Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1932
Page 7
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^j|giigMHIIHBMMfeHHMMM^MH"^BaH^M^ HB B M MM*M^«M HMMM W*aM M BH Board Proceedings November 14, 1932, Auditor's Office, Nov. 14, 1832. Board 'of Supervisors of Kossuth tounty met In regular session with il menYMtfB present and proceeded rlth the reading of minutes of last igular session and all adjourned sea- Ion*. On motion by McDonald and aec- nnfled by Funnemark that minutes of •*}• regular session and all adjourned be approved as read. Ayes: 111. on motion 'Board proceeded to audit in d allow bills as per "Schedule of Halms" hereinafter written: SCSHBDUIjBI OF CLAIMS COHTNTCY FIUND Express Agency, express 2.18 Bernice Johnson, labor ...... 16.60, 6 j, Helken, com. and session 249'.63 Adolph Frlest Jr., bty. 30 uinhard Helderecheld,: bty. ... 2.60 John Spear, bty 13.90 Lllla'I* Bishop, labor 12.60 Olaf Funnemark, tel. Berv. .. g p. Bckholm, registrar .. .. f E. Wortman, registrar .. .. KB. iHolllstcr, registrar ,. .. Alice Orethen, registrar ..... A. Thompson,, registrar.,.. 6.06 4.60 4.26 2.00 4.60 6.25 Wm. Boy ken, registrar 2.50 R H, Flnnoll, registrar 6.50 Adah Carlson, registrar Arthur ;Hof,,. registrar- Fred A. Dlekmann, registrar. Paul J, Cody, weed com. .... Alfred Jergenson, weed com.. Geo. Hagge, mtg ...... Geo. D. Moulton, mtg peter Hans, mtg. ...• Aug. Outknecht, mtg K. <J. Ewoldt, mtg -. .... B. R. Woltz, mtg J, T. Cherland, mtg. ........ Oeo. F. Hawcott, mtg. p. M. Chrletenson,/mtg jj. B. Hollister, mtg Alex Radlg, mtg O, B. Johnson, mtg John Kohlwes, mtg Peter Elbert, mtg Albert Potratz, mtg Geo. Winkel, mtg. . j, J. Anderson, mtg. ,. J. B. Kelly, mtg. Peter Looft, mtg Chas. A. Rohlln, mtg 10.60 3.GO 2.25 14.31 31.H 4,00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 R. B. .Hall, .clerk of election ,. R;• Newton, clerk of election..B. H. Lock, labor ..• .. Gran t'Twp. clerk, labor .. ... D. W. Fults, judge of election •..;•• ... Peter Looft, Judge of election. J.. B..Kelly,. Judge of election, etc Chas. A. Rohlln, Judge of election, etc. Rena Haglund, judge ot election J. J, Anderson, clerk of election Clare M, Brlckson, clerk of election , C.. .F. .Berggren, clerk of election Ida E. Larson, clerk of election H. J. ©owman, room, rent .... Thos. Berg, judge of election.. H. O. I/arson, judge of election L. W. Enrich, Judge of election R. C. Baum, clerk of election. H.. C.. Lunning, clerk of election A. L. Weber, judge of election Matilda Godfrey, judge of election J. C. Mawdsley, Judge of election ... Fred S, Gelgel, clerk of election M. L. Roney, clerk of election Farmers-co-op. Ass'n, room 1 .rent. Farmers Co'-op. Ass'n, arrang. 7.20 7.20 1.00 2.50 booths Wm. Baum, judge of elec. .... Aug. <JKknecht, Judge of election Peter Hans, judge of election. H. D, Mussman, judge of eleo. John Smith, judge of election. Laura 'Rosenau, judge of election Edna L. Turley, clerk ot election Marena F. Lewis, clerk of election Iga Wortman, clerk of elec- ennle Gutknecht, clerk of Oran O'Keefe, room rent .. .. 3.00 LOren Bvers 3'rae Chris Asmussen, labor .. ..... 1.00 VvUbert W Rlchm Geo. D. Moulton, Judge of elec- 3.00 5.65 6.55 6.55 4.80 4.80 4.80 6.65 5.66 4.80 4.80 6.30 6.30 6.3 5.1 5.1 5.1 6.3 6.3 5.1 5.1 6.4 6.45 6.45' 4.95 4.95 4.95 6.45 6.45 4.95 H. N. Kruse, postage 1.80 H. N. Kruse, postage ""* E. H. Beardsley, Judge of election Adell McDonald, judge of election ... •••• •'••• W. A. White, judge of election C. H. Rellly, judge of election V. J. Sands, judge of election Hortense Ferguson, judge of election Hazel D. Lusby, clerk of election... .-.. Leora St. John, clerk of election Anna Van Ness, clerk of election Geo. J. Elbert, clerk of election Harry Godden, judge of election Mario Payne, judge of election Claire Keith, judge of election Frank Oeigel, Judge of elec- , tlon E. J. Gilmore, judge of election J. M. Moore, judge of election • D. L. Leffert, clerk of election J. A. McDonald, clerk of election P. P. Zerfass, clerk of election Lottie Keith, clerk of election Thos. Kain, judge of election . JR, B. Smith, judge of election H.'J.-Bacon, judge ,of-.election • Oscar' Norman, judge of election ;.. ,..-., ,• •••• Alma Nelson, judge of election R. F. Donovan, Judge of election .. H. F. Huenhold, clerk of election Imelda Dooley, clerk of election - .... Frank Kohlhaas, clerk of election Alice M. Hutchins, clerk of election • ••• iVallle M. Trlbon, judge of election <•<. L. J. De Graw, Judge of election (B. E. Norton, judge of election 3. L. Bonar, judge of election Boy A. Brownell, Judge of election ..i R. A. Palmier, judge of election C. Herman, clerk of election 1 .. Elvira Monlux, clerk of -election • JJ. P. Weaver, clerk of.election . C. B, Murtagh, clerk of elec- .,.' tlon ... •'•• •••• Chrl« Brandt, judge of election, etc ' (Fred Boyken, judge of election ... Andrew M. Hansen, Judge of election, etc; •• W. A. Schram, judge, of election .; W. H. Stott, judge of election, ect ' L. Oesterrelcher, judge of election, etc. .. •• B. V. Hansen, clerk of election Wm.'Boyken, clerk of .election " H.