Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1934 · Page 6
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1934
Page 6
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-PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE : SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1934 3RIEFS FROM MOVIE FRONT; ESTIMATES OF NEW PIC It This and That About Wagers on Laughs, Rogers and Lombard Dick Powell and Dorothy Dell Were Tested Together Unsuccessfully Two Years Ago And Now Look at Them. By Harold W. Cohen, li rn-ifopic movie musinps: More than 2 per cent of ihe . 1 .... i i: tz. t ST A NT-rev Clark Gable ajid Claudette Colbert In "It Happened One Night." WARNER Hal Le Roy and Kochelle Hudson in "Harold Teen." VESS Jessie Ralph and Anna c- ' - . , v - , . - f - pictures mane :n Hojiywooa eaen f ho wine . ere. studios, ton. . . . The b.-itinin?: n or m,iv not have been a i tn count era'- reno!-rs ni a reriairi m;h . n.i " i"1 1 " " Avl iioui '-s: "Kiuht HiHs in a The hack of one of the locker doorfcO iri ihf eirls' dormitory was decora l ed with photographs of stage and screen celebrities, presumably ail Europeans- Yet. standing out nhnve all the others was the face, as heaminjr as life itself, of Fred Waring, the American hand leader. The most irritating cinema character of the season was Gracie Allen's in "Six of a Kind." . . . There a r. times when even the best of actor can't salvage a poor script. .iohn Rarrymore's "Long Lost Father" for example. Things the Old !.sa" would like to see: A newspaper comedy with V. ('. Fclds as the m;nngin! editor and .(aeU Oakie as the cub reporter . . . Kli'ahcth Rergner in the niovie version of Helen Hases' present Rrondway chicle, "Mary of Scotland" . . -lames Csignex on the receiving end of a kick for a change . . . lick Powell in another part similar to the one he had in "Convention Cit.v" . Frank Capra directing Wallace Beery and Marie lress-ler . . . I .yd a Rnherti get a real movie break . . . .lessie I Casky make a bona fide hn-oftiee sina s h . "Pavid Harum." the best picture Will Rogers has ever made, was rapped severely by most of the New York critics. . . . George Raft has had only one role for which ho was rnstrionira'iy equipped. That was in "Undercover Man." The title of "Miss Fane's Baby Is S'oten" becomes "The Kidnaped'' in England while the hilling- for 'Good PamP" reads "Good Girl" over there. , . . Somebody should let' Rrtte Da vi? that her make-up and hair-dress recently .nave been i.ttle short of awful. . . . Evelyn Venahle may get places but not :mti! she improves her diction c onsiderahiy. a rr;mo the way Hollywood h a? passed tip that brilliant comedian. William Collier, Sr. In what amounted to only a bit. he ;ed avvav with "the Crosby r;i;r," which wasn't much of a picture to walk away with, to be sure, bnt it does give you an idea. . . . The producers of "1 Like It That Wav" certainly let themselves in for a lot. of cracks with that title. On" reviewer dismissed it with this t! ,ef comment: "I don't." . . . After a couple of years in the movies as Kent. Douglas, Douglass Montgomery is using his right name again. Which, is all right but why did he rhange it in the first place ? . . Onslow Stevens and Ralph Bellamy have probably the two most soothing voices on the screen. ... If Carole Lombard would only stop trying to be so tragic she might develop into an act ress. With all of those ravishing feminine figures in Hollywood, they make little Ida Lupino, who is, loo, too plump, wear a bathing suit in each of her first two pictures. ... In a picture now in production the director has given Hugh Herbert a certain quota, of laughs. For each laugh he gets Treasure Hunt" Temporary Title for Cantor Picture Pv LouelU t r.