Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1932 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1932
Page 7
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) SWEA C (i FIRST GAME week 'basketball boys went to 'Sty to play bo t h teams there, \ V( , w ere rtervoue and • didn't L eel to .playing till the second '-when 'they ^otitplayed Swea Swea City's .Second team de,1 "Wesley. 20-16, and the S. C. team also won, 20-19. Swea had play 6 ^ 'before this season, ft was our -hoys' first game. This i Tuesday the boys and glrl« Presentation academy, Whitte- Next week Tuesday we play ^hlttemore high school here, in j first home : game. Services Draw Crowd good representation from iboth •rchas attended, union Tlmnksglv- ? services at the Congregational irch last Thursday "morning. The Mr. MoNulty, Methodist pns- ; Silvered a sermon dealing with ' sub-topics, Thanksgiving with lipe, Thanksgiving In service innksglvlng of opportunity. Thel't appropriate congregation^ clng. Mr. MoNulty extended an KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA St. Joe Newly weds to Texas for Honeymoon ,„ , ,, •--« —-, .Editor. Mmrlos Klnmp, Klcl.l Reporter. Wo called .Saturday f ,l the ™».,^,::r »;;:•-->; busy one. 'North and boot grmvor.s W(!I . p ,. c . , informed that the price- .por grown this y,.,,r would not family h as fl fine homo. Mr. Goetz Hiild the taxes on his 120 acres were more than $400, and he thinks that IK too much In such times. If prices ton of beets bo $3.81. farm products would only ho would not mind. Karl T>unl<e, 2 Ms mflos guiiriinteo thin a-! west cit Wesley, Thanksgiving day, and he was all smiles _ , . , , I" thn Lodyard ', Tlipv neighborhood, y,-t ho feels poor ' •Kd k'ahl, widely known hog br farm acres. The corn j picking had been finished, and they ' or north of Lnkotn, IK reported laid | \r c had were ready for the winter. up with enlargement of the and a complication which , lo him from lying abed us ho «hould do 'but conrpelK him to H lt in a chair a short visit last week : i •"- "•"' "• snore visit last week heart, i Wednesday with Ell Eager, of Lu rOVOntS Vnrno 'PV.~ rj, _' , PAGE SBVttM prevents Verne. The from Bagers moved there fitatlon to members of tho' Con- tlonal church to meet with the next Thanksgiving. of n,er Schools Head Here— and Mrs. Ray E. Ruske, Springs, Colo., visited here jay, and took dinner with Mrs. f'n Kilns, supper with the Sturdi- in ts. They were accompanied by • children,. Mac and Joe Ann. Rtmke, school superintendent j gome years ago, is visiting his •ents at .Fenton. not)' I. 0. 0. F. Meets Here— Odd Fellows booster meeting Ids.held at the hall here Friday jenlng. Seventy-five .persons from Ken. City, Brltt, Tltonka, Algona, j Wesley attended. A business sting was held, followed. by a fcort program, and. the evening 1 with a dance,, '; Jinx" Conduct* K. C. Drive— iThe Legion Auxiliary is sponsoring 8 Red Cross drivejunder the lead- hlp of Mrs. Ann^Kunz and Mrs. ilvor iFlom Jr. Twenty members , .been enrolled, and duee and atlons have amounted to $25. r» 8 Wife Gives Party— [Twenty-one young people attended (Thanksgiving party given by Mrs. i C. McNulty last week Wednesday ilng; 'Florence Hansen assisting jtesa. Each'member'Of;'the close ivlted a friend. tollege GMs VJalt Hei (Helen Funnemark, St. Olafe col- , Northfleld, 'Minn., was at home last week Wednesday to Sun- jay, and her roommate, Miss Hagen- iess, was with her. .Joseph Teacher Is Sick— | Sister M. Phllomene, sick a 'week, i improving. Sister M. Raymond been sent from the home con- rent, St. Francis, her place. Milwaukee, to treat Crowd for Donee— i Four hundred seventy-one tickets (rere sold for a Legion dance lanksjiving evening. It was called ^ blanket and carnival dance, and it $75. ieteran's Corn Js picked— [ A husking toee was' held last week Wednesday for Charles Gibson, of reterans' hospital. Eleven men [our wagons, and teams participated Itvo Wcslcyuns Are Sick— j Jacob Johnson continues critically Ick, His children have all 'been to |ee him