Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 5
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JAWAttt 26. 1981 jillter attended court at Es- irvllle Tuesday, ssessor Beardsley has begun [cine his rounds. r rs Joele Brink is visiting a Lh'ter at Morris, Minn. rs E. M - D°n° van fel1 a week and badly sprained her right H Goeders, of the Qoeders g, will go to Chicago Saturday |ht to. buy . goods. , j ..iiciji:-, m...- F Ctough, Maso)j; Cltym attor- wng looking af Uef- legal , bus![s In court here* Tuesday. ;• ; ( . -.,• , week-end guest of ithfel Lawrence' Icsples was Mrs. GlHesple'e mothc. * Mrs. C. I. Jfransmltohj Ifcurt. •"* Earl Vincent has been a pat"at the Kossuth! hospital for leal treatment since 'Friday. '. p. J. iBraner 'attended . the leral of Lela Denrihtat the Luran church, tu V*rne< 'Friday. rf re. Arnold LentJr.tJbf , Fairmont, .one day lost week ;to visit her nts, Mi%. and Mrth. (Mike Wleee. ite ' Skinner;; Lu;Verho schools rlntendonti '. apente s the ^week-end Eh her.mother/!Mr*J;B. 1 J.> Skinner. If Airs.- -J. "Wl SUlHVtttbtretUrned.Sat- ternoon they found streams „ Clarion out of banks, following heavy rain Saturday night. Tho Ing was flooded in places. near a pav- a number- of If irs.- -J. "Wl SUlHVtttbtretUrned.Sat- , Bay- front - MuseatlhB.c'iwiieefe/ ehe ' - week-ijvKh. the.iEfen- Isulttvan*. ; , ... . and lire. rr y Wardi underwent- an appen- ''"'' ahMonday;^ ... ,,-.:.;'••;•,; '.. .".,'•' j, 'jritohe'lV ! who''• suffered ''a lake early in December;' is still \it\nei. :.to- toed,' .'and • hisV. condition. , changed- little;! ; J-' , • [ ; A •'•' ^ •' : ' Call and; his nephew, imp Frances Messor's mother, .who lives at Humboldt, hns been scrl ously 111 with pneumonia, and Fran cos has been with her since some- Is one teachers and during her absence Mrs. E C McMahon 'Is- 'substituting. ' ' : Mr.' and Mrs. Dennis Pratt, with Mr, -and Mr.<v Beech er Lane and time last week. Miss Mcsscr of the local high school The daughter. Gloria, spent Monday t M,ason,CHy, dttomllng an elec- Vlca|, conversion. Mr. Pratt oper- !' fttos the Pratt Electric shop here and Mr. Lane travels for tho Perry Durln electrical supply company of f~*ftAn*t m««l,1_ ' Cedar Rapids. In his 'advertisement thie week Jimmlo Neville announces that he has bought the well known . Lewis Larson general merchandise stock at Corwlth, and will open a closing out sale- tomorrow. The sale will take place at the Larson store, and Jim- mle will give away 60 pairs of shoes tomorrow and again Saturday. .,' ' :• Mrs. 'F. S. Norton and her'daugh- ter, Mre. Eleanor Wanz-er, > went to Iowa City yesterday. Eleanor will take post-graduate work .at tho state university next semester. Mrs. Norton will remain with her, .and they will have an apartment. . .Till recently Mre. Wanzer had for some, years been dean of girls in a school' jat Danbury, Conn. ; . . Mrs. A. A. Beguhn and the children will go to MarshalltowiL^atur- day .to make their home. ,M*> Beguhn, who was (Firestone 'tf&zssrtf-ssx aifpni e * POll8> Tuesd ay they win Mre Hnv . mllyi d ' nner '" h °«°r of "'"• llo veya grandparents, Mr. and '«ii«. .f. A. Nelson, who will observe their 60th wedding anniversary Mr Vfrs. Nelson's seven children >fi there, also the grandchildren. HOVP.V fltm fiklon is the only \r,. •. f ! 1 " IlImlcnlw - Mr. Ncllson Is 84, ;|!' s ' iNc »flon, 79, and both are well n lioy still keep house. Fifteen pupils were honor students •U tho end at the third six weeks of inst semester at the local high school, and three received extra honors for all A grades. The trio were iHMbel Greonberg, Frieda Paetz, and Uonaltl Parsons. Others on the honor roll wore: John Chrlstcnsen, Dorothy oroon, Alice GeHenfeld, Maurice Michel, Robert Monlux, Doris ilinmpson, Ha T,effert, Gertrude floraon, Tholma Bllnkman' and Ruth Turn or. Tho heavy out-of-season rain Sunday morning, accompanied by thun- ADVANCE. ALOQNA. IOWA The third.party will be given a week KOSWJTH