Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1932 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1932
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on.sen- oft gdvernbr, 9473; on , 6746] on State senator, 6173. Atgona the vote, on president itot l -&oosevelt; 825 for ttooSeveU'e majority woe .percentage of the J," tt ty Vote Was «9; Hoover's, 31. went democratic on pres- i a house afire—Hoover, 8; Velt, 189. So did Letts Creek: ffhorias, the socialist, polled one r more votes In all but seven pre- out of »«. A German Lutheran preacher at rard wo* 6 al<d circulated a bit- attack on Hoover. Roosevelt's wrd majority over Hoover was ]n ft total vote of 209. t Murphy had 2464 votea to spare ve the combined vote for (Field I Brookhart. i BrooMiart spoke at Swea City the •day night before election — and , on election day a goose egg Harrison townahlp. ri 29 out 'of 'jCossuth's 36 pre- ^Ixwgte.vo'te for governor ed" of^oose eggs. Six pre„„- gave him one vote each, and S- distinguished Itself with 6. I Algona went 1166 for Gllchrlst and |13 for Branagan; 1099 for Patter- i and 770 for McSVirland. I Branagan carried four counties ; of 14 In th« Eighth district— Webster, : Caflhoun, and rawford. |Burt gave Patterson nearly 3% to , and Portland, Patterson's home hip, gave him more than 2 ol. [itoHarland got a handsome home Kilnc't endorsement,/ 390-139; per- ge 74. '' His" neighboring 1 Kos- townsh'lp, Oarfleld, gave him 1 to 62; percentage 70. I Bonnstetter got a wonderful en- ALGONA, IOWA, NOVEMBER 17, 1932 PAHERSON WINNE BLAZE RUINS P.&S.DRIIG STOCK MONOAY Cigar Lighter Spark Sets a Can of Gas on Fire. •Fire Monday afternoon at the rear of the Paine & Sorensen drug store caused an almost complete loss on stock, damaged fixtures, and wrecked a bililt-ln back room and' cony. The damage to goods bal- and' nent In Garfleld, 213-8. his home furnishings is estimated at $14,000. mostly covered by insurance.- The building is owned by Mns. Julia McEnroe, and it was covered by Insurance. The blaze started when a spark |Mawdsley carried' two wards in Bonnstetter the other two; jot Bonnstetter carried the town as (whole, 969-832.' ' I Representative' Bonnstetter's • un\ J. J. Bonnstetter, ; of Corwith, rother of Matt,Bonnstetter, Algona, ncle also of Antoinette'Bonnstetter, i-Humboldt .school'nurse, was iiocratlc nominee ,for representa- in Hancock, county, but lost, (M-2578. _', : •'.-.. pt on'court 1 " clerk,"- Algona republican on 'county 'offices 1 majorities ranging from 200 to I In the county -as a, _ whole 1 , .Me-, roy's majority was 1067;- McMa- m'a, 956; Dahlhauser's, '8?6; Doo- 639; Butler's' ;.Duffy's, 381. "5M;y ^Evans's, |0rton's home town,' Burt, stood by more than three' to one—^ 1-97.'' .. ' Kruse's majority was 498 In Al- Chubb's, '442; 'Miller's' "359; arltt's, 32.2; Harris's, 321; Peton's, 319; MeEvoy's, 20$.''. " "' Greenwood, Wesley 'and Whitte- on the baste of, the vote on iltor—accounted for?a democratic lorlty .of 793, or more than h to defeat all republican can- ir : ' cq^n'ty <: % {officet;.'-excjepl; rrls and' Miller.,.' : ' v "~ .'- "" '•• • U:.have to come ; down. to ; "the ty ticket "ti> '|[ejr' d''itne'';onY"what nets are still normally repub- thls basis the Algona 'wards, Pt the Third, Buffalo,'; Burt, >i East Lone 'Rock, 'Fenton, 'Harrison, Hebron,' Irvlngton, rti, Lu Verne, (Portland, Swea, F Union are republican. nocrattc precincts are Garfleld, •n, Greenwood, Lincoln, Lotts Prairie, .Ramsey, Riverdale, , Sherman, .'Springfield, Wes| whittemore. . -.4 -'Ward, •• Eagle,- -La' ^ne Rock, Hum Creek, Sen- K °U>er woTdsT if precincts are six Ignited high-test gasoline In a can as Mr. Sorensen was filling an electric cigar lighter. The light is of the familiar battery-operated type, with a wooden box on which is a wick with sparking contact which ignites It. By accident the lighter clicked as Mr. Sorensen was filling It and the resulting spark fired the gasoline in a gallon can. .., Thick Smoke Fills Building. Mr. Sorensen