-B. Rachut,;clerk of Selection Ix F. .Catties, -clerk'tot .election, Breen OPost Am. Legion, rent.. J. B, 'Falk, labor ... ... . Ella MaoArthur. Judge of elec- E. R."wol'tz"judge of election W. D. Kearns judge of election Maude Hanna, Judge of elec- • . J. T, Ch'eriand," judge of election C. C. Smith, judge of election Oeo. P. Hawcott, clerk of elec- Lloyd Els'ton', clerk of election F. 'L. Ryerson, clerk of election •• !•••••• •••• D. F. Slaughter, clerk .of election : • ' City of Burt, room . Chas, Schraeder, labor ... ..... Burt Library, rent .,. ... ..... O, W. (Brown, judge' of elec- Harry SaWn,' Judge" of election C. N. Robinson, Judge of elec- (Minnie" J.'"Matern." "clerk of election , '••••• ,•••• M. N. Phillips, clerk of election . ...^.. •••••• ,::^._:" ^ O. Marquis, judge of. election. 4.50 ohn "Hartshorn, Judge of election D. A. Carpenter, judge of election Alfred Shultz, judge of election Wm. Wenzel, judge of election Geo. Hagge, clerk of election, 'ohn Mouael, clerk of election, Vm. Flynn, clerk of election.. -,eon Worden, clerk of election jYed (Bauman, labor Jas. Warburton, judge of .elec- tion 6.00 6.00 12.00 4.50 4.50 8.25 6.00 4.60 4,50 6.00 6.60 6.60 6.60 6.60 14.80 5.40 6.40 5.40 7.10 5,40 2.50 1.00 6.10 6.10 10.60 3.60 4.60 3.60 5.1 5.1 3.60 Hft*el Gerdes, clerk of election Myrtle Lease, clerk of election TOwn bf Wesley, labor • Paul Frtebei-g, light and fuel.. Henry Kunt, rent .. H. F. Schultz, judge of election F. J. Ludwlg, judge of election * Wm, Mdyer, judge Of election Alice M. Relmers, Judge of election Elizabeth Hlgglns, judge of election Thos. Carmody, judge of election W. F. Relmers, clerk -of election D. W, Ault, clerk of election.. Chas. Seymour, clerk of election Frank Elbert, clerk of election Town of Whittemore, light and fuel A. A. Fangmann, judge of election ake Keller, judge ot election [. W. Nagel, judge of election Mrs. R. E. Hutton, judge of election C. M. Baker, judge of election Chas. Kollasch, judge of election Mrs. G. W. Carmean, clerk of election ,. P. A. Lonergan, clerk of election Qeo. W. Nyman, clerk of election j. J, Kockler, clerk .of election 3eo. Yegge, light and fuel .... )tto ' Nemmers, labor f. A. Devine, rent F. W. Green, labor election 3 3.00 3.30 3.00 2.60 3.00 '7.20 7.20 7.20 6.30 6.30 6.30 16.20 7.20 6.30 6.30 6.00 5.65 Mr*. A. 'Werrlnga ... ;. 164 F. W. Thaves.... ... ... 10.00 Nelson Mercantile Co., prov. . 18.67 Nettle Peterson 11.81 . Carrie Thompson >•.. .... 6.76 C. J. Appelqulest, prov. H. K. Hutchlnson .... 16.64 Farmers Co-op, Elevator Co., fuel 22.10 Carrie Thompson 9.40 Ed Anderson 12.70 Art Lester, rent- 16.00 Frank Miller 6.00 Joe Faulkner 10.00 C. W. Lundqulst, med. aid .. 106.00 Howard Plcht 95.00 Art Biirke H.O Dr. J. E. Russ, med. aid S. P. Sampson 34.50 COUNTY FAiRM Graham Co., supplies 23.60 Algona Ice Cream .Factory, supplies & Candy 7.00 electron returns be adjourned to 12:30 o'clock p. m. Ayes: All. Grand Jury Room. 12:30 o'clock p. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members.present. .On motion by Morris and seconde'd by McDonald that Board proceeded to icanvaas the returns of the General 'Election'held In Kossuth county on the 8th day of November, 1932, with the following results: For President and Vice President of the United States: Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis, 3,075; Franklin D. Roosevelt and John N, Garner, 6,925; Norman .Thomas and Jas. H. Maurer, 129; Jacob S. Coxey and Julius J. Reltter, 3; 'William D. Upshaw and •Frank S. Regan, 16; Wm. Z. Foster, and James W. Ford, none. For United States Senator, Henry For -Secretary of State—G. C. Greenwald, 3,870; Mrs. Alex Miller, 5,012; Carl Moll, 40; Axel Anderson, 2; R. F. Talmage, 6; Earl B. Bfrown, none. For Auditor of State. — Karl W Fischer, 3,625; C. W. Storms, 5,127; J. W, Duke, 38; Caroline Dunham, 3; J. K. Barnes, 7; Mabel D. Wilson, none. For Treasurer of State — Ray B. Johnson, 3,482; Leo J. Wegman, 5,409; 3ertha E. Johnson, del. -,ballots '.... Geo. Elbert, rent Fenton 'Reporter, pub. sample ballot 70.00 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. .. 85.67 INSANE FUND L. E. Hovey, transp 30.00 MAINTENANCE FUND Railway Express Agency, express 10.91 (Paul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 11 832.93 Paul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 3 309.41 Paul & TJonnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 7 421.8 C. M. St. P. & Pac. R'y Co. frt. W. .B. Williams, gravel hauled 59.61 ilul „,..„„ „„.„„ „„.«.„,., .«.