Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 9, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT J Market Week Notes "Where You Feel at Home" A trip to market is more than the mere buying of a few scattered garments—it is more than the selection of a new season's styles—it is the comprehensive survey of a great ready-to-wear center, with its many angles and side-issues. There are so many features of a trip to market that are entirely lost on the masculine mind, that this store has always maintained a woman r buyer is absolutely essential in obtaining these many "angles." At CI-miSCHILLES & HBRBST you get an intimate and unique service which should be invaluable to every woman who contemplates the purchase of a new garment. Not only such accessories as shoes, purses hosiery, hats, are to be considered'but the prospective buyer is interested in a good many other things such as the use of cosmetics, length of hair, and many other intimate details about which the average man is entirely ignorant. When you see the new Spring garments at this store you will realize the care which is used in the selection of our new coats, suits and dresses—not to mention hats. \ou will instantly realize that EVERY garment has been selected with some Kossuth county woman in mind Each garment has style and individuality. Each hat has chic and smartness. And in addition to the actual garments, we are ready for you here with a wealth of fashion information which chases ^'^ indlspensable to y° u in your Spring pur- New garments are arriving daily and while it will still be several weeks before the majority of Spring garments will be on display, we invite you to come in and talk with Mrs. South about her market trip She will S Ve "nT y 1 , nterestin g st y le side-lights to tell you. She will be pleased to go over her purchases with you. Feel at liberty to come in and talk things over with her. We are ready for a big Spring season. Let us •i H"i 11 M i n 11111 n .|..H Basketball "Dope" :! EVAN E, If INN ELL The high school basketball boys [already entered. Drawings have not won their second victory this season'" ' Saturday night from Livermore, yet been made. The date for a basketball game „-,,.„, ., , , ,„ 111K " llLe Lor a uasKetoau game 25-1,. The game was fairly even till, between Clarion and the Algona the fourth quarter, when the locals : high school scheduled for next week put a wide enough margin over their [Tuesday was recently changed, and competitors to insure winning. The j was to have been played here Tues- scorc at the half was 11-10 in Al-j clay evening, but the cold weather ORGANIZATION IS FORMED TO CANVASS LINES (Continued from page 1.) THURSDAY. FBSRtTARv 'gona's favor; at the third quarter 16-14. Cretzmeyer sank three 'baskets and two free throws; Nordstrom, three baskets; Sellstrom, two baskets and one free throw; Post, two baskets; and Shackelford, one basket. Three fouls were called on Nordstrom. Dawton Baker, Livermore, was the visiting high .point man, with two baskets and two free throws. C. Baker, Li verm ore, also had two baskets; Shultz one basket and one free throw; and Roepke and French, each a basket. necessitated a second change, and the game is now dated for Monday evening, February 20. GODFREY SWAMPED WITH XMAS CARDS Successful Farming, ,for which Geo. W. Godfrey has for some years written "Squibs From a 'Farmer's and regardless of temporary declines in business the investment and costs which go with it remain practically unchanged. Telephone offices can not be closed like factories, in hard times. All plants must be operated, even if there Is decline in revenue. There is, therefore, a definite limit on redufetion of operating expense. "To continue satisfactory service a certain amount of revenue is necessary. We are now barely able to maintain the revenue by drastic reduction in expense. To further reduce revenue at Algona would mean curtailment in operating expense which would necessarily and materially affect service and organization." Former Kossuth Youth Edits Fraternity Paper The Algona independents won in a doii'ble-hoader here last week Wednesday against Emmetsburg and Blue Earth. Emmetsburg was eas- - — ------ --------- — ily defeated, 43-22, but the game ! Successful Farming that I can never " ln "° *" ""•""— -" -* '** — ..-•».-..