Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1936 · Page 15
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1936
Page 15
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r ' ' ' " PITTSRI TOrt oner o i Ti.m. Y 1 1 . i-vmtci it: SA1URDAY, APRIL 4, 1936 Frances farmer, a i Frances farmer, a newcomer, gets the feminine- lead opposite Hing Crosby in "Rhythm f,f the Range." i)N STARS ORIGINAL IISH DRAMA Jetton at Work "Covenant w iui Ueatn. NWS of the STAGE and AN' 'la O. Parsons '.'., . i n. versa! Service. : - vfa! Service, inc. ;!.!.-. April 2. BaUlerston, .;. .;.;,.!( y Square," : . v.'"l on the n lot. Balderston is '.vnting an original Irish story Itifi "'Covenant With Death," .ntonded to star $ Merle Oberon. if course ne r,ay rename his irama since it s a moot ques tion w hether the i-agpes t i o n of Irath in a title nolps or hinders at the box of- a mystery thriller. , . v voi;M FOSTER re- i'T isco he'll tell most shot and SLynne Overman is to (TDITTN rr!El"3 t: V1FIC1-.I N -Three Married Men" 'f jJ in the Dark." REGENT Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in "The Bohemian Girl." 0 iX7 I ill ,!rj(0h'ron- i: a nrnian foster. ..nrsman took after - ; .r Pt .ifvins the scene M-.--p.evf': ho was stopped s t.ns. mi: r.ot before the w -v, rei ir.'.ni the excite-::. n a:ii:ence will see 'J ture IATTKR IN HOLLYWOOD: L-t""I was one of the :r,-".-'.'in picture stars to frr pastel shades in she believes that " :.r.-i.. o'ues and whites r-rj . death. Almost :---- r: ' ;re home in town i 'irvA-;ng room. So r" -r.vsrirate vivid colors h-n-..-' -even to the gar- 'V8IL JAo who is as great :; actress who ever : - Warner Brothers I n t. boasts a SF n i SwT" j7P VNIL -Ja A Young Is Chosen for Lead In Runyon Story for M-G-M WARNER Ida Lupino and Ring Crosby in "Anything Goes." DAVIS 'Prison Guard" and Donald Woods in "Road Gang." v. c w conquest. Tat O'Brien has I agreed to star ! 'n t r next pic- j '. S'ure. "Every- : Two in Dark, 9 Too Tough To Kill' at Casino Walter Abel Stars In Exciting Movie By Gelett Burgess. PLAYHOUSE SHOW TO USE BIG RAMP "From Morn to Midnight" Opens Tuesday. When Gelett Burgess, who long ago averred he would rather see than be a purple cow, wrote "Two in the Dark," he added a few thrills i o d y's Sweet-leart." in the art of a San Francisco "cop" who falls for Jason. Sybil has been '.vantinr to nlav n a picture with ! made 'ts theatrical debut a decade A spiral ramp more than 70 feet in length, with a stage width of 26 feet and rising from the stage level to a height of nine feet, has been constructed for the Pittsburgh Playhouse's production of "From Morn to Midnight," which opens a two-week engagement Tuesday night. Edwin J. Schruers is the designer of the ramp and the set- The New Film to the movie world. And the thrills ; tings for the seven scenes of the last, even if you do recall that the medical phenomenon of the am nesia victim recovering his memory after the second blow on the head ; mmplete when cood news. MiMIOTS nf Hollvnnnri rol- at r.indiim- Mprlo nh wiim nf a thief who stole ' far: rntnu ho she is driv-: wind in .Norma Shearer's l!i rT ttith a chauffeur and ! shp had in her h :r,,'v KosV favorite V! '",v';,iri"n these days "Mrn-i. Twentieth Centurv- 1 1 p!:,er an.l ( ,.vlr i; H.M,r" i-anc. the Carl Bris-'ilnn, f.lli, nd many ln 'h motion nirturo ft" Riltmnpo TV, ni r prmifrr- M.. ... : .r;int " ti rf'.'.i iN ( this Virginia mero at the opening; Arthur Luhin. Ml.-tonts FHno I. among the romance looks '"in; the fiarv P"t:wmn 1 lX?'Uh fnr ""other two ... ! " tnd lay. See you Method of Acting r-v starring in iford," has a Tainting him-3 r"rs he por-" Iways writes 5 which carry "" points where un. ; 'his practice " screen per-1 acquaintance i-.