„., Resolved: That the County Auditor F)e ia 3,09,1; Louis Murphy, 6.000; ,,,,..18 hereby ordered and directed to Is- g m | t h W. Brookhart, 610; I. S. Mc- 6.55 i sue warrants for^ aU_blll8^allowed _at crlllls, 33; Roy M. Harrop, none; 'Pet- 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.06 6.55 8.60 3.00 2.60 3.0» 6.00 32.80 6.00 To Fill Second Vacancy — Georg* Clautsen, 3,107; Hubert tFtterback, 5,210. . ' . <For Representative th Congress, *lh r>lStrlct-<Fred C. Gilchritt, 4,363; Wm. T. Bratiagan, 4,671. For Judge of the District Court— F. C. Davidson,, 3,969. • For State 'Senator-0. TV. Patterson, 4,447; B. F. MoFarland, 4,722. For State Representative — J. C. Mawdsley, '3,326; A. H. Bonnstetter, E. O. Wclk, 'Robert SheOdenhelm, 6; O. E. Brookhart, 16; Bessie Logsden, 3. 'For Attorney General—John Fletcher, 3,548; Edward L. O'Connor, 5,231; J. P. Russell, 41; U. A. Screechfleld, 2; John P. Joseph, 4. For Secretary of Agriculture—Mark G. Thornburg, 3,443; Ray Murray, 5.644; H. G. Altenberger, 32; Charles Stewart, 4; Wm. E. F. (Randolph, 4; Mllo 'Clapp, none; Luke B. Miller. 4. For Railroad Commissioner — T. B. Martin, 3,366; M. P. Conway, 5,236; Wm. James, 36; George Flcklen, 3; L. Ehoda IBros., labor ... ... H. M. Smith, engr J. A. Strayer, dragging . Edward Hagge, dragging tlon 4.50 4.50 tion eiec- Paul Hertzke, judge of tlon B. F. Edwards, judge of election Bert Coder, clerk of election.. Henry 'Recker, clerk of election Mrs. Henry Patterson, rent .. P. M. Chrlstenson, 'judge of election Alex iRadlg, Judge of .election. A. W. Lampe, Judge of elec- ' tlon ... H. F. Mittag, clerk of election L. B. Hollister, clerk of election American Legion, rent Peter Elbert, judge of elec. .. Noah Reisner, judge of elec... 10.30 4.60 9.00 3.00'i 2.00 11.40 6.70 6.70 6.70 6.70 2.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 3.00 9.20 7.20 Wllbert W. Richmond, drag... John H. Bode, drag Warren Delbler, drag A. R. Godfredsen, drag John Kohlwes, drag John Stott, labor Marcus Holm, labor C. G. Lyckman, labor E. P. Simpson, labor Wm. Sengbusch, labor M. c'. Worster, • right-of-way to g. p. 67.3! 31.20 271.0(1 45.0 13.2 10.21 10.8 3. his meeting aa shown by tne "scnea- ile of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: All. 12 o clock noon. Motion by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that Board proceed with .he official canvass of election returns. Ayes: All. Township— Cresco Eagle Garfield German * • •••• Grant »"• Greenwood , Lotts Creek • Lu Verne Prairie er Hunter, none. For 'Governor— Dan W. Turner 4,181; Clyde L. Herring, 5,276; Mrs Laetltla Conard, 34; Norman Baker 12; John B. Hammond, 8; Wm. H 'Pfttton, 2; J. W, Long, 11. For Lieutenant Governor, C. F Clark, 3,609; Nelson O. Kroschel, 5,288 Arnold A. gather, 35; Charles A. Aid TOWNSHIP OFFICERS ELECT Justice of the Peace Constal » • • P. A. Danson L. T. Griffin Mlrarn B. White F. A. Newvllle Harold Johnson W. H. Rlcklefs H. A. Jennings Clarence Cooper W. J. Davidson Henry Ewoldt C, H. Schroedei Emll O'Green S. Seversor W. A. Cameron Otis Sander John Dempsej S. J. Chrlstophel Leonard Mln Chris Behrman Jim Sheridan Jake Kelle J. L. Vaux Paul W. Larso A. H. Hundeby Geo. Butterflel Wm. Franke E. E. Willmer Andre Loge Albert Krosc John Huff C. R. Lewis F. W. Beeme O. Marquis Geo. Dun Henry Zing Arthur Hof Aaron Sander Consuelo Hanna Grover IRJent Ed Hopkins .Leln. Gardm Wm. Fitzgerald Grace Phillir . Mott. 4; John C. Phillips, 2. For Judges of the Supreme Court- Frederick F. Favllle, 3,423; (Laurence DeGraff, 3,416; Henry F. Wagner, 3.424; Maurice F. Donegan, 6.179; John W. KIntzinger, 5,148; John W. Anderson, 5,156. For Judge of Supreme Court to Fill Vacancy — William L. Bliss, 3,256 ED AT GENERAL ELECTION NOV )le Township Trustee Township Trust TermiUeglnning Term. Beglnnln 1933 1934 'Chris Brandt Andrew M. Hansen Wm, Koestler G-. W. Blelch G. W. (Browr i Paul J. Cody J. P. Petersor ! Alex Rading G-. B. Johnsoi r R. B. Berninghaus Herman Harm Herman Dreesman Henry Schmld 3 C. H. Blair IF. M. Jacob J. P. Mousel John Karste r n J. E. Kelly 1 t L. W. Ehrlck Thos. Ber h S. J. Devlne r J. H. Holeomb Geo. D. Moulto n g B. F. Edwards J. H. Warburto Peter Blbert Noah Relsne s Albert A. Schipull Frank Clapsadd •1. r Alfred Jergenson Henry Baile s W. H. Schwletert John Arnflorfer Geo. Cln ,830. iFor County Auditor— Charles B. BUSINESS Chubb, 4,373; Edward J. Butler, 4,895. •For County Treasurer— <H. N. Kruse, 4,468; Maurice Duffy, 4,846. For Clerk of District Court — Clark Orton, 4,078; E. J. McEvoy, 5,145. For Sheriff— Everett L. Harris, 4,301; Carl Dahlhauser, 6,207. For county Recorder— Ida L. Peterson, 4,290; J. J. Dooley, 4,930. 