Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1932 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE K098U,T«LdOtiNTY AOVANftB, ALdONfA, IOWA JULIA BOURNE VISITS HOME FOR ONE HOUR Union Twp., Nov. 29—Mr. and Mrs. W. ,T. Bourne entertained at Titonka Auxiliary in Rehabilitation Meeting Titonka, Nov. 20—-The rehabilitation committee of the local Legion Auxiliary entertained members and fricnde at the William Ricklefs home Friday afternoon, and carpet rags , were sewed. Preceding a radio pro- dinner on Thanksgiving their son, j g r am, Mrs. Sadie Denton, delegate Dr. M. 0. Bourne, Algona, their j to the recent state convention at daughter Julia, Bea Molnea. Dr. , Cedar Rapids, gave a report cover-and Mrs. W. T. Peters, Hurt, daugh- ing the aims and accomplishments ter Mary Lee, and the Charles Bar-| of the state rehabilitation depart- rlckmans, Algona. Mr. Barrlckman Mrs. Peters and are sister and (brother, and are niece and nephew respect'vply of Mrs. Bourne. inent and the work the local unit is doing through cooperation of mem- •liers' and friends. iFollowing an Ames radio program lunch was •'. Jullf came as far as Mason City served to 23, netting the general With_Mends Thanksgiving morning, J fund $2.30. The rehabilitation committee, Pearl Ricklefs, chairman, and Melvln met her there. Her stay at homo wan only an hour, however, and Mrs. Bourne and Melvin took (her buck to Mason City. choice is brief, but endless.'' They also chose colors: emerald green and white, and a flower, Lily of the Valley. M.Vrtle Amn to College— Myrtle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ama, west of town, went to Cedar (Falls Monday to attend the state teachers college two terms. Honey Trucked to Clilcnpo— Raymond Krantz and Rudolph Tjareon took a truckload of the Rev. L. G. Gartner's honey to Chicago Saturday. Other Titonka ffews. , Craven drove to Hampton Julia, who is connected with Successful Farming, a Meredith publication, is editor of three departments of tho paper, the girls' page. a corner for fashions or the little patterns. folks, She and Martha 'Falk, Jennie Breen, Mattie Harringa, Etta and Mattie Beenkcn, Sunday_and brought here Irnrn and Jennie Kell, served. IJnltcrfat "Brlngrs 21 Cents— The high cream checks for October follow: Nick Heesch, $146.54: Bruno Stecker, $93.45; Bartlett & also j Sons, $82.33; AVarner Smidt, $S1.4S; ecrvow as a. field rpprcwentative aiwP.Tohn Koestler. $55.23; Robert Calie sent to 4-H girls' club affairs in : lies, $53.34; AA'.-H. 'Senne; $52.50; Iowa n nil suri-oundlnff states, as Henry Gray, $48.48; Fred Stecker, •well_ns to other meetings. She went ' $48.30; W. H. Grover, $47.46; A. ' Sen-ram, $45.78; George Rippentrop, $44.94; Edw. Zwiefcl, $44.73; Sieman Smidt, $43.89; AV. AVelhausen, $43.05; Ray AVelp, $42.84; John E. <Sleper, $41.58; John A. Harms, S-H.IG; Carl \AVatson, $40.95; M. J. Koestler, $40.74. The creamery paid out 21c for butterfat. to Chicago Saturday to attend the International show and the 4-H girls' and boys' club congress. This writer recalls that eight years ago .Julia, then an Algona H. S. senior, and Florence Iwiaba, now Mrs. Loron 'Brown, as 4-H girls, were awarded a trip to Chicago as members of a state proved footwear team. Since that champion ap- demonstration time Julia has been graduated from the H. S. and a 4-year home economics course at Iowa State college. Her college course was interrupted by a year's stay in Rome with a cousin who •was a librarian there. Julia has been connected with Successful Fanning eince graduating from college. Christmas Swil ('iinviiss Bog-Ins— The tuberculosis Christmas seal eale haw opened. Mrs. A. B. Schenck Is chairman of the sale in Union; Mrs. AV. J. Bourne, assistant. They have.mailed 200 stamps 'to every family in the township. This county-wide plan is being directed by Mrs. Joseph Bloom, Algona, county chairman. In previous years the sale in this township was directed (by the Mothers & Daughters club, •with the school children as sellers. As usual, one-half o£ the amount .collected will be kept in the township for health work. A stamped and addiwsed envelope has been enclosed for the return of money and stamps not purchased. The stamps are one cent each, and every family is urged to purchase some. If any family has been overlooked a Campbell, local music teacher, Lillian Crane, grade teacher, and Roger Larson. The latter had visited his brothers Ker'mit and Kenneth at Clarion. Kermlt and Kenneth, sons of Mr. and Mrs. .L. B. Larson, work- Ing In a hotel, spent Thanksgiving j here. Edith and Hazel Budlong, Hampton, spent Thanksgiving with their mother, Mrs. Frances -Budlong, and Zella Harris, also Hampton, visited County 'Aux' Meet Dated— Tho Breen Post No. 465 local Legion Auxiliary unit will entertain the Auxiliary units at Algona, Burt, Bancroft, Fenton, Lone Rock, Swea the Buffingtons. Harris, returned Edith to and Zella Hampton Thanksgiving night, but came back •for Sunday. A r lolet Slack, attending Morningside college two years, spent her Thanksgiving vacation with the Ray Hansons, her father, E. O. Slack, and brother Neil. •Soph us Nelson, Detroit, formerly Titonka, has been visiting Beulah Schutjer, southeast of town. They were at Algona Saturday forenoon. City, and AVesley next Tuesday at 2 I Jay Budlong