Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 19, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1933
Page 6
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six AftVANfcB: ALOO^A t IOWA JANttAttY 19 MMMUMl SHOWER GIVEN FOR BRIDE AT WHITTEMORE of Fort Dodge, the Edward Kueck- ers, of Lotts Creek, and the Wm. Kueckers, of "West Bend, visited Sunday afternoon at Henry Kuecker's. The Walter Bells, of Quckeen, Minn., visited Sunday evening at FORMER WESLEY BOY TELLS OF SCHOOLS IN DENMARK Kuecker's. They had spent the day j holms ' , , siege oC the flu. was given Sunday evening In honor The p Q Hahng of Clara 'Lcininger, daughter of the mont Sunday, guests of the R. O. Joseph Lclnlngero, at her parents' Misbachs. Mr. Hahn and Mrs. Mls- Wesley, Jan. 17—Letters a Christmas from fhe Vlggo KIlls- , north Denmark, sale with other relatives in and around j Karl was In school and enjoying it Whittemore. Mrs. Kuecker is able j though he sometimes wished to see again his classmates at Wesley. He and his brother Viggo Jr. were born here. Mr. Kiilsholm is overseeing work on the farm. For years he was Whlttemore, Jan. 17 - A shower to be "P and about again after a at Fair- home. Sh<> was married Sunday af- bach are brother and sister, and the , buttermaker and secretary at the Uudolph Tietz, of Al- former Is the local railroad agent, i Wesley creamery, cjona. Those who attend- Thore nre stin W|M ducks on M'nnc- | ternoon to ed the' shower 'were "the Wm~Deck- K0ta lflkcs which scorned to interest day from a visit at Nick Looft's, ,era, Ernest Walters, John Meines, Ml '- Hahn, and he is also an expert j Armstrong. "(Frank and Albert Schuellers, George at lco fishing for rrnppies. Herman Voight, accompanied by -iSchucller and Kathryn Keene, the Among the sick last week were, Arthur Heidenwlth and Henry Carl Frye.s Arnold Mclnee Will members of the Edw. Maahs and f Schultz, drove to Russell, Minn,, lost Lcinhiger, Frank Melne, and Louis Herman Voight families, Mrs. Adam | Thursday on a business mission. Ilackbaithfl all oE Whittemore- the Luchslnger, Peter Heldt, Eldora, and i The A. C. Bjustroms, northeast of Noah Rcisiicrs and the John Kohl- i Lucille Heldt, and Mrs. P. J. Locke, I Whittemore, left test week for two wcees of Lotts Creek; the Rudolph ! who was at her daughter J. E. j weeks of visits with relatives at eev- Wills, Will Riches, and John Schuel- j Walker's. Mrs. Henry Kuecker is j era! points in Iowa. lers, Algona, and the Julius Wills, I a1) out again, after two weeks abed of LOIIB 'Rock. The bride receivetl j wlth a elapse of the flu many bountiful gifts. Lunch was The Harold Kueckers, of Algona, parents, the J. E. Walkers. Other served at midnight and the evening j s " ent Sunday^ wUhJVIre. Kuecker's was spent in dancing. Harry B.'ilR-oimui Is I[oino— 'George linlgeman, Louis Balge- The Rev. Mr. Kebler, of Sioux City, drove through Whittemore Sunday and attended St. Paul's church services. Mr. and Mrs. William Longstreet, visitors were the Roy Bjustroms, of Decorah, have been visiting the lat- Algona, and the Leslie Walkers, of Hobarton. Mrs. Kuecker and man, Ted Fuclisen, and Oscar Bjusti-om also spent Tuesday with Schcittschnpiiler, of Whittemore, : their mother, Mrs. Walker. drove to SheCfiold'Kunday, and pick- ! A 10-lb. boy was born last Thurs- od up Huth Balgeman, who teaches clay to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer, ! Helclts. ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehman. The Roy Dltsworths, of Algona, spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Dltsworth's parents, the Peter school at Hhetfield, and then drove Garner. Curiously enough, his birth- to Cedar Rapids ii> visit Harry Bal- , day is the same as that of his broth- geman, who hasn't seen his parents er Jamas. Mrs. Fred Struccker was for five years. Marry has -been at the Meyer home to help care for working in and around Cedar 3iap- hop daughter, Olrs. Meyer, and the ids. They returned to Whittemore new baby. Monday accompanied by Harry, who Mrs. Dennis C.aposlus and father, expects to remain for an extended Joseph Laubenthal, of Ottosen, vis- visit. The Nick Meurcr family, of Plover, were Sunday visitors with Nick's mother, Mrs. Joseph Meurer Sr. Tied Wilson and his Zenith Kings played for a large number of dancers Friday evening at the Hlggins hall. The 'Herman Harms family, West | ited last week Tuesday at the John Bend, spent Sunday evening at Mrs. -- | Laubenthal and the Mrs. Joseph Harms' brother, F. J. Balgeman's. New Tasfor to U ( » Called — | Meurer homes. Mrs. Meurer accom- | Mr. and Airs. H. F. Helmke's Officers fur St. Paul's Lutheran ' pan led them to Ottosen, returning! daughter Hilda, student' nurse at congregation, elected January S, Friday. Chicago, has been visiting here. wore installed by the UPV. Mr. : Tho new son of Mr. and Mrs.; Mary Gappa, clerking .in the Kraus Fpiiton, Sunday n« fol- \vernor Braatz was christened Sun- store at Fenton, spent Sunday with , lows: C. O. Haas, church elder; Aug- , (lay nt st. Paul's Lutheran church. Geneva Waltere. list Vnmlt, school director; Herman Jrr . :lnd j r ,. s . -\vm. Struecker were j The William Koehneckes Meyer, triisieo. The llev. Mr Kabelitz is tompurnry pastor here till Charles. another pastor us calkxl to take the, M ,-s. Louise Nissen, who lives with late KPV. Mr. Faulstich's place. Vot- her daughter, Mrs. George Meyer, due: mpmliPi-M plan to meet Sunday in ( ea . st o f town, returned last Thurs- the school hall to call a new pastor. sponsors. The baby was named j Saturday from Sheldon to visit with I local relatives. The Richard and Herbert Potratz- es were Sunday guests at Henry Schultz's. Xntlieran Sf.atlNt.Irs Given Out— Teacher IVhnke, oC the local Lu- ther.in school, has released the follow! UK fuels in connection with the late Rev.' William Faulstich: souls 'belonging to the church, 510; communicant members, 354; voting! member*. 8-1: during his ninny years] of servkv the Rov. ilr. Faulstich \ , ' -""..•. »'.._•<. •.•nji.-t » l^nji o \J L -IXUiia baptised SlL' persons and confirmed . county met pursuant to adjournm BSS; he nuirried 191 couples and officiated at 1G7 funerals. Board Proceedings er ...... t ......... ..... . ..... 