Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1932
Page 5
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15. 1932. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA i § i OCALS Mrs. H. N. Krime went to piuil Inst Thursday. . floor supervisor r,r heart nurse, underwent an .-ippcmlJcltls operation Saturday, and two more <nich ne, Minn., Sunday for the day Carry's aged mother, land Mrs. P.'P. Zerfass wont Molnes Monday to attend a |alr managers' meeting. R. M. Frits!, Harvard, 111., lome Saturday, after ten days |er sister, Mrs. \V. B. Kaln. E. Dowel, Advance man- I ll »»Phomoro at the U. Mota Gade opora- patient ever since, She is married, and her husband's name is John To- rlne. Prior lo a year or so ago Ihe Torlnes operated a lunch room at Es'thervllle. Wo lake this interesting bit of news from the Lakota Record: "W. E. Gutknecht says that his brother Edward, in Canada, has decided to spend the winter thare, so as to bo ready to dispose of his wheat on short notice. He reports the largest the present price is only 26c a bushel. He lino 8000 bushels, besides some , , • - •-• •• vi'\. i. n, -i b • i •-• i.n..i^, j it; lt-1/Ul IS LUG la tions were performed Sunday, on crop ho has ever raised, but Harry Laurilson, -Alffona fanner, and Gerald Fra.nkl respectively. ... .,..,, .,„„„ ,„.,„„«,„, ,, C , B1 ,, CS some Frank Clark« new Garner Signal oats. The price of oats is only 2c a l«ald last wook: "Billy Clark, who IB bushel, hut ho feeds most of his .,, c ~. , ,.«vc...^ ,.,.t,,-| il »»Pnonioro at the U. K. Naval oats. The Canadian wheat pool has ledltor, has been off duty since r cn(1 . cmy ' Annapolis, was in tho not been able to function the past night, nursing a case of the • sinl ' tln «' lineup of the Army-Navy i couple of years, and has released its football game at Philadelphia Sattir- \ members from contracts, «o -they day, niirt u nrly In the game got away \ may sell as they wish. The pool is for a 2-i-yd. run, and followed with n °t abandoned, as it has a host of another of ten yard«. It was an ex- : loyal supporters who will retain citing time at our house when the '• memberships through this crisis and Cronln, who teaches at Elm| III., will arrive Saturday for eks with her parents, Mr. and feerl Cronln. F. E. V. Shore and her son | returned to Des Molnes Sat- J.nfter a few dayw with the for- Islslcr, Mrs. A. Hutchison. Iclal and program will be held low evening at 8 o'clock at the Igchoolhouse in Plum Creek |ip. Dorothy Bestonlehner Is it Zerfass, attending the Is Shiner school for girls at jtrroll, 111., Is expected ho-me radio announcer gave us the news. Mrs. Samuel TIedrick, who for hack the 'organization when markets open up." world year had been working in a lunch ' When Editor W. F. Miller, of the. mom ut Mason City, collapsed last , Li verm ore Gazette, came to the Ilo- Thursday noon In a nervous breakdown. She was taken to Mercy hospital, Mason City, but the Merrill ambulance brought her here Saturday, and she is now with her mother, Mrs. William Dehnert, at the European hotel, -where she is confined to bed and Is temporarily land Mrs. T. H. ChrischJlles iw for a stay till after the bll " d ; Belated news of the birth of a son, „„,„„„. tne flrst child, to Dr. and Mrs. Paul _,„ Saturday nlght~from":Des • T> South eate, Lewlstown, Mont., Is I, where they had spent a day 1 1( ;*rned. This Is the fifth grand- l Mr, Chrlschlllee spent most i ° hlld o£ the Rev - ana Mrs - B. M. |y Inspecting the Register and I South sate, Brltt. There are three le planl. I erandsons here, the sons of Mr. and nd Mrs. H. O. Jorgeneen, of Mrs> T> T - "erbet. Paul's sister, Mrs. Donald Thorpe, wife of an obstetrician at Seattle, has a daughter, and Robert Southgate, who Is Jn Ford employ at Detroit, also has a daughter. After conducting services at Bancroft Sunday night, the Rev. M. A, Sjostrand headed north through the blizzard for a short visit with his parents at St. Peter, Minn., 107 miles ; Clly, were guests at the JSaunders home Saturday and