and Herman Rachut m. at the Methodist church, with Luella Schenck, Burt, county chairman, in charge. Reports of the recent Sth district conference at Fort Dodge will be given by delegates from Algona, Burt, Bancroft, and Titonka, and musical numbers will be furnished by the Swea, City and Titonka units. A question box will 'be conducted. H. S. Seniors Pick Motto— The H. S. seniors have chosen their motto: "Choose well: thy were at Mason City Friday, and Mr. and Mrs. Budlong were at Algona Saturday forenoon. Alola and Arthur Rike, with Edithmae Budlong, were at Algona Monday afternoon. Mar(e Bufflngton, Grarison teacher, was here for Thanksgiving:. The Virgil 'Pendergaste were at St. Paul for Thanksgiving. The M. S. Cravens spent Thanksgiving at Esthervllle. The Dr. R. C. Balls spent Thanksgiving at AVaterloo. Sister of Irvington Woman Passes at D. M. Irvington, Nov. 29—llr. and Mrs. William Greenfield, llr. and Mrs. William Runchey, and Mrs. John infers motored to Des Moines last u.ijr iu.mii.> inm ucril UV tM lULMveU U. m , telephone call or a postal to the | Thul .' sday evening to attend funeral chairmen will be welcomed. The de- sei ' vice s of Greenfield's sister, 6ign of the stamp tins year is at-' JI ™' Mary Tea chout. 'Friday. She words Merry tractive, with the Chrkstmas across the elers o earaler-s ir clothing are tho center of attention.! died at Anguis, Neb., where ehe lived .e top. Two yod- ; with a Daughter, Mrs. Lyron Joy. n bright-colored': Bne was known to many here - hav - The Lnrr.-iine cross and a church ! been a guest at the Greenfield home several times. 'Mr. Teachout Spire .are in the li.ickgrouml, with the figure's 1!I32 at tho bottom. from [''(irnu'r Al Mi'.-i. ^Milii-; Schenck, writes: "The drive for the community fund is the big mnvs item here at present. Tile goal is $ 1 ,SO(I,(I(MI. They lie,i;;'.ii November 1 -t to solicit. and expect to finish \\'eilnt''.sday night ( preceding Thunk.sgiving). Tlie Suiul i.v preeeding the drive they had a. l>i'? pnigram and pageant In the ei;y auditorium. The symphony Drolu'Ktra played, and they had noted «peaker.s, followed by n. huge pageant composed of the C.S FORMER PASTOR AT ST, BENEDICT DIES AT HAL6UR FRIDAY St. Benedict, Nov. 29—The N. H. Rnskopfs, accompanied by Mrs. Al Roscnmcyer, Mrs. Morris Dailey, Mrs. AVilliam 'Eich, the Rev. B. H, Loeffelholz, and Joseph AVitte ( drove to Halbur Sunday to attend the fun- IfiVINGT SCHOO JN'S L KIDS IN PROGRAM Irvlngrton, Nov. 22—The pupils of the Jrvlngton school presented the following program at the church Friday evening, November 18; Song, AVe've Got the Mumps; play, Mother Goose's Goslings, Shirley Roney, Ella Sankey, Betty Gronbach, Nellie Sankey, Dewey Sklll- Ing, Tommy Qronbach, Dolores Morelock, Robert Summers, -Raymond Sankey, Fred Hudson, Duane Rlley., Bernadlne Rlley, Maggie Sankey, 'Paul Lemkee, Louie Gronbach, and Charlene Rutledge; recitation, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, Betty Mae Miller. Hush-a-fBye, song by six girls; play, Train to Loontown, Helen Lemkee, Edward Rutledge, Marvel Dole, Marjorie Rlley, Austin Summers, Roland Spurgeon, Wayne Schlchtl, Robert Sankey, Le Roy Scheppman; recitation, A -Thankful Girl, (Barbara. Rutledge; recitation, Grandma, Phyllis Maxwell; play, Tell a Woman, Marjorie Rlley, Esther Scheppman, Adella ' Eemkee, Betty Mae Miller. Recitation, AA'hy We Keep the Day, Thelrha Spurgeon; song, Pirates; play, The Dearest Thing in Boots, Le Roy and Lois Schepp- > sloner by iMnnWrk thftt McDonald I«dvd6 SandeM, patrol ......... hereby appointed As 8. oomtalttee to'johri a K«I*on, pAirol >.; ,.i.J have i-epatra made on^Dr. 83. Ayes: Ml j tQ Bftkeri ^ ni ,..,.„.„ . Motion'by iBttlgemari and seconded Kl m | r Bwlhft Patrol ..» ... ... by McDonald that County Treasurer S 00 '''?' 1 " Ht V$P esSl pa "' " 7S.30 Is hereby authorized to accept prin- 'S u SL A £, h ' ,P ntr0 ' olpal oh taxea of Geo. Dunn without JJ; *>• A ru i s "l a " n ' i t , n , penalty for 19lfi and 1929, Cresco town- Clem Oop^mnn, patrol ship, 1922, Lotte Creek twp., 1928, Earl Moore, patrol ... AVhlttemore Inc., 1920-1930-1931 Algona S 1 J ff fir d i.22j m S2'n.ni '" '[" Inc.-Same being a compromised settle- fi?,*V5"5? feiiYSi* nnV*n't" VM J_. . ... . iPrancis N. Biuert, patrol .. •• m£nt. Ayes: All. i^vm. O. iLudwIg, patrol »,!Bi"' n ?. otlon . in , oar<:l P TOC «edea to audit E ] mer Elllngson, ptttrol S$*,J*!PV. J } J i! ,?:*- v°L. "$?. hedul « ot Peter Movlck, patrol Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS OOUNT.Y FUND Advance -Pub. Co., pub. proc., etc. ... $ Bertha E. Johnson, adv. bty... Std Backus, ip. M,, postage ... Haggard & Backus board proc. City of. Algona, light service.. Peter Kramer, bounty News Printing Co., supplies ,. Railway Express Agency, express H. N. Kruse; Treas., cash for 201.74 IJoe M. Baser, patrol ... C, A. Lamoreux, patrol Ol? Oerdls, labor Pearly C. Hnynes, labor Hans 'R Nielsen, labor .. fi.20 Chester Aline, patrol 1.80 : Alton Pettlt, patrol ...... 123.31 'J. F. Qulnn, patrol ... ... 30.83 Will Leeper, patrol 1.00 g. D. McDonald, patrol .. 34.GO.AVm. F. Gronbaeh, patrol I Joe Helderscheldt, patrol 5.92 Tom Weir,'patrol Dwlght (Graham, patrol postage 9.00 Kennedy Bros. Co., assign. ISO Arnold Delperdnng, labor Kennedy Bros. Co., assign. Claire iHansen, bounty .. ..... Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., „„... __., — tel. service 68.30 Leo iDelperdang, labor H. N. Kruse, cash for postako 14.00 Alfred Ditsworth, labo F. J. 'Balgeman, com. and ses- ' » Leo iMalecek, drag. ... • lo " ••'• 199.31 INlck Mergen, drag, ... W. E. McDonald, com. and . - -- M. .N. Borman, drag. session , 176.97 Matt Hecker, drag. Olaf 'Funnemark, com. and ses- Mlke Burkema, drag. sion • 217.00 Herman Soderberg, drag. Chas. Morris, com. and session J. .B. Pannkuk, bounty Dwlght Graham, bounty Harvey CJraham, bounty Ilo, Ross Buffington, bounty.. George F. 'Graham, bountv .. Glenn Larsen, bounty ... ',..., William Foertsch, bounty .... Duvlght F. Graham, bounty .. Alex IRfeidlg, trustee mtg Chas, Kotlasch, weed commissioner i W. 'E, Polhemus, weed "commissioner L. A. Boleneus, weed 'cornmis- 203.S1 Mcniio Rlslus, drng. .70 IL. H. Junkermeler, drag. 300 AValter Dutton, drag 120 Jay D. Graham, drag. ... CO Peter N. Thllges, drag. .., 510 G. L. Simons, drag .40 A. L. Benschoter, drag. .. 50 Alvln Anderson, drag. l]40 Melvln Cody, ' 8.00 John Simmons, drag. Christ 'Berg, drag. man, Helen Lemkee, Orvllle Hudson, Marvel Dole, Esther Scheppman; hoop drill; recitation. Pa Keeps House, Edward Rutledge; dialogue, Green as Grass, 'Louis and Le Roy Scheppman. After the program $8.45 was cleared from lunch served In the Annex. A large crowd attended, and a few had to stand during the perform- nce. The teachers, Pauline Bla'ck and Marguerite Skllllng, v announce that the proceeds are to be turned toward instruments for a rhythm band. LU VERNE YOUTH WEDS LYDIA HALSmiO. BODE 'Lu Veme, Nov. 29—A wedding of Interest to Lu Verne people took place Thanksgiving afternoon at the Lutheran church, Bode, when Lydia Halerud, Bode, became the bride of Adelbert Theesfeldt, Lu Verne. The couple were attended by Marcella Halsrud, sister of the bride, and Ernest Redflel, Lu Verne. After the ceremony the wedding party had a three-course dinner at the 'bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olaf HaTsrud'e. Mrs. Theesfeldt Is a graduate of the Bode high school and has Seen active In 4-H club work. Her husband's parents live in Germany, and he has no near relatives in the TT. S. He ie In the em- Emit Wester, weed commissioner Andrew M. Hansen, we'ed'coni- missloner ,,, Sperbeok Printing Co., pub" notice O. AV. 'Brown, weed corrim. .'.'. John Frlderes, weed coin City of Algona, sup I/. 'B. Hovey, care prisoners .. Monroe Calculating Machine Co., malnt. serv Prye Mfg. .Co., sup Omaha School Supply Co., sup. Crescent Printing Co. sup. .. Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup. Boone Blank Book Co., sup. .. Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., sup. .. Koch Brothers, sup H. N. Kruse, assign Advance Pub. Co., sup Haggard & AValler, pub. notice 1704 'Prank 33auer. drag I-Fred Butterfleltl, drag. .. 2277 Henry Dontje Sr., drag. . Albert Rippentrop, drag. 710 Prank Dlers, labor L. A. IFTackbarth, drag. .. 4 35'P. X. AVIlhelml, drng. ... ' Cecil Thoreson, drag. ... </7 TI Charles Ulfcrs. drag. ... iRlch Potratz. drng -. m Albert >AVlttkopr, drag. ... j'no G. M. Elmore, drag 1( j' G 9 Jay Godclen, drag. Vfln iLeander Vaske, drng. ... 7920 Fra nk 'Hlebhoff, drag. ... (Louis Scott, drag. jo/jo A. M. Gustafson, drag. ... ' 7 5 Joseph Loebach, drag. ... .-'do L. A. Boleneus, drag. ... • Henry C. Nelson, drag. .. O. P. Lalllel, drag i Jacob Hofbauer, drag. ... Lermond Intermlll, drag. 75.00 104.80 78.80 43.80 61.00 84.35 '67.00 78.80 fll.OO 58.60 91,00 66.00 97.00 102.60 101.85 73.60 7AOO 8S.75 78.00 S3i20 91.00 84.00 9-1.50' 78.30, 78.00 91.00 66.00 eo.ooi 18.05 75.00 25.35 122.00 7.80 10.50 7.60| S.10' 2.10 10.80 11.10 27.nO 46.80 7.80 8.40 3.00 10.50 11.40 18.90 7.80 w;so 20.40 5.40 . 60,30 2.70 9.90 40.W 14.70 5,'SO 20.40 •tttt LftU*, *up. tor. !»-'•. F. W'ey'erh&euser Co 1 ., sup. .. r>fj i4i~k ' Ai A. , Schlpilll, - - 177- oo IDan Froehllch, drag. o'nn Guy Carlson, drag. .. SK /Wilbur Fisher, labor IGus iRlchter, labor •£g»— «- ..-..«,.-, nu,,. ,, UIIUB . , Hugo cade, labor " ' Shirley, "e^ae'nse ".'.'. '.'.'.'.'. M.m I±yell .^ Miller, labor . Erma Stehle, labor 20.00 w - H - Brandow, labor Mary K. Sands, labor 78.00 Lllla L. Bishop, labor .. ... .. 65.00 -Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies 1.25 T T . • .-. A. J. Blanchard, repairs 3.00 £°,<L Kramer ' labor George Holtzbauer, supplies ... " ™ w Tl "" ? »" f^lg Inbo• Zumach, labor , Edw. Jerseiison, labor , Advance Pub. Co., ballots .. . Bancroft Register, brd. proc.. Advance Pub. Co., 'board Haggard & proc., etc. AValer, board AV. H. Horan Elec. Co., sup. Nelson Hardware, sup. ;•« Roger P. Elbert, labor Otto Kenne, labor Elmer Ludwlg, labor ... no OR Ben Kunkel, labor ju.io M , ke , Beukemai ]abor 149.19 (Henry Schauberger, labor ] 20 G. B. Shaver, labor , . Metropolitan Supply Co., sup.. 23.55 Otto Reese labor SOLDIERS' RELIEF FUND T. n ,,«« ioh~ Mrs. Lena Meyers, dup. warrant INSTITUTE FUND Dr. E. A. Steiner, lecture and exp Dr. Thos. Kirby, lecture and exp J. 'P. Overmyer, use of H. S. bldg., etc AVm. Shirley, 20.00 69,00 AVm. Payne, labor .Ralph Craig, labor ... . Maynard Krosch, labor , Albert Eckberg, labor ... Yanse IDros., labor M. J. Ferstl, labor , ... | Edw. Zwcifel, labor ... 