Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 5, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1933
Page 7
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HOST TO MANY FOR HOLIDAYS «rMnemore,"jan. 8^-Atnong holt- T* IsS here were: Mr. and Mra. ay Ln Cole? Cedar Falls; Mr. and lteph to«epn Cullen, Mlnonk, 111.; Mrs. •) ;,..„„„ Milwaukee; Lloyd K08SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA ente, Mr. and Mrs, J. E. Walker, north of town. Ralph and Lloyd sons of the elder Walkers, have been sick with the flu. F. W. and William Struocker, Albert Latick, and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Struecker, Fenton, were at Mima part of last week, attending the, funeral of Mrs. August Lauck. •Mr. and Mra. H. W. Behnkp's daughter Gertrude, employed at Uoselle, 111., accompanied by Wilbur Haberkamp, ateo Ttosolle, vlnited her parents over the holidayH. fowa City student, who visited "ith'hto m° ther ' Mrs> S1 ? lon ^ 0 ,! h; «lrhld McDonnell, also Iowa City; fuclle" Re^^ 8 ' Cedar Fall9: A r fiimMon Parkersburg teacher, who Simpson, p Relmers home; Wfl Vkrrcll, Forest City, who vls- hev mother, Mrs. Nell Farrell; Salgeman, Sheffield, who vle- ued her parents, Supervisor and , F J iBalgeman; Delores Fln- neil Rock Falls, and her brother, 11 ' t Flnnell, Mason City; Mra. Marshall, sons Joseph and and Donald Weir, all of Whlt- eueflts Of Mrs. Marshall's par- Mr and Mrs. Michael Weir; McTlgues and Cletua Mr. and Mrs. ' Oliver and George Weir, of Mason City; and Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Hllbert, Wesley. Mrs. Velma McBrlde visited at B urt. Others here who were out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. James JSn, who spent Christmas with th» tetter's parents at iFort Dodge; iuollle and Edmund O'Brien, who ™~ at Iowa City and visited their sister at Oakdale; Matilda Vaudt, who visited her slater Ernestine at oauaale and ateo visited at Cedar Bapide; and the R. A. Bartlette, who were at Manly. •Nettle Samln, grade teacher In the local public schools, spent last week with a brother at Boone. Verna Emmanuel, high school teacher, was at Cedar Rapids; (Florence Lynch. /Luclan Mcurer, who had several weeks In a veterans' spent hospital at Lincoln, Neb., has come home, and Is considerably Improved. Paul Mahn, Molino, 111., was a recent visitor at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Hahn. The elder Hahn Is depot agent here. Leonard Dunn, attending- St. Ce- ALUMNI HOLD HOMECOMING AT LEDYARD T.,cdyard, Jan. 3—<Last week Tuesday the first Homecoming was held In the high school auditorium at 7 o'clock. The seniors sponsored the event. The program consisted of talks by the various class presidents, and Supt. A. 13. Lauritzen. Mrs. Miller's orchestra furnished music. PAGE 8ttV» Forn Lewis, senior president, toncrtmlstress. The two basketball games followed were both won by that the cella'a academy, Algona, spent I alumni, the girls, 27-3 and the bovs Christmas with his parents, Mr. and 27-22. Aumni girls who played are Violet Pingel, Irene Zielske, Laura Mrs. George Dunn. The St. Paul's Lutheran school, Presentation academy, and the public schools reopened Monday. (Mrs. Peter Schumacher and two sons spent last week with Mr. and Mrs Charles (Parks, .Clarion. Mrs. Herbert Potratz has been Busch, Esther Alice Logeman, Moulton, Helen Gladys W. .1. Fayno, Editor. Charles Klnmp, Field Ilcportcr. Loucks, and Amelia Berhow, School girls are Erma Barslow, Lyclla Logemann, Lu Kllnkslek, Metta Roece, Alice Hagge, Lillian Mildred sick with the flu a t the home of Mr. and Mre. Richard Potratu. Mrs. P. J. Locke has been sick at her daughter Mrs, J. E. Walker's, CHUR¥ELECTS NEW OFFICERS AT UMIERNE Lu Verne, Jan. 3 — The annual „. . . Evangelical church meeting- was Gnrlst ™as evening the Rev. and held Friday at the Community hall, Mra ' '^PP'nE entertained the young with a good-sized attendance. Din- pcople of the Q erman Reformed ner wn e served at noon, and after church at their home. The evening Vaughn, and Eleanor Sanders. Alumni