Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 5, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT <£<mttt» THtfttSDAY. JTANtlAftY R iss WIDOW OF CIVIL Words of Comfort for WAR VETERAN DIES; ILL (Win DAYS Mrs. Catherine Ttas died Tuesday afternoon at 5:45 at the home of her son-in-law, I. M. r'inmOl, of east Call street. The cause of death was a general down due to Two Stricken Parents By -S. H. McXlltt. [got over bereavements such as this. One hundred and fifty years ago [and he said, "Yes." But those who ftrontr man spoke the.se words on j h£ive nad exper i c nce know that the - ' of h!s son: "I live in an MRS, BUTTS DIES HERE ON DEC, 28; BURIAL SATURDAY •Mrs. Johanna Louise Butts, 76, . '"rhey ' who ought ' lo ; mlnlstcr was °"'- v tr >' in S to encour-j wno hatl been ailing {lur j n g the last inverted order. have succeeded me have pone be-i !1 ^ c an<1 expected his answer to be so | tew years but had been fcr<- me. They who should have • understood. The days that are tol aoou t most of the time to me as posterity arc in the come bring- no other to fill the place been , eft ^^ and {he i>j.n.._- of ancestors. . . . The storm. . Mrs. flss i lj)f . j. onc over me, and I lie like one . was in her 87th year. The day after of those old oaks which the late i father and the mother will always Christmas she suffered an attack of hurricane has scattered about me. the flu, and symptoms of pneumonia I am stripped of all niy honors; I developed. KY>r a week before death ?.m torn up by the roots." she was unconscious most of the Some thousands of years before time. the words above were spoken a Funeral services- will be conducted strong man exclaimed. Oh! Absolom! by Father Davern at Kt. Cecelia's My son Absolom! Would to God I church this mornint* at 9:30, and had died for thee." burial will hr; made at Corwith, Hut no man's lamentation has pre- up fell and sick Gertrude Norman gave a vocal duet, and declamatory with intestinal influenza two weeks Year's day, and Golden Wedding an-j selection. A devotional period con- ago yesterday i n i o-t ! nlversary of the event was observed ducted by the pastor, the Rev. M. A. ana aiea last weeK j Sumlay wlth open house between 2 SJostrand, was held shortly before that the boy left them in the ^1"^'' T w . and 8 i n , the ^ternoon. The morning of life, at the gateway to The Rev. P. J. Braner, pastor, con- nounced hours were, howevc ambition ducted funeral services at the local regarded in part, for guests Ufred Leason but' Evan £elical Lutheran church Satur- | received from 9 a. m. till 9 p. m. the' following stanza ! day ' and burial was made in Rlver " and many others also know; £ e *'' ^ sid , e ll ? e *« ve ,, ? f 4 °5° r * e Butts, husband, who died April 10, Into a ward of the whitewashed! 1919 ^ a "' | Five sons and four daughters sur- •\Yhere the dead and the dying lay, | vlve . Frank G., Algona; Henry, were where tho husband of Mrs. Tlss lies vailed, and posterity still precedes Wounded by bayonet, shell, and ball,; clear Lake; Samuel, Algona; buried. the parent to the grave. Somebody's darling was borne one : j da Rik 6f Arnold's Park; Mrs. Lou- Mrs. Ti.<*s was horn April 14, 1S46, Among those who can understand. • day. | j se Johanna Pentecost, Algona; at Buffalo, X. V., and her maiden it will be agreed that the great He-[ it is always somebody's. We put;' Rose Ella Studebaker, who lived name was Catherine Shlnburn. At brew king made an error when he :away age with reverence, not sor- '• with her mother; and Mrs. Ella Croghan, N. V., on February 25, said. "Would to God I had died for rO w; it is the normal course of life, i Wetland, Clear Lake. There are 19 18GS, she was married to John TLs«. thee!" He should have said. "Would . But when youth goes it is always : grandchildren. A brother, Henry They farmed in Xc-w York State till . to God I had died with thee," if, somebody's darling. We shall al- Maaske, Brown town, Wis., also sur- they came