threw the can down, and immediately the flames spread to the Interior back of the prescription case. Mr, Sorensen and his clerk, 1 Edward Miller, called the fIre : department, then grabbed the book' accounts and other records, and rushed them out. By that time the smoke became so dense that-'it was Impossible to get Into the store. The offices upstairs were filled with smoke, which extended also Into the A. & P. grocery store and the postoffice, smoking everyone out, except in the postoffice. Burn- Ing drugs created a dense, : 'bitter smoke. Firemen Conquer Blaze.. ,' The fire department at first fought the blaze from the postoffice corridor and the front end of the store. A -few minutes later a hose was 'strung to an altnost forgotten back window in an airway at the rear of 'the store, .This.airway-,Jla barely, wide enough for a•-•• backstairs exit from the Call thijater. • This line reached the base of the fire in the lower part of the back room, and In short order, with help from the other line, the blaze was control. A line was then strung up to the roof, where a skylight was smashed and a spray stream of water turned on the balcony. , . Interior Completely Wrecked. The interior of the drug store was wrecked completely, so far as stock was concerned, Most of the fixtures will need much repairing and redecorating before they can be City Shocke Powerful streams 'of water,' pressure by motor-driven used. under' pumps on the; fire trucks, swept bottled, goods and everything else off the shelves and piled them In heaps on the floor. -.Plate! glass .windows In .the.. drug store 'and in the A. & P. grocery suffered from the heat. The drug store Windows cracked, and one _ of > the grocery wlndowis was 'broken, . • •. Valuables were removed -from' iip- MRS, VAN NESS PASSES AFTER DAY'SILLNESS Dies 48 Hours After Serving as Judge of Election. Algonlans were shocked Friday morning to learn that Mrs. E. J. Van Ness had, died at 11 o'clock the night before. Few had even known that she was sick. She had served as second ward election judge all day Tuesday and that night, but she did not complain of illness till next day.i s . Mrs. Van Ness had for nine years suffered from diabetes.' The fatigue involved In her election duties may have brought on the final attack, which came 24 hours before her death. Doctor Cretzmeyer and Ellen Carlson, nurse, were called, but before Miss' Carlson arrived the patient had sunk Into coma, from which she never revived. Funeral services were conducted Saturday afternoon at the Congregational church, the Rev. F. J. Clark, pastor, in charge, and burial was made in the family lot in Riverview cemetery, beside the grave of the son Stanley, who was killed in an automobile accident near Hobarton six years ago. Beared In Franklin County. Mrs. Van Ness was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Taw, retired farmers at Iowa Falls who were .prevented by age and feebleness from attending the funeral. Her maiden given name was Anna, and she was born December, 1, 1880, at Gratlot, Wis.. She was nearly 52 at death. Her family came to Iowa and farmed near Alexander, Frank- )ln county. She was graduated from the Alexander schools, then, spent-a year at -'Ellsworth college,:; Iowa Falls, finishing' her: education with two years at'Cedar Falls," following which she taught In- the - Franklin county schools. GILCHRIST'S LEAD 6467 IN DISTRICT According to unofficial .returns compiled by county auditors last week-end, Congressman F. C. Gll- chrlst, Laurens, had a district majority of 6467 over'^his democratic opponent, W. T. Branagan, Emmetsburg. : Congressman Gllchrist, running for his second term, carried Boone, Calhoun, Emmet, Greene, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, Palo Alto, Poc- ahontaa, and Wlnnebago, ten counties. Mr. Branagan carried four: Carroll, Crawford, Kossuth, and Webster. Mr. Gllchrlst's total vote was 47,630; Mr. Branagan's 41,163. The county-fty-county. returns follow: Gllchrist Branagan Boone —4480 ' Calhoun 3104 Carroll 2710 Crawford 2991 Emmet 2575 Greene 2613 Hamilton ; 3915 Hancock 3010 Humboldt ' 2619 Koseuth _—_. 