'Emil Kraft, labor j AValter Dacken, labor ... 'Vernon Riebhoff, labor ' 4.50 4.20 4.80 7.50 8.00 4.701 3.00 10.20 10.80 21.60 40.80 91.30 81,25 89.10 80.15 43 RO 149.00 4.00 22.80 42.20 5.70 '2.00 48.00 3.45 9.00 16.95 6.GO 4.50 25.05 8.40 9.25 15.00 $.59 20.00 18.00 3.85 21.00 10.50 10.50 COURT FIDND R. 1C. Davidson, reporter i died ten years ago at Dps Moines, where they then lived. The Irving- ion party returned Saturday. | I'arly Leaves for AVlsconslii — I Mr. and Mrs. Frapk Ditsworth, Mrs. Mary Hurnei-*;, and Mr. and j pastor here, who died Friday, after Mrs. John Ditsworth leave this week , a Ion.;-,' illness. TueHday for \Valworth, \Vis., .to visit I _ 'the Frank l-larnosst-ti, and will also "Visitors Come from Indiana — visit at Lanark, III. anil John Ditsworth ploy of the Rawlefgh company, and ; **• A. 'Calmer, bailiff after a short wedding trip .the cmi-ii,; E.' Hovey sherTf'f fe ° S ' pl'e- will be at home'in the Brink ! L. T.' Griffin! constable" houee, which M"r. Theeefeldt been occupying:. oral of the Rev. Fr. Baumleiv former II. The Frank! Mr. and Mrs..August Forburger,. ^tan ts from iri will i-eturii in i Hammond, Ind., and a daughter- T? or ,+™ ™x LU VERNE HIGH SCHOOL'S DECLAI!flERS_ARE CHOSEN Lu A r erne, Nov. 29—In a Junior H.. S. 'declamatory contest last week ,, ,• i™'.'—x-r" .,„-„Tuesday the following were awarded Champlin Rcnning Co'," j, as !C. P. 'Specht. mayor F. W. Green, marshal Chester Schoby, witness fee... IT. A. Van Alstyne, witness fee HOA-D CO'N r -S1 Paul & Donnelly et (Road Dist. No. 201 Paul & Donnelly et Road Dist. No. 191 Paul & Donnellj- pt Road Dist. 'No. 199 2.29 ico . . Paul & Donnelly et al, 'al,' nl,' al,' Sec. Sec. Sec. week; Miw. Harness .will remain arrived by car Friday to visit Augat \\'ahvorth fur the winter. lMrjorle Kilcy is !); J'nrty— iir.s. Arthur Riley entertained welfare organiKatiuns of the city, j each demonstrating its way of help- ! i litt-le guests Friday in honor of her daughter Marjorie, who was cele- ing th, needy." Mr.s. Schenok gives ! br;lUn S' her ninth birthday. They comment which perhaps others ! s " clu the ifternoonat indoor games, have thought: "If these hard times Ncw 1)c ,, ot Agent Coming-Ross Morelock, who .moved his family to Algona a few weeks ago, is 'brother Thomas and AVesley and St. Benedict friends. They call- jed on the J. O. Downs family here- 19 Saturday evening and returned to Hammond Monday. places and will compete with contestants from AVesley, Lone Rock, Fenton, and Burt, three at AVesley Tine Philip Petroleum Co., gasoline Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Road Dist. No. 209 and three at Burt, December 7: ora- i Barton-Warner Co assign' ~ ' - ' ' ' * '' "-'"* tor-leal, Gordon Dlmler, De Rae A V rjV- er, grading project continue a few more yeaici I fear that there will be a crop of young- flters growing „„ who will think food and clothing should be given J „ to tnem. P. T. A. MwtliiR' is A Dist. 'No. 4 P. T. -A. meeting •was held at the schoolhouse Friday evening, with Mrs. F. S. Thompson and Gertrude Sage a.s presiding of- f 8tlU acting depot agent here It te reported that a Mr. Lane, Toledo, y December 1. Alrt Plans Quilting Bee— The Aid will have an all-day meeting this week Thursday. All who attend care to take a covered elers or carolers in bright-colored dish and sandwiches. The day will the eehoolhouse- for the re-mainder of the winter was discussed. A vote (followed, with all eight families present in favor of the continued use of coal. Two piano numbers by Dorothy Ward and a paper, AVhat AVe Can Learn from Children? by Mrs. Harry E. Ward, made up program. the be spent at quilting. Hard Times Party Is Given— Between 40 and 50 guests attended a recent hard times party at the Dunlap home. The evening was si>ent at old-fashioned games. Hen to Itiiniiunt M. & I). Club— The annual Mothers & Daughters club banquet will take place at 1 o'clock this week Thursday at the community room at the Good Hope church. An innovation is a committee of seven men, Messrs. Harvey Ward, Roy Sarcret, \V. C. Nelson, Joo Rieker, Robert Harvey, Joe Knnke, and Alfred Jergenson, in complete charge of the affair. Including program, menu, and serving. They solicit members for food. Other Irvington News. Mr. and Mrs. AA r illiam -Summers and the Pau-l Flowers, Eagle Grove, spent Thanksgiving at the Austin Summers home. Mr, and Mrs. A. McLean, the K. P. Roneys, and Mrs. P. AV. Grobe were at Henry Lofing's. The Earl Millers and Mr; and Mrs. J. M. Cox were at Rossman near Lone Rock. The Frank Thorntons and Howard Kings, Emmejeburg, were Sunday guests at Seward Thornton's. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Parsons, Irvington, son Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam Alts Are OrandpurtMits Again— RclativpB have received word that Mr. and Mr.s. Albert Speth. Jel'fers, Minn., are parents of a girl, born November C. They hn\v nm- other j child, a -boy. Mr.-;. H-netli Ls til mer Minnie Alt. MJ-. .-md .