Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1932 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1932
Page 8
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tBER24. 1932. Algon iaturday, 25 The 9th Wonder of the World! Something, new," something different, something i won't want-to .miss." You'll thrill to the newest- Ivance in science. You'll marvel at its operation. ; -i In qonnectipn with the.showing of the Giant- knabria telephone receiver, there will be held a i see who is'best suited for television projection First prize—For the best performance by any Rented girl ^hp v/ill reign as "Miss Television"—a ^plimentary pass during one year from date. Second prize—For anyone—a pass to the Call lieatre good for any picture shown during six Births, from date, ,. • Third prfee—-For anyonte-—a complimentary pass the Call Theatre good for any picture shown dur- i three months from date, . . : Telephone Jillv.or |5 if.you wish to enter 'this mtest—absolutely: free : to anyone. '''•', ; . ; '. y. - mim-'—<~-*~ ••'**•' i. i.'' -• [See arul H^ar Your N Also a brand new picture—"Madison Square Gar- j. with those .funsters—Jack Oakie, Zazu Pitts, I Marian Nixon. For the entire family. Drive 40 |les to see this show; No advance in prices. 'Matinee each day, 1:30-3:30 p. m., 10-25c. ' Night prices, 1Q-25-35C. Series, "Heroes of the West," will be shown a.t ""performance, or! BUY A - NOW - L V/ h ave a fe v good, used cars left and tbey will bv o at prices way below their actual value. I! I' 8 De i»one|ratgri saye..|10a, : , 11 Ci Ws selling as JoV ag $225.00. "•"' as low as $100.00.- ^Tbese cars are ready to go; your old car will be m m trade on &ny car we hate. ,. . "'''"J^PWWHB^WBW ' J. •' " |llLi J!L ' "' ' " ' . ^^ab«ir frtow Beduced gO to 40 per cent. 'iiQTQRW ^"^J4g ROS8UTH COUNTY APVANCtt AmrittA tOWA Junotloti, were guests last Thursday Alhertlne Thlel Sr. got home . Chicago. ., - -•••-» KJI . £UL nome ^ from visitn at Milwaukee and S ' B ' ;French went to Sioux _ George Hohenherger, his Ce- of Dead-~ _ . ...ay to Parents a few weeks. . I'hc public schools and St. -- - dismissed Monday morning. Oort r . U do Long morning for Glenn Ihnnkfifi-lvlng with a grandmother^ «irs. i. H. Holmes v ' AValier, new editor of at D the Is Mrs, Charles Roeewall. Mrs. Counsell Is the elder ' Mrs. Rosewall's daughter, and H. R. a son. Katharine Kain, who teaches in an academy at Clare, Is expected this morning for Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Kaln, and will go hack Sunday. She tenches English and history. Dr. John Voss, Iowa City, was one of the pheasant hunters here Friday and Saturday. Ho Is an uncle of Dr. C. D. Schaap. A number of other -Iowa City hunters.,came with htm. Doctor Voss Is a dentist. The Geo. G. Coles are expected today for Thanksgiving with Mrs. Cole's mother, Mrs. I. G. Dewel. and Friday of Dr. ,L. W. Fox, and hunted pheasants with Doctor Fox that afternoon. Doctor Calry was called home the same night by news that his partner, Doctor Tobias, had been shot while hunting In Woodbury county. Doctor Tobias will recover. Doctors Calry and Tobias operate a hog cholera scrum factory. Marieta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. annual sale.of Christmas seals starts today and continues till Christmas. They cost a penny each. The sale this year Is in charge of Mrs. Jos. B '°. on V. J l ls not to be confused drive, which with the Red Cross ends today. The Dakota Record says that while Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ogren are wintering In the south they will „,,„-, - -- - "— talce advantage of an opportunity to P. M. Chrlstenson, Lone Rock, has visit J. J. BiechofC In Louisiana Mr rntnrnnrl tn T\ nr , -\T~-I ...i .,_ _ I T», _-.,--,.,, . .. 