wc«t some- 50 years ago. ! there wa.s any choice. i ways rebel at the inverted order of i vives. Mr. Tiss was a Civil war veteran. Jt is a strange part of history that jif e , and mourn earnestly and can-| Mrs. Butts was born January 6, He had a farm adjoining Corwith, on the father's lamentations are rec-; didly with those who are bereaved, i 1 So", at Luebtow, Pomerania, Ger- which the family lived. There he orried, while the mother is silent. , : especially with those who have been ' many. She came to America in I once asked a minister if mothers our friends and neighbors. I S, WRESTLERS TO MEET LEDYARD MAT MEN JAN, 13 died 30 years ago. For a time the Widow lived on the farm. Then she conducted a Corwith hotel for a brief period, after which .she lived With a daughter in Florida till «he came here more than a .score of years ago. Of 11 children, fivo girls and six boy.s, only five survive: .Mrs. Isabel Meigcs, ak-;o of the Finnell home; A. I. Tiss, superintendent of the -Fort Madison .schools; John F. Tiu.s, Priest Hiver, Ida.; Auslem Tiss, "Los Angeles; Adrian Tlss, Do Rldder, La. ' : One of the daughters was Mr. Fin- nePs first wife. She died some 25 years ago. Mrs. Ti.ss then came hereto keep house for Mr. Finnell. When ho remarried she wont to Florida, Place at burial services for a man at , agaVnsT Lu Verne "i'n 'February,"bu"t but on the death of the second Mrs. Hritt. ,'/!„*,, „_,! „•, * ,-u,.,. _...-, - *__ | 1SS1, when she was 24, and the [same year was married at Monroe, •More than 75 persons called to congratulate the couple, and there would have been many more but for the fact that the day was being gen- AL FALKENHAINER HL I ttUXLmiHIULII FUNERAL DEC, 23 DRAWS BIG CROWD ,„,,,, , , , , ... erally celebrated with In years lived near Irvington. The next refreshments were served in directed by Edward Norton, will Mrs. Butts had been a member of compete with a Ledyard team on the the Evangelical Ledyard floor next week Friday j since childhood. ' Lutheran church T ' "' midnight. (Refreshments were served by the league. The "wake" was adjourned immediately after midnight. IJertlin E. Johnson Honored— Supervisor and Mrs. Olaf Funnemark entertained at their home north of Wesley last Thursday evening in honor of Bertha E. Johnson, retiring county auditor. Guests were Supervisor and Mrs. Chas. Morrla, .Lone Rock, their daughter, Supervisor and Mrs. P. J. Helken, Swea City, and Supervisor W. E. McDonald. Mrs. McDonald, and Supervisor WEATHER PLEASANT DURING HOLIDAYS Weather conditions have been fairly..normal since the cold snap in mid-December which drove the mer- ciiry be]o\v many records for low temperatures over the state. • : The : coldest here was IS below on ^ ANOTHER CASE OF MALTA FEVER REPORTED AT LAKQTj Lakota, Jan. 3— (Francis Adams i,| suffering from an attack of fever. A 'blood sample; was sent to iowa City a week ago, and wax turned "positive. 1 Mr. Adams for Jerry Ukena, and he probably! contracted the disease from handling! stock. This Is the second recent! c "se, the Rev. F. O. Johnson, loc.ii| 15. On several nights the ! Methodist pastor, having been off reading was 15, 16, or 17 below. During a period of almost ten days the temperatures didn't rise above freezing more than once. Relief from the cold snap came on December 20, when the temperatures duty with the same thing during t ne | last two or three months. and Mrs. F. J. Balgeman, Whltte- j laeft two week( ? follow ; •more, were unable to attend because _ ' , '•'•'' High , of sickness, as also, were H. M. : Smith, county engineer, and his Granddaughter Dies. Whittemore, Jan. 3-^On Christmas! morning Mr. and Mrs. John Elselel west of Whittemore, received news r.ose enough' to melt the 5-Inch ! of tne death of thel r two-year-old- snowfall of December 11. Rain fell granddaughter, Alberta, the daugh.l Saturday morning before Christmas, ter o£ Mr> ttnd Mrs - Albert Elsele, off ind sidewalks, roads, and trees were i B!ue Earth. The child died of the covered with a thick coat of ice. A i f lu , at st - Joseph's hospital, Man.' iotal of only .72 Inch rainfall was, however, recorded during the month, with only ten Inches of snowfall for the seasoii thus far. The temperature, readings for the kato< wife. Entertains In Honor of Sister— "Mrs. William Carman, Wesley, entertained last Thursday afternoon at the home of. her father, W. D Kearns, Burt, In honor of her sister, Mrs. Robert Hayward, Chicago The following young women were guests: Katherine Manus, Lura .