\li-.s. Chris Alt h:ive another granddaughter, Betty Ann, born May -S to Mr. and Parson^ .BelmontJ, and Mrs. Laura Rurtis, Lone Rock, were Thanksgiving guests at Frank Shackelford's, Algon.a. Kenneth Roney drove to Lake for- i l 'itV. Minn., Monday to take home Miw. Hattle Hudson, who had been at Paul Hudson's. Paul accompanied his mother. Elmer Dole, also a Hard Times Tarty Given— A hard times party was glvea at. AVilliam Dunlap'e Saturday evening for young folks. Games were played, then lunch was served, and' a prize given to the person dressed; in the most striking hard times costume. Prizes Given at Dance— A large crowd from here attended a Legion dance at AA r esley Thanksgiving evening. Prizes of $5, a few dollar bills, and blankets were given away. Otl\er St, Benedict News. The. George Simons had Thanksgiving dinner with Mrs. Mary Simon. Mrs. Anna Huschka, daughters Lorraine and Louii^e, and Vivian Stephenson, Algona, were at Al Rosenmeyer's. The Martin Bleichs, Dolliver, spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Bieich's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry ^Seller, and Mra. Bleich remained till Sunday. A'ivian Stephenson, Algona, has spent a few days with her aunt, Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer, and Grandmother Huschka. Christine Eisenbarth and Marcella Kellner, Algona, spent Thanksgiving with the Matt Bormanns. Mrs. Joseph Rahm Sr. and Mrs. AA'illiam Arndorfer visited Mrs. Anna Huschka Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Stuflick, of Algona, spent Sunday at August Harig's. Lucille Simons has been sick with stomach trouble. Mrs. Albert. Wibben, Wibben being AH. tho iota, former ICsthor Mrs. F. rude Sage S. Thomp attended and Gert- funeral of the late. Mrs. : F. J. Laintf, Algona, Saturday. Miss Sage and Mils. Laing were cousins. WESLEYAN'S SON BAGS DEER IN HUNT IN NORTH WOODS AVcsli>y, Nov. 29—^XuUi.'ui Suuler has received a Jotter from his .sun Kdvvartl, Excelsior, Jilinn., giving- norm", dctaiti of the latu-r's rc-i'ent <lcc-r hunt 20 inil'w north or Grand It'iijids. Eighty-five doer were i)j'ou^r)it back by an fiju.'il numJjor of men from Excelsior. Five men in Kdward' party each KOI one. Tliii<|one ear. Jiiclud'.-d his wife's uncle.', his tmn- In-tnv, ;i7id two SOILS. Three miles • distant Iruin cami> one day, Edivard passenger, planned to stop at Rochester, on business. Mrs. Nina Blythe, who had been with the Roy Blythes, Chicago, several months, returned one day last week, and will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs ..John Frank!. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ballard, Redwood Falls, -Minn., arrived Friday for a few days with Mrs. Ballard's sister, Mrs. Charles Sankey, and the Arthur Rileys. The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on Ruth's Second Marriage, using as text the first clause of the ,13th verse in the fourth chapter. A public chicken supper will be served at the Irvington church next week Friday evening. John Riley and Frank Riley, of Fargo, N. D., recently visited relatives here. Bub Spurg-eon has recently -been suffering from an infection behind broke through ice of a lake and got •vt't-t to xhe shoulder. He walked to camp in his wet clothing, but suffered no iU effects. It was 15 below there November 15-16. Hurt Woman Bereft. Burt, Nov. 29—Mrs. Leo Brayton was called to Marble Rock Friday by news that her mother had had a stroke. The mother died before Mrs. Brayton got there. The family went to the funeral Sunday. TEAMS FROM FIVE TOWNS IN WESLEY DECLAM TILT AVesley, Nov. 29—The junior high school declamatory contest will be held in the high school assembly room AVednesday, December 7. AVes- ley will compete with Burt, Lone Rock, 'Lu Verne, and Titonka. Contestants are: oratorical — Harold Haneen, Gay lord Lander; dramatic —Madeline Erdman, Helen Nelson; humorous—Jerrold Aldrlch, Seymour Lander, Franklin Fox. One humor- •dramatic, Maxine Smith, A."A. Mettler, grading Project No. 22 A. A. Mettler, grading project No. 17 ..' A. A. Mettler, grading project No. 14 Spear & McVey. grading Jeannette Henderson r humorous, "Ivan Lichty, Dorqthy Kuebler. Board Proceedings John Leininger, labor j.rrn Aug. Harlg. labor Leonard B. Anderson, labor .. G. A. Frost, labor A. B. Lappe, labor O. F. Lalller, labor J. B. Cunningham, labor .. .. E. -G. Stenstrom, labor A. J. Lawler, labor Herman Brims, labor Bahr & AVeaver, labor ,Matt Laux, labor on f n Hilbert Severlens, labor John Rammer, labor ,, 7 , Delbert Sharp, labor ''"•''* Aug. Schattselmeldcr, labor ... .,Q .- 'Nelson Hardware, labor - • ' Poirot & .SchultfiCliHolder, sup. J. S. Shultz, supplies A. H. Huneleby, sup J. A. Peterson, sup £! Arthur Pohrson Hdw., sup. ... jBeed Hdw., sup :-Carl Syvcrsun sup ,;: i Prod ic- Wentz. sup ] Wesley Auto Co., HUP 375.SO J. L. Raskopf-&-.Co., sup |AValt M. Bovis, labor 175.50 J. M. Blanchard, sup i Roderick Auto Co., sup G91.CO Frank Flaig, sup [Nelson [Hardware, sup G75.CO Kohlhaas Hdw., sup 220.10 Matt Mtirtha, sup. 21.20 5.00 795 " Slmttlona, labor ,.. ;.,. Herb Arndorfer, labor ... t... Jil L, iRaskOPf '& Co.. BUp. T. P.- Harrington,- legal serv. Moore A 'Moore, sup. Sub 1 of 18ft- T. P. .Harrington, legal servv E-K No. 4^- . ; E. ,G. Stenatrom, repairing tile ... .,,.,..,, ,...i ,,. Mike Baker, labor ...-. ,. .... Northern Lmbr, Co., sup. .... H-iK No. 2-^ '-.'••'• • T. P. Jffarrlnsrton, legal serv. OH. L. JZlnnel, labor'.-. ..