Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 23, 1933 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1933
Page 10
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PAGE TEN FEBRUARY 23, Call Theatre LAST TIME TODAY-Thursday, Feb. 23 WORLD'S GREATEST SPECTACLE/ Cecil D.DeNlliE5 ' SI Gil ,„; CROtt rnEDRIC MADCH ELISSA LANDI ciAUDmicoiBim' CHAIUIS MUGHTON THEATRE Most stupendous spectacle of Uie year Friday and Saturday, February 24 nnd 25 The Fun Show Laugh your troubles away at this riot of comedy ! Sunday and Monday, February 26 and 27 ABOUND FOR HAPPINESS!... ItlXtlfiY untn fiEOROE BRENT Y1V1ENNEOSBORN-AIKE WHITE VERREE TEASDAIE C.AURRFV<U!TH 9 HIGH CLASS ENTERTAINMENT In addition, Big Three Reel Musical Number "SO THIS IS HARRIS" Featuring Joe Harris in His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra, of Hollywood. One of the biggest 'shorts' of the year, featuring marvelous music. Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 28, March 1 GRAND HOTEL JOHNBARRYMORE GRETA GARBO CLARK GABLE JOAN CRAWFORD With this galaxy of stars you know it must be good. GRETA GARBO and 'JOHN BARR/MORE SEE IT! HOTEL' ***•-*** M. m. • Cash Only Alter March 1 Due to the present conditions we find it necessary to get cash for all coal. This will mean that everyone will be required to pay cash for coal before it is unloaded. We trust that you will cooperate with us. Botsford Lumber Co. PHOSB 25« JIM POOL MOOD GOVERNS WAY THE G, A, SPEEDS BILLS Legislation Depends on How Solons Begin the Day. By A. II. Bonnstettcr. Statehouse, Des 'Moines, Feb. 17— Things have been rather quiet about the statehouse the past week, and a number of bills of a non-controvers- laal nature have been given consld- Mcrrlnms Arp 50 Yours AVert— IL. a. Pool, who are moving to a The golden wedding anniversary Renwlck farm owned by Mr. Pool's of Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Merriam, pio- I father, W. V. Pool. U G. was pre- noer« at Lu Verne, was the occasion " " " eration. I have noticed, in the last session, as well as in this one, that such harmonious periods depend some- I what on how We get started in the morning. Sometimes a member will take exception to a resolution the adoption or rejection of which would be Immaterial to the people of the state. Still he succeeds in stirring up such I a fuss that all the hot air artists In 1 the house participate In heated debate for hours. Contrast this with the case when bill of great importance comes up of n happy celebration Tuesday afternoon at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Hattle Burlingame, southeast of Algona. Dinner was served to the Immediate family in the evening. A large number of old ident of the county Odd Fellows council last year. Other Society. The Union 4-H club met last Thursday evening at Alice Payne's,, Algona. The program follows: pi-1 brod CHRISTMAS SEAL SALES IN COUNTY MOREJHAN $750 Mrs. J. W. Bloom, county Christmas seal chairman, has given out the following report of sales: Total amount collected $ 7'52.72 , Total expense 227.05 j TOWNS Algona, Mrs. Walter iFraser 258.32 Lone Rock Mrs, Glen Sharp 13.70 Wesley, Mrs. A. M. 'Lease. 30.15 Fenton, Mrs. E. C. Wele- ESTHERVILLE BANK GOES UNDER THEJIEW STATE LAW The Iowa Trust & Savings bank, 'Estherville, has been taken over by the state banking department under a new law 'by which the department will operate It one year while it la friends from Lu Verne, Corwith, jano selection, Frances WInkel; 11- Eagle Grove, and Algona attended a | lustrations of United States flags, 'reception between 2 to G o'clock In j Dorothy Reid; demonstration on set- the afternoon. The centerpiece for "-- - -•"--•-• • •- ... _ the luncheon table was a beautifully decorated cake bearing the figures 1SS3-1033. Refreshments were served to all callers, and the afternoon was spent Informally. ..