Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 26, 1933 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1933
Page 3
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>At. JAfrWAHY 26, -1633. T m WINS REE GAMES NONE NIGHT of Caroline WiUgcr. served as in ^ .fan. £4— -Last Thursday I evening the Ledyard high-school was Llctor In three basketball games. I The girls won,' 10-5. Then the sec- londs won from .the Bancroft public . I ^hnol 27-S The third game was by I £ ,. Ia0h tstest and closest. Thfe wa« \ Jj d « -core •St. John's, Bancroft, andi,,. man '. St ' Joe : The first, quarter* Shower is Given for Bride-to-be at St. Joe ^^•^L^"™* Fifteen rela- to 150 por- ?' ? nla ft t Jos. Schad* last, week Wednesday evening. Refreshments wore servo,, by the host "™™ Wagner, and Julius Becker of low by The Mrs. John of Mr. and KOBBOTH CQTTNTY ADVANCE r™». C, 0, F, PARTY DRAWS CROWD AT BANCROFT Bancroft, Jan. 24-Crowd attended the dance and card party at the C. O. F. hall Wednesday evenlne- Tn "" J. P. MoNeill, has been serial "500" Mrs. otto V M ke and sick a week with the flu. Doc- Schcmmel won Hospital at St. Paul ended 4-2 in favor of Ledyard, but, "" un ' wmttomore, won first; Gert- ftta half St. John' S led M-S. ln*™?*,™«™° f > ™»* Bend, the con- Itelhlrd quarter the <?<*«. 10-18, |^ atlon favored St. John's. , In the last i ~ I-"WV*VJ)1- luncheon was served af- tho bride's gifts were' In- The honorce will wed Vlc- , ™ ?««». St. Joe, next Ifliiarter first one team' led, then the Inther and the score became tied, „, ,--...„_, 11UA1 , w Koin the last few minutes. Then | Tuc6dajr at St._Cecella' s church. liLeayard got three baskets, and won| Tllrc f nrotlH-r*", • OB_l)n TViAtwnonn onniiArl I - - . ""mill,I"S week 26-20. Thompson scored | points; Moulton, '6; Lloyd, 6; and Klinkslek, each two. Sunday .... next home game will be against lithe"Seneca boys and girls February Trinity coHego, 1iut left Jnnlors Make Honor Roll— 'junior "Hi" pupils wWo made the Jthlrd six weeks honor roll were: 8th •grade—Cleo Gable, Evelyn Mayne, aenriette O'Keefe, Lois Wilson, o, for C'aremont, tending physician. Other St. ,Toe. 'M. J. Kellner, Edward, and Arlan). ? iellncr ; John K'nsch, and the frn wf?" Laurence have returned ftom White Lake, g. D . p wlncre th attended tho funeral of Matt Kirsch The small daughter of Mr. and M«. Peter Schmidt has been critically sick. Doctor Cretzmeyer, Algona, is attending. Sister Mary Hortense 'Swea City, .Ian. 24-^Samuel Johanson, nine miles north of Swea City, died at university hospital, St. Paul, last week Monday, and funeral services were held at the East Chain Methodist church last Thursday. He .... high scores and !f me j° " Orthwest Ko « sut h from Henry Lapp e and Mrs. Leo Bernhard " count y 3 * yearn ago, and received low. In bridge Helen Bry- j b °»ght the farm in Grant township den ami Mike Droessler won high,! where the William Bargers now live. PAIRS, FIXED AT LONE ROCK Elston, and Mrs. Mamie Hoflus, of Burt. Orville WIIH r- Were Suntla y guests at William Krause's. Mrs. Krause ac- compan d , t) home ^ & ^^ She will then go to Rouses d Vl6U W ' th the Forest G. A.. iSharp, sons Russell, tl Huso Del- Loans $300 or less obtained quickly on youtf personal security. •For additional information call. write or phone T , and Kraft, are cutting wood near Vlsona for the Sharps. ' rhe ™' )lam Hatta and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaser attended a sur- PHse birthday dinner Sunday at Mrs. John Rath'e. to attend the wedding of the bother Caching i^t Thursday -Tam Tn«*. T^ Vilt- ,_»! \JLll\?r James. Prosper Frldercs did Laurence's choree, Two Parties A^Tfllmi— ing been ataent three day, i beculo of Hlckne.ss. north week of this neighborhood neUU v x*.