« ... iEd Egehesa, labor ...... .... H-K No. 8- Kell & HalvorsOn, labor .... H-K Nos. 4-50- Hllbert SeveHens, labor ... . H-K Jt. Nos. 7-120— Matt Laux, labor P-A-K Jt. No. 1- Albert Lauck, labor H-K-AV Nos. 61-1-146— T. ip. Hnrrlnston, legal serv. POOR' "FJUIND Mrs. Anntt. Caylor, dup. war- want ' Hllma Erlckson, dup. warrant, Lena Godfredsen, dup. warrant ... 9UPER.VISQR iDIST. NO. LIchty & Ross, prov G." Stoddard ... » 24.78 M. H. Patterson lti.78 Mrs. Zeutlau ., 20.00 IBtenedlct's Store, prov iP. Stewart ... ....... ... 2.38 P. Schmidt ., 14.68 AVm. iHedrlck 11.02 J. H, Seger, prov. O. Shaffer, -AVhlttemore iFarmers Cry. Co., prov, Sankey family Basket Grocery, prov. Ed. J. •Belsch 'H, R. Zumach, prov. Ernest 'Saager .; H. A. Clark, prov. Otto Callies Thos. Akre, prov. Henry .Koch. Tlede i& Schneider, prov. ..... Mra. Geo. Scrlbner . .. 17.00 Mrs. O. Stoddard 13.68 A. AV. Jurgens, prov. Fred Schneider ... Mrs. W. H. Ellis, prov, G. Scribner Thompson Yards Inc., sup. Mllo Patterson ... ...-.,. ... John Spilles, rent E. Saager ... IPred. Tlede, rent Mrs.' G. -Scrlbner Mrs. J.- L. Devine, rent Ben 'Glsch ... 'B. 'P. Burtls, rent Zetlow fam ... ... A, E. Pasley, rent Joe Frase'r SUPERVISOR 'JOIST. (NO. AV. A. AVhlte. prov. ... T. M. iBllsborough 24.08 J. Helmers ... 12.60 H. Olson 19.00 F. M. Stoner 4.00 Moe & SJogren, prov Mra. Selfert 12.01 Clara Neltzel .... 18.32 Green's Grocery, prov. Chas. Gunder ; Long's Grocery, prov. .. .'.. .. L. Mathison 10.00 Frank Hanson ... ..i .. 12.00 -Mrs. iBrayton ,.. 3.00 Bloom's Store, prov. ... ... ... Mrs. Stedman ... 6.00 Albert Davis .. 12.00 G. Hauenstein ... 2.00 Thos. Akre, prov. ... A. F. Connolly 4,00 G. Hauenstein 8.00 C. S. Johnson, prov. ... •H. Cook .. 14.00 J. Knudsen lfl.00 Amy Johpson 14.00 H. R. Sorensen & Co., prov. .. 'M. C. Frandsen 12.00 E. Jones 17.80 Mrs. G. E. Van Dorston 12.25 R, A. Clark, prov. AVm. Funk 1 Andrew Peterson, rent Mrs. Ethel Jones J". L. Bohannon, rent Sellenau P. A. Danson, rent Clara NIetzcl for 4 mos Mrs. Anna Carney, rent Jas. 4.70 6.60 6t.20 05,02 4.55 9,00 42.51 13.7 i 44.09 r..c-3 20.37 ia.7<) n.ao 3.40 44.71 ,H? 42.12 •~i~"' '^ *»«.*- • ^j , & t n-uif t^ ..... wiU.IV "itfcLt. 1.11. Ml LIIH i n III J. ... Spear & McVey, grading 275.30 K. D. James, sup Spear it McVey, grading ...'... 1SS.OO Pratt Elec. Co., sup October 19, 1932. Auditor's Office, Oct. 19, 1932. One o'clock p. m. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDonald ancl seconded t>y Funnemark that $1500.00 .be appropriated to Kossuth County Agricultural Society for 1932 and County Auditor authorized to issue warrant. Ayes: AH. Motion by Morris and seconded by Balgeman that following final estimates of -Paul & Donnelly, AV. B. Wll- iama. and John Schumacher are hereby allowed and County Auditor authorized to Issue warrant as provided ay law: Maintenance Project N.o S....$ 122''G Maintenance Project No. 20... 11841 Maintenance Project No. 2a... 26946 Maintenance Project No. 23... 278 SS & Donnelly et Road Dtst. o. 195 .. Paul & Donnelly et Road Dist. No. 185 Paul & Donnelly et Road -Dist. No. 190 Paul & Donnelly et (Road Dist. No 202 Paul & Donnelly et Road Dist. No. 183 Paul & Donnelly et Road Dist. No. 206 3arton-AA r arner Co., assign. Secondary iRtoad o. 183 Secondary Road No. 201 Secondary Road No. 202 Secondary Road No. 209 Ayes: All. Motion by 200.81 ttW.30 55.75 125.97 Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Road Dist. iNo. 198 Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Road iDlst. No. 207 Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. Road Dist. No. 197 199917 Paul & Donnelly et al, Sec. 'Road Dist. No. 184 12SS.21 Barton-Warner Co., assign. .. 14440 3on T. Nugent, asst. engr 100.00 Milton MoFadden, rodman .... 73,50 3rma Stehle, labor AV. H. Altwegg, damage .. ..'. •AV. B. Williams, Sec. Road Dist. (No. 215 44830 Julius Jensen, gravel Balgeman and seconded by Funnemark that Soldier's exemption for $500.00 on Lot 2, Blk, 6, Zoell's 1st ad Lu Verne, is hereby allowed. Ayes: All, On motion Board adjourned to 9 o clock a, m. November 1, 1932, BEIRTHA E. JOHNSON,.. • County Auditor. November 1, 1932. Auditor's Office, November 1, 1932. Board of 'Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion : by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that County Auditor is hereby Instructed to serve pauper notice on Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Campbell and Mrs. John Hoeck. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. On motion Board adjourned to one o clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by iBtxlgeman and seconded by McDonald that Laurltz Christian Strand be allowed Soldier's Exemption on E 35 ft. of AV. 100 ft. of S. 130 ft. of O. L. "E" Ledyard. Iowa, and Verda J. Ellsworth on Lot 9. Block 3, Buell's Sub-Dlv. of Lots 1-2-3 Town of Burt, for 1932 each in sums of $500.00. Ayes: 'All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Morris that John A, Miller be refunded $1.00 county poll, Springfield twp., for 1929 and 1930. on account of having paid same In Hebron twp Ayes: All. . Motion by McDonald and seconded ous contestant will be eliminated at ] by Balgeman that third quarterly re- a local preliminary this week I P ort of L - B ' Hovey, Sheriff, is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that final estimate of Paul & Donnelly, AV. B. Williams and John AVednesday. Supervisor in Collision. Lone Rock, Nov. 29—Supervisor Charles Morris had the misfortune ' authorized 'toTssu^"warrants: to have his Bulck damaged last Sat- j S"'*™ P S No. 9 .. urday near Lotte Creek, -when a car | MaintenancI Project No' V belonging to Jake Keller, Bancroft, ' Sec- Road District No. 184"..'