„„„,.„ ,„,,. „„,„ , vcu ,, Ka utiy, U nu Mr. and Mrs. Merriam were mar- bridge was played at -ten tables. ting a dining table, Lucille Dearchs; talk by iFern Oisch. Valentines were exchanged. A Congregational L. O. A. benefit party was held at Mrs. S. B. French's last week Wednesday, for consideration. If the house has ul i )u j' been proceeding, in harmonious fash- | coun ty. rled at Morrison, -la., in 1883 and came to Lu Verne the same year, with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson. They 'have seven children: Mrs. Lou Mitchell, Corwith; Mrs, Burlingame; Ada Merriam, Algona; Harry, Corwith; Albert, 'Lu Verne; Mrs. Harold Stephenspn, Algona; Mrs. Lee Cole. Lu Verne. There are 17 grandchildren. The Men-lams farmed many years _. _ „„.. ,, iclllLt BIlLB1 . ullllcu near Lu \erne. and l n his day Mr. her bridge club last Thursday night. Merriam was prominent in republic- Mrs. John Button won high, Mrs. Mrs. E. R. Morrison and Mrs. E. C. Hanche won the high scores, (Mrs. Emily Brlggs a travel prize. 'Mrs. A. L. Peterson entertained 12 women Saturday, and again Monday, at bridge luncheons.. Saturday Mrs. L. C. Nugent and Mrs. H. W. Pletch won the high scores; Monday Mrs. H. V. Hull and 'Mrs. C. H. Williams. Mrs. L. M, Merrltt in politics in that section of the Hurt, W. T. Peters Whittemore, Mrs. H. E. Woodward Ledyard, Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen Lu Verne, Mrs. IF. I. Chapman Bancroft, Mrs. P. A. lioner- gan Tltonka, Mrs. Mary C. 16.98 38.50 25.70 14.30 19.60 26.45 Oesterrelcher 30.99 Swea City, Mrs. S. P. Eckholm, Mrs. Carlson TOWNSHIPS 72.56 Eagle, Mrs. Pehrson, Included In Swea. Grant, Supt. S. W. Hamand, City total. Cresco, Mrs. Elmer Potter. 9.15 Rlverdale, Mrs. J. M. Patterson Wesley, Mrs. Olaf Funnemark convening, ion from the time of likely as not such a measure will j pass without argument or a dissent- ins vote. Here's Case In Point. The house had such an experience last Monday morning. House File No. 245, a bill sponsored by the appropriations committee, was on the calendar. This bill, as mention- I ed in a previous letter, authorizes .' the governor to reduce the legisla- I! tive blonnlum appropriations if it is j shown that tax collections and oth- ! er receipts on which the appropvia- j tion was based will fall below the I ', estimates. It also provides that re|' ductlons In departmental appropri- 'ion«\shall be made uniformly, that . by the same percentage. When this bill was first presented . Glen McMurray low. Mrs. Maurice | Sherman, Mrs.-A. Steussy. Lu Verne, Mrs. Earl Neal. Hurt, Mrs. H. W. Jones ... Union, Mrs. A. B. Schenck Bartholomew was a guest of the club. The Methodist Aid meets next Former Algoim Girl Weds— Relatives and old friends here of! ^^ fethod.st Aid meets next the L P Vn le . f Whltti I weetc Thursday at the church. After Calif., 'learn that "the'eldest Ante-' ^ 1 " €M f 1 ™' F ' U Thorpe> ? Cllvlsl0n son daughter Esther was married ^111 furntoh a program and-6erve a February 11 to John K. Salmon, of lo ° lun ° heon ; Whittle,-, at the home of the bride's MT . h M T"* ? " ^ «.. 4 .. ^..,.. , ,, , ... i Mrs. CM. J. iiones tomorrow after- parents. Only immediate relatives and closest friends attended. The ceremony was performed at 4:30 by the Rev. E. E. Day. After a brief honeymoon at Palm Springs the couple will be at home at 'Santa (Monica. The Andersons moved to Spencer from Algona 12 years ago. Mr. Anderson had been buttermaker here, but out of Spencer served as state dairy and food inspector. He is now in .similar wok. Mr. Anderson is a brother of 'Mrs. Oscar Anderson, imittee it did not arouse much and' tire- son of Anders Anderson, - • - ---- both of Algo na. The L. P. Andersons have another daughter, Helen, ! in