COU: Geo. W. Boevers, Mason City, and his son Donald were here Tuesday. After 12 years, the Boevers family will return to the farm north of town March 1. This is one of the boat quarters in the county, but Mr. Boevers anya that at present prices an for agricultural products only owner not heavily encumbered who can Mrs. lives on and farms it himself eke out a living. Mr. and „„„. Boevers have a beautiful home at Mason City which they will rent or sell. Donald is a graduate of the Mason City high school and has also finished two years in Junior college •there. The Ethan Lights, tenants of the Boevers farm, have rented the H. O. A. Sewick estate farm, north of Burt. 'Sheriff Carl Dahlhauscr heard re- Turned to Silver, was dedicated . Mrs. R. G. 'Fry from the Yankton. S D., radio station. Hurt Lively Lcitffne Meets— The Burt lively 'League met Sat urclay at Muriel Long's, Lone iRocl Genevieve Patterson was elected sec rotary In place of Dorothy Bier etedt, who is no longer a club mem her. A committee consisting o Muriel Long, Margaret Laabs, an Imogens Roderick was appointed t make out programs for the comlnf year, and the 1032 report was com pleted. After adjournment luncl- served. Arlwi lllrOidny Honored — Martha Dowel entertained at th. home of her aunt, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe cently from his parents and three Sunday In honor of Arba Dee Long's brothers, P. J., JON., and Al, who hood for Louisiana, whore they had Wrthday anniversary. course dinner was served o'clock at a single table A two at one centeret •bought more than G50 acres of farm | wltn a birthday cake in pink ant 1 land. The boys are on separate farms near Tallulah, and their parents are living at a near-by town • — —i -..»-.. «•* ,, i> v ii>£, U.L. tlf jjuiti -uy LUwii lightning flooded many base- called Mound till a bungalow can be in some cases fires In furnaces were put out. The Otto B. Laings had to leave home and stay with the J. F. Overmyers Sunday night, there being more than 12 Inches of water In their (basement. Mr. Laing is high school principal. built for them on one of the farms. The land was .being plowed and got ready for oats when they wrote. Their first two or three weeks there were rainy and foggy, and for a time they were discouraged with the climate, but since the foggy spell end- ground, and unimproved roads were muddy. This winter has so far been unusually mild. Carl Is the only one of the Dahlhauser boys left here, but he has two married sisters in this section. fther of Mre.' A;'Hutchison; '•' ••'[> A. 'Wright,:; who., 'fo'r-l.aome friths'was' in the employ of a bank Eeiverehfp near Mason City, Ras -"P^. Jen at homo since January 1, indy Anderson,'H.W. Pletch, and i'J.''_trelt attended the 29th annual era-Grain Dealers meeting ,; at |uf. Dodge early in the week. ._ il'rs!' August Zumach, Fenton, w.ho recently operated on for.gall- tnes-at the General hospital, was ke'n home last week Wednesday. Men: Dlngley. arrived Saturday i Chicago, where she had -been ; the last month and.a half, •vislt- ; her sister; Mrs. William Nugent. Ruth Stokes, who 'had 'beeri em- >yed at -Minneapolis a;year, .came Tie recently. She expects to re- Irn to the city to look for employ- ~i B i ' r3 - Maurice Cullen, Whlfctemore, her children, Terence and |ary, went home yesterday, after days with Mrs. Cullen's father, hton Strelt. [John Shilte spent Friday and Satay with his brother Melvin, at- dlng the Hamilton business .col- ly transferred to Marshaljt^wr has been there a month. The Minnesota Girl Is Bride— _ 114 . v ' At Owatonna, Minn., Monslgnor pe^ l JohT1 Plvo of(Iolated Tuesday when hold goods will be taken .down '."Ay.\ A]lde ' aau &hter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick i*»mlv m V. _ * 11 It _i i. t, '' — L * ' |.PnilHn*3_ \VJli! TViatTlail *•/-> Tnw-nn nn_ truck. The family lived in theirs. Myron Schenck residence. '",..'