Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 19, 1955 · Page 25
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1955
Page 25
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10 11 acIlO nifjh Spot 8:00 p. m., WJAS Old Timers Record Hop. Some of older "hits" and great bands of the past. 8:23 8:30 9:00 9:30 WWSW Hockey. Hornets vs. Cleveland. KQV Hall of Fame. Cornel Wilde as Charlemagne in 'The First United Europe." KDKA-Groucho Marx. "You Bet Your Life." WCAE Cireen Room Dinner. Henry Jerome band from' Hotel Edison in New York. P-P- P-P- m., m., m., m.. WWSW KDKA WCAE WJAS KQV WDTY VJAC WTRF WSTV WENS lndtprdnt ?70 NIC IC20 AiS 173 Mutual 1320 Columbi O L f Q If. EM M5 FM FM li t FM 1.7 1410 1 WEDNESDAY 9 :00 Good :30;Tun Inn :15j Morning :45 ' ' Ordic & Co. Breakfast I Club Air SdifKil :01; :15i :30! M'Er'd": frn True Home forum Story: Shf-p Circle F:rrik Bank .Strike It I'.i'jh Pay rhra. Kltrhrn Club Whisper; Sts Girl Marries :00! :is :30i :4rr Homanre Sine Kve Bine Crosby WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 4 fl'WN: Whr Nni" HJar-'t-Newa Music Mafric Warm-News I H:lriPoUt.n Mrkt; Ann Polkas " " Aunt Jenny I -.10; Rhythm Here's Ann Woman's R"-k. Fmifh Henry; Nws :lr, " " " Wforld Brak Rank Gal Sunday 4 -no Mlodv-Go- News; td New Quer-n For Road of Life I :l"i Round fVhaugh- A Story A Day Ma Perkins I :io " enry Jav Mirhael Barry Kaye Dr. Mak-re A:, " Guid g Light :00; ' " News ; Ed New?: Jay Barry Kaye Mrs. Eurton :15i " " Shaugh- Jay Michael " Perry Ma.on :3fii " " ency " " " " Nora Drake " ' " : News Bricht Dav OO Ker'ci Hits News ; Worn. " " Barry Kaye Hilltop 15 " " In I " " " ' House Party ;.-?n " " Prp. Young "' " " " " : 45) " HapplnFS " " " : N'ews Hlen Trent 4 00i " Ra'kstg Wife " " Barry Kaye Jt" Dane il5i " Steiu Dallas ' " " " " " :30 " " Wid. Brown ' " ' " " " :4?ij " " In House " " " : News Deane; New? 00 Nws; Hit? Plain Bill " " Barry Kaya Jo" Deane ;ir. Ree'd Hits Lor. Jones " " " " " " :30! ' ilnd Chance " " " " " " :45 II;t; Fprt? Weather " " " : Brown WEDNESDAY EVENING 6;OOKydr; Nwpjly.ng-News 1st Sports Time Out Berkly Smith :15Rec'd Hits Organ Muslr Jay Mirhael Spts-Doubl Pie Traynor 30 Joe TiKk'r Cfirdic Town News; Jay Barry Kaye You Win :45Rr'd Hits 3 Star Extra Bill Stern " ; New? L. Thomas :OONws; Hits Buzz. Bill The Rosary F. Lewis, Jr. Tenn. Ernie M.IKrrd Hits HdiyGstine Vandereook Triu " " ;30 Joe Turkrr News Lr.e Raneer Gab. ITeatter Choraliers :4,'Rrrd Hits 1 Man Famly Rangr; News Prry Como Mur'ow-Nws :O0 Nws ; Par Dmah Shnre Music Old Disc FBI-Peace-:15 Par.; Game Sinafa Sine? Armrhair Hop; N'ewa War: Nws .30 llrrkcy : News; Craig Srena-ls Sentenred Hall Fama :45 Hornets P.arrie Craig " : News " 9:0n V'?. Grourho Sammy Kaye News; Squad Prry Como :15l Cleva- Marx Kaye; News Squad Room Bins Crosby :30, lAiid Bip Story Grfen R.rm Old Timers Am-g 'n' :4",j " " " " ; New? Party Andy: Nws 4 f .00 " M Gee, Molly M'rgan-Nws Newscast Grable- 1 Ilil-S " " Gildersleeve T. Riirps Old Timers James Rhw I II : 30 Accent n Party Lina Show " " Spts : Grsble- ;4.rii Melody " " " " " James Shw : 00 All-Star Paul Long News; Riggs Dickson Nws Smith; News Final Boyer-Spta T. Rigps Old Timers Music f'.r 301 " " I'arty Line " " Partv Reading :45 " " " ' " " Nws; Believe Music; News 4 :O0 'J70 Club ' T. Rigps Old Timers Music for 1 