Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1932 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1932
Page 5
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1, 1932. Llohter spent the week-end lest of the Dr, J. 0. ft hd Mrs. Fred Qronbach, 'Alia' are parents of a daughter, «on Thanksgiving day. "M Humphrey, Charles City at",,»' snent Thanksgiving at his , r Mrs. Wm. C. Steele's. L'ftnd Mrs. Hugh Herman spent "^gglvlng with their daughter, E George Elvldge, of Perry. W. P.. , (Frenches spont ^giving With (Mrs. French's 4r"°Mrs.'i* A. Trow, Curlew. jj N. -Victor .Lowes spent Litsglvlng At Burt, guests of Jo's" sister, Mre. L. L. Sheldon. G. W. 'Stlllmans spent at. Dolllver, guests of i parents, Mr. and Mrs. |p~8tillman. : jrt,. Luella Donnell ^ went to jjirie Center Jaet week Tuesday to 1 the winter with a sister. She 1 1 her home here.* i?'C,lclney Laird and her daugh- [ jane .spent 'Thanksgiving with I H. A. Frenches, Tltonka. (Mrs. L '|g a sister of Howard. Ifra. George Hohenberger .Sr., who Herweht a-serious operation some [ks ago ait the itoseuth hospital, recovering at her Algona home. Inton DWrlksen; Advance fore|i, took his mother, Mrs. Martin liiteen, to Mason City Saturday enoon to consult an eye speclal- inim Steussy, teaching at Mc- Egor, spent her, Thanksgiving va- lon at the parental home. Her jlher, Mrs. Frieda Steussy, lives K, ' p. B. Saundere spent Friday and Jiirday at Sioux City, on business. (Is manager of-the local Kennedy toons creamery and dairy sup| house. ,.'•./ , Mantor has been dlscharg- Ifrom the Cherokee state hospital p has come home.' He is eome- [it thinner, but;;teV otherwise in id form. " ,.-.'•''..£.. tone Adel Overrhyer 'returned iy to Oskalobea, where she is illng. 'She.came home last week nesday for Thanksgiving with; | parents.: • -' • jtrs. Laura Paine'-returned yester- | from Detroit; where she spent pnksglvlng; at her son Roland's. land is auditor'lor the Graybar Ittrlc company;: •...., )r.,and Mrs.-F. ;L. Tribon aocom- • Attorney^H. W.'' Miller to i. LakeJv'Mttm.,!'-last -week. Inesday for''Thanksgiving with ; Miller's parente. '; ra,/E; W. Wehler, daughter Mat spn'Kaympnd, and granddaugh- ?eirgy Jane- Wehler, of Omaha, . Thanksgiving with the Her- iWehlers, Fairmont. hrs. Harry Wilson and her daugh- | Shirley Jean ' returned Sunday Des Molnee, where they had Jlted the F. F. Barkers and the M. I Morrows since -Friday. Jr. and Mrs. Donald,, Hutchison, (far 'Ra"pias, : ' and ^thelf!.ty?o small ighters went home Sunday, after leral days with Donald's .parents, " and Mrs. A. 'Hut'chiison. Brs. Julius Peterson, who under- fit an appendicitis operation at Kossuth .hpsp|tal .Sunday, is pilng rapidly and.exipects '-.jto toe fen home sometlme'~ne'xt week. .Ola Ducharme, of Gowrle, spent Thanksgiving jrvacation with •othy Sellstrom'.f Miss Ducharme fV I. S. T. C. friend of Catherine !all, Margaret Blossom, and Dor- ps. J. E. Raymond and her Indson, Lloyd Raymond, Le mi, Minn., drove to Algona Sun- |mprnins to spend the day with former's sister, Mre. W. C. -il ,\;.. rene Volght, employed at the Pty auditor's office, went to her Te at Whittemore last week Wnesday to recover .from tempor- [ sickness. She is expected back ptlme this week. ps. James'Moore underwent a peal operation Saturday at the wuth hospital. Mrs. Leslie Samp wed the hospital Tuesday, and lest Paine, Burt, Saturday, both Imedical treatment. paid Rhode returned Tuesday fi Pen-y, where he had spent |«ek with his parents. During his rltt Funeral Homo here v[RM ''n I' 0 ™ 1 ' 1 Hfls °ltine, who I« visiting h or parents, Mr. and.' Mrs e ' wcnt to sWx F »»« everal days with her sister, Mrs. w. R. La lrd . H "" Is now at Madora Calif nt n,. nn tn "'"' "'""'i- Sunday at Graettinger, KU08 ia O f Mr. Me- «a;' a ^ u -;;-^y S t ness This week, as clerk-ctoct he Is observing court procedure. Lola Drocfiman went to Cedar 'FallH Sunday to attend I. s. T c Miss Dreosman, who for many years was principal at the former 'o'ntral school building, wMI receive a U A (Ipgrec after two semesters there The Paul A. and Robert c Dansons spent Thanksgiving at Spirit -Lake with the former Florence Donson and her husband, Doctor Scholton. a veterinarian. They found the lakes almost entirely frozen over. The Walter Schobys, Mason City spent Thanksgiving with Mr. Schoby's mother, Mrs. J. F. Schohy, and JMlwwicth Schoby remained till Sunday with the II. j. Keens; who took her home and spent the day with the Schobys. The Arnold Roupcs, Goldfleld, Mabel Roupe, Minneapolis, and Jessie Roupe and a Afr. Whitwer, of Mason City, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Roupe. All members of the family were here except a son In California. Mrs. Kate Turner and her daughter Grace returned Saturday from DCS Moines, where they had visited since last week Tuesday with the daughters .Dorothy and Mrs. N. C. Skow. Grace is employed at the local telephone office. ,.v Mr. and Mrs. C. E. ChuWs^'son William came home last week Wednesday for Thanksgiving;--.''re- .tUrning Friday to Minneapolis., where he works for R. G.i.'-'Pjijft.."•'"'&• Co. He brought Marlon Wi&pjftVof Minneapolis, with him. ."'•'. : 'i;'^V, Mr. and Mrs. Robert .', Lieseher, Mrs. Emille Kahn, Mr. and '.Mrs; Louis Hlntz, Dorine'and Alice Kphi- wes, and the Rev. and Mrs. 1* Y-'if; Braner were entertained at G o.'dlOcic dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Ai^'^st Huenhold's Sunday evenl'tigi/.'•'.>»''''"', | Among Thanksgiving and'v/sv.eek'v end guests here were: 'Franklih'Ev- ans, Sioux City, at L. J. Malue'g's; Lois Ducharme, Gowrie, at Dbrbthir Sellstrom's; Ruth, daughter 'of, '1 the Rev. and Mrs. G. V..Hulse,'-with;Vh : er parents. All are -Morningside \students. ; . \ Mr. and Mrs. Ted Zittrltsch,.Es- therville, will go home this -weekend, after a visit since Thanksgiving with the L. M. Merritts and the Anton Zittritaches. Mrs. Zittrltsch is the daughter of Mrs. Merritt, -and Ted the son of Mr. and Mrs. Zltt- ritsch. Mary Glsch, teacher, announces a Christmas program and a box social at the schoolhouse in Dist. No. 5, Union township, next week Thurs-' day night at '8:15. This school has 20 pupils, and'Miss Gisch says that 16 have so far this year had a perfect attendance record. Mrs. Mayme Freyman and Mr. and JMrs. A. P. Freyman, all of Dubuque, ! spent last Thursday night' with' •Christine and Caroline Wernert.* ! They were en route to Remsen .to | visit relatives. Mrs. Mayme Frey- I man is a niece of the Wernert sisters, and A. P. Is her son. Harriet Smith, Sioux City,.spent the Thanksgiving vacation ; %y|;th her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. A.-; •'Smith, and had as guest Jane Smith, Sioux City. The girls and Carol Andrews,, of the Doan neighborhood, returned Sunday to their studies at'-Mbrnlng- islde, Carol's brother Howard taking them. ..'.,",:;% .r," T. C. Sherman, exahllner-in-. 