. and the Morris car collided, jamming l ec - 5 oai ? Dls t rlc t No. tho door, the left ««.r fenrtor nnfl ^F" . R °?-?, Oi ^lct No. tho door, the left rear fender, and the running board. No one was Injured. ' n. 197 206 103.1' 65.10 159.18 222.12 96.28 al, al',' 'al, al',' al,' "al,' Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Kohlhaas Bros. Garage,, sup; . 227.C7 Clapp's Master Service, sup.... j George Holtzbauer, "sup ... 70.66 Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, sup... i Chris IF. Nielsen, rent . 283.96 : Botsford Lumber Co., sup I Thompson Yards Inc., sup 501.83 i F. Weyerhaeuser Co., sup P. S. Norton & Son, su-p>. 1S07.29 753.23 113.30 121.57 95.52 J. M. Moore, Roads F. A. Corey, IRoads assessing assessing Sec. Sec'. Bankers Life Ins Co., gravel.. W. G. Smith, checking gravel. J. O. Seylar, checking gravel.. Lloyd H. Zentner, checking 341.02 21.00 21.00 303.2S 170.05 36,75 gravel ..'....".".".""'...~.'.'~~~'."° 10255 'hris P. Nielsen, checking sravel 8640 Oscar Earing, patrol 11500 AV. R. Smith, labor -M'OO Herb Arndorfer, labor 4'oo Leroy .R. Elbert, labor 1155 E. L. Anderson, labor 18157 30.00 95.00 171.00 136.90 111.25 , .... Central (Battery & Elec. Co., sup Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., sup. .." Barton-Warner Co., sup J. D. Adams Co., sup, , 6.17 4.93 5.42 n'.sb S.40 29.07 18.43 eo.eo rent Prank Hanson Mrs. Jennie Rlley, rent Wm. 'Punk Murtagh iBros., Asia., rent AV. L. (Baker fnrn .. Botsford Lumber Co., fuel .... I L. Mathison J . 500 j Chas Gunder 305 Anderson Grain & Coal Co. , fuel Joe Platt .7.36- I Otto Callies SCO i Jennie Wiley 6.50 ! <B. G. iHauenKteln 2.50 ! F. S. Norton & Son, fuel Mrs. i E. Jones , Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care ' Joyce Baumgartner JGeneral Hospital, hosp. care j Mrs, Frank Hanson .'Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care I A. B. Johnson | J - . w " Nev iHe, mdse. Mrs, ! Stedman j K. D. James, sup. Mrs. G. E. i A r an Dorston A. Sanders, sup, Chas. Sull .. Mrs. Elsie Cady, care Ed Er- 1 Ickson Mrs. Pat Cavanaugh, relief '..'. Laird & McCullouh, ambulance serv. Mrs. C. Gunder , iSLJiPEIRVISO'R' 'DIST. NO? AV. E. Hutchison, flour A. M. Kunz, prov Jas. iFlack 352 'Mrs. C. 'E. Tlobinson ... 5ioO Dr. \f. L. Adams, med, aid Jas. Flack 'Bertha Looft, burial exp. Jas. I Plack Carl Johnson, digging" grave Jas. Flack Kent Motor Co'., sup. ...'... .la. Machinery & Supply Co., sup Austin-Western Road' 'Ma'c'li" Co., sup D. A. Lubricant Co., sup.' '.'.".'. 'Dens-Oil Lubricating Co., sup. sup Kennedy & (Parsons Co'.',' slip'.! Snap-On Tools Inc., sup. ... Sargent Machine Co. Inc sup Port Dodge Lumber Co., sup Bertha E. Johnson, exp. adv.. Central States Elec, Co., light Standard Oil Co. gas Champlin Refining Co.V'gas Peerless Oil Co., gas ...... '.'. DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 3— IP. AVeyerhaeuser Co., sup. Geo. Onken, labor M. Clement, labor ... Geo. AVolt, labor '.'.', _Tom Pedersen. labor Dr. 9— Pullerton 1S170 980 2415 10734 148.41 i so ' . , E. B. Thomas, labor ... Spear & McVay, labor , Spear & MoVay, labor J. V. Elbert, labor ... , A. A. Mettler, grading „. „ A. A. Mettler, grading 7250 Lease & Lease, sup. . J. M. Blanchard, sup. 23.65 290.90 90.16 G0.13 298.70 « . ».», -t^4tnjvjicnij ( DUJJ ...... . ., Norton Machine Works, sup^.. Economy Welding AVorks, sup Wilson concrete Co., sup ..... «K>. (U Thompson Yards Inc., sup. ... 1055 Fullerton Lbr. Co., sup" ...... 29435 Botsford Lumber Co., sup ..... 985 Philip Petroleum Co., sup ..... WQtss J. A. Roberts, bridge ........ 636 35 • ROAID MAINTENANCE FUND Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt. Project No, 8 ........ , ... 11004' Paul & Donnelly et al, Maint. '.Project No. 1 ......... ... 30971 Paul &. Donnelly et al, Maint. Project No. 6 ............. ;. 14012 Champlln Refining 1 Co.. sup. .. Wsi city on Co., sup ............ 53'ao K. & H. Oil Co., sup ......... 18344 iPeerlesa Oil Co., sup ....... SO'' 41 Paul & Donnelly et al, Maint! -Project No. 20 ...... .\. ... 88410 BartonJWarner Co., assign. .. isi'50 Earl Butterworth, dup. wan-ant 1 00 -City of Algona, power and light service .... Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt' Project. No. 25 ............. Mrs. Blanche Slagle Van Scoy, assign ..................... Paul & Donnelly et a!, Malnt Project No. 21 .............. iBarton^A r arner' Co., assign ... Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt ' D Co., sup D 'jf' AVeyerhaeuser Co., sup. .. . p - Weyerhaeuser Co., sup. .. Jr. oo—• _Geo. Onken, sup T,?' ,?' Harrington, legal serv. J-'". "iO~~ J. B. Cunningham, labor Dr4fr- Vler ' labor T'i l p- , Ha , r ''lnBton, legal serv. Dr^ 62-' Carter - labor DA 'be A. Carter, labor J. I _ DAbe ., •*•• Carter, labor Iabor J. B. Cunningham, labor H.i, J ' . L ?; wle ''. labor ..... Hllbert Severlens, labor . sup. Dr. 83— A. Frost, labor lineer ' lubor Lake Frozen Over, Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that open ditch right-of- way claim of C. B. Matson lowed: . Dr. •£)— 1-4 7-94-29 ..... ,... be al- ac The ice at Clear Lake thi s season 8W £ 8B is clear, and skaters and ice-twaters SE 1-4 SE 1-1 7-94-29 '.! j^Q are taking advantage of It. The Ice ana County Auditor instructed' 'to Js- seven inches thick. 