boys are Hubert Osterman, Gerald Warner, Elmer Zielske, .Terry Barneo, Elmer Junkermeier and Wilson Brack, and the school team was Ervin Kllnkslek, Kenneth Thompson, Alfred Lloyd, Jack Moulton, Arvlcl Brandt, William Barnes and Paul Nttz. Officers for next year are: president, Walter Logeman; vice president, Elmer Junkermeier; secretary, Alice Moulton; assistant, Alfred Schadendorf; publicity Putuwiz, Wilson Brack. Young 1 People Entertained— editor for dinner a business meeting, with elec- ' bv devotional serviced, „ ...... -- ^ . _. , also high school teacher, at Cedar tlon o{ offlcerBi was neld Edw ; followed by games and exchanging Falls; Mildred LlndMrom, grade teacher, at Albert City. jMftmui Twtai Team Beaten- Marty was elected trustee for three years, succeeding F. C. Frltzemeler; Florence Hof, Sunday school super- of gifts. Mrs. Depplng served a delicious lunch. attended a Hampton-Plover same at Plover Friday evening: Mr. and Mre James Geelan, .Aya Simpson, Lucille Relmers, Harvey*' Elbert, Edna Mosbach, Margaret and Joan .Fleming, Bernlce Balgeman, ILinda :Ro«ber, Esther Behn.fce, Ruth ./Ann Smith,'''Lillian Heidenwlth. They went to see the ILangerman twins play, Geneva and Josephine, now of Hampton, formerly Whlttemore, but were somewhat disappointed, after arrival, to find that Geneva could not play, being laid up with the flu. Hampton lost Its first game this season, 45-23. The Ware hoys played'the'Plover boys, and 'Plover won, S7-33, in an exciting game. Birthday and Wedding Ohaerved— Sunday dinner guests at Leo Sanke's at Hobarton were the Godfrey and Charles Gellenfelds Jr., of Hobarton; the Henry Kuecks, Seneca; the Erwln Heidenwiths, Letts Creek; the Arthur Heidenwiths, of Whlttemore; Mrs. Charels Heiden- wlth, Naomi Wegener and "Jumbo" Thompson, Lone Hock. ' The occasion was Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sanke's seventh wedding anniversary Monday ana'Mrs. Sanke's birthday annl- vereary Saturday. Sunday evening guests were the Charles Gellenfelds, the Arthur Heidenwiths, and ILloyd Walker. Temporary Lutheran Pastor Named St. Paul's Lutheran church has made the Rev. Mr, Kalbellta., Fenton, . temporary paator as. ,the result , of the Rev. William Faulstich's death. The annual mtetlng will be held Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock in the ~~M fit, Paul's Lutheran school basement. Holy communion was celebrated Saturday night, New, Year's eve, at 7 o'clock, and German services were held Sunday afternoon. Services will be held next Sunday evening at 7 In English by the Rev. Mr. Kabelitz. ty, treasurer. Roof Blue IH Extinguished— Teacher's Mother Is Dead- Miss Kltley, third and fourth grade teacher, received word Mon- As If bucking the depression and a long sickness, which left him pretty much Incapacitated, were not enough, Edw. Droessler, prominent Ramsey township farmer, has just had to see 17 out of 19 cattle In his Holsteln herd condemned, and this was not the first time, for he had lost cattle in similar tests before, 'Dr. L. W. 'Fox, Algona, and E. G. Dunn, state veterinarian from Mason City, made the latest test. Though feeling the loss keenly, Mr. Droossler Is taking It manfully, and rather than run any risk in keeping the two head not condemned he is going to get rid of the whole lot and start over. As one of the leaders in support of the .Bancroft creamery and Farm Bureau work, he believes in T. B. testing. With his new herd he will remain a member of the North End cow-testing association. At Mrs. L. J. Dreyer's, a mile West and a half mile south of Fenton, we heard an interesting- dog- story a week ago Saturday. Two dogs on the farm turned up missing and were not seen for eight days. Finally it was surmised that they had chaeed a rabbit or other animal Into a tile drain and could not get out. Herman Gade's little boy heard the dogs barking, tout could not locate them. On thla report the Dreyers got busy and began digging. It took a day to get through the frost, tout the work was rewarded. One Aog was found fast, and the other had