'charge of the Traer State:•••''bariU, spent the Thanksgiving vacation at- home. AH a democrat from "way. back, he was supremely satisfied with results of the recent--election; nevertheless he remarked soberly, "oil'" responsibilities have _ jiist begun." . :'.' | Mrs. F. AV. AVehler and'. her s -:son Raymond took Peggy Jane"AVehler back to Omaha Sunday. The little c-irl had spent Thanksgiving here. AValter Lorenz accompanied them as .K088UtH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA ,l M M 0 1UffS ' WhW6 h « Vta- dl hu, mother, Mm. O. Lorenz, who spending several months -with Is a daughter" there" -Mrs. AVm, Topf, Minneapolis, and her son William visited Friday and Saturday at Mrs. .T. W. Sullivan's. «% TopfuWM M1Mr( =d Hulse, once stenographer at the Sullivan & McMahon law offices. iFrom here the lopfs went to Pioneer to visit rela- ,™"• Mrs. Topf 1 S at present employed In the city. The Herald says County Treasurer Kruse was at Swea City a week ago I'riday, looking after repairs on his old home there, which he still owns. The Kruses have no present Intention of returning to Swea City Mr Kruse abandoned a prosperous general Insurance business there when He became county treasurer County Supt. and Mrs. Shirley returned Monday from Lincoln, Neb, where they had gone to spend Ihnnksglvlng with their sons, Dr. Halo Shirley and John. The latter Is attending the state university there. During- the Shlrleys' absence hnrah and Hazel Neellng were In charge of the superintendent's office. A recent program at the Union No. fi schoolhouse was well attended. Besides a program by the children there was Violin and guitar music by Arnold Klatt and Walter Meyer and piano accordion music by Durwood McArthur. Mrs. J. F. Helinsky, Bancroft, won a quilt. A little more than .?20 was cleared by the school. Claribel and 'Frederick Clark went to Cedar Falls Saturday. Claribel, who is specializing in public school music there, hall come home for Thanksgiving. Frederick, who had been at home all fall, has now begun attending the I. S. T. C. Their father, th e 'Rev. F. J. Clark, took them to Cedar Falls, returning the same night. The N. J. Browns, Fairmont, have moved Into the Suste Engler tenant house on west State. Mr. Brown travels for the Hormel meat company. .The house was vacated recently by Mr. and (Mrs. E. F. Griffith, who have the Albert Ogren home during the winter. Mr. Griffith is a deputy in the county treasurer's office. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wheeler, of Philip, S. D., and a son spent the Week-end with Mrs. Wheeler's parents, Mr: and Mrs. George Hohenberger. Mr. Wheeler is'. in the In- fiurance business at Philip. The family moved to Philip some 20 years ago from Algona. Before that Mr. AVheeler was employed at the County. Sayings bank. • Alice Payne has been visiting since before Thanksgiving with her grandparents at Harper's 'Ferry, meanwhile attending church festivities there. Her father, W. J, Payne, took her by'car 'as far as Charles City, where he spent a day with Register & Tribune salesmen last week Tuesday. Alice will return Saturday or Monday. The General Hospital reports that Owen Nichols was dismissed Monday, following an appendicitis operation. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dwenger are parents of a 9%-lb. girl, <born at the hospital Monday. Mrs. Charles Redemske underwent a major operation there Monday. Mrs. S. R. Durant. was dismissed yesterday, . fol- owing a major operation. Seventy-eight turkeys,. 61 geese, and 5G ducks were given away at the annual Hagg post "feather party" at the Legion hall last week Tuesday evening. The poultry cost 15253 for 195 'birds, all bought from Kossuth farmeirs. Besides the poultry, hams and sides of bacon were given away. ;A $10 goldpiece was won by Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles! Lorraine Coonan, of Emmetsburg, spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. M. J. Streit. She is employed dn the Palo Alto county treasurer's office. Mr. an'd Mrs. Milton Coonan, of Cedar Rapids, and a little daughter, visited briefly Saturday with the Strelts, en route home from a visit with Milton's parents at Emmeteburg. \ Thanksgiving guests at R. I. Simpson's, near Lone Rock, were Mr. and Mrs. John Cox an'd the Earl Millers, Irvlngton. It was Mr. and Mrs. Miller's 14th wedding anniversary and their daughter Maxlne's ninth tolrthday anniversary, and the Joint events were duly observed in Thanksgiving style. Mrs. Miller is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. Robert Errington, Mason City, spent the week-end with Mrs. Errington and their child, who are at the home of Mrs. Errlngton's parents, Mr. and Mm. R. H. Shackelford. The Errlngtons recently returned from San Antonio, Tex., where Mr. 