- i Notebook," suggested In its December number that readers send Christmas postcards to Mr. Godfrey. In the January number Mr. Godfrey says: 'Christmas'brought such a flood of cards and letters from readers of NAIL IN BOY'S FOOT FOR THREE YEARS TAKEK OUT 11 J UlHfiLLtJll, **O~ili ( UUL 'LI1Q KHIIlt i "~ " — * "•«•••«• «»«»»»o 1.1 itn, a. v^tui nc vci ' t.'J* ( \\ HLFGCl) J--*-| SOU Qt with Blue Earth proved more diffi-j ho " e to answer all of them Individ-j Mr. and Mrs. Walter Faulstlch, had cult, though the score ended in the locals' favor, 24-21. | .The game with Emmetsburg was largely Algona's from the beginning, for the locals scored seven baskets in the first quarter to 'Emmetsburg's one anil a point on a free throw. The locals also made eight baskets ually. .Farmers are notoriously poor letter-writers, and when I faced the task of acknowledging hundreds of letters.and cards, I was beaten. So I am taking this method of doing it. Of course there have been times in Mie busy seasons when I have wondered if it were worth the effort it sometimes took to get A unique distinction has come to a former Kossuth boy and his wife, the latter a former Sioux City girl: 'Leland F. Leland, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson, prominent Portland farmers, and his wife are the only husband and wife who hold the distinction of heading their respective fraternity and sorority editorial associations. Mr. Leland, president of the Fraternity Editors association, Is editor of the Teke of Tau Kappa Bpsilon fraternity, while Mrs. Le'land, chairman of the Sorority Editors Conference, is editor of To Dragma, of Alpha Omlcron Pi sorority. Mr. Leland, who was for some years engaged In country newspaper work, later became editor of the University of Minnesota Alumni Weekly. He was graduated from the university In 1923. He held the managership of the i Alumni Weekly seven years, setting a record that has not been equalled. In 1929 he joined the George Banta Publishing Co., Menaeha, Wls., In an editorial capacity. He is publication manager of "Banta's Oreelt- Exchange," the only inter-fraternity magazine published. ' iLast year, Mr. Leland edited and published his first book, the successful "Fraternity Editors' Handbook," which Is soon to go Into Its second edition. Mrs. Leland, formerly wllma Smith, is also a graduate of the university, from which ehe received magna cum laude honors. She is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, scholastic • honor organization. Mr. and Mrs. Iceland's unique distinction and their pictures mve been featured in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis papers. LIQUID > 'JFAJM,ETS Checks CoMg first .J«y, Xettralgfa In 80 inlmitos Sdnys. OMSALVB nr' Moat Speedy Heme,llo s QjjAilTYPRiNrn ___ in the second quarter, two (baskets sometimes took to get my part and a free throw, ending the half' rea<1y for th e editor, but now I will 31-8. In the third quarter the locals i "ever doubt again that the 'best that registered only with three free i * can do wl 'l somehow find appreci- a nail removed from one foot last week Wednesday. The peculiar thing is that it is thought that the nail had been in his foot three years, though it had given him no trouble till recently, when the flesh split at iboth top arid bottom. An x-ray picture revealed the nail. throws, while Emmetsburgers sank the visitors made only one basket while Algona made nine points. j I'!i the "Blue Earth game, first ono | team Was ahead, then the other. The first quarter ended 7-5 in Blue i Earth's favor; the second quarter 1 10-9, in Algona's favor; and the third 12-16 in Blue Earth's favor. I Kanouff totaled 11 bakets and _ free throw for Algona, and Pearson was second high, with seven baskets and a free throw. Walker made four (baskets and three free throws, and Agard three baskets and two free throws. Last week the high school junior t and senior girls organized a basket- j'bali team and challenged the high 'school teachers. Misses Renaud, ; Horn, Morris, Messenger, Krampe, iBrookins, Miller, and Phyllis Parsons accepted, and the game was played Friday afternoon after school. ation somewhere. six baskets. In the final quarter " Tt save us no little thrill to note Scouts Start Bridge. Bob La Barre, Durwood Baker, Jack Long, Harry Greenberg, Max Miller, Junior Long, Charles Daven- BARGAINS in unredeemed and reconditioned WATCHES We have a number of second hand watches, all in first class running order and guaranteed to give sat- ifaction. These are watches that have not been called for and trade-ins. One 2.1 jewel, 12-size Hamilton ___ One 7-jewel, 16-size Elgin, dustproof case One 7-jewel, 12-size Elgin, Oct. case _ 12 size Standard white Coach Mercer was Bishop, referee. umpire;' Alan Girls who played were Esther Lavrenz, Vivian Stevenson, Florence Dehnert, Mary Foster, Marguerite Dalziel, Ida Peterson, Lillian- Bar- linger, Ruth