Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 19, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 19, 1933
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PAGE POUR JAKUAftY 19. IQ «NTERED AS SECOND CLASS matter December 31, 190S, at the Postofflce at AlRona, Iowa, under the *Ct of March 2, 1879. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION I— To Kossuth county postotfices and bordering postofflces at Armstrong, Bode, Brltt, Buffalo Center, Cor- wlth, Cylinder, Elmore, Hutchins, Livermore, Ottosen, Rake, :Ring- Sted, Rodman. Stllson, West iBend, and Woden, year _____________ $2.00 •—To all other U. S. Postofflees, year ________________________ $2.50 subscriptions for papers going to points within the county and oiit- of-the-county points named under No. 1 above are considered continuing •ubscrlptlons to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at publisher's discretion. Subscriptions going to non-county points not named under Ko. 1 above will be discontinued Without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If not renewed, but time for payment will be extended If requested In writing. THE LAW OF VORECLOSUKK OF REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES In view of the current real estate problem, a brief resume fish and game committee. On other committees, as follows, his name Is close to the top: Tax reduction, animal husbandry, county and township organization, child welfare. The tax reduction committee Is important. Mr. Bonnstetter holds fourth place, after the chairman, In a committee of 26. In this committee also he will have an opportunity to do worth while work In the Interest of oppressed taxpayers. Although the Register says that republicans captured most of senate chairmanships awarded the by 12376 of the code follows: "When a mortgage or deed of j •trust is foreclosed, the court shall | render judgment for the entire amount found to be due, and must Lieut.-Gov. Kraschel, not one was given to Senator Patterson. Since Patterson has been a recognized senate leader, It is probable that this oversight was 'intentional. It doubtless reveals again the intention of the new state administration to head off tax reform with tax reduction. On the important ways and means committee Patterson stands next after the chairman. On other committees his name is a considerable way down the list. He Is a member of the important committees on appropriations, retrenchment and reform, and reduction of public expenditures, also of the following' committees: departmental affairs educational institutions, fish and | game, labor. If there has been an attempt to The Colyum let's Not be too D—d Serious D I.NED WITH MY Lord Crewe, with whom was Mr. Browne, clerk of the House of Lords, and Mr. John Crewe Here they did talk much of the present cheapness of corne, even to a miracle; so as their farmers can pay no rent, tout do fling up their lands; and would pay In corne; but, which I did observe to my Lord, and he liked well of it, our gentry are grown so Ignorant in everything of good husbandry, that they know not how to "bestow this At The Call Theatre A Review of the Redetit Talkies by T. M. C. TEN BEST TALKIES of A 1952, as selected by The Film Dally from a poll of 36S newspapers in the United States, discloses that this critic was 50 per cent right In his list published some weeks ago. This Is a fair percentage. Out of the Film Daily's list, two plays, Grand Hotel and Bill of Divorcement, have not appeared at the Call, and therefore could not be included In our list. The four in The Film Daily's list not included In ours were The Champ, Smllln' Through, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and corne: which, did they understand Kmma. Are these among the ten direct the mortgaged property, or so i stifle Patterson, it probably will not much thereof as Is necessary,'to be work> He is resourceful and able sold to satisfy the same, with interest and cofits." It will be noticed that, us Judge IPltts told the farmers at Le Mare, the court has no discretion. If the papers are in form, and if there is 110 lawful defense, the court "shall" render judgment and "must" order the mortgaged property sold. In this the Judge Is just a clerk doing what the law commands him to do. As regards redemption Code Sec. 11774 provides: rights, enough to make himself heard without any committee assignment all. at Timely Topics The Philippines look like a liability whether we keep them or let them go. In either case we shall be but a little trade, they .would be able to joyne together, and know what markets there are abroad, and send it thither, and thereby ease their tenants and (be able to pay themselves.