Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 23, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1933
Page 5
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yiflfttlAlllf S8. 1981 KOSSUTH hr WANT A GOOD CIGAB ho Hint contains everything 1 pos £ to satisfy tlio most particular | kcr -.yon sliotiM smoke G&B tPECIAL Made of cliolco full-leaf totwccfli partlciiloly mild nnd the best to l»o had In a fie cigar—nnd made bv men who know howi Fred Millers, fLu Verno i Ited the Fred Oirres hrnHv „ Wesley, Sunday. % ' nmf C. K. ,1*, Barrc was at Madison Wte, on a |,u B | nCB8 mlKsh ™"' week Wednesday, G ^ IVE THE "SPECIAL" A FAIR TRIAL AND I TOU WIM- KNOW WHY MOM OF THESE CI- OARS ABE SMOKED IN AltiONA THAJT ANY At All Aljonn Dealers. Godfrey spo i <o night. Matilda Germann "'" " ll " crocl from company nt Ce- x' i • —" 'Hi u r.sda v r. T Nielson. nl« 0 a ,0,-,,, s<lay ' u •'• n honor o£ . served Algona, Capeslus, Blggings Capesius Mrs. G. W. ter, Mrs. ,7. E. Mason. Marvin Kochlcau, P c nton, w , s the subject of a minor operation at the General hospiuu Tuesday FRESH IN HUMITUBE8 Mrs. Nellie McMahon and ho,daughter-in-law, Airs 13 c M • IMahon, spent Tuesday with' Em-" metsburg relatives. W. C. Dewel spoke before the Kiwanis club last Thursday noon on the money question, j. i, Bonir answered a call for remarks. Mrs. Gladys South took her mother, Mrs. Brlnkman, to Spencer Sunday for a week with friends. Mrs •South's mother lives with her. Tie David Wards and Mrs Tohn Caughlln were Sunday guests of the Andrew Hansons, Titonka Mrs Caughlln ie Mre. Hanson's mother.' PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR Ib. bag ______ 59c BUTTEK, 20c mmmmf^mmmffm CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 4 CANS 29c • BILL PICKLES Quart Jar 15c ••••^•^••i^iM^^B^ WHITEHOUSE MILK 5 Tall Cans 27c orden. Pet, Carnation 3 tall cans 20c •••••••MB PCRITAlf Bohemian Hop flavored MALT, CAN 45c •^^•^MH QUAKER PUFFED WHEAT Package, lie PUFFED RICE Package, 15c "' i . ORANGE (PURE GOLD BRAND ge size, 29c dozen „ VA SWEET PANCAKE FLOUR W;oi. pkgrs > Hi. nki*. , 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew, is recovering from pneumonia. He has been eick eince a week ago Monday. Mr. and Mr.s. C. S. Johnson spent Sunday and Monday at Tracy Minn., with the latte and Mrs. Jerome Algonlans. Clara Thorpe underwent a minor operation at the Kossuth hospital! Tuesday, and Elsie Puls, Titonka, I had a major surg' ' ' week Wednesday. Roy Chrlstensen returned to Virginia, 111., yesterday, after a few I'.v his vln and Mr nnd .Mr.s." Bernard Irvington, and the Loo family, Whitlcmore. Edw . <_, lr '» a former .Llvcrmoro farmer! Everett Anderson left last Thu X'wi^rcrp^s.riS company him as far as at Gene- rir 1 ^----- - oust, ,md Mr. Ciapsaddlo Is visit- ten- S,^-. ^ C ' J - C'«<He, i-r. D. te ln the addle, and D , an makes his home with the H D. D. •Mi. and Mrs. L. M . Merritt, Mrs. !,„.„,• Larson ' an<1 'Bertha Kuchen; Author spent Monday at Des Merritt, president Auxiliary, and ry, attended a M prCB " lonte secretaries' att " nded commanders' and office. had a«ajor"8u^^lV P rraUon J1 Cti8tMiov\ok Cl ?h nia f d ^ ^ S0n week Wednesday. ! ln * took tilc former's sister-in- law Dr. Artie Graham, to Ames Friday, and thence she took a trair "" ' —• •""'"•-•"n.v, iiner a lew r ler 1] ome at San Francisco Sh< days with Mm. Christensen and the ' had bcc " here sinco September' vis Tlpw ar\n T>«1-. i x^._t. . Itliirr 1, . ., ' v a Quinn, born new son, Robert week ago Sunday. Eleanor Backus, senior at Stephen's college, Columbia, Mo., spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. j. Backus, who took her as far as Des Moines on the way back Monday. Helping Hand with The Presbyterian society meets next Thursday Mrs. H. W. 