'in*.. i»j.i. from Iowa—Omaha hunters from Council Bluffs. ' Only 2648 licenses had been issued up to Monday, and County Recorder Laura Paine estimated that only about 26 more would be Issued before the new season opens April 1. In 1931 the total for the ye 2811, and in 1930 it was 3192. CONSTIPATED 30 YEARS AIDED BY OLD REMEDY "For thirty years I had conatipft- tion. Souring food from stomach, choked me. Since taking Adlerika I am a new person. Constipation to a thing of the past."—Alice Burns. B. W. Lusby, druggist! returned to Des tyolnes, where she Is serving on the night nursing sta/fr at the Broadlawns contagious hospital. She 10 a graduate of the hospital, and for some years has served there when she hac her Bischoff, who then Idved at Lakota, was elected county recorder In 1902 and served two terms. His wife,! now, It Is believed here, deceased. ' was a sister of Mr. Ogren. Then, or — •"-"-"* UJ- JM.I . ^-f&t CJI, J. | It'll, Ul needed, .but for a time thereabouts, Mr. Ogren farmed bell £11 nOJTlGi .Alt Of" nniTl— ; 1-itraat* T.*i ()••.-,*•« n u .1 T__T-_. « n ™' Lakota and Lcdyard, and for he was hospital, Chicago. | T •,? ,, .. •••- ""•>-, M,. „ i ir -r, „ Potter was elected auditor on Prta P i £' S ' T ° Wne ' Wat " the Same tloket witl1 Mr - Bischoff; erloo, Paul Towne, Davenport, and w <~* n n «,«i „!»..,.. ,., „ „ . 'I Mrs. Jefferson, and the week-end rtlth her mother, Mrs. 13. j. Skinner. The R. o. and P. A. Dansons are spenmng today with the men's sis' Soholten . °£ Spirit Waller and H. W. The Donald Hutchisons, of Cedar Rapids, are spending today with Donald's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hutchison. H. L. Qilmore was recently made treasurer of the Methodist superin- rnrw1n>-i»->™ „ _ .1 i.»« . _ * f R. B. Miller returned Sunday from Min- where lhoy had been slnoe C. O. Towne, Shell Rock, came wh_ere'd.ay at G. F. Towne's. B. C. and Paul, G. F.'s brothers, are attorneys, and Mrs. C. O. Towne Is mother of the three. Paul stopped for his mother at Shell Rock en'route here. Carl Borchardt, Oes Moines, came last week Tuesday night for a few m-uiner ai tmeii uoek en'route here ~ ' " v "" llcm -luwiisrup, aiso days with his brother, Druggist A. The men hunted pheasants and sot l 0 ^" 8 tlle ° W Ru Uedge .farm, three H. Borchardt, during the open , the limit FrJUay and Saturday and mlles south ° £ Hobarton. This place pheasant season. He still travels Saturday morning they got the'limit' ls not at nresen t tenanted, hut *••• wi no »-nr inrlttsiV«n4.T3i«l-l. .,«_ i llftS Gf1.tt.lfi 51Tir1 Vt rwtetAa »i*nv*l«,. C. Dewel, clerk; T. P. Harrlng-j ton, county attorney. Iowa had an- j nual elections then, and other courthouse officers were elected In odd- | numbered years. , ' Theodore Faber. who lives .on his i own farm In Garfield township, also j the old Rutledge .farm, three I for the Lombard Jewelry company, Des Moines. The Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Burrows, in ducks at Ruthven. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Walker went has cattle and horses running- In Last week Mon- wna there to look after the to Cedar Rapids Tuesday for a visit ! '^v ° w ?% thep . e to , look after «>e . . , •-- <=• -.."..."o-(till after Thankssivinc- with tliph- SIOCK ' a7ia found a 4-year-old greld- B ving with Mrs. Burrows' parents, daughter, Mrs. A. R Messlncer '"* lald " P wlth «• eUff le S- °" ex- Mr, and Mrs. C. C. Wright. They They will then spen'd the week-end am!natlon !t ™s discovered that a will go home Saturday. Mr. Bur- with their son, PhlHp C! pubMc ac- i bu " et had P ierce " th * leg just he- rows is the Dallas Center Presbyter- countant at Chic^n. '*£ tL*L I low the knee. Whether the horse ian church minister. .Mrs. Charles Egel left Friday for for several weeks with Algona district. Jos. Misbach and H. R. Rosewall, the latter of Blue Earth, went to Des Moines Sunday to buy goods for their stores. Duncan Fraser left Tuesday for Delta, Colo., where he is to spend the winter with his sister, Mrs. Bell -"i"-««i-i jvcivBuiJurt lO r several ween fUndS ln the h6 '- "Other. M,-s. Johanna Henderson. Vivian Stephenson, employed at Beckmann, who Is in poor health. The eldest daughter, Mrs. Charles Deibler, will be at the Egel home to stay during the mother's absence. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duhigg, of Emmetsburg, spent Saturday' an'd Sunday with Mr. arid Mrs. E. C. McMahon, and Mr. Duhigg gave a talk at a Knights of Columbus breakfast at St. Cecelia's academy Sunday morning. . William Steele-and Gordon Dewel took advantage of special week-end Milwaukee rate e to run into Chicago Friday night. Among other things they visited Gordon's, brother, Dr. 'B. F. Dewel, Evanston orthodontist. They returned Monday night. Robert (Doc) West visited friends here. Monday, en route to Ruthven from Faribault, Minn., where he had been employed. He used' to be assistant county engineer here. Mrs. West and a daughter are living at Ruthven with the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Hendricks and Nels Olson, all of Sioux City, came Friday to visit the R, G. Richardsons. Mr., and Mrs. -Hendricks • - - , ^..^j^.u^v^l . «,C the Dr. L. W. Fox home, has spent most of the week with relatives at St. Benedict. !j,| ' l Mrs. Minnie Long, daughter KSert- rude, Mrs. -B. P. Benson, and the lat, ter's daughter Verona spent Saturday at Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Monlux, Elkader, are spending Thanksgiving and the week-end with the former's brother, D. D. Monlux. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Taylor went to Chicago last night for Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. Humphrey Campbell. . County Attorney and Mrs. G. D. Shumway, wfth their son David, spent Sunday at 'Sutherland with Mrs. Shumway's mother. Mrs. A. D. Bradley left yesterday morning for Correctionville, where she will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde Chitty. ' Mrs; Mary.Sorensen, who has been sick; a few weeks, is recovering. Her niece,' Laura Engel, Lu Verne, was here for a time to care for her. The Bernard Tlerneys, 1 Mason City, -spent Sunday with Bernard's mother, Mrs. George Holtzbauer. Bernard is employed by the Deckers. Theodore Collins, brother of the high school band- leader" here, was one of the pheasant hunters In this territory Saturday. He is a teacher at Dumont. ' Bernlce Stock arrives this morn- Ing for the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stock. She teaches physical education in the Eaprte Grove schools. • _ .*,... Charles Holland, -Maxwell, went'day, .after a week-end, visit with the home Saturday, after a visit since E. W. Lusbys. Mrs. Witmer is the last week Tuesday with- his sister, former Helen Lusby, daughter of Mrs. G.-W. Stillman. - He came for Mr. Lusby. and Mr. Witmer-Is an the pheasant hunting. attorney. Messrs. Witmer and Gill- Robert Harrington is expected ,to- fillan hunted pheasants Friday and day for Thanksgiving. In the past Saturday afternoons, the university has allowed only one ! Jos. Shaben, retired Milwaukee day for Thanksgiving, tout this year station agent at Hobarton, left for the time was extended to Sunday. | Cincinnati last Thursday for sev- Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wilson, daugh- eral months With his son Leo, em- ter Bernice, and a Miss Hagenson ployed by the Dalton adding ma- and Bernard Wilson, Thompson, are chine company. Mr. Shaben had spending Thanksgiving with Mr. j been in Iowa, since April 1 and at home Sunday, Mr. Olson remaining for a longer visit. Mrs^ Hendricks Is'Mrs. Richardson's slpterj and Mr.' Olson is their father. Irvln Wlllison, Cedar Rapids, visited from Friday till Sunday with his parents, Mr. and • Mrs. L. G. WHlson. His wife was to have come with him, but she fell down the attic stairs a few days before and •broke two bones between elbow and wrist in one of her arms. John Cretzmeyer and