^^i.ci jjuio vv 4JOUU, ]nat WPOlr Tli ft -- — ••.«*•-, !B Welfare; 7th grade-Bernard Peter HoisrurtW , T *"* at th ° « I8abelle Kru echer came home from '" ^——- ..»•..- ' letor "o'sruds a wenk n«rn TT..MH,, West Bend last week Wednesday^ Alvlra Pupils Anderson, Geneva Oelhaue, jvorson, Beulah Loo'ft. made.it for the semester' were: |sth grade—Cleo Gable, Henrietta O'Keefe, Lois Wilson, Doris Welfare; a few days grandparents, near Alffonn Phono 5SS „ Representing' Federal Finance Co. Des Molne» ADDING MACHINE ROLLS BOTH WIDE AND NARROW AT THE ADVANCE liny Horn (o tl7o Ifeltzes— hams, and the N. W. Winans „„.,„„hero with Mr. Johanson. S. V. Car- Mr and Mrs. Milton Beit, have a ter and J. O Seylor were fmon* «on born Sunday morning. They pallbearer.,. M!^ Johlnson have one other child, Arthur. Mrs. vivod by hi« wife and "a ° f Alg ° na ' aeslsted at ' the latter at home. The ia « n -.r^.« n 1 J ____ r.,. . Leo __ the Beltz home several "days." She 7s a sister-in-law of Mrs. Beltz. Mrs. Nick Sherman, of Rlngsted, who is a sister of Mrs. Beitz, is assisting there now. grade—the same as' c weeks. the third. s a week ago Friday the second at Laurence : Deckers Wednesday night. Both were well attended. Bachelor Party at peacefully so on after Student Is Graduated— Viola Merrill returned from Waterloo, where she attended the Waterloo beauty school. She has com- .... . her course, but will have to Sweden, she came f OI , 1 was dropsy, and he was 60. Another OMUmcr Mere Bead— Mrs. Carrie Thompson, who lived in the south part of town, died last went In Algona February 23, 24, 25, and 27. There are only two games In the first round. Titonka meets Wesley, and Fenton plays Seneca Thursday evening. Lone Rock meets Ledyard In the first game of the second round the same evening. Other second round games find Lu Verne meeting Bancroft, Lakota week Tuesday evening. :she"had not' Whlttemore, and "the wlraer^lh^ been well for some time. She died TItonka-Wesley game paying ^e Mrs. Marie Dinner of the Fentoa-Seneca _ •• %-u t ts_»3w«,j< , - — — — - .jk-| <>ui, t»iii ifu> vc LI/ • after several days at her aunt's. | review before she takes the state'—*, -<>,„, bimon Ziemet left last week | board examinations. She is the third came to S- 4, 1852, in urday afternoon. America in for sev - |Bed Cross Unit Organized— •Last week Wednesday a Red Cross unit was organized here.' Members of the schools faculty, Hessrs. 'Dunn, Mayer, Worden, Strand, Marquis, Brack, .arid the-' 'Fr. Sturm are members. Offl- iers were elected: chairman, George Dunn; first and second vice chalr- nen, Leon Worden and Mrs. A. E. aurltzen; secretary, L. C. Strand; asurer, D. B. Mayer. lubcrt Ostermann to Collcg-c— 'Hubert Ostermann, local H. S. Nine young men were entertained ATHLETESlf LU VERNE IN A BUSY WEEK Lu Verne, Jan. 24—iLast week was one with several opportunities for •.-.._ -iJi/uuu tftii'iy j]i iLu Verne sports fans. Tuesday even- the death 'of a ICathryn Lentsch, - • Livermore, j spent Sunday with Susie Ztemet. • —— • enrtner, his brother, who was .with him, returned Sunday.." ^fallard Tiistor llcrcnycd— The Rov. and Mrs. L. Wittenhurg "nd 'children spent Monday at the Hev. C. Helnrlch's at Mallard. The Helnricha are mourning the loss of a baby, who tiled last week. Grant, Jennings Loses Sister- Grant Jennings was called to rill. o£ Mr - evening Mer - Attend Biilterinukcrs' Meeting'— Mr. and Mrs, H. E. Theis and eon 1898. to Swea township Baptist church till Dionship. City meeting of the 6th district In Lakota! leaves one sister Thursday afternoon. Thirty-five j were conducted a were present, and a dinner was serv- I church by the ra/l n t £ « «. TT Vi , . ^ "-"<- tery. r Sixty Attend Night School— r^;i£|r '• "• T "" s* ~ ~ s -as: Son for (lie Tom Unrrys— Mr. and Mrs. Tom Garry are parents of a son born Wednesday evening. This Is their fourth son. They have no girls. Mrs. Garry will be remembered as (Florence Sandschulte. .... . ........ „ , . early in the week .by news of . Mary Merrill, R. N., is caring for " an only sister, uate, now at Wlnnebag'o, stop- lns tlle high school boys basketball j Jennings, who died of ped at JLedyard Friday, en route to ette to begin his. second year of iOllege ait Uipper Iowa university. Jr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett took him [to Algona, and thence he went on by ;raln. < «ts Retired Pastors' Fund— The Rev. Mr. Kamphoefner, secre- ary of the Retired Minister's Pension fund, spoke at the; Methodist |church Sunday mijrnlng. A cam- gn for iLedyard's shares le to be ducted eoon, loses Brother-in-law— Mrs. William Flynn received word " day .of the death of a tirother-ln- team was defeated at Goldfield in a hard fought game 20-19. Thursday evening the girls' team defeated the Whlttemore Catholic team Friday evening: the Grant "flu 23-16. high Samuel krth. Warner, near Blue Other Ledyard News. any of the teachers spent the lek-end out of town: Mildred Branner, Cedar Palte; CHadye Nolan, Buthrie Center; Adelaide Randall," 'Taeon City; Ruth Jones, Algona; «nevleve Kltley, Hardy; .Harold anner, (Renwick. ,;• .; ,The Roy Links visited at 'Harry school wrestling team tied the local wrestlera, each team winning a fall and a time decision. The surprise of the evening came when N. Soever, Ler Lester Mattoon, a first-year wres- tier in the 115-lb. class. Willis Col- I Mull Carrier Is Ill- complications. Tondier Loses Grandmother— Doris Watts, teacher at the Blumer school, attended the funeral o her grandmother, Mrs. Maggii Watte, at Humibolclt Saturday. Aid Clears $20 In Sale— The Methwlist Aid held a doughnut sale and served hot lunches at the city hall Saturday afternoon and realized Elsie I motne i" and babe, and Hen Lninpe Birthday Observed— A surprise birthday party was given for Ben ~ She ment to be held at Lone Rock I uneral services ruary 17 and IS Whittemore drew a the local Bantfat bye. 'Bancroft meets Lu Verne in the first game. Other games in the ceme- first round find Ledyard playing Lone Rock and Wesley playing Sen- C r-,J. h l. 6emi ; flnaIs »'»' be played Sixty men and women attended on Joint night school at the echoolhouse last week Monday evening and studied feeding hens for winter laying. on Saturday afternoon, with finals nn >Kn (-11 »«ri.» ,, > •*•*« soy beans, bone meal, and ! Fridav tankage ,to supplement home-grown' , ' y teams her e on the local floor instead of ,, _ near Swea City, last Earner's, hursday. Mrs. Warner and Mre. k went =to-Haifa, that r evening, the former judged a declama- >ry contest. I Barbara and -Lola Wylam, Swea well and Bobby Smith put on a flyweight exhibition for a curtain raiser. Saturday evening the local Independent teams played to a emal crowd. .The local girls defeated the Green 'Peppers, of Fort Dodg-e, a team that has entered its thlrc Season of play. The score was 25-4. The girls on the local team are Vera "VVegner, Eunice Thompson, 'Dorothy Stoddard, Lily Wolf, Anna Ramus, Violet (Dlmler, and Doris Williams. The boys were not so successful, the score toeing a tie 28-28 at the end of the time period, and Whlttemore made six points In the overtime period. T. ,B. Clalnii Young Woman- Following a sickness of two years 'Lela Denzlne, 1.7, died last week oon. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Burt, called at the Mr«. anche Jenks home. " W. Wiemer and hte son Bill f - Draw| ne» were I ' b r ketba11 tournamento. s A. E. Lauritzen and Jerry °n/l hlSh ^^ to vlslt r a n! h 6 f ° rmer and h r a nephew who waa eiek called at ». B. Mayer'* Sundav ' Tuea(Ja y at - the home of her grand•— " 'parents, Mr. and ,Mrs. Edw. Wlese, southwest of town. (Death was caused by tuberculosis.' She waa sur. •vlved by her father, William Den- irove to Amee Saturday'^Mrs' Wle" I Zine ' and thrce brothe " is . Leo . <3or- "-• is still there, helping care for I don/ and Marlin - Her mother died mother, Mrs. Tlllmoney who te i 11 -.-y ears a S°- Funeral eervlces were ly improving. ' . conducted 'Friday at the home and 8"Pt. A. E. Lauritzen attended a the 'ocal.kutheran church, the Rev. "•^masters' club at Lone Rock L- Wlttentour e officiating. Jewels Have Good Meeting— The Mother's Jewels held an interesting meeting Saturday at Dick Wermersen's. There were 20 children an 10 members of the W. H. M.: S. • present. Carmen Wermersen, president, was leader for the following- /program: Prayer, Josephine Holdkopf; scripture reading, Mar- Jorie Christensen; group singing; and an Indian story was given by Jack Holdkopf. Games were played and refreshments served by Mrs. Wermersen. Ilucktvard Spelling 1 Bee Held— The J. J. club met with Mrs. Albert Schneider "Friday. An exchange of recipes was the chief entertainment, after which Mrs. Harry Llch- ty had charge of a social hour. Mrs. Lichty and Mrs. Harold Soreneon •presented a orte-act play, Actions Speak Louder Than Words, and .all member^ took part in a spelling contest, the words being spelled Rae Stone was ill at his home several days last week with an attack of the flu. Mrs. Stone substituted as mail carrier. Other Lu Verne News. Mrs. A. <L. Spooner returned Saturday from a visit at Forest City and Mason City. Mrs. Priscilla Schaeffer, Mrs. Spooner's mother, who is spendng the winter at Forest City, accompanied the Bows here when they brought Mrs. Spooner home. Mrs. Robert Dlekoff, Detroit, attended the Lela Denzlne funeral Friday, and remained to visit relatives a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Van Voet and Mr. and Mrs, W. Teller, Fort Dodge, spent last week Sunday with Mrs. Leander Barton. Mrs. Tom Look, a former resident of Lu Verne, who now lives at Mason City, spent the week-end with 'rlends here. Louise Wadleigh has been quite 11 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wadleigh. ing at his home. Cards were played j at three tables. Mrs. John Brink ' and Hank Jensen won high prizes, and John Brink and Mrs. Hank Jensen received low. Fred Looft Appendix Onk— Fred Looft underwent an opera- discussed. The next meet- j Kruegcrs Entertain at Car.lx ! *"" "i?js*i ,^r.f7-^ e f»~ Saturday evening. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jensen, and Mr. and marketln *. fertil - Woman Hurt In Accident— Mrs. Louie Eckholm and her son- in-law, a Mr. Surges, of Armstrong, AT -TT r -r- ' ""••** *"-'• • cfcllU 'Mrs. w. J. Cotton. Mr. and Mrs Ernest Jensen received high, prizes. Economy There is economy in burning good coal for your fuel! A good coal is Botsford's Peerless Call 256 and try a load and satisfy yourself that this statement is true Botsford Lumber Co. JIM POOL, Manager. cows and horse to Garner in his ; met Saturday evening in ,,,,,.„ .VM,^ ._ lcy school building. There werel^Spres- truck Th P tmr.ir =i,m"~.T~ " club high assisted by Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Injured. were un- meeting at Algona Sta*^-.?