight for lowered rates in town. A committee consisting of C, R. La Barre, M. G. Norton, and W A. Poster investigated and though it would be unwise for the club to enter the battle as a club. The invitation of the farm group suggested only that the club ask lower rates in town. The suggestion had no bearing on the rt line disagreement with the company. The problems presented, are different. Toggery Closing Out. A closing out sale at Neville's Toggery opens at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. In addition • to the stock of the local store, stocks of the Larson store at Corwith and another from southern 'Iowa sold. will be '»' an 8 "" 0- elf at 10-10 at the in the score Won the t the large the w ils and evened -minute Lakota get-e throw. d four free four bas- •>r nine of 87. Where Cooking School Begins Today was high ' Wlc Hock, *»% ., with * four baskets. Lu Yerue, 80. 8.) grade a hah* mile on west of 9 am a mile on south of 32. Greenwood—Gravel on east of grade on south of 34 and 35. Ramsey—Grade on east of 29 and 32; gravel on south line of 36. German—"Gravel on south of and 32; grade on east of 18, 19 and 20. Fenton—Gravel on north of 10; grade on west of 30 and a half mile on north of 27. Burt—Gravel on east of 30 and 31; grade on east of 33. Portland—Gravel 3-4 mile through center of 5, a mile on east line of 8, a half mile on south of 8, and a mile north and south In center of 17, and a mile' on south 36; grade a mite on north and south road .in section 10. Buffalo—Grade on south of 6 and east.of 29. Lotts Creek—Grade a half mile on west of lis, and on south lines of 18 17, 16 and 16. f Union—JGravel on west and south lines of 27, and a half mile on south of 26. Plum Creek—Gravel on south of 27, and a half mile on south of 26; grade a half mile on east of 10, and a mile dn center of 10. Wesley—Gravel a half mile on south of 28 and a mile in center of 33; grade on east of 17, and south of 12 and 13. Whittemore—Gravel on north and east of 23, and south and east of 24, and a half mile on south of 23; grade on the south of 21. Irvington — Grade o n east of 29, south lines of 11 and 12, and east of 14. 'Prairie—Gravel on south of 4 and 3, south of 2-8, and a half mile on south of 27. Garfield—Gravel on east of 7 i 18; grade on south of 11 and 12. SUIT FOR S35.000 IN DAMAGES FILED Two damage suits aggregating $'35,000 In claims were filed in district court last week against Carl H Paetz, north of Sexton farmer, and Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Skow, Lu Verne by two Fort Dodge women, Emma Relsch and Margaret Eischeid. The two women were passengers In the Skow car, which was .being driven at Fort Dodge .by Mrs. Skow on September 2, last year. She attempted to pass the Paetz International truck, driven by him, at a street intersection, but just as she was about to pass the .truck turned to the left and struck the Skow car. The car skidded sideways into a culvert, and the women were cut, iruised, and otherwise Injured. The Eischeid petition asks $10,000 damages from the Skows and Mr. Paetz, and .the Relsch petition aske $25 000. Two divorce petitions were filed n district court last week. Helen harp, Lone Rock, asks a decree rom Russell L. Sharp, claiming time work was worth more, and raised the salary to $500. Mayor Ogren devoted almost his entire time to the work. Specht Refunds Part. Mayor Specht voluntarily joined 'in a seven per cent cut for other employes this year, and refunded ¥3-5 of his 1932-33 salary Mayor Specht Is the only candidate filed so far for the mayor's job during the next two years. A -scrap is in prospect on councilmen-at- large, with three candidates In the Held for two positions. Thos. Kaln and Frank Geigel incumbents, are on the Citizens' ticket, headed by Mayor Specht, which is opposed by William Becker, who has filed on a 'People's ticket. Frank Kohlhaas, third ward, and W. A Foster, second ward, have filed for re-election on the Citizens' ticket and Conrad Herman, fourth ward! and W. A. White, first ward, have nomination papers in circulation. Nine Days Left to File. E. H. Beardsley has taken out pa pers for city assessor, but they hav< not been filed. There is no candi date for city -treasurer, the post being held by Herman (Hauberg, noon. The school will continue thre* days, closing -Saturday afternoon. The assembly room will foe open daily after 1'o'clock p. m., but the. school will not begin till 2 o'clock. It will last two hours daily, or till 4 P. m. The program will be different daily. Each day's menus will be distributed dn printed form. The- daily demonstrations will cover a wide range. Booths to bo Featnres. Looney will demonstrate the Westinghouse electric stoves, furnished by the and the IBjustrom etore respec- y. She will also demonstrate al Westinghouse electric refrigerator furnished by the Pratt Electric Co! The Foster Furniture Co the Goeders store, and the Borchardt drug store will have a joint booth Foster's supplying a dining room suite for which the Goeders com? a "L Wi11 supply linens and the Bor- and HI tively. ware. - —«.