—Diary of 'Samuel Pepys, January 1, 1667. 'So agriculture was distressed in England 266 years ago in the time of our great-great-great'-great-great]great - great - great - great-great- grandfathers! BROTHER DEWEL of the Algona Advance, Brother Hyne, of the Tama Herald, Brother Reid, of the Valley Junction Express, and others are sticklers for the old- fashioned way of calling a spade a spade, regardless of its modesty- shocking effects.—J. M. Gass in Albia News. It was Mr. Gass, If you recall, whom we chided gently for referring to legs as limbs. We decline responsibility for the other imps who took it up. Now we are given to under- plctures you enjoyed In 1932? More local critics have discussed the movies with us In the last week than in any other single week since wild west stories, but the. fact Is, there have 'been some excellent talkies at the Call on the last day of the week. Watch the calendar and pick out these, occasional, outstanding plays. Night Cluib (Lady was a corking good mystery-detective story, with the leading roles In capable hands. That suave, polished gentleman of the screen, Adolph Menjou, la Colt, the detective, and a flaxen-haired, emotional newcomer, Mayo Melhot, plays the night-club lady. Surrounded by eight detectives she dies promptly at the stroke of 12 In a mysterious manner which taxes the Ingenuity of Mr. Colt to the utmost. we began editing this column. TliiBi But he finally solves the mystery in was encouraging, the one faint ray| a manner which even our limited capabilities are atole to comprehend. of hope that keeps us at this apparently useless occupation. Because where there Is discussion there Is hope. Nicht wahr? I E LAST OF A trio of Chino- Russian pictures dished out to us by Manageress Rice Is, fittingly, the best. We speak of The •Bitter Tea of General Yen, co-starring Nils If detective stories are used by our great and near-great statesmen and Politicians as a means • from dull trivialities of of escape humdrum existence, why not a good detective talkie for the end of a nerve-racking Saturday? The second Installment of The Hurricane Express proved a dlsap- Asther and Barbara Stanwyck, Miss potatment, (because the photography ^f ft n \wfi\r \\. f nn n nnnilln r*ltV /^nnro*i't. _.. _i t ~ __ * .. Stanwyck won a popularity contest conducted by the Chicago Tribune some weeks ago. She appears a little miscast In this Chinese nightmare, her rather harsh, metallic voice jarring in contrast with the soft, melodious articulation of Nils Asther. It is always difficult to pass on Chinese characterizations, but our under liability to defend them from i stand that lesrs are modesty-shock-[ humble judgment in the present case aggression. Who could have thought "The debtor may redeem property °" ! hat molnl f J" 1S , 9S 7" en the : any time within one year from S °rious news of Dewey's victory ar„ Hnv nc *=,!„ on* „..,] L +„„ rived that it would come to this? at the day of sale, and will, dn the meantime, be entitled to the possession thereof: and for the first six •months thereafter such right of re- it's supposed to contain all the let- •demption is exclusive." This means that for the first six months no other mortgagee can The line which typewriter neophytes are set at repeating, because mediately. All other mortgagees must hold off for the first six months. The next section provides that during the following three months other lien-holders may redeem, and they can redeem from each other in turn; but this does not include a mechanic's lien before judgment. However, the debtor still has the right to redeem, only now he must not only pay the original claim but the claims of all lien-holders who redeem between six and nine months after the sale. Code sections 117S6 and 117S7 go on to say: "After the expiration of nine months from the day of sale, the creditors can no longer redeem from tern of the alphabet—it doesn't—is, "Xow is the time for all good men u _ to come to the aid of the party." Blip in between the debtor" and the j Perhaps it might profitably be •mortgagee who foreclosed and make 'changed for the time being to, "Now redemption, thus piling up another!' 