'For County Attorncy-JH. W. Miller, 4,100; Maurice C. McMahon, 5,061. For, County Coroner— Leon M. Mer- rltt, 4,328; R. A. Evans, 4,673. For Member 'Board of Supervisors .Dlst. No. 1— F. J. Balgeman, 852; John IP. Mersch, 670; John H. Fraser, 477. For Second District, Menry Weff- ener, 946; W. E. McDonald, 14«1. For Third District— Olaf Funnemark, 592; W. S. Cosgrove, 1,084. iFor Fourth DIstrlct-Chas. Morris, 1,085; Albert Kollasch, 959. •Ray E. Hanson R. F. Hawcott 'Eleanor Potter O. W. Berggren (Fred C. Wegener Henry Klepper Herman Ubben W. L. Reynolds Clarence Vaske L. A. Barslou Oscar Frandle A. J. Seller J. E. Smith W. H. Patterson Andrew Elber , Ed Chambers K088UTH COUNT! A&TAKCB Weekly Newspaper Found*d IB. 1M Entered aa Second-Class MatM* December 81, 1908, at the rmitnffl at Algona, Iowa, Under tlM AM of March 2, 1879. LAWYERS W. B. Quarton H. W. Phones: QUABTON * MILLBft Law Offices. Office 427, resident Algona, Iowa. P. T. Hatten, supplies Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, supplies S.35 2.30 3.35 Joe" Greenberg, supplies 31.06 Farmers Elev. Co., supplies .. 72.10 Farmers Coop. Soc., supplies.. 19.95 la. Machinery & Sup. Co., supplies 117.C9 Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. 3.CO Ramsey ... 10,20 Riverclale , 2.10 Seneca 4.25 Sherman .. 1.50 Springfield Swea 10.«0 Co., sup. Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., sup Sargent Machine Co. Inc,, supplies :.. •• Barton-Warner Co., supplies 225.62 37.24 28.50 1005.66 Union Wesley Whittemore B. J. Sankey A. L. Swanson Fred Walker Ihno A. Gerdes J. C. Johnson Joe Preston Paul Frlberg P. McDonnell Adam Luchslneer , Frost Henry Bormann T. F. Engesser A. W. Steussy Louis Anderson Axel Erickson Art Crulkshank L. A, iBoleneus Wm. Moyer John Frlderes L. C. Gast H. J. Kohlhaas E. P. Hanson E. H. Woltz M. N, Phillips O. H. Llnde 'H. H. Dreyer Mike Wagner John Boekelman IFloyd Calwell L. J. Kockler J. J. Anderson H. C. Lunnlng Carl Hutchins 'Geo. Hagge Bert Coder John Kohlwes H. C. Allen Walter Klamp E. 0. Mann <3. B. Ludwlg Jr. John Hellman John 'Bormann Mlllen Jensen John P. Bormann J. I. BONAB Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Office phone 460-W. Algona, SULLIVAN, McMAHON * LINVAJI I. W. Sullivan S. B. L. E. Llnnan Attorneys-at-Law. Phones: Office, 261; J. W. 8* d. E. McM., 403. Algona, HABBINGTON t JHCKINBOH F. P. Harrington L. J. DtekiM Attorneys-at-Law Phones: Office, 28; T. P. BL, 8. J. TAN HESS, O. W. Lawyers. Office over Iowa. State Bank Phone 213-W. Algona, John Haas Fred Dutton O. A. Jensen .O L. Thorson A. M. Gustafson Ole K. Flom H. F. Schultz W. C. Nelson Fred A. Diekmann Walter Vaudt H. L. McEnroe Jay Graham J. N. Ludwlg A. J. Cogley Thomas crahan J. W. Bollig E. C. Green Chas. Haas Leo Guerdet W. J. Bourne Henry C. Nelson James Hogan 9. D. Shumway B. D. SHUMWAY * KELLY Attorneys -at-Law Office in Qulnby Block "hone 68 Algona, t. A. WINKEL Atttorney-at-Law Office in Qulnby Building Phone 180 HIRAM B. "WHITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 206. Algona. motion Board adjourned to n Ine o'clock a. m. November 17, 1932. BERTHA <E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Mld-Cont. Petro. Corp., supplies ........................ 265.06 November 17,1932. Auditor's Office, November 17, 1932. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and seconded by December 6,1932. Auditor's Office, December 6, 1932. . IBoard of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Albert Potratz, judge of elec. 11.70 'Geo. Winkel, clerk of election ...................... John Kohlwes, clerk of election ..... > ............ ...... Frank Devltt, judge of elec- tlon .. ... .................... F. I. . Chapman, judge of elec- 7.20 7.20 6-00 6:00 6-00 tlon 'G. F. Chambers, judge of election Frank Clapsaddle, judge of election A. J. Eason, judge of election 4.oO Lucile Hot, judge, of elec. H. C. Allen, clerk, etc. 4.50 7.00 6.00 Standard Oil Co., supplies 218.97 Paul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 8 122.26 Paul & Donnelly et al, maint. iVlULlVJli Uj *"-ui * to IVI»M "—%-«»j — N*M ~ j yy nn a,H iiidiiucio i>i caciiv. Balgeman that following final estl- Motion by Balgeman and seconded mates be allowed: Paul & Donnelly, I by Funnemark that County Auditor W B Williams and John Schumacher—Maintenance Project No. 11, ?92.54; Maintenance Project No. 24, $340.44; be Instructed to serve pauper notice on Henry Koepke and son, Algona, also on Webster county, and L. A. proj. No. 22 269.46 iji09.68; Secondary IBoad District No loni JR. r-tnnn^nv r>f nl. maint. ww tnv stsfi 23' TTndfbrand & Kraffl: Paul & Donnelly et al, maint. Proj. No. 23 278.88 Paul & Donnelly et al, maint. ' proj. No. 20 ... ... 118.41 Paul & Donnelly et al, maint. proj. No. 19 380.09 EOAiD CONSTROJieTION FUND Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Road No. 201 ..,-'... 602.30 iPaul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Road No. 183 200.81 Secondary Road District No. 192, I Davis, wife and family, Riverdale - ' - '"'--" ~'-'-'-' "- 'township, and Wright county. Ayes: Paul _ Road No.. 202 et al, Sec. 5o-' 5 Paul & 'Donnelly et al, Sec. 5.40 5.40 6.40 3.90 3.90 3.90 5.40 •3.90 '3.90 Jess A.