five priests at Dubuque came (Friday and were guests till Sunday of the Dr., C. H. Cretzmeyers. John, who is mathematics professor and athletic coatoh at Columbia .college, is- C. H.'s brother. The guests went pheasant hunting Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Witmer and Delbert Gillfillan went home Sun- countant at Chicago, and thence- —"• "«*«"• will leave early next week for | °°" , e sa ^f e . d ' vVas a Question Fri- Washlngton, D. C., where Mr. Walk- "~ " * er Is doorkeeper for the Senate. They will come home next spring. They have meanwhile closed their house on south Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster attended the funeral of the latter's sister, Mrs. Walter Richard, Arlington, Sunday. Mrs. Richard, who died Friday, following a" stroke some days before, was 65. Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church there Sunday afternoon, and burial was made in the Tay'lor- vllle cemetery at Arlington. She Is survived by Mr. Richard, three sons, two daughters, two sisters .besides, Mrs. Foster, and a brother. The V. J. Kleinpeters will be tenants of Mrs. O. G;: Dewel's house on east Call after December 1. They are now in the Cosgrove house on' north Minnesota. Mr. Kleinpeter. Is manager of the Basket grocery. Mrs. Dewel's furniture, which -had been in use by other tenants till recently, will be moved out, Mrs. Dewel, the W. C. Dewels, the. B. A. Thorpes, and the D. E. Dewels are today having a last reunion at the old home before the furniture is taken away. . Five applications -for i marriage '.licenses were filed in the district clerk's oflfipe last week: Frank.Bur- ger,\ Titonka,'.'Eunice,.. Ward,. Wessington ISpings, s: D.; Robert H. Clemens, Lorraine E. Smith, both of. Lakota; Herman J. Miller, Palo Alto j county, Helen F. Duffy, Whitte-' more; Irvin Brumann, Ledyard, Ber- ! nice Irmiter, Armstrong; Raymond 'Metzen, Jean McConneU, both of Bode. Licenses have been issued to Clarence J. Metzgan, Camilla Bollig, both of Kossuth, and Henry Loerwald, Bode; Cecelia Gales, Uv- ^ermore. Sunday was observed by Algona churches as tuberculosis and health 'Sunday, and pastors called attention to. the coming sale of' Christmas seals, by which educational and health work, especially among chil- day. Mr. Faber thought some boy with a rifle had carelessly fired without taking the trouble to see that no valuable animal was in line, and he suggests that parents who let their boys go about with guns should at least warn the youngsters against indiscriminate which may cause heaivy someone. .. V shopting loss to DEPRESSION CUTS RUSH FOR HUNTERS'PERMITS The open pheasant season caused only a small increase in hunting license applications this y«ar.' Only 135 were issued in the open season, whereas in preceding years there were usually nearly that many every day. No non-resident licenses were Issued, for everyone who hunted here lives in Iowa, according to sworn statements made when required. It was suspected, however, that in some cases border hunters had to jump a river, or something, to hail Farmers ARE BEST HUSBANDS Girls, when picking out a husband, a farmer is your best Bet if you want a long, and happy iif e . fS °" the '**"«•' " He will be near : tn to - ls m6re nvM p ° lltlolans ' and ^her higher-ups' are apt over-estimate themselves. The family circle gets i m r them ' Th6y ars apt to for w* th * «™& of .life, such as church and home, but are always ready for the golf links. • • The merchant may be a good provider, but he gets too wrapped up in his business. He' Is not much help In raising and training a family. He lives with his business Instead of his wife. A good honest laboring man is the next' best bet to the farmer. Honesty in the home, no matter how humble, spells happiness. m, | eteer cleac of a hunte r and trapper. I lie man that shoulders his gun Sunday morning for an all day hunt has