-^ J»nWn., of • Jenks. --and Mrs. p. [JfcWlUam Fiynns Mer Saturday father, who Cpnto-TciV ••"""> went to Buf- ^enter Saturday to South Creico Mr. and Mrs. George Bruellman were at West .Bend Monday, attending the funeral of ah'infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bruellman. Forty-four persons attended a Mothers & Daughters club nartv Farmer Hurt In Saw Mill- Hans Presthus got hia right hand in a saw mill Tuesday and was taken to the hospital in Algona. Mrs. Presthus and son Lawrence visited him Monday afternoon. Frank Hellman Car Upsets— When Frank Hellman was coming lome from the basketball game at Lelyard last Thursday evening his car skidded north of the John Menke 'arm, and upset. Other Bancroft News. Mr. and Mrs; Jack Quinn and his mother, Mrs. Bridget Quinn, will eave Thursday morning for Minneapolis, where they will meet Robert Quinn. 'Robert will spend his between-semester .vacation here with his mother. He attends the St Paul Seminary and next year will b e ordained. His friendi Frank Curtain, whose home Is In Providence, R. I., and attends this seminary,' will be a guest at the Quinn home the two weeks 'Robert is home. Matt Kennedy ''and son, Dr. ' Edward Kennedy, of New Hampton, arrived Monday, and Tuesday afternoon . Mr. Kennedy attended the meeting of the : directors of the Farmers & Traders Savings bank. Masonic Offlcer7Are Installed— The Masons have installed officers: J. O. Seylor, worshipful master; John C. Johnson, senior warden; G. B. Pearson, junior warden; Buell Johnson, senior deacon; Clyde Sanborn, junior deacon; Roy Marquis, senior steward; August X. Peterson, junior steward; John Scnuel- er, tyler; A. J. Christiansen, treasurer; G. D. Curtis, secretary. Odd Fellows In New Quarters— The Odd .Fellows, who had been using the hall over the Tweeteh hardware, have moved upstairs In the August Peterson home. The Full ,„«,- ent. A banquet was served Slips were drawn to determine the two tournaments to be held in Febru- Mrs. Roderick Has Birthday— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt were Sunday dinner guests at L R S± riC v!fV" h ° nor of feldt s birthday. Other Lone Rock. The Louis Riedete, Burt, . e Sunday guests at the Ralph Riedels. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. BJanchard were guests at W. H. Blanchard's, of Humboldt. The Fred Genriches drove to Dakota City and visited at Ole Stjeland'a. The Andrew Thomsens, Fred Thomsons, and Victor Rogers were guests at Herman Mad- sens, Ringsted. The Roy Jensens were Gospel. Mission, which held services were guests at Edward .Hauptman's, ' . ' ' Mr ' and Mre - H - Mor- John Kennedy, of Hutchlneon, who is also a director of the bank, drove down Sunday. Mrs. G. S. Underkofler, R. N., was ' She aid, backward. Plans were laid for a husbands' party at the city hall on February 3. Ulrtliday Party is Surprise— Mrs. De Rae Godfrey was pleasantly surprised Sunday evening when the Robert Mastersons and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Godfrey and Rubye arrived at her home to help her calebrate her birthday. The even- Ing was spent playing games, and a lunch brought by the guests was served. The centerpiece waa a beautifully decorated birthday cake baked and trimmed by Mrs. Godfrey. and the high score' for. women was won by Mrs. Laurence Olson, low by Mrs. A. B. Clayton. Laurence Olaon was high for the men; Homer Llndhorst, low. ' A covered-dish luncheon was served'. The committee in charge consisted of Meedames Lindhorst, William Runchey, and E. C. Potter. The next meeting is to be had In February at Mrs. Clayton's. Last Thursday evening 40 friends, took Mr. and Mrs.' Harry Sunding by suiprise, and helped' them cele- bra'te their 23rd wedding anniversary. Five hundred was played. A gift was presented to the Bundings, hall. in, the lower. room- of the '.Legion' - - . hall, has the former Odd Fellow* ' f an ' gona ' were dinner guests of ...... ej "" a -Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton. ' Mr> and Mrs. Eugene Hofius entertained Sunday. Attending were w - Nelsons, Mr. and Mrs. H. i