-, Llndebak, clerk, etc... Town' of Lu Verne;'' room, light, etc Alfred Jergenson, judge of Judge of 4.80 4.80 :2.70 2.70 , 2,70 4.80 4.80 2.70 2..70 3.00 7.00 6.60 6.60 6.60 5.10 6.10 5.10 10.10 6.60 , 6.10 6.10 2.00 2.00 1.50 7.20 9.20 6.00 Harry H. Lichty, clerk,, etc... Lulu Lichty, clerk, etc; ....— 4.50 ------- '- 4.50 5.00 8.20 8.60 6.60 6.60 6.60 6.00 6.00 1 6.00 12.00 E'"O. .Mann,' clerk of election 6.00 Donald Ringsdorf, del. absent, electlon Roscoe Mawdsley, election J. E. McEnroe, judge of election Clark Scuffham, clerk of election • Walter H. Klamp, clerk of election , — W. E. Glrover, judge of 'elec- E. B.'Dl'ttmer,'judge 'Of .elec- . tlon .. ...J'.. :,..-.. .. •D. M.-Stewart, judge of elec- -, tlon Will Rlngsdorf, clerk of election , . Road No. 209 ................ 125- 97 Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. ' ;Road No. 210 .... ......... . -----Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Road No. 212 ...... ........ 52-23 HHdlbrand & Kragh, mater- lal ................... Hlldlbrand & Kragh, mater- j a j .................. , ....... Paul '& iDonnelly et al, Sec. Road Dlst. No. 192 _ 1975.TB 986,26 „„. $138.23; HHdlbrand & Kragh final estimate on concrete abutment, $219.52; HHdlbrand'. & Kragh final on concrete abutment, $210.36, and.County Auditor Instructed to issue warrant as provided by law. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that following refunds, 'abatements and suspensions be al- That W. A. Brass be allowed refund on 2 ac. Road on E 1-2 SE 1-4 Sec. 199-27 along east side for 1927-1928-19291930-1931 and County Auditor instructed to correct 1932 assessment books. That County Treasurer be authorized; to accept $35.00 in full settlement Of-all personal taxes of J. S. Kelsey, Swea City Inc. That Vance E. Lester be refunded 50c county poll tax German twp. for 1930 on account of having paid same of Everett 1931-1932 be Ali. . . . Paul & 'Donnelly et al, Sec. •RnnrTTMKt. No. 194 .......... 47.87 76.89 42.24 •27.00. 147.14 197.S9 ,85.40 poll tax Householder for year Road Dist. No. 194 Paul & 'Donnelly et al, Sec. IRoad Dist. o. 189 iPaul & Donnelly et al, Sec. IRoad Dtst, No. 25 ,..,. William Batt, labor:... ...>..., Hildibrand & Kragh, 1 ;labor ... Hildlbrand & Kragh; labor';.., la, Culvert & Pipe Co., sup...Wilson. Concrete 'jC,o:(' supplies;, Barton-Warner Co,, supplies.. Swea City Herald,' pub. notice 19.05 Swea City 'Herald, pub. notice 47.25 Fenton (Reporter, pub. notice. 47.10 ballot ,<•• •• Mrs. D. E.\'Fitcb. labor ,;. :.. John Arndorfer, Judge of elec- . .tlon ... ..-.i.'... i i': 1 - w."" Qeo. Cink. Judge ot; , election;.-. 6.30 1.00 SCO 6.30 Tltona Topic, pub. notice Bancroft. Register. ' Bancroft Register, vrvk«* VJ*AI*I>J • ji' - *"«i»' • ~*i •• . + \ — ' Isadore Meyer, judge of 'elec- ' tion • ••• •• G. B. Ludwlg, clerk of elec- Alf Stu'der,'' clerk , of election. J. M. Wltte, room rent • Edw. Droessler, judge of elec- ' tlon ,*.' .....,..*'.v'.; • Anton i'Stork,-Judge of election 6.30 10.30 6.30 3.00 ,'' 6.70 9.90 >. I1UL1UO ..; .. -, pub. nptjce V liiibV notice ibe'" 28.10 77.40 165.30 J.'8. Freearki judge, of eleo-; „ tlnn 5.70 tion John Hellman, clerk of election ... :•••. •••• F. H. Mescher, clerk of election .' Clem J. Diers, labor ..,...;..., Henry Btormann, judge of election .. » John Frlderesi Judge of election .1 .........:>......'. ,,., .,•••• Lawrence ' Thllgea, judge of election Wm. Runchey, clerk of elec- • tlon.. ....... •••" • ••••" John Bormann, clerk of election •••• F. Engesser, judge of elec- J. W. Bo'lVig,"judge' of election O, R. Jensen. Judge of election Chris F, Nielsen, clerk of election .. • Thos. J. O'Donnell. clerk of ,7.70 6.70 2.00 6.30 6.30 6.30 6.30 6.30 10.90 6.90 6.90 6.90 W, H; C.'. ; Kendrlck, 'com.'i'Of .,,-.'• ins., 'graver ...-•;., .,.'.. /.-TWO J. 'O. iMlphaelson,"-gravel i'-A»v...,;J ' -'. - •oORAINAOE iFUMD^f •;'••. •Dr. 33— ' Farmers.Elevator Co., sup... Dr. 90- Farmers Elevator Co,, sup. . Dr;"132— •Farmers Coop. Soc., sup. .. Dr.,HI- T iFarmera Coop.' Soc., sup. .)-.,'• Dr.,.177—'" . " : ••.:'' Farmers Coop. Soc., sup. ...; Sub 2 of 25— .Farmers Coop. Soc., sup. ... H-K No. 3-46- ' Farmers Coop. Soc., sup Jas. A. Smith Lmbr Co., sup. H-K No. 5^87— Farmers Coop. Soc., sup. ... Jas. A. Smith Lbr. Co., sup. H-KjNo: 7-120-' ... Farmers Coop, Soc., sup. 4.40 6.80 4.05 1.15 1.20 3.10 2.35 .61 2.80 1.50 •"1.14 abated on account of physical disability That road poll tax and county poll of Alson E. Braley be abated for 1931 on account of being out of county and having' paid same In Iowa City. Ayes: ^Motion' 1 by McDonald and seconded bj^Morria (that County Auditor is hereby instructed to serve pauper no- -tioe" iftn WIVls Bilsborough, Algona, and on Emmet county auditor. Ayes: A Motlon 'by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that Heiken be appointed-as a committee to have repairs made on Dr. 82 as per request .Ayes: ^•pn motion Board adjourned to one ^OheVclock P. m.