Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1932 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1932
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ROCHESTER ROCKED BY EXPLOSION Algonian Writes of Accident Causing 3 Deaths. INGHAM (Continued from page 1.) then carried a rope for use when It became hopelessly stuck In mud. DECLAIM SPEAKERS PICKEDJN TESTS Ftyo students each were chosen in the humorous and dramatic classes, and four in the extemporaneous Life was closely encircled, and the ' class, in the declamatory contests oldtlmo gatherings were of real las t Thursday afternoon and Friday friends who stuck together in lean jat the high school. The first two will take part in district-state con- a« well us prosperous times. Llfe| tests; tho next tl irce In n Central did not rush by on a ribbon of con- j Six contest at Humboldt Saturday L. F. Wright, Milwaukee railway postal clerk here, and his wife, have returned 'from Rochester, where Mr. Wright recently had an operation. creto, and everyone had time to I know hl« neighbor. Hard Times KoMiIng New. Hard times were tile usual thing. The present hard times would be considered unbelievably prosperous by oldtimers if they could be brought to lite again. Then men did not go into debt unless forced to do Just before they came homo, Mrs. Wright wrote: Wo shiill come homo shortly. [ ,,nd livelihood, not as speculations evening. An alternate was chosen in each class. In tho dramatic class the following contestants were chosen: first, Isabel Oreonborg; Adris Anderson, Violet Norman, Ruth Malueg; Ida Malpln, .alternate. In the humorous class Chrlstcna Gould was first; Margaret Vigars, Dorothy Fraser; Ber- I; Farms were bought for homes n ., ce Dodda> a ' lternate .' "Lon" is at the clinic now for dress- | by men who did not expect to farm Ings. There was n terrific explosion here Saturday afternoon, and it did $25,000 worth of damage to the Frank- them. We In Iowa, Mr. Ingham said, must return to some of the old-fashioned virtues, which are in reality lin heating station, caused the death ! only age-old truths, the principal of three men, and injured five otli- tll - lp o f which is to In the extemporaneous Thursday afternoon the following were chosen: Ella Zumach, Eleanor Keen, Charles Cretzmeyer; John Chrlsten- sen, alternate. Other schools taking part in tho MARION M'MAHON ELECTED TO AMES PAN-H COUNCIL Ames, Dec. 6—Marlon, daughter of Attorney and Mrs. S. E. McMahon, Algona, was recently elected president of the Woman's Pan-Hellenic Council, sorority governing body at Iowa State college. As president of Delta Delta Delta, social sorority, she, serves as.a hostess and an Intermediary for college and the girls in the house over which she presides. She also represents her chapter before the sorority's national officers. Aside from these dujties much of her time Is devoted to the Bomb, college yearbook, of which she is woman's editor. She also is active in the Woman's 'Self-Governing association. era, some oC whom are .still in serious condition. Tho blaisl originated from escaping gas. •\Vrights .liirrcd by Hlnsl. This plant is only a half block north of the Brown hotel, where we is on the ground pay as you go. When we get into the condition where farms are again bought for homes, Iowa will be a land occupied by the richest and happiest people Speaking direct to Mr. Dewol, Mr. Ingham eaid that it was a pleasure j j' n " fl " nals "i n the evening. lo attend the dinner in Sir. Dowel's ivnd he characterized the ed- TEAM WRECKS WAGON IN IRVIN6TJW RUNAWAY Irvlngton, Dec. G — An exciting contest at'Humboldt'Saturday' will I runaway took place Friday at O. L. be Clarion, Eagle Grove, Hampton, I Miller's, when a team hitched to a Webster City, and Humboldt. The i corn wagon broke away from the contest is to be held in tournament | Place where the horses were tied, style, the schools to be divided into ! plunged through a barbed wire two groups of three each which will i fence, and ran half a mile north behold separate contests morning and ! foi'e they exhausted themselves and afternoon, the winners to compete ! came to a halt. One 'horse was ser- INDEPENDENTS WIN, 6-0, AGAINST ESTHEBVILLE The Algona-Esthervllle Independent football game Sunday