." Mrs. Andrew Larson, who underwent a major operation at'the K-os- suth hospital a few weeks 'tigo, .was taken to the"'home of her son.,T. L. Sunday, and is recuperating*, there. She was taken sick at Ayrshire, where she had gone to spend; rthe winter with her son Edwin;.- uMrs. Larson, who is 73, underwent an. op-, eration for hernia last May., ii; .•.,... Blllie, 2-year-old son of Mr. 'and Phillips, was married to James, son of George Becker, St. Joe. Viola Phillips, the bride's sister and only attendant, wore a gown of pale green crepe and .carried a bouquet of snapdragons. The bride wore an ankle-length gown of white satin and carried a bonquet of talisman roses and chrysanthemums. : Her cap-shaped veil was held in place with a wreath of lilies of the valley. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a string of crystal beads. Mr. Becker was attended by his Mason City, tank Shilts. tebtti'are 'sone of R.. Cowan drove to. Rochester [turday,* dnd 'returned' .Tuesday his wife, who v h,ai[ been there a or two, under;,obs^yajlon |ty o dpctors; .-.' '.^'-.....'•.i^'-... _ :."'•';" 1st. Supt. W. G. Muhleman was Storm Lake Tuesday,.,,',atending tings of the ijoajds, o(I'.Morning-: le college and..'..the . Sioux City ' " ""' ''"' ' [ethodist hospital.,," Hr. ' Mrs. Henry Guderian, Is -gaining'brother Lawrence. rapidly, after a siege of pneumonia.} A wedding reception was given at Leona Clark, R. N., who cared, for the home of the bride's parents at him, was released Saturday." His Claremont, Minn. grandmother, Mrs. William 'Philo,) In attendance at .the wedding arrived Sunday to assist at the-were: George Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Guderlan home. Henry and' - Mrs. | Casper Kayser, son Raphael and hip. Bu- Hugh Herman drove to Granada, Minn., Sunday and met her there. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Buchanan -went to Marshalltown Sunday to visit Mr. Buchanan's mother, who is in a hospital there with a broken Abner Long accompanied the chanans as far as 'Nevada and spent the day with Mrs. (Long, who ie still taking medical treatment at the -Ad - yentlst sanitarium. Mr. Buchanan fs still receiver 'of the Bank -of -Lu yerne. ' ,i>. and Mrs. F. L. Trlbon and the). latter'e father, F. A. M. !Fros.t, : vis- ted the C. E. Maxwells at iRodman Sunday. Early ' Monday morrilrig, before daylight, Mr. Frost missed a' step at the Maxwell home, and 'fell daughters Ailma and Julianne, Owatonna, Mrs. John Weber, Claremont, Mrs. John Kayser, Anna Kayser, Mr. and Mrs. Anton (Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Becker, Tom, Raymond, Nicholas, and Emma Becker, all of St. Joe. _8t. Joe Girl Is Bride— ".' St. ! Joe, Jan. 25—Tuesday .morning at :8:30' at St.: Joseph's Catholic church took place the marriage of Melinda, twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Thilges, to Nicholas Huberty, Father George Theobold officiating. The bride's twin, !Loraine, -served as bridesmaid, and 'her brother Albert was best man. The bride was attired in a white satin Mr. and Mrs. <N. J. Weydert, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Godden, Christine Wernert, and Mary Streit. Shower Honors Carolyn Wlllger— A miscellaneous . and grocery shower was' given for Carolyn Willger Sunday afternoon at St. Cecelia's academy by 16 women. . The afternoon: was spent at bridge and 500. The high .score was won by Mrs. John Altman, Llvermore; low by Florence Mertz, West Bend. The high 500 score was won by Mrs. Mike Besch, Whittemore; low by Gertrude Klepper, West Bend. After cards lunch was served. There were 200 women in attendance, and this was one of the largest showers ever given in the county. Miss ' Willger will be married to Victor Frideres,' (Bode, next week. white. The guests were Gertrude Long, Mary Elizabeth Foster, Ardi_ Anderson, Eleanor Keen, and Ber- nlce Dearchs. Mrs. Weaver Observes Birthday— . Mrs. M. P. Weaver entertained the birthday club at dinner Saturday night In honor of her birthday