188.85 H. J. Klttleman, court reporter ..... ...» ,i ........ .. ... ..... 161.82 Mathew C. .Grler, court reporter . ............... ^. ...... 28.40 R. K. Davidson, court reporter .. ......................... 79.00 R. A. Palmer, bailiff ..* ..... 36.00 L. E. Hovey, sheriff ......... 33.60 Clark Orton, clerk fee ........ 10.50 L. A. Wlnkel, J. P. fee ..... :. 6.00 W. C, Danson, J. P. fee ... ... 7.60 J. H. Sheridan, J. P. fee ..... W. (H. Steward, constable .... Jnke Keller, constable ........ W. J, Davlson, J. P. fee ..... DOMESTIC A.NIMAIL FUND W. J. Btirr, loss of hogs; clmd. J10.35; allowed ........ 10.00 C. N. Belsch, loss of hens; clmd. $3.20; allowed ........ 2.80 John Geerdes, loss of sheep; clmd. $15.00; allowed ........ 8.00 Walter S. Hunt, loss of sheep 49.00 Walter Krause, loss of sheep; clmd. $20.00; allowed ......... 16.00 R. Newton, loss of sheep ..... 20.00 W. L. Reynolds, loss of sheep 9.00 '_,ark Reynolds, loss of sheep. R. J. Thlssen, loss of chickens; clmd. $35.00; allowed ... 16.88 !. B. Thomas, loss of geese... 7.8-1 INSTITUTE FUND duly sworn In for term of three year*. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that Chas. Morris act as chairman of the IBoard of Supervisors for year 1933. Ayes: All. On- motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p, m, . One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Helken that fourth quarterly re- 3.00'port of 'Bertha E. Johnson, County 47.99 i Auditor, 'Laura Paine, County Rec3.50: order, L. E. Hovey, Sheriff of Kos- 12,00 siith county, Fred Parks, Custodian of County 'Farm be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that the following are the amounts counted by Board January 3rd, 1933, In various county offices: 1 Amount Cash In Bank County Auditor , .....None $1,061.41 County IRecorder None County Sheriff Clerk District Court.. 20.00 8.00 6.00 19.95 2.31 6.85 79.CO! 2.6S7.S5 10.00 j County Treasurer -8,164.83 541,329.85 Ayes; All. .Vallaco Pub. Co., books 60.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Rd. Dlst. (No. 1S4 159.18 Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. ,RU. Dlst. No. 206 96.28 'aul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Rd. Cist. No. 197 222.12 •Illdebrand & Kragh, concrete abutments 210.36 i-Illdobrand & Kragh, concrete abutments 3 nul it Donnelly et al, Rd. Dlst. No. 208 .. .... 'aul & Donnelly et al, iRd. Dlst. No. 192 . A. Roberts, bridge ... . A. Roberts, bridge ... ule Selfert, damage Sec. Sec. 219.62 138.23 109.68 92.03 193.60 15.00 -I. N. Kruse, CO. Treas., Int. to pay off bridge bonds 10000.00 ROAID MAINTENANCE FUND 'aul & Donnelly et al, malnt. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that official bond of E. J. Mo-EVoy, Clerk of District Court, Kossuth county, for $5,000.00 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded, by McDonald that the membership certificate of the Farm Bureau of 325 bona fldo members be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Funnemark that the Board proceed to Audit and Allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SC1HEDULE OF CLAIMS H. A. (Holmgren, bty. Charles Clapsaddle, bty H. N. Kruse, postage H. A. (Holmgren, bty W. E. McDonald, com. and sea P. J. Helken, com. and ses. .. Clias. Morris, com. and ses. .. F. J. Balgeman, com. and ses; Olaf iFunnemark, com. and sess. ... S. J. IBb.ckus, sup proj. No. 10 105.14 , S. J. iBackus, sup. 'aul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 21 Paul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 9 allway Express Agency, express Railway Express Agency, express Ity of Algona, light and power serv jiigene Meyers, labor "'aul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 24 'aul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 11 Railway Express Agency, express Railway Express Agency, ex. 3.40 1.40 1.00 3.40 153.64! 201.03 213.fx> 100.45 193.20 13.80 30.00 press Northwestern Bell tel. service Tel. Co., 65.10 123.79 14.82 1.33 S.43 30.00 340,44 92.54 24.41 1.65 H. M. Smith, salary 270.00 DRAINAGE H-K No. 2- Bohrtord Lumber CQ.I Sup, ;. '1.33 MiK No. 8- 'BoUford Lumber Co., sup, u 47.90 ' POOR- JfiUIND Mrs. Clara Neltzel, exp. of, nfatd, clmd. $7.00 . ... .1. hot allowed Burt Ind. .School Dlst., high school tuition; clmd. $432.00 . ............................. not allowed B. J. Murtash, Agrt., rent W. L. Baker; clwid. $10.00 ..not allowed SWPElRIVlSOiR DIST. NO. 1 Benedict's Store, prov ....... Fred Schmidt ......... $12.30 'Frank Stewart ......... 2.16 Wm. Hedrlck .......... 9.36 Ichty & Ross, prov. B. Zeut- lau ........................ 3. A, Clark, prov. Otto Callles 3asket Grocery, prov. Ed Blelch ............ . ......... Clede & Schneider, prov. Mrs. Geo. Scrllmer .............. Thos. Akre, prov. Mrs. H. Kock .. ... ................... 10.34 Herman Wise, prov. John Fraser ................. .... 15.94 H. R. Zumach, prov, Ernest Saager ........... ... ........ 20.00 '. S. Johnson, prov, Mrs. H. Koch ................. ....... 14.00 Mrs. W. H. Ellis, prov. Scrlb- ner family ....... ........... i. W. Uutledge, proV. Ray Sankey .............. . ..... Sanford & Llndebak, fuel ..... Mrs. Zltlau ........... 7.02 Mrs. Scrlbner ......... 11.05 'Fred Schmidt ......... 7.00 Farmers' co-Operative Assn, fuel .Ray Sankey ........... Mrs. J. L. Devlne, rent IBten Glsch ....................... 1000 A. A. Miller, rent Albert Helmke .................... Carl Krebs, rent Fred Schneider ohn Spllles. rent Saager ..... fred Tiede, rent Mrs. George Scrlbner .................... (Vm. Schultz, rent Mrs. Wm. Hedrlck Jr ................. 