com j enthusiasm; but, after some con- ; siideration, it was voted out for pass- ge. To me this bill was important, and i \vn« anxious to see it become law; and since it came from my committee it was my duty to handle it on the floor. Uonnstetter Arms for Baltic. Soon after the- measure was reported back to the house I began to hear rumors of organized opposition. The story was that we were giving the governor too much power. For that reason I anticipated a fight, and therefore I spent several hours in the librai-y, gathering ammunition. I selected three other members in different parts of the chamber and supplied them wi-th this ammunition for debate on our side of the question. The reason they were select- senior in high- school. Final 1'nr'sli Party Monday— Another St. Cecelia's parish party was given at the academy Monday night, with the following chairmen: Mr. and Il'rs. John Kohlhaae, Mr. and Mrs.. Charles- G'iTbrfde, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Valentine, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Licliter; Mae Ward, and Jennie Cooney:. Bridge and 500 were played &t 31 ftones tomorrow afternoon; Mrs. C. E. Walker and Mrs. Lucille Montgomery, assisting hostesses. Fifty per cent of the proceeds re- H. mains in the county, the remaining half going to the state organization. Proceeds here are used- in health work for school children, be Tonsil and' adenoid operations, a heart and lung clinic, and a dental clinic are among things paid for from the 500 scores by -— „ AI.IS. n. .1. AmaTi, u-Qu ed in different parts of the chamber [ an( j jj rs E j Butler - 1 was to give members the impression that the bill was in general demand.. Peace Without. Flfrht. About 11 o'clock, the speaker call- j ed up House File 245. I arose, explained the purpose of the bill, then looked about for an antagonistic face, but could detect none. I spoke Mrs. J. J. Dboley and T.. H. McGilligan. The last of'ai aeries: of seven parties will be given next Monday night with the follbwJhgr cliKiimerar Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McEvoy, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. A'man;. Cbuntijr A\mli'tor and Mrs. E. J.. Butler, SHr... a-ndl Mrs. J. J. Dooley, Mrs. Nellie Yam AMTern, and Mrs. Ann Zlttritsalix. Birthday Club Meets Friday— Mrs. W. C. Dewel's birthday club, met with her for a potluck dinner Friday night. The' tables- were' cen- J-Jiiu&G ct,ini uuu «urtr JJlUVliU tit OL " tables. The high bridge scores were j n ght at the Kossuth hospital, where won by C;. AV Jbynt am! Sirs. Roy J? 116 had been a Patient a month with Biustrom: UIP- li-is-ir frnft onnmu, ..iw ln ternal cancer. She had been in poor health for some time before she entered the hospital. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at the Presbyter•• — ,,t*o CLUCVI tt iiiuinn m ian church, Burt, the Rev. S. H. W if e died last April Aten, pastor, in charge, and burial , . another minute; still no opposition. I then moved that the bill be read a third time and placed on its passage, and behold every member in the chamber voted for it! I was surprised, pleased, and yet disappointed: pleased that ajl members agreed with me, disappointed that I had no I occasion to use my artillery and ammunition after I had prepared so thoroughly for battle. Itonnstetter for Income Tax. I notice by the morning paper i TDI i Rlvervlew cemetery, Mrs. Vincent, whose given names tered with roses; and' other- accessories were in keeping; wit'lV. Valentine's day. The entertainment consisted of bridge. Attending;;: 31esi- dames S. E. McMahon, C". B; MTur- 15, 1899, at iBurt, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. God- dtea, \\iio survive. She is also survived by her husband and a sister Leola, at home. Mrs. Vincent was graduated from the Burt high school, then took a coarse in music at the state teachers college, Cedar Falls, and was graduated from the Methodist . . , . ur- e eos tagh, M. P. Haggad',, It. PI. Weaver,, j hospital, Bee Moines, as registered T. P. Harrington, D; H. (S'oeders, A. ' narse. She practiced at Cedar Rap- ir1 " " "°°- — * — " — -.