„ . , ., _. Sewick, Mrs. iLe Roy Boettch'er, Mrs. :^°v, Ck ' Cl M //' ^ i A 'bert Shrader, Mrs. Loyd Schenck, l-.lit. ; rice i ald On the local team are Mau- I August Huenhold, Henry Wegen- Funeral services for Al Falken- ; hairier were conducted by the Rev. • R M South"-ite Britt it th P Con • s ° 11 and Howard Meflin - Other dates; were pallbearers at the funeral. " ! have been scheduled as follows: i gregational church Friday, Decem- i Burt| nerer January 24; Burt at 1 The local pastor, the Rev. ; Burt, February 3; Ledyard, here, Thompson, Hale Cooper, Don- i er, Gottlieb Gronbach, Robert Lies- j ", *£?,?,, ^ ^'' Hutchins, John Green, and Rus-; ener, John Seip, and Louis Hintz | ^ ^ am - llm. : : wi^n n 'tin o rr- nlec d e £ ^j^°«»^v^«rtr^ AMllson, till 5 p. m., and after that Luci](J Le6( Emmeteburff . Mrs R F _ Perry and Mrs. Albert Granzow, Algona. The afternoon was spent at " that Palmer and J. Clark, took Mr. Southgate's February 27. A match is planned returned. A.s long as 'I .he altar was banked with flow- | meet nave not been set . 4 Plnne.ll sh sho "w.T.s able to no .so she- continued ers. The -Masons attended in a to look after the household duties, body; also the Hotarians. The and she mothered tho two Finnoll church w;i.s filled. Pallbearers were boys ns lu-r own. Grandma. Tiss will K. i'f. Miller, D. H. Goeders, Herman be hold in devoted memory in the Haubersr, Geo. W. Godfrey, M. P. home sho has no-vV left. i Weaver, and L. E. Linnan. Burial » ! was made in Uiverview. | Mr. Southgate, an old and inti- j mate friend of Mr. Falkenhainer, j preached a feeling sermon. IUW K I in mn 1C l/r*nn' Ko m;in - v outsiders came for the inVALIU run ID itAno funcrallhatnotauthenamescoukl (late for an(J a CQun TITONKA WOMAN DIES; BARRY NEW CHIEF OF KIWANIS CLUB; COMMITTEE LIST ohtalnod - as LIVERMORE WILL PLAY HERE TOMORROW NIGHT ' Cedar Rapids; Howard, Milwaukee; and Roy, also a railway postal clerk, •Salt Lake City. Irwin, his wife, and daughter Adris were here, also Howard, his wife, and adopted son. A family dinner had been served Saturday to high score. Algronlan's Sister Is Married— Annette Helmke, {Beverly 'Hills, come, but he and his wife in The Algona Boosters independent basketball team has won two out of three games to date, and faces Ltv- i telephoned congratulations Sunday. ermore on the high school floor to- [ A -sister of Mr. • Willson at Lake nette hag been tn • , ... morrow evening for the fourth en- ' Park, the only other surviving mem- Mr. Greer is a lumber salesman, and counter of the season. The locals »»r of his family, was unable to at- |- the steters are aau&hters of Mr „„„ won from Llvermore Friday by only tend. 31-27, and local fans can expect a ; Mre - Willson js the former close game. 'Peck, daughter of Mr. and airs. J. H. Helmke, Whittemore. .Tan. or the last 15'years, died Friday even- j Milwaukee. Ing. Mrs. Mechlar was born in Meek- ! ^^o^g^-Tohn Haire, W. A". Barry was installed h C l h ^rnfiS lkW h ha i. ne ai PrMid0nt ° f th ° Khranis club invalid for • Karl ICoss, a nephew, was here from i P^st: president of the club. D. D. Among Rotarians were: ; Paxson, president In 1932, was ad-j bruised foot. Center—Diet. Gov. Charles | m itted to the ranks of past presi- | In the holidays the Algona team Livermore's team has a number of William Peck, a well known early the former all 7 state high school on j Pl^' 6 '" 6 - T " the game last week Bob n ^ I Williams suffered a torn ligament in a time. Norman Walker „ . 