'Errington was In the employ of the Decker company, Maaon City. He Is now employed at the home office. iDr. and Mrs. L. W. .Fox spent Thanksgiving at Sidney with the Ralph Greenwoods. Mrs. (Fox and Mrs. Greenwood are sisters and were May and Nell Dan^on respectively. Mr. Greenwood Is county engineer in 'Fremont county. On the way .to 'Sidney the Foxes stopped at Sioux City for Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lehan and their two children. Mrs. Lehan was Dorothy Danson. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Thompson, their daughter, Mrs. B. Merron, the' latter's daughters Donnabelle and Betty, and Mr. and Mre. Herman | Lorenz, all of Esthervllle, were Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and •Mrs. R. H. Miller. The Thompsons are Mrs. Miller's parents, and Mrs. •Lorenz is a sister of Mr. Miller. Donnabelle and Betty stayed 1 till Sunday, when the Millers took them home. Betty Backus returned Sunday from Columbia, Mo., where she went to spend Thanksgiving with her sister Eleanor, attending Stephens college. Nancy Ruth Renaud and Grace Miller, local teachers, accompanied Betty as far as Oskaloosa and Pella respectively. Miss Renaud, whose home is at Pella also returned with Betty 'Sunday. Miss Miller went to New Sharon from Oskaloosa for Thanksgiving. •Marrlge license applications were filed In the district court, clerk's office last week as follows: . Walter Block, .Lu Verne. Emily Smldt, Han- coc.k county; Eldon Marlow, Verna Bates, both Lone Rock; John H. Saunders, Lone Rock, Helen Pederson, Ringsted. Licenses were issued to: Herman Joseph Miller, Mallard, Helen T. -Duffy, Whittemore; Frank Burger, .Titonka, Eunice Ward, Weeslngtori Springs, S. D.; Irvin Baumanri, Ledyard, Bernice Irmiter, Armstrong; Raymond Metzen, Jean McConneil, both of (Bode. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Pool returned Mpnday from an over-Thanksgiving visit ,with relatives at Rockford, 111. Rockford is a manufacturing city of 88,000, where 20,000 are but of work. Bread lines are exceedingly large, and county and state have been forced to take a hand in supplying food an'd other necessities. The sit- _W. A. Lorenz. ' house. 7ul2 t 8.VLE -—CHESTER WHITE nt, Taylor, .Burt. 8pl2 LOT, south [°nt,j20o— .Inquire Advance. p!2 ANGUS Gerfoer. Algona. 9pl2 .ND CH-INA, BOARS— %H m«es »i of Burt.— R. w. Butterfleld. 9P12-15 J3UUL, Reward,— McEnroe Bros., ^ _ Ilul2 ; SA1,E— 'FIVE JfEAJD WBL>L Hara P8hire <boars. — Carl __ • topi? INTBD TO TRADE— Hampshire fa s ;, Excellent condition. — Call Alg .RENT; unfurnlsJiea.— Phone . 8t fg 6-ROOM HOUSE, tw'o , al ! assessments paid, $1800.— 18pl2 furnished Veto house- * s > cholera "CHINA , HO eaob, tlpio'-l? Hampshires and Spotted Polands.— Vipond Bros. 19ul2tf iO DUROC JERSEY SPRING boars, godd 'healthy ones, best; of breed, $6.00 to -?10.00.—A. C. Carlisle, ,*& mile east Whittemore. 19pll-12 STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY--Reliable man wanted to call on farmers No experience' or capital needed Write today— MoNess Co., -Dept. B, Freeport, 111. _5lEl 2 WANTED—MAN OR WOMAN TO sell our established line of household products in this vicinity. No investment required.