stayed with him. Now both dogs are free and happy again. , Edw. I>roessler, ^Ramsey township, and his hired man were at Algona last week Wednesday afternoon. Old acquaintances almost have to be re-introduced to Mr. Droessler nowadays. Last summer his heart began to fail him, and for some weeks he was a hospital patient at Roch- TITONKAH.S, ALUMNI HOLD ANNUAL MEET friend, -Gust Isenlberg, In health when we called A roof blaze at Fred Wolf's Satur- £ 8t we , ck Tuesday. Mrs. D. B. day called out the firemen, hut the , Mayer te «*Btltutin* for Miss Kit-; day morning that her mother had . ester. They told him there that ex- passed away, following an operation cess weight was overworking that ley. fire waa extlngutehcd by Lewis Wolf, who climbed to the roof and Mg . Mary Tlllmoney III-. with palls of water put it out -before the arrival of the firemen. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt are confined to their home with the flu; also the Paul Blumers. Lutheran ¥. P. Names Officers— At a Lutheran Y. P. Christmas ;party. officers were-elected: president, George Tiede; vice, Le Roy Hanselman; secretary, Carmean Hesse; treasurer, Henry Zwolfel. Christmas gifts were exchanged. The young people of the Charles Goetsoh family served refreshments. Mallard Quints Defeat Locals— Friends here will toe sorry to hear that Mrs. Mary Tillmoney, who is spending the winter in Ames with her son John, is ill and under a doctor's care. Her daughter, Mrs. L. W. Welmer, left for there Sunday. Eye Hurt by Flying Stick— While Clarence Runksmeler was cutting wood Christmas morning a 1 piece Hew up and hit him above the eye, making a wound that required seven stitches to close. Aid to Meet This Week— A group meeting of the Methodist _„-,,,.,, , . , - Aid will be held this Thursday at The Mallard Independent boys' and Mrs A E girls' local ball teams won games here against iLu Verne Friday night. The Mallard girls defeated the local independents 21-19 in a fast go, and j Qj en with Mrs. Mayer and Mrs. Yahnke assistant the visiting boys won by 33-24. Former high school stars were on the line-ups of all squads. Three Here Have Operations- John Kubly, Mrs. La Verne Jeffries, and Arnold Wegner have been recent patients at Fort Dodge hos- net urns Home— Glen Reece came home from the Kossuth hospital last week, after an operation for appendicitis. His tii-other Kd and Clifford Jenks went for him. Other Ledyard News. Ixist week Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. pitals. 'Mr. Kubly was operated on > c ec n Peterson returned from San- for strangulated hernia, and Mrs. 'born, where they spent Christmas. Jeffries and Mr. Wegner had their appendices removed. AVyomlng Visitors Are Here— Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Emery arriv- , , , VltlUM U tCUOl »**.* O. »ti(H J A Vf|.*t./t, 1.11 W ed from Yoder, Wyo., before the hoi- j Hem . y BIome6i wi , lianl p O p peSl an d Anita Gelhaus had charge of the drug store during their absence. .Last week Tuesday the L. A. Nitz's entertained Ella Gelhaus and daughters, Mrs. Mary Poppe, the organ and he must reduce. So far he has cut his weight from 363 to 290, and he is 6 till at it. He is not allowed to do manual labor, but can still ."boss things" at the farm. At Wm. J. Davison's, at Burt, Juet before Christmas, we met a son, F. M. Davteon, who, with his wife, is at Iowa City, taking post-graduate work at the university In preparation for advancement in his profession as school superintendent. We had not realized before that Mr. and Mrs. Davison. were old enough to have a married and established college son in the family. The elder •Mr. Davison, who is a justice of the has -lived many years at peace, Burt. P. A. Selvigr and his son Howard were Algona visitors last Thursday. Howard, who was graduated two years ago from Augustana college, Sioux 'Falls, Js now superintendent of schools in a small South Dakota town. Mr. and Mrs. Selvi? have seven sons and three daughters, and there are four boys at home. The family used to live in this county, near