anniversary. Twelve women were seated at a single table centered with a bouquet of red roses. The after-dinner hours were spent at bridge. Mrs Anna Uihlendorf, Chicago, and Mrs F. W. Wehler were guests of the club. Farewell for Mllo Gregson— Mr. and Mrs. Willard Gregson entertained Monday evening at 7 o'clock dinner as a farewell courtesy for Mllo Gregson, who left yesterday for his home at East Moline, III. Guests were Lendall Gregson, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller, daughter Betty Mae, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Skill- Ing, and their daughter Elizabeth Ann. Watanyang to Hare Party— The Watanyane met at Mrs Anna March's Monday evening for a regular weekly luncheon. After lunch Kathryn Oelm and Gertryde Zender played a piano duet, 'which was followed by a business meeting. Next Monday night the club will entertain at a benefit bridge party at Mary Mitchell's..-:.-. Schoolgirl Gives a Party—, Esther Pratt entertained a group of school friends at'a dancing party at her home Saturday night. Late in the evening refreshments were served. There were 30 g-uests. ' a^lSr she relative;* ' for Pasadena,..!! I visited her parents j |re for several weeks. An east Waterloo, ..high. .school s economics teacher wa_ a guest Hattle .Wllsonj normal 'training here, over the week-end. returned to Waterloo Monday. IT, H. Chrlschilies and Mre, Gladys lu'th, who has charge' of the ready- 1-wear'at the Chrischilles & Herbst ire, will go to Chicago Saturday lit and spend next week buying kis [lire. C. H. Williams, accompanle her cousin, Mrs. F.., R. Bandy fltt, and'the latter's -husband, dl Streeter, 111., Monday, called b Iws'of the death of Mre, Bandy' Tother. ... ,.-..•,. |M. P. Christiansen,''irvin- Seeman 1 Charles 'Barrlckman attended '& ictlonal buttermakers* meeting. ,a kota last Thuredy., ..feyin ,.. f lories are employed at the loca nery. [John Urch, who suffered.'a'Mrflike to weeks ago Friday, lg;;icritlcftlly lathis home. His 1 right,,^Ide i •ralyzed, and he cannot talk. MUw tulkahank, R. N., ha# been caring [him. '' '?••..; •>.-<> ^ ( f,., •-,. E. Kresensky " underw'e'iiV' '' i operation at ..the IfPMijitl Jlttd 'Friday, and "'wan 'toiXoti..tiom He expects'to.'b'e-back•'bi at the Goeders store thte Benefit 500 Party Planned— The Plum Creek Literary & Social society will have a public benefit 500 party at the .Legion hall next Wednesday night. Prizes will be given. Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— The Woman's club meets tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at the library. Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer will talk on Chinaware, old and new. Bean Supper Dated— The annual W. R. C. bean supper will be served Saturday, February 18, instead of on Wednesday, February 22. JR. IV. A. Party Tonight— The 'Royal Neighbors will give a benefit card party at the I. O. O. F. hall tonight at 8 o'clock. Other Society. Mrs. A'. L. Peterson entertained 12 ',1 1.1 ^««i ,. • • o~_» ; i" : ".j.i «*>" k v*». *• nc f»»xAts,iiit*.4\4 •*>«!** u. nucti- I - - • r — ,--— women at bridge Monday. A. two- ^^l^^^r^^^^t 1 ^^' 3 ^ gown ' wlth rosefl ln her'"J°"V "^ng .performed by the Rev. xx>urse luncheon was served at,one l"ln™ ril^ ^ri^fiiwS''?® 1111 " 11 - tBotn.carried'bouqu-ets. f. ! Mr..^rnoV.Lutheran,minteter, at: o'clock; witK'.the guest* seated-•.« daughter. M '--.M-**«>1 «• •%* , The new Mrs. Huberty attended Ma ^*™™^_ .. ^ ^_ _J thre e small tahles. The high^seores D ' ' ' f ^-'-ir--;'' , 'Mr. and Mre. C. A. Joynt, the.for-: mer'a brother David, ErrimetebuVg; ,and-Mr: and Mrs. Joynt's niece,.Mrs., Jlenry.Relnders, Mallard, spent Sun-, .day at "Le Mars with Mr. Joynt'e sfs- ter, Mrs. C. H. Slagle^ Cylinder,, who recently underwent a major, operation at the Sacred Heart' hispital there. Helen and Billy, chHd^n"of Mr.'and Mrs. Joynt, remained';' at Mallard with .Mrs. Joynt'e mother.