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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 1, 1932
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5 .-The Sunday Register } results of a booze ciuos- jre s^nt to members of the by C. £• Clifton, special , for the Register. The legls- 1 were asked -whether if con, amended the Volstead act to the alcoholic content .In y flrould vote- to permit sale Jatterson and Represen- iBonnBtetter were reported as laitswerlng. Senator Patterson Iven an o. k. rating Before i'by the Anti-Saloon 'League, of the other senators and ['representatives did not ans- Included Dr. R, O. former Algona boy, ^ new ion county democratic repre- ,lv«.. • [counties •neighboring Kossuth, ntotives Manlece, of Emmet, rant, of- Hancock, did not Representative Dohlon, of _to, wae non-committal; and ientatlvea Hanson, WInnebago, Ifitrachan, Humboldt, said they I riot vote for beer. representatives replied "or "no." Sixty-five, out of a [of 108 did not reply, and 13 [On-colhmittal. ' Of the 28 who categorically, 17 said they "vote.for beer; 11' that they not. All but one of the 17 I democrats, but'there were four ts among"the 11 who will . for 'beer.-"••'• •• • ; nty-one senators did not re[ Fourteen eald they "would fa- >er, and ten voted in the nega- IOf the 14 affirmatives, five are ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER ten negatives, Five senators Jlcans; of the democrats. j non-committal. (looks as If the-democrats may (to educate Some of their own ifora before they'undertake to jlowa damp; ; : • FARIiAND—Mr. MoIFarland is aper advertiser of more than its' experience, -and he made 1 uue of it during the cam- HIs homely style appealed lusands of voters., In contrast, Kin's dignified .style probably make him a vote, and the p he spent for It'was-doubtless illy all wasted. , nle Neville has proved many I over that, the -.beet-paying ad; is the kind that just talks i in the everyday way that understands. 'Berfield, -Falls grocer, makes his slug pay'big'returns In the ray. • . - , •'.• latElmore there Is a hardware farm implement dealer who has years: run an advertlse- i'every Issue of the <Eye, and 3 consists of; ''locals" about ! and hlSj customers written i a country .editor .Would write Aside frpnv JiminJe's . It Is Ibly the most profitable- adver- MORE THAN 200 GET SPECIAL AUTO NUMBERS Many Reasons Seen For Requests for "Pets." Yesterday was tho last day • numbers not already ' obtain taken en and this will be' true duringcem-' list of 48 "pet" reserved up to that time was published. In the list below It will the same diversity of reasons as before exists for wanting particular numbers-birth and marr^S' the present year, the'coming year round numbers, numbers all of which are the same, numbers familiar through .past use, etc. The list up to Saturday follows: E, W. Lusby, 3; .W. H. Grover 4- A. G. Dally, 5; Mrs. Wm. Shirley, .6;' W .J. Cotton, 7; Wm. Pestotnlk, SJ. Brechtbill, .9; E. R. Riedel, lo' Oscar Oxley, 11; A. E. Michel, 13. Some Get Two Numbers. Mrs. J. O. Isenberger, 51; Jacob Hofbauer, 52; Ed W. Weisbrod 63' Ed W. Weisbrod, .54; J. A. McW aid, 55; W. E.Stoeber, 56; Ed Meyers, 58; .Frank Kelly, 59; Harold M Polhemus, 61; Mrs. W. F. Hamstreet, 02 and 63; Mrs. M. L, McEnroe,- 15; Ghas. Errianuel-, 10.. and 17; John L. Gerber, 18; Olaf Funnemark, 20 and 21; Mrs. M. T Mc- Gulre, 23; N. J. Schilts, 25; Dr. H. S. Van Vranken, 26; Jay -Budlong 37; H. O. Buell, 38. Herman Baas, 39; O. J. Moline, 65; .Ole . Kvamsdale, 60, Evar Carlson, .70; Lucy M. Hoffman, 77; N. A. Jensen, 70; Nathan Studer, 82; G.J. TAKE N FOR M U RDE R YOUTH CHARGED WITH ENTERING ALGONAGARAGE Paroled Convict May Be Sent Back to Penitentiary. Judge DeLand opened court again Monday, after a Thanksgiving cess. The petit jury, which appeared Tuesday morning, was released till next Tuesday morning, rest of this week will be and the taken up with cases in which juries are not required. The grand jury reported Tuesday, inging in one indictment which charged Lawrence Rose with breaking and entering the Kohlhaas garage last summer. He is now out on parole from a