10.00 :. F. Burtis, rent Zetlou family .......................... F. Beeh, mcd. aid Arnold Haggard & Waller, pub. proc., etc ; Advance Pub. Co., pub. proc., etc Bancroft Register, pub. proc... iGaylord D. Shumway, exp. of fines, etc E. J. McEVoy, clerk, exp Bertha E. Johnson, exp > Wm. Shirley, exp H. N. Kruse, 'Co. Treasurer, exp Lulu -Griffith, labor Erma Stehle, labor C. A. Samson, labor ... Eleanor J. Ralim, labor Mary K. Sands, labor Lllia L. Bishop, labor 3elbert Sharp, hauling gravel "larence Swanson, hauling IR'uth Bishop, labor 11.75 J. A. McDonald, del. tax col- 76.951 lector L. E. Hovey, sheriff gravel 39.28 [Nelson Hardware, paper .. December 15, 1932. Auditor's Office, December 13, 1932. Board of Supervisors oC Kossuth with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that following domestic animal claims be allowed: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS DOMESTIC ANIMAL Fb'XD C. L. Bailey, loss of geese; Otto Bel!, loss of geese; clmd. $3.80; allowed Joe_'Balk, loss of sheep; clmd. Both TcuniM Lose to Oitosen— The Ottowon boys and girls basket ball teamn won two games here Friday even-ing. The Ottosen girls won In an exciting game 23-13. The locals held Ottosen 6-0 in the first quarter. The boys lost 19-17 In a fast game. This Friday evening both teams play Lone Rock here. The girls defeated the Lone Rock girls before Christmas 10-9 at "Lone Rock. Stove Explodes, Causes Fire— A fire occurred last week Monday evening at the Emil Braatz home, when a gasoline stove exploded and burning gasoline was scattered about the room, badly in the v^.n..^ ^...v, n.^ ..u......*..^ .....-• i hotr- clmd $2950- -i.[lowp,l damaged. The firemen made short \y. j' FUOS'S, loss of sheep; bault county, Minnesota; Edward Brandt, wife, Algona, and Hardin county. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded bv •I'unnemark that following abate'- ments, refunds be allowed: That taxes on 'S 1-2 Lots 6 and 7 'Block 3, Call's 9rd add, Algona, be' abated in the sum of $13.34 on ac- 'l93» nt . - belns cou nty property for . - - -- , | That taxes on Lot 7 except N 100 ft clmd. $11.00; allowed $ 5.50 in block G, Lone Rock Inc for 1930 it,, K f ,n !„« „, „„„.,„. „,„,! ifo,. , 7-30 and K3I for $57 " b e °b a t e a °" account of being county property, lhat taxes on Lot 2, Block 1, Howard s add. Swea City for 1930 be abated on account of belonging to State 7.20 20.00 sheep Jay Budlong, loss of sheep; clmd. $50.00; allowed Carl Christ, loss of hogs; clmd. $0.00; allowed C. E. Dearchs, loss of sheep; clmd. $10.00; allowed len Swanson, hauling gravel lenry Ristau, hauling gravel, \rt Ramus, hauling gravel ... "red Erlckson, hauling gravel . G. Frink, hauling gravel .. Peter Beenken, dragging .. .. John A. Sleper, dragging .. ., W. R. Smith, dragging Roland Hanswirth, drag Maynard Hertzke, drag! 1C. B. Kesler, drag. Herman Runksmeler, drag. ... Louis Scott, drag George Vltzthnm, drag.; clmd $11.25; allowed L. S., Young, drag A. G. Volpntine, drag. John Larson, labor J. A. Schneider, labor Clarence IDunkofske, labor .... Geo. Kemper, labor Charlie Lai-sen, labor Lawrence Thorson, labor .... Howard Clark, labor Joe iGreenberg, sup E. W. Lusby, sup. 40.00 of Towa. of S.75 c Di , 1 for IwS ' tor 1931 be soldier's exemption. on Lot " ona ' in sum of $68.36 on of Lella Donnelly on s 7, Block 26, O P Alcona bp Leonard Drager loss of sheep 15.00 ! abated' on account of W/OOOM soldfer's L. C. DuddlnT in™ nf .h~n. . exemption for 1931 in sum of $73.1 29.00 That Mrs. Alonzo CIrake taxes on Lot 4, Block 3, Ing-ham's add. be re- S.OO funded in sum of $6.74 and that taxes on Lot 11, Block 3, Ingham's add., Al•"••"" K " "'"'- J for $66.91 on account Dudding, loss of clmd. $-15.00; allowed J. F. Dacken, loss of calves- clmd. $10.00; allowed Henry Dacken, loss of lamb; clmd. $7.00; allowed , luif-, f-,ti.Tvii»»jv^ Ti t»*j n^.«,i.fcwj. •-—- f 1 ] tTlfl X7 flO' *i llrtwn/l C A/I rrf* \- i -"•r-i'.M.ino tiuu.. ^vi" ,,t the n,om. The kitchen was / T' 1^10^0^ sows;' 5 '°° ^"^O^V'o'ldi'l^'e^ptfo'n ^f^r y damoRed. A. hole was burned l clmd. $30.00; allowed 15.00 ! ruling of Attorney General he ceiling and the furniture was , D '^ " '^ a j' 1 ' ow ' lo s s of calf and (That Henry Phillips be refunded 50c __?... . I nog; clmd. $29.60 allowed ... 1S.OO iiOmmi-v ,Pr,n T>«»»T__J i..._ . c J work of the, blaze. Insurance •carried on household goods. was Former DrcsBinakor Here Dies— A Mrs. Nelson, Wast Bend, formerly Whittemore, who before marriage, waa Kate Bowman, died a week ago Monday. When she was here she lived with the Thomas Car- modys and did dressmaking. Burial took place last -week Wednesday at 116.00 clmd. $202.50; allowed A. R. Gardner, loss of aheep; clmd. $23.00; allowed 18.00 John Geerdes, loss of aheep- elmd. $12.00; allowed Herman Gabel, loss of calf; 6.00 West Bend, and Mrs. Nell Farrell j clmd. $27.90; allowed and Mrs. Jos. Fa-ber attended the Sinus Isebrand, loss of funeral. Aged Woman Ls Recovering— "Grandma" ICunde sat up Sunday afternoon in a rocking chair for the first time in six months. She fell laat August and broke her hip. She had her cast removed a week before Christmas. Mrs. Kunde is 77 years old, and has been staying at her daughter, Mas. F. J. Balgeman's. 3Irs. Krotl VVnffiiPr Suffers Full— Mre. .Fred "VVugner fell last week Wednesday and uprained an ankle. She was taken to (.he- MoCreery hospital, and later was removed to her daughter, Mr.s. Jos. Ester's, where she remained till Thursday evening, when .she was taken to her home east of town. Itosollu a LOSPS Appendix — William Iliggins ISr. drove to -if /** ' /-, , " •" * "-.**i*n wv; *v;j. wjjuciJ UUU lo.OO | County Poll, Portland twp on account of having paid same In Winnebago township for 1939. Ayes: All On motion Board adjourned to 9' o clock a. m. December 27. 1932. BEIRTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. December 27, 1932. Auditor's Office December 27, 1932 Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. 'On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by iFunnemark and seconded .._„_, I by McDonald that county Auditor Is clmd. $10.00 not allowed hereby Instructed to notify township clmd. $16.00; allowed 12.00 Andrew M. Hansen, loss of sheep; clmd. $67.00; allowed.. John G. Haglund, loss of lamb- clmd. $10.00; allowed Walter S. Hunt, loss of sheep; clmd. $78,00; allowed J. F. Hofius, loss of geese; pigs; clmd. $15.50; allowed Louis Kephengst, loss, of hogs; 62.00 9.00 34.00 14.65 10.00 Mathlas Kellner, loss of sheep; clmd. $55.00; allowed 50.00 Albert Keller, loss of sheep; clmd. $70.60; allowed Kern & Lowman Bros., loss of 56.00 sheep; clmd. $10.00; allowed.. 6.00 Stanley Keith, loss of sheep; clmd. $12.00; allowed B. 