4363 Palo Alto sail Pocahontas 1 3413 Webster 5794 Wlnnebago __._ 2842 2877 2163 6158 4103 1651 1669 2590 1999 1744 4377 3025 1936 6489 1482 FEDERAL CASES ON ALGONIANS ARE DISMISSED Jury is Instructed to Give Verdict of Not Guilty. Charges against four Algonians involving alleged violation of the migratory bird act and shooting ducks in the closed season In spring failed In federal court at (Fort Dodge before Judge Scott -last week. Two charges were tried. The case arose when H. D. Clapsaddle, Maurice and Fred Bartholomew, and Henry Neuman were driving a motor boat on high waters of the Des Molnee river, early spring rains. flooded by stalrs offices by means of a fire I «ne way and another Bupervls- 1 il? a good blt <* Patronage to te; which may account, In , »r their ability:^ bang> on ladder at'the window of the Dr. A. D. Adams and Dr. M. G. Bourne offices. A. E,' Michel removed transits and records from his office through a back window and a theater exit. Mr. Sorensen plans to reopen In due time with a new stock and a newly redecorated interior. FORMER ALGONIAN ELECTED LEGISLATOR IN HARRISON Dr. R. G, Moore, Veterinarian at Dunlap,. Harrison county, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J, M. Moore, Algona, • was elected representative on the democratic ticket last week Tuesday. His majority was about 2,000,-and he carried every precinct out of 29 except five, even coming within seven votes of carrying Missouri Valley, home of his republican opponent. There, as here, t the whole democratic county ticket was -elected. Doctor Moore has practiced at „ _.,lap since 1913. He Is .mayor, of the town and president of the school •bgard. He is married and has three children. Mrs. Van Ness had been teaching at Alexander, prior to. her. marriage there April 5, 1904. 'Mr.'Van Ness was then practicing law at Whittemore; -'In 1911 'he was elected coun;- ty attorney, and the} came to AJT, ffona, which has ever since been the; family home, . . . •'-•,'. Four Children Survive. .!••' Four children survive: Robert, who Is married and lives at Cedar, Rapids, where 'tie 'is an-electrical engineer; Katherlne, primary teacher at Onawa'; John and'-Rodney, at home. Mr. Van .Ness is a member .of the law firm of Van Ness and Still-:; man. . .;••.! Mrs. Van Ness-was a member 61! the Congregational church and of KRUSE POSTPONES ANNUAL TAX SALE Ordinarily the annual delinquent tax list would be published this week. The law requires sale the first Monday In December and pub- tycation three weeks beforehand. Publication and sale later is'provid- ed for only in case of,neglect by, the treasurer or his inability .to get the thing done on time. -. ' r . •••' In a number of counties this year the 'treasurers, sympathizing with financially distressed, taxpayers, have taken a chance, deliberately ''neglected" .\ttiste, 'duties .or failed "to get- thlijgs 'doipfe-'oiFtlJhe,and?; postponed^; publication ind sale' a month. Treasurer Kruse i& among these treasurers. Publication here will not be made till December, and there Will be no, sale till January. 'In return for his accominodatlori, Koesuth voters gave Mr.' Kruse a kick in; the panfs last .'week, and told him to go''chase'himself: But'Mr. Kruse Is not complaining. On the contrary he. feele. /grateful for . the three terms in office which he 'had already ,been given, and he .agrees with friends of 'Maurice Duffy, " of Mr. Clapsaddle has the agency for an outboard motor, and during the hlg<h water period he gave friends rides on the river. For one Sunday the,group of four planned a trip to Humboldt by boat. The night before they took a truck to Humboldt on which to bring- the boat back. On Motor Trip on Elver. The group left the concrete bridge north of town at 9:30 in the morn- Ing. After passing the Singleton bridge south of town they were accosted by a group of fQur game wardens. Mr. Clapsaddle, running the