8 the time f °r the legislature to get 3ien for the debtor to discharge im- 'busy." A Washington, D. C., newspaper writer hints that the way things are 'shaping- themselves the Roosevelt honeymoon bids fair to last no longer than 'Hoover's did. That's quite right. The only thing 1 that can make Roosevelt's term one long honeymoon like Coolidge's is nationwide prosperity. Washington has its national and foreign debt muddles, and the state legislatures have their taxation and •private debt muddles, and it's plain heck to pay either way. If this country emerges from such times as these without a revolution of some kind it may be considered safe for the next hundred years. Sometimes mothers don't know their own babies, if the tots get switched in a hospital. It looks now as if the authors of the allotment plan will be in the same fix if the ing. Very well, Mr. Gass, bring on some legs—Oh, a whole chorus legs!—and see if they shock us. of WE CALL ATTENTION to an editorial on [The Message of the New Year is Faith and Hope] the front page o£ this issue of The Patriot from the pen of old W. C. Dewel, of the Algona Advance. It is about the best one on the new •is that Nils gives a creditable account of himself as rich, intelligent bandit who woos the lovely Barbara and when he realizes that she does not love him obligingly drinks a cup of poisoned (bitter) tea. We had a queer reaction to Mr. Asther's portrayal of the aristocrat- was sloppy and foggy, and the story tangled itself up in serial style. All we ask is clearer photography and more train whistles. We don't much care how badly they becloud the plot as long as the train pictures are clear and thrilling. Among the Editors '"PHAT ASIDE from the recreational and educational values of the state fair, and the inevitable sorry effects of even temporary disorganization which would result from the proposed two-year afoan- year that we have seen so far. We' realize, that her marriage with a ic, intelligent Chinaman. With re- donment . there is something to be markable Intuition he makes his L Sa , l l, fori , the ._ falr M . an audience feel, and Miss Stanwyck «ach other Unless the defendant redeems, the purchaser, or the •creditor who has last redeemed prior to the expiration of the nine months •aforesaid, will hold the property absolutely." This in effect restores the exclusive right of the debtor to redeem in the last three months of the year. Code 11732 provides that when the property is sold the debtor can require that it be sold in parcels according to a plan he submits. This •does not let him redeem any parcel so-called parity bill is passed by congress. It's still true that the best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft agley. 'Some ambitious Des Moines legislator has introduced a bill to abolish publication of the delinquent tax list. The idea, we gather, Is to boost the needy delinquent tax col- just paying its proportionate lector's Income by adding to his list share of the judgment, but it does tne thousands of taxpayers who pay give him the opportunity to find 1 on time only to keep their names •others to go jn with him and redeem ' out of print. the land. For example, if a quarter flection Is being sold, and he can raise enough to redeem one forty, then if he can find others to go in •with him and take the other 120 acres, he can demand that the sheriff offer the land in parcels as agreed •upon, and if dn that way the whole judgment is satisfied the land will Ibe cleared. In that case he "Slave his forty unencumbered will and Typical Comment Which Is the Heck of It. Hampton Chronicle—The tax sales postponed give property owners another several weeks to pay taxes before any great penalty attaches, the sheriff will' deed'the rest to'the!' 1 ™' as tlle new toxes for 1932 wil1 -others as agreed upon; The debtor 'also has the right to .assign his redemption rights, and the assignee may redeem the same as he can.—Code 11796. All these provisions are old. All but Sec. 11732 run back to .the Code of 1801, and Sec. 11732 runs back to "the Code of I860. Now we come to the so-called de- ticiency judgment, which is really a deficiency sale; that is, the property floee not sell for enough to pay the judgment. Sec. 11731 provides: "If the property levied on sells for be due and payable during (March the wonder will be where to get the money for the coming tax payment. Xot on This Class of Goods. Albia News—With oats selling at 5 cents a bushel, rolled oats ready for the table bring- about the same old price, $35 a bushel. Would a fair price to the farmer necessarily make want it understood we are not mad at Mr. Dewel, even If he didn't give us those blue garters for Christmas that he promised , us.