'H. Kesler, loss of sheep ... A. W. Kennedy, loss of sheep; clmd. $62.50; allowed Matt. Kapp, loss of geese .... Edward Kain, loss of sheep- clmd. $75.00; allowed John Kohlwea, loss of hogs- clmd. $30.CO; allowed 1200 Robert Kain, loss of turkeys; clmd. $7.50; allowed 600 Robert 'F. Kain, loss of sheep; clmd. $25.00; allowed 15.00 E. H. Kesler, loss of sheep; chnd. $71.40; allowed 4040 Martin Larson, loss of sheep. Wm. Lane, loss of sheep .. .. Ben Lampe, loss of sheep- clmd. $10.00; allowed ... .. J. A. Lee, loss of lamb trustees to proceed to prepare their road program for 1933 to file same with County Auditor before February 3, 1933, and township trustees to elect a representative to represent them at meeting of Board of Approval at 2 p m February 16, 1933. Ayes: All. 6.00! On motion Board adjourned to one 40.40 ! o clock p. m. | One o'clock p. m.—IBoard met pur- 40.00 suant to adjournment with all mem- 19.50 i 1)ers Present. I Motion by Morris and seconded by 58.00 Balgeman that County Auditor be in- 40.66 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., sup. ... 19.51 I Advance Pub. Co., sup 8.S4!Geo. D. Barnard Sta. Co., sup. 10.23 i Haggard & Waller, sup 31.99 Typewriter Exchange, sup 15.60 , Botsford Lumber Co., sup 20.40 ' Geo. Holtzbauer, sup-. -. 1.95 [Kohlhaas Hdw., sup. Olapp's Master Service, sup... :)'.35 Chas. Landers, sup 1850 Wm. Meyer, sup i'"Kunz Grain Co. sup Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., sup Sieg^Fort Dodge Co., sup Fort Dodge Mach. & Supply Co., sup Barton-Warner Co., sup. ... ' la. Machinery & Supply Co.', sup Sfegr-Mason City Co., sup. ...'. Owatonna Tool Co., sup Central Battery & Elee. Co, sup Maine 'Steel Products -To' si in Central States Elec. Co. light serv. ... Central States Elec. Co.,' light 9.GO John Hellman, trustee mtg. .. 24.GO Edw. Droessler, trustee mtg... 10.20 Anton Stork, trustee mtg 3.30, John A. Sleper, trustee mtg... 2.40 j-K. G. Ewoldt, trustee mtg. ..... Wm. Koestler, trustee mtg. .. 9.00 G. W. Blelch, trustee mtg 8.20 E. R. Woltz, trustee mtg. .... 5.30 L. M. Merrltt, coroner's fee B.OO Advance Pub. Co.. pub. .. 3.00 American Surety Co. of N. T., 3.00 premium on bond 3SO.OO 2.00 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND 14.00 25.50 3.00 14.15 7.S5 1.25 82.05 14.90 166.2-1 3.00 950.53 33.23 9.30 10.15 3.51 31.02 serv. 4.9S 2.00 473.50 140.34 11.93 598.19 8.60 5.62 •82.17 476.62 75.00 23.75 81.00 22.50 87.00 58.75 3.75 66.90 171.03 6.50 5-1.41 20.25 1.95 5.50 3.25 88.90 10.09 l.OS 12.00 12.00 12.00 12.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 13.65 11.20 R. L. Corbln. med. aid G1.75 Fred Schmidt 13.00 Mrs. Scrlbner ;. ... . ,. 3.75 Olaf Johnson 3G.OO Mrs. Zeutlau •. 1.00 Chas. Dennis 8.00 ohn N. Keneflck, med. aid Ernest Neuman 12.00 Cossuth Hospital, hosp. care Ernest Neuman 12.00 I. Joseph Mercy -Hosnital, hosp. care John Frelstad .... 75.00 Mrs. Will Myer, care Wm. Falloway children 37.50 W. A. White, prov. 'G. W. Gunder 5.00 SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 2 Thomas J. Lincoln, transp. to Iowa City s.18 Algona Co-op. Cry. Co., prov. 34.71 Henry Cook 3.72 E. Beard 1.86 M. C. Frandsen 1.86 John Helmers ] S6 Eugene Meyers 1.86 Ethel Jones 372 Frank Hansen 1.S6 Amy Johnson 1.86 Albert Davis 3.72 A. J. Blanchard 1.S6 Nets Peterson l.SO Victor Johnson, loss of sheep, clmd. $36.00; allowed 32.0a John C. Kutschara, loss of sheen, clmd. $8.50; allowed .. 6.00 Mrs. Wm. Poole, loss of sheep, clmd. $9.50; allowed 9.00 Tony Wa.orner, loss of sheep; clmd, $17.00; allowed 6.09 Frank Porter, loss of sheep .. 9.00 Claus Ubben, loss of hog 6.00" COURT FUND L. A. Wlnkel, J. P. fee ... ........ 32.50 L. E. Hovey, sheriff .95 C. F. Specht, mayor .... 3.00 'F. W. Green, marshal .. 4'.77 H. A. Van A'lstyne, constable. 2.59 (L. T. Griffin, constable 23.01 C. C. Wright,/constable ..- .... 5.93 INSANE FUND L. E. Hovey, transp. ' ... 30.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION. FfUMD J. A. Roberts, bridge ...... 192.60 J. A. Roberts, -bridge ... ... .. •Milton McfFadden, rodman. ...'. Don T. Nugent, asst. engr. Standkrd' Oil''GO'.',' 'gasollna '.'.'.'. 14JU5 ! C ?' Treasurer, payment o£ mai- T-WT> A .TTVT1 » /-. ™ TT^TTVTT^ ' I tUl'lng DOnUS TS.OO, 160,00. DRAINAGE FUND Ed Meyers, labor Dr. 90— Hilbert Severiens, labor .. Dr. 99— Hilbert Severiens, labor ... Dr. 177— 22.50 101)00.00. ROAD MAINTENANCE 'F.UtND Clem Goodman, patrol! ,.,. 69i69 Tom Weir, patrol .. 78.75 o Joe Helderscheidt, patrol".'. .. 62.40 y.M Ed Fuchsen,. patrol ..... ...... 75.25 „ „ ''Goodman Hundsness,, patrol:; •"• w I clTOd. $6-1.80; allowed: 63;0 J. H. Montgomery,, patrol; 76.30 Lafe Simmons, final estimate 54:55 H-K No. 3-46— D. H. Sonius, labor 61 H-K No. 4-56— Hilbert Severiens, labor 428 POOR FUND T&Ks^i^r.^^ . F. Dolmac-fl. mftrt nlfl iRn^rt £eari>c. Haynes, labor Mike iBaker, labor- .. .... Elmer Ewlng, patrol 85.60 John S. Nelson-,, paitrot ... Ti.55 (Clyde Sanders, labor 60.30 jWllber Fisher, labor S&» iGus Richter, labor 52.80 i'Clifford Holmes, labor 38,55 G. F. Dolmage, med. aid „„ 'Pannkuk, clmd.'$1211.50 ...not allowed. 'F. D. Jake Tabor transp. i IWTO . ....... ... Algona Hog Market, hog, Joe Fraser ...................... Basket Grocery, prov. Edw. J. Besch ...................... J. -F. iRowley Co., sup. 'Frank Sanford ..................... S. B. Chase, med. aid Mrs 'Fred Smith. ................. L. A. Andrew, Recr., rent Glen Stoddard .................... A. E. Pasley, rent Fraser fam. „ •,•»,. ff. Gronbach, labor ... »•"" 'Oscar Earing, patrol Sioux City la.st week Tuesday for a J - J ^ McDonald, loss of chickl few hours with his sister ttosella, Lewts "' McVvh'orte'r"" loss "of Who win recovering from an opera- lamb; clmd. $;i.70; allowed tion for appendicitis. His mother Tommy Mortinson, loss of came home with him. Itosella is taking nursi'.s tmining at St. Joseph's hospital. J. C. Mawdsley, loss of sheep- clmd. 319.00; allowed A. J. Meyer, loss ot sheep- ^clmd. $2S.OO; allowed ..' Elling Martinson, loss of sheen- clmd. $12.dO; allowed Severin Ophelm. loss of hogs; ber's last wec-k Wednesday in honor) elmd. $55.00; allowed of their daughter Margaret's 12th [ H :, J -, p 'T, s i hus -,, loss of sheep; Birthday Kiirlicr 12; Purtj- — at Klmo Bar- , sheep; clmd. $33.00; allowed.. 