The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 194*1 RLYTHKVIU.E 'AUK.) COUIUKR NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN IL Head Blasts afl-Hartley Law Green Colls Act 'UnAmerican, Vicious And Reprehensible' WASHINGTON, March 17. (/I 1 )— ?sident William Green of the u'rican Federation of Ijabnr at- the Taft-Hartley lew yi-stcr- y as "UnAmerican, vicious and prehenslblc." He advocated Its repeal, and en- rsed the administration's bill to that. The administration mea- re would reinstate tlie Neiv Denl's afiner Act with some changes rcc- imendcd by President Truman. Green, testifying before a Hous bor L.ibcoinmiUec, declared: "The Taft-Harllcy Act was pass for the purpose of making stron lions weak, and weak unions sti eakcr. "Labor, ill fighting for the renea the Tuft-Hartley law. is seekin brins; about the restoration of the ierclse of elemental Individual and illectlve freedom as granted bx i le constitution of Hie United I tales." Green said Communist influcn- have Increased In the labor loveinenl since the Toft-Hartley iw was passed. "I think (Communist) activities ave increased, although we in the FL are completely free from Com- liunist Influence." Green said im- Ber close questioning by Rep. Mc- ftpnnell (R-Pa). •fc Aids Communists Green said the present labor law lakes It Impossible for unions to et rid of Communist members, and fact "protects the employment f Communists." Under union shop mitracts allowed by the law, he uplained, members can be expelled rom a union only for failing lo iay their dues. Injunction provisions of the Taft- :artlev law, which may be invoked i strikes which threaten the na- ional safety, have failed to settle ny disputes. Green said. "There Is no Justification for ar- ilrary legal prohibitions or com- uhlons In labor-management dis- utes," he added. "It is very easy to confuse pub- ice health and safety with con- enlence, and danger with dlscom- ort. "Under conditions. It Is safe to ay that no strike has endangered public health and safety. When here has been public danger, wage- arners have been as ready as ither citizens to practice restraint |n the Interests of the nation." Green objected also to a ban on loycotts in the present law. ';There Is every reason why one rloa should help other unions to yitablish and maintain labor stan- [lards," he said. Ocean Flier Faces Spy Charges bananas Good n Ham Grill or Mid-West wllh salt, pluce under pre-hetitcri broiler and broil 3 Inches from hciU nbout 5 mlnuU's, or null! browned. Turn Ilio tmuiimis niul hum, Uo nul turn uluonnplc slices but. let lliem bj'r>ll lOKotlipr with bHtiiiuiw awl hum 5 lo 6 nilmilcfi longer or untU limit and plnenppie «llce« ire browned and bannnas «re tender... easily pierced wltli a fork. Four Head Courier News Want Ads, •I'linnk the Middle American lies lor bananas, the hunls of blue green, follnge, sapphire .skies nnd ungle birds vivid us n sudden slant of .sunshine. How uuiny way.s do roll UNO (he (Icllclaiis biuuum In rour meiuisv of course, the young- iiers love to cut baniums out of [ninil, and you've your fnvorlle desserts iiuide wllh them. Hut have you ever though! o[ hiiniinnK as n fond lo SCIA'C hot us n vegelalile? Here's a Imppy thought for brightening many n meal wilU Hint uuusuiil dish unit shows yon'ri' no slnvc io nionotony. Kverybody likes a grilled meal, especially when Us piece de resistance Is grilled hum.Tliere Is not belter flavor com- bliuitlon (linn grilled Imui wild whole hummus broiled right along with Ilie hum for n meal Unit is nulck nnd delicious. llnillrd Hillniniui, Hum Hiul Pioneer French ocean tlicr Bictidoune Coster (right) slnmls Iti prisoner's clock us lie «-rnl on Iriitl in rvrls as a spy. He was charged with having been one of the "best paid" agents of Ucrmiiu counter iiiii'ili- ence working in the, United States during World Wai 11. At left is 2nd LI. Pftui Ciivulilen wlio 1ms nlre»dy served part of a five-year term for espionage In the U, S. Hnd is now accused ol failirg io disi'loM- ins nowledge of Cosies' activities. Castes mnnc the first cast-west fliglit over the Atlantic in la'JU will) Miuirue Bellonte. <AP Wireplioto