«<M-UbA Q, ItlSl. ror park commissioner now held by E. J. Gilmore. Next week Saturday is the final day for filing of nomination papers. The council also Jast Thursday •>assed an ordinance placing a sewer •ap fee of $100 on a sewer built last summer in the Second ward. This makes no change, for the fee was ixed at that amount by resolution ast summer. ruel and inhuman treatment; and eeks-custody of -and- support for a 6-months son Donald. -Jessie Aman sks divorce from William Aman, Jllegring'cruel and Inhuman treat- nent. " 60 to Washington. The Revs. W. G. Muhleman, C. V. fulse, Wlnterstein, Estherville, and Vuitt, Emmetsburg, left In the L'ulse car Tuesday for Washington, 1. C., to attend a conference of pro- ibltlon workers March 6-7-8 called y Bishop Hughes. Ministers of all the larger churches <in the United States were called to this ence. TWO FARMERS, BADLY HURT IN CRASH, BEGIN TO GAIN • The condition of the two farmers Erwln Schwietert, Kurt, and S B Opihelm, Whittemore. found unconscious last week Tuesday after a crash at an dntersectiori' south of Fenton, has not materially changed. Both suffered frtwstured, skulls, and no one was with either driver, so details of the accident or .its cause are not known. Mr. Schwietert has a times shown signs of consciousness and has even .talked, but the condi tion of ihis mind cannot be deter mined. Mr. Ophedm remains In £ coma, and both are In serious con ditlon. chardt store the needed glass Chrischilles & Herbst, .the Goeders store, and the Pratt Electric company will have separate booths and otheiv, are In prospect. Chrls- chilles & Herbst will distribute coupons worth 2.5c on the purchase of new spring house dresses which sell regularly at $1.25. Food to Be Given Away. All food prepared by Miss Looney< will be given away daily to women In attendance. There wiill also be many prizes daily. Last night the number already secured for dally distribution exceeded 45 prizes, and the ohances were favorable for many more. Every woman who attends the school will have a chance a-t, the prizes. As its own part in the distribution E prizes the Advance will give away two one-year subscriptions dally for persons not now taking the paper. The Advance will also give, away each afternoon four orders for personal printed stationery for vomen. Many Prkeg to b e Awarded. Eight cans of K. C. baking power will be g-lven away each after- oon; eight packages of Armour aeon; eight containers of Morton salt; seven pounds of Tone's Old confer- was last SCHOOL which begins at 2 p. in. today and will be conducted by Gladys Looney. home . v lS( r KOO/ r7thrausDlce S of the Advance, will be held In the assembly room of the upper wm " e - "°"' ~ ~ * Rlverdale— Grade on south of 7 Saturday. and a half mile on east of 7. Sherman— 'Gravel on south of 28 and 27, and a half mdlo on the south of 26. Lu Verne — Gravel on south of 6. i, and 2, and a (half mile on south of , and two indies on south of 32 anc 3; grade a half mile on east of 5 and a mile on south of 4. PA AND MA TO 60 BACK TO SCHOOL NEXHAONDAY NIGHT There will be a P. T. A. meeting next Monday night at the high school building, and Jt will be unique in that persons who attend will "go to school" just as pupils do. Class schedules will be handed to each person, and classes will be called promptly at 7:30. In class the teachers will outline the aims of their work, and Informal discussions will follow. It will take about an hour and a half to complete the schedule, and pei-sons who follow It will go from class to class. Doors will be open at 7. Paper Fire Put Out. The fire company was called to the Upper Des Moines plant last Thursday evening, when a blaze ivas discovered In a paper carton near the furnace, where waste paper was kept. C. R. .La Barre put out