-'• A. A. Hanna, Wolf Poin't';"}tfonC Wedding 1 Date Is Observed— Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sundlng were taken by surprise last Thursday evening, when 35 neighbors arrived at their farm home to help • them celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary. The group played 500, after which lunch brought by the guests was served. Mr. and Mrs. Sundlng received a number of gifts. They were married at Sheldahl, south, of Ames, in 1910, and have two clldren, Mildred and Arline. Mildred has been working at the Basket grocery, and Arline Is teaching In a country school near West Bend. The Sundings .will move to Ames March 1. Agnes Brown Is Bride- Agnes Brown and John gown, with veil and accessories to' man were married last Dreee- week downstairs. He sujered a cu^t over a ; The brldesnml(J • ghela Wednesday at Sioux Falls, the cere- from next Tuesday. Mrs. M. W. Pletch entertained her bridge club Monday afternoon. The high score was won by Mrs. A. E. Kreseneky. After bridge, lunch was served. Guests of the club were Mrs, P. P. Zerfasg and Mrs. Eleanor Norton-'Wanzer. The Presbyterian Helping Hand society meets next week Thursday with Mrs. Bert Cronln; assisting hostess, Mesdames 'Henry Guderlan, A. AV. Amunson, Elizabeth Lemkee, and Marion Burbank. Mrs. W. P. Hemphill entertained her bridge club Saturday night. Bridge was played at two tables, and Mrs. Fred Bartholomew won the high score. After bridge lunch was served. The Legion Auxiliary will be entertained at a sewing party tomor- •ow afternoon at 2 o'clock at Mrs. Vallo Naudain's. Mrs. L, M. Merritt vill b e assisting hostess. The Methodist Aid meets next veek Thursday afternoon at 2:30. After a business meeting and program, Mrs. L. W. Fox's division will serve lunch. Donald Rhode, former assistant at :he Merritt Funeral Home, Was here yesterday. He had been in St. Louis, aking special studies In embalming. Mrs. Geo. H. Free entertained the Idle Hour Bridge club Tuesday at uncheon and bridge. There are 12 women In the club. The St. Thomas Guild will meet Thursday, February 2, with Mrs. Hyde and (Mrs. Anderson. The Loyal Temperance Legion will meet with Mrs. Ellis McWhorter tomorrow at 4:15 p. in. The Methodist -W. H. M. S. meets with Mrs. E. C. Handler this afternoon at 2:30. THE ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ._ WILL PRESENT ._ "The Yellow Shadow" At Presentation Academy, Whittemore Sunday, January 29, 8 o'clock This presentation is a- mystery-comedy in 3 acts. Admission 10 and 25 cents BASKET Grocery Monarch Finer Foods January 25th to January 28th Inclusive Navy beans, 5 Ibs. Chipso, large pkg. .. Cherries, No. 10 tins, dark red, pitted fruit Oats, quick cooking or regular, 55-oz. pkg. Black pepper, in bulk, one-half pound ___; : Smoked salt, Morton's, 10 Ibs. J Small package Pure Country sorghum, gallon Gold Medal flour, "kitchen tested", 49 Ibs. -_13c ...16c 39c _10c ._15c ._75c Unita. Flour, guaranteed, :49 Ibs. '__ $1 .Z5 98e MEAT DEPARTMENT Ham Roast, per pound _ Beef Roast, per pound _ 100 lOc •••^••^-••••••••»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» > »»»» tt » <tt i READ THE ADVANCE WANT ADS Call Theatre the St. Joseph school, and has lived .- The ' brWe ' ' Who is the daughter of were won by Mrs! William JIawcott her entire life in this community. * Mr - and Mrfl - A - J - Brown, south of and Mrs. P. JE. SaW^«r " her entire life in this community. The bridegroom has been working town .