Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 12, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1933
Page 5
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jeef rt,y Beef Steak, Ib. —. Boasts —-.—*—• -- - lling Beef —— —-7c ome Made Hamburger lOc Chops, 3 Ibs. 25c .25c ard, 4 Ibs. ...... ---Bring your palls. jest slab Bacon resh Hams, whole or half 9c Mb, sack Rolled Data —14c 5 Ibs. Navy Beans .-lie cans Golden Bar Corn, _29c jround Pepper, full Ib. -29c Cranberries, 2 qta. .-! 2Sc esh Cookies* 15c SB Peachs&,',2 olden Syrup; No. 10 pail 4»c .limit 3 cans, each 5" cansi_-u-___25c S Specials [Friday •> Saturday fiiorax, per bottle _._____._18c Shelled Popcornv5ilbs;<__17c .... . i . Toilet Tissues 6 rolls ___25c lied; Oats,. 5 lbs>;------ISc es, No. 10 size :_____35c Breakfast Gocoa, 1-2 Ib. * package _—. lOc , Home dressed Beef, Pork and Yeal Young beef by quarter.—; a., m., and there will be a vagon on the grounds. One _6c Ib. and up Young pork by the half _ 1-2 to 6c Ib. Hoine; Rendered Lard -__ [Pressed Ducks and Chickens Salt and Spiced Mackerel and Codfish. TOP PRICE FOR*" EGGS IHSORENSEN&CO, Phones 138 and 139. WE DELIVER Cash Store lanced Ham, 2 Ibs. _____ 25c [Smoked Ham, 2 Ibs. ____ 25c ISliced Bacon, 2 Ibs. _____ 25c IChipso _ ------ __l:l____20c [.Morton's Smoked Salt __89c |2-qt. heavy glass Pitchers 15e Vegetable Shortening, won- for cooking, baking; ^.frying, 2 Ibs. __.___25c Laundry Soap-Cocoanut oil base. Wash 'anything from filmy silks to greasy coveralls, 5 large 1 Ib. ba'r8'._i'' > 25c cof- Best on 'the' market for price. ANNOUNCEMENT nd W 'W *>e Pleased to yo ul . lneuranC6 needfl> BU™ W t and accident '.tn- afc T' au " w »obll. e ' insurance, H.N. KRUSE over Iowa state Bank 1'Jioiie 186, KQ88UTH COUNTY ADVANfm ALGOtfA. IOWA FARM LAND LEADS IN TAHALUATION Land leads in taxable valuations reported December 29 by County Auditor Bertha E. Johnson to state- authorities. The total taxable value was $8,724,832. The assessed value Is four times the taxable value, or $34,899,329. ;' Next in the list of taxable valuations Is town lots, $1,089,927, .and the railroads with lines IniKosauth come third, with a taxable valuation of $1,018,064. These, too, multiplied toy four, glvo the assessed valuations. . The taxable follows: OCALS value is divided as PROPERTY :,» Agrlcultural lands $ 12,915 Town lots '-1,098,927 Personal property 238,9lSi Express companies Railroads and equip. 13$ nnd Mrs. R. A. Evans spent last Thursday at Fort Dodge. The Methodist Bible Searchers will moot next Wednesday with Mrs. C V. Hulsc, George Call Jr., sioux City, visited his grandmother, Mrs. S. C. Spear, I'riday and Saturday. Mrs, A. S. Hueser is slowly .^ uv . ei'ing from pneumonia at the General hospital. .Tos. Bestenlehner, L. A Winkel Leonard VoiRht, and E. j. McEvoy were at Fonda Sunday on 1C C. bus- tor, Elinor Helen, who was born to Lyman and his wife recently. Grace Marie Frymann, Dubuque, visited from last Thursday till Sunday with her aunts, Caroline and Christine Wernert, and other local relatives. She was en route home from a visit with a sister at Remi (sen, Total city ................ $lii77,55f RURJAL, PROPERTY "••''•![ •'* Lands ................... $8,724,832' 5"rult and forest trees — _ ..- is| Personal property ....... .' '440,876' Express ................. Iil2 g ; i Telephone and . telegraph.. 1J2.15S Slectrlc lines _____________ ,f-«.46,344 Paul Freiberg, Wesley's marshal, has been a patient for medical treatment at the Koseuth hospital since Sunday. Also in the hospital for medical treatment |s Mrs. Ralph Blackmer, Lu Verne, who entered last week Wednesday. (Mrs. Fred Moser, near Ottosen, suffered the amputation of a leg above the knee at the Kossuth hospital Tuesday. An infection made the operation necessary. The Mosers are farmers. Mrs. Moser was reported doing well yesterday. Irma Davlson, Burt, spent last __, .,„.