recently, i also sick. Warren Brewstei Other Wesley News. [The Philip pahlins, Des Moines Jill Mrs. Dahlin's young brothei Halted Philip's sister, Mrs. Ray- pond Hansen, from last week P'ednesday to Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. poward Ha'nsen, Clear 'Lake, and 'ielr baby daug-hter were at Ray- iona Hansen's Sunday. The Theron ansens took Thanksgiving dinner the Howard Hansons, and the Hansens -\vere Thanksgiving er guests at Theron's. Ten members and two visitors attended a Methodist W, F. M. S. Ming at Mrs, Dlekmann's Friday. Theron Hansen led devotions, ' Mrs. Amesbury gave the lesson. 'he December meeting will be with I'M. Amesbury, and Jt was voted to ! u m It into a Christmas party, each ["ember to take an Inexpensive gift. 'Mrs. Wilbur Fisher entertained |>er family, the Hoicks, of 'Brltt, for nksglving. Her sister Ru,th was from last week Wednesday to Friday. Miss McPherson and Bve- F" Brick-son took Thanksgiving [toner with Leota and DeEtta Hall, no had a short vacation, r. and Mrs. Ben Hopkins drove Badger Sunday to visit Ben's 'Datives, Nels and Rachel Danlel- With Miss Danielson they drove the afternoon to 'Fort Dodge to " Mrs. Julia Nelson, aunt of the In ilHiniTlfl -"•.•« .. \ji iv IKH.I utiuil IJil III LU l\ At J. O.'arartv'K nt the south edgo lf°M n" 0 U ' 1Cl " S Umt the amount of of Lu Verne, Friday the men, who ' -' - th ° world '" s ' falr grounds 1 had ibecn shelling corn, were' putting the shcllor under cover. The Martys believe In taking good care of machinery, and everything else on the farm | H kept in tiptop shape. Mrs. Arnold Sunders, Lu Vorne, has charge of the telephone office! A few phones have been lost because of the hard time*, but otherwise business IH keeping up well. Mr. Sanders' husband recently resigned as manager of the Champlin oil station at Algona. The Clinton Sampsons, now farming in north Plum Creek, are to move March 1 to the larger E. M. Sparks farm, a Little way east. This will give Clinton about half again as much land. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks, who are among the best of the Plum CreekerH, will continue farming near by. We did not learn what farm they have rented. We had a visit Saturday with Herman Goetz, a mile north and :hree milea west of Ledyartl. Mr. Goetz likes to talk German. The II.LU not Been as large as expected, h '.or foreign countries have not been 0 :aking space. This is laid to our high tariffs on their goods. i, Corn-picking was In progress last •« week Monday at Chambers & Hof's, n •i mile east and l>& miles north of e T_,u Verne. They expected to finish • n in a few days. They keep their farm o In first-class shape, and take great g Interest in everything that is going on in the community. Mrs. Hof 1 takes her children to !Lu Verne to learn music. She has a big flock of a chickens and had found 05 eggs that S dav. ' i *».*,r . ] The Earl Millers, of South Cresco, a celebrated their 14th wedding anni- J versary on Thanksgiving day with e the R. I. Simpsons at Lone Rock, J and at the same time Maxine 'Simp- ' son celebrated her ninth birthday. 1 Mrs. Simpson was a neighbor of the • J. M. Cox family, of Oresco town- i ship, same years ago, and Mrs. Mil- £ ler is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. f Cox, who, of course, were also < guests at the double celebration. . "* 46 Pupils Take Part in Swea City Declam Swea City, Nov. 29 — The 7th and 8th grade declamatory contest took place lost week Monday and Tues- r day. Oratorical speakers were Les' lie Cassem, Forrest Hanlfan, Henry s •Kockler, Marion Koons, Albert Krueger, Mavis Larson, Lois Richards, Raymond Tish, Reginald Win- team will play the Bancroft academy teams here Friday. This is the first game between these schools. Business Men to Meet— The business men will meet this week to plan for a community Christmas tree, and Christmas treats ter. Forrest Hanifan and Reginald for the children. At the eame time : . Winter were winners, with Mavis > Larson, alternate. Dramatics speakers were