'Post; assisting es, Mesdames Bert Muckey, ] Sheehan, Rebecca McDonald, William Turner. i... •"•"- *>""-u ^eptemoer, vis itlng her mother, Mrs. Aurelia Coffin, Hurt, and her two .sisters here Mrs AV. E. McDonald and Mrs. H *-. McMurrny. Doctor Graham is a chiropractor. .Her office was closec while she was here. P. J. AValdron, district superintendent, K. L. Maxwell, station many- Pattereon . assistant, and Edwards, tank truck driver attended a Champlin banquet and and fUSSWEET PRUNES size, 2 Ib. pkg 17c BEANS 10 His., 25c ^*^^ BIMBMMIH ^i^MH^ e Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Western division ^ DANCE °. 0- F. Hall, Algona FEBRUARY 28 and His Masters 40c, Mr. and Mrs. K. D. James returned Sunday from Omaha, where they had been since last week Wednesday, guests of their daughter, Mrs. C. B. Nasby. Mrs. Naeby returned here with them fpr a visit. G. D. Shumway, hie law partner, 3dw. Kelly, Emmetsburg, L,. E. -ilnnan, Judge Quarton, and H. W. Mdller were at Des iMoines last week Wednesday and Thursday, presenting cases in the supreme court. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown, night. ' Mr Max- County Auditor and Mrs. E. J. (But- .m. me j ler, Mre. Ann Zittrltsch, Mrs. How-!tow, Okla ard Carey, and Mrs. Nellie Van Allea were guests 'of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartlett, Whittemore, Sunday night. The Raymond Andersons have for the time being moved their household furniture into the V. J. Sands home. uMrs. Sands and Mr! . ax- well was found to be high man In the district in coupon book and tire Bales. Mr. Waldron's territory con- ssts of Kossuth, AVinneljago Hancock, ami seven other counties to the south. Three or four years ago the two weekly newspapers at Eldora were combined. (Later M. C. Dersham, foreman, resigned and opened a Job printing shop. A few weeks ago a new paper, the Hardin County Index, was started at Eldora, and Mr. Dei-sham discontinued his shop to Become, foreman. During the World war ho was Advance foreman. His step-daughter married Will Dailey, Pronounced a KIWANIS WINS IN B, B, TILT VS, ROTARIANS Hot Time in the Old Town When Service Clubs Mix. Before a tumultuous crowd which one; 'Hied nearly all seats at school gymnasium last the high Thursday NEIGHBORS Dancing party « ht beginning at 8. 8 fchWUe. Orchestra 85c »«-person, EMENT h be Pleased to *"» '• -I nn Anderson are slater and .brother, and Raymond has been employed at the Algona bakery. Mrs. E. S. George, Graettinger, came Sunday for a week with her daughter. Mrs. Emmet Jackman. Mr. Jackman ie tn the employ of the state highway commission here, ind the Dalleyci now live at Brls- ' w, Okla. Keith E. Hoganson, a Minneapolis meat cutter, goes back to his work this week-end, after a few weeks with hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hoganson. He is a single man. The elder -Hogansone came here three years ago. Mr. Hogan- h;id a city salesman's route at night, the Kiwaniane exacted 'enge at basketball by a score of 0-5 for dire defeat by the Rotarians at kittenball in the eummer of 1931 Cheers, cat-calls, humorous sallies, and volunteer coaching punctuated the game. Jos. Bloom, who attempted to serve as cheer leader for the KIwanians, was booed down. The game was a curtain-opener for a tilt between the Boosters, Algona town quint, and a Mallard independent team. Mallard won from D. E. Dewel, two; Andrews, Kresensky, two; Norton, one. Collision Costs a Tooth. The Kiwanlans made the