15j " " " " " " I'arty Reading I :30 " " Night Watch " ' " " Sign Off -45 " " " " " " Sign PIT THURSDAY MORNING 9:uu uonn :15! Morning :30Tune Inn :4S " " Cordic & Breakfast Club Air School McBride; Fm Hcirne Forum Shnp. Circle Break Bank True Story Story; Street Whisper. Sts Girl Marries Strike Rich Tap Phrase, Kitchen Club Romance Since Eve Bmg Crosby Show PENNY (EVECVTMiKIG IS IMPLY I L MINiD OVEg MATTEg- r V t-IO. THE BERRYS f I SAO. ou sad rr: fMSORRYl BUT QJ DCNt PDNT I ? ARCHIE LtmcH? r ATE JAINE BEFORE ARCH the: noon HOUR IS NEARLY OVER WHEN ARE WE GOiNG TO EAT LUNCH? I STARTED PLAYING VOLLEY BALL v. .V HAUDAY si AGGIE MACK: WHERE' THE VCC1ZHCS rvp STT V 0 UitP TOP Hr:M ' lit - "s. : n.EASE-JUT CKB and Proaramn MORNING Bill Firant Henry; Nws Joe Dean Kathryn Kuhlmsn Bill: Nw Sfry Music Magic Jane EaU News; Ol.on John Olsen Arthur Godfrey Show 10 Strt. U.S.A.; News Crosby 11 Ring Croby Rosemary ICrojibv: N'ws 12 10 11 12 Bill Brant Henry; News Joe Deane Kathryn Kuhlman Music Magic Jane Ball News; Oleen John Olsen Arthur God frey Show Fla.-U. S. A. U. S. A. ; Nws Bing Crosby Binjr: News Bing Crosby Rosemary ALL PHYSICAL SEMATIOM PUCELY IMAGIKIAOY. M TMAT CASE, OSWALD - - WLJATCJO YJU WANT ATTITUDE MYBJXD? TUATS W!0NS. .V N rL 1 IV WHY DIDN'T nJ YOU SAY so lY pikcr r was v. . PLANNING r CN SHARING pi rVI s!LZ J' ) i-&t 5v Television IHflfi 8:00 p. m. Disneyland do). clips from "Fantasia" and ,Pinocchio.,, 9:00 p. m. The .Millionaire (16) m . , a v a 9:00 p. m. Krart rj neater tb). ine written word,- a melodrama about a murderer. 10:00 p. m. Boxing (2). Robinson 10:00 p. m. Motorama (Ifi) (6) auto show from the WEDNESDAY 9 :00 Pas. Study :15 T.E.A. :30 Wm. Arjrl :45 Prta'B Life Film G. Monre Devotions Erakfast Club :00Gry Aloore :15 " :.'!0 IJnm :4"; Kdition Ding Dong Sf hool World Way S. Graham Ding Dong Kitrhen Korner :OO A. Godfrey iBneht Day Home ; 1 ." Stars ; Eat Mob Crosby 30 Strike It Strik It Rich :45 P.l-h VEDNESDAY -.00 Noon News Valiant Lady Tennessee 1 r, Ixive, Life Love, Life Ernie Feather :30 Tomorrow :45Gu.d. Li'e Tomorrow Guiding Lite 1 :00 Bill Brant :l )Biil: Taste :30 Kay's :4"i Kitchen Portia Life Road Welcome Travelers Cal'.-.ng All Cars Kid Korner Marine 2 :00 R. Q. Lewis :15 Val. Lady ;30 Meet Your :45i Neighbor R. Q. Lewis House Party- 3 :00 Big Payoff :1.V " ' :30 Paul Dixon :4.j: " " Big rayoff Film Miss Jlarl'we Kloss 4 :00 Bright Day :15Se"t Storm :30 On Your :45 Account Melodies Secret Storm Oa Your Account Mr. Sweeney Romances 5 :00 Lone Ranger :30 Howdy :4o! Doody Terry Toons Cartoons Howdy Doody Pinky Lee Howdy Doody WEDNESDAY 6 ;00 :lo :30 :4b Buzz, Bill ": Quiz Ide-News Par.: Spts Muic; Spts Du-Bois Strike It Rich Movie Marshal Sports: " 7 :00 :15 :30 :4o Cap. Video Btty. News Time Out E.Z.C. Rch. Norby Ed Fisher N'ws; Caravn See America First Eddie Fisher News Caravn 8 :00 :1.V :30 :45! Arthur Godfrey Amos 'n' Andy Arthur Godfrey I Married Joan Little Margin 9 :00 Ellery :15i Queen :30 Passport to :4oi Danger TV Theater D. Thomas Show Badge 714 :00 Boxing :15 " " . :30i " " :4nSport Spot Motorama Motorama :00:W. Tonitc : In Late Movie :30j. Captain :4lii Fury" Spts; Late Late Movie; "Sherlock Holmes" News Par Golf Tonite NBC :00i " " :ln'T. B. A. :30:Spts; Swng News Sign Of! :45 Swng Shift THURSDAY :00 Pas. Study .ln'T.B.A. :30;W's Angle :45Prta'a Life Garry Moore Breakfast Club Film :00Garry Moore :30 Home :4o Edition Ding Dong School World Way S. Graham Ding Kitchen Camera :00 A. Godfrey :lfi! " " :30Strike It :45 Rich Brisrht Day Bride, Gro'm Strike It Rich Home IT rSNT SO MUCH WAT MX! DO OR SAY, ITS THE WAY YUU LX; OR SAY IT- . NO. NOVEETCRf4 POP. i-ii gWOT, WAJXS to VOU WOM'T M1KIO I J ( CMAKKSIMG- PLACES ) ( V 7 WITM ME. THEY CAN'T U :. DO THIS y QJTOMEJ . Ipl 14 1 1 fKj v XT' 1 I Spof nnil Programs -Monsters or tne Deep, also (9). (See column this page.) im. T . . a a vs. Jones, 10 rounds.. ("). Bob Hope emcees big Waldorf-Astoria in New York.. MORNING Western Theater Movietima Godfr'y Time Movietima AFTERNOON Nest All profromt t )ssvrf, t chenee Noon News Stare One R. Q. Lewis Moviettes House Party Moviettes Inn Boh Crosby Test Pattern Movies n Look Ladles Circle 9 Western EVENING Nws Sports Weath.; Nws W ther Daredevils K. F. & O. Daly-News Teletopics D. Edwards P. Como News Caravn Arthur Godfrey Disneyland The Millionaire I've Got a Secret The Millionaire I've Got A Secret Big Town The Big Picture Motorama Newsbeat Tri-State Theater '"Whisper ing Footsteps" MORNING Western Theater Dong Movietime A. Godfrey Movie Time BACUf TMEOE MY ILLV MlWD UCS-PT IMAGiSllKiO I WAS COLD. 7 WHAT WOULD AM EGG AMOLfJT TO, PRAY, IF THE HEN GOT Ct J 7 A WUUbTTDLAYIT LCZJA'iEZ'Z HAT, Ilk n EVERY ALL AAY A KUMQUAT, CANARY'S I GONE SEEDS V. SsS DISAPPEARED . 1 WE LOfT THE . Radio and TV Pheasant Under Glass Or Small Screen Glamour 'Strike It Rich1 Breeds Its Own Demise As 'The Millionaire' Debuts Tonight By WIN FANNING Pott-Cztt Radio & TV Writer You may never have noticed it, but even the most experienced diner-out has a tendency to iuvk a nine self-conscious when ordering pheasant under class. Viewing 'The C5lOIri Vl U U fc4: nel 16. last Saturday night at 10. I was pleased Win Fanning to see that this phenomenon also holds true among those the announcer described as "the socialites and celebrities, the glamorous people who take part in the glamorous (sic) activities that go on in Americans most famous night club." I had just digested this observation and was looking for a place to ditch the glass and turn to the bird when the announcer on this peculiarly revolting appeal to snobbery hove into view. He was none other than Stork proprietor Sherman Billingsley, himself in person. Beside him sat actor Dane Clark and before their table were several glamorous models parading up and down in glamorous cocktail dresses. Reading his child-like lines Radio Stations On Your Dial VVFIT 730 kc WBVr 1230 kc WMCK 1360 kc UXOA 1550 kc WEDO 810 kc WIIOl) 860 kc WILY 1080 kc WKJF 93.7 mc WDUQ 91.5 mc WKPA 1150 kc Educational TV Programs Today WQED riTTSBUKGII CHANNEL 13 1:00 Test Pattern until 1:30 1:30 Schooltime Elementary 2:00 Schooltime Primary 2:30 Films From Britain 3:00 For Ladies Only 3:00 FO RLADIES ONLY "A Stitch in Time" 3:30 Great Plains Trilogy 4:00 Passing of the Punkin Pine 4:10 Tale of Two Houses 4:30 Children's Corner 5:30 What Greater Gift? 6:00 Great Cargoes 6:30 Credit Man's Confidence in Man 7:00 High School of the Air 7:30 The Finder 8:00 You, the Artist 8:30 American Political Parties 9:00 Community Portraits 9:30 Program Previews Sign Off WILBUR "I found out why the lemon sherbet tastes flat . . . Wilbur swiped it from the refrigerator and replaced it with snow !" Low Winter Rates On: ROOMS ADDED Or any other roofing or home repairs yb roof to foundation. Low monthly payments or cash terms. Take advantage of low wint'-r pries, but don't start paying until April. Insured guaranteed. M. LIFSHER & SON I0 E. CARSON ST., S. S. con HE 1-1 633 tZ Member AMCA ill I ', ' J '. gas Presents 0Jcct) GENERAL mmmmA TONIGHT OOP 1 vith studied pace, Mr. Billingsley inquired of Mr. Clark if he liked to watch glamorous girls parade up and down in glamorous gowns. Mr. Clark, who had memorized his role, allowed that he did. Then our host asked his guest if he had noticed all the glamorous celebrities at the surrounding tables. Mr. Clark said he had indeed. The camera then trained its lens on several of the neighboring pheasant eaters and darned if Mr. Billingsley didn't tell us just what each celebrated person had ordered from soup to whatever follows pheasant under glass. I didn't recognize anv of the glamorous people and anyway I felt somewhat em- barrassed about having barged In on their dinner, so after waiting a couple minutes longer, just to be polite. switched back to Channel 2 where Mr. Liehman was still presenting "Naughty Mari etta,' and doing a right glamorous job of it, too. As it turned out glamour was all over the air last weekend. A Mr. Ben Novak had persuaded the "Comedy Hour" people to drop in on his new multi-million dollar hotel at Miami Beach and, except for some unusually inept camera work, the Novak" brand of glamour came over a lot better than the Billings-lev varietv. I don't know why it Is, but major programs have a way of falling apart technically when they journey to Miami. I kept switching back to the Ed Sullivan show, during com mercials and the like, and the contrast in production methods was appalling. The Miami bovs were over-extending themselves, I believe, In their search for glamour. It also seemed to me that comedian Jack Carter was over-extend- himself In a futile search for humor, but pantomimUt Gene Sheldon more than made tip for any failings in the laugh department. All in all. It was a fair enough offering. A new show called "The 1 I'm afraid yo won't Wa need someone who'i hi ghj .killed, witla years of experience." Gives Special Kind of ITiB Sg Warnth, ,or t relieve coughs aching mnsclet Child's Mild Musterole made especially for kiddies' tender skin-forms a special comforting, protective warmth on chest, throat and back. It not only gives tast relief but helps break up localized jongestion. Stainless! k'MUSTE&QLE 7t MOTORS THEN V PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: JANUARY 19, 1955 Dogs to Have Their Day on TV V . SIT). r A.' y f I i -)x '-:v . A: a'' - . V V:-' -. -:-t. , t , v.. WAGGERY June Havoc, who plays the title role, will thare starring honors with a trained dog act in the "Willie"' episode to be presented on Channel 9 this Saturday at 10:30 p. m. The waggery starts when Miss Havoc's pup falls In love with the act's "leading lad v." Millionaire" will debut on WENS and WSTV tonight at 9. It will replaor "Strike It Rich," thus proving, of course, that the latter show was just a bit too successful. In addition to supplying patrons for Mr. Billingsley and Mr. Novak. "Strike It Rich" made the mistake of providing its own logical replacement. "The Millionaire" will center around two permanent characters a wealthy man and his .secretary. Each week the secretary will pas along a check for $l,000,000'to some poor chump, no strings attached, and we shall see what havoc sudden riches can wreck In the life of a common man. It is promised that we shall never see the face of the benefactor although we shall hear his voice. All I can say Is that he'd better stay away from the Stork. Otherwise he's sure to find himself right there next to th unctuous Mr. Billingsley, face, pheasant, glamour and all. Despite recurring reports to the contrary, there is no chance that WKJF-TV, Channel 53, now defunct, will return to the air under any new management until and unless there is a major change in the Federal Communications Commission regulations. There is about $235,000 worth of equipment standing idle, to be sure, but the low power transmitter would have to be coupled lo an expensive PAYOFF; VZXZ OtPR KEFKiGS.-j ATORS, s SGTTE5t.rS A TO VEE? BUTTER NU QiO'XA N FOC EASY -SPZEADlOG , jj $. CoSCRT LlOVt $2 for your original idea if printed, r Write Jerry Longell co this newspaper. MB? RELIEF with Tha way thoutani physicians end dentists recommend HIRE'S WHY . . . Anocin is I k o doctor's preicription. Thot it, Anoc:n o"toin no! jut on but a combinotion of medico'! prov OCiv ingredientj. No 0hr product $! foster, longr-tosting relief from poin of Heodocrie, neuritis, neuralgia Skan Anocin Tablets. Buy Anoint- todoyl Be My Guest TONIGHT VJJAC-TU Channel 6 10 Ml. GM MOTORAMA of 1955 x 4 .--. I-- i I 1 1 I Fl Puzzle Corner Answers Questions on preceding page WORD GAME Word ENORMOUS rouse more sermon roue mores senor rooms moose snor runes mouse oon ruse moron sore menu morose some mou rns moon sour nose noose norm nurse nome omens onus onerous moor rose morn unmoor sure user uer ANAGRAMS 1. ASPIRATE 2. DISTURB 3. REYNARD 4. FESTOON 5. SUSPEND Ansvyer to Jumble on Tage 1, Section 2: frisK ozonE CHcep maniaC CHECK. booster on order when the station suspended operation and network service would have to be secured to permit a profitable return to the air. After all, there Is Mill Channel 47 assigned here and never put Into operation, and Channel 16 is now handling all the profitable network programming available to an Ultra High Frequency station here. So unless the FCC takes some radical action to Improve the UHF situation in this area Channel T3 will certainly remain in "suspension." Catholic War Yds To Convene Here The Catholic War Veterans of Allegheny County and their auxiliaries will hold their third annual convention in the William Penn Hotel on Friday and Saturday. January 21 and 22. J. William McGowan, fociol-ogy professor at Duquesne University, will speak at the convention banquet Saturday evening at 7 p. m. FREE CATALOG 100 DESIGNS MANTELS CUSTOM BUILT , fftont For free Cafofegs NO MONEY DOWN $8.00 Per Month phonI LE. 1-8595 Phone Answers 24 Hours ARTCRAFT MANTELS 1811 V. LIBERTY AYE. ph's Largest Mantel Dealer 1 v J sliill & t" most booitiful cors of todoy od tornorrow ot th's potionwido TV preview cf the Genera! Motors 1955 Motorola! Bob Hcpa's your host on this hour-leg sKowl Prjnfc by GENERAL MOTORS Diract from tha WAIDOR5-AJTOR1A, New York t GENERAL MOTORS Sponsored by: DOD HOPE

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