Keith . Arnold, Verna Benson, Laila Berg, Arlene Cassem, Hazel Hanson, Caroline Hundsness, Mildred Linde, Nola Lloyd, Harlena Molan, Irene Mo, Ian, Clara Montgomery, (Florence 1 Picht, Hazel Rholine, Mary Schroe- - der, Frances Thomson. Caroline 5 Hundsness, and Frances Thomson were winners, and 'Florence Picht, they will consider establishment of banking facilities of some kind. M— ~v-_«. Shoulder Blade Is Broken- John (Reuitzel had a shoulder blade broken last week when a hay carrier fell on him. Dr. Devlne cared for him, and he te making satisfactory recovery. • Other Swea City. . Mr. and Mrs. August Eppelsheim- alternate. er, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Eppelshelm- 'Humorous — Erma Benson, Earl s Berg, Robert Berggren, Irene Blomi ster, George Butterfield, Ivan Cush- 3 ing, Warren Ewing, Alice Hewitt, t Howard Hewitt, Melvin Krumm, 'Alvin Larson, Richard Leland, Elvln Linde, Willabelle Logan, Lawrence Mogenson, Walter Peterson, Elolse c Preston, Robert Sanders, Luella T. Senenfelder, 'Lyle Skromme, Ada er, and Millicent and Valera Llwelyn, of Plover, were Sunday visitors at William Thompson's. Mrs. Thompson Is a daughter of the A,ug- gust Eppelsheimers. Lucille Thomson and Velma Hill spent Thanksgiving with Lucllle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Thompson. Miss Thomson Is music teacher at Manchester, and (Miss Hill . is • , Uhr, Billy Whitlow. Earl Berg and I home economics teacher. . Warren Ewing were winners, with I Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kauffman and Alice Hewitt, alternate. The winners in each division will y have another chance to win, then o will be two contests held in the dis- r trlct December 7. _. ~ y\KM Clnsses Start Monday — Swea City's Smith-Hughes adult night school will open next 'Monday 5l night, and meetings will be held r each Mondy night through the - course. L. E. Sweany will direct f the men's classes in a study of -, „„ .,, nf f,m r\r\i\ 11 fill It TV 1")l*flfll] fit lOH . daughter and Lela Young, of Chicago, spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Kauffman and Miss Young's parents, the J. E. Youngs, south of town. Wendell McDowell, senior at Morningslde, spent ' Thanksgiving with his parents, the Rev. and .Mrs. McDowell. The Elmer 'Myres, of Ankeny, visited here and at Estherville last week. June Thomson spent Thanksgiv- St. Joe, Nov. 29—'Last week Tuesday morning at 8:30 o'clock occurred the marriage of Cecelia, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Clalos, to Henry. Loerwald, the Rev, Father Geogc Thcotoold otflciating. The bride wore a white satin gown and veil, accessories to match, and carried a bouquet of roses and button chrysanthemums. The britle's oldest sister Margaret was bridesmaid, and wore a gown of old rose, «nd carried pink and white carnations. The groom was attended by his brother Joe, from Lindsay Tex and both wore blue serge SU'HH. ' The bHdo Is well known in this vicinity, having graduated from St Jose.ph school. The .bridegroom• came from Lindsay, Tex., four years ago MI M working on farms In this vicinity since. A three-course dinner, with color scheme of pink and white, was served to the newlyweds and 70 relatives and friends at noon at the home of tbe .bride's .parents. The couple gave a wedding dance he same evening at the Livermore hall with Wilfred Tlllson and his orchestra furnishing the music, •i he newly wede left .Friday morns' for a honeymoon in Texas vhere they will spend two or three months visiting- his parents and other relatives. On March 1 move to a farm spent last week with Rosina Thilges. Marvin and Delmar Reding spent the. week-end at the Theo Wagner's. Mike Brass was sick last week. Lu Verne School Events. Lu Verne, Nov. 2fl—The H. S. basketball season begins this week Friday night, when the local boys play Uenwick here. The local wrestling team will meet a Burt team the same evening. Next week Friday the Bode boys and girls play here. they will northeast of here owned .by James and Caspar Thilges. Party