-ounds of the "rays is an r reactions to :edienne New" Feminine Sleuth '..;., to bring out '"' " ' :';?-Pnt detective :'rTc ' "' ' ''r.ne, who has herself to get-- ''roadway and '. manages in . r-. . ' ' Murder On a - ... '.. ' 'hat a couple rv",;. ' deaths are !ed killings. r . k5 Attractions "I'D ir, mils Water." "''It. and Fvilvn t.n,.. '-'""'s Crave Ex- Z'pl"' Coder," with an,,''.', '"' ienda Far- nr;i(iH ,. l"'1i rap, with " il.tl Vis f.l,rv',r'i l Ghosts." "vn.. r. .. ' U r and U'Ahm ' "Moonlight !l liiiV "H . ,laVr"ond and " -oe on a Lie R-.. . - -'mi CVPS, ,r "'t and Joan Ben- or so back. This device is the crux of the play, still it does not uncover the person who wielded the revolver to deadly effect in the first place and even those in the audience who remember "cherchez la femme" are likely to pick out the wrong femme. j Walter Abel is the amnesia vie-! tim. He meets Margot Grahame. I a stranded actress, in a park and at once develops his loss of identity. Only the initials in his hat tie him in with anything. But, as the pair go to a police station, a glance at a newspaper shows he must have had something to do with a first-class murder; the initials perform that function. So the two evade that police region and go to the girl's boarding-house. Abel stopping en route to get a new suit and dispose of his tell-tale pinstriped outfit. That is merely the start. Character after character enters and fades out, all intent on solving the mystery of the unscrupulous theatrical producer who wasn't above chiseling authors out of royalties, a heinous crime anyway. For Abel it is no D'Artagnan assignment, but it does show that this young screen newcomer is no role-bound, one-timer. Miss Grahame not only looks well in her part but acts it smoothly and with discre tion. Alan Hale, always up to re-! quirements, is a splendid inspector of police, just stupid enough and just canny eno'igm. ioo. waiiacei Ford has a good time as a reporter; ( Gail Patrick is ner sopnisticated self and Erin O'Brien-Moore, stage star of the piece, will bear watching. "Two In the Dark" is exciting en- ! tertainment, with a loose end or two to make it interesting. For instance, where, in that new set of store clothes, did Abel have a six-candle power flashlight concealed so that it wasn't noticed before it became useful as he entered the producer's house as a benevolent burglar? Matters like that, of course, go to the credit of the well-known movie license, even when Gelett Burgess writes the movie. Companioned with the "Two In the Dark" at the Casino is 'Too Tough to Kill," with Victor Jory and Sally O'Neil, no longer the ingenue she once was, in the leads. It is a down to bedrock drama of tunnel driving through hard-rock and of the hard-boiled men who do the driving and dynamiting. Jory is the new chief engineer on the job of boring a Colorado mountain against inside plotting in the interests of a rival contractor, and Miss O'Neil is a girl reporter sent to retrieve the errors of a pair of male confreres who fall down on the story. Intrigue in the bleakest scenery of the Rockies is the result H. A. C. play. The structural details of the setting have been worked out by two Pittsburgh engineers, Philip E. Franklin, formerly associated with the state highway department of Oregon, designer of the University bridge, Seattle; the Ambassador bridge, Detroit, and author of a book on bascule bridges, and E. Willis Whited of the University of Pittsburgh. ' Nixon Cafe's New Stars in.) I ) I ! ft v- I if 'Road Gang9 at Davis Reviews the Chain Prison System. By Harold W. Cohen Althciugh the Freres Warner would have you believe "Road Gang" is something just short of another "I'm a Fugitive from a Chain Gang," it is nothing of the sort. A feeble, fumigated pretender, the new picture at the Davis dips into