„ Thursday night with Mrs. Gorda sheriff, remained at Bancroft to I ee ' she returned Friday to Sioux finish school. They attend St. John's ' Ra P Mfl - where she is a teacher. Miss William Martin received a message Friday announcing that a sister at Danville, Ky., would be buried Sunday. Mrs. C. C. Schaap, Sheldon, ._ ">"•"-- the week with the Dr. S. She Is the Doctor's is D. Schaaps. mother. Two sons of Carl Dahlhauser, new Total rural ' ------------ $10,232,213 The total taxable value of .:• bothi slty and rural property Is'thtis*?!!,- 09,770, with, an assessed Valuation of $46,839,080. -•• 3 FARMERS DATE SALESJEXTJWEEK E. F. Rahm and Ben iDwenger, ixecutors of the late Jos. Rahm Jr.j announce one of the biggest sales at he season next Thursday, JanuarW '.9, at the farm a half mile west op •t. Benedict. It will be opened at Ifl luncjfl hunted -and twenty-five head of live;took will be offered: eight horses 43 jcattle, &5 feeding hogs; and si? heep. Among other Items will be i Buick'sedan, 75 Buff Rock 1< p j u'lleti nd a line of farm machlh'eri*/' H° Irummond will toe auctioneer; Mr| lahm, clerk. . ';i ( Two other farm isalos are'advertis-lj ed. Next Wednesday Carl NlelsenS half mile north and - a^Jwlf mild •eat of, 'Fenton, will sell siJ&horsosj! 0 cattle; Including, nine..milk cowsj 6 brood sows, '20'0 Buff OrplrigjfonSj nd a long list of farm machinery, 5 "his will be a big- closing- out sale( ut Mr; Nielsen, is not- being closedi ut. He is just going to quit form- ng. IFred Flaig will be auctioneer;. L. Cotton, clerk. -^;. , .," Next Tuesday S. W. Allen, on'the rl. E. Kaln farm, 1% miles east : ,an<l mile north of Algona, will sell' two ood mares, nine Shorthorn cows; 00 laying Leghorns, farm machin- ry, and household goods. Mr. : A,llen Iso is going to quit farming. C., Oi diddle will be auctioneer; the Iowa tate bank", clerk. '•" '• " ; ALGONIAN MOTHER * OF LUCKY BABE .The first 1933, .baby in Johnson ounty was a boy born at 11 a'.lm. at rlercy hospital, Iowa City, to Mi£ nd Mrs. George Laclna, farmers ear Iowa City, The mother, Is i^ ormer Algpna- girl, Lavina,-daug^ er of Mr. and 'Mrs. Jacob .Wlnke| orthwest of town. 'The bqfoy.'fe the Irst child of the Lavinas. H(s givep ames are Francis Jacob,' Afc wirtb e weighed eight pounds.: ;•>•'! ' jj Tre Iowa City Prees-Cltlzen pf last -eek Tuesday carried a full'page |ot dvertteements by' Iowa • City' toupees interests, and every, advertise^; romised a gift for this first' 1933! ohnson county balby. Th'dMlet for; ows: . : 'tu'.'i '« ', Snuggle rug; a pair of shoes;' first e-eollng; two quarts mllU"Wr twp eeks; a half dozen p uilted carriage robe; toidey seat; [oral cradle filled with flower^; 'irst Seven Years book; silve^ poon' with engraved Initials. ; Clothes cleaning up to $3; h;alf on .of ..coal; knitted suit;, came >aby bath ; Hot Point electric] he r;,rlng; electric heating yfyl; : |p, ear's 'iPre»-Cltlzeh-sut)scrlpHon. ; » i The happy mother writes;,* "we re Inclined to believe the New Yejjjr ill be a prosperous one for us, co'iji dering how It has begun." LL KOSSUTH BANKS NAMED AS COUHTY OEPOS|Tfl8ilS Three banks were inadvertently mltted in' the list of county depoeir ories adopted by the board of; Su- ervlsors as, set out In last week's Ldvance. The Bancroft, Wlrttte- nore, and (Burt banks were included i the list approved by the board -of upervlsors, but the names were, in ome unexplained manner left-out the published list. The correct 1st follows: '; ! Iowa State bank, Algona ,—$40(1,000 State bank, Ledyard —--- 8,5,000 Tltonka Savings r-' 85 ! 000 . Exchange State, Wesley — 85*000, academy. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Christiansen and A. E. Michel went to Des Moines yesterday, and are expected to return today, The Rev. and Mrsi I. G. Kltz- Rcv. P. j. Wednesday. Davlson had been at home two weeks, caring for her mother, Mrs. W. J, Davlson, who was critically sick. Jos. Shepard and Ernest Godfredson drove to Gray Lake, 111., last week, and brought home Joe's sister Baptist at the [ Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Q. Lenz, Buffalo Center, and a daughter were :g,uoats of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegener Sunday. ^C. L. Melton, state highway commission engineer, underwent an appendicitis operation at the Koasuth hospital Friday. „ Mrs. J. W. .Sullivan went to Mus- catlno Friday for a visit with the Dan Sulllvans. Dan