-",p V - -or !"r,!vpr?ai Serv.ce. LOS ANGELES, March r;n. - f Nothing could be much funnier j than big-eyed Eddie Cantor as an Africa n explorer. Samuel Goldwyn has that idea all down on paper and it will he EcJd'f 's next movie. I am glad the title, "The Treasure Hunt," is only '; temporary it. j tj s t doe sn t have a corned'.' ring to it. Ethel Merman P'thel Merman, blues sirgrr and the gal who always packs 'em in when she s on Broadway, will be Eddie's heart interest. Ought to be really very good. Alexander Aarons. v. no gave Merman her first chance on Broadway, is now with the Samuel Goldwyn Company. Late summer is set as the star tins date for the next. Cantor opus. sc.. i-r. n j f.kKr CjCSi Ui i'lQfKJOi f? ?t TINV 'CifJCSi' J JEAN HUPF-fSBQDINE . ...twf. e-. iiWeA wlmWti 1 1 13121! . SHOW ) f?V"" i - - year never euiee a arai-iuu Some nt Ihrm are products 01 trie major I 1 . 1 . a recent picture in Germany may well-aimed piece of publicity designed . i ! .-. . n " Al a 1 wvi X O -t 1-1 1 f C- Boat was laid in Switzerland. ! in addition at the film's coast preview, the director has prom- ised to pay Mr. Herbert $5. . . . I Here's the height of something; or ! other the success of a new movie ; star is said to have gone to his stand-in's head. . . . The improvement in Fredric March these last few years has been amarinjf. Technically. he's one of the screen's most efficient actors to-i day. . . . Keep an eye on tem-nesttions Grace Bradley. That girl has something. j A lot of those gags the Holly- i : wood columnists credit to their pet i film stars have been lifted from j "The New Yorker," "Variety," and i other magazines. One the other ! day reported that a certain actor i had told him about a sign in a ; Hollywood library which read: I "I, o w Conversation Permitted." i "The New Yorker" carried that two i months ago. ... It might not be a I : bad idea for some of those boys and girls out there to read a few j columns other than their own. . . . i Ken Maynard's westerns, which you i never see around here, clean up in the sticks. ... In Podunk, they prefer Jack Holt to Charles Laughton anv dav. ... A theater in a small I town in Pennsylvania this month ' advertised "Maker of Men" for 10 I and 20 cents, "The Private Life of i Henry VIII" for five and ten. . . . ' Guy Kibbee used to be the fellow i Warners cast in almost every other ; picture. Now it's Hobart Cava- naugh. i j Helen Hayes will make "V hat i Every Woman Knows," one of her outstanding" stage successes, for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. , , . When you see the talkie version, English-made, of "Sorrel and Son," you'll wonder at Hollywood's stupidity in passing up a talent such as H. B. Warner's . . . After a couple of bad years, Fox seems to have hit its stride again. The movietone com pany is turning out the most con- j sjstent monev product of the season . . When Dick Powell took his first screen test at the Vitaphone studio in Brooklyn just a little more than two years ago, Dorothy Dell, once "Miss Universe," appeared in it with him. . . . Warners at that time, however, could "see" neither of them. . . . Now Powell is one of the studio's biggest "names" and Miss Dell has just been signed to a long-term contract by Paramount. It was a mistake on Ha) Roach's part taking Laurel and Hardy out of the two-reel class. . . . Robert Lord certainly deserved his academy award for the best original story of last year, "One Way Passage." That final scene with those cocktail glasses falling in bits across the bar at Agua Caliente on New Year's Eve, was worth the prize alone. ... Incidentally, the picture also remains the best thing either William Powell or Kay-Francis has ever done. ... It would be a relief to hear -la net fiaynnr say "damn" on the screen just once. O. Parsons. CopyriRht, 1934 hy T'niverssl Prvir. Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: George Brent, happy as a school kid on the Warner lot; George issuing a statement that no husband and wife should play in the same pictures on the same lot; an admission that some of his matrimonial woes were due to Ruth Chatterton's request that he be j leading man in her pictures; ; Evelyn Brent, in town for two I flays, off again for a personal ap-i pearance tour; -lack La Rue the j latest to sign up; a great turn-; out of old friends at the shower given Carmelita Geraghty hy Lila. ! Lee and Patsy Ruth Miller; j members of the girls' club out in j full force; Mrs. Harold Lloyd. ! Hedda Hopper, Virginia Zanuck ; belong to this club which was or-I ganized many years ago and con-j tinues to be one of Hollywood's most interesting social organiza- tions; Edgar Allan Woolf, master of ceremonies, playwright, author of cook hook, elc, etc., in charge of ceremonies at the Dominoes' dinner dance given for the Iconise Closser Hale fjmd at the Biltmore Hotel next Monday niRht; just about everybody at Orry Kelly's cocktail party; Joan j Blondell, George Barnes, Lady Carhsle, Roise Fazenda; Orry . magnificent with a red carna-J PPrfett host: that's all Twne ClulbTcTosing I Tnightfor Season Eddie Hartner's m :in East Liberty "wmoaSun:;,Ub tonight, with Hartner deoan" ;ing next week for Beaver TS" where he will open The Mora"o ;rark cafe, formerly the Casino April 7. y casino, on Two Die of Heart Attacks Heart attacks caused the deaths of two persons in Allegheny connrv 1 yesterday. John E. Sodergreen 7? ot ,, roster street, was found dead in bed bv his wif tk i 1 Aurterheide. 60, of 856 Fhineas " "w I j, - a - ' - '4 ' : I- ' - ! , r ' ' - ' V.,; W M Fl KTON Divie Rnnhar and Cliff The New Films Gable-Colbert in Frank One Night" at Stanley "Harold Teen" By Harold There is a growing conviction in this corner that Air. Frank Capra is by far Hollywood's most, reliable director. Ot hers, it is t rue, ha e for a time flashed more brillia nt ly, at hi eying spectacular results one moment and lapsing into mediocrity the next, but. for consistency of performance, for year-in and year-out dependability, the diminutive Italian, who has grown up with the Columbia organization, stands pretty rniu-h alone. "Is Happened One Night" is defi-O nitely Mr. Capra's picture, just as j Laay f or A iJay, ine rsitter lea i of General Yen" and "American Madness" were his pictures. It has ; all of the earmarks of a Capra pro-' duction, the same engaging whimsy, a sympathetic understanding oi each and every character and the shrewd manipulation of that much-maligned substance known as hokum. Mr. Capra is probably the only I man in all Hollywood who manages to bring together on a common level the extreme sections of the moviegoing masses. The college professor can enjoy his pictures as much as the shop-girl. Those who swear allegiance by Ernst Lub-itsch and these who look upon Hal Roach as the photoplay's lone gen- ius will find in "It Happened One ) Night" solace for their temporarily : In narrative, "Tt Happened One missing idols. ! Night" is adequate, no more. The The picture, too, represents prob- I last of the bus cycle it is also the ably the happiest auspices under i best, even though that is a t the most which Clark Gable and Claudette j faint praise. But it isn't the nar-Colbert have ever appeared. Mr. rative here that's important. What j Capra extracts from Mr. Gable an j is important is the engaging mood 'heretofore hidden talent for