0 H. S. lenbury, Germany, November 15, | Vincent, L. H. Minkel, A. L. Brooks! 18G8. When she was nine her par- ~ ents emigrated to America and settled in Iowa, On March 20, 1884, she married Herman Mechlar at Homestead. Three children, Elmer, Clarence, and Vera, were born. Vera is now Mrs. Merle Schwietert, Algona. In 1896 the Mechlars moved to a farm near Tltonka. After some years here they moved to Crookston, Minn., where they remained six years. Then they returned to Titonka. In 19,1'J they retired and moved to town. Mrs. Mechlar was a member of the •Lutheran church and the Lutheran Aid. Herman Mechlar and the three children survive. Vera's husband is linotyp'Lst for the Upper lies fllolnes-'Republlcan. Mr.s. Mechlar was only G4. Funeral services were held at the Lutheran c-hurch Monday at 1:30, the Rev. H. W. Schoe- lein in charge, and 'buria! was made in the Buffalo cemetery. E. M. Klapka. Indianola — E. C. Harlan, W. T. Hamilton, Prof. Charles Burrows, Past Governor Pearl McKee. Humboklt — H. C. Hubbard, Roy Snyder, H. F. Jakway, Editor Frank Jaqua. Forest City—Editor W. R. Prewitt, Merle Thompson, Min Brown, Thorwald Thorson. presidents. Mr. Berry announced the won at Tltonka by eight points De- following committees for 1933, the i cember 23, but lost a game to Led- couple. The Willsons were married by the Mr. Mountain, [Baptist pastor Algona their home during their four their Gro "P Held An Epworth League group rally was held at Burt last week Wednes- ind the first man in each case being chairman: Programs—H. W. Miller, Dr. M. J. Bourne, A. E. Kresensky. Attendance—Alvin Huenhold, Ben Sorensen, Dr. H. M. Olson. Newton—J. Algona baker. P. Walton, Music—Dr. A. D. Adams, Dr. W. D. Andrews, T. T. Herbst.. Finance—A. H. Bbrchardt, Jos. Bloom, R. W. Horigan.. Publicity—<D. E. Dewel, Dr. A D. former | AdamSi Jos BIoomi •Membership—T. H. Ch'rischlllee, R. C. Ball, J. F. Fisher, and John j Pink. W. R. Beck, Valley Junction, C. L. Cunningham, Ventura, Robert L. "Harvey, Missouri Valley, August Phillip, Manchester, and N. F. Reed, Des Moines, directors of the Drug- Classification—C. R. 'La; Barre, H. M. Smith, J. L. Sonar:. Public Affairs—Dr. R.. MT. Wallace, T. T. Herbst, D. D: PaxBon, Farm—Olaf Funnemarlt,. J. M. Patterson, Jos. Fraser: City; Robert M. Gibson, Des Moines; and C. L. Cavanaugh, of Whittemore. CHICAGO COLLEGE STUDENT HIKES HOME FOR HOLIDAYS Harold -Strait, who was graduated Kohlhaas i tl ' om St ' Cecella>s academy a few garage "since Saturday"." The car 'is i n \ o . nt , hB . aff ,°.. an . d .. is J?° w atte . ndln £ distinctive in stream Lines, for getting away from wind resistance, also for UK low chassis and general excellent appearance. •Borm-thing new is tho scheme for NEW CHEVROLET CAR ON EXHIBITION HERE A two-door coach model of the •new 1933 Chevrolet automobile ha« been on display at the W. Slocum, Indianola, secretary of the state pharmaceutical association. ton. 'Laws and Regulations—C; IT. Tay- ventilating without causing drafts on other passengers. The front seat '' oild ticket fnr hlm Loyola university, Chicago, hitchhiked to Alffona for Christmas at his grandfather Anton Strelt's. He caught a ride with a -traveling man as Car as Dubuque, and there the traveling man found an unu.sed rail- to Waterloo. side windows are'In two .parts, with |??. e ""!.. hc , < ; a "_ B _ 1 ?. t , r ! des the re , st , ° f the front third adjustable, so that air i.s drawn in anil forced out at the This provides ventila- same time. tion for the noxt the window without bothering others. Anyone. who h;is ridden in a back .seat and been annoyed -by a strong wind from an open front .side- window will like the feature. The new Chevrolet pnglne has five h. p. more than the. 1!)32 model, eUso a half-inch greater piston stroke, and the car travels tit 70 miles an hour as easily as the 1!)32 car at f>0 or CO. The new Fisher (body gives greater room, a sloping radiator, and a sloping rear end the way. It took him most of two day.s to get here, and he started out Friday morning to go back the same way. His father, a widower, is a carpenter at Chicago, and Harold lives with Wallace. 