afternoon was won by Algona, 0-0, when Kenneth Me'reer broke away for a 40-yd. run around left end for the only touchdown of the. game, In the fourth quarter. He failed to kick goal. Tho gnme was amusing to the spectators, in that three Algona men, Stanley McDonald, Edward Ostrum, and Evcral Adams played with the Estherville team to fill'in for Fairmont members of the visiting team who failed to appear. These three players, knowing the Algona vsignals and offensives, were able to foresee local plays, which made spectacular gains for Algona impossible. On tho other hand Es- north wide. Mr. Wright, i rocker near the ' honor, was standing 'close !' tln £ of the Advance in the last 24 nor inc^dcd the lewspapcrs, represented by 'Frank Koch, AVest Bend; W. F. Miller, L,ivcrmore, now in his PARALYTIC STROKE IS SUFFERED B 1 :' ALGONIAN At the Call Waste of winter blow before thfit tiny band of steel opens up .the vast resources of our West. Led by an Indomitable, grizzled old war-horse, "Missouri" Joe, our valiant band of pioneers struggle gravely against overwhelming odds. Their women are stolen, 1 their cabins iburn- cd, they nre hurled through the ether by blasts of dynamite. But our hero, Tom Crosby, is not to be denied. That railroad Is going through FEED STORE HOW IN -OWN NEW BUILDING Dtittdft & LoWert finished moving Into 'their new building alongside the C. & N. W. tracks a short distance South of the freight depot last week "Wednesday. Except for finishing the painting of the offlefe and the 'retail display rpoms, the placing of office fiu'hlttire,' and general cleanup, the new home of the firm la completed. The 'biilldlng Is two stories high, With the. upper floor on a level with n^^,,,^. '"£""•* "•••"••?" the floors ot railroad freight cars, schedule, regardless oC the ...... —. ,, „ •,. . .„ ,.„..' as per elements, the Indians, .or Double- crossing villains. In episode No. 9, to be shown at the Call next Friday and Saturday, wo shall follow With breathless expectancy the further adventures and mishaps of our hardy pioneers. low the level of lho street, an,,, * thervllle was unable to make gains n Bomoth , to ]ook torward to. through Algonas excellent line. W itho.it Hope, this life would indeed Only two plays for as mm* .M 30 , Wcnk when M e]sQ yards, were made by Lstherville. No, BtruRgle becomes intol- passes were completed, and Algona, _ o ,^ _ may yet h|e ourso , VCfl . to intercepted two. Only two of Al- ^ "ckl and n'^m ort^ble reais gona's passes were completed, with little' gain. Algona made three first downs; Estherville only two. NINE MORE FILE EXPENSE STATEMENTS ON ELECTION Nine more candidates at the re- team broke the hitching strap when two other husking wagons, driven by Mr. Miller and a hired man, started for the field. Before leaving the yard the team ran against an are. Our room floor on tli Was Kitting In window, and T by, when the explosion occurred, and i>' enlw "* a maVvelous record of ser- wo were jarred by the vibrations. j vice which had brought immeasur- A tall chimney tops the heating I a blt > improvement to newspaporing plant and shortly after the oxplos- | : i' ul Community life in Algona. Ion steam and smoke rushed from Coinily K.lUors Arc Urn-sis. cracks in its liasp. It did not crum- Guests at tho dinner inc, ble, however, having been built with | editors _of near-by^newspap< steel reinforcements. It was Saturday, and many ployes wero off dutv 'it the plant ja'st year a« editor of the Gazette .._.._. For the same reason fewer people land one of Iowa's oldest editors in ] Just come from town and had_ gone | hal . nceg wa « torn into shreds. iously cut at one knee, and a voter- , cent e i ec tlon have filed expense inarian's aid was necessary. The statements with County Auditor Bertha E. Johnson, as follows: Charles Morris, supervisor —$10.00 W. E. McDonald, supervisor -' Floyd A. Newville, constable ' elevator, causing considerable dam- D. ,T. Mitchell, widely known Al-,, lge . They a]so ran lnto both of the gona contractor and builder, suffer- j otrlcl . wagons, which were in motion ed a severe .stroke last Thursday at- I in t]le driveway, but neither wagons ternoon, while he was cutting wood | nor Drivers were injured. The wag- at his home on north .Tones