the evils of the southern penal systems with little or no conviction, merely surface-scratching a framework that Mr. Muni illuminated so brilliantly a few years ago. There is also a suggestion here of a Huey Long-like dictatorship that railroads reforming citizens into tortuous slavery, but this angle is merely hinted at briefly and promptly forgotten. For the most part, "Road Gang" tries indifferently to expose the brutalities of certain prisons below the Mason and Dixon line,' side-steps all of the social inferences of "I'm a Fugitive" and wallows fitfully in a morass of phoney, incredible melodrama. A theatrical air clings haplessly to "Road Gang" and then, too, the photoplay has no Mr. Muni. While Mr. Donald Woods strives hard cs the young journalist who is sent up on manufactured evidence when he sets out to uncwer the state's crooked politics, he remains an earnest young juvenile slightly bereft of the forcefulness required to make things of this sort hold water. Even at that, Mr. Woods isn't helped much by the writing or direction. Of course, "Road Gang" in the first place makes the fatal mistake of trying to say something more on a subject on which Mr. j Muni already has had the last word to say, and any additional inventory on the chain gang terrors was practically doomed to seem as panty-waist as the current exhibit. Miss Kay Linaker is a rather colorless heroine and the most promising member of the cast, Mr. Carlyle Moore, Jr., is unfortunately killed off early in the picture. The best you can say for "Road Gang" is that it means well. Good intentions, however, aren't enough. Italian Gardens Open Again With New Show The Italian Gardens is again open and the new show features the Silver Cyclones, skating trio. Others on the bill include Aileen Dennison, mistress of ceremonies. Sally Blue, whistling vocalist, and Elizabeth Dralre, a dancing miss from the Orient. WHERE TO GO WHEN TO GO xrVO.V "Three Men On a Horse." Tonight at 8:30. SCHEXLET The New York Chi'dren's Theater presents "Beauty and the Beast." This morning at 10:30. CASINO "Two in the Dark." with Mar-sot Grahame and Walter Abel, at 10:30. 12:47, 3:04, 5:21. ":38 and 9:5.. and "Too Tough to Kill." with Victor Jory and Sally O'Neil. at 11:49, 2:06, 4:23, 6:40, 8:57 and 11:14. DAVIS "Road Gang," with Donald Woods and Kav Linakr. Starts at 11:03. 12:57, 2:51, 4:45, 6:39, 8:33 and 10:27. EVRIOHT F.ddie Cantor in "Strike Me Pink," and "The Lady Consents." with Ann Harding and Herbert Marshall. Complete shows at 12, 3, 6 and 8:45. HARRIS FAMILT "The Country Doctor." picturing the Dionne Quintuplets. Starts at 12. 2, 4. 6, 8 and 10. REGENT vThe Bohemian Girl," with Laurel and Hardy, and "Man Hunt." with Ricardo Cortez and Marguerite Churchill. Complete shows at 12, 1:11, 3:55, 6:30 and 9:05. SHERIDAN SQFARE "The Prisoner of Shark Island," with Warner Baxter Starts at 12. 2:03, 4:06, 10:10. WARNER Bing Crosby ln "Anything Goes." Starts at 10. 12:07. 2:14, 4:21. 6:21 and 10:28. HOW TO GET FAT WORRIES ACTRESS Marie Wilson Frantic Trying to Gain 10 Pounds. Marie Wilson is not without worries about her figure, even though she doesn't have to reduce. The 104-pound First National comedienne is "going to go crazy," she says, if she doesn't pick up 10 pounds pretty soon. Blonde Miss Wilson, currently featured in "Big Business," with Guy Kib- Marie Wilson. bee, eats four or five meals a day. Between visits to the dining table she takes codliver oil and pills made up by her druggist. More fortunate than many girls and men in motion pictures, Marie never has to ignore a cream puff or a chocolate eclair. "I eat lots of mashed potatoes and gravy and yet I just can't gain an ounce," bemoans the comedienne. "I was going to go in for beer, but now I notice they're ad vertising it as non-fattening!" Do You Know That Joan Crawford has never had a secretary and carries on an enormous correspondence by longhand? May Robson is an ardent collector .of wild flowers, and has many growing in her garden? Ann Loring has gone "rustic"? 6:02, 8:05 and ; hne cooks dinner outside of her Laurel Canyon home whenever she's not busy working at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. NOW PLAYING if ? t- I - ffcJ w-w- ' -- I U tXk Hi xj-y Feature Marjorie HOLLYWOOD. April 3. A featured role in "Private Number" has been assigned to Marjorie Gateson by Darryl F. Zanuck, production chief at Twentieth Century-Fox. VASILO-YOAXNA. Graceful Interpreters of the ballroom dance. Vasilo and Yoanna head the new Ernie Young floor show at the Nixon cafe, where Herman Middleman's band continues to supply the music. BING CROSBY ETHEL MERMAN CHARLIE RUGGLES IDA L U P I N O .GRACE BRADLEY EXTRA Technicolor Cartoon BOB HOPE Calling all Tart" Z5C MS 1.1. If 12:30 P.M. MAT. TODAY AT 2:30 TONIGHT AT 8:30 Positively Last Day America'! irizs winning stag! ctsudy 2 FIRST RUN FEATURES 2 WAITER ABEL ARGOT GRAHAME "TWO IN THE DARK" Nsw Lew Prices: VICTOR J0RV SALLY O'KEIL "TOO TOUGH TO KILL" 20e TILL 1 O'CLOCK 25t TILL CLOSE 2.V- From 10:30 I Mil 12:30 Donn'd Woods, Kay Linaker In "ROAD GANG" U!IMI.H'H WARNER IAXTER in "PRISONER OF SHARK ISLAND" With .lorlB Staart 9:15 to 6:30. Ie Last Tlmeg Today After 6:30. I He ay HARDING. Lady Consent" and EDDIE CANTOR SALLY EILERS ln "Strike Me Pink" Dance To niteWil son's E. OHIO A SANDUSKY STS.. N. S. Trombetta Bros. Orch. By Eileen Percy f . Former Film Star and Staff Correspondent of the Pittsburch Post-Gaiett. HOLLYWOOD, Cal., April 3. Robert Youns; goes Rroa way in a bis way for his first picture since his return from Hug land, where he was loaned for two pictures. He was yesterday ehisen for Blondy Swanson. amushiLr crook in Damon IiunyoJ'j hilarious story, "Throe lsc Guys. It is his first role at his home studio , Metro-Cloldwyn-Mayer, since "Calm Yourself.' The Runyon story deals with the adventures of three amusing crooks in New York, Yourr being a repeal-reformed boot lefrger who runs into comical situations looking for a nev racket. The story was ad judeed one of the "Blue Pla: Special" best short stories oi the year. KolxM-t Young GILBERT GABRIKI.'S host selling romance. will be Frank Lloyd's first producing assignment on his new Para mount contract. The story is a biographical account of the Lewis and Clark expedition along thcO rt--- t Oregon Trail. There is every chance yrinn mvirR. p.cture, that Claudette Colbert and Fred : ..Kcarta Divided." is said to" be: MacMurray will be teamed in this : of hpr . A. l...V i-rilu'oc I hP 1 sensation story wium r,mnli-. r?o .Iranv visitina . KOdie Sutherland on the set. of hi.s new picture, 'Toppy." Carole Lombard keeps an exten sive scrapbook on all unpublished pictures of her various productions and takes great delight, in i lau.Iclte olbert 'I. James Lewis','" stirring cavalcade to the Northwest in 1811. BREN'DA FOWLER, former stage star, who appears in support of Madeleine Carroll and George Brent in "The Case Against Mrs. r,oirz ovcr jt with her very close Ames," once had a dozen acts run- j friornls. . . Grace Bradley takes mng simuitaneouiy in vaudeville. She wrote and produced them in collaboration with Ethel Clifton. Miss Fowler is not a newcomer to the screen. She appeared in many early silent pictures and played "heavies" with the old Morosco stock company in Los Angeles before winning fame on Broadway. RICHARD THORPE, directrv of "The Last of the Pagans." didn't realize the value of his candid camera pictures of beautiful vistas in the South Seas when he snapped them while filming the "Pagan" m Tahiti. He and Mala, the Eskimo actor, both had many of their pictures enlarged. Thorpe has just received a request from a San Francisco art dealer who wants several sets to put on the market. They are to he exhibited here in April. Mr. Thorpe has disposed of several more to national art magazines. CAMERA CLIPPINGS: Although he's busy denying rumors about Mary Brian, Cary Grant left yesterday for San Simeon where Mary is vacationing. . . . When Jack Oakie and his bride return to Hollywood they will live in a small apartment in Beverly Hills. . . . a two-hour fencing lesson every day. . . . Bing Crosby has to roll his own cigarets for his new picture "Rythm on the Range" and is he having a time! . . . Alison Skipworth spent $112 for a fance to keep her seven prize chickens at home. Alison says they don't-give any eggs, but she likes having them around. FASHION HINTS: Radishes and j strawberries have joined forces (for According to Betty Fur- ness, fruits and vegetables a.r a , the things j.tci wear with evening clothes and Betty has an interesting assortment on her new white chjf-fon formal. The berry and vege-. table corsages are clever imitations created Hetty Furness. in wax and prove both colorful and amusing. Maureen O'Sullivan prefers floral trimmings. Her new shculder-lcngth cape is a solid mass of tiny-spring flowers fashioned from chiffon-velvet in pastel colors. Shirred chiffon lines the shoulder covering. j spring. ii nniiiiii. 4v rv j'iiiirjrim , i- hum LJ J X WTUTl" Laughter and Thrills! rV t A Warner Bro. Picture . . . with S tScanb CORTEZ Marguerite COCHILL William GARGAN "Chic" SALE FERN GARDEN INN Greentree ft forhran Koart RAY ENGLERT'S ORCHESTRA Saturday, April 4th CHICKIN STEAK FROG DINNERS l.nrnitt :i Ihlgh SO40. GAY PAREE VUSS iioi I MARTY GREGOR'S N. B. C. RAND I NO CORKAGE OR COVER CHARGE I Barth's Dance Tonite 818 LIBERTY AYE., DOWNTOWN Tommy Cariyn Orch. REGENT F.ant I.lhertv fSCKEHLEY I Oaklanil TODAY AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD THEATER EAST LIBERTY LIBERTY " !,u"1 IRENE Ul'NSE BttBEBT TAUA1R In "Maeniflcent Obsession" also Goorge O'Brien "Thunder Mountain" HARRIS FAMILY Joan Hertholt-Dionni Quintuplets in "THE COUNTRY DOCTOR" CARRICK MELROSE Thl Morning Only "King of Klnic" Afternoon A Kvrnlns MAN OF IRt" and Ann Sot hern ln "THE GIRL MtlL.Mt MT. OLIVER HARRIS MT. OLIVER "IF YOU COULD ONLY COOK" Also "IT'S A GREAT LIFE" BEECH VIEW HARRIS BEECHYIEW Jean Harlow Spencer Tracy In "RIFF RAFF" CARNEGIE NEW CARNEGIE HAROLD LLOYD-HELEN MACK in "THE MILKY WAY" Major Bnwe Amatrum on Rereen NORTHSIDE GARDEN Retain Knaetnet Jeannette M ar Donald eltn Eddy in "ROSE MARIE" Added AHraettoB "AndloaeopUia" MANOR Kq. Hill ICENiOT North Side MODEL BiillFr St. Harr; ETNA Etna ROWLAND Wilkinftburg: SO. KILLS Harri, IKirmnnt ARSENAL 410S Roller St. PLAZA Bloom field BELMAR Horn1 wood HOLLYWOOD I'otomar Ave. Ilnrmnnt I.At'RFL HA ROY "BOHEMIAN GIRL" also "Man Hnnt" ' Tranchot tone madge evans stuart erwim "EXCLUSIVE ST0RY" 2 BIO FEATURES "MOONLIGHT ON . THK rRAlRrE" alsi "Snlrlde Kquad'fti WARMER ItlTERl C10RIA STUART "PRISONER OF SHARK ISLAND" ROCHKLI.K HUDSON Marry Kienman In "Music Goes 'Round" MAE WEST KLONDIKE ANNIK HAROLD 1.1. OYD "THE MILKY WAY" CAMERA- PHONE Kant Liberty PALACE 33t Diamond St. lfte Alwaa PRINCE AmhridK AMBRIDGE Ambrldge John P. HarrH MEMORIAL MrKeeiport EDDIE CANTOR "STRIKE Mb PINK" i ateo "Return of Jimmy alentine" SHIPIT.T TFMPLB ... . w v . v .r I m LI I I LCi I ncDEb i alo "Show Them Na Merry" a WARNER FAXTER Si "King of Burlesque! alao "Mary numi, m FuKltlTe" STRIKE ME PINK alan B RoarinK flmw" "1AROLELOMBARD "LOVE BFFORE VREAKFAfT" also Leatherneck" Have Inrtd" PAUL MUNI "STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR" i I If 1 1 i fir m 1 .1. I )

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