light j of the thing, the refreshing humor, comedy and from Miss Colbert a j the steady flow of comic incident, I performance that is frankly the ; the intelligence of the dialogue and j best she has turned in since the , the expertness of the leading per-I fondly-remembered "Lady Lies." ; formers. ! In "It Happened One Night." she ; All of these factors have been is a spoiled heiress, he a dashing j merged with striking cunning by j newspaperman. They meet on a j Mr. Capra and the result is onp of bus bound from Miami to New the season's roost entertaining 'York. Miss Colbert is running away films. The minor actors, too, are ; from her father because he wants ' excellent, particularly Mr. Walter I to keep her from the fortune-hunt- , Connolly as the girl's understand- ing aviator she has acquired as a i ing father. "Harold Teen" Warner Nice and clean but light and un-; his way engagingly through a part important about sums up "Harold ( that leaves the issue of his his- , . , ' trionic ability just about where it Teen," the picture based on Carl T . . , ' was. But Mr. LeRoy s histrionic Ed s cartoon strip, which appears ability is of little importance. With daily on the Post-Gazette's comic those gangling legs and nonchalant page. Fashioned no doubt with an j feet of his, he doesn't have to act eye on the adolescent trade, it is j anyway. Unfortunately, "Harold a pleasant little juvenile romp thatj Teen" doesn't permit him to dance neither takes itself nor expects to j until well into the last reel but be taken too seriously. i those few minutes of his inimitable All of the characters are here, j footwork are well worth waiting Harold Teen himself, Lillums, Pop j for. Jenks, Lilacs, Shadow, Snatcher, j Rochelle Hudson makes a cute-Mimi and Pop Lovewell and if looking Lillums, Patricia Ellis is you happen to be familiar with Mr. i good as the young Junior League Ed's work, you must admit that the ; sophisticate and Chick Chandler, picture has been cast with an ex-! Guy Kibbee, Hobart Cavanaugh, rert eye. These people at least Eddie Tamblyn and Douglas Dum-resemble their pen-and-ink orig- j brille round out a representative inals and if "Harold Teen" doesn't ' cast. vanfll f mPy. talents ad-! "Harold Teen," however, isn't based on . S because mfviesj quite sturdy enough for . feature-eCer do One. bn vtrip" SC,dom lenth entertainment. Its more ZZZZ'1 have like a padded two-reeler. w sucn audible l - n. TC " fnce del,?ht "My In the title role xt. 'V "' . ! a . i- - iia.i xjtrvoy fame in the last "Follies" prod red ! ie iaie je lorcnz Ziegfeld, smiles Edwards In "George While's S - Capra's "It Happened and Hal Le Roy As at the Warner. W. Cohen, husban(i in a runaway marriage. Mr. Gable is hastening back, he hopes, to the job which he has just been fired by long-distance telephone. At first Mr. Gable resents Miss Colbert. It is his opinion that wealth has made of her an ill-mannered, selfish woman. But being a chivalrous gentleman he decides to pro- he from hcr pursuers and ' - they have reached the end of their journey, love, as love has a peculiar way of doing, puts in an appear ance. However, there are still complications, but they are eventually erased in one of the wittiest conclusions. Mr. Capra, or any other director for that matter, has yet conjured. MoETBes., April l',h'Ie JlBBETT WORLD-FA MOrs HARITHN'r TlrkrM at Mrllor'. .Nw -no! Woort SI iITT Jiscmarv andal.s." jn t Where to Go, VARIETY "French Models." with Fred (Falls) Binder and Reggie W hite. Burlesque. Starts at 2:15 ; and 8:15. ! DAVIS Slim Summerville and : Zasu Pitts in "Love Birds" and "The Countess of Monte Cristo," j with Paul Lukas and Fay Wray. j Complete shows start at 11:40,' 12:42, 3:24. 