—'Roy A. Jarnagin in Jarney's Own Column , in Peterson Patriot. There must, of course, be a first time for all things. Thus, ' if ' he lives long enough, the day arrives when every man is referred to as "Old Mr." So-and-So. Doubtless, on repetition, he grows used to it; we have yet to find out. But we can testify that the first time, even in jest, is a bit shocking. TWO LOCAL MEN spent the entire lunch hour yesterday trying to decide whether it was worse to have a wife who was a lint-picker than one who was a necktie-straightener. They called in a friend as judge, but it seems his wife was a lapel-puller, so the argument started all over again.—W. R. 'Prewitt in Forest City Summit. Move over, fellows, and busy, slightly erratic doctor will not be a bed of roses. Because this doctor has already demonstrated that even before marriage'he puts doubtful duty before 'his fiancee's affections. ' When • this happens before marriage, what may the hapless wife .expect afterwards? .• The genius of Frank Capra (one of our favorite directors) is clearly demonstrated in perfect photography and technical sound effects. The Civil war scenes are beautifully and realistically done, and the use of hazy, foggy backgrounds adds a touch of tragic-suggestion-in keep-ing Walter Connolly performance as with the theme. gives a splendid hard-drinking, loquacious American adviser to the bandit ruler. The musical setting of The Bitter Tea of General Yen leaves nothing to be desired, and the production is superbly staged. An this compensates for triteness of plot. AM A FUGITIVE from a chain let us chip on the shoulder, and it is not draw up a chair. We nominate the long before you realize •fond wife who rifles her husband's pants and leaves him to discover the fact when he has bit the end off a cigar and the beautiful clerk is waiting to ring up the money. NOT LONG AGO a national convention of teachers of English decided to liberalize, and now one may use "it is me," "who are you looking for?" "try and do it," and similar expressions. If'a sentence sounds better with a split infinitive, just split it. at would be interesting to know how many years will pass before the language will have been so changed that we of 1933 would fail to understand.—E. K. Pittman .In Northwood Anchor. Well, Mr. Pdttman, "try and" read a line or two of .Beowolf without a glossary, and you may get a line on how long it would take. And some lines in Chaucer might stump you—and Chaucer himself would have been stumped by "stump." A DANE BRIAIRIE farmer who apparently is not satisfied with the present administration . claims to have had half of a dressed hog stolen the-other night. He claims the picture means business. that Give this the talkies credit for the courage to depict a situation said to exist in our civilized United States—«, form of prison discipline which takes us back to the Dark Ages of the tor- and which stimulates needed circulation of money is illustrated in this clipping from Plain Talk, Dea Moines, edited toy George Gallarno: '^During the past ten years the .fair has shpw.n an. average.,6urp[]us of $15,62i8 a year from receipts, and all of this surplus has been invested in permanent improvements, new 'buildings, and .maintenance, of,, the grounds. ''Annual ' cash premiums running to '$117,372 a year have been paid to exhibitors, and $24,590 each year has been paid to newspapers for advertising. The fair has 'been a real employer of labor, its pay rolls amounting to more than $75,000 a year. During the 10 years more than 1,000,000 people in excess of the entire population of the state, or a total of 3,639,610, have attended the exposition. Some years have been greater than others, but the average for the ten years has been 363,961." Mr. Gallarno might have added that if the 3,600,000 people who attended the fair spent an average of only $5 apiece the total represents the circulation of more than $18,000,000, or nearly a dollar a year for every man, woman, and child dn the state. AMONG DANGERS faced toy the •**• incoming administration, none is greater than the present blind faith of millions of people that the change politically will bring about h the cat-o-n ne-tails. This is not a ter economically. The tw that the consumer pay more for his! thief was a democrat and explains breakfast? 