first score, which was tied soon after with a basket by the Rotarians. The first four minute quarter ended 3-2; the half, C-4; and the third quarter, 7-5, all in the Kiwanians' favor. The Rotariane wore playing suite, jbut the Kiwanians were variously costumed. (By general consent County Engineer H. M. Smith won the honors for the most picturesque costume. The only casualty occurred when D. E. Dewel acquired a black eye and suffered a broken tooth in col- lielon with W. A. lLorenz. Pearson High for Boosters. The Booster-Mallard game proved exciting. The Algonians held the lead at the half, but narrowly escaped disaster in the last quarter,' when Mallard tallied 15 points. To- ! wards the end the Boosters rallied] and scored 11 points. For the Boosters Pearson, who totaled 17 points, was high man, with Walker, who scored 'S points, as second high. Mallard's points, were fairly evenly divided, iBohn making 16. -..ura won irom , A ™ twn Same with Mallard is the Boosters, 42-39. Door receipts I plaTmed bv th e Boosters, but no date were divided by the independent : has yet been **• Minneapolis, but rheumatism compelled him to leave it for a driving route here. This, also, he has hud to give up. Mrs. Hoganson was for ton yeai-rf a news writer for the Humboldt papers. 'Druggist K. D. .Tames is spending this week at the Adventist .sanitar- teams. 17 Club Members Play. Players on the Klwanls team were Dr, W. D. Andrews, A. E. Kreeen- eky, M. G. Norton, ID. E. Dewel and Alvin Huenhold. H. M. Smith was substitute for Kresensky; T T Herbst for Huenhold. There were ten Rotarians in play , at one time or another. 'The start- I •w - - --fc. — — ....... uu ••.-** iiwit-, ......i . • ^-!_ ji. v^i, tnu ^111 wttlfioL tiHTll 13. J*and lives in the upper apartment of ! ium at Nevada. Nothing of a serl- the Dewel estate house on east Call, ous nature is indicated. Mr. and Mrs. Jamee attended a state druggists' convention at Des 'Moines last week, then spent several days with i has yet been set. Mr. and Hrs. Arthur Voight, .of Fenton, are parents of a 9 3-4 lb. boy, born .Friday at ,the General hospital. | St. Benedict Neighbors and other friends went I Beulah Hartshorn and Ruth Messenger spent Sunday with the L. H. Maynes, Emmetsburg. 'Beulah who .., , ' a niece of Postmaster and 'Mr S .|"; e "; Ashler. Mrs. C. B. Nasby, 'Omaha. En route from Algona to Mayne, Is employed at Mrs. Edythe Dailey's beauty shop, and Miss Messenger Is a high, school teacher. Mrs. Anna Uhlendorf, mother of Mra. -p. H. Goeders, returned Sunday night to Chicago. Uniquely 3nough, she- has, in effect, two homes, one In a great city, the other n a'comparatively small town, and route from Algona Des Moines, the James car suffered collision a loosened bumper jn a — —.._ •.-•in* >_n cuiutnur, .1 Jig tsLtXl'l- ' — *-v««**» j.i t\-ii\.ici wen 1 ing line-up consisted of W. H. Cum- '1° Mr- _ and . Mrs - A -' L - tBenscho'ter'a [ mings, Harold Cowan, M. J, Streit Joel Herbst, and Walter .Lorenz! Substitutes were F. D. Mathes, Dr John Kenefick, E. C. Hancher, N. V J Streit ! for a farewe " Party last week! 1 Wednesday. The IBenschoters will move March 1. They have been farming northwest of St. Benedict. Lowe, and W. A, .Foster '••"'•*• A group of neighbors and other How Points AVere Distributed. if'lf ^ T^f ^ W ' °' Dunlap Tho p.. . , ,, , last wee k Wednesday evening, the* al, m.rt ^ Points werej occasion being her birthday. The 3 n each she has a wide friends. circle of Mrs. Lillian E. Klttoe, soldiers' orphans home, Davenport, state with another car on icy paving at Fort Dodge. No one was hurt, and Mr. and Mrs. James proceeded after n faw jyi Inn ffua Mr. and Mrs. S. H. McNutt came home last week Wednesday from Ames, where they had spent a few weeks with their son Samuel, who suffered a severe attack of the flu de on one basket, sunk -by \ evening was spent at cards, and Cowan, and three free throws I lunch was served by Cummings, Lorenz, and Cowan.; There will be another card party «at to/^hT I "w-oH«r chanc- next Sunday evening at the school ^m %\±°1 S ,' ""I/* ^_ t0 6lnk i haU ' «!