6:06 and 8:4S. ; EN RIGHT "All of Me," with j Miriam Hopkins and Fredric j March. Starts at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:21. 8:21 and 10:21. FULTON --"George White's Scandals," with Rudy Vallee, Alice Faye and Jimmy Durante. Starts : at 12:11, 2:10, 4:0g, 6:07, 8:06 and : 10:05. ' HARRIS FAMILY-- "Devil Tiger." Starts at 12:00. ,1:48, 3:36, 5:24, 7:12. 9:00 and lo":43. PENN" Anna Sten in "Nana" and "The Greenwich Village Follies," with Yorke and King. Picture starts at 10:42, 1:37, 4:33, 7:33 and 10:31; and stage shows at 12:27, 3:25. 6:23 and 9:21. PITT- Joe Laurie. Jr.'s "Memory Line Revue" and "I Believed in You." with John Boles. Continuous. SHERIDAN" SQUARE "Wonder lit fegSf f Irf V f SATURDAY - ..rs Vr" f IV, A'SPECIAL" EVERY DAY S. - . :. " J." --'.'....w.v.w.. .. v n -- ' VNf ti EVERY MEAL 71 1' f ... ' Am - s in "I lielieved J)A LvKKGKXT Far ray and Paul l uk.v- on. When to Go Bar" with Al Jolson, Kay Fraflcis and Dick Powell. Starts at 1:01, 2:53, 4:45, 6:37, 8:2: and 10:21. STANLEY Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in "It Happened One Night." Starts at 11:25, 1:35, 3:45, 5:55, 8.05 and 10:15. WARNER "Harold Teen." with Hal LeRoy. Starts at 11:38. 1:30, 3:22. 5:14, 7:06, 8:58 and 10;50. coming Attractions NIXON Dennis King in "Richard of Bordeaux," April 9. PENN Norma Shearer in "Rip Tide," with Robert Montgomery. STANLEY Frederic March in "Death Takes a Holiday," with Evelvn Venable. Fl'LTOX H. B. Warner in "Sorrel and Son." WARNER "Registered N u r s e." with Rebe Daniels and Lyle Talbot. DAVIS-REGENT "Wharf Angel," with Victor McLaglen and Dorothy Dell, and "The Nint h Guest." with Genevieve Tobin and Hardie Albright. PITT George Chens' revue. cLLitLLLcxL duj FULL QUART 3 o AT Alt f TATI LIQUOR (TOtlS DIXIE BELLE J GIN 1 . . " i. . .'ii'i"" UNITtD ARTISTS HT tiLi 1 Nf L4 ON THE MT.MiK GREENWICH VILLAGE FOLLIES - 0RKE & KING - ON THE SfREKN ANNA STEN in "NANA" MIDNITE SHOW SUNDAY at 12 STARTS FRTDAY NORMA SHEARER in "RIPTIDE-' "COCKTAIL DANCE TODAY p. m. TODAY The Drink Mixer t Jack AlbecWcr Butch Coyne SPECIAL FLOOR SHOW Foor Art Fpatorinp 2?-" Sft ROH BECKERS Dane Music by Earl Mellow and His Varsity Flashers (NO COVF.R (HARCF.I M0N0C0 GARDENS MH'2 FORRKS ST. SC. tGAY PAREE NORTHS1PF, Filf. 0 Brighton Road to InvN Av. U I n V rr I r r r i r . m w s i FLOOR SHOW U ONLY Fmtorinr lmol Roman Dor 7,lp C,lnh T rollers Jark ilnn an1 Hnwy Mlrnty. Marty (,rfnr- KDKA Orrhctra. CELEBRATE THE CLOSING OF EDDIE HARTNER'S TOWNE CLUB IW21 Penn Ar. rtttshoreh TONITE and ala opening of The MORADO CAFE; rF...rV.nP Sat.. Aprtl 7 Fatnrine Td Blake nl ht hand. All Star Floor Show Nishtly. Playing Today At Yonr Favorits THEATER 1 EAST JJBERTT Ll lKJy( Fenn Khd7Yv.-,". Ann Harding: in "Gallant Lady" Also "Let'i Fall in Love" TR I A N GLE K;- FrankalowtTw. Ted Healy in "MYRT & MARGE" gob Steelo inR ANGER'S CODE HARRIS FAMILY p Ave; 'DKVIL TIG ER" alo RF.V. (HAS. K. rorf.HI.IN THK FIGHTING PRIKST" I'.AHKlUK MELROSE 770S BrcwDKVlIlr Rd. "Wolf Dos "Scarlet River" On time Sat. afternoon onl "FROM HEADQI-ARTFRS" and "3 CORNERED MOON" MT. OLIVER HARRIS Frederic March-Miriam Hopkins In "ALL OF ME" SOI TH iilLlK HARRIS BEECHVIEW Rarthelmem In "MASSACRE" CARNEOIE NEW CARNEGIE " George Raft-Miriam Hopkins, Frederic March In "ALL OF ME" LISTEN VN W SHOW NEWSV 11:45 DA1LI VV in in; r .r-.. u Sl.H - if jir i M! Mi i!. MltlDil'-' i KKI i" i SO. HILLS .Inhn I'. H FlCi!i'Jl' -MfKI I ' '"' r i 17 run DELMfiB CAMERA- I'hom: f j -it k:f:: : si un- " vv A". ., l i 5" it k - - " " PEGU;'! ! KENYC'i ; rowla;;l ; M 5 w n n SCKEVLEY ETNA WM.PEKK PALACE ARSEHAL RITZ RESTAURANTS

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