'his belief by asserting that if the thief had been a republican he would have taken the whqle hog,—Minne- The Penalty of the Presidency. Rock Rapids Reporter—ExPresi- dent Calvin Coolidge is dead. Just 'less than sufficient to (satisfy the' cTnotner ' blt of P ro °* that Gray was -execution, the judgment holder may order out another ..." This means that the creditor can get another execution writ from the fllstric: court clerk and have the sheriff levy on any other property •of the debtor for the balance due right when he wrote in his Elegy in a Country Church Yard, "the paths of glory lead tout to the grave." A View on Branch Banking. Humboldt Independent — Branch banking means centralization of the the judgment. This js what happens when the creditor or any other bidder bids the property in for lees than the judgment; and that practice is what most of the rumpus in the mid-west is about at this time. This section, however, is also old. It goes back to the Code of 1S51, Into the question of the modem receivership practice, we are not, for lack of clear understanding, 'prepared to go at this time. Offhand it looks questionable; but there are undoubtedly, two .sides to it. If, however, it is desired in this time of unprecedented difficulties arising from over-indebtedness to provide further protection for real estate mortgage judgment debtors, It is plain that the legislature can do St. first by lengthening the redemption time and the time of exclusive right of redemption, and, second, by hobbling receivership practice in the meantime. KOSSUTH AXD THE COMMITTEE APPOINT}! J5XTS Kossuth county was immensely on i tt t » ™ ° U " der a bank ' ing head In some large center. The power to loan would be taken away from the local banker. The power to retain local deposits for use in local enterprises would be done away with. The wealth of the country would move to the larger centers, there to be used according to the will of the heads of the parent banks. Something to Think Al>out. Albia Union-Republican—(Assets of loan agencies are computed on the face value of their securities. To depreciate these assets would jeopardize their financial structure and do irreparable damage to the nation. This is particularly true of insurance companies with' reserves invested in farm mortgages. Depreciate these reserves, and the rights of millions of policy holders are jeopardized. Where Tax Reduction Must Begin. Swea City Herald—Here ds Swea City, with 40 cents of each dollar we pay in taxes going to the Swea City gratified yesterday to learn that j schools, 3S.57 cents to town govern- fipeaker Miller had named Repre- lm ' nt . and 21.-13 cents to county and ^V 1 ' 6 ' U is readll >' apparent to Swea C-'ityans where they must start if they are dead in earnest about reducing their tax bills. We Are All in (lie Same Boat. Hamilton Chronicle—The federal government is not alone in expenses ahead of receipts. The .state of Iowa sentative Bonnstetter head of important house committee on appropriations. Mr. Bonnstetter Is worthy of the place. He is level-headed, able, honest, indefatigable. Taxpayer^ have good reason to expect him to pare appropriations to the bone, yet see that justice is done. He will know „ — u ...... v_, j j t- ti j 11 n.j nj\v ' • . — — at every step exactly what he is do- ls runnin s behind to the tune of ing, and nobody will frighten Mm *' u0 ' 000 a month. Many individuals ' ' - ' he thinks is ' e realize<:l for s °me time the embarrassment of expenditures greater than receipts, and they have been lying awake nights trying to balance out of doing what right. Mr. Bonnetetter is also ranking ,,,„„ u .. member, after the chairman, of the!budgets. sota Prison Mirror. The political situation being what it is, it's o. k. by us to tell that one at the expense of the republicans, but to keep history straight it may be well to recall the fact that the republicans wore it out at the expense of the democrats 50 years ago. EMILY BR'IOE HOYT. book chatterer for the S. C. Journal, heads her Tuesday column with this— There's no up-to-date column in this land of democracy That does not remark on Howard 'Scott's Technocracy. Oh yes, there is, Emily. This is it. Further Fllosophy o f Mr. Berfield. [Ad in Iowa Falls Citizen.] Notice in the weekly scream somebody is advertising for a woman to do housework for board and room. I have had such an arrangement for more than 30 years . . . My other pair of pants has developed a fringe around the 'bottoms, had me worried for a while till I saw in the Ladies' Home Journal that fringe was a very fashionable trimming ... Two or three years back when they kept telling us that prosperity was just around the corner I had trouble understanding it; they were right, he was just around the corner, but the sonofaguiv was going the other way. THIS TASTY MENU LACKS LIGHT BUUBS FOR DESERT.