1 8U i^ n r, er f un , d ww-fant. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded 24426 900 KU RS 74' 30 , 'Project No. 15 ............ so 5 9 Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt. Project -No. 17 .............. 17371 Paul & Donnelly et al, Maint. Project 'No. 18 ........ . ..... 00045 Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt. Project No. 9 ....... ....... 111411 Northwestern - Bell Tel. Co tel. service .............. UK; Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt. Proj. No. 23 ................. 242015 Paul & Donnelly et al, Malnt Project No. 23 ......'.... 250997 ,. J, H. Montgomery, patrol ..... 9t35 Moore & Moore"« D^ e 90-? nken ' labor Hilbert work 7.50 2.52 2.00 273.-Ifi 491.43 776.70 .86 12.60 36.00 36.SO 35.20 4.00 1.41 3.09 6.00 60.00 5.40 7.20 50.00 2.00 7.50 1.06 3.20 7.20 3.0 4.00 6.40 14.42 47.10 62.80 75.00 Dr. 83-' Severiens, repair •on Yards"inc." sup," "WUaon Concrete Co., sup Abe A. Carter, labor " TJi-m,-^. ., ., •»!» ' •'*•*'V* . , .- ,,,, AVarmbler, labor labor A' f' L Unnlneham> labor Roland 'Richard Le Roy Deibler, med. aid,Harold Busch Cunningham & Lacy, bond T. Vlning . SUIPB-RVISQIRI DIST. No! A. A. iDroessler, prov, Edna Johnson Hoods Cash Store, prov. Mrs. Doss : •,, M 'm' L - c °nway „,.„, ",. T. Peters, med. aid John Martin , Merrill Bros., prov Amos Bergman Mrs. P. Giles Mrs. H. Johnson ... ... Smith iDept. Store, Squalre 'Hudson ... Art Bettln, prov, J. Briggs ' Daniel Llohllter, prov. Edna Johnson Ployd Duncan, prov.' 'Mrs', AV, A. Murray,' fuel' .'.'.' . 'Mrs. iR. Hunt Amos Bergman ... .,,.,. Edna Johnson Eliza O'Dell Mra West and Mabel Doss Mrs. E, Cayler ..." .'.'.' " »eu Mrs. J. Kramer 15.00 Mrs. P. Giles giso Mrs. L. Conway 4.65 Mrs. Tyler ' 8 .55 J. A, Devine, med. aid Mrs - g- Cayler 6.50 _Mrs. P. Giles 475 Dr. J. G. ciapsaddle. care of Leeper baby Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care iHarry Lepper . ™ v & , Ha >'dware, funeral exp, Wllhelm Meier ... . • -SUPERVISOR DIST. 'NO'. ''so sen ' Pl ' ov - E* 1 Ander^ Tico Brack,"prov! !'.! !!! '.'.'.!!'. N. Jenson 504 Mrs. Grettllat g.'oo U H. Stelnberger, rent ''P, Hagedorn 7 ... ... ., L. C. Strand, rent Aug. Sprank rent ~" • - ,. 1000 lo!flO 12.06 ifl.OO 20.13 prov. 9g0 9' 75 990 985 80... 100.CO 48.17 100.00 8.64 4.69 1.26 6.78 8.00 6.29 185.73 3.81. .92 12.00 31.00 26.00 ZO.W .20.00 60.60 28.06 15,00 3.00 16.02 30.00 8.00 12.00 30.68 2.10 4.34 2.47 16.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 39.68 30.33 g.oo 2500 19.00 12.00 44.00 42.05 2.00 10.00 10.00 40.00 12.00 10.00 16.00 20.00 8.05 24.90 4.00 37.00 48.00 24.00 1.00 10.00 .89 20.00 5.00 3.60 9.60 13.52 33.00 64.25 6.00 63.00 3.00 10.00 6.00 20.00 160.00 42.19. 8.30 7.60 7.44 22.04 96.75 o-merea aa Second-.-,, Member 31, i(, 08 UlXs * *t'Algona, Iowa'-" t!l6 * ot Mnrch w - B. Qitftrton QUAHTOJ) ''hones: Office Office Phone fio COUNTY • U.25 ru 00 3200 6300 ' 12.51 8.04 6.00 35.00 10.00 24.00 «.6Q 45.00 P. ttuT.n.to •* VAHK T^M^5 rtrti La wyers ^ urrice over bone 213-AV. • D. Shumwny I'. A. Attorney. nt. T._ Office over lo v a Phone 206. P. A. DAN80H •Attorney. At.Tn., JDttice over Iowa* Office, 460 =^=^_ DOCTORS Office phone Phone 326, C. II. CJlET/MEy KB __ Algona, Iowa ^Sl[™En^ MELVIN fi. 1-i.ysician ;,;,„ u Office In Postnfflce AviiiU'nvsrijTo" 0»teopiitlilc Physic),,, „'„«,• s "' Located in General Hospital Phones: Office 1S7, Res. . ' «• A. Over Borchardt Drug Store Phones: Residence 312, office! _ Algona, Iowa. 600 It- 1 rV ? lar! ' c ' Prov.".'..".'.." ».w 'K D. James, sup E. 0 ' 1 " Henning. labor mi 4 ? or<3 Luniber Co., BUD 75 iKr, H ' Shackelford, sup. .. • re (Nelson Hardware, gyp. ... Min l - or ... D? iflii Bev «rtens, labor .'..:; r Co., sup ... . legal aerv. Co., 8Up . ... 11.20 3.30 4.10 3.20 1.41 15,00 .70 67.19 13.23 10.89 50.00 6.40 1.95 120 20,77 875 ueorge Holt?bauer. "sun """" ' B40 |"" der ton Lbr. co., sup. '.'.' .'.'. ;#!» ,r\, ed T P ^?'^ U P- John Kuser . 9.38 j-'ox, vet. service .. 24.95 ^w liaw., gup ,, ,, 878 v9 hemlca ' Co., sup. „'., 82*80 ..vn. Krleps, pasture . ... ". ervos DENTISTS I) II. H. M. OLSOX Hi'iillst. Gas and novocalne used (or .ractlon. f.ocated over Christensen Stou Phones: Business 160, residence { Algona, Iowa VETEltlXABIANg L. AV. FOX J. «. W1XKEI Vclcrliiurlans West State Street, Algoiur Phones: Office, 475-W.; rea.'fll COWAN & SON General Contractors Estimates Purnlihedl Phones: Business, 63U-J; rei.J ^^ s MACHINISTS NORTON MACHINE WOBI»| Machinists and Welderi Service Stock on Piston Rings, Pins, and 1 \Vest of Courthouse PhociJ INSURANCE KOSSUTH eoumr MUTOAI INSUHANCE ASSOCUTIOM Over 115,000,000 worth of Ini In force, A home con.pany. secure. J. 0. Paxsoii, P City Property Loan* Farm Insurance. Real Jsstate, , CUNNINGHAM 107 W, State St. H.W.POSTI Dray and Transfer STORAGEOFALLU Long Distance Haulin| Every load 1 against loss and - , age of all kinds. Equl?; ped to do all kinds ft hauling and draying. PHONE 898 Algona, Iowa TYEEW»ITEB AT THE MIMEOGRAPI BPWfl^ ^1 ADVANCE

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