-*. P. Baker & Co., Keokuk, la. 24pll-lJ ^JM~CREBK~ELEA^.TOR CO. have some cattle listed for shipment and would like also morei hogs We believe we have as good Chicago service as posaJbleJo_obtain.__.28pl r HE^NNUAL EJECTION of-offi- ct» of Camp No. 413, M. W. of be held at the regular meet- non December 7. Member, pleaae attend.—0. J. Peterson,_clerjf.4_8v^ NOTIO&-I HTVE~DISQMWN- ied working at the «^»;» parlor Whittemore, and will be in business for myself over the Home Cafe opening Friday, Decembex 9- Gladys Weisbrgd. . ^ii± FO^~slIS=^ECON5TlANDport- ^ble Remington typewriter to good condition; price *20. Also> a".«g- Ss^olN^TOBBMOSSl^S- NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Case No. 14136, Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said court on the 22nd day of September, 1932, in favor of L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the. Kossuth County State bank, Algona, Iowa, as plaintiff, and against Philip H. Hargreaves and Clara C. Hargreaves, as defendants, for the sum of Thirty Thousand iSixty-Nine and 95/100 ($30,069.95) Dollars and costs, taxed at Three Hundred Fifty-Six and 24/100 ($356.24) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described Real property as the property of the said Phillip H, Hargreaves and Clara C. Hargreaves, husband and wife, Al Falk- enhairier and .Gilbert Hargreaves to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The Northwest Fractional Quarter and the Southwest Quarter, excepting commencing two (2) rods east and thirty (30) rods north of the Southwest Quarter of Section Four (4), Township Ninety-five (95), Range Twenty-nine (29), thence east ten (10) rods, thence north forty (40) rods, thence west ten (10) rods, thence south forty (40) rods; also commencing seventy (70) rods noVth and two (2) rods east of the South- j west corner of said section; thence, east ten (10) rods, thence north one ; hundred forty-eight and one-third ; (14S 1/8) feet, thence west ten- (10) : rods, thence south one hundred | forty-eight and one-third (148 1/3) I feet; also commencing on west line i of Section fifty (50) feet south of the center of C. M. & St. P. R'y, parallel with said railway in an easterly direction, seventeen hundred! (1700) feet, thence south seventy | (70) feet, thence west seventeen | hundred (1700) feet, thence north seventy (70) feet to point of beginning, and except C. M. & St. P. Railway right-of-way, all in Section Four (4), Township- Ninety-five (9'5), 'Range_ Twenty-nine (29), AVest of the '5th P. M., Kossuth county, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may b.e necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand on the ?0th day of I>ecember. 1932 at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county Iowa at the hour of 10 o'clock a 'm., of saJd day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned* Dated this SOth day of November, uatlon in such cities, Mr, Pool sadd, IB much more serious than In rural districts, where people at least continue to eat. 'Foreigners In the cities are easily Inflamed, and anything hiay result when riots start. C. F. C. Laage, veteran Fenton dairyman, and his Son-in-law, Editor J. A. Schwartz, of the Reporter, were Algona visitors (Friday. Mr. Schwartz's oldest son Karl, graduated last spring from the Fenton high school, Is now at Coe college and expects to major In chemistry. He has a maternal aunt, Edith Laage, who teaches at Cedar Rap- Ids. Another son of Mr. Schwartz will be graduated from high school next spring. There are two other children Ih the family, a boy and a girl. Mr. Schwartz is the only democratic editor in the county. Mr. and Mre. Theo. Oberlander, of