2" 00 structed to serve pauper notice on iMrs. Chas. 'Ferguson and children and Ed Long, Ledyard township, and Cerro Gordo county, and W E Shaver and wife, Springfield township and 'Palo Alto county; -George Simmons and children, Bancroft, and Palo ™.™, Alto county. Ayes: All. 10.00 ! , Motion by 'Balgeman and seconded 16.00 ' °f McDonald that application of Hat- "j> -Burlinirame for school fund loan of JaOO is hereby approved. Ayes: All Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that final estimates of A. 21.00 A. Mettler on following projects are hereby approved: A. A. Mettler, grad- 3.00 n £ project 'No. 7, $156.33; A. A. Mettler, grading project No. 12, $288.90; A SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 2 Herbert Adams, range Mrs. Pat Cavanaugh, allowance B. W. Lusby, sup, Frandsen.. A. Vanderllnden, rent C. K. Johnson Bloom's Store, prov. S.OO 8 . C 0 • Ietler . project No. 28, «• ,X . , $206.64 A A. Mettler, grading project I-VM.,,, V wcro: Woodward, - . ;;• mi-minis, joss or nogs. mi'O -nit", ueorge jjjtswort] Voigt, Ruth Adeline -Fleming, I (Hugh iRancy, loss of sheep ... S.OO 5 °. c County Poll tax fo -.latiklu, Imogc-no and Dorothy Wagner, Wilina and Dorothy Airhart. Albert Meyer i(i Have Operation— Al-hc-rt .Meyer spent last week Tuesday n-ight at Arthur Lunns- m;in'«, Mn&aa City, and next day went to lO-xc.-'Isior Springs, where he entered a veterans' pital for an operation. Mo., hoti- Cylinder Quints DtM"(*«t«d Here— The Cylinder boy..; and girls basketball teams .played here last week Tuesday evening and were defeated in both games by the academy. The local boys won 37-15; the girls, 22-4. Keynulds, loss of sheep; clmd. $-19.00; allowed elmd. $;t'j.co'; allowed '..' Frank Sanflner, loss of sheep; clmd. $13S.OO; allowed. 102.00 Clinton Sampson, loss of sheep 4 oo O. Li. Sonneriberg, loss of colt; rlmd. $-1-5.00; allowed 4000 Stroebel Bros., loss of hog- clmd. $9.00; allowed 7 ss Walter Tapper, loss of sheep; _clmd. $10.00; allowed S.OO loss of clmd. $20.00 ... ....not allowed Substitutes as School Teacher— Grace Carlisle, H. .S. senior, taught . a rural school southeast of Fenton ' i*"!"...' 8 . last week Monday, Tuesday, L. J. Vaske, loss of sheep- clmd. $60.00; allowed 3000 Otto Vaske, loss of sheep .... S.OO J. H. Warner, loss of sheep and hogs; clmd. $11S.OO; allowed 79 go G. M. Will, losa of hog; clmd. *o,00; allowed 300 RRSOLVED: That the County Au'd- "" '" ' ' Y ordered and directed to IXT i j * t j - i n ' «-*.«mo I'* «./.|C»j I 17.001 No. 14, Wlo.39; and County Auditor i instructed to Issue warrant as provid- 15.00 ed b J' law. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded bv S.OO Funnemark that following refund's and abatements be allowed- 35.00 That A. Jandl, Union township, be refunded $4.00 road poll tax for 1931 on 18.00 account of being over 45 years of age -. -i TI,... George Dltsworth be refunded mty Poll tax for 1931, Swea Ind., Harrison, on account of 33.00 having paid same and being a resident of Greenwood township. 27.75 Motion by iMorris and seconded by McDonald that school fund loan of A A Karling be extended to January 1 19Ji, and County Auditor authorized to enter, into extension agreement with A. A. Kading and wife. Ayes: All, Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Balgeman that following official bonds be approved: Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff, for $5,000; Henry Ewoldt, constable, for $500; Leo H. Guerdet, assessor, for $500- W L Reynolds, assessor for $500.00. Ayes- All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND L. E. Hovey, costs $ 116.55 H. Is. Kruse, postage — Wednesday in place of her sister Ruth Carlisle, who had the flu. B. B. Benefit Party Planned— Next Tuesday night there will be ule of claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each individual bill Ayes: All. On motion IBoard adjourned to one o clock p. m. J\ext uuesday night there will be One o'clock p. m.-Board of Suner- a basketball benefit card party at visors met pursuant to adjournment the academy hall. Prizes -will be I w l!, h . a " members present. bridge and 500. Party Honors Ella Voight— Relatives and friends gathered last Thursday evening at Charles Voight Sr.'s to help Ella Voight celebrate a birthday. Other Wliittemore News. Mrs. Emma Phillips, daughter Ruth, Mrs. Relmers and Mr. Smiley, . . .- official bonds be allowed: Maurice C. McMahon, county attorney, for $5,00000- Hiram B. White, justice of the peace' for $500.00; William H. Ricklefs. constable, for $500.00; Maurice J. Duffy county ti-easurer, for $10,000.00. Ayes: A\\, Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that County Auditor be instructed to serve pauper notices on IGlenn Bakken, wife, and two children, Algona, and on Winnebago county and on Chester Harris, wife and children, Algona, and on Farl- 21.60 115 00 ., Lyell W. -Milter., labor ..." .1." 26,'eO 8 - 0i! S. D. McDonald, patrol 79.45 lnnn C. A. Lamoreux. patrol 72.06 Peter Movlck, patrol 56.35 J. F. Qulnnv patrol ... . Chester Adme, patrol ... Hans W. Nielsen, patrol Harry Helmke. labor ... Joe M. Esser, labor Wm. O. Ludwlg, labor .. Alton Pettit, patrol S.OO 10.00 5.00 John Hanselman, patrol Albert Wlttkopf, drag. .. Chester R. Harris $ 3.00 G. Platt 2.00 Mrs. Stedman 7.00 Mrs. Brayton 3.00 Mrs. Shoapman 15.00 J. E. Stevens, C. Gunder prov. J. E. Stevens, prov. R. R. Stevens J. E. .Stevens, .prov. C. Gunder J. K. Kelly, rent A. J. Davis. Dr. M. G. Bourne, med aid for 'Frank Johnson SUPERVISOR DIST. N'O. 3 S. A. Hirner, hog for poor .... J. L. Raskopf & Co., fuel for Mrs. Jacob Semons St. Joseph's Mercy 'Hospital, care Mrs. W. C. Tripp SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 4 A. H. Fuchs, funeral exp. J. Kosier SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 5 Chas. T. Edwards, serv. notices 30.00 Edward 'Hagge, drag. I'N. B. Schlltz, drag i F. W. Langerman, drag 1 August Melz, drag Walter iBterstedt. drag.;"clmd! $7.80; allowed ,.