is a brother of the late J. W. Sullivan. >; Carlotta Kanouff began work af- te"rnoons last week Tuesday for W. H. Godden. She was employed-.at Omaha till a 'few months ago. •"•••' ,.W. E. Laird, who has been sick tw.o weeks with the flu and-complications, is much improved and now site up in bed part of the day. Mr. and Mrs. John Hilbert, Lu Verne farmers, 'became parents of their first child,'a girl, at the Kossuth hospital last week Wednesday. A Mr. Darrell, circulation manage,? for- the Mason City Globe-Gazette,.was a guest of Editor R. B. Waller at. the Rotary club meeting Monday. The Fall division of the Aid will hold a bake sale White grocery store Saturday; Mrs. R. Coleman and Mrs. K. Willasson in charge. 'Mrs. Raymond McGraw, Flint, Mich., has been visiting at the Dehnert hotel since Saturday, but leaves for home today. She is a sister of Mrs. Dehnert. Friday's Humboldt Republican reported the mother of Dr. A. Arent critically sick at Badger. Doctor Arent's wife is one of the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Helse. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Joslyn, Mason City, spent Sunday With the Le Roy Davlses. Mr. Davis Is Western Union operator here, and Mr. Joslyn Is a lineman for the company. !Mrs. I. N. Meline, Eagle Grove, and three children went home yesterday, after a visit since 'Friday with the C. R. LatBarres. Mrs. Me- llne is Mrs. La! Barre's sister. Frances, daughter of Mrs, Clara Sbrensen, retur-ned to school Monday, after having been- 'out since Thanksgiving because of whooping cough and'an attack of the flu. ,. Mrs. ,JL. E. Potter, who is now making her home at Charles City with her daughter, Mrs. Alta Stiles, [suspending the week with the B. H. Potters and other relatives here. Dr. and Mns. J. Q..^..prii;;e w ( ent jip Des Moines (Friday, and Doctor. J?rlce aas been attending.se.ssip.ns,,of the state. there. •morrow. ; i ^ ......... . 1 Dor'bth y 'Sarrison, ; employed, (at' 'the; Cunningham & iLacy office, was sick last week-end and unable to be at work for a few days. She is the the and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Byron laat week Caldwcll, who will spend the rest of the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Shepard, parents of Mrs. Caldwell. Mrs. Ernest Neuman has been a great sufferer four years with rheumatism, and.has been seriously sick during the last month with gallstones and two heart attacks. Last week on Monday evening she was reported conscious only part of th© time. Marie Grover, Burt, is staying with her sister, Mrs. R. M. Wallace, while the Doctor la spending two months at Tulane university, New Orleans, La. Mrs. Wallace had a letter from the Doctor earlyUn the week.saying, that he arrived Friday. He drove down. Mrs. F. B. Shaffer, Mason City, came Monday to be at the bedside of her father, J. O. Paxson, who is critically sick. .Mr. Paxson has for the last two or three years been in failing health, and during the last several months has had to keep to his bed. •James, son of Mr. and Mrs. (Frank McEnroe,-east of. -town,- was- injured New Year's day as he was sliding down the Thorlngton street hill with his cousin, Patrick,- son. of Mr. and Mrs. John McEnroe. Eleven stitches were necessary to close a wound in his hip. CRobert Padgett, Lone Rock, son of Mrs. Wm. Dehnert; is improving. He was in an auto accident some weeks ago, when his car ran off the road and hit a telephone pole. The car was wrecked and he suffered a fractured skull. He was unconscious for some time. . Mrs. M. C. Frandsen was a Kossuth hospital patient over Friday night. As she was leaving the hospital after a visit there with her daughter she suffered a fall. She was taken back to the hospital, but left next day, having suffered bruises and shock only. 'Mrs. Susie Engler got home last . veterinarians' J association They are expected.home'tq- F, & T., Bancroft •Lone Rock bank - 85,000, Farmers' State, Whittemore 85,000 Burt Savings. Burt — r Humfooldt Trust & Sav. —— GAS PRICES ON* All GRADES DROP ONE CENT A CALION •Gasoline prices in all Algona. sta-* tiona dropped a cent one day last week. The price is now 13.4f-.Jor iStanolInd gas, 16.7c for Red Crown, and 19.7 for ethyl at the west Stand.