Turner, and LavoTrne Larson. Evidently the girls "had it in"' for the teachers. Anyhow, fur flew when Florence Dehnert sank a tooths In Miss Messenger's head, and nearly lost it when it was knocked' loose-. Other accidents resulted in nothing- more serious than sore muscles; The game ended in a tie, 25-25, and a game to decide the championship may be played. Floy Horn won high for the teachers by sinking ten baskets and one free throw and Miss Miller made the other two baskets before she was put out for personal' fouls. Misses Horn and Messenger also acquired a foul apiece. ** & ".vo UC1 , 1L> ULUe unrni to note nr,,.f „,,,! i-> T,V. T, . that the same kind of sentiment WDB S?B BPV w oX^T 1 accompanied - - tlle «ev. W. G. Muhleman on a scout hike to a point west - of the State park Saturday. They cooked dinner of 'beefsteak and potatoes over a fire and laid the framework of a rustic FORMER BURT GIRL IS WED TO 60LDFIELD FARM YOUTH IBurt, Feb. '7— Naomi ghackelford, former Burt girl, was married u. recently to Clarence Peterson, Goldfield. They will live near Hardy. Mrs. Peterson is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Shackelford, who lived here before moving to Goldfleld two years ago. The iShackelfords recently moved to their old home Algona. at ST, BENEDICT RURAL LIGHT PATRONS GET REDUCTION 8t. Benedict, Feb. 7—"Rural hlg.h line patrons neighboring this village have secured reductions in both minimum and rate. The minimum has bee cut irom $5 a month to $3, and the rate has been dropped from 15c kwh to lOc. There has been no change in town, here the minimum is a dollar and the rate is 15c. ADDING MACHINK BOTH WIDE AND N AT THE ADVANCE expressed in messages from the sturdy hills of York state, from whence my parents long years ago pioneered to Iowa, and from the sunny elopes of 'California. We farmers, :it seems, have many aims, hopes, and joys in common." BURT BUILDING OWNED BY FORMER ALGONIAN BURNED Burt, iFeb. 7—A building in north 'Burt, wlhich was used last year as a hatchery 'by the Hamilton hatchery, Bancroft, burned to the ground this morning. It was owned by the Rev. Geo. H. Wesse], former Algonian, now Metihodist pastor at Dows. Two of the upstairs rooms were occupied by W. F. Fechter. Mr. Fechter got up at 4 a. m. to fix the fire. At 5:30 he awoke to find the house full of smoke. He ran to a neighbor's to call help, but, because of a strong wind and the severe cold, the firemen could not save the building. Practically all contents were also Jurned. A kitchen range, belonging to Otto Tietz, had been stored there, and It was also destroyed. Mrs. Fechter went to Columbia, Wo., some months ago, and Mr. bridge over a ravine. Quit Bar Dockets. At a meeting of the Emmetsburg bar last week Monday evening it was voted, in the interest of tax reduction, to discontinue having .bar dgck- ets printed for each term of court at county expense. A bill before the legislature proposes statewide discontinuance Fenton Girl to Wed. Fenton, Feb. 7—Verna Kohlstedt was guest of honor at a miscellaneous pre-nuptial shower at the Methodist church last week Tuesday afternoon. The afternoon iwas spent at games, and after opening of gifts luncheon was served. Miss Kohlstedt will become the bride of Charles Lovejoy, Baker, Ore., soon. lookl at COLUMNS IT PAYJ $5 00 case and One 7-jewel, chain _ One 7-jewel, 16-size Standard nickle case" i/50 One 7-jewel, 16 size Stop Watch __ $ 5 ' 50 One 7 jewel, 12-size Swiss watch __ "$1M Two men's strap watches ----------- $4.50~an<f i^SO If you are looking for a good rebuilt watch you can't afford to overlook these bargains. Fred W. Wehler Co. Fim> Watch Impairing and Engraving Glasses fitted - Phone 240. Marguerite (Dalziel baskets, and Esther made seven- Lavrenz five A OP VERY HIGH GRADE Eastern Kentucky Lump Coal on track at $9.00 per ton. Place your order early for some of this excellent coal. Botsford Lumber Co. JIM POOL, Mgr. Phone 256 Clean Cotton Rags Wanted-Advance baskets and one free throw, for the girls. Stevenson, Dehnert, Foster, Peterson, and Bellinger each had' two* personal fouls called; Esther Lavrenz, one. The high school girls here do not have a regular basketball team, as- near-by schools have. The Algona academy boys basket- ibal! team met defeat at the hands- of a fast Wesley public school quintet Friday evening on the local flbon;. 