'Business Standards — T".. P 1 .. rlngton, Jobn Kohlhaas, Dr;. C. H. Cretzmeyer. House — J. L. Bonar; A. L,. Cunningham, C. R. La Barre.. Education — M. G. Norton-, H. E. Rist, P. .1. Kohlhaas. Reception— Dr. C. H, Cretzmoyer, Jos. Greenberg, C. H. Taylor-. Inter-Club Relations — P. J, Kohlhaas, A. L. Cunningham, >H. E: Ward. NEW MANAGER OF INSURANCE LOAN DIVISION MOVES HERE •Fred Odermann, managed farms in who this formerly territory owned by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., has been transferred to the farm loan division of an Illinois branch, and has been succeeded here him Two sMerH ' ^ ' Lloyd K ' Hudson . p °i't Dodge, Hctly. a regi S tered"ur.^\\dte^;ir <o :: ut r rHt rwT nei -b tS * Emmet ' a,,,o live in Chicago. £«*« ^*™* a 2*»«'™Z NORTH END CORN HUSKER BADLY MJRTJN ACCIDENT Bancroft, Jan. 3—Edward A. H, S, BASKET BALL QUINT DEFEATED BY BRITT TEAM The Algona high school basketball team traveled to Hritt Tuesday night for iu-i opening game after the holidays, and wa.s deCeated, 24-1S. The team had hnd only one night of practice. Semester examinations next week will be followed Friday with a game against llumboldt here, and the locals will go to Swea City Mr. Hudson was for 11 years county agent at St. James, Minn., and then yard, 30-28, In an overtime period. Next Monday evening the locals play marriage. S. bers of the Presbyterian church, and a Mason City Dennison club team l' Mr - Willson is a trustee. For many of former college stars. Ten men ! V ear s Mrs. Willson has kept board- here are now practicing. ers and roomers, and the hospltal- V. Hulse. P. T. A. Kext Monday Jf The Parent-Teacher association received many gift* Strnday, Includ- 557 NEW SUITS BEGUN IN DISTRICT COURT IN 1932 , ins ?9 ° Arlene Stewart to Tie Brld< . ity and good-heartedness of the cou- ! meets next Monday evening at 7-30 pie have been widely known. They A total of 537 new cases were filed in district court during 1932, which was the record at law and in equity in recent years. A gijeat .many, were foreclosures, and these involved more clerical work than others, Mrs. G. C. Stewart;, south' «f town. . „ to h ?^ f mbr o ldery club Ume an(J how t(j ' raom ' Bers and 1S - eetl "« was So **«* at,the high school building. The program will' include special music, with talks on thrift. Mrs. A. A. Bishop will speak on thrift in buying, and the high school principal, Otto B. Laing, will speak on leisure ...-.= «„-.«„ wu ™. uuul „,.„„„. f Christmas party, with a program! f 16 annual Rotary holiday party, which kept Clerk Orton and his ll*?^!^ th f f!^"' **° * 8 j ! C . hedU l^ f °5. ! ast TOup«tay night, deputy, (Mrs. Clara Schaap, busy. E. J. McEvoy 'became clerk Tuesday usual exchange of gifts; .Refresh- i was called off because of the death morning, and 'his deputy is Almai"Tf W - re imltation r °s es - Under a. club did not meet Monday last week Grelner, who was deputy under F ''• P f tal - °^ SUch rOS& ^P* 38 ^ tft e de- j or this week because the meeting R Hopkins and for a short time' sn ° a .diamond"rlhgr and an-1 dates fell on holidays. The Kiwanis nouncement ot the engagement of club skipped its last Thursday meet- Arlene,; only daughter- ,of. Mr. and Ing- . Mrs. Stewart, to Jbhw, only 1 son of j Mr, and Mrs. Johnv Simon Sr. I D - A - B «' s Will Meet Tuegday— under Mr. Orton. Last week Wednesday evening- Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Becker entertained 40 guests at dancing-, cardir,. and a miscellaneous shower- in honor of the bridegroom-elect*,, who- has- rent- ed Enos We ™«* farm . They returned — n -.- .