-; ard Oil station, and these price4$pi> respond with those of brands at'ojh- er stations. The price includes 4c tax, of which Ic is the new federal tax. The two higher priced brands dropped 'Friday, and standard gas dropped Saturday. it- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Samson. Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Baker drove to Kanawha Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Baker's brother, C. C. Uucas, vice president of the First National bank there. They returned he same day. ...Mrs. James Biggins, Fort Dodge, and her granddaughter, Mary Catherine Cain, visited from last Thursday till Sunday with the latter'e father, M. B. Cain, Milwaukee postal railway clerk. Mrs. H. M. Hauberg entertained her bridge club Friday night. Contract bridge was .played at three tables, Mrs. J. M. Herbst winning the high score. After bridge refreshments were served. Mrs. W. L. Mitchell, Clear Lake, spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Isabel Meiggs. Mrs. Mitchell is a daughter of the late J. W. Hinchon, for many yearn editor of the Courier. Howard Kanouff Omaha last week returned to Tuesday, after Arrangements were being made at Laird & McCullough's yesterday for funeral services today or tomorrow for John Hardy Rickard, who died at Weeley Tuesday evening.-. Mr. Rickard wae born here 66 years ago, the son of Mr. and Mrs., Chester Rickard, oldtune settlers who.came h.er$ from Ofeio. Mrs. vivee. having spent the holidays with hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kanouff. Howard is a senior law student at Crelghton university. H. R. Cowan returned Monday from Rochester, Minn., where he had taken Mrs. Cowan Sunday. Mrs. Cowan is spending the week there, going through the clinic. Mr. Cowan expects to go back this week-end. Mre. Samuel Hedrick has returned to Mason City, where she works in a lunch room. She Is a daughter of Mrs. Wm. Dehnert. Mi's. Hedrick suffered a nervous breakdown some weeks ago and came here for a rest. Mildred Capesius returned to , , » TVS,,., aurareu V*»*I=«M»"» »w k ~»«— JobU PlCkara Vies. ^ ^ Cherokee Sunday to resume studies ' in junior college. She te a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, and was at home over the holidays. She is in her second year in the college. Mrs. Anton Anderson returned from Belmond Sunday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Anderson (or. a- few weeks, during whjch ghe helped care for a/new week Wednesday from where she had spent the family. Mr. McMurray drove to Sioux City to Ibring the family home. Mr. Moulds is a former Kossuth sheriff who till recently was a state automobile Inspector. At present he is unemployed, Mr. and Mrs. Abner Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reynolds, and the latter couple's son Donald, all of Ellsworth, with Mrs. Myron Knutson, of Jewell, and her son Eugene, spent Saturday and Sunday with the A, W, Amunsens. Mr. and Mrs. A/bner Reynolds are Mrs. Amunsen's parents, Earl is their son, and Mrs. Knutson a daughter. Eva Brown, who had served as Western Union messenger since two years ago last September, resigned early In the year, and her successor is Victor, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Samson. He works part time, his hours being from 8 till 9 in the morning, and 1 to 1:30 and 4 till 6 M15THODIST, C. V. Hnlse, Pastor —Mrs. H. V. Hull will be hostess to the W. F. M. S. this afternoon at her home on south Minnesota The Bible Searchers class will hold a monthly fellowship meeting next week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Hulse . . . Tho Epworth 'League Is having interesting ant helpful meetings each Sunday even ing at 6:30. The leader next Sun day will be Robert Richardson 'Sunday school attendance sw u ,. ( back to normal Sunday; an indica tlon that the flu epidemic has abou run its course. ¥ , , A. W. ana Hnze irwln, I'nstor—Join our growing swung •••unlink, tiiiu i 10 I.AU ana * till B Huni-Jiv <,„*,„ i i t ,— — in the afternoon. Leroy Davis ie' in „ f u and tako your place *.u_ t,r-_x..... ~ ."Biu* -LBIVIS w in a class, whern vnn ™r, •=,*„/!