sentence of ten years for stealing a car, and has 8% years yet hanging over him. It is understood that the parole will be revoked and that he will be returned to the penitentiary to serve out his time. If so, the new charge here ivlll probably not be prosecuted not »r the time being a t any rate. Three In Jail Discharged. No bill was found against Joe Fraser, Sexton, held in jail on a charge of driving- while intoxicated, and he was released. H. B. Fish of AVhlttemore, charged with a offense, was also discharged, iverett Lester, charged with like and larceny, was released when no bill was •eturned. The grand jury recommended that a charge of uttering a bad check lied against one L. E. Evans, be 'ontinued till the next term of court 33. C. Fauerbjv 83; John Dempsey', | >ln , Jflnual T. when a new grand jury 84; Chas. Kmanuel, Sa and 86; Rev.4 " be dl-awn Raymond Swanson, 88; Swan Nel-1 Douglas Rllej- Fined. t MoFarland.let pique; or some- bias his .judgment-vvhen' he his last campaign 'advertise[only in the U. ;D.-'Ml-R.; ig- ' the Advance. -This may have |ilm the election. don't have 'to consider the ice much of an advertising to believe that. -T.he result that he needed to change ! votes to win. ' jAdvance didn't shed any tears ft; neither did Patterson. RRIAGE LAW—A veteran re- Ian state senator and a new' •atlc representative have an- that they will, introduce 1 repeal the 5-day marriage > application law. That Is one which democrats and ' re•ns can agree, | legislature which • passed It well and It looks,all right In • «ut It is one of those Utop- nemea which work out to no fmle end in practice. It turn- 'o be just another nuisance. [license clerks in adjoining [are doubtless fpr-Jt—in Iowa. |«etnren here are nearly if unanimous against It. [Pastor of the Little--Brown «. Nashua will'greet repeal son, 102; Frank Hardcopf, 103; Ray Smith, 111. ''.'.. ' Hound X timbers Favored. ' Harold Roba, 118; W. H. Raskopt 125; Fred Van Patten, 130; C. F. Frlmml, 131; G. R. -Sjogren, 136 and 137; Fred Christ, 143 and 144; Henry Henrlkson, 150; 'Merle E. Holt, 155; Henry A. Moline,' IfiG; Mrs. J. O. -F. Price, .167; Fr-ed W. Hinz, 1SS; Donald Cronan, 189; A. C. Carlisle, 195. Dr. M. G. Bourne, ]!>"; J. M. Blanchard, 199; Arnold Sanders, 200; Bert Cronan, 203; Henry Pergande, 204; Adolph Fein-man. 1345; Matt Laux, 1868; Mrs. Oeo. Sample, 450; Lester L. Lease, 3400; J. A. Meyer, 799; Carl L. Krause, 1346; Will Rlngsdorf, 500; R. I-I. Gibson, 575; Jacob Fehr, 1599; H. E. Crouch, 902; B. Wlllmert, 557. Some Numbers Represent Yonrs. Peter Kramer, 220; Henry Farrow, 229; A. J. Carman, 234; W. A, Dutton, 257; F. A. Rlngsdorf, 292; Eniilie Siems, 300 and 301; Wm. Faulstlch, 307; H. N. Kruse, 333; Doug-las Riley pleaded guilty to a charge of transporting liquor and was fined $200 and costs Tuesday morning. He-was arrested last January, when liquor was found in his truck here. Riley was unable to pay his fine and will serve it out in jail. Edward McChane was granted a divorce from Mattie McChane Tuesday, and a decree, granted on default last week, was filed which gave Mrs. Verna Piter a divorce from Theodore Pifer. Mrs. Pifer was awarded custody of Robert, young eon, and Mr. Pifer custody of an older daughter, Delores. The couple were married In 1926,' and Mr. Lecturer '"THIS IS C. L. NELSON,.who Will •*•' give five illustrated "Palestine Speaks" lectures here next week under the auspices of five Algona churches, beginning Sunday night. in M. P. Weaver, and 401; Matt 334; H. J. Rice, 400 Lamuth, 404. or : something. Put a crimp In his most 1 sideline. • circle on the ballot They put it on or leave wing to whether it is ex- nelp the party In power. *mtlon ago the' republicans "ver the protest of the , 'Jfter they, took-it off. Put it on again, and it is it turned on Its mas- i helpln s the repub- tena of thousands *et «et .express V natlt »»al admlnls- voting dempwatlc republican practicably no- m akn * lve Sonnstetter, for ° ne of in h u They house Patterson. ?*** ta **•**"*^? Vernor KerrJng, To f Jn * b * wft y <* tax reduction' Tlnus Madson. 