*,.. U..V.,*...:,, 4»-li (1 n. tlllU LIlCIl (V. 1-11 T served a year In like capacity in! ? ? chll(ll -en were not hurt, not Jones county, Iowa. HI« old home is i S tU " _ enough ^° nit th e wire. Knoxville, southeast of Des Moines. ' * He has a wife and two daughters. The eldest attends the junior high school, and the other is In the seventh grade. LONE ROCK YOUTH TAKES PART IN RADIO DEBATE Lone Rock, Jan. 2—Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard, accompanied by their son (Howard, drove to Cedar Falls Friday, where Howard and a the debate Coe college over radio station WMT. The. radio audience gave the de- «i, n ,,, 0 ,. « f +>, -r, r * «_ ° snower at .the Worster home on south Thorlngton street i'n honor of" Miss Stewart, their granddaughter and niece respectively. There were 22 guests. The house was decorated in pink and white, and the same colors were carried 1 out in a two- course luncheon. A basket containing gifts was presented 1 80 the •brfd'e- elect by her grandmothers, Mesdames Mary Ste_wart and: M. E. Worster, and the 'gifts were unwrapped by the bride-to-fie. Lucille Bode Party Honoree— Esther Lamuth entertained 20 .,„ _ youni people Tuesday evening in fered large gashes in the face. It \ ^ ono f of her niece, iLucille, eldest required seven stitches to close one of the wounds in Emet's face. The Mrs. Laura Mantor. Sunday. WIRE ACROSS RIVER NEAR BANCROFT GASHES SKATERS Bancroft, Jan. 3— Children from town were skating on the river south of town Saturday, when Emet and Kenneth Devine skated into a barb wire strung- across the stream. They were skating against the sun and did not see it. The boys suf- -*- Droe.ssler, .son John, niece, Mrs. Barbara Fritzler, and her son Eugene left Friday morning for Ke- •beka, iMinn., on receipt of a message lust Thuividay that Arthur Kadow had been in an accident. He is a brother of Mrs. Fritzler and a nephew of Mr. Droessler. He was repairing his car, when it exploded, 'Burt, Jan. 3—Eighty young people and he lout his left eye and wa.s hurt | uttemk ' (1 an Epworth League rally otherwise. Arthur is well known j at the 1Ie thodlst church here last here; every year he has picked corn ' week Wednesday evening. The Al- FIVE TOWNS REPRESENTED AT E, L RALLY AT BURT at Mr. Droesaler's. He had re-| Kona ' Tit °nka, Wesley, AVest Bend, turned to his home at Seheka only| and Burt Lea eues were represented. It opened with a social hour, followed by a one-act play. The Rev. W. G. Muhleman, new district »••- two weeks ago. Named Demo Chairman. DOCTOR WALLACE LEAVES FOR 2 MONTHS OF STUDY Dr. R. M. Wallace was to leave yesterday, or will leave today, for Xew Orleans, where he will spend two months of post-graduate study at the medical college of Tulane university. He took a similar course .•vtxsence the office will be closed, and his office girl, lola Stott, will be with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stott, Portland township. 1 Antoinette Burant Sick. Antoinette Durant, who came for this month are: Hampton, there, January 20; BmmeUsburg, here, January 24; Eagle Grove, there, January 27. There are only two games here this month. W. T. Branagan, Emmetsburg ! P ei ' ln tendent, then gave an address I home a week a S° lafi t Saturday for '' <-•-.-j that face young people ! the holidays with her mother, sis- 9-YEAR-OLD WESLEY BOY HIT BY POULTRY TRUCK TDonald, 9, son of SHackamith and (Mrs. Carl Syverson, Wesley, suffered a fractured leg and bruised thigh Saturday when, with Julius and Martin Monson, Wesley, he was hunting pop bottles near a crossroads on the paving west of Wesley, and he was struck by a poultry .truck from Woden. The boys were behind a wagon when the accident occurred. The leg was set at the Kossuth hospital. The fracture was In the upper right leg. been elected chairman of the Palo Alto county democratic central committee to succeed his father, the late W. I. Branagan, publisher of Democrat. The Branagan was the democratic nominee for congress in this district at the recent election. Aged Woman Sick. Mrs. Marie