----. - . . , . Li. Peterson, Wnr. 1C. Fbreuaoni,. H. E. Rlst, and two guests: Mrs; F. W. Wehler and Mrs. Anna Un-lend'oct. Farewell for Catherine T)orun — 'Sarah Doran entertained' Tuesday ids a year or two, then returned to Burt, where she answered nursing calls. On October 14, 1931, she wae married to Mr. Vincent. Out-of-town people who came for the funeral included Mr. and Mrs. T. ...„ iu .. C4ttl ,, ll;luu « u UY11 . ana l>lrs T | night In honor of her- sister- Cirtfter- JT. Vincent, Cedar Rapids; lieta - ------- -- ---- — - ...... = .--.-— ine, who left yesterday for CWcag-o I Alexander and Mrs Charles' Fogg that one of our leaders does not be- to join a Catholic slsterlVood. After Guthrie Center; Mrs. Myrtle Wight- lieve in changing taxing methods in Iowa till our tax reduction program were: Meredith' r/atllYropv PrViTomenn is completed. Some more "hooey!" Quinn, Beth Backus, Alice B'ehl- Many people consider me a rad- mer, Lorraine Tierney, Bridget Gaff- icul on this tax reduction program, new, Kathleen Hbllzuauer, 'Helen but if my views are extreme I at | Zittritsch, Elizabeth- Nugent,, Mrs. least realize that no cut can be Walter 'Lichter, and Mrs. John Ken- —~..v~. , ., xl .3. .njiLlt; VVlJalli- bridge lunch was served'. Guests i man, Superior, Wie., and her made that will equal reduced revenue from direct taxes. Therefore other sources must be found if the functions' of government which we ssential are to be preserved. hold A earnings is our best bet score. efick. Xowlyweds Are' Hon-oretf— Mr. and Mrs. Culvert Johnson en- :r,.icnL,u.i u. ie LU uu ijreserveu. tertalned Friday evening at a mis- itate income tax based on net j cellaneous shower in honor of Mr. son Donald; and Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Gutknecht, of Humboldt. DR. R. G, SAYERS DIES AHAIRFIELD Dr.- R. C. Sayers, 66, Fairfield, died Sunday, following a hernia SERVICES THURSDAY n<rL ^^-•*»*«•«-wfMKJ tni«-»»»^i in iiuiiur ut .\ii. •—-*•«-*• -KJUIII^U^ , tuiimvjjig y. il61*nicL this i and JIrs - R °y Smith, Lu Verne. Mrs. | operation last week Wednesday. He j Smith was Anna Hintz- before mar- wae a brother of the late Dr. E. E. riage. The everting- was spent at Sayers, Algona veterinarian, and | ">00, after which lunch was served. I ha( l often visited here. He was him- jMr. and Mrs. Smith received many, eelf a veterinarian, but had been FOR DANIEL MURPHYi theb ' ides father - j ° n " | gifttf. They will live o n a farm north 11 of 'Lu Verne formerly occupied by Dtiniel Murphy, whose death last week Tuesday at the Kossuth hospital followed amputation of a leg because of gangrene, was born at Boston in and came to Wis- ('. «. A. Bridge Benefit Olrt'ii— The Catholic Daughters gave a bridge benefit at the home of Mrs. P. J. Kohihaas last week Wednesday night. There were seven tables cousin with his parents when he was young. Ha grew up in Wisconsin, where he resided till 1SS6. In April that year he was married to Margaret TUley at Algona. They farmed 25 years , near Winsted, Minn., retiring in 1911, since when Algona had been the family home. Mrs. Murphy died three years ago last August. After her death he lived by himself, having no children, . till Uvo months ago, when he suf- ing. IBrldge was played at three fered a slight stroke on his left]tables, Mrs. iFlora Tise and side. Since then he had been cared i Lura Sanders winning. The Fire Sale We will have a fire sale on damaged goods the last of this week in the building first door west