524; Howard M. VInson, 55S; Richard E. Berg, 1894; A. H. Borchardt, 1921; Dr. F. C. Scanlan, 566; Huenhold Bros., 1932; Fr, Peter M. Sturm, 3000; Wm. Haglund, 1878; E. C. McMahon, 3333; L. W. Keith, 747; J, P. Nlckerson, 850; Mrs. Hugh Herman, 1323 and 607; Roy H. Jensen, 616. Union Farmer Picks 10S3. R. L. Corbin, fi4S; Harry B. Ward, 1933; Mrs. B. W. Brooke, 2112; V. M. Parsons, 727; A, Hutchison, 1862; Mrs. Emma Helfner, 4182; Cora M. Stock, 605; M. T. McGulre, 1922; W. E. Naudain, 1860; Huenhold Bros., 666; Geo. Rath, 662; Al Falkenhainer, 1234; E. J. McBvoy, 706; W. L. Whitney, 401; 'Ben Belt, 1858. D. J. Mitchell, 546; D. L. Leffert, 536; A. D. Richards, 506; Lillian M. Sheldon, S72; S. E. McMahon, 403; J. B. Johnston, 1869; W. A. Barry, 1881; F. W. Langerman, 1898; Carl Pearson, ll'll-; Viola N. Thoreson, 40: F. W. Brandt. 41; Mrs. Susie Sandt, 43; Aug. Mielke, 44; A. D. Headley, 45; H. E. Peitzke, 46; Otto Knudsen, 47; Charles Weisbrod, 48. MRS, LENORE HERMAN ELVIDGE PASSES AT PERRY LAST NIGHT Mrs. Lenore Herman Elvidge, wife of Dr. Geo. C. Elvidge, of Perry, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Herman,'- died last night at Pifer now lives at 'Freeport,' 111. Defaults have been recorded divorce petitions filed by Mrs, Harriett Matzener vs. Harvey Matzener; Mrs. Etta Meiers vs. Henry Meiers; and Frederick N. Thles vs. Ruth Howell Theis. ALGONIAN'S SONNET IS HONDREDBYMA6AZINE Mt. Vernon, Nov. 29—Ruth .E. Messenger, Algona high school English teacher, was honored in the October number of "The Shakespeare Association Bulletin", a publication BURGLARY LENDS NEW THOUGHT TO BANCROFT MURDER The .Yegge cream station at Bancroft, over which William Alvey murdered jeweler, lived' ,was entered late Thursday evening, and ransacked, but nothing of value, so far as could be determined, was . taken. This lent a new angle to -the •Alvey case, which has been singularly 'ree of clues and murder motives. Bancroft citizens, convinced ' that he jeweler was mudered, are curious to know what the burglar was ooldng for. ' , •State Agent McEU-oy, Des Moines, Sheriff .L. E. Hovey, and other Kossuth' officers have been working on the case. .They visited' Bancroft •Monday and questioned several persons, including Mrs. Harry Hiltz, whose caf e was visited by Alvey on the night of the murder; J. A. Wolf, night watchman who found the dying man; Dr. J. A. Devine, who attended before he .died; and Fred Thacker, who was called by Wolf when the latter found the body. It is reported that the state agent is inclined to view Alvey's death as the result of an accident, thinking that the man may have fallen backwards, striking his head. Elroy believes, it is said, unfortunate man staggered JAMES VIPOND, FAMOUS HOG BREEDER, DIES Death Follows Long Illness with Heart Trouble. Funeral services for J. A. Vipond, whose death last week Wednesday morning at the Kossuth hospital was reported briefly a week ago, were conducted at the Congregational church Friday afternoon by the Rev. F. J. Clark, pastor, and burial wag made in Riverview cemetery. • . . A delegation of local Masons attended in a body and conducted ritual rites at the' grave. Pallbearers were W. E. McDonald, A. E. Clayton, William King, W. A. Dutton, M. P. Weaver, and Hugh Herman. Mr. Vipond, who was just past 74, had been in failing health six years, though he was up and about till shortly before his death. He was taken to the hospital only a day before the end. Death was, sudden, the result of heart disease. • Came Here from Wisconsin. •Mr. Vipond was born October 8 in Grant county, Wis., the son of ieorge and Sarah Vipond. His parents , came from Durham county, England, in JU845. and settled in Wisconsin. They had nine children, of whom James Alfred was young- Shakespeare in Iowa By Ruth E. Messenger. When Shakespeare wrote at first of daisies pied And cowslip's bells, and fairy, groves of broom, Bedecking the sweet English countryside, We did not think to paint a fairer bloom Upon a wild-rose cheek; and when he praised The glorious morning, gilding the pale streams, He did not know the magic that he phrased * or this bright Iowa morning's golden beafcis. Because an English boy loved English fields