-. Walter Dutton, drag IGeo. Dltsworth, drag Tony Kollasch, drag C. E. Kollasch, drag |M. J. Koestler, drag fi 00 John Rodmaker, drag o'JJ; Paul Zlelske, drag •mm Carl Zumach, drag - u - w Keo. Kohl, drag 5.50 400 Thaves Sisters, prov .......... Mrs. A. Worringa ..... 10.62 F. W. Thaves .......... 6.00 R. L. Williams, med. aid ..... F. W. Thaves .......... 34.00 Mrs. J. Faulkner ....... 6.00 COUNTY FARM Frank L. Miller, light serv. ... la. State Penitentiary, sup ..... Joe Greenberg, sup ............ John Larson, labor .......... Nick Kreips, pasture ........ Hal Skilllng, hog ........... E. W. Lusby, repairs William IRath, drag C. H. Sonnenberg, drag. .. . . , K (Peter N. Thilges,'drag •»••"> j Frank Clapsaddle, drag ~,» Lloyd H. 'Zentner, labor. .. . l Jim Murray, -labor .. „. ! M. L. Worby, labor * a " B [Henry Scheppman, labor .. Wm. L. Baker, labor ,-„, Chris Brandt, 'labor °°- w) Geo. Ditsworth, labor Elmer Ellingson, labor F. J. Stebritz, labor Clifford Carlson, labor Kohlhaas Hdw., sup Robert L. Williams, assign. 40.00 500 City of Algona, light service. 30.12 H. N r . Kruse, postage ........ 2 00 . , ........ Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau, ap- 53 GO , propriation ................. 125000 Walter H. Steward, constable 2.50 16.00 10.00 5.42 O. A. Momyer & Sons, abstract Lathrop & Weaver, abstract.. John E. Sleper, labor ....... Advance Pub. Co., pub. del. tax list ............... ... ' 315*7 Bancroft Reg-later, pub. del'. tax list and proc ............ 415.87 Keystone Envelope Co., sup . 11 93 Schwarta & Peterson, pub. notice ........................... oo Orescent Printing Co., sup. ... U81 W. S. Hunt, IBoard of Ed!, expense ....................... 2.53 Mrs. J. H. Warner, expense ... 728 H. J. Braley. exp ........... 393 Dr. H. H. Murray, exp ....... 340 . , ....... Bancroft Register, sup ....... 1000 , Churchill Mfsr. oo.. sup ....... OOU1RT FONCD H. J. Klttleonan, court report- 500 16.77 19.65 10.00 2.00 19.50 10.00 1.00 RESOLVED: That the County Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each individual bill. Ayes: All. On motion (Board adjourned Die." "Sine January 3, 1933. Auditor's Office, January 3, 1933. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met in regular session with the following members present: F. J Balgeman, Olaf Funnemark, P. J Heiken, W. E. McDonald, and Chas Morris. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that minutes of last regular session and all adjourned sessions be approved as read. Ayes: All There being no further business for the old Board to transact, on motion by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that old Board adjourn. Ayes: Thereupon Board met as a new Board with the following members present: V. J. Balgeman, Olaf Funnemark, P. J. Heiken, W. E. McDonald, and Charles Morris. «"=i;on Supervisor-elect W. E. McDonald 2%i ?TS$'?r?\ e 'i t Chas ' Morris, of o>.Q. and 4th district respectively, were Ole Gerdls, labor Nelson Hardware, sup Arthur Pehrson, sup A. H. Hundeby, sup Elbert Garage, sup Paul W. Larson, sup Walter M. iBovis, labor P. C. Dahl, sup Frank Flaig, sup Wesley Auto Co., sup Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, sup... Norton Machine Works, sup. .. J. M. Blanchard, sup Clapp's Master Service, sup. .. Ed Underdahl, labor Kossuth Co. Implement Co., repairs 80.50 61.80 80.85 76.65 33.90 65.10 91.60 155.25 C.60 11.70 7.20 5,40 3.00 1.20 7.20 17.40 6.00 3. CO 5.40 8.55 6.60 9.60 23.70 3.60 6.00 16.20 5.10 6.00 22.40 13.00 17.40 13.50 16.95 5.60 2.10 7.50 4.80 1.00 27.05 5.50 16.10 10.98 17.06 11.40 25.35 42.30 51 !• 31.25 20.00 15.87 234.53 30.32 6.85 3.65 14.2S 32.11 72.60 George Holtzbauer, sup Farmers Co-op. Soc., sup Northern Lumber Co., sup.; clmd. $143.05; allowed 125.30 Anderson Grain & Coal Co., sup Botsford Lumber Co., sup. 10.70 3S.35 7.40 IBotsford Lumber Co., sup Bertha E. Johnson, express adv 2.19 E. F. Knowles, taxes on G. P. 12.3( Sleg-Ft. Dodge CO., sup 201.91 Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., sup 112.88 Barton-Warner Co., sup 168,33 Austin-Western Road Mach. •Co., sup 145.00 Economy Welding Works, sup. 80.11 Peerless Oil Co., sup. 677.26 ChampHn 'Refining Co., sup,... 299i Philip Petroleum Co., sup 1675 Ohamplln Refining Co., sup.... 38&61 J. A. Roberts, bridge 1688 H. R. Sorensen & Co., sup. ... ,4< Dr. BUTN1D M. Clement, labor ... Dr. 95- Wolf, labor 8.60 Co-op. Ass'n, sup.. . Chas. Bmanuel, labor ....... 2.27 Lawrence Cinh, labor ....... 2.1* 4.34 7.75 25.07 7.67 900 16.00 Mf*. Conway ... 12.60 Mrs. M. Dots ,,,, • 8.03 N, 3, Nefrtmers ... 15.00 Smith Department Store/ fcfov. Squire Hudson .;,;... ... -.•.... 11.78 Da« Uchlltef, Johnson prov. Edna W..A. Murray, fuel ... Mrs. Odell .. ,. 9,60 A, Bergman ,-t. ... ... .. 8.75 Mrs. Cayler 22.16 Edna Johnson ... 12.70 Mrs. Tylef , 8.55 Mrs. Conway .. ..f 8.4B John Tobin 10.30 Andrew Kbppen 8.6S Oliver Moe, rent Mrs. Conway Bank, Huftvbaldt ., and herettftej- the'said County'iv, urer. shall keep the public fu m i. longing to said county in said , torles not exceeding the ma (amount hereinbefore author??,, 7.44 any ona bank 60 designated 88.95; Adopted this 4th day of Jftm , a| Ayes: All. Motion by 'Balcreman and B< . cnh ,, by McDonald that the following ,'I ,lut.lon be adopted! h "»l RESOLUTION aid 8 00 8.00 29.00 Mrs. R. Hunt Nick Nemmers ... Mrs. J. Kramer 3.00 L. Conway 2.00 J. Ju'ldox 3.00 Mrs. W. O'Dell 99.00 Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle, med, aid J. Brlggs ... .'. 18.00 Bert Godden ... ... ..... 4.00 Carl Watson 7.00 W. T. Peters, med. aid Squalre Hudson 22.00 C. M, Cretzmeyer, med. aid Mrs. M. Gregarson Kossuth "Hospital, hosp. care Konn, Iowa, be, and the same la Posltory for pubii'o'Yu'nds "from 0 after this date. m The maximum to be kept on <W at said banks shall be For'UM Thousand Dollars ($46,000.) Th,' mum amount which officer of Kossuth county sh,i,. posit in compliance with this re J _ i tion shall bo as follows: e!l)l1 .7o.OO : Auditor- ' - Ronnf*1*i*» 1 Recorder . care Mrs. W. T. Trainer 16.00 • All ' 4th day of SUPEIRrVI'SOR DIST. NO. 6 C. J. Appelqulst, prov. Mrs. A. ' Qrettllat '. 3.00 . follows^ E. L. Hansen, prov 16.47 Mrs. Nettie Petersen ... 3.69. Ed Anderson .... 