of Swift's. Don't miss this opportunity to get a supply of groceries cheap. H. R. Sorensen & Co. Cash and carry. out of practice many years. There were three Sayers brothers Only one is left, a civil engineer at Columbus, O, The Sayers family was well to do, and the brothers added to inherited fortunes. The estate of Dr. E. E. Sayers', which included two Kossuth farms, descended to his brothers. One farm — — ** " *•** **'D *Ji UL 11 ens. une rarm i*j i with Murr Strelt and ,Mrs. William section on the Lotts CreekUnion Hawcott winning the high scores, line tenanted by Etna MHc elV anS Mrs V,. A. Barry a travel prize. J. M. Blmore. One Deibler is on the Assisting- hostesses were Mesdames •• - as un lne John Kohihaas. E. J. McEvoy, J. W. Kelly, and H. .1. Bode. Wutauyans Have Keneflt— The Watanyans entertained at a benefit bridge party Monday night at Anna BUHS'S, Irene Voight and Mrs. Helen Johnson Seeley assist- Mrs. club " ••*-' »««.»-» u\,^ti \_«i ^U ] —«»«, UC4.JIV4C1 O W1II1UJ1£J, i. flQ ClUU for at the home of his sister-in-law, ! will meet next Monday night at Mrs. Jennie Riley, and Mrs. John Laughlin. He was about till a. few days ! before death. Two nieces, Mrs. Avery Sutherland, Sparta, Wis., and Anna March's, and officers will be elected. O. E. S. Gives Benefit Party— The O. E. S. entertained at Cotton Rags Wanted- Advance jMlanche McKee, Milwaukee, arrived I The °- E - s - entertained at a j the day of his death. He had been i benefit bridge and dancing party at I taken to the hospital the day before, i the Masonic Temple Friday | Three sisters, Mrs. E. Mulvaney, I Winsted, Mrs. T. Mallon, Milwaukee, and Sister Clare, O. S.F., superintendent parochial schools,' Chicago, survive; also four sisters-in- law, the two above mentioned; Mrs. John Hemfling, New Germany, Minn.; and Mrs. John Lamuth, Algona. Wedded 60 Years. Lakota, Feb. 21—William Wlese, who is 93, and his wife, who is 92, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Saturday. They have been residents of Lakota since 1893 and make their home with their son Adolph. They have one other son Emll, of Cuehingr, Minn., and one son, Julius, died In 1926. —.--_ _—„.., night. Mrs. C. H. Williams was chairman, and bridge was played at 18 tables. The high scores were won by Mrs. William 'Hawcott and R. W. Horl- san, Mrs. Alfred Jergensen winning a travel prize. Sfxfou Couple Is Surprised Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brandt, near Sexton, were taken by surprise Friday night, when 30 friends arrived with baskets for a party. Five hundred and dancing furnished entertainment. The t high score at cards was won by Irvln Relchert; low by Ted Strothers. Lunch was served. Farewell for the L. G. Pools— The I. O. O. F. county council gave a farewell dance at the Algona hall Monday night for Mr. and Mrs. ,„ ^-v.iF^i^.4 JO VJ1 1 I J1C other farm, a quarter near Titonka. The Fairfield Sayers was widely generous with his wealth. Himself a graduate at Ames, he helped many young people get college educations At death he was president of the Jefferson county Building & Loan Like his brother here, he never married. H. E. Rist and Mr. Mitchell attended the funeral at Fairfield Tuesday. The body was taken to Mt Gilead, O., for burial. BROTHER OF MRS, GODFREY CATCHES 2 COAL THIEVES Happy — Silver Leaf Flour 1. J. Duus, near Graettlnger, brother of Mrs. Geo. W. Godfrey, figured in the arrest of iwo Spirit ,r, 1nnl , w ' Lake coal thieves two weeks n^n Black Walnuts. bootleggers. Mr. Duue, who that schoolhouee coal had wccu missed before, was inclined to seek heavy punishment for the thieves. said been 9.80 27.43 17.87 10.60 11.06 27.27 Greenwood, <P. Lonergan, Included with Bancroft. Buffalo, Mrs. R. i,. Krantz .