Elmore, tout is now farming six miles from Rake, Winnebago county. On the last day of the old year we found the Wm. J. Welsbrods, 1% miles east of Fenton, busy, as al- wnys. They were getting a Ford motor ready for use as a power plant. They had mounted it on a small truck and attached a pulley to the shaft for belt power, mostly on feed grinding. The shop where the men were working has all kinds of repairs neatly arranged where they can be found Instantly when needed. At F. L. nyerson's, north of 'Burt, before Christmas, we met Rhodora Joyce Ryerson (very Irish), who was to be three months old on December: 28. The Ryersone have one other child, a boy of seven. Frank said that Oran'dad Le Roy McWhorter, of Osage, had come to visit the little lase at least 17 times during her first three months. She will never know her maternal grandmother, who died a few months ago. The Burt Monitor reports that Dr. W. T. Peters has traded farms with Morris Thompson, one-half mile north and one-fourth mile west of Lone Rock. The doctor got what is called the old .Frank Thompson farm, and Morris the old Lindsay eighty, near Burt. The doctor figures that the Thompson quarter cost him $133.26 an acre, including 1 a cash payment. The Thompsons will move to the Burt farm. We were glad to find our. old better before Christmas. He farms near the Minnesota line, north of Swea City. Of late he had 'been doing time In hospitals, but now he can walk around the room. Gust has a family of big hoys to operate the farm while he is inactive, and they are known over a wide territory as the Isen- 'berg male quartet., Paul -Leaverton, tester for Kossuth cow-testing association No. 1, and his wife, the county H. D. A., spent a week ago Friday night with Mrs. Leaverton's parents near Sao City, and next day drove to Milton, Van Buren county, for Christmas with Mrs. Leaverton's people. Van Buren county is on the Missouri line in .southeastern Iowa. We are a bit behind with our correspondence, due to press of other work, but we want to mention a mid-December visit to "the Harley Work home, .north of Swea City, where we met Fern (Lois, month-old daughter and fifth child of Mr. and Mrs. Work. The oldest child is five. Harley will work the same farm ne.xt year. We were at the John and Alfred Meyers home, two miles west of Fenton, a week ago Saturday, and found John repairing a tire and tube, while Alfred, the son, was do- Ing the chores. The job of secretary of the Fenton creamery and of the farmers' elevator, added-to farm work, keeps Alfred busy. iL. J. Lowman, north of town, has gone to Illinois, where he will spend the rest of the winter. He has a Titonka, Jan. 3—A high school alumni party was given at the schoolhouse last week Monday night, 34 attending. Officers wore elected: Georgo Bonacker, president; Bradford 'Buffington, vice; Maurice • Kell, secretary-treasurer. Phe gymnasium was decorated in Christmas colors, and there was a Christmas 'tree. The roll was called iy classes, and one member of each class told where his classmates are now and what they are doing. Among out-of-town alumni in at- cndance were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mewvlllo, Mason City, and Loraine Trenary, Ledyard. There were games and luncheon. This year's seniors vere guests of 'the alumni, as folows: Margaret Sleper, Anna Well- lousen, Viola Rlke, ArJo Larson, Margaret Callies, Edlthmae Budlong. brother at Colfax and numerous relatives at other Illinois points Mr. Lowman travels by car. He lost his wife a year or two ago, and a son is now running the home farm W. A. Ladendorff, veteran automobile man who, with J. E. Thorson, operates a garage at Burt, says business has been Improving for him since November 1. We are always glad to hear someone talk optimistically about business. The Bancroft creamery, after two years of preparatory work, has become a state brand creamery. • SPECIAL NOTICE GLASS OF ALL KINDS We have added to our regular auto glass service a complete line of window glass for homes. When In need of window glass it will