-Btoard of Supervisors"-met pursuant to adjournmen* with all members present. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgean that assessment on *-' lowing Secondary .Road Districts - - s -. reported by »«•»- On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.— Board met pursuant to adjojurnment with all members present. Motion by Morris and seconded by Balgeman that following final estimates of A. A. Mettler are hereby allowed: Grading project No! 2, $30.45 grading project No. 11, $29.85; grading project No. ]9, $180.06; grading projec' No. 23, $376.56; and County Auditor in structed to issue warrant as provided by law. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule lalms" hereinafter written:. SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND . E. Hovey, costs In foreclosure ........................ 115.B8 Ity of Algona, light and water service .................. 95.02 H. N. Kruse, postage .. . ..... 5.00 H. N. Kruse. postage ... ..... "" Northwestern 'Bell Tel. Co., tel. service ...................... H. M. Smith, salary ........ Railway Express Agency, express ....................... • Hugh Post, frt A. Mettler, grading ... .'.... 62.71 A. A. Mettler, grading 20.06 A. A. Mettler, grading 4-1.88 A. A. Mettler, grading 56.64 A. A. Mettler, grading 30.23 A. A. Mettler, grading 187.56 A.. A. Mettler, grading 102.56 A. A. Mettler, grading 325.41 Champlin.Refining Co., assign. 305.80 Haggard & Waller, pub. notices 153.60 Advance Pub. Co., pub. notices 168.32 Whittemore Champion, pub. notices 143.70 North Kossuth iRecord, pub. notices 163.20 .gt. C. R. I. & P. R'y Co., frt. 2.52 'aul & Donnelly et al, malnt. proj. No. 24 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 9.25 W. A. White, assign 12.00 D. Prulsman, patrol 87.50 Railway Express Agency, ex- Lee 0. Wolfe, pub. notices .... 69.30 Burt Monitor, pub. notices — 41.25 Wesley News World, pub. notices ......................... 35.10 F. S. Norton & Son, sup ..... 1.6( Philip Fisher, labor ......... 21.20 J. M. Moore, assessing Road Dist ....... . ............. ... •• 7.75 J. A. Roberts, bridge ......... 248.50 Wilson Concrete Co., sup ..... 62.81 Wilson Concrete Co., sup ..... 64.62 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND (Continued on page 8.) PE11SONAL P. A. DANSOU Attorney-At-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J.; Res. Ill DOCTORS JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drue Star* Office phone 300 Res. phone 326. Loans $300 OR LESS Prompt Loan Service to 'Farmers, School Teachers, Business Men, Professional Men and Others. —See— CUNNINGHAM & I/ACT Algona Phone 598 Representing C. H. CBETZMEYKB Physician and Surgeon Office In John Galbralth Block Phones: Office, 810; res.. 444 Ugona P. V. JANSE, M. V. Physician and SnrgeoB Office on South Dodge Street >-'hones: Office, 666; residence, N Algona, Iowa fol Matt Laux, labor 15.76 H-K Jt._ No, 2- . - -- 4;88 B. P. Simpson, judge of elec- iP J? Cody,'' judge' 'of 'election. .• M. L. Johnson, clerk of elec- Jennle 'iBe'rgereii, clerk of elec- Geo. C/'Hanna',' judge of elec- Lem Mariow, Judge 'of election Wm. A.» Stout;enburs, Judge of !M? e o. 'Richardsl'oiefk of e'lec- K. K3. EwoidV, "clerk of election G.- B. Johnson, Judge of election Forrest 'Bassett, labor ... ... . Henry Elscheid, Judge of elec- S. J. Dev'ine," judge of election :•• •••• : I A. J. Klrschbaum, Judge - of .election ..-••• — - - - clerk of elec- 6101 Chas. Aman, clerk of election C. N. Beischi-labor .. ...... •• 6.10 H. J. Kohlhaas, judge of elec- 570 Simeon" Leigh,' Judge of eleo... A. W. Steussy. judge of elec- 6.70 John P" Borman, clerk of eiec- 780 E C. 'Green," clerk of election. < 670 0. B. Risk, judge of elec. .... John Haas, judge of election. 7.10 Louis Anderson, judge of eleo- 4.47 4.81 4.81 8.41 2.35 15.00 ""R.'krau'se,'."judge of eleo- , 10 1 Fr ' eodn £'Dutton!' ciei-k" of elec- +lr»M _.. ........ •••*•• •»«• »«»* fft AV i , ,,,tt« ••««!» '»» B.10 Chas. H.' witte, cierk of elec- 3-45 C a Anderson,"labor ... ..... 345 O, A. Jensen, Judge of eleo- ' tlon p. J. Welsbrod, judge of elec- John n NeweV,"judge 'i)t election. JOhn Dempsey, judge of eleo- W B. 'iJaage,' clerk of election W. B. Stoeber, clerk of eleo- J, A. 'Schwartj: 1 ,' clerk of elec- ITrank 'iJIgier,"clerk of election IFenton Opera House^rent .... Peter Mertz, Judge_ of election Ronald Vinaas, -labor . Arthur Vinaas, yabor . Melvin Vinaas. labor .. John Vinaas, labor ... . Geo. Gabrlelson, labor PrA-K Jt. NO. 1— H. E. Frost, labor ... . Fred Hanselman, labor W--K No. 68-136- iC, H. ,Hansen, labor ... Trl No. 84- Charles Glaus, labor > 2.80 POOR FUND . SUPERVISOR. DISTRICT NO. 1 L. W. Hutledge, prov., Rlay Sankey •••••• 7.75 A. W. Jurgens, prov. Fred 6 oft I Schneider 'Sanford & Llndebak, fuel .... Mrs. Geo Scribner .... 