motor, didn't hear the wardens call, because of the roar of the exhaust. A few minutes later, however, he sensed that something was up, and so cut down the motor. •". In the meantime one of the wardens shot at the boat. The bullet plunged into the water nearby. The boat ^was then only a short distance from a bend. Clapsaddle, not knowing what the shooting was about, speeded up and ducked around the bend,. ... , - ARMISTICE DAY IS CELEBRATED HERE 'Armistice day was observed by the local legion post with the usual 6:3» banquet at the Legion hall to which all war veterans were Invited. Weather conditions were too cold for an outside program, but more than a hundred veterans attended the banquet, Including five from •Bancroft. The dinner was served by iF. L. Robinault, manager of the Silver Grey cafe. 'Speakers following dinner were: H. V. Hull, on citizenship; E. R. Morrison; Dr. Walter Fraser, on possibilities of the Legion; and the Rev. A. S. Hueser. Jos. Bloom gave a short talk on membership, and L. M. Merritt reported the eighth district convention at Fort Dodge November 1. Bridge and other card games took up the time after the program. The public program at the high, school In the morning began With patriotic songs. Two verses of America and a verse of America the Beautiful were sung by students. An address by the Rev. William Dibble, of the Congregational church at Mason City, followed, after which the audience faced east for a minute of silent prayer while a group of students sang and taps were sounded. JUDGE DELANO TO COME FOR COURT MONDAY Calendar Shows 12! New Cases Besides Holdovers. * Judge James DeLand will open the November term of court here next Monday. The regular call of the calendar will take place Tuesday afternoon. As usual, the petit jury Is not called till a week from Tuesday. The grand Jury, however, will be empaneled next Tuesday. There are 122 new cases, besides a large number held over from preceding terms. Tour Divorce Actions. There are four new petitions for divorce. Harriett Matzener, Led- 'Two brothers are; living':-'Albert- Iowa Falls, and William H., Hampton; a|so a sister, Mrs. Carrie Han- ,s4n,..V widow, Iowa Falls. Albert could not come for the funeral, but William H. and Mrs. Hansen were here. A sister-in-law, .Mrs. Georg'e Yaw, Iowa Falls, nephews and. pieces, from Franklin county, and Mr, and Mrs. Z. S. Talcott, of Williams,-the latter a sister of Mr, '. Van, Ness,' Whlttemore,, treasurer-elect, who say that the latter will be an excellent treasurer. , ..'.;,..-•• . The Polk county—Des Molnes — delinquent tax list was published last week, and It covered 58 pages of Plain Talk, a 5-column weekly newspaper devoted to legal publications. Last year It cost something •like $24,000 to make publication In the Des' Molnes'iReglster;v.,^]j.e, ; legal fee is 40c k description',.'•ajndVth'e'- fees are added to the taxes. were also here. Robert,, his -wife, and Katherlne also came. Patterson 'Lone Victor. After scanning statewide returns Senator Patterson was surprised to find that he- is 1 the'pfily member of the senate' feelected/''-" There, vare," however, a number of senators whose terms -did % not expire at this time and who were therefore not up ' ... . _, r ... andfthe boat .party met again .at the' bridge Just 'this side.of Sti Joe, but.nothingr was done by the wardens. .. ' Later Clapsaddle,, the Bartholomew brothers, and William Dau were^served with notice of trial under-federal law against shooting ducks. .Why Dau'.was included is not known here,, but-it Is presumed that It was a'case;of mistaken identity. He was perhaps mistaken for Neuman. .. ...'j Two Charges Ate Dismissed. " When i the trial, opened the case against OOau was summarily dismissed, •. it being found that he was not a member of the .boating party. The case 'against Clapsaddle was also dismissed, \yhen itVwas shown that he was operating .the motor all the' time and had no opportunity to shoot. , This left • the •' Bartholomew GLEE CLUB TO PUT ON MINSTREL