•,, +u= the Western Union operator. Mrs. Matt Holtabauer, who was class, where you can study the Word of Ood and learn about the Plan of salvation, your obligation to threatened with pneumonia last, God . and your right relation to your week, is reported much better. Mrs. fellow man . . . Next Sunday: Bi- Walter Lichter, nurse, cared for her. b 'e school, 9:45 a. m.; morning wor- Gertrude Keneflck began work re- sh| P, U, theme: The World's Great- cently for the Upper Des Moines, "" " ' gathering news Mondays and Tuesdays. She Is the daughter of the late Dr. -M. J. Kenefick, and she has had two years at the state university. Phydells Sonnerholm went to her home at Crystal Lake last week Wednesday for a several weeks cation. She suffered from an attack of the flu recently, and also has heart trouble. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sonnerholm, came for her. She has been employed the last few years at Mrs. Ethel Morrison's beauty shop. She makes her home with the L. E. Hoveys. The Wallace Evans family, which lived at (Burlington during the laat few years, moved Saturday to Atlantic, where Wallace is now superintendent of carriers for the Register and Tribune company, Des M.oines. He was previously employed at organizing bands and selling musical Instruments for a musical instrument, company. Wallace Is the son of Dr. and Mrs. R, A.. Evans. 'Leslie Seward, La Grange, 111., went-home last weef Tuesday, after a visit of several days with local friends. He - made • headquarters :'• at Mrs. R. H. Spencer's. ''Leslie,'who Is a 1 sophomore in 'junior high school, accompanied his father, L. C. Seward, to Iowa. • The elder Seward, now manager of a Reconstruction Finance Corporation office, at Northwood, was 'formerly cashier of. the.First National bank here. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Coleman-, was., en. route to the Baptist church Sunday and when, near the high school building, she met pedestrians she stepped aside. As she- did so, one of her feet caught on something eft on the ground. Her shoe was torn off, and she fell to the ground, suffering severe bruises. She had to be taken home from school Monday Waterloo. est Need; evening service, 7:30 theme, A Call to Action. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening, 7 i 30. TRINITY EV. LUTHERAN, P. .T. Braner, Pastor—Next Sunday: Sunk day school and Bible class, 10 a. m.; .-'German service, 10:30. The installation of the two elders, Herman Boettcher and William Dau, will take place. Tho S. S. T. meets tomorrow evening at 8 at the parsonage. Confirmation instructions each Saturday at 10 a. m. FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. trand, Pastflr—The Aid jneeta tomorrow at the Sellstrom home. The confirmation class meets Saturday at 2 p. m. Sunday school next Sunday, 10 a. m.; vesper worship 7:30. ST. THOMAsTEPIBCOPAL, LonU Dennlnrhoff, M. Th., Rector — Second Sunday after Epiphany: Church school, 10 a. m.; morning prayer and sermon, 11. " FIVE BANDS TO, PLAY FOR DANCES AT MISBACH HALL Five bands have.been booked for dances in the rest of'this month and the first week in February at • the hall above the Misibach clothing store and Graham's. They have been booked ..by C. R. Harris and his'part- ner, who some, months ago opened a bicycle shop across the street east from the Legion hall. The. bands and the dates they play follow: Andy fretter and His Band, next Saturday evening; Red Wilson and His Rhythm Kings, January 18; Ray; Keys and His Tootere,- January 23; Al Menke and His Gang, January 30; Curley Madsen and His Orchestra, (February 7. The orchestra last-named . often plays over WMT, and cared for by a physician. Mrs. R. A. Evans left Tuesday nigh£ for Brampton, Ontario, to see a sister, Margaret Thompson, who ie critically sick. The sister is past 80. Brampton is Mrs. Evans' home :own, and she has two other sisters there. It is a town of 10,000 inhabitants 20 miles west of Toronto. It claims the largest greenhouse in the world, with 40 acres und'.r glass. WHITTEMORE LUTHERANS ELECT OFFICERS SUNDAY Whlttemore, Jan. 10—St. Paul's Lutheran congregation held its annual meeting Sunday in the iLuth- eran school hall, with nearly every member present. The Rev. Mr, Kabelltz, Fenton, was chairman; Mrs. Evans will .be gone a Brampton is called the .rose town of Te ache r H. W. Behnke, secretary The principal business was to elect officers; Carl' C. Baas succeeded Henry F. Schultz as deacon, August Vaudt was re-elected' school direc- Canada, month. ^Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baler •recelv- was hoilSfys ! 