Three hundred years and half a world away one sees more clear the harvest beauty yields Qne weeps, when rough winds shake the buds of May And at each pasture bridge, one learns to look And see the willows, grown aslant the brook re- the George Vipond, the father, .urned to England in 1861, in hope of regaining hia health, which had failed. He did not recover and •esolved to come home. On the way he'died at Buffalo, W. Y. Thds was on July 17, 1862. His wife lived on till May 21, 1911, when she died at Livingston, Wis., in her 92nd year. Married 51 Years Ago. The eon James grew, up, in .Wisconsin, and at Mifflin, Wis., Decem- ber'25," 1881, was married to Allie Adldns, the Rev. Henry Goodsell, Methodist pastor at Platteville, Wis., officiating. The widow, two sons, Lloyd A. and Harry, Algona, and two grandsons, James Thomas, twin sons of Lloyd, vive: The grandson James Sir. that Mc- the stairs to the unconscious. Funeral services walk, and there fell held for Alvey Miss Messenger's sonnet is fea-. tured elsewhere in today's Advance. Friday morning at St. John's church were largely attended. Bancroft business houses cloeed during the funeral. > A request has been sent to Michigan City, Ind., for records concern- Ing Alvey's alleged imprisonment in a state penitentiary there, after conviction, in a gun scrape five years and sur- was Mr. named after his grandfather, and Mrs. Vipond observed their golden wedding a year ago. The elder Viponds farmed ago. of the Shakespeare Association of America with headquarters in New York, by inclusion of a sonnet, "Shakespeare in Iowa." Miss (Messenger, as an undergraduate at Cornell college, distinguished herself in writing, some of her work being widely, copied in newspapers and magazines. Last year two of her stories published in the Husk, Cornell literary magazine, were starred by E, J. O'Brien in his "Yearbook of the Short Story." A columnist on a Des Moines paper has declared that hey sonnet, "Fear," in the anthology, "Iowa .Poets," te the finest thing in the book. ( Miss Messenger, a great lover of Shakespeare, played the role of Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream when she was a sophomore here, EX-AL60NIAN BREAKS BOTH ARMS; FALLS DOWN STAIRS ZERO TEMPERATURE ON NOV. 19; MILDER NOW A temperature reading Tuesday of 51 degrees above was highest In some time. The first zero thermometer reading of the .winter was recorded Saturday morning, November 19, but since then the mercury has been as low as nine above only twice. Only once during the last week, "and four times in the last two weeks, has'the temperature failed to rise above freezing In the daytime. Rainfall and melted snow during the month amounted to only 1.44 inches, which Is below normal for November, The official record for the last two weeks follows: •' High Low November. 16 '.—.25 3 November 17 '..1 '-_ ..'31 November IS 34 November 19 ____• ...21 ten .years in Wisconsin before they came here in 1892. For 20 -years after coming to this county Mr. Vipond farmed in partnership with the late AVm. H. Ingham. In 1912 he bought the 120-acre farm . adjoining the present Country club grounds on the east, and this was his home till he died. Maltcg Sons Partners. When the sons Lloyd and Harry grew up, their father took them into partnership. Another farm, of 260 acres, was bought in Cresco township, and Lloyd has lived there ever since. Harry meanwhile lived on the home farm. Father and sons farmed together 20 years in the greatest harmony, Harry, .In the later years, LOCAL CHAIRMEN NAMED FOR SEAL $ALEJN_ COUNTY Chairmen ofT the annual Christmas Seal sale In Kossuth towns and townships have been named by Mrs. Joseph Bloom, county -chairman, as follows: Algona, Mrs. Walter Fraser; Burt, Mrs. W. T. Peters, Bancroft, Mrs. P. A. Lonergan; Swea City, Mrs. S; P. Eckholm; Lakota, Mrs. Delia M. Smith; Wesley, Mrs. A. M. Lease; Fenton, Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod; Whittemore, (Mrs. H. E. Woodward; Lone Rock, Mrs. Glen Sharp; Titonka, Mrs. Mary Savtor-Oesterreicher; Lu Verne, Mrs. F. I. Chapman; Ledyard, Mrs. Lauritzen. Sherman, Mrs. Aaron