street. , on i litc]le( j to the runaways was, Milton Reeves, his son-in-law, had I howevel ., blM uy wrecked and their Six Were walking by, clinic building in Lt'\VL J l UUUIJlt: [ - , ^. r -*r'i. 1,-11 • and from the I I 1oir "t "f service; H. 13. Coleman, of to the garden where Mr. Mitchell | posts were knocked out when the block next! tno IjU Verne News, who was called north. Otherwise there might have j "Pon by R. B. Waller, new editor of the Upper Des Moines-Rcpu'blican been many other casualties. Windows llrokcn; Ltglils Oul. A number of large plate glass Windows in the vicinity crashed, and practically every window In the three-story heating plant was broken. Broken glass rained over the Immediate- neighborhood like hail. Fortunately no pedestrian was injured. AVindows in the AVorrall hospital, west of the. light plant were broken. Lights were out for a half hqur in the downtown hospital. However, connection was made speedily with the municipal plant for heat and light. Candles were used for a time at the Colonial hospital, where the Injured were taken. Tlsltlng Boy Killed. "Subways connect the clinic with the heating plant and various downtown hospitals. Two Albert Lea youths Who were attending a Y. M. C. A. older boys' conference • here were in the subways, sightseeing. and chairman of the program, remarks; J. A. Schwartz, ot for the was at work. They had talked a j tcam went through the fence at a' Fcnton Keporter; R. E. Hutton, of the Bancroft Register; R. L. Burdine, of the AVhlttemore Champion; and W. AV. Sturdivant, of the AVes- ley News-World. Geo. AV. Godfrey, president of the Rotary club, as a closing feature, presented (Mr. Dewel with a silver printer's "make-up rule," a -printer's tool which is carried by a printer from the time he begins to learn the trade till he writes "30" on his last work. On the face of the rule is the Rotary crest in gold relief, with the words "Algona Rotary Club," and the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self." On the reverse side is, "1932,' to W. C. Dewel, Editor of the Kosuth County Advance, 25th year." Service Brings Philosophy. Presenting the token, Mr. Godfrey said that' while Mr. Dewel was helping to give real service to the community he himself was receiving a few minutes when the stroke came. Mr. Mitchell was carried to the house, and it was found that his left side is paralyzed. He has been conscious part of the time. Ellen Carlson, >R. N., is caring for him. Mr. Mitchell was 70 last July. He bad been in good health up to the time of his stroke, and he expected to start on another carpenter job in a few days. He was the son of the late Rev. Bennett Mitchell, pioneer northwest Iowa Methodist minister who died a few years ago. One was killed, and the other is, phi ] osophy and an education of near death. Dozens of other boys lnj whlch thls p reB e nta tion represented the party escaped. Others in the | a mark Qf a , pm . ovaL subway at the time of the explosion •were taken out in a state of near collapse., due to shock. This heating plant furnished heat, light, and electric power for the clinic and the hospitals of the Kahler » commencement » o f education. It corporation. St. Mary's hospital has takeg many years of service to earn its own plant. Explosion Caused by .Spark. The blast resulted from the ignition of gas Which escaped when three men attempted to tap a 4- inch main in preparations to equip another boiler for gas. They had prepared an elbow to attach to the Mr. Godfrey added that too many young people consider themselves fully educated when they are graduated from school or college, whereas graduation properly marks only the a practical education, and this education is the main object of life. ACADEMY PUPILS TO GIVE CANTATA SUNDAY TREE CRASHES THROUGH TOP OF CAR AT ST, JOE St. Joe, Dec. G—John Rieling had an odd accident one day last week. With other men, he was "putting up" wood in the timber. When Mr. Rieling was ready to leave, he got into his car, and stalled the motor. It was necessary to back up to turn out on the road, and while he -was in reverse he ran into a large tree. The tree was broken off a few feet above his car, and it fell through the top, the trunk landing upright back of the front seat. A large hole was left in the top of the Rieling Chevrolet sedan. point just north of the farm buildings. HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL IS ATTAJNEDJY FOURTEEN The high school honor roll for the six weeks ending last week Wednesday listed 14 names. Three pupils received all 'A' grades: Isabel Greenberg, Frieda Paetz, Doris Thompson, all sophomores. The list follows: 9th grade—John Cthristensen, Dorothy Green. 