Change In Grocery Store- Last week a deal was completed by which Albert Schneider sold his interest in the Tlede & Schneider grocery to his partner, George Tiede. Mr. Schneider had been interested In the business five years. Mr. Tlede had previously conducted the store- alone. The store has been renamed Tiede Cash Grocery. Brvln Ramus remains as clerk, Mr. Schneider haa not announced his plans. Boy Scouts Take Hike— •Fifteen Boy Scouts, accompanied by their leader, the Rev. AVm. Baddeley, went on a hike Saturday morning that took them out to the fohn Brink farm. There they cooked their lunch and played games be- 'pre hiking home. Wedding: Dates Are Observed— Mr. and Mre. F. I. Chapman and and lunch provided by the guests was served. Mildred 'Sunding has resigned as clerk at the Basket Grocery, and with her parents will soon move to Ames. • Mrs. L. E. Potter was sick laet week at the home of her daughter, Mm. Alta Stiles, Charles City. She had another gallstones attack. Mrs. G. W. Brown is reported Improving, though slowly. I Four Corners tfr. and I. H. Benedict were lonored on their wedding anniversary last week Tuesday evening at a party at Irvln Chapman's. was enjoyed arid served. A social refresh- Operation ft Successful-r- Matt Baumgartner waa operated n last week Tuesday at Rochester or a. Wood clot on hie brain, and The M. & D. club meet this week Thursday with Mrs. Ruby Walker Roll call will be answered with "My Greatest Hobby." There will be two- minute talks by 'Maud Robinson, Alice Ditswort'h, and Iva Wltham. The eong for the day will be "•Song of Iowa." 'Dogs have been killing sheep In this neighborhood lately. Roy Lowman had seven killed and nine so badly injured that several died. The John Sabins were bothered toy dogs last week. 'Mrs. Everett Wltham and her daughter Delia Mae spent Friday with the C. N. Robinsons, who had men sawing wood. The Everett Broesders were at Lewis Broesder'a last Thursday, helping saw wood. •Herbert Gerber has been near Galbralth two weeks, helping Jack Haley pick corn. David Gerber lost a good hog on the railroad track one day laet week. Mrs. Edith Rich has been visiting I more than a week at Herman iLlnde-1 man's, Dakota City. Young folks alongside the pavement had lots of fun skating last week. The paving was covered with a thick coat of ice, which stayed on two days, after which rain melted Saturday'afternoon and visited her mother, Mre.' A. B. 'Leslie, and at Frank Becker's. She is employed at the Dalmage hospital in Buffalo Center. Harold Pohlman and Kenneth McGuire went to Feriton last week Wednesday evening and Coach Pohlman refereed a basketball game between Fenton and Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Johnson and eons 'Reuben and Carlisle were at Frost, Minn., Saturday, where they attended the funeral of three cousins who were killed. Mrs. M. J. Dyer went to Cylinder Friday, to help care for her father board who was ill. Sunday morning the news arrived here of the death of Mr. Moore; Mr. and Mrs. Phil Kohlhaas and Mr. and airs. John Frankl, of Algona,. spent last week Wednesday evening at Dr. Karl Hoffman's. Mr. and Mrs. John MoGuire and daughters, Marlon Doris and Marilyn, of Algona, spent Sunday at Frank McGuire's. • j Orville Gilbertson spent Saturday | and Sunday in Ded Moines with j friends. She is employed ' at th Register office. Mrs. Tice Brack and daughte Letha, of Ledyard, visited friends here Saturday afternoon'. Mrs. A. J. Bergman went to Al gona Sunday to visit her daughter Mrs.,Amy Johnson. Clarence McGuire spent lasi Thursday evening at Jack Lynch's at Ledyard. Plans Third Grocery Store- Clyde Sanborn, who owns grocery stores here arid at Armstrong will soon open a third store, at Eather- ville, and will operate it himself. Mrs, Sanborn will run the store here, and Mr. Gilbertson, her brother, will run the .Armstrong store; Fred Ixwft Loses Appendix— Fred Loott, who 'runs a Diamond oil station here, suffered an acute attack of appendicitis'Saturday and was taken'to the Womack hospital Bancroft, where Doctor' rtevine operated. Mr. Looft is recovering. Other Swea City. The Thursday club had-a luncheon ast Thursday at the home of Mrs. J. L. Vaux. Each member gave a number as part of the entertainment. .,..