Steussy; Grant, Supt. Hammond; Eagle, Mrs. Pehrson; Plum Creek, Mrs. H. J. Bode; Wesley, Mrs. Olaf Funnemark; Portland, Mrs. R. S. McWhorter; Irvington, Mrs. Geo. W. Godfrey; Burt, Mrs. H. Jones; Riv- Free Prizes on Saturdays Every Saturday from now. till .Christmas Algona merchants, through the Algona Community club, .will give away at least 25 free prizes. There will be no obligation to buy anything, and no other, requirement of any kind, except that the winner foe at the postoffice corner at 3 p. m. Sat-. urday, when distribution will be made. The prizes will foe on display in store windows, and cards entitling holders will be given out i&t the,.corner. Cards in the.store, windows this week-end will give particulars. CLOTHING SCARCE IN WEFARE DRIVE Cresco, Mrs. Eleanor Pot- j terest of poor relief Dreyer; ter. Ramsey( Mary Mescher; Greenwood, Mrs. P. A. Lonergan; Buffalo, Mrs. Mrs. ;o in the in- during the coming winter wae made Friday and resulted in a large list of contributions for distribution by her home at Perry, following an attack of convulsions, according, to word phoned here. The Hermans left by car for Perry at an early hour this morning. Deer Bagged By Burt Man Burt, Nov. 9—N. M. Godfred- eon returned Saturday from Lauretta, Wis. In a deer hunt he got a 224-lb., 5-year-old deer which he brought home. He was with a (party of 14, all of whom brought down deer. 'Mr. God; ifredson shot Ms deer the first day of the season, November 21. This was probably the first deer to be'brought to Burt by a local hunter, and hundreds of people have called at Mr. Godfreasons to we it Mrs. A. Arent, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Helse, suffered fractures of bones In both arms in a fall down stairs at her home last week Monday night. The news was brought to the Heises by Antoinette Bonnsetter, Algona-Humbpldt school nurse. Mrs. Arent was Bertha H-eise. Her husband Is a Doctor. Brother is Killed, South Cresco, Nov. 29—Mr, and Mrs. Philip Roethler returned last week Wednesday from New 'Hampton, where they attended the funeral of the former's brother, 27, killed in an auto accident caused by a tire blowing out. Two nephews from Bode accompanied the Roeth- lers to the funeral. r-i r*" B. B. Coaches Coining, The Algona high school will be, host Saturday, Pecember IT, to the basketball coaches and. officials of northwest Iowa, who will gather here to discuss and Interpret new- basketball rules. Nearly §Q men *re November 20 ,.,.. November 21 __._' ..33 November 2,2 _....,_. as November 23 ', J6 November 24 —--'-'_—..45 November 25 . ss November 26 -,.- __25 November 27 _, 37 November 28 ^—45 ' November 89 ._i._Bl 19 17 0 15 9 26 23 19 14 9 19 33 26 had -practically the entire management of the home farm, In 1914 the Viponds began to build up .a herd of purebred Duroc Jersey hogs.. They soon became noted' breeders, and during the war period they held many of the world's greatest purebred 'Duroc Jersey sales at Algona, Though the bottom dropped out of the purebred hog sale market In the early 20's, the Vi- ponds have never lost Interest in the breed and the descendants of -their famous hogs of war times are still on the famish The Viponds are among the few purebred livestock breeders whom the depression following the war did not break. Chureh Member and Mason. , Mr. Vipond had for many years been a member of the 'local Congregational church. He was also a member of Prudence lodge, of the Chapter, and of the Royal Arch. Mr. Vipond was recognized as a good citizen and a man of his word, and he held the respect of the community accordingly. — • — • v- — *>u -iwi ujotjiruu HUIl 'By Raymond Krantz; Ledyard. Bonnstetter, school nurse. - zj%£«°~Z£* -^TOJcs-iK has; Prairie, Mrs. John Ludwig; Lu Verne, (Mrs. Earl Neal; iSwea and Harrison, Mrs. Eckholm and Mrs. Carlson. 20 ANSWER FIRST CALL FOR ACADEMY BASKETBALL Twenty men reported for basketball practice at the Academy Monday evening. Six major letter men are on this, year's team from last year, and a good team is in prospect. The letter men are Junior Kelly, Omer Kelly, Wade Hansen, Edward Capesius, John Baker, and Charles Hughes. A large number of good men have reported from the lower grades. Sixteen games have been scheduled for this year, but the till after the team _ito shape. More than half of the games will be home games. potatoes, 117 pounds of navy beans, pumpkins, cabbages, turnips, and half of a hog. The clothing amounted to only a fourth of what was given last year. Practically no children's clothing was received. People are wearing their old clothes, It seems. Children's clothing is needed now more than any other item, and persons who can provide it are requested to leave their contributions at the Bryant building Wednesday af- FARM HANDS ARE SIEZED BY^HERIFF Helped Rob and Kill Wisconsin Man Two Years Ago. (Floyd Meyers and Albert Knoebm*. Jr., members of a robber gang which killed a Waukesha, Wis., restaurant owner in 1930, were arrested her* Tuesday by Sheriff L .B. Hovey, and, were scheduled last night to start oi» their return to the scene of th« crime to face charges. Meyers was picking corn for H. X. Bode, and Knoebal was picking fotS- Jewell. Larson, In the same Plni» Creek neighborhood. The pair at* both under 30. They did'not seem much surprised to learn that, they had finally been caught. Sheriff Hovey received* a, phon* call -Monday night from the sheriff at Waukesha, asking whether tb* two men were in this vicinity. MR Hovey recalled the names, and A telegram Tuesday morning gave hta*- authority to make the arrests. Meyers -In a Tremble. Meyers {was arrested at the Bod* farm first) He trembled life a when Hovey told him that he under arrest for the crime and col* sweat broke out on his forehead. ~B» came to town peaceably, making no effort to resist. He told the eherttfc who, however, already knew what* Knoebal was working. Knoebal, ' was then^ arrested at seemed more • sullen than Meyer* and had Jittle to 'say. , .-': *he m4n'were lodged in jail, and «, telegranv received yesterday morning said' that Wisconsin authorltta* were en route to Algona: 'for th* pair. • ;.' '• ', -"•'•;••'-;,'-.... : . • .- ; ,-' k Both men had picked corn at tb* f.ame farrtis 'a, year ago, and" they had worked here-this • season toe- some weeks'. They - came : her* from Hollandale, Minn. Last • winter} they were in southern Missouri. How Men/Were Trapped. , The capture is an example of ui« devious ways in Which a criminal im caught. This fall the Meyers yotiflt wrote his father that he could get him (the father) a job here.' Th* elder Meyers, whose initials are J. T., came and worked one day at ta«Bode farm. Then he fell and brok« a leg. He was in the hospital hejte a short time, then returned to hia Wisconsin home. The Wisconsin authorities reasoned that 'the son must be in this vicinity, as no other reason for th» elder . man's coming to ' Iowa could- be found. Investigation was quietly started and terminated in the arrest.. ' ' .'.''" • Meyers, -who was talkative',' answered Sheriff Hovey's question* openly. H e saifl that the gang -of four robbed the restaurant He waa himself stationed outside as driver of a car. Knoebel was inside when the shooting took place, but dldnt know, Meyers said, who shot th* restaurant man. KntrncUtlou Waived. Late Tuesday evening Sherltt Hovey again talked with the pair. ternoons. Groups which made the canvass first game will not be Christmas, which gives plenty of time to get ' into Church is Crowded. Union Thanksgiving services at the Congregational church last week Wednesday evening drew one of the largest audiences ever seen at a like event here. The Rev. M. A. Sjostrand, of the Krst Lutheran church, was speaker. and the collection represented the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Masons, the Odd Fellows, the Legion, the Woodmen, and the Legion Auxiliary, Helping Miss /Bonnstetter were Mrs. L. W. Keith, Mrs. W. A. Foster, Mary Kain, Mrs C. T. Ellsworth, ~ L. Bryan, and Herbert Mrs. D. Adams. Two Drunks Held. Lyle Corley, Corwith, was bound to the grand jury Tuesday by .Mayor C. P. Specht on a charge of driving here Sunday while intoxicated. Bond was set at $1,000. J. W. Duckett, also Corwith, who was with him, was fined |10 and costs for drunkenness. Football Game