-" ^ the Rosary society. in mid-December. They will go back today or tomorrow, and the --.—_.« ••w>«»iv l j-/u.vcinjuri, tjiuty '."»v.n. i.uuo.^ ui LUJIIUI ru\Vi ana me igent, visited the Rev. P. J. Braner's | elder Mr. McNutt will take his son them. called E. C. Hancher, on wants scored. . Doctor Andrews made two'baskets Arndorfer came home Sat, from Algona, where she had of which Ki- epent a week on a pneumonia case. E. P. Rahm, now cashier in State A T7 1 ' , JO JElffiF ' ''• On*, j """usness ^ssyss PETERSON FOR PHOTOS ast Thunsday. She wanted to sui >rls« the Rev. and Mrs. 'Brane With a 10-year-old lad for the par onage, but they were not ready fo 1m at this time. Doris 'Long, Algona, Grinnell col ege senior, was one of four women elected In recent tryouts for varsity debatea, according to a Grinnell dis patch. The first, debate was sched Uled againat Cornell college at Mount Vernon,this week Monday on cancellation of war debts. Geprgo Mahoney has for more than three weeks been laid up in bed as the result of an attack of hie ancient enemy, sciatic rheumatism. The disease, which ia mainly located in one hip, is &t times exceedingly painful. It is believed to be a heritage of service in the Si>anlah- American war. G. x,. Carroll and his son-in-law, G. J. F, Vogel, both of Burt, . .-„-., ----- „. „ ...... _... Algona visitors Monday forenoon, Mr. Carroll, who was for many years a Union township farmer, suffered a fall before Christmas in Which the bone In his right arm Hear the arm pit was broken. He is almost over It now. T, ' to Tucson, Ariz., where, it is expect ed, he will shake off the disease. In the meantime the elder Mre. McNutt will remain at Ames with Samuel's wife and four children. Samuel has been a veterinary investigator at the state college ever eince he was graduated in 1917. liotarians listened Monday noon to the life histories of three members, when the scheduled program failed because of the absence of the Rev. W. G. Muhleman, who was called out of town. Members who race autobiographies were Dr. John Ceneflck, Russell B. Waller, new Jpper Des Moines editor, and H. V, lull, examiner-ln-charge of the vossuth County State bank. Doctor Cenefick spent most of his life at Eagle Grove; Mr. Waller is a native f St. Paul; and Mr. Hull was casher in a southern Iowa bank before ie carne here two yeais ago. Andrew Anderson arrived Satur ay for two weeks wth his Algona sister, Mrs. D, Iv. Leffert, and his lother, Mrs. Hannah Anderson, his brother J. J., and sister Emma at Swea City. Oldtimers remember Andrew us first a Swea City banker, then county auditor, 1907-11. After he retired as auditor he moved D., which has | whtoh wwh f ' which, with the free throws, totaled ten points for the Kiwanians. D. E. Dewel made two of the free throws, Andrews, one, and Norton, one. Personal foule were called as follows: Treasurer Wegman's office, spent hie family here. ° ne ' the week -«"<J J. O. Downs spent a few daye last week with his parents,,Mr. and Mre Chas. Downs. Mary Alice Haldemann, Indiana has been visiting here. pl.t.J • _ • " '" * " I LU AJlIIUCr 1-K41VU, WJ, J^., v> *44\-*4 J4U£> cnildren, Bobby and Catherine, went | evej . sjnce ^ ea his home six years *Mday, after two weeks with ]a£t fa]1 he was e ] ect ed county lormer'e mother. Mrs. John -• - - •-- •.