33-23. This was the 12th consecutive victory for the Wesley boys, who have worked themselves up to the heatf of the list in the county after- a- Ikte start. The Wesley team promises- to be one of the strongest entered 1 in class B in the county tournament. In the game Friday night the locals trailed from start to finish. In the first quarter the opponents got off to an early start, and held the locals to one field goal. In the second quarter Nelson, Wesley's 6-ft. center, continually dropped short basket shots, and the locals trailed at the half, 22-11. 'In the second half the locals tallied a few long field goals. Neither team did much scoring in the third period, but in the fourth the locals threatened the lead at times. In the final minutes the tall Wesley center scored winning points which put his team out of danger. The local team was made up o Hansen and Junior Kelly at for ward; "Red" Kelly a t center; Heggarty and Capesius at guard. The locals were "off" on the free throws making only three out of 12. Lamuth, Lichter, and Hughes were substitutes for Algona. Hansen, the locals' crack forward, was put out on fouls in the fourth quarter. The Wesley line-up was Lawson and Mingert at forward; Nelson at center; Eisenbacher and Franzen at guard. Kunz, Erdman, and Kent were substitutes. The Algona academy girls team won from the Wesley public school girls in a close game on the local floor the same evening- in a preliminary, 24 to 18. The teams were ivenly matched in the first three periods, each slipping into the lead n a short rally of successful shots In the fourth quarter the locals tailed winning field goals. Wesley had von a previous game. A St. Cecelia academy game against Presentation academy, of Whittemore. Tuesday evening on the ocal floor was postponed because of he cold weather. The local academy will play the Corpus Christ! academy, Fort Dodge, here tomorrow vening, and St. Joseph's team, Maon City, also here, next Monday vening. The academy has entered a diocesan tournament at Fort Dodge February 22-23. Twenty-two teams are Fecftter will Join her there soon. TWO PRIESTS IN KOSSUTH ORQEREDJOIOTHER POSTS •Bancroft, Feb. 7—A farewell dinner- was given by the Rev. Fr. T. J, Buvern, Algona, at the latter's rectory Sunday for the Rt. Rev. Megr. j;. !>. Fisch, iBancroft, and the Rev Fh. G. F. Wessling, Wesley, wfho received word last Thursday that they are^ to be moved from their present parishes. Attending the dinner, besides the honor guests, were fine Rev. C. E. Ernst, Bancroft; the 'Rev. Peter Sturm, Ledyard; the Rev. B. H. ILoeffelhoIz,, St. Benedict r the Rev. O. Theobold, St. Joeand the Rev. J, Hyland, Wlhitte- more. Megr. Fisch goes to Le Mars; .'Father Weseling- to Pocahontas. For both the change is a promotion. BORIS LON6 DIRECTOR OF PLAY AT GRINNELL COLLEGE Grtenell, Feb7 7-<Donls Long Algona, Grinnell college senior and member of the drama department, •will direct a play sponsored by the Urinnell Unemployment League in Maw*. She will be assisted by VV illiam Pryor, also a senior. Direction of the play wdn fultm recluil . e _ ™^*°* Cf ? d . it ln °™ <* t^ drama to which they are enrolled Gets Banking Job. ; Burt, Feb. 7-LIoyd Elston was called to Ues Moines last week Tuesday and accepted a position with the state banking department. Hte work will be with state banke which are being operated by the department under a new banking law. H e te located at Wellman. Mr. Elston was cashier of the First National bank here, now closed. Would ,Keep Pastor. Wesley, Feb. 7-As the result of a report that the Rev. Father Wessling, beloved pastor of St. Joseph's church here, was to be sent to another parish, members of the con(negation have circulated and se cured many signatures to a petition change* "' A « ? ates Cut Sought, at mtanl at Titonka. Interstate Power company serves the town. A contract » r street lights is at present in issue between council and Tom- pany Reductions in rates for bo?h Public and private service ar e want- eNEW IMPROVED FORD V-8 Will be on Display in Our Showroom Saturday Feb. 11 -WITH* 112 Inch Wheelbase Double channeled, double drop X-type frame 75 Horsepower Engine 80 Miles per Hour Aluminum Cylinder Head u . e „, low Leo. Dailey Honored. At its annual meeting at Dee Moines Tuesday the Iowa Associa- ,.«£ i Commec(al Organization Secretaries advanced Leo C. Dailey of Spencer, from vice president to pree- NewSkirted Fenders New Radiator and Hood New Instrument Panel New Attractive B^y Line. Wide, New-Styl. Do<« Serves Jail Sentence. Whittemore, Feb. 7-Emil Braatz was taken to Algona last week Monday morning to serve a 30-day jail "»tei,ce on a charge of intoxlcation. Sleeping Sickness (Case. Fenton, Feb. 7 - Mrs. Rudolph Wehrspann fell seriously elck last week Wednesday with sleeping e iok- g February for competition, and 16 are

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