Sunday, The Esthervllle Independent football team will Play the local team at Athletic park Sunday aftevnoon. Deer Again Seen in P/a The Plum Creekj deer are 110 myth. They have been seen again—at least one of the two reported to be there. Edgar ;pi»- nell and Eleanor Lamuth wore hunting Saturday at a point a mile or so southwest of the Rice schoolhouse and saw it in the valley as they came over a, hill, They were withia 200 feet of It, As soon as, they hove .in •the deer , took to Its heete 4isap»eare& iijdgar deacrlbej as $% feet hl«h, brown a \vWte tuft o? a ^ MAGNUS LIGHTER AWARDED MAJOR "LETTER" AT AMES Magnus Llchter, Algona, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry LIchter, was among 24 Ames athletes who received major "I" letters Monday night at an annual .'get-together" at Iowa State college. The honor Magnus received \va for outstanding work &\ football. Twenty other Ames players alsp received fooifcaU letters. Sixteen 'minor football letters.were awarded. Magaius, ; who is the 1 fifth son of his pai-ents, wa.s a,, major Algona higH school player in his time, as was also hi? brother George, who Is at home. Magnus is a junior Jn the veterinary department. He was here taet week-end for the Thanksgiving vacation, ~ Stop It Js rei>orted that whea the waukee noon trains a*e <J4scoaanu«4 , Satuwlaj' «, sta* wut« mall will be established between leave i>etur» at *, a»i4 Santa C/aus, Gnomes Come. to Algona Next Week End A committee of Algona business men waited on Santa Claus last week at his home at the North Pole, and he's coming to Algona. Here's a radiogram to prove it: "Tell the Algona. boys and girls, and all -other boys and girls who are going to ?>e in Algona, that r witt be there December 9-10, fVMay and Saturday, two days, and I wouWn't mtes seeing them for the world. We ho»e to- awlve by 10 o'clock EVi- day morning and will be with you «11 tate Saturday night" Just think of that, boys and girts— two -whole ^as^s — aext 'week aSYiday and Saturday. to top .oec tfc* whole the fetm find In their stockings Christmas morning, And in addition Santa will' bring his log cabin with him, and the children can go ri$ht inside to talk to the jolly old fellow. And here's a little secret: Santa's house is equipped with a microphone, and his little talks with the chiUiren wall be broadcast all over town through big horns mounted ipn top o( one <rf the buildings here; also chimes and other music wjn be broadcast. The business men are a big: parade to welcome daas when -he COBUSS to Algona. Details via te printed to nest *e«*fe Algroina JM«K»S. 48 children should feave tb&ir tat/hers but Meyers was then silent, answering only in monosyllables, white Knoebel was talkative. Both seemed curious about the process toy which. they, had been caught, and both «*• pressed willingness to return an* face the charges. They admitted toe- Ing in the gang but would not adult, the fatal shooting. Both agreed to return to 'Wisconsin without extradiotion proceeding*. ' They are already under indictment, there, The other two members ot the gang were caught soon after th« shooting and are now serving long terms in a Wisconsin penitentiary. It is anticipated that the men. caught here will plead guilty' t» minor murder charges. PATTERSON'S SECRETARY IS KILLED IN CAR ACCIDENT Sen. George W. Patterson -wa« called to Des Moines last week Tuesday to serve ae pall-bearer Cor Katherlne Joyce, who was his secretary at the last session of the : islature. She. and a sister killed when a car, in which they were riding near Qwatonna, Minn., collided with a tous. The accident happened at the approach to % bridge wherts the highway narrows. Mfc*s- Joyce served Representative i Francis Johnson, Dickinson county, speaker of the house at the last i slon, before her service wjth tor Patterson, an$ she was in. employ of the republican state tral committee prior to the election. - NEW OFFICERS CHOSEN FOR t; I. 0. 0, F. COUNTY COUNCIL An I. O. O, P. cownfar ~ ' " "* ' meeting •was heW at nJeht, and, ft attended; Mr. and Mrs. MSPS, "Sorstefct, «*e «>ys-a!n& <

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