via rudio from I'aris.) Lenten Lunches Feature Brazil Nut Sandwiches Polks will be carrying luncliboxe.s all through Lent and they'll be expecting delicious fillings in their sandwiches even though, the ingredients are often restricted on Lenten days. It's a good time to get acquainted with the zesly things Brazil nuts can do In sandwich fillings that are made with vegetables, fruits or cheese. Chopped Brazil nuts give that indispensable contrast dial all good sandwich fillings require, tha contrast known a.s "crunch." Every sandwich iilling needs a Hltle to it and Brazil nuts are just what the epicure ordered to furnish that quality. Reasonably priced in the market now, Brazil mils have affable ways with so many different ingredient. They're rich, nutritious, and a pleasant change. Best, of all, they vary plain Ingredients in this plain time of Lent, when something different Is especially desired. It's to chop Brazil nuls by Just pulling a quantity through the coarse blade of the I'wiKl chopper or grinder. nnr/.il Nut Two-lu-Onc For Sandwiches or Sr.lails Blend 1 cup cottage cheese will '* cup sour crca .1. Add salt, chopped parsley, onion juice and Tabasco to Usle. Ariel ,4 jup chopped Brazil mils and mix well. Use as sandwich filling or to serve with froil. .s.ilnd or to stuff tomnlocs. Yield: 1'i cups. o serve as s;il»d ID lei tin 1 'icld: 2'.j cups. OllM'SC Nul Sumhvirli S|tevl;il Dh'lld together 1 cup American cheese, 1 cup < llrazil Nut Carrol l.enlrn Killing Mix 2 cups grated raw carrots 2/3 cup seedless raisins, and V; cuj chopped Brazil mils. Add sail to taste. Moisten with mayonnaise excellent, for sandwich filling 4 firm hiumnas* 1 slice o[ hum. cut ',-inch 2 slices drained canned apple, cut In hulf 2 tbs|is. melted bullcr Knit •Use ull-yellow or sIlBlilly grecn- thick pine- rwl Ijiiniiniis. I'liico on broiler ruck or inlo pun wllh ruck together with ham and plneupple slices. mush biinuiius nn,i plneupple wllh huller und sprinkle binmmis lightly Ihii7il nuts, 1 U'us|MKin preiiared tnusiard, 'i cup muyotumlsc, ant 1 '-: teus|MK)n salt. Use us tiling foi plain or grillc,i cheese s:\ndwlchc* or form inlo small bulls ami udi to lossed green sulud. Yield: 2 cups PRESIDE NTS COMB AND PRESIDENTS GO- BUT I INTEND TO STAY! 'Hie Irritating secretion of *Uaf- Ing unts Li formic «dd. Sponsored by the Mississippi County Drys , OCTOfc'S -UAY MACMIMI Al « doc I Of body, to do our mechanic* your ct( or liuck* f , . tn f*tt to work wilfi. uxh *t Motor An* *lyi*H, 0r, Alignment »H kindi o iicd looli jrxJ m*chirm towerii with; Combined with #K *nd lh« knowUdfl* of ^K>w lo do )OUr jqt> 'i(>b EASY TERMS BUDGET PAY PLAN A lew dollirt p*r w«*tt tx rrXMirk swiH now do \woixJ«(i for youf cir. CiJl dos\n on op«r»ting exp«nt*t *IM! gtt nior* #i\|oym*nt frornitf • u«. A%V, jtMul our CASY PAY PLAN lot MJIO REPAIRS md get 1'e* u Phone 578 Sullivan* Nelson CHEVROLET CO. ,'l(ll West Walnut It's sweeping the country! It's Procter & Gamble's NEW WASHDAY MIRACLE! /// Ho soap-no other "si/ds"-no other washing product known-will get your family wash as CLEAN as Tide! \\\ FOOD SPECIALS AT CITY SUPER MARKET World's CLEANEST wash! Actually BRIGHTENS colors! World's WHITEST wash! Delicious Country SAUSAGE Ib. 35* Lean, Tender PORK CHOPS lb.49<z Nationally Advertised Coffee MAXWELL HOUSE Firm white PURE LARD i ib. bag 50 Ib. tin 49< $7.09 Tide washes clot he A cleaner than any other washilay product. Anil that jtowi for ever ything , . . from co ni puny Iliit-nA lo rtrcany oTcrulls. Title, with its new miracle suils, not only IPHVCR even your hcavicsl wush free from dirt, hut aciunlly removes sonp film, too. Try Title on your wa»h jMrlnt tln-ftfliM, apr»nit T tatilcrlochfi . . . wnifh rhoni com* »<r>tnlerjfilly hrighttf an Tide mukps (inlUit& HKiiji IIIni ilisuppour. Antl s:ift.>? Yv*! U'ii I; nil !U terrific clfunlnti power for heavy work do I he*, Till* V« iniiy stijc for ^y wwsliaHIc col or si Juat wult till you see your whlto things Hfter n 1'lilc wiinhl Why, ]n "wntcr, Tide ftnln nit your while Ihin^ \iltitcr til nil • ny soup or HII> utln-r wiiNhin^ prrt<liu:t known. 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