4.87 Mrs. iGlen Stoddard ,... 4.1| Frank Stewart 8.67 Mrs. Mllo Patterson .... 2.72 ,Fred Schmidt 7.20 Mrs. Emil Zltlau ... .... 6.6 Wm. Schultz, rent Mrs. Wm. Hedrick ••• •• A. A. Miller, rent Albert Helmke ., •••• i, W. Swanson, funeral exp. J SDPER.v?s6R •DISTRICT'NO. 2 Algona Co-op. Cry. Co., prov.. 28.98 H. Cook 3.TO E. Beard }•" M. C. Frandsen l.p* Francis Elbert ••• •<» John Helmers l.g Eugene Meyers J.j™ Ethel Jones *2? Frank_Hansen Amy .Ho". 6-10 AxeiE'rlcksonV'judie of elec- Kennedy, '.cierk" S.46 6.00 . ThoVson, cierk 'of' 'elei: 6.90 3.00 8.50 6.00 6.00 4.00 | 11.10 6.30 6.30 I 12.60 6.00 6.001 8.00 6.00 2,00 12.00 fi 30 t —T—-• Albert Davis ... 6,30 Mrs. Stedman .. • Mrs. A. Neitzel 6.30 E. N. Taylor Inc., 2.17 34.19 10.00 9.00 65.00 200 '-' 20l"- 202 - 203'- - 206-206"-V20" 209 - 210 - 211-212 and 21-3, and assess ments levied. (See record for resolu tl Motion y by' McDonald and seconde by Balgeman that Chairman of 'Boar of Supervisors Is hereby instructed t purchase a Cletrac tractor for th sum of 12,210.00 F. O. B. Algona fo District No. 2. Ayes: All. • Motion by Balgeman and seconde by Funnemark that Phil Cullen b allowed 1 110.00 per month for care o Mrs. Irene Rooney children commenc ing with month of November. Ayes Motion by Morris and seconded b Funnemark that quarterly report o Clark Orton, Clerk of District Cour ending September 30, 1932, is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris, and seconded by McDonald that F. J., Balgeman . is hereby authorized^ to purchase < a grinder for County Farm. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Balgeman that final estimate of Lafe Simmons for repairs on Dr. 177 is hereby approved. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. December 6, 1932. • BEIRTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. December 7,1932. Joint P. A. K. Court House, Algona, Iowa, 1:30 o'clock p. m. December 7, 193?. Joint Board of Supervisors of Palo Alto and Kossuth counties met pursuant to Call of Auditors with members present as follows: Palo Alto County-Larson and Weg- el Ko'ssuth county-Balgeman, Funnemark, Helken, Morris and McDonald. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Heiken that Wegener act as chairman of Joint Meeting. Motion by Helken and seconded by Larson that Bertha E. Johnson, County Auditor, Kossuth county, act as Se Th e is a being the time heretofore fixed for hearing on commissioner's report City of Algona, light and wat- typewriter genuine Remington o , F. J. Balgeman, com. and session ......................... has. Morris, com. and session '. J. Helken, com. and session W. E. McDonald, com. and session ...................... 180.00 Olaf session .......... ........... Bancroft Register, pub. proc. Fohn Grlese, bty, ......... • Srma Stehle, labor ......... Wary K. Sands, labor ....... Lllla L. (Bishop, labor ........ 6.00 C. A. • Samson, labor ......... 51.00 Laura Paine, exp Bertha E. Johnson, exp. Wm'. ;. Shirley, exp. .,.'..- ...... Clark Orton, exp ............ L. E.FHovey, sheriff ........ Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supp. . Matt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies .............. ••• • Keystone Envelope Co., piles ........ •• ........ Burt Monitor, supplies .. Koch Brothers, supplies Miller Bryant Pierce Co, piles Whittemore piles . . . • • . Wesley ' News World, pub. notice ......................... Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice, etc ...... .................... 154.66 Haggard <& Waller, ' ~B, E.' Grl'nnell, labor G. F. Towne, labor .......... Peterson Studio, pictures .. .. Botsford Lumber Co., supplies W. E. Naudaln, coal ........ Kohdhaas Hdw., supplies .. .. Theo. Kriieger, labor . ....... F. H. Lathrop. labor ........ „„ A. E. Michel, labor .......... 19.20 WALTER FRA8EB, H. D. Physician and Surgeon Office In Qulnby Bldg., Room 14. Phone No. 12 •• , . MEI/VIN O. BOtltWB Physician and Surgeo* Office In Postofflce Block Pbonea: Office, 197; residence, g W. D. ANDEEW8, B. O. Oiteopathlc Physlclmn and Located in'General. Hospital. Phones: Office 187, KM. B. A. EVANS, M. B. Over Borchardt' Drug-: Btoi« Phones: Residence 812, -office Algona, Towa. =====3= DENTISTS BB. H. M. OL8OBT Dentist. Gas or novocalne uaed for : '«• traction. > • : Located over Chrtotensen Stot«. Phones: Business 166, r««ldeno» _ Algona. Iowa YETEBINABUNS It. W. FOX J. B. WINKBL Veterinarian! West State Street, Algona Phone»: Office, 475- W.; res. BUILDING COKTBACTO COWAN * BON General Contractors •• Estimates Furntah««l Phones: Business, 639- J; MACHINISTS NOBTON MACHINE