pay you to get our price on our A quality glass. JOE GREENBERG PHONE 118 JL SWIFT & COMPANY Produce Plont V. P. S. Team Defeat* in Verne— The Y. P. S. basketball team played at Lu Verne last week Tuesday evening, and won, 31-30, in an overtime period, Last Thursday even- Ing the boys' and girls' high school teams played alumni teams, and .the H. S. girls won, 47-21, and the alumni boyu won, 37-26. Academy Spills With Cherokee— The Immaculate Conception boys' quintet, Cherokee, defeated the local Presentation team here last week >Yedneeday evnlng, 56-39. Cherokee's center scored 21 points. O'. Brlen, Whittemore, refereed,' The local seconda defeated the-Cherokee seconds, 22-14. Bhpwer Honor* New BrUe— A.shower was given Friday after- loon at the St. Paul's Lutheran «chool hall m honor of Mrs. Herbert Potratz, formerly' . -Ruth SchuHz, *'ve Hundred was played at ten ta- WM, and Alfrleda Gade won high; »8. Elmer Bell, low. of Pastor J. Faujstich, who came to at- the funeral of his father, the William Faulstlch, left for hie at Cleveland, O., last Thurs- »*y'evening, accompanied by **her, who is now making h °n>e with him. his her Son lg Christened— The Htti e son of Mr. an »i Zu mach was chrjatenea gun . iy afternoon at St. Paul's Luther- foj?.!i reh - «P«W9W were Lucille Alvm Zumach, and Alfred such for Pastor-7 Faul8tl <>h, B. J. Faul- uPhemla Faulstich were , a farewell dinner at P. L. last Thursday evening. Other Whltterooi-e News. 0 J of Whltte- « >«>Panlea by Brnlce Jant * an <* ' Mr, had an arm badly-broken in an automobile , accident some time ago, and is still .stiff at the elbow, but is Improving. Editor's Mother Here Apaln^- Mrs.' F, B. Coleman arrived the week before Christmas from Phoenix, Ariz., for the rest of the winter with her son, Editor H. B. Coleman, of the News. Other Lu Verne News. An unusual number of Christmas dinners were served here this year, some last week Sunday, some on the day following. A few of the many hosts and hostesses were the Peter Thompsons, the W. B. Masons, Mrs. Mary Zweifel, the Fred Leglers, the C. H. .Lichtys, the B. Jones family, the W. F. Godfreys, the Eli Bagers, and the W. L. Ramus family. Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Parley, of Bristol, S. D., were guests at the Rev. Mr. Lang's last week. Mr. Farley's parents live at Moweaqua, 111., and he has been much Interested in the recent mine disaster there. Geraldine Sanford, 15-months daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Sanford, who had been at the university hospital, Iowa City, a few weeks tor ocular troubles, was brought home last Thursday . Mr. and Mrs. Paul Farley, Bristol, S. D., Who had visited at the Rev. D. Lang's left for home Saturday, accompanied by Carl iLang, as far as Le Mars, where he is attending Western Union college. A number of watch night parties were held Saturday night. The Arthur Krauses entertained relatives and young people; and the J. L. Lichtys, relatives at three tables of progressive rook. William Reddel, Detroit teacher, Vera Tiede, Ames student, and Josephine Donelson, Cedar Falls student, spent the holidays at home. The Sherman Goodwill club will hold Its coming meeting with Mrs. Harry Christenson, who will be assisted by Mre. Frank Shipley. Mr and Mrs. Arthur Hof spent Christmas at Cedar Falls. Harold vacation and Lawrence Hof were visitors at the Hof home. Maxine Mason, Ledyard, and Clara Elizabeth Mason, Lakota, spent the holidays at their grandfather W. B. Mason's. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dornberger, Huron, 6. D., spent last week at the parental D. H. Wermersen's. •a,,.., ~° v«»«vvy uiiuivi- The Lewis Petersons, Mason City, ™,l_ a !!L' Baas home ' West were holiday guests at the parental Other guests were the Julius William Ramus home. famliv m T - ""» u ^ 6 Juuus William uamus nome. larniiy, T o m Kettelsone, the L. I Doctor and Mrs. Everett Schultz, """ Paul Hahn, Moline, Pella, epent Christmas at the paren- • AVild . "-H ental J. Schultz home Poppes. The A. E. LaurJtzens returned from Algona last week Tuesday. Jerry has been very' ill and : under the care of Dr. Andrews. Rny Marquis returned home last week after spending a month with relatives at Jackson, Stacy, and Minneapolis, Minn. The Wm. La Coeurs, of Amtooy, Minn., visited relatives here a week ago Monday. The Harold Jorgensons entertained the P. C. Jorgensons, Art Coun- trymans and Lloyd Jorgensons for New Year's, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curtis returned last Thursday from a week at Council UBluffs, Omaha, and Des Moines. Irene Dyer came from Minneapolis to spend the holidays with her parents, the H. M. Dyers. Christ ' Gelhaus and August Kramersmeier were in ; Marshalltown last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blome, of Boardstown, 111., came last week to visit relatives. Lydia Mansmith, of Burt, spent the holidays with her sister, Mrs. Fred Dorsey. i Ruth Sw'artzell, of Olin, came last week Monday to visit at D. A. Carpenter's. The Albert Barnes family spent Sunday at Ernest Jorgenson's, near Elmore. The Roy Links spent last week at Sioux City with Mrs. Link's parents. The Ralph Olson spent Christmas with their parents in Ellsworth. RoIJand Gable and Elmer Zielske left Monday for Fayette to resume school work after two weeks here. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch, Mrs. Chares Hilferty and Juel Seifert were in Algona Saturday. Mrs. Chester Johnson, of Ban- rroft. spent last week "Wednesday at Ed Halvorson's. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett returned Sunday from a week at Chester and Livermore. Cleo Gable visited her aunt, Mrs. Victor Leland, in Swea City last week. The Howard Mayne baby has been very ill and under the care of a doctor. Maxine Mason spent last week in Aleona visiting relatives. The George Thompsons spent New Year's at Lu Verne. Mrs. Wm. Weinberger spent New Year's in Minneapolis. *- L. Corbin were at Orange City ana Alton last week. — Mr. and Mre. F. I. Chapman drove of i to Omaha for Christmas ftt their NIGHT FIRF IN HARDWARE STORE AT BURT PUT OUT (Burt, Jan. 3—(Fire broke out in the basement of the Staehle hard*££• and Mrs- R. wa'e last Thursday evening. Smoke *-"*=«••"> f be Crate Johnsons, of CPWday at'John from the basement seen at 10 o'clock. windows The fire was was extinguished before niuch damage was done except in the basement. Other parts of the building were smoked up. It te thought that the fire started from an electric wire. IRVINGTONMAN LOSES FATHER CHRISTMAS EVE Irvlngton. Jan. 3—Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scheppman went to . Lakefield, Minn., last week Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Scheppman's father, August Scheppman, who died Chrtet-mas eve. He was nearly 83, and had been suffering for some time with influenza, which developed into pneumonia and pleurisy. Henry Scheppman was with his father for several days before death, and remained until the Tuesday after Christmas, when he returned for his wife. They drove to Lakefield to attend the funeral last week W0dnesday at 1:30 at the home. The Rev. Jos. (Benwart, pastor of the West Bend Christian Apostolic church, had' charge. Mr. Scheppman is survived by his wife, who is in poor health, and ten children: August Jr., William, Edward, and Louis, all of Akabena, Minn.; Mrs. Henry Sauder, Mrs. Louis Schafer, both of West Bend; Mrs. B. F. Mannis, of Hammond, Ind.; Mrs, Clarrnce Schroth, of Chicago; Samuel, Rockford; and Henry. All were at the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Scheppman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last fall. Ted Harr Loses Mother— Mrs. J. J. Harr, Eureka, S. D., mother of "Ted" Han' here, died December 23 at her home, where she iia.fi been sick for some time. Mrs. •Harr was 78, and she died of the infirmities of age. She left her hvus- band, 80, who is In good health, and six children: John, of Eueka; Mrs. Lizzie Grosz, Folstoy, S. D.; Mrs. Amelia Goehring, Washington, N. Mrs. Kate Pietz, Trail City, S. Mre. Martha Temple, Marlon, S. and Ted, here. The local Harrs