— Headline in Deemer Lee's Estherville Daily News. What's the idea, Deemer? Must one go out on the desert at night to eat it? THE TRIBUNE knows it has the largest list of bonified subscribers in Palo Alto county.—Anna Donovan, editor, in EmmeLsburg Tribune. Oh Anna! Surely some are bona fide. Fetchlufjest headline glimpsed last week: "They last a wife-time" in Esthervllle News over story about wedding rings. —ALIEN. as are depicted in I Am a Fugitive From a In our enlightened civilization, and if publicity and the talkies can bring some influence to 'bear to end such inhuman we must you want p |f°® Forest City Summit, says: "The restless American public is waiting- in an expectant mood for a miracle to happen when President- ther on forms of punishment, read Hon the dem-Lsion wl,, fT A better man couldn't have been found to play the leading role in this grim, tragic story. Though supported by. an ex- _ Is of such a performance. 'The new deal' if it is to have stability and permanency, must of necessity "be a slow process. Instead of ex- sordid, scenes from beginning to end. We leave, him,, in the last reel, still a fugitive,, fading out into the dark- ; ness in much the same manner as the real Robert Burns is at present a fugitive in New Jersey. Incidentally this question raises fine points in state's rights: must the governor of one state, in all cases, deliver to the governor of another an escaped convict—or what is a state's "word" worth? This man surrendered voluntarily on a promise of pardon for "good behavior" within 90 days. 'IBut once inside - "" «"J o. LAJUU UJUJU JllmUO !TrV.n« i. *prison walls, he found the promise Wh6n we set lbeer ' the complex situation, the citizens themselves must carry out the greater,^portion-of _the task..••;,• .• 1 ADD BAIXLADS OF THE BAY [iP. A. M. in Marshalltown T.-tR.] We'll all b e happy, grand, and gay When we get beer; We'll dance the happy hours away, When we get beer. We'll have no lacks and pay no tax, 'Find knives and forks in roast pigs' backs, The protrUbs will have" closed their clacks, ties In such a situation but talkie seems unafraid to take forgotten, and the 90 days was changed to an indefinite time. We are not sufficiently versed in fine -I the the proverbial "bull by the horns". And this is the strongest argument for pictures like the present one. Once our talkies get out of their swaddling clothes and raise even a comparatively timid voice in opposition to the established order, we may truly say, as the chairman of our house committee used to reiterate in our now forgotten fraternity days, "We report progress." I T WOULD BE a waste of the reader's time as well as useless extravagance of our discerning talents (?) to review Wheeler and Woolsey's Hold 'em Jail. We always marvel at the spectacle of a full- length comedy acted by so-called comedians without as much as five chuckles in the ten reels. You'l think that just by accident either the director or an actor would stumble onto a joke or a situation which might convulse the spectator at least once during the evening. 'But— well, if you found a laugh in Hold 'em, Jail, you found the needle in this cinema haystack! To make our suffering more acute we had to sit through an Our Gang comedy — worse than usual. T OVERS OP "detective stories •*—' miiised a rare opportunity Saturday if they failed to show up for The Night Club Lady. Most folks labor under the impression that Saturday shows are mostly cowboy and No car will tote an empty tank, When we get beer; crank, When We get beer . When we drive out with our colleen, Unc' Sam will furnish gasoline, And a four-day week complete the scene, Once we get beer. IQOK at CL COLUMN* ITPAY5 Typewriter Ribbons at the Advance METHODIST, C. V. Antic, Pnttot —The Bible (Searchers S. S. class ob* served a monthly