12.88 Thaves Sisters, prov 16.00 F. W. Thaves 5.00 Mrs. A. Werrlnga 10.00 Nelson Mercantile Co., prov... 2.98 Clyde Sanders ... 75 Carrie Thonrpaqn 2.23 10.00 ic. H. Arnold, hogs for poor .. 19.52 ; Northern Lumber Co., fuel for by Helken" that iSpoTntment o owing deputies and clerks for hereby approved and salaries n I »* C. W. Pearson, Deputy Troim (auto clerk), $87.50 per mo. E. F. Griffith, Deputy Tn $100.00 per month. Mrs. A. Werlnga 11.10 J. F. Faulkner 8.96 Erman Hansen 6.06 IF. W. Thaves 7.23 C. H. Stelnberger, rent 'F. Haggedorn :'. C. G. Dourte, rent Ed Anderson Art Lester, rent .. 'Faulkner -10.00 Miller 500 C. E. Rohlln, rent Mrs. H. K. •Hutchlnson John N. Keneflck, med. aid 'Glenn Reese Jerry Knapper; cimd. JSS.OO,- allowed C. W. Lundqulst, med. aid Ed. Anderson R. L. Williams, med. aid Jack Frank 5.00 10.00 Court, $S7.50"pe'r "mo.""" Clcrk ot ' Casey Loss, Deputy Sheriff, ?i« H. M. Smith, County Enginppr per mo. ' Don Nugent, Asst. Engineer per mo. • ' lr m Gco ' Palmer, Janitor, $75 pn r mo I 15.00 and be it further reso ved ,that ' ,.. _ • - hired at tne com l the Board of Supervisors K ,. 'county, and salary fixed at S-'-vi 14.00; day. Ayes: All. <•>•*-.•*) .. M ?,'] 0 , n by. Beiigeman and socni -„ ~*.*...vw,i mcii, v,uuiiLy yvuaitor hp structed to Issue warrants for s,i,, of county officers, deputk-u BO.OO clerks at the end of pncii Ayes: All. ench _, __ -- --- .. find SGPoii(]prl \ McDonald that the following ' 'Henry Bunkofske, have ond hair cut Jack Frank Mrs. Mary Webster, care Noel 1.00 2nd Deput W.000.00; 64.75 3625 30.00 Stoner 1.35 C. K. Johnson 1.92 J. G. Schimmel 65 Theo. Thompson CO Fred Gronbach 42 Mrs; A.. Neitzel 3.72 R. A. Clark, prov Laura Holtcamp 200 •Win. Funk BOO W. A. White, prov .'.. Wm. 'Funk 2.00 Fred Gronbach 4 00 J. Helmers 22 50 F. M. Bllsborough 24.00 F. M. Stoner '2300 W. A, Muckey ... 10.00 H. R. Sorensen & ico., prov... A. Blanchard 12.00 MT. Frandsen 800 D. Hasz 5.00 E. Jones -1400 j; G.. Schimmel 7.50 Theo. Thompson C.OO Mrs. G. E. Van Dorston 12.25 esse E. Steven, prov. C. Gun- Thos. Akre, prov, Jens Knudsen 1600 Hauenstein 14.00 A. F. Connelly £25 . .S. Johnson, prov Amy Johnson 1400 Alb. Davis .... 16.00 Woe- & Sjogren, prov. .. .... ... 3279 S'ei'fert r*-tl C. Neltzel 2Q.3S Long's Grocery, prov. 5600 Gordon Platt .. 100 Mrs. Campbell 2.50 MK. Wlltse ... 1009 Frank Hansen . ... 15.00 Mrs. P. Mathlson, .... ... 12.50 Wilfred Johnson ... ... 1500 V* J. Pilcher, prov. C. Gunner J.J5 f. N. Taylor, fuel C. Neitzel. 10.00 Botsford Lumber Co., fuel ... 2S.S5 J. Schemmel 2'15 Mrs. E. Taylor 6.50 Bud Turner 'g.50 John Schemmel 4.70 Mrs. IBTayton 7.50 Anderson Grain & Coal Co., fuel 62.90 Jergensoniplum creek . 10.40 Mrs. Thompson ... ... .. 9.00 Mrs. Nettle Hagg 9.00 F. Popoloskl 9.00 E. -Newman 9.00 Mrs. E. Taylor 6.50 P. G. lHauenstein 10.00 Botsford Lumber Co., fuel ... 12.30 Mrs. Carney 6.15 Mrs. Fox 6.15 J. T. Bohannon, rent, Selle- nau Anna Montattr. rent W. Johnson John J. Williams, rent Mrs. Wm. Brayton Lenore Peck, rent F. Hanson, has. Redtemske, rent Sandy Stebritz ,. Andrew Peterson, rent Ethel Jones has. Nolle, rent OJe Thompson J. L. Bonar, rent M. C. Frandsen; clmd. $12; allowed Mrs. Anna Carney, rent Jim MoGee 10.00 Kohlhaas Hdw., sup l 05 Mrs. E. Jones 90 Mrs. A. iNeltzel -. |75 Bertha M. Murray, rent Clara Neltzel 10.00 R. A. Evans, med. aid 70.50 H. Cook n.50 C. Gunder 13.25 J. Schimmel 475 Geo, W. Hunt 2.00 Mrs. Seifert 27.00 J. Umberhauer 12.00 John N. Keneflck, med. aid.. 3250 -Clara Neltzel 7.00 M. St. John 5.00 Dutton 4.00 D. Neuman 16.60 Dr. P. V. Janse, med. aid 22400 Mrs. Neitzel 200 G. Burtis 1.00 Mrs. S. Hedrlck 500 Walter Steven 19.00 Fred Peterson (boy) .... 25.00 'Harley Adams aO.OO 'Fred Baumgartner 22.00 Vernon Wanderwuff .... 4.00 Wayne Godden 3.00 J. Helmers , 5.00 Lewis Olson 2.00 M. St. John 4.00 Amy Johnson 650 Sox Mantor 2.00 Mr. Hanson 100 Esther Franzen 68.00 G. W. Gunder 34.50 Dr. A. D. Adams, med. aid Katherine Helmers 400 Kossuth Hospital,- hosp. care Esther Tranzen ... 11520 General Hospital, hoap. care Mrs. R. Stebritz 5800 Mrs. Elsie Cady, care Ed Erlckson 2000 Laird & McCullough, ambulance serv. Esther Franzen. 1.50 Mrs. P. Cavanaugh, allowance B.OO SUPERVISOR. DJST. NO. 3 Farmers Co-op. Soc., fuel 2415 Rickard 4.30 Robinson 70S Syverson 8.40 Swezey ; 329 Provisions ... 1.20 F. L. Adams, med. aid Laurena Rickard 2200 Dr. Pierre Sartor, med. aid ... 58,0(1 Evon Winter 5000 Con Hlgglns 8.00 Mrs. Clara M. Bruns, care of Miss Winters ...... 3200 SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 4 A. A. Droesaler, prov. Edna Johnson 4 95 Art Bettln, nrov. 9'as 'Bert Godden 236 J. Brig&s 7.49 Merrill Bros., rrov.; clmd. »62.16; allowed 6971 Mrs, Peter Giles 10.00 Amos Bergman 12.03 Mrs. H. Johnson 20.01 J. Robertson e.ie Mrs. O. Tyler 11.62 Hoods Cash store, prov. ....,- 35.53 . Clerk • Auditor's Helen Dickinson, , .. nso Entwistle ................. 45.00 Recorder, $2,000.00; G/ W Jacob Keller, serving notices. COfUNTT FARM John Henning, labor R. A, Clark, prov Thos. Akre, prov 100 ftiJ.. TV. Neville, sup ' l Hawcott & Ogg, sup IP. V. Janse, med. aid ... 37-59 Geo. Holtzbauer, sup. ... ... (Nelson Hardware, sup. . . Pratt Electric Co., sup. ... Laird & MoCullough, sup. . Dr. L. W, Fox, vet. service Geo. Hansen, sup '. Hlgley Chemical Co., sup. .. Anderson Grain & Coal Co fuel Botsford Lumber Co., fuel .. Kohlhaas Hdw., sup. . ,. .70 Deputy Treasurer (auto 50.00 G.93 79.23 RJ; A. Evans, coroner. n , Vaske, J. w. Bollig. \vm Herman Ubben, A. j s e ji Rills. A. J. Cogley, Clans" "".Thomas Crahan, nssesstl .the sum of $500; George' •> ,r, •*-."""•-C- H - Schrader, F. A v, IBO y"l e J® e ° T !Sl. ^ Butterfield, P., ul ' 4.69 2875 I 1 ,?' 1 " C ' 6 RESO.LVED.-Thta 'the County Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to constabl >f>; Oliver Mi 29.00 J"'H Sh "l" JJavlson; F - A - D am<] g'jg tlces of the Peace, each In the ' of $500. Ayes: All. £% o'c > ,ock" 0 p! 0 m. Board adJoUrnccl t0 ' 1.65 ...9r. e . °'. 01 ? ck P- m.-Board of Sup] . !-• im.. -JJ!_»U.t U UL OU with Mi" 6 ' P1 ' r3ua "t to adjournn with all members present. Motion 'by Balgeman and seconded r^lf^^m, (111U IJ, approved. Ayes: All. . ' Issue warrants for all bills allowed at 0 ~...