for Adolph J?nliniinn— A local, group of 22 closest friends and neighbors of Adolph Fuhrman gathered at Ms home Sunday evening to spend the evening singing and enjoying piano music by Adolph. The mouth harp was played by Irvin Frlderes and Richard Hafoeger. A steak supper and other refreshments were served at a late hour by Orvllle Wagner and Peter Becker. The party was a farewell for Mr. iFuhrman, who goes to Texas. Joseph Schad was "'bouncer" and conducted the party In a faeh- onable manner. Mr. Fuhrman leaves Wednesday for Texas. Tfewlywcds In Visit Here— Mr. and Mrs. Flrank Bay,, of Port Washington, Wls., arrived at John Kayser's Saturday on their wedding- trip. Mrs. Bay is a cousin of the Kaysers. John Orlgrer £ogeg Uncle- John Orlger went to Esthervllle •Friday morning to attend the fun eral of an uncle. Other St. Joe. . Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shirley, o Waterloo, and Mrs. Susan Gales, o Gllbertsvllle, were here last week for the Gales-'Loerwald wedding. Mr and Mrs. Shirley have returnee home, but Mrs. Susan Gales wll stay for the winter. Nicholas Klrech and Laurence Rhlnlsh left laet week for thel homes in White Owl, S. D., afte several weeks In this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holtzbauer, o Algona, Nc-la Benge, and Herlen Neilson, of Bradgate, spent Sunda' at William (Hammer's. • The Louis Fuhrmans, Julius Ca peslus and Barney Capesius families spent Sunday afternoon at- the'John Frideres home. Leo Schmidt, accompanied by his cousin, Florence Mergen, left las week Wednesday for'their homes I Dell Rapids, S. D. The Mike Weyderts, of NBA Richland, Minn., came last week Wednesday for a short visit with LEGAL NOTICES OT1CK OF I'KOHATE OF WIL1 No. 3677. tate of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss In District Court, November term, 1932. 'o All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that. an nstrument ot writing purporting tc e the last Will and Testament of .I. De L. Parsons, deceased, dated eptember 12, 1932, having been this ay filed, opened and read, the 19th ay of December, 1932, Is fixed for earing proof of same at the Court •louse In Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 9 o'clock m. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby no- ifled and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said Instrument should not be pro- >ated and allowed as amd for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, November 21, 1932. CLARK ORTON, Cleric of District Court By CLARA SCHAAP, Deputy. A. Hutchison, Att'y. 11-13 lr *,' Mrs. Hopkins, Mary Goetz and Dorothy nt Thanksgiving 'at George nz's. The J,»T, Meurers were at I.* J ' w - Finders home, Oes Molnes. last week Wednesday till to. ' The women are twin sis- *rs. Harry Braleys were guests at : ">r Braley's, Brjtt, for Thanke- n s. Miss Beck visited friends at "nwted last Thursday and Friday. «e Methodist Aid. meets this week <"ies<Jay with MPS. Wallace Ben"• Mrs. Amesbury assisting. < . ^has. Paviks, Humfopldt, yls- thelr son, •yyiUJam Henderson, Goetz is, repented eick with FROM mm SUNDAY Nov. ?9-<3wrge Oamp- «.. 70, di<4 Sunday evening at who have been Graduation those who care, and marketing. Mary Seylur, director of home economiqs, will direct the women's classes studying preserving the family health with low cost menus. These evening schools are open to everyone wishes to attend, and popular In past years. exercises are held for complete a given number of lessons. A short program of music for both men and women precede each lesson. Some new features are toeing planned for this winter's school. Pupils to Have Hot. lamchos— -Serving of free hot lunches to the rural pupils of the Swea consolidated school began Monday. The hot dishes will supplement the lunches brought from home each day. The people of the community have furnished supplies without cost to the school, and vegetables, meat, canned goods and milk will be furnished by farmers as needed. The girls of the advanced home-making class in high school will have charge of the lunches as a part of their work, a. different girl having charge each week. She will collect supplies, estimate amount of food and furnish recipes. Women of the distvlct have volunteered to take turns in assisting with the cooking. TJiree Democrats S«ek P. 0.