no business with a family He is selfish, he cares for nothing or no one, only to satisfy his own selfish nature. He will not only neglect you but If hunting Is his business nine chances out of ten me will even fail to provide for you. The traveling man with a wife in every port and away from home most of the time Is a mighty poor excuse for a husband. On the contrary, do not marry a preacher. Tou will get tired of having him laying around the house. A woman likes to be queen of her own domain. Bet on the farmer against the field— roarry him and bring the cream check to Neville's Store, where" you can buy good shoes and stockings for less money than anywhere else in the State of Iowa. Jimmie Neville's "The Shoe Man" Algona, la. and Mrs. Henry Kalm, Oelweln. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Williams, Iowa ^ City, came last Thursday and visited ilv-re till Sunday, guests of the Dr. dren, is financed. A and T and r ~ p j Sjos-and &JOStianai Pastors partici- M. A! J. Davern. The intervals, visited relatives at Wesley and Ventura. • Alice, 11-year-old daughter of Mr. i..-.u ..... ~«,.*.«..,, £,u*. u ,.t, «.. i...« "*..i and Mrs. Donald Sparks, Cresco W. D. Andrews family and the John township, was operated on for ap- Frankls. Ipendicitls a.t the Kossuth hospital The Dr. L. W. Fox family went to Tuesday. Henry, year-old son of , „„,. „„„„„.. Sidney Tuesday for a visit till to- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heiderscheidt, AttrarrivP far-PR rn rnanv HAC nior.row.with. Mrs; 'Fox's- sisters, entered the hospital for treatment f^ ll;r «; c "ve lares to many d6S- Mrs. Ralph Greenwood, and Mrs. >esterday. Esther Franzen has been tmations— at Only one fare Loyd Lehan, . . a medical patient since last -week Fred Behlmer werit'" to' Kanawha Wednesday. CHICAGO Round Trip Children Hnlf Faro ' December 2 and 3 Good in coaches only on all trains. Return to reach starting point by midnight December 5 Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Store This is a demonstration of Every Day values at this busy store. By comparison you will find our goods are of known good quality while the prices are economically low. ' plus 25 Cents for round trip. i Honored in all equipment _ ' last week Tuesday and visited a. sis- Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Smith, Cam- sleem'ne or narlnr rar 'ter there till :Saturday.,.On the open den. N. Y., were .Friday till Tuesday ? f " ^ ? F P a «Or car afternoons he hunted pheasants in guests of the Godfrey families. - Mr, elra -Ker the vicinity/ „ .' . j Smith is a member of a firm which Alma Beeton, Sheffield, ' is spend- ! supplies ice to railroads, ing a Thanksgivin 1 home of fier sis Gutlerian! Miss . Beeton school near Sheffield. teaches . . Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Quarton, Ce- ftar Rapids, their children Betsy and Gardner, and Sucnner's brother Wll ' , .He be- vacation at 1 the longs to the Exchange club in lite Mrs, R. ' H. home town, and was a guest of Geo, W. Godfrey at Monday's Rotary club meeting. The Smiths and the God* re ys are old friends. 'Ames students home for the week- en d are: Edgar Finnell, Kenneth Richardson, Charles n n - liam are spending today 'with Judge Cowan, Max , and Mrs. W. B. Quarton. , i Lindhorst, Marlon MeMahon, Irene Robt. Stewart, who underwent an Dalzlel. Vera Morris came as far as Root. Stewart, wno unaerweni an •"»»«•«»• r°io. .uaums i^uiie us iar as operation for. gangrened appendix at Algona, and her parents, Supervisor the Kossuth hospital one day last and Mrs, Charles Morris, Lone Rock, week and .for a time was In critical m et her here, Dick Schmidt, Storm condition, Is reported improved. Lawrence .'Sullivan and Irma Duncombe, Des Moines, were .week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs.. W. W. Sullivan.' , La/wrenCe and Wade are cbng- ins. The men hunted pheasants.. Coach Mercer, of the high school, has been elected to membership In the Rotary club. 