had vJaited the elderly Harrs only a few weeks ago, and so did not go for the funeral. Paul Bedell Making- Good- Paul (Bedell, former Irvington boy, now of the Bedell-Nissen real estate company, Cedar Rapids, was recent- Jy elected president of .the Cedar .Rapids real estate board. He has been In the real estate business at Cedar Rapids for a number of years. His parents, former supervisor and Mrs. Bert Bedell, and his sister, Mrs. Frank Vaura, and her family, also live at Cedar Rapids. The Walter Bedells, Spirit Lake, Christmas with them. spent Tom Lincoln to Hospital- Tom Lincoln, who h&d made his home with John Blley, left late last week for Iowa City tp go through the clinic and probably take treat- R for all wakes of typewriters for sale.— 'Advance. CHANCE TO ENTER NAVAL ACADEMY OFFERED HERE Under date of December 2-3, Congressman Gilchrtet wrote that because of the resignation of a midshipman at the Annapolis naval academy a vacancy from this congressional district existed and a civil service examination to aid the congressman in selection of a successor would be held Saturday, January 14, 9 a. m. Fort Dodge, Spencer, Mason City, and other points are specified as places where examinations will be conducted. Candidates must be residents of this dis- tict. Young men who wish to compete must write F. C. Gilchrist, House Office Bldg., Washington, D. C., Immediately, and as the time is short use of the air mail is advised. The examination is advisory only to the congressman and is not the academy entrance examination. Toys Given to Poor Children— Instead of exchanging gifts in ilgh school this year the pupils donated lOc each for toys for poor children. In the grades the pupils contributed used toys. Twenty donated dolls were repaired and dressed by the high school girls. The high school boys cut out and painted ten sets of blocks in colors. The contributions were exhibited at the schoolhouse. Distribution was made jy the local branch of the Red Cross. Indians Lose to "\Vesleyans— In double-header basketball games lere a week ago last Thursday night Weeley won against the local firsts and seconds. The Junior girls sold candy and .popcorn and made $2. Grades Give Christmas Play— Children Get Popcorn Bolli— At a community Christmas tree in the business district a week ago Saturday afternoon popcorn balls were given away to all children. The high school girls helped make them. John Pink Seriously Sick— John Pink, east of town, was critically sick -with influenza Christmas week. In a fall one day week before last he suffered a 'severe gash in his head. Independents Lose to Woden—The town basketball team played Woden here last week Wednesday night at the H. S. gymnasium, and Woden won by two baskets. Other Titonka A week ago Sunday afternoon the Ray Hansens entertained at Christmas dinner, Marie Buffington, Garrison teacher; Zella Buffington, of Hampton; Mr. and Mrs. William Likes, Algona; the Orville and Ross Buffingtons; Olin Engh, Eagle Grove; Mrs. George Hansen, •Blanche Bradford, Mrs. Buffington, and Mable Christensen, of the Doan neighborhood. •Attending an Epworth League rally at Burt last week Wednesday night were Fern, Harold, and Mildred Krantz, Vern and Lewis Bacon, Barbara Ball, Leota Oesterreicher, Loraine and Arthur Peterson, Doris Stott, and the Rev. Mr. Faul. The younger Prewitts, of Forest jCity, spent Christmas with the Lee 6. Wolfes. Mrs. Prewitt is the former Lela Wolfe, and her husband Is junior publisher of the Forest City Summit. A Christmas program was given at the Methodist church a. week ago Saturday night by the younger -children of the Sunday school. Sacks of candy and nuts were distributed A week ago Friday afternoon the grade children gave their annua' Christmas play, and the high school boys and girls glee clubs sang. Many parents attended. Mrs. Jay Budlong, son Arthur Jay, daughter Edithmae, Phydells Peterson, and Mrs. Roy Budlong were at Algona and Mason City last week Wednesday. •Fern, Clifford, Harold, and Mildred Krantz entertained their bridge club Saturday night. The club s.-it the old year out and saw the new year In. Cash Mar kef • Through 1932, as in former years, Swift & Company has maintained its nationwide cash market for farm produce. More than 100 Swift & Company produce plants in the West and Central West have continued to buy daily the supplies offered. Everything they 'purchase has a market over a thousand miles wide and thousands of miles long. The supply goes wherever demand is best. At no time, in the territories served by these plants, have producers of poultry, butterfat and eggs been without a daily cash market. • Swift & Company has not had this year— has never had— any control over prices. The farmer's price is made by what the consumer can and will pay for the butter, eggs and poultry. This company's task is to cover the gap, quickly and economically between more than 200,000 farm patrons and nearly as many storekeepers. Posting daily quotations at its buying plants, Swift & Company is really saying to the producer: "Consumers everywhere, through their retailers, oBer to much for poultry, butterfat or eggs. Costs of preparation, transportation and selling are kept at a minimum. With these service costs deducted, the price paid here is about what retailers will pay at their doors hundreds of miles away." . . • . • Volume holds down processing cost. Carload shipments reduce freight bills. The same salesmen who sell Swift's Premium Ham and Bacon and Brookfield Sausage also sell Swift's Premium Milk-Fed Chicken, Golden West Fowl and Swift's Brookfield Butter, Eggs and Cheese, thus benefiting livestock men and produce growers alike. Swift & Company Purveyor* of raw food* ment. Mr. Lincoln te troubled with lameness in his legs. Little Boy flus Pneumonia— Paul, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller, has pneumonia,, which developed late last week from a severe attack of the flu. S. Other Irvinffton News. The Edward Lovelle, Esmond, D., were at A. McLean's one afternoon last week. They were en route to Mitchellville to spend Christmas with Mra. Lovell'e father, William McCIuekey. Mrs. Lovell is a niece of Mrs. McLean. School was reopened again Monday, after a week's vacation. A few pupils -were unable to return because of Illness. Others were sick during vacation. Friends here have had season's greetings from Mary Smith, former Algona woman living with a sister at Genoa, Ohio. She reported much influenza there. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Smith and J. T. Smith, Algona, spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. J. B. Robison and Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Roney. J. F. Lane, depot agent, left here Saturday for Sunday and Monday with his wife at Toledo, Iowa. A Christmas program Friday evening, December 23, at the church was well attended. John Schulz and Bert Sankey went to Chicago with cattle Saturday night. A 'fair-sized congregation was out .Sunday in epite of a flu epidemic here. (Mrs. Lewis Schafer, West Bend, was a caller Monday afternoon at Henry Scheppman'e. Mrs. J. M. Cox has recently been sick with gallstones. MAN'S HEART STOPPED, | STOMACH GAS CAUSE! W. .L. Adams was bloated so with gas that his heart often missed beats after eating. Adlerika rid him of all gas, and now he eats anything and feels fine. E. W. Lusby, Druggist. Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Eggs, Premium Milkfed Chickens and Golden West Fowl prepared by Algona people. On sale by local dealers. READ THE ADVANCE WANT ADS %SflF^|^? Jlp^^^T'^^W Jan. 17—Joe. Hahm Jr. Estate, general farm sale, % mjle weet of St. Benedict. Here's one reason a farmer needs a telephone . . No one can tell yoii when you may need to get help at once to save property or life. Those who live in homes with telephones hav^ the peace of mind that comes from knowing help- U only a telephone call away. In everyday life, the telephone cuts expense, helps in buying and selling. Always it keeps you close to friends and relatives. NORTHWE5TIRN \w

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