Minneapolis, and , their daughter Betty spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. G. A. Brunson, Mason City, and with Mrs. (Brunson visited with friends here Friday. The Oberland- ers are former Algonians, and Captain Oberlander has for many years been In the employ of the Goodyear Rubber & Tire company, now at Minneapolis. When the Oberlanders left Algona they were sent to Buenos Aires toy the Goodyear company and spent two or three years there. The daughter, who was 'born here, learned to speak Spanish fluently while the family lived at' Buenos Aires. Captain Oberlander is a former IT. S. "regular'*" who saw service in the Philippines. COUNTRY SCHOOL HOUSE NEAR ST. JOE BURNED St. Joe, Nov. 29—The schoolhouse In Dist. No. 9 burned to the ground last Wednesday night. Appearances Indicated that the fire was set, for the teacher, Miss Mertz, of Ottosen, dismissed school at the regular time tout did' not bank the fire as there was to be no school Thursday or Friday. The blaze started on the side of the schoolhouse opposite the stove. At present Miss Mertz is continuing her teaching in" the Conrad Mertz home. Insurance partly cpvered^ the loss., A school directors' meeting was held Saturday In the Center . school near , James Weydert's home, and at this taeeting two new directors were "elected Peter Halsrude, of Dist. No. 1, and 'Jack Devine, of Dist. No. 6. They are to take the place of James Stacy, who moved away, and Mr. Maxwell, who resigned. • MRS, FIRMAN LAING DIES; ILL 6 WEEKS Mrs. (Firman Lalng, : Algona, died last week Wednesday, following a last Illness of six weeks. Eight years ago she had an operation at Iowa City, and her health was never good after that. She had ailed particularly during the last year. Funeral services were conducted at the Presbyterian church Saturday afternoon by the Rev. S. H. lAten, Burt Presbyterian pastor, and burial was made In Rlvervlew, Mrs. Gertrude Grogan, a maternal aunt, was here fom Miller, S. D., and all relatives hereabouts were in attendance. Pall bearers were Anton Dldrik- sen, J. W. Kelly, Bert Deal, Lloyd Muckey, R. L. Roblnault, and Kay Cunningham. Mrs. Laing, who was past 43, was born July 29, 1889, at Lu Verne, the (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Simmons. She attended school there, later at Algona. Her parents have at different time farmed ner Lu Verne or elsewhere in this section, sometimes living here, and they now live here retired. Mr. and .Mrs. Laing were married April 5, 1918, and the family home has always been at Algona. Mr. Laing survives; also two sons, Fir- rrian Jr., 10, and Robert, 8. Brothers and sisters living are: Mrs. David King, Harry, Lester, and Ralph Simmons, Algona; Mark Simmons, Fairmont. (Mrs. Lalng was a member of the local Legion Auxiliary. Her given names were Irene Ellen. 10-YEAR-OLD BOY DIES; OPERATION UNSUCCESSFUL Henry, 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heiderscheidt, died at ' the Kossuth hospital last Thursday afternoon, following an operation that morning for obstruction of the bowels. Funeral services were held Monday morning at S o'clock at St. Cecelia's Catholic church, the Rev. Father IDavern in charge. The boy was born at Whittemore September 7, : 1922. His mother was Iborn in Germany, and her maiden name was Elsie Toller. She came to thin country shortly before her marriage to Mr. . Heiderscheidt, who works for the county. Besides the parents the boy is survived by a ibrother John, 8, and a sister, Betty Ann, five months, Henry was in the fifth grade at the local Academy. SPECIAL NOTICE GLASS OF ALL KINDS We have added to our regular auto glass service a complete line of window glass for homes. When in need of window glass it will pay you to get our price on our A quality glass. JOEGREENBERG PHONE 118 3 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS Shop Early Mail Early Buy Christmas Seals FOR SERVICE Get Ready for the Holidays! Send us your wearing apparel for * GLEANING-PRESSING-REPAIRING We cpll for and deliver Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE 587 L. B. HOYBY, Sheriff of Koseuth County, Iow§ By Everett L. Harris, Deputy.' T. P. Harrin&tojj, Attorney, . l?