-• 14.95 Portland, Mrs. Lewis McWhorter Prairie, Mrs. J. Ludwlg __. Iryington, Mrs. Geo. W. Godfrey Ramsey, Mrs. Mary Mescher 13.55 11.05 10.75 3.G5 13.75 24.01 sale was cause of mafl sale throughout the county, but the gross receipts are Plum Creek, Mrs. IT. .1. Bode- , The ex-pense In this year's Mrs. Mary Laing entertained _. Tuesday. Bridge was played, Mrs. Fenton, Alice Dreyer Ralph Roder winning the high score, Mrs. George Hackman, low. 'Mm. E. C. McMahon entertained _.„ „..,„...„„ .„ „..„ ,„„.„ at two tables of bridge last week was greater than last year's Wednesday. The high score won by Mrs. R. J. Keen. „ , „_ _ c B1U! O. Madson, Hans Hanson, and H. $147 more this year. J. Rice were dinner guests Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs. T. Holmes. The P. E. O. Sisterhood will meet •ith Mrs. S. E. McMahon next Wednesday, and officers will elected. W. A. Gillespie, 71, died of gen- iral breakdown 'Saturday at the Smoke Shop. H& had for a: lomr time been gradually failing, and he waB abed a month'before death Hfe The Rev. A. S. Htreser conducted 'uneral services at the Laird & McCullough chapel Monday, and: burial made in Evergreen cemetery-, lillesple. S ' re " Mr. Gillespie wae born October- 14, 1861, at Richmond; 111'. In 1886' he :ame to Wesley and in 1886 was here married to- Ada- PresnelT. He owned and operated' a Wesley .blacksmith shop from 1889' till 1902, when ':he family came to Algona. He eon- :inued to work at Ms trade- till within a year. Four sons and' a- daughter survive: Webster, Algona, Tom, Fort Dodge; Howard; Waukegan, IlT.r Lawrence; and Mrs; Rofet. Miles, Newfleld, N. J. Two brothers live it Chicago and' a- married sieter at Grand Rapids, Mich-.. * . FENTON WINS BASKET BALL GAME AGAINST LONE ROCK Fenton, Feb., 21'—Fenton and Lone Rock clashed at basketball 'last week Tuesday night here. The- local firsts won, 36-38, Fen-ton is the only B class school which has- defeated Lone *ock this year, and Lone Rock had ost only two games before this. Fenton played" wen. Kramer was high with- T5- pointer R. Gross high "or Lone Rock with 9. Fenton held .he lead throughout. The Fenton seconds: lost,. I8-M. The first half vaa close; In the second half Lone Rock came back strong- and held the ead till' tlte end 1 . 666 LIQUID • TABLETS . SALTE Cheeks Colds first day, Headaches or Noirnilgla In SO minutes, Malaria In days. 866 SALVE for head colds. Most Speedy Bemedles Known. ===H——H Long's Food Shop BARGAIN WEEK Dressed Chicken, per Ib. Capons, Ib. Omar Flour Victor Flour $1.10 Per Sack Butter Nuts, home grown, _.8c Ib. -2c in the rear of their coupe. This was Filberts, fancy, Ib ip» for the sake of appearances and to furnish an alibi. Then they drove Colored Napkins, 60 count lOc to a rural echoolhouse and filled un ™ with stolen coal. Mr Duus the d£ Macaroni - »"*• rector, saw them from his kitchen Herehey Bars each i window, gave chase 12 miles, caught "" lc and identified them, and had the Lard, per Ib Palo Alto sheriff jail them. Up to a 7 ~~ week ago their punishment had not Can Corn - 3 -6c No. 10 tin 4 OUR MEATS ARE TREATS REAL CAMERA _ with a 60c can Chocolate being put on Its feet bank was founded six yen,» „ hae not been in satisfactory 8 tlon. The other bank, tli c county state, a new bank way affected, having no j, from bad banking and bein'., f the strongest country i wnk Iowa, with Impregnable "Where You Feel at Home" When You Dress Up Play Up to Contrast! Practical! Fashions The Silk Suit. A new rough crepe, in black, navy, or one of spring's shades—with a white blouse. Wear It with other blouses—and feel as though you have a big wardrobe} The Scarf Frock We offer it in an interesting sheer, with sheer wool plaid scarf, Change with an organdie bow scarf, or one of dainty lace —and give your dress a formal personality! •'

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