WOBM Machinists and Welder* Service Stock on Piston Pvings, Pins, and Be*** 11 ** West of Courthouse ' PhQBg_ PfSUBANCE W. F. Relmers. mtg F, J. Ludwlg, mtg ;. Wm. Meyer, mtg. ,, H. F. Schultz, mtg W. A. Murray, jury fees .. Carl Dahlhauser, jury fees . Russell Waller, jury fees .. Jacob Wolf, witness fee ... Leonora Hiltz, witness fee J. A. Devine, witness fee .. COUIR/T FUND L. A. Winkel, J. P. fees ... L E. Hovey, sheriff H. W, Steward, constable .. L. T. Griffin, constable ... . F. W. Green, marshal P A. Danson, J. P. fee ... F, W. Green, witness ... ... H. A. Van Alstyne, witness Jean Foley, witness Emmltt Ryan, witness Jos. M*'Dye, J. P. fee Wm. Blomster, constable 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 22.flb 23.17 5.60 4.67 8.40 6.00 .64 .64 1.60 1.60 1.60 6.04 INSANE FUND Clark Orton, clerk fee ... ..... 24.60 C. H. Cretzmeyer, commission- Hutchison, commissioner arl Shumway, witness jj E Hovey, sheriff fees .. j E. Hovey. sheriff ... .. fuel Mrs. tion A. * .. election judge of JfCliWi *H.13* fc**i J *"*"«• w j5 a I RlBCLlOll •««!•«••««•« *•" •*" " B. B. Berninshaus, Judge of e60 TelA ; Reid. Judge of election., election .. ••'•••:••: •'••f ,-"' \S M. Jordan, Judge of elec- Herman Harms, judge of elec- »• » ,. ........•• , etc •• •;• :••• 1m WC Nelson, clerk of election y Henrikson. clerk of eleo. 6.60 W. ^- MoBre ' clerk o f election Wagner, clerk of elec- - L ; A ; Boleneus, Judge of eleo- Mike judge of O. K. "Bippen'tro'p, judge 10.00 allowed 10.00 A. J. Davis. 26.00 siSO I Lucia ^Wa'llace. rent Wilbur Holdren , y T' 6.60 C. F. ^peoht, gas and prov. ^ 6.60 1 Jasper Sewo fam. .. . l.|j- nr Di'STiRicT'NO. ? of Of • . clerk _. A. Sleeper, - ,. , John Boeckelman, B el H 4 Meyer!' cteric' of.' election Ell Anderson,'Judge of elec- T. U ^ Ja'co'lMb' J"*89 of'etecttpn Win? Payne? Judge of election. '; Judge of tio ij, tj. oiwwi Jud^e -- Henry Sherman, judge J North 0? Elevator Co., fuel--. .,.. ... ... •• I."* , %ss»'fiu»#5o. Mrs. Augusta Klnney; care of 57.7 20.00 B.W 1 ins. Noel on assessment for gravel purposes on Secondary Road District No. W» ot Palo Alto county and No. 215 or Kossuth county, and objections filed were heard, read, and oral objections heard. On motion by Balgeman and seconded by Heiken' that assessments on said Jpint District be confirmed as reported by commissioners »nd County Auditor instructed to certify said assessments to County Treasurer for collection with 1932 taxes, If not :patd within 20 days, together with 8 per cent Interest from date of levy. Ayes A Motlon made and seconded that Board adjourn to Call of Auditors. BERTHA E- JOHNSON, •. ' Seoretary JOHN WEGENER, ' ->• , Chalrnjftn. ; '.,-. Dr. L - . P. Miller, Buffalo Cen- 15.00 15.00 2.10 5.12 30.00 2.10 A HEAVEN-SENT CHRISTMAS GIFT! Hot U a machine the whole family will use t Dad's "homework" doesn't take half the time. Mother s day to day writing is done in a jiffy. And what fun for the children typing out their letters . . . when there s a. "portable" in the house. For the lowest price ever placed on a practical typewriter, we offer the sturdy $19.75 Rermc Scout. Another popular compact model at $34.75 is complete with carrying, case and special gothic type which writes both small and capital letters. Come in and try them for yourself. ter 292.90 "cONSTRUCT-iON FUND Milton MdFadden, rodman ... 24-W Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. «d. Dist. No. 208 ... J. A. Roberts, bridge J. A. Roberts, bridge Don T. Nugent, asst. engr. ... A. A. Mettler, grading A. A. i Mettler, grading - A. A. Mettler, grading 20.48 A. A. Mettler, grading 42.93 A. A. Mettler, grading A. A. Mettler, grading 137.70 160.00 60.33 " 32.43 11.18 32.85 .ft.. J\, AM.Cl.HV.*, p.w.*"..^ - .ft FIT A. A, Mettler, grading 40.57 A. A. Mettler, grading 33.W A. A. Mettler, grading ... ..•• w.7< A. A. Mettler, grading ... 6.7f A. A, Mettler. grading J«-63 A. A. Mettler, grad ng . onceK A. A. Mettler, grading . A. A. Mettler, grading . 206,65 79.95 37.00 Both Remit Stouts art made intbi same factory', by the same workmen and with tbt same care as Remington office models. KOSSUTH COUNlf INSUBAXCE ASSOCIATIOH )ver n5,000,000 worth ot ln»ui*«J» >n force. A home company. Btfa. <ecure. J. O. Paxson, Secretary "My Property Loan. Farm Insurance. Real JSBtate. CUNNINGHAM * 1ACT >07 W. State St. Algona, Comflttt with canyint Writes both small and capital letters _ H. W. POST; Dray and Transfer ; STORAGEOFALIUNDS Long Distance Hauling- Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and drayin*. Advance Publishing Co; Models of the two machines here illustrated, also of the new Remington, No. 7 noiseless, the best portable on we market, may be seen at the Advance office. , . ..... ....iiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllU

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