~.. »„„ .,euu.™ this meeting as sho\ra by the "Sched- by Kelken that annual report of I ule of Claims" hereinbefore written of Mayor C. F Specht and T rc as per vote on each Individual bill '"• «-- -------' fvecnt and L. A. V Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded <«v,uu,iH.ia tnat tne countv nnii i=.l by .Balgeman that: Whereas, there ' Sylvester Fuchsert beT can?^ « ' ?or fof " r " ews l>apers r filed application year 1931 on. account of being wrc ror oriiclal pubtlcation, we instruct ously assessed Avei- An the County Auditor to have the pub- Motion by Balgeman and secon shera of said neirspapers send their by Funnemark that Otto list of bona fide yearly subscribers fund loan for JI500 on 1- i-* aci , . R 0 » C °^ Un ,7 their^meet" **' P^r^ann^m " Ve yea " with ^ p Ayes: All. All. ' : • and seconded Motion by Funnemark and SPCOI& „> .„„..„ - -— school fund Joan by McDonald that Countv Aiidltorl ^.,?^?? ?? ?l rter a Ts e8 l-2 0 S t VV- w" of freight^eV^ ""^ ? a *™° . . . , -'• 9^», W. J. Bourne, be Ayes: 'All. «» M » f °5 five yeara havl »iS Inter- Motion by Balgeman and se est paid to date January 3, 1933. Ayes: by Helken thmt' the asseraors' M^ tlon , Jby .J He!hen and seconded by slla"ry Uo f <I 19ll, Pe a r nd en n t ot fr0 Sce f ea • maSr'n'r 1 ^ ^SfS?'»H^^^- ™SP*?_<*. -W .hereinafter state! ^ f... _ m I ^ -*" •*- — "»..' fl ' .M 17 13 26 27 18 ..vm,,,- Project No. *239.10; grading project No. J408.96; grading project No. JVo.^i Sradjngr project No. 3134.43; grading project No. poll tax collet .„.. . grading project No. J240.30. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Balgeman that the following- resolution be adopted: • BJESOLUTION Be it Resolved by the IBoard of Su- for for each road for Ayes: Ail. for NO. for ; Name of of Days for Assess. Dist Assessor All'd An for Algona—E. H. Beardsley.93Mi -_ _, _ , v«(4«f «B "Cl-f *( tt-^fTZ Fenton-John Dempsey .. .16 Lakota—A., E. Ogren ; 21% Ledyard-^Leon Worden '.11 Lone Rock—fWtn. G. Flalg 8 pervlsors of Kossuth county Iowa. ! Lu Ve ">e-D.. C."BHlB ...16% that all ^'y-Mr* wa. . that all warrants hereafter issued by ^ ^'y-Mr* Clare M. any Justice of the Peace of KoBSuth m,? rl ^ Kson •"• ....... ...... ^ county. Iowa, charging any oeraon Titonka-John E. Kell ...is?j 10.00 7.00 of 5 al , d oheck ." draft or "wrn't'en "order . <- w or duly signed by the County Attor- 10.00 Ae ,f of 'Kossuth county. lowaf Ayes: , Mot!on by I 'Funnemark Eleanor Pot- n ......... S Beregren.,.21% C . Wegener 34% Helken and seconded by i G .* rfleW -jHenry Klepper .35Vi that the request of abate- ° erma npHenry Ubben ..35V4 rt,, n »i«_ _, 4 _____ OI .. ate -Grant— L. W T)»vnr,iiT. QI&-. .n Algona Independent Ayes: AH. On o'clock' "E' BUTLER u Smlth.27'/j January 4, 1933. Auditor's Office, January 4, 1933. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth with all members present. to adjournment bert ... ,...32!$ Lu Verne-Ed Chambers..30 Plum Creek—H. L. McEnroe , 28 Portland-Jay Graham ...2S N. Ludwlg.40 Cogley Motion by Funnemark and seconded Riverdale-Thamas " Cra- jy Heiken that the following resolu- i 0han • -.28 *ion be adopted: i«=aum . g eneca _ J w Bol]1& _ 31 ^ RESOLUTION |Sherman—E. C. Green ,...30 WIJHR02AS, The provision of Sec- I'gprlngfield^Chas. Haas .23Vj tlon 740o of the Code of 1924 requiring 'Swea-Leo Guerdet 32% depositors bonds for deposits of coun- Unlon-JW. J. .'Bourne .. ..34% tv funds i n depository banks has been Wesley-Henry C. Nelson 34% Whlttemore-James Hosan 34% ,-- --. »—rf «M.i4,k^ Motion by 'McDonald and s_ bonds, and provides for a by Helken that County Auditor rund for the protection . of structed to serve pauper repealed, and, WHEiRiEAS, the law as It now ex" ' ~ the depository 'banks county Iowa, is hereby directed to deposit funds In the depository banks hereinafter mentioned, which are hereby designated and approved as depositories of the public funds of Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wit: Iowa State Bank. Algona. State Bank. Ledyard. ITtnoka Savings Bank, Titonka Exchange State Bank, Wesley. po " m "-° & Traders Savings Bank, Lone Kock Bank, Lone Rock. Farmers State Bank, Whittemore. Burt Savings Bank, Burt. Humboldt Trust & Savings Bank Humooldt. and that all public funds now In the possession of said County Treasurer or hereafter coming Into the possession of the said county Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, shall be deposited in said' banks hereinbefore designated, and the said County Treasurer Is hereby authorized and required to use said banks as such depositories; that the maximum amount of county funds authorised to 'be deported in said banks, which are hereinbefore approved as " for said County ~ follows: ~3ank, Algona $400000 of Ledyard, Led- lto ' 'Ben Dorr and K. T «* ^ r «rUcro T r?. r8 *#s SS£rwaftBe 13 ... ., -Savings Bank, Burt".:.": Trujjt & Benedict, and on Howard Co.; Swift and family, Ledyard TwpJ on Blue Earth, Minn., and on, Kate Barton and family, Lu ] Twp,, and on Clarke Co., atw| •Floyd Slsher and family, Sprln Twp., and on Wisconsin. Ayes:'. Motion by Funnemark and sec} by McDonald that the SFourth l terly 'Hteport of Clark Orton, CW District Court, be approved. ' Motion by McDonald and se« toy Heiken that the taxes for yen. on the following described proper suspended: All of Lot (2) and f Lot (3) in Block (227) Call's a* the City of Algona, on account ° ability to pay the same as mended by town council of Ayes: All. Motion by iBalgeman and seen by "Fvmnemark that resolution sented by the town council, , City, Iowa, be approved of tlx» valuation on the S 8 ft. of • Block 7, at $150.00 for taxation poses, said valuation being fix' account of this property havinS assessed together with Lots 7 » in said block. Ayes,: All. Motion -by iBalgeman and by McDonald that soldier's exern of Lawrence E. Decker on W. 9> NW 1-4 NE 1-4 g^o. 16. TWP- Ranse 29. and the W. 3 ewi-4 SB H *>Mb of Ht W. Township 95, Range: 29- *° r 1938 be allowed. Ayes: All. .„ On unotlon (Board adjowrned v> o clock a. jn., Janijary », 1933. j.

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