— Week before last here three postoffice' candidates were clrculat- ng petitions-D. W. Fults J. O. Seylar. L. A. Haglund-and the Her- aid mentioned among other possiM- ities Mrs. P. W. Lawon. A. H. Hun- d eby, Walter Bovis, and J. J. Andei sonf the latter a brother of Mrs. D. Leffert, Algona. Mrs. A. J. postmistress at pies- Ohrlatensen ent. to general science. featlng East Chain >«« relatives here. The Frank Weyderts, the Nick ing with friends in Waterloo. Four Corners The latest meeting of the M, & D. club was held at Mrs. Pearl Potter's. The song for the day was School Days, and roll call was answered with Bible verses containing the word Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving story was read by Eula Rich, and a piano solo was iplayed 'bq Evelyn Cruikehank. A vocal solo was given by Lucille Rich. The club sent a large box of canned fruit and vegetables to the orphans' home at Council Bluffs for Thanksgiving. This week the clut> meets with Mrs. Alta Lowman, and roll call will be answered with famous colleges. The song will be Let the Rest .of the World Go By, and a spelling bee will be held. During the recent pheasant hunt, 12 Fail-field and Keokuk hunters made headquarters at N. D. Mitchell's. As a whole the hunters this year did some good to farmers Among other things in most cases they furnished shells to the farmers. The school in Dist. No. 7, Union, gave a program a week ago Saturday night at Edward Rich's. It consisted of songs and recitations. Vincent Wilson sang, accompanied by E. A.-Genrich on the guitar. The Washington W-centennial song was sung by the audience, accompanied by Mrs. Genrich. Old school songs were sung by the audience. The rest of the evening was spent at charades'. Guests:' Mrs. Edith Rich, Mr. ( and Mrs. Roy Lowman, and Mr. and Mrs. 'Lewis Broesder. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lindeman, Humboldt, were Thanksgiving dinner guests at C. N. Robinson's, and Mildred Robinson accompanied them home for a short visit. Evelyn Nlckereon recently spent several days at Louis Lowman's, helping with the housework. •Mre. Arch Walker recently spent several days at Orville Holdren'e: Mrs. Holdren was In bed with the flu and a severe cold which settled all over her body. She was reported improved last weett-end. •The Noble Mitchells had Thanksgiving dinner at Etna Mitchell's. Norvai Mitchell and . two friends iFairfteld hunted pheasant* from there a week ag9 Saturday. A recent school eWPer at Gardner sehooUiQUfle was w«U aj- wtad th« and a little over J2Q was taken in. Flsch and the Matt Zeimet families spent Thanksgiving at. Leonard Thilges'. Adolph Fuhrman and Joseph Schad spent last Thursday afternoon at John Thill's, near Whittemore. Raymond Thilges Is working for his uncle, Henry Thilges, who severely burned his hands recently. Mrs. M. Hanifan and grandson spent Thanksgiving at her eon Bernard's, south of Ijivermore. A number from, here attended the Dahlhauser sales at Whittemore last week Wednesday and Friday. Lawrence, Thomas, and Emma Becker spent Thanksgiving at the parental George Becker's. James Becker left last week Tuesday for Claremont, Minn., to spend several days on business. John Berte drove to Fort Dodge one day last week , and brought home a new corn eheller. Mrs. William Buttermore and daughter Augusta spent Thanksgiving at John Origer's. Irene Ceishecker returned 'home from Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge last Thursday. Aloysius Gales spent a few days days week visiting friends in Oma- JfOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Case No. 14225. •Notice Is hereby glven'that. by ..virtue of a Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered In said Court on th« 17th day of October, 1932, In