•. Mrs. .Frank Thomson and Kenneth drove to Waterloo last week Monday. Mrs. Thomson had been called there by word that her mother was sick. Bernlce Vaughn and Mrs. Selmer Uhr were hostesses to 15 friends in honor of their mother's 71st birthday last week Monday evening. The Methodist Sunday School : 'at L. O. McNeil's last Thursday evening, 18 In attendance. The Martin Thompsons, Alden, visited relatives here last week. the — • — — - i •-«.'• u u.fAi B XJ.. J. Bacon and daughter Etta, the P W. Bacons, and Russell Jesa Dacken Amboy, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Bargains in Used Cars 1932 V-8 Tudor demonstrator. 1931 Ford Sedan. 1931 Ford Coupe. 1930 Buick Coupe. 1929 Chevrolet Sedan. THESE CARS ARE PRICED TO MOVE QUICKLY. DON'T FAIL TO SEE THEM. They Are Real Bargains MOTOR CO. AUTHOUIZEl) Aieona, Iowa lliontv ^M The Correct Style Trends df New 1933 Fashions In HOUSE FROCKS Featured at Graham's Thursday morning 9 o'clock S This sale brings you unusual values! Unusual materials in wash dresses for Lone Rock Mrs. Grace Blanchard, Algona, and (Mrs. Agnes Cook, Fairmont, were guests last Thursday at M. B. Blanchard's. Hugh Walsh weat to Chicago Saturday night with a carload of cattle. He will also visit an. uncle. Mary Lynch and Jack Krebsbach, L»edyard, were Sunday guests at Fred Wegener's. A number from her© attended the unera] of C. F. Ruske. Fenton, Sunday afternoon. Edward Dehnert, (Lu Verne, called on Robert Padgett Monday. Verne Mr. and Mrs. Jack Caretens. Mason city, vteitecl relatives here last week. Mr* Ed Alien, Mawa cjty, Friday at g, ANNOUNCEMENT I have taken over the insurance business of Rahm & Schemel and will be pleased to serve your insurance needs. I write life and accident insurance, automobile insurance, also fire and lightning. I solicit a share of your business. H. N. KRUSE located over Iowa State Bank Phone 12S. STOP-XEMA Chronic. eczema of many years standing responds readily Erickson's wonderful new „„. Thousands have recowml and we sell it on a guarantee^ K. D. JAMBS to Dr. remedy. Beautiful Fabrics Gay new prints. Gay sport piques. Lustrous broadcloths. Guaranteed vat - dyed colors All sizes Misses' elzes 14 to 29 Women's sizes 36 to 46 Plenty of extra sizes, 46 to 52 Outstanding variety of gay colors. Dresses wife fashion details you're used to seeing In street rocks. With sum new Itae* and many clever Jpen,t looking .trte. of trimming So fasWoned-rl^ht and attrlc- tlve you can Mew them for n^hborhood shopping! A de- uripUo..cannot begin to do Justice to their flue fabrics, beautlfui colors and super.flae workmanship. You must see them yourself to believe that such styles and such are possible at only $1.00. Real quality hosiery at a remarkable low price. Women'* Silk Stockings In service and chiffon weights, pair for $1.00. Knit on fine gauge, full-fashioned machines in full width and length Closely and evenly knit to insu elasticity. DCBSIRAJBLE COLORS URHHH W«wh FrockT For the children. Unusual values in two special priced groups. 38c 49c Cunning little garmeots tar wee ote, more grown up $tyle« tor ;ehool girte an4 tb« low prices vW. •?le«se thrifty parents! " I i

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