(farmers, was graduated from | 3 Mrs> F. E.: Sawyer.'" The second of a aeries of five ;in .this vicinity 12 yeare. j tne,.Algona high school in 1930, and . bridge luncheons sponsored by Mre. for the couple was ! since then has. been at home. The w. E. Kain was given Tuesday A reception given at the home of the bride's par- j Bridegroom, who is the son of Mr. ents, Immediate relatives and close :an 4 Mrs. B, Dreesman, was .graduated from the Algona high school in 1927, and for the last two years has|' • A. Giliesple, 72, has been sick 1 last week Wednesday and con- to, bed. He makes his home Ws son Lawrence. The Tom *Ples, Port Dodge, were here night to see him. • ';• - Clyde Burtis, Maeon. City, . \ several days last week with Irs T^ llters> Mrs> J - iMcGulre and BL J *£ '^hbrook, going.home it I' Ml ; s - Laehbrobk went with *• returning Monday. IWr, and ,M« C spent Sunday with the '«£ Parents, Mr. and Mrs . An- Anderson. Holman ha 8 charge the T ' ee ' 6 the months son of Mr. with has been Pneumonia and has have two other son an <* her i ** H Paul< Si* W6ekS Mr. and Mre. . . city ' ^ nson m «t them at and there, dur- He for- 8tatlw arrived Saturday for a vleir.tin yesterday with hie brother, .'yfeo. C. Hanna, near Lone,Rock. He js'.aud- Uor of a lumber company and visit? 16 yards regularly. It is -now mahi p years since he left Iowa. Mr. Hanna. learned auditing under the .late' S. B. French, who was \ylth J^H^Qu'eal & Co. . The Hannas are sons. of the late Thos. Hanna, a Burt ' illre. Laura Paine and her ' H? W. Trainer, Burt, Thursday from '|PW9. c 'ty, friends attending. Mr. and Mrs. Huberty will have a farm near Galbraith owned by Henry Ristau, Livermore. J? The newlyweds were charivaried by. a group of St. Joe people the night. noon. The high contract bridge score was won by-Mrs..A..D. Adams. operated tton. the Algona Produce sta- BlWe Searchers' Class Meets— The Methodist Bible 'Searchers S. where they had spent .several days; with Mrs. Paine'e sister and Mr. Trainer's mother, Mrs. W. T. Trainer, who recently had a leg amputated at the university hospital. Her condition )iad"been so unfavorable that no h'ope of recovery was held; ojjt, but When they left ehe was slightly improved. ^ .; _Jr,'. and Mrs. Garnet Prajjj will go to Winnebago, Minn., early next week to make their home. Mr. Pray and his father have bought, a .•.restaurant there which they will operate. Mr. Pray has been employed,'at the State's Cafe a year and a naif, and Mrs. Pray has been employed at the Cummings store. Mns.v Fray's successor will be (Lydla Meyers.-'PHil- omena Qulnn is the other employe in ;he store. William Welhousen and Fred Stecker, German township farmers northwest o'f'Tltonka who are next doop neighbors and own 24ft acres apiece!' .brought 1 ; their respective daughters, Anna Welhousen' and Fosephine Stecker, to Algona yesterday morning to take teachers' exam- nations. Both girls are Titonka high school seniors. "During their ;tay here they are putting up at the Dehnert hotel. Mr. and Mre. F. H. Seller went to St. Paul Sunday on receipt of news >f the sudden death of a nephew of Mrs. Seller Saturday night. He was a bachelor, 42"years old, and death was due to heart trouble. He drove home in his car Saturday night, and yhen he did not come in the house is mother went out and found him. le was a Northwestern railway con- uetor. Funeral services were con- ucted Tuesday. Two or three months ago it was •S. class'met last week Wednesday atja^Mrs, R. J. Keen's. The the parsonage, with Mrs. C. V. Hulse ' i)« hostess and the Mesdames Godfrey, W. J. Sigsbee, Jesse Willey, 'and Wm. C. Steele assisting. Mrs. Steele had charge of the devotions. Despite icy. walks, 25 women attended. A letter to Mrs. H. B. Maion from the Rev. F. C. Taylor's eldest daughter Naomi, Instructor in English in 'a girls' school at Honolulu, was read by Mrs. Steele, and three women reported news in let- ueuul - a .. wu ,, 0 „, BJCC , fers from Mr*. W. H. Lease, now of ^ Junch each woman Spirit Lake. New Year's resolutions, poems, and prayers were given by Mesdames Clark, Witham, B._ N. Taylor, Chris Johnson, Martin. A group of songs by Rising, with Mrs. Alan Bishop at the Mrs. R. P. Norton Honored- Mrs. R. P. Norton had a birthday recently, and the event was observed. Tuesday by her birthday club, which rriet for luncheon and bridge high bridge score was won by Mrs. D. D. Paxsoh. Nine members were seated at a table centered with a bouquet of mixed flowers. Other members are: Mesdames B. A. "thorpe. S. A. Worster, H.' A. Ward, M. G. Norton, R. H, Spencer, and D. P. Smith. Bnrt Women Entertained Here- Mrs, R, M. Wallace entertained a group'of women from'Burt Friday. Lunch was served at 1 o'clock, with decorations in green and , piano, and a humorous reading by Irene Witham completed the program, after which lunch was served. Secret Wedding 1 Announced— questions pertaining to flowers or club work, to answer, and each , ,„ T also received a subject to discuss, ana w. ^-| Tne guefits were j^. H . O. Buell, Marie Grover, Mrs. C. C. Smith, and :Mrs. Gus Meinzer, all of Burt, and (Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson. Mrs. Fry's Birthday Observed- Mrs. E. M. Skilllng entertained last Thursday evening in honor of the birthday of her mother, Mrs. R. G. Fry. Thirty friends attended and played 500. Mre. F. H. Skijlhig Sr, won the high score; WlUard Greg-, •son, low. The hostess served a tray luncheon. In answer to a telegram Elaine, daughter of Mrs. Nlta Isaaceon, and Kenneth W. Samp, of Mre. Andrew Godfredson, were married last April 30 at Omaha. They were attended by Mr. The marriage was announced last ] ^"'^,'5 when""Your" Hair week Wednesday night by .Mrs. Isaacson, who gave a dinner in honor of the bride and bridegroom. At 7:30 •our courses were served at a; single able centered with a miniature bride and bridegroom. The after- dinner hours were spent at cards, and later the group attended a dance at the Misbach 'hall. Guests were: Marguerite and Irene Dalziel, .Florence Dehnert, Helen Goeders, Edward Ostrum, Miner, Stanley McDonald, and lair Blossom. For the present Rare Treat For Sunday Dinner Capons; weighing from 6. to 10 Ibs. A fpwl delicacy superior • to spring chicken or turkey. Live, dressed, or ready for oven. WELLENOORF HATCHEN Phone 589. Thursday and Friday, January 26 and 27 Thelma Todd - Jas jMurray - Evelyn Knapp Hostess" A DDING MACHINE rolls for sale by the roll or In quantity.— Advance. O'Keefe, former Algona woman hustoand now runs a barber bop at (Lakota, had fallen down an levator shaft In a Minneapolis partraent house and suffered severe s. J_«.st week's Lakota Rec- rd said that she, had been placed n, a cast t<> let' four broken verte- ntt fad WQU.VJ be confined to fior several months more. J _ >ride and bridegroom are living at heir respective parental homes. Another Parish Party Given— The second St. Cecelia's parish aarty was held at the academy Monlay night, and 250 atended. Bridge .nd 500 were played. The high jridge prizes were won by Mrs. P. P. Zerfass and John Fraser, and the ilgh 500 prize by Mrs. Henry Elech- Lunch was followed by danc- to Heinle- Stebrltz's orchestra. ing The committee in charge of the party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McMa- |ion, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs, George Elbert, Marie W«hler, and Amy Johnson. The next party will be givea next Monday night, with the following committee in charge: iMr. a»d Mrs. R. B. Kain, Mimeographing Advance Publishing Co, Based upon the tiefiai published in True Story Magazine. ' She Went Up in the Air for Romance ! ; ; Came Down to the Earth^or Love! FOX NEWS ^COMEDY - TRAVELOUGH Saturday, January 28 GEO, RAFT- NANCY CARROLL •:,.'... •••' -'.• " ":•'"•••'•' •' .IN -•;• • :. •. . . : • "Under Cover Man" J Thrill written to suit the smoothest spring steel J personality the screen has ever known. • Hurricane Express No. 4 Matinee 1:30 P. Blazing doyif Impassioned nighlsl Sunday and Monday, Jan. 29-30 Richard Dix Ann Harding IN ass RICHARD DIX ANN HARD! thundiroui fiovra (At/ bVtd km com* a gttal piclur*/ The Conquerors' •-:• • * FOR THE WHOI ^E FAMILY Black and Blue. Paramount News Matinee at I P. M. Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan, 31 and Feb. 1 Comedy, Hey Pop! Cartoon — Basko, The JDravyhack It's Hot! It's Furious! The Smash Hit of the New Season!

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