-3 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, December 2-3-4 3 BIG 18 People CALL THEATRE GOERS! f ^ IS Pe<o]?i© Joe Marcan's Night Club Revue Six Piece Orchestra. Eight Beautiful Dancers ^English Daisies, 11 Biljy Davis, "Clown Prince of Laffs," * Adagio Dancers, Blues Singers, Every* thing that makes for high class entertainment. A change of feature picture every day. ~ NO AD VANCE IN PRICES!- THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1 LAST DAY OF "BIG BROADCAST" See your favorite radio stars in action. Matinee at 2:30 p. m. Friday, December 2, Feature Picture. "The Strange Love of Molly Louvani" With ANN DVORAK and LEE TRACY It burns! It lives! It vibrates with emotion! We do not recommend this picture for children, but uree every adult in town not to miss it! No advance in price! Saturday, December 3. JOHN WAYNE and DUKE, his miracle horse, in THE BIG ITAMPEDE WITH JthnWAYNE Quick on the trigger! Lightning on the draw! A FAMILY PICTURE! Matinee 1:30, 3:30. One stage performance night, 7:15. No advance in prices. Six feet two of he-man galloping, on the world's smartest horse to tame the loco steers, outwit the outlaws and win the girl of his dreams! You've never seen such split-second action, had such thundering thrills. A real punch every second! Serial "Heroes of the West" at every Saturday performance. Sunday, December 4. Secrecy's veil MW tore dffdy...horrors of today's SLAVERY REVEALED! RICHARD The bitt«r-*nd struggle of itav«-bou*4 whl»« and ralmtbii m««*n...burn- ing, .pillaging, lynching! You'll bo ihotkcd at tho cniohy now brought Wit In th« opon...you'll bo thrlllod •l Bartholmofi loadt hli onilovod pooplo to FRUDOM,. .you'U bo itir- rod at Ms chain botwoon two flaming lovos. In this grealoit of all hl> hits I ARTHELMES B i T T E DAVIS DOROTHY JORDAN HA«DIE ALBRIGHT HENRY B.WAUHAU DOROTHY PETERSON DAVIP I.ANDAU Romance as only Dixie knows it! Are Southern girls the greatest love experts! Do Dixie's beauties "have it all over" Northern girls in love-making? Could the girls you know match the flaring excitement and reckless abandon of this flaming southern LOVE THIEF? Come and see for yourself in this really tremendous picture of amazing hidden drama in the South of today! Banjos ringing, darkies singing— life and love in '^'- Fouth today. Matinee 1 p m. 3 p. m,, 10-25c. After 5 p. m, 10-25-35e A marvelous show on stage and screen at regular prices! Drive 40 miles to see it— it's well worth it. Monday and Tuesday, December 5 and 6 "No More Orchids" With CAROLE LOMBARD, LYLE TAIBOT and LOUISE CLOSSER HALE Society story, by Grace Perkins, ran as serial in, Liberty Magazine. Qorgeous clothes, beautiful setting. Matinee Tuesday, 2:30 p. m. ~'" : ........ •""" ' ..... -.-"-^ •••>.. _....! I.. V! .JUJ. II...... ,....,,. -__.._..„ Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, December 7.8-0 GINGER ROGERS J0$ E, BROWN With FARINA of Om- Gang f» m§ , in «You Said a Bring youf whole family to see Jpe Prown as unfloatable swimmer, who Iear»e4 m§ strokes o chandalier! You'll laugh, till it hurtp! Matinee Thursday, 2:30 p. m, Ars yati gm pf . ^r* - H i *, ,''*-" - ••' Stiu '/AyM\^fi$^, e :-y-

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