Mullen, S3, who 'has been abed six weeks or more, is critically sick. For the last 16 years she has lived most of the time with her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Daughan. The Mullens farmed near Brltt more than a half century. -*Discount Boosted. On December, January, February, and March electric light bills at Es- thervllle the discount rate for payment by the first of the following month has been increased by the council from ten to 20 per cent. today. Officers were elected: Bruce ters ' and Brother, fell seriously ill Clifton, Burt, president; Enar Fran- SaturcJa y morning, and for some zen, AVesley, vice; Florence Foley, ' ln '"' s was unconscious. She was re• West Bend, secretary. Mii't Algona Girl Elected. ! Grinnell, Dec. 22—Doris Long, Algona, has been elected vice president of the Grinnell college senior class ; vice president for the' next five 1 years. She is vice president of the i improved early in the week, will remain at home for several •s. She teaches English in a • normal school at Platteville, -*• Dies. Mrs. George Elbert at- 1 1 11. a ' funeral of Mrs. Elaine Players. local chapter of National Collegiate '-,' " hC '''' pl ' ominent Spencer woman, ™ "-bian, ,. iiit Thursday , she dled Qf pneu _ monia, after only a short sickness. She was known to numerous Algon- ians, having visited the E. J. Skinners and the Elberts at various times. Girl Babe Baptized. Dona Mae Jean, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gronbach, was baptized by Rev. P. J. Braner on New Year's day, Mrs. Emilie Per- gando, Lu Verne, and John Helmers, Algona, were eponsors. The ceremony took place at the Gronbach home here. Woodman Policy Paid. Swea City, Jan. 3—The January •Modern Woodman reports allowance of a $1,000 policy on the life of the late Carl J. Gabel. of Mr: and Mrs. iLouts . birthday, , but the party had: to toe postponed because of sickness. The event was a surprfee fo r the honoree. Games at five tables constituted entertainment. The high score for boys was won by Floyd Boder for & irls, by Laura Hanson. Edward Lamuth received a consolation prize. Lunch with Individual cup cakes and small candles was served in a pink and white color scheme. Attending were Laura and Wade Hanson, Eleanor and Edward Lamuth, Floyd and Calvin Bode, Arlene and Michael Matern, Eldon, Magdalene, and Le Roj Stoffel, Helen Zittritsch, Margaret Lichter, John Deim, Maurice McEnroe, Frances McEnroe, the honoree, her sister Kathryn, and brothers Bernard and Robert. Chop Suey Supper Served— Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow entertained 20 friends Sunday evening at a chop suey supper, which waa followed by live tables of bridge. The high score for men was won by Ralph Bartlett, Whittemore; for women, by Mrs. Floyd Saunders; and a travel prize by Howard Hoenck. Other guests were Mrs. Hoenck, Mr. Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Christiansen, Mr. and Mrs R. C. Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampright, and, from out of town Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Kloock, Garner, Mr. and Mrs, Virgil Johnson, Es- thervllle, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Prett- man, Graettinger; Mrs. Ralph Bartlett and A. C. Christiansen, (Minneapolis. Wateh 1988 Out. and 1988 In— A new Year's "wake" was held under avsplcea of the First Lutheran Luther 'League on New Year's Eve at Luther hall. The Rev. A. E. Hueser, Baptist pastor, was guest The D. A. R.'s meet next Tuesday at one p. m. with Ella Thompson; assisting hostesses, Mre. Sylvia Gunn, Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove. Roll call will be answered by New Year's resolutions, and Mrs. C. B. Murtagh will have charge of New Joint Jelnt installation of Masonic and Eastern Star officers for 1933 will at the 1'. T. A. Next Monday Night— A P. T. A. meeting: scheduled for Monday night was postponed to next Monday night. Other Society. The Presbyterian Light ' Bearers meet at the church next 'Saturday at 2 p. m. The program follows: de- votionale, Elfreda Lehman; chapter in study book, Annetta Hanson; entertainment, Dorothy Dailey. New officers are.