6 ^* telesram yesterday announcing : toPi and Herman Meyer with her daughter Edna, employedi^ b >* n °* a ^:*;f O p,^^ ri tef | elected trustee. F. O. Hahn was there.,: Mrs Engler visited the'V> r '™ ^ P '• , m?i • *v. elected treasurer; and Oscar Schattr wortd's fair ground She^is *2 ;^ ^^^L^^' ^^^ ,- hnelder . «- nce "««*«* - g* present keeping house, for the E. J. Van Ness family. ,,.,•- '.. . John Bieser took his'wife and els- ter-in-law,' Mrs. W. • J. Payne, • to Waterloo Sunday to-see their'moth- er, Mrs. N. Ba.rbaras, Harpers Ferry, who is- seriously ill at the ' St. Francis hospital. Alice and Eleanor Payne accompanied -them, and all returned ' the same night. jjjjlrs. Rose Fries, the former Mayme Belts, underwent a major .operation at St. Vincent's hospital, Sioux City, a week ago Saturday, and a letter to Mrs. Oscar Anderson M.onday reported her gaining. Mr. lories is staying the're at the home of her brother, Robert Bette. The Garner Leader notes that Maud Wenck spent the Christmas season at her. Garner home. v Miss Wehck, who "was for some 'years music teacher in the local schools, has been teaching at Moorhead, Minn., since taking a postgraduate course in music after leaving here. Nick Maharas returned to hie shoe repair shop Monday, after having been for a time confined to his home with the flu. His son Nick Jr. and daughter Dorothy have had pneumonia, but' are 1 now on the roaa to recovery. Mrs. Maharae's mother from Fort Dodge is here, caring for the family. Last week's Spencer News-Herald said: "Mrs. E. J. Neville motored to Spencer from Algona to spend Saturday with her parents, Mayor and Mrs. W., H. Lewis. Her children, Lewis James and Mary, who had spent a week with their grandparents, returned to Algona with her." Peggy Oliver, .Waseca;'Minn., is new office assistant at Dr. F. C. Scanlan's. She succeeds Wilma Seipman, who was married last week Tuesday to C. V. Froehlich. Peggy is the daughter of the' late Harvey Oliver, Waseca, who died last fall. Ray Oliver, former Algonlan, now of Mason City, is her uncle. Mrs. A. A. Beguhn and Mrs. G. D. Brundage spent 'Friday at Mareh- alltown, and Mrs. Beguhn looked for a house while she was there. Mr. Beguhn, who is with the Firestone Tire & Rubber company, was transferred from Algona to Marshalltown early in the year, and the family will move there February 1. Mrs. Charlotte Tiss returned to her home at Des Moines Tuesday, after having been here a week. She attended the ifuneral of her mother- in-law, Mrs. Catherine Tiss, last Thursday. Arthur Tiss, son of the Jate Mrs. Tiss, returned Friday to Fort Madison, where he is superintendent of schools. Mrs. Isabel Meiggs is hie sister. Mrs. Glen McMurray and, her daughter Patricia returned from Sioux City test Thursday, after eevr \day|. third. v child and second^son...George, | new memlbers were received: . >r_. TT who Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baler, Is manager 'of a Swift 'plant at'Clay .Center. • Some years ago he was in, the .bookkeeping. department of the local Swift plant. -Mrs. ; Baler was formerly Mamie ^Harrison, Algona girl. The following mention, has been i taken from last - .week Tuesday's I'Humboldt .Republican: "Vera Steil, who is a teacher .In Sioux City, has been .spending two weeks with her sister, (Mrs. Earl 'Ellsworth, here and with her father, Jos. Steil, Algona. Mrs. Ellsworth took .her daughter Shirley and her sieter, to Algona Monday, and they ^islted at the Jos. Steil home. Shirley '. remained to spend the week with her grandfather." . Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are examination "daze", for school children in the high school and the grades who are finishing the first semester of the year. IFour o'clock tomorrow afternoon. will be the end of a worrisome week for all who must take the tests, A number were Meyer, Edw. Wichtendahl, Leland Wlldin. •*• GRANDSON OF EX-COUNTY OFFICER PASSES AT BURT •Burt, Jan. 10—Warren Goodspeed Carr, 19-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Carr, died Saturday evening, after a week's sickness with pneumonia. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the Methodist church, the Rev. J. E. Clifton conducting, and burial was made 'in the 'Burt cemetery. The child is survived by .the parents, two sisters, and six brothers. A younger baby is critically sick with pneumonia also, and Myrtle Larsen is nursing. Mr. Carr is the son of the late J. B. Cai-r, once a Seneca township farmer, who was KoffSuth district court clerk 1898-1902.' SAVE MONEY AND GET GREAT- er food value with new baking recipes. Occident Better Baking School Wednesday and Thursday, lucky enough to get out because of j January 18 and 19, in the new ware- high grades, providing they had ; house of the Algona Flour & Feed g-ood behavior .also to their credit.' Co. 33-18 Most high school extra-curricular | — — activities have been.delayed till after the "exams" are over. Mr. and -Mrs. T. J. Vincent, Cedar Rapids, visited from last week Monday till last Thursday with relatives Sale Dates Jan. 17—S. W. Allen, closing out sale on the R. E. Kain farm. general farm sale. Jan. 19—Jos. Rahm Jr. Estate, general farm sale, V4 mile west of St. Benedict. ADDING MACHINE ROLLS BOTH WIDE AND NARROW AT- THE ADVANCE here and attended to business matters. The Vincents moved to Cedar j Jan. 18—Carl Nielsen, % mile Rapids from Algpna last fall, and north and % mile west of Fenton, T. J., with his son-in-law, O. W. Lawrence, operates a silver fox farm. The Vincents went from here to Guthrie Center to visit Mr. Vincent's eister. The daughter Jane, who teaches at Franklin Park, Chicago, spent the holidays at home. Mr. Lawrence hafi for some time ibeen practicing law with a firm at Cedar Rapids. Once he was athletic coach in the local schools. Mrs. Stuart Hazeltine, Madera, Calif., leaves for home sometime next week, after a visit here since early December with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove. She will be accompanied by her niece, Dorothy OLawson, who will make her home with the Hazeltines. Dorothy, who is a freshman in high school, has been living with her grandparents, the Cosgrovee. Mr. Hazeltine, who is manager, of a ranch at Madera, oversees all help. When he made 'Algona hie headquarters he was in the employ of the John Deere Plow company. Mrs. Hazeltine, who is the former Lois Cosgrove, spent part of her vacation with her sister, Beg Pardon . In the obituary of Mrs. Butts, published lajat week, the names of' two sons were inadvertently omitted. They are Louis and Edward Butts, live in MARGARET LARSEN Home Economics Lecturer You are cordially invited to attend the OCCIDENT BETTER BAKING SCHOOL WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY JANUARY 18 AND 19 in the "•}•• ; , New Warehouse of the Algona Flour & Feefl Co. Algona,Iowa Classes at 2 p. m. each day. No admission charge or solicitation for orders at any session of the School; Phone 257 for free taxi service. Sponsored by Russell-Miller Milling Co. Algona Flour & Feed Co. L Thomas Akre, and the Algon* Distributors of Occident Flour. Phone 520 SKELGAS TO COOK WITH and a < GENUINE FRIGIDAIEE is preferred at THIS GBEAT COOKBTG SCHOOL Sold by : i BJUSTROM'S Algona, Iowa 1933- -1933 FURNITURE Shop around, then come to Foster's and see the 1933 showing of : , •...-.. .. • . .• " _ . • • . .-^:.juii New Furniture at the New Low Prices Mohair Living Room Suite __. 3-piece Redroom Suite, poster bed, vanity, and chest ___, Walnut finished bed, Simmons spring and cotton mattress 9x12 Armstrong felt base rugs Foster's Furniture Stare $39.75 $39.75 $12.75 $5.95 ANOTHER CAR OP THE FAMOUS Peerless Coal WILL BE ON TRACK TODAY Phone us your order for some of this good cpf J, ' Botsiord Lumber Co.

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