favor of Kossuth county, Iowa, as plaintiff, and against Frank Vera, as defendant, for the sum of Four Thousand- Three Hundred Sixty- eight and 02/109 ($4368.02) dollars and costs; taxed at Ninety-eight and 50/100 '($98.50) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Richard Koepke, iFrank Vera; Hazel May Vera, Hattle B. Moulds, .John E. Moulds, Alhert Olson, and Jessie Olson, to satisfy said execution, towit: The Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE»4 SE%) excepting 1.44 acres lying north of the highway, and the North Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (N% SE% SE%), all in Section 18, Township 95, Range 28; and the South Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (S% NW% SW%) and the North Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (N% SW% SW%), all in Section 17, Township 95, Range 28, West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth county, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell such property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 7th day of December, 1932, at the east door of the court house in Algona, In Kossuth County, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 7th day of November, 1932. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett'L. Harris, Deputy. Shumway & Kelly, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 11-12 ha, Neb. Clarence Kramer assisted with corn picking last week at. Laurence Glsch'a. Martha Krieps, of St. Benedict, STOMACH PAINS MAY LEAD TO ULCERS Stomach pains after eating and gas disturbances can be stopped quickly with Dr. Emll's Adla Tablets. They banish acidity, sour stomach, •Indication and heartburn, conditions which often lead to ulcers. Adla Tablets bring quick relief because they were compounded by an experienced' physician for counteracting these conditions. Contain no harmful drugs or narcotics. Take them as often as necessary. Know the joy of fr eedom from stomach distress. En- loy your meals. Get Adla tablets to- lay. Large, ?1 bottle. HOM€ This is a year of thoughtful gifts which are attractive and useful. Why not give furniture to add cheer and beauty to the homes of those you love? You will find just the right thing here, priced for thrifty buyers, and if you're in doubt, we will be glad to tell you. the suitable gifts for every member of your gift list. Ours is Quality Furniture you can be proud to give. 2-PIECE MOHAIR SUITE Standard size, all reverse cushions. Solid built hard wood frame. A real bargain. 43.50 3-PIECE BEDROOM SUITE Poster bed, vanity, and chest, built of heavy stock, latest design. 59.75 weeks' treatment and contains 3 diet suggest tions. E. W. Lusby, druggist. The Answer to Your Fuel Problem is * * Botsford's Peerless Coal IT'S THE »EST Gives you most heat per dollar. Practically no waste. You don't pay for impurities. "All heat" coal. ' GET ALL THE «EAT We furnish 'simple directions which show you how to regulate your beating equipment to burn gases which are usually wasted. DON'T WASTE HEAT Keep the heat from escaping with storm windows and doors. Attic insulation will prevent heat loss through the roof. Ask for Botsford's Peerless (Jo&l «*»cl yop , save Botsford Lumber Co. JIM POOL, Wanef er J?hQW §!« Cedar lined walnut chest $13.75 Lounging chair and stool $19.75 Junior, bridge, and table lamps $1.75 tip Card tables 99c and up Smoking Stands 75c and up Everything new at the new low prices Be sure and get your PREE3 Tickets. Foster's Furniture Co. • • - •: -'• "M ••'•$ DER ;.A;;)| -| •;'i The Algona Cattle Loan Company has ample funds to loan for the pur* chase of feeder cattle. As security for such loans the company requires a mortgage on the cattle to be fed, some additional cattle or other live stock and ample feed. • ' -'T«i«« The rate of interest at this date, December lit, 193*4** *i per cent if interested write tojor call|on R.H. MILLER H. L G1LMORI Algona Cattle Loan Company Algona, Iowa In Iowa State Bank *"M!;lijSL*KS

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