the fire with a small fire ex- :ingulsher before the firemen arrived. Little or no damage done. Gets Jail Term. Lester Lockhart, Algona, sentenced to 15 days in jail Thursday by Justice H. B. White on a charge of assault and battery brought by William Vanderwerf, at whose home he had been staying. A fistic combat resulted when Vanderwerf told Lockhart to leave. Lockhart pleaded guilty. House Fire Put Out, A small roof blaze at Grace Tur ner's on east Lucas Saturday even ing was caused by .sparks from thi chimney. The fiemen 'put it ou' without much difficulty or damage Goleman Leaves. The Rev. J. L. Coleman, former Presbyterian pastor here, has ac- county. The family moved to cepted a call to Bloomfield, Davis Bloomfleld last week. Social Note! Jail "Guests'' Have Party, Program Feb. 22 In ordinary circumstances mates of jails are not reverent Into- wards government, national, state, or local. This is because govern- nent has caused their freedom to be restricted for various periods. However that may be, the inmates of the Kossuth jail joined last week Wednesday in a novel and fitting wogium In commemoration of the 201st -birthday of George Washing- .on. The program consisted of the 'allowing numbers: Master of Ceremonies—Dick Brodi.- gan. America (Opening seaection) — Assembled Guests. incidents of Washington's Life- Reading, Paul Smith. Plie Washington of Today—Reading, Red Geist Jr. Vashington, the Absentmlnded— Reading, Edw. Lichter. Vashington, the Humorist — Reading, "Mr. Frankenstein." 'he Axe and the Tree—Vocal selection, Dick Brodlgan; accompanied by Emil Braatz on the comb. 'he Prisoner's Song—Flnate, Assembled G-uests. Following presentation of «he pro- gram, the guests enjoyed a session at bridge, high honors being won by Edw. Lichter and "Mr. Frankenstein." At 4 p. m., so a notice handed to the Advance reads, "a delightful three-course (luncheon was served, after which the guests, having thoroughly enjoyed -themselves departed for their respective cells in the bullpen." "The party was also in the nature of a double celebration," the communication adds, "inasmuch as It served as a fareweUl party for one of the distinguished guests, 'Mr. Frankenstein,' who is leaving shortly for parts unknown." The notice was signed, "by the hand of Smitty, corresponding secretary." 'Mr. Frankenstein" is Frank Vayette, who completed a 10-day lail term Sunday, imposed for shooting up the second floor of the Behlmer candy kitchen building recently while he was hilariously drunk. Just why he was dubbed 'Frankenstein" is not kn'own outside he exclusive quarters In the jaU. Sherlff Carl Dablhauser. furnished coffee; ten cans of assorted oceries contributed by Chas. Hew tt & Sons Co. Des Moinea; and packages of crackers and cookies sent by the Standard Biscuit Co Des Moines. Still other prizes are expected. No woman will receive more than one prize dally. After the school closes each day. Miss Looney will answer questions. There are no admission charges of any kind. Women who attend are asked to be prompt. This school is for all Kossuth women, also for all visiting women from outside county. Bring pencil, the . . - - ----- for notds taken at the school are valuable. SIX RURAL PHONE LINES SERVEJJUT-OFF NOTICES Twenty-four of 35 rural phone lines out of Algona were still receiving servcpe yesterdjay. Notice was served by six lines to cut off service. Some other lines have cut themselves off only six having served oMcial notice. To prevent fu- ure misunderstanding the telephone company is requiring that notice be official, either by resolution of a majority of stockholders or signed jy president and secretary. It Is hoped that by this week-end difficulties will b e settled one way or another with each line. MARCH BEGINS LIKE LAMB; SPRING IS AROUND CORNER Algona has been enjoying spring .'Bather during the last week, and larch came in yesterday like a amb. Temperatures have barely alien below freezing. The record ollows: High ebruary 22 4.$ 'ebruary 23 46 'ebruary 24 44 'ebruary 25 , 42 February 25 _gi "^ebruary 27 „:. "43 ILow 32 32 31 30 26 81 Howe is Quarantined. . James, fi-year-ojd son of Mr. and Irs. Wayne iStephenson, ia elck wttht f carlet fever, swjd the hoi»e uarantined Sunday. Mna Ste on. is caring for James, and. tepbenson, is at his Ifr^^^^^ggBBBgBBSSBBgBBBaBHaga^ ;""""";_;__' L J ' ' '" =^^= JFTY PR17FS GIVEN EVERYDAY

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