Mr. Jorgensen Is western agent for the United States company. ind Mrs. E. V. Larson, Ayr|became parents of a girl at esuth hospital lasl week day. Mr. Larson is a brolh- L. Larson, and is buller- |at Ayrshire. and Mrs. Hale Shirley, Lnc- are. expected this week- a visit till after the holidays he doctor's parenls, Counly |ind Mrs. Wm. Shirley. Doclor practices in a clinic. r Holcamp was brought. be- Bllce Wlnkel Monday- on the | of breaking and entering the nt In the home of Mrs. Mary |nd. removing fruit October' 1. ring was continued till Sat- Crosby, Clarksvllle, and Ashmore, Waterloo, visited jjaturday till Monday with CaughHn. -Mrs. John Caugh- pending- the week at Titonka |er daughter, Mrs. Andrew | Deal goes to Rochester to- for the week-end w-ith Mrs. [rtio is in a hospital there. She gallstones operation last and is recovering. Mr. D<?al to bring her home befpr« &8» IjStewart Haseltine, Madera, [returned lo Algona Monday, vo weeks wilh her sisler, f. R. Laird, Sioux Falls. She lit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. sgrove, till earJy January, Ihe will go home. |nd Mrs. John Shirley are ex- for the holidays next ay. John has been taking pward a master's degree in at the university of Nell He was graduated from the pity of Iowa laet spring. |Warren Pickens, Granada), and her son Wallace vieiled ek-end wllh Mrs. Pickens' • assistant • manager of the 'Oak Store, and with friends Wallace is now at (tier six years in the navy. Auxiliary members who a county 'meeting at Tl- Isl week Tuesday were Mes- Pallo Naudaln, G. D. Brund• L. Larson, Frank Sterling, McMurray, L. M. Merrill, lurray, and Glen Walker. Jid Mre. Lloyd Bohannon left |',car last Thursday for a few southern stales. Lloyd has I'been managing his father's and looking afler olher affairs of his falher, who lid up as the result of a jjuffered some time ago, I. L. McCorkle has been euf- jrpm a painful infection in her She has had the eye band- jjce last Thursday, and yes- was reported much betler. |been al Ihe Bert McCorkle St of town, since Sunday. Malueg returned to Ayr- ay, afler having been, at last week Tuesday with [ion in her right shin bone |?y a bruise- suffered last irhen she 'fell down a flight She teaches music and is ihter of Mr, and Mrs. L. J. jjatlenls al the General Hos- ce 'Friday follow: Harold Algona, accident; ILevl |West Bend, tonsils; Ernest Fenton, medical; Mrs. |. Seefeld, Algona, medical. •Celly, Algona, and Mrs. Semskl, Algona, have been after major operations. Mrs. Ellis Faith have |Algona from LIvermore for er. Jn season Mr. Faith, ] ft son of E. R. Faith, for- pna farmer recently deceas- for (M. T, McGuire, road who lives here, Mrs. I'the former Violet Olson, + Trlbon closed out, the pSorstedl slock Friday 4 " and |V One adverlisement in the ers turned the trick by hundreds of patrons. Every |; sold, the last a wooden jiich clothes hangers were ph brought lOc. The room yet been re-rented. , Mrs. Theo. Harr left Frl- jfureka, S. D., for a week § former's mother,- who Is | ; Mr. Harr's sister, Mrs. ga, Hammer, N. D. r went as jprdeen wilh ihem, thence | train the rest of the way • a visit here. The Harrs pted home today or tomor- &le» and automobile pur- once so common, and |a few years ago, that they of sufficient Importance :th mention as news. It's riow. The Titonka Topic ||a,rm sale, and says it was by John Carlson, Wes|e old Arthur Ward 30- of the Doan tary club meeting last week Monday he had an opportunity to see the changes made last summer on the St. Joe road and after he had seen them again on the way home he wrote the following mention for his paper: "Highway No. 169 is now open from iLivermore to Algona without detour. For some time cars from the north had to detour three miles north of St. Joe, going west three miles, south three miles, and east three miles to the St. Joe corner. The markers were changed recently to direct 'traffic over the new road, which has been etraighl- ened, and all Ihose beaullful curves have been taken out. It has