- president, Anna Marie Runtzel; secretary, Jean Hostesses Murtagh. be Anna Mrs. Frank Ostrtim entertained at two. tables of bridge last Thursday night. Mrs. Ann Zittritsch won the high score, also the travel prize. Other guests were -Meedames Howard Carey, Emll Guderian, Ralph Brown, John Hardgrove, H. W. Post, James Allen, and Nellie Van Allen. The L. W. -Keiths .entertained the F. iL. Tritons, the W. A. Fosters, and the Dg Whites at New Year's for dinner. The group has had New Year's dinner together for the last several years. ^ The Woman's club meets tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at the public library. Mrs. T. H. Chrischil- les will review her choice of the brat 1932 novel. The Legion Auxiliary meets tomorrow evening at 7:30 at the Legion hall. The program and a social hour will be in charge of the officers. A DtttNG MACHINE rolls for sale * *• by the roll or In quantity — Advance. t [• Alt-. LOCAIL sales agent for the ' ,, R . en ?A n S to n "ne of typewriters. There-" are. an even dozen styles, of which four are portables. Prices for yAnd.-, .new portables . range from 19.75 to'$75.—Gordon Dewel at Ad- Vance office. December 19' iJ_' ;J34 December 20, 32 December SI _, » 42 December ' 22 ' .1-_40 •December 23 38 December, 2"4 * ; ;_.34 December 25 L , _35 December 26 __: 40 December' 27 36 December 28 ^ 35 December 29 .32 December 30 ^ 30 December 31 21 January 1 . 39 January 2 39 January. 1 . 39 I/ow ' : 2 11 23 22 27 26 23 23 26 IS 28 Burt Infant Dies. Burt, Jan. 3—The 8-months son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Utoff died at A. C. Blerstedt's Saturday evening, The child had been there for treati ment during a number of -weeks, Suffers Hard Fall. iBurt, Jan. 3—Oeorge L. Carroll, oldtlme Union twp. farmer, fell on an icy walk a week ago Saturday and suffered a broken above the elbow. right arm Patterson Markets Sheep. Burt, Jan. 3—<Sen. Geo. W. p.it- 15 terson left Saturday for Chicago with several carloads of sheep. -.J anu * EV 3 ' -44 IS IS IS 20 25 ;; Aged TVesleyan Dies. KFunerai. services were held at the Laird ft AfcCullough funeral chapel ^•December 27, for Warren • ^cember 24. ..uthgate. Brltt. The.Rev. B. M. in charge. /Daughter for Christinas. "~ . .Whjttemore,. Jan. 3—Santa ' Claus Mroug-ht the" Werner Bra'atz family a rgal gift, a boy, .who arrived Christ- mils e.ve,., There are.two.girls In the family; *• ' ' • E ADVANCE is the only Kossuth newspaper eight columns FOR SALE — GHESTiBR WHITE boars.—Aaron Taylor, 3 miles southwest of Burt. • i2u .Announcement. I hare taken over the Shell; Station on No. 16» and Me- Gregror St. Mr; Hoffman Ami worked lor Zender ft Caldwell fop eight years on« te» • wWe circle of frtends. ; :! , : ' . Your business will b» Charles Hoffman Important Notice Until further notice the following stores will close at 5:30 every business day except Saturday when the hour will be 9 o clock. Kindly co-operate with us in our efforts to reduce our light and heat expense. ChristensenfBros. Co. Chrischilles & Herbst The GrahamiStore The GoedersJCo. 38 Years of Service Since 1895 we have been ssrving the building material and fuel needs of this CDminunity through boom times and times of depression. 1933 has been a year of depression and as 1933 starts in we pledge the people of this community to give the best of quality in Building Materials and Fuel and the Best of Service that is possible at the lowest possible price. We have confidence in our people to work out of this depression. We have taken up a notch in our belt buckles and will wprk harder than ever to give this community their money's worth in Service and Goods. F. S. Norton & Son tumber and Coal

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