'Including ..Mr. Mercer, the club's membership last week was 55, the highest it has ever jeen. June Adele Overmyer comes this morning for Thanksgiving and -the week-end with her parents, Supt- and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer. She/teaches French'in the Oskaloosa high school. The Ross Morelooks. who had been -living at Irvington for several months, moved to Algona Saturday. Mr. Morelock had been depot agent here, but will now be operator at Algona , Lake, accompanied Miss McMahoh for Thanksgiving and the week-end. Ruth MoMahon, Galva teacher, came this morning. Dr. F. W. Calry, Sioux City, and Dr. T.. M.- MacRoberts, Columbus extra. Return limit midnight following Tuesday. '.. Tickets Now on Sale THE MILWAUKEE ROAD Boys Offered Best jeraior ai JJ.IB"««. Billy 6%-year-old son of -Mr. ; ana Mrs. H. W. Pletch, was operated on or appendicitis last Thursday at the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. F. H, Seller s his nurse. Billy began to go to chool In September. The (Dennis Pratts are spending he week at Haynes, N. D., and $vr- ng Mr. Pratt's absence a Mr, Lane, vho travels for a Cedar Rapids elee- rlcal company. Is looking after the ^ratt electrical shop. Mr, and Mrs, Adrian Bunmeteter and Helen Goeders wenit to Menom- nee WJs., yesterday tot g.'hanksgjv,- ng and 1 We week-end- with ^re- Buroeteter's Parents. Mr, Bur»je4?- ja a local teacher, .-. .. and Mrs. 'A. B .CounseU, Vt*e,!fi" •"-"—-' . «W ""' Grape Fruit, 7 for No, 10 Prunes, cian —,.__ Big B Coffee, per lb,, Our Diamond Blend Coffee, per lb. .,. Corn Meal, 5 lb. sack __'J_90 Sausage, Hamburger, Bacon Squares, Beef Boil, and I'ork Boast—r '/' IOC lb. killed'pork by half or whole, and baby beef by, the quarter, Price fp? H,R,WSEN&CO, Bad times are good times for magazine readers, according to the editor of youth's favorjte magazine, THE AMERICAN BOY-YOUTH'S COMPANION. More people are writing than ever before, he states, and finer adventure, more gripping- yarns.more downright reading thrills are due the magazine subscriber than ever in history. THE AMERICAN BOYrYOUTH'S COMPANION In 1933 will foe loaded from cover to povep with great experiences. For adventure, the read?. er will travel with, the Royal Canadian Mounted throuarh forests and mountains, penetrate.to the military posts of Borneo; ride with cavalry in India, plunge into the Amazon jungle. • , . There'll be character - building- stories of the professions, of school and college life. There'll be articles on sports, travel, and science, that take boys to the Orient, that explain the mystju-les of ocean liners and air transports. There'll be stprles that satisfy the boy's wholesome appetite for fun and thrill, and Tils keen desire to learn. ' TH1E AMERICAN BOY-YOUTH'S COMPANION costs Just ?2.00 a year or $8.00 for three years. In other, word's, when you subscribe for three years, the Magazine's savings enable them to give you «. subscription for only a dollar a year! It's the ideal rift for that boy you're interested n, be he 'son, nephew, neighbor, cousin, or son of your business &$• sociate. And an attractive gift card bearing -your, name wjll go to Wni U you request it. Send your order }Si>Y T $BQ > •»¥.'$!$£•. ..y t .,1 7, 'IS Cambric Prints Just received a large new selection of patterns in A-B-C fast color prints. 14c Outing Flannel Good quality 36-in. outing flannel in light and dark patterns for gowns or pajamas. 8c Printed Challie 3G-in. printed challies in the better quality. A nice selection'of patterns, our price 9c Sanitary Modess A high grade Sanitary napkin, full size and comfortable. Twelve in each box, -ati 6for$l Kotex-Klenex Choose Kotex or Klenex as you wish in special feature selling—our price this 6 for $1 Suite-Dresses Fine all-wool. 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