destroyed the beauty of the drive, bul modern customs demand that you get from anywhere to somewhere else in the quickest possible time." Mr. and Mre. Jos. White drove to Algona last Thursday on receipt of word thai Ihe former's uncle, W. I. Branagan, was dead. Mr. White wenl on lo Emmetsburg, leaving his from Algona on No. 1&9. He had to wlf e overnight with her parents, buck only one snowdrift. His father • Mr - al) d Mrs. Alfred Norman. J. W. is treasurer of St. Olaf's college Haggard took her to Emmetsburg there. There is only one other child for the funeral, and thence she went in the family, a daughter, who teaches near Duluth. The Flrel Lu- Iheran parsonage here is rented, but the pastor has a room there. Among Alogians who attended the Branagan funeral at Emmetsburg Friday'were C. B. Murtagh, Otto Falkenhainer, J. J. Dooley, E. J. McEvoy, >J. W. Haggard, anl W. C. Dewel. (Last week's Emmetsburg Democrat published a letter in which Mr. McEvoy, who is Kossuth district court clerk-elect, paid high tribute to Mr. Branagan. Mr. Mc- home with her husband. Joe, who is the son of Tom J. White, formerly of the Whltlemore Champion, now operating a job printing shop at Jefferson, has for some years .published the Times at Manilla, a town of 1200 not far -from Council Bluffs. Associated with him ts a younger brolher whose wife and Joe's wife are sisters. The Joe Whiles have a son and Iwo daughlers. Tom J. While also attended ,the funeral. Mr. Branagan was a brother of Tom's first wife, who died some years ago. Joe Evoy's father, the late E. P. Me- wae once foreman for the U. D. Evoy, was one of -the Democral's first subscribers more than 47 years ago. Al Falkenhainer, Geo. W. Godfrey, M. J. Pool, and E. R. Morrison represented Ihe Algona Rotary club at a district meeting at the (Fort Des Molnes holel Tuesday evening honoring Clinton P. Anderson, Albuquerque, N, M., president of Rotary Inlernallonal. Dlsl. Gov. Charles Reinhart, Dallas Center, who was a guest of the local club two weeks ago, introduced -Mr. Anderson. The program was broadcast by radio, and a number of Algon- ians heard It at home. The Britt News-Tribune reports thai a week ago Friday nighl lone Lease, music supervisor in Ihe Brltt schools, entertained members of the cast in a recent school operetta at dinner at the Mrs. Elmer Bell home. •Holiday decorations were used, and favors were Htlle Chrislmas Irees and silhouettes. After dinner the guests i.were ta ke n to Garner., .to .attend a presentation of the same 'operetta by Garner pupils. Miss Lease is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Lease, now of Spirit Lake. Dr. H. J. Bonnstetter left last Thursday for San Antonio, Tex., af- ler two weeks here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bonnsteller. A year ago he was graduated from Ihe College of Medicine, Creighlon uni- versily, Omaha. He has now completed a year's inlerneshlp in a San Antonio hospital, and is entering the practice in the same oily. The doc- lor is one of eighl children in Ihe Bonnstetter family. Representative A. H. Bonnstetter and Antoinette Bonnstelter, school nurse, are his brother and sister respeelively. Plain Talk, Des Mpines newspaper, reports thai J. T. Sullivan, Waterloo lawyer, cousin of the late J. W. Sullivan, Algona, may be recommended for appointment as 'Iowa Internal revenue collector by Louis Murphy, Dubuque, after the latter becomes U. S. senator on March 4. Mr.'-'Sullivan has for some yeare prominent in democratic circles. Recently he was mentioned among candidates for the Iowa place on the democratic national committee resigned by R. iF. Mitchell, Fort Dodge, before the latter was sworn in as state supreme court justice a week ago. There^ was mention in a recent Advance that Mrs. Oran O'Keefe, La- kola, -former Algona barber's wife, and her mother, who lives al Es- thervllje, had Ibeen called to Minneapolis by news thai Mrs. O'Keefe's sister Anna had been hurt In an accident. 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