-....- .-* mother. . They also visited Mrs. Karr's aister, Mrs. Andrew Hansen, . Mrs. Karr Is the former Ivadel Caughlin, and the Karre near Ireton. 4. T. Tw.e»t j. Nelson drove . . ,. . Rochester, Minn., last Ttoureday, auditor there, served two terms, and then was elected county treasurer. He was the republican nominee for reelection last fall, but lost in the democratic landslide. Andrew is I still a bachelor. (Besides the brother and two sisters in Kossuth, there is a married' sister In Oregon. A CASH POLICY AFTER MARCH 1 Due to the present economic conditions and in keeping with our best judgment we will go on a strictly cash basis in the conduct of our business. This policy is in keeping v•••:• > the action of one thousand lumberyards in the northwest.' A strictly cash policy is the only safe way of conducting business during the present emergency. . Cash will be asked for before or upon the delivery of all coal. While this may work a little hardship" we trust that all of our customers will see the necessity for doing so. Please do not ask for CREDIT, and we ask your cooperation in the working out of this plan. i CALL 2?9 F. S. Norton & Son, Materials and Fuel PAGBFTV1 ise A NEW PLAN 10c Lifebuoy Soap SV 2 c SOc Certified Milk Magnesia Tooth Paste I wish to <«ko this occasion ir> an- noun,.,, «, lft (. this s i oro l, H8 Join " d Hie famous Walerrecn jtru K System '"1(1 hns tnkcn the njrcncy for tliN nntloiiniiy known Hn 0 o f drug, and „ V'!^™- .I! 1 ?, complete line an»v , """oH-ndhhiK iv M i T horel «'<»e available on- 1 In the larger cities are brought to r ft . year, will be strictly adhered to. Pint Size Orlis Mouth Wash Pepsodent Tooth Paste Pint Size Double Distilled Rubbing Alcohol Aspirin Tablets on to my customers a liberal sa I am making- this change In Uon JiayJng. confidence that many f r l ends and <. U8tomei . g w| age W ° WlUl U ' Clr contlnB «d Pa SOc Po-Do Playing Cards 37c SOc Perfection Pfrfymtd with licse /Jituqtitt Cold Cream < -» 4 -* 33c SOc Quality Rubber Gloves Big Savingsron Toileties, Drugs, Sundries FRIDAY and SATURDAY ^^^^^^^^ 50c Pkg. of 5 Gillette Blades Lux Soap 3 Bars 10c Palmolive Soap 6c 10 OS. Cod Liver ou Milk of Magnesia SOc Tube Po Do ShavtngCream ^^^ !" • ?«**, that leave* the face coo 81 «?•*•*„«* P^- Dottx Shaving Cream. Thi» S?« *»/eatnre the large SOc tube for only 33c, UN) Usterine 59* ot uour d Palmolive 35 c Shaving Cream Anlden SOc Tooth Paste... ^^™^™»« Special Low Prices! Woodbury's 8o«p-25c Bar „ Almond Lotion—SOc Value For the Household Camphcv -j f\ Lyptus__^ j. yc Salts— Kruschen ,{(9c Jads (J9 C Malted Milk • f f* Chocolate, .0. _eJe)C Psyllium Seed—^Imported, dark, AQ pound—."... 4yC Toiletry Bargains! 10c Cocoa-Almond Soap y c 2Sc Orlis Tooth 'Paste iSc Kleenex ^ jj c 65c Pond's Creams ." 3^ 60c Man O' War Shav. Cream. 3S« 500 Cleansing Tissues 4&Q Remedy Specials! 35c Vick'c Vapo Rub . Mineral Oil, pint 25c Ex-Lex Laxative ' 2Sc£ p «om Sails FOR MEN •Shaving n O Cream, Colgate.*^* j& C Talcum After ~j /* Shave, Colgates'-t. O C Shampoo, Fitch's Dan- ^ g\ druff„.-..;._. 49C Shaving iSoap, Colgate's 4 for —^.__&5C Razor Bla,des— Gillette ago Autostrop 880 Durham D. 84 C <3em 88c Special £or Friday and Saturday Only A f5c ?i g » rs I Cigarettes 4 for 15 Cents | 3 packages 20's 45c ^gjjHm*** ^^^^^^*^"'^^^*^^ > *'^'^*'^' i ^**^ ll ^ ll "*i"i"*"^^B^e»i|iM^ BEN F. SORENSEN Hotel Corner The Advance Cooking School date* nre

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