fellowship .meeting Tuesday at the parsonage. The committee In charge of lunch was Mrs. W. M. Godfrey, Mrs. Wm. C. Steele, Mrs. Jesse Wiley, Mrs. .A. .W. Slgs- bee, and Mrs. Hulse . . . With an attendance of 342 last Sunday, the •Sunday school took on a normal appearance, and indications are hopeful for an interesting and efficient school for the remainder of the winter and for the spring . . . Some younger leaders hn.ve been giving an excellent account Of themselves in Epworth League devotlon- meetings. Jtlobert Richardson led Sunday evening on the topic, Why Study Bible Characters? TRINITY EV. MJTHEBATf, P. J. Brnncr, Pastor—.Next Sunday: Sunday schbol'and Bible class, 10 a. m.; English service, 10:30. The Concordia Aid meets this afternoon with Mrs. Henry Wegener. Confirmation instruction Saturday forenoon at 10. We shall eoon add another class to our Sunday school. Children not affiliated with another church are '•heartily welcome to attend our Sunday school. Our school and Bible class are conducted in English only, and a staff of well-trained teachers takes care of classes. NAZABENE, A. W. and Hazel Irwin, Pastors— .Last Sunday's services showed increase in interest and attendance. Come to the Sunday school •bible class at 9:45, and let us study the bible together. Stay for the hour of worship, 11-12. Next Sunday's theme: Going All the Way. Evening service, 7:30; theme: The Rewards of the Christian. Prayer meetings Wednesday nights at 7:30. FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. SJos. trand, Pastor—No confirmation class Saturday. Sunday school and Luther League Bible class next Sunday at 10 a. m. The Bible Study is Psalm 6. Morning worship, 11, c. E. Sjostrand, St. Peter, Minn., will conduct the services. • .ST..-THOMAS-EPISCOPAL, lonls Dennlnghoff, M. Th, Rector—Third Sunday after Trinity: church school, 10 a. m.; morning prayer by lay reader, Dr. Walter-' Fraser, • 11. • >.. ' ' t • Another One of Mrs. Tribon's '/ Bargain giving sales will be held on the lower floor of Christensen Bros. Co., store on Friday and Saturday OF THIS WEEK There will be yard goods, hosiery.^underwear, curtains, curtain materials, gloves, blankets,'coats and dresses and many more things at prices cheaper than you have ever seen. Come—you wont be disappointed. Mrs. F. L. Tribon A LGONA MERCHANTS who use •** sales books of any kind are invited to place orders with the Advance and thus leave a little of the money at home. Quality and prices guaranteed equal to any quoted by traveling solicitors. ANNOUNCEMENT I have taken over the insurance "business of Rahm & Schemel and will be pleased to serve your insurance needs. I write life and accident insurance, automobile insurance, also fire'and lightning. I solicit a share of your business. . • H.N.KRUSE Located over Iowa State Bank Phone 125. Yes—Advertising Pays Advertising cheap goods does not pavr— Advertising good goods always pays— One satisfied customer a day is worth more than niany dissatisfied. Quoting prices nowadays means very little, but buying foods—good groceries—and get your MONEY'S WORTH Phone 290, 291, or go to Akre's WE DELIVER Quality means "Richelieu", "Baby Stuart", "Pure Quill" products sold by us always. We have lower priced groceries also. Laird & McCullough FUNERAL DIRECTORS ;; PHONE 521 ALGONA, IOWA Call Theatre Thursday and Friday, January 19 and 20 JOHN B ARRYMORE ' • - -. :!'."V ' —in— • ., ..:• ' • "BILL OF DIVORCEMENT" The picture acclaimed as one of the year's ten best man' 6SS Me itS6lf> Whait ^ tne greatest sacrifice a woman can make for a See Barrymore in the greatest picture of his career. Matinee: Thursday, 2:30 p. ;m. tie Saturday, January 21 ' take children who read "Lit<*»* 1* the hand and come to FILMDOM'S KING FOR 1933 "LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE" The girl with ten million homes and still an orphan Big Comedy ^-.-^ _ Also Hurricane Express No. 8 1 Sunday and Monday, January 22 and 28 "To-Night Is Ours" CHANGE IN PROGRAM ^;^ sensation by the stars of "Sign of'the Now, 1 ,. M Togatho Again.' _ T • /o MAiftCH Claudette COLBERT . in Noel Coward's Romance! Beauty! Entertainment! Matinee 1 p, m. Shorts, comedy— bring 'em back "half shot. Water jamboree. " •, _ __ Paramount Jfews Tuesday and Wednesday, January 24 and 85 WABBEJf WILLIAMS aud LILI DAMITA in "The Match King" ARTHUR BYRQN him u Cfaramount picture

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