10th grade—Alice Geilenfeld, Isabel Greonberg, Frieda Paetz, Helen Sterling, Doris Thompson. llth grade—Settle Chubb Dorlys Knudson, Ila X/effert, Gertrude Nelson, Donald Parsons. 12th grade—'Ruth Zumaoh. Turner, Ella Stolen Car Stripped. •Sw'ea City, Dec.. 6—Irvin Link attended a meeting at the Baptist church last week Wednesday evening. When the meeting was over, he could not find his car. Later it was found eight miles In the country, with all the gas drained out and all four tires removed. and rich, luxurious surroundings regale ourselves with the exciting vicissitudes of those brave souls who gave life and their all in order that we, mere posterity, might reap the benefits of their deprivations and hardships. And thus the world pro- grosses. _$«»*MH> —$«.80 I Albert Kollasch, supervisor —$M.Oi> lohn H. Fraser, supervisor —$20.70 L. T. Gniffin, constable $2.70 lohn P. Mersch, supervisor —$')2.25 Everett L. Harris, sheriff $-10.25 E. J. JIcEvoy, clerk $96.90 Farmer in Accident. Good Hope, Dec. 6—Claude Seeley suffered a painful accident one day ln«t week, when a tree he was fell-l U I ing kicked back, striking and break" which makes It possible to unload directly Into the building ,at the rear. The lower floor Is a foot toe- Fruit Cak ing a couple of small bones in ; one,! of his feet. He is around again,'after several days' confinement. KXVETjOl'ES, ALL SIKKS AT THE ADVANCE 2 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS Shop Early ' £.. ; Mail Early Buy Christmas Seals reamery ta raisins, citron, oral lemon peel, red Made from crcamerv raisins oUr™ ^ candied died plneappie."* 1 ''" 11 Do not confuse our cakes with t] le over j counter variety J 7 taste, and that richneal comes only from the b,| tenals, crmn-j am J goodness. m Your choice of two kiJ if you order oarly-theT at 50c per pound, the liel 60c. BAKE SHOP I'll ONE 087.1V pipe. After tapping the main they encountered difficulty in making the attachment, and sufficient gas escaped to compress in the area. Ignition is believed to have resulted from a spark from a hammer used to pound the connection into place. The greater share of the loss was to the building. Much of the equipment was uninjured, and part of it has already been restored. Rotating crows of workmen are rapidly Next Sunday evening at 8, in the academy auditorium, a juvenile cantata in two acts will be presented by pupils of the academy's junior high school. Besides, there will 'be dances and drills ,and music between acts will be furnished toy the St. Cecelia orchestra. The cantata, A Dream of Fairy- Land, is a story of two little girls who stray away from home and fall Into the hands of good fairies. They I met"Mr. and Mrs. Bert -Deal in ^ "they'"meVrVlth "many" a store here yesterday. (Mrs. Deal j is here for examination. N. has been going through the clinic. are then tempted to join evil fairies, disappointments. Finally they get back into the company of the good fairies and are happy again. Following is the program: Captain Jinks drill and tap dance, t Junior H. S. pupils. gona, is among 18 Sioux Fal's crl- i Newsboys' clog dance by four lege football players declared en-!gi r i s _ titled to letters for service in the j Ir i s j, washwoman's dance, Junior H. 8. girls. Wins College Letter. Sioux F-alls, Dec. 6—Otis Barr, Al- 1932 season at a meeting of the college athletic board recently. -*Cousin is Killed. Whlttemore, Dec. 6 — Samuel Laugrh, SO, cousin of .Mrs. Elmo (Barber, was killed in a truck accident j evil fairies, fifth and sixth Dream of Fairy-ILand, juvenile cantata in two acts; cast: two orphans, "May," Evelyn Capesius; "Neva," Anita Rose Kohlhaas; good fairies, fifth and sixth grade girls; grade near Nevada last week Tuesday. [boys; sprites, third grade girls. Stock up! 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