SHOW The high school boys Glee club, under direction of Grace Miller, will elve a minstrel show, Land O' Cotton, at the high school auditorium tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. A small orchestra . led toy D. Wane R Collins will also take part. , '' • End .men .in the show Will be Edward Ostriim, John Shllts, James Chubb, Maurice Michel, Robert McCullough, and Melvin 'Miner. vThe interloctutor will^be William ,S$eig- ler; A-i'close^harmonyW^ quartet iwill consist of Emory Groseribachi Lloyd Pratt'' William' Kaln, Hutchins. ' A "regulation 1 yard, is asking for divorce from Harvey Matzener, 'charging cruel and inhuman treatment. There are five children: Alice, 15; Betty, 12; Melvin, 9; John 6; and Patricia, 3. Matzener ds a former deputy county auditor, and Mrs. Matzener a daughter of the late F. S. Jenks. • Etta Meier is asking a divorce from Henry Meier on the same charge, and also asks custody of Arthur, 7, with $250 temporary alimony, Mrs. Meier lives near Irvington with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Chilton. Verna Plfer, also Irvlngton, is asking divorce from Theodore Pifer, truck driver, charging . cruelty and drunkenness. She asks custody of Delores, 5, and Robert, 4 with alimony, - . Frederick N. Theis, of 'Bancroft, seeks divorce, from Ruth Howell Theis, charging desertion. The couple were married In Colorado In 1925 MAJORITY 83 ACCORDING TO BOARD COUNTS Anti - Income Taxer* and Demos Ponder Contest. Completion of the official election- returns in Dickinson, Clay, Emmet. Palo Alto, and Kossuth counties M :he boards of supervisors reveafi. that Sen. Geo. W. Patterson defeated B. F. McFarland, West Bend, tar S3 votes. The returns follow: Patterson McFarlanft Dickinson 1770 17W Clay 2594 2»lt Emmet -2300 3 alo Alto 2716 Kossuth ; 4447 32»». 47M Injunction Sought. ,• Something new in recent:, court terms. 3sitwo minstrel show, singing, jokes, and tap danc-. are was . for reelection. J.F.Granzows Celebrate uesday With their children,- ; grandchil- 'and P$ Mrs, their friends' j.'-' F golden Algona ROBBERS HOLD UP LUVERNE ELEVATORM^SS IS SMALL Lu Verne, Nov. 15—The Sanford and Lindebak elevator was the scene of a holdup Saturday eyenlng about 9 o'clock when two men entered and holding Jack D'elaney, Who sleeps at the elevator office, at the point of a gun took what money they could find In the safe. They then drove away and escaped. .Only a email amount of money happened to be In the safe, so the robbers got very little for their trouble. :It was reported that a lumber yard at Vm- cenli was robbed the same evening. Morris Majority 126, Returns from Greenwood on supervisor 'were accidentally oniHted in last week's election report. Greea- ave Morris 213; BM**.™ in t&e district are: Morris, 1055; Kollasch, 959. dren'd, ofch^r. relatives;'a about 'them,' 1 Mr.' and" Granzow celebrated wedding- Tuesday at their home. ^'' Fifty-odd years ago Mr, and' Mrs. Granzow were young people in New P.ommeranla, Germany, „ a former Swedish iprovince': ,near\ .-Denmark. They fell In Jove and became engaged. Mr. Granzow.was In the army, and his term of service' would not expire till 1882, The pair had Chops Off Nov. 15-U8tos a test chopped w f ^ r j one of hjs graduated in 1876, A bpbttier and a . . , 5. to lAmerici before . and .•had''loca.tedl at Fennimdre;' Wis. "'• ;• ''•;:;•-.. V •*"•---. ' » -,ji After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. .Granzow rebided., atv Cresco tf__ l_ • ,«» '_• *i:. ' i • "i v ' V\ ,i' brothers, to bear the charges. Testimony by the wardens uncertain. One, testified that,.they were : Jh:-aiwbUsh ten feet 'from, ttie' Blackford bridge, west of town, .when, they, heard shotgun shooting which must have come from the boat. .On .hearing this testimony Dennis Kelleher, •' Fort Dodge, and Maurice McMahon, t Algona, , attor->. Heys-for-*the -defense, .called" attention to.the fact tha't thejplace" where the men were supposed to be ambushed was ten^eet.under,water at the tlme,^ The'spot'also borders the Algona Gun club's 'shooting range. None .of the. wardens ;could testify to" seeing, the- boys -shooting.! at ducks, or having game in possession, so after a half day" of testimony Judge Scott Instructed the foreman" of the Jury to'sign a "verdict of -" with ing, will be given. Members of the Glee club „.« Duryvood Baker, Walter Beardsley, Rob.er.t, Boleneus,... Everett Bowman, Allen Buchanan, John Chrlstensen, James Chubb, Chalmer Cooper.Leroy Dale, .Dennis. Gpeders, John Green, 1 Emory Grosenbach; Orval Haines, Claire Hanson, Paul Hawkins, Donald Hutchins, William Kain, Robert La Barre, Roland Larson, Maurice Michel, Robert Mc- Cullqugh, Melvin, .Miner, Wayne Moore, Carl Norman, Edward Osr trum, Russell Plckett, Richard post Lloyd Pratt. " Clark Redfleld, , Wayne 'Riddle, Donald Robinson, Russell Sands, Richard Shackelford, John Shilts; Wilbur Stevens, Bernard Yeoman, W^lliattT."ZeigTef."-.: Mary"-', .Foster' 1 -- < a accompanist.'••''•"•' • •• "four ., yeark.'.,,'&«<)J!her four.,' years, foJlQw«4 at'St, Paul, where Mr. Granzow was a nje/nber Pt, v» fttate ..regimental band, r Then 'the . ebiiple iHturned to Cresco,'and.Jlv^d,..th.ere jtiJl, 1896. when they <<anie. #' '^teona,'> They, have lived here ever sihcei a period of 36 years. . purln^'the whole time M>, Granzow has taught music. He fi'as directed' scores of bands In North Central Iowa, and is one" of Algona'8,, most, w'$ely, known, a beloved " oAMfsefts, }? At 1 present J»e v teaching {he, ,Cprw«& - tpwri- '. ari»l school bands, • ; . , t - '. / . Mr. and Mrs. Granzow have decided to come to America, and in the fall of 1881 Mrs. 'Granzow came to Join a married sister at ' Creaco. As soon as Mr. Granzow was released from the army he followed. This was in the spring of 18?2, an<J the fair were married that fall at Cresco/ Mr. Graazow was a born musician, and when he grew up he depjded to follow music as a PKplessIpn,, He served four years in the army, .the last tjvo as a corporal, -and;- meanwhile 'be taught WSto fore he entered th? army spent elf years attefldJSf vatory, foe had children: Lillian, who teaches the fourth grade at'the Bryant tjuild- pg; Albert, who i -tea^|iyii for a;Cedar. lapids creamery supply ."fio,u>e: drs. Frank CruicJcshanlc, wife of a !>}um Creek farmer; and Mrs. R. E, Morgan, wife of a Cresco township fanner, A 3-course family Dinner for Which 40 plates were laid wa« served at the eon AJberFs, where the home was decorated for the occasion. The talble centerpiece was a wedding STANDS ON HEAD TO SHOW JOY OVER DEMO VICTORY Among the many democrats over- by, ^lection- news- last week iy night ^were'Dan Fults and George Biitterfield, Swea Cltyans wh'oee pa^iy loyajtyT pever wavers. They were'on the Harrison township election board, but election news was relayed to, them. When the news indicated a Roosevelt victory they danped, a hornpipe, and then repeated it as the governor's lead mounted, At midnight, says the Herald, Mr. Fults, who could contain him- Peace floud Imposed., Edward R^hmsfo6k,, LaJtQta'," was charged before Justice, Wlnk'el Monday with having threatened to commit assault and battery on his wife, Rosa, and her-family. .The evidence showed that he was In a quarrelsome mood -under the influence of liquor. He was placed under a peace bond-of ?200. enbach; Lloyd Injunctions; one against John W and Donald Geist, Algona, the other againet Elmer Burrow, Ledyard. In these actions writs are asked to restrain defendants- from 'selling- liquor. If the writs are granted, and if the defendants are then caught in violation; they <will face ..contempt charges, the penalties for which are more severe than for'ordinary infractions of the liquor laws: ', , Ah interesting case, if tried, will be. an application for a permanent injuncton to restrain Thos. Crahari, sub-director of Riverdale township school No. 3 from Interference" with conduct of the school by the teacher, Mrs. J. L. Molloy, Algona, hired oy the township board. Two gultg for Damages. There are two new suits for damages. Dora B. Ranger, Webster City, is asking £800 from S. H.^1 Nutt, Algona, as the result of an tomoblle collision on No. 20, four miles east of- Webster .City, last August 27. The plaintiff asks'$200 damages to car and $600 personal damages. .-.,.' Ellen Wagoner, Algbna, is asking $1000 damages from Ray' Stone for injuries suffered in an automobile accident on State street .here last December 1. She charges that defendant was under the influence of Totals 13,827 18,74* There is conslderble prospect that he result ^ will be contested by th» democrats. It was reported early la, he week that control of the- state enate hinged on the vote in thl» listrict. The democrats already iave control of the House. Antl-ln- om e . taxers without regard to party re also anxious to see Patterson llmlnated. Voters Come Back to' Patterson. It appears from the vote In th«- istrlct that some thousands of r»- ubllcans who deserted Hoover and Held returned to the republican cket to support Patterson. Patteron received 1408 more votes than Hoover and 214? more than Field, ^attersbn also received 1916 mor» otes than the combined vote for'th* ve defeated republican legislative, omlneea in the district. Roosevelt carried the district by 520 votes; Murphy by 5237; Her- ng by 538; and the democratte andidates .for the legislature by a. ombined total of 5526. •Senator Patterson issued the following .statement yesterday: "A legislator holds office till hte successor is elected and qualified. That means till the new man 1* sworn in. In other words,' now that iTWln^-the-'-election according "to th*— official count, I will serve as'sen- ator regardless of whether a contest is Instituted till the matter la, decided. A contest would be decided by the senate itself. Would Not, Have Contested. "If I:had lost I would not liquor when his car was driven against an, electrolier. Mrs. Wagoner was a passenger. ; , have contested the election, unless'T- had positive proof of error or fraud sufficient to. change the result. Immediately after the election, before th» returns were completely in ' and when It looked as if I had been defeated by .a" small margin, I waa asked whether I would contest (I was then 87 votes behind), and I said no. My reasons were: "1. I believe one who loses in « fair contest should be -a good loser. "2. A contest is a costly affair for the taxpayers. A legislative committee would have to examine more than-27,000 : ballots. This would take a long time. Expenses, such as time/transportation, lodging," fee* of..-.witnesses,^'lawyers, etc., v would have, to,be borne by the state ' In & district:of this size the expense would run 4ntp the thousands. Both. contestants; would , meanwhile receive official salaries. "3. Experience indicates that Iowa legislative committees are dia- <• inclined to, set aside decisions of local election officials. In the 44th. Algonian Gets $6000 Verdict in Damage Case 9%'. announced that by cafce. The happy oldweds received o| o«,t^,of town people were h.ere •jrere ajr. and Mrs, man ^archman, the latter a sister of Mrs, way of' celebration he was going ,- 8,tand ort his^heM three minutes on one, of ttie counting tables, and despite the admonitions of friends who feared, that he might do himself In. jury he 1 did Jt. 4' ' , >efeat«d, The St Cecelia academy football am. was defeated at Mason. City Sunday, c-0, by the Holy Family team. >,, , yv •,.. TELEGRAM Mrs. Anna ZJttrltsch, Algona, ob- Jtained a '.'t^OO/O ^eaitt damage yer 7 'diet, in district court., ,at EJstherviUe Monday against H, A. Kingston, of Armstrong, and the Algona Bakery, Lewis Wilson, proprietor, obtained a $100 verdict for damages to one of his trucks, Kingston 'formerly operated- a store at Armstrong. Af ier the accident which resulted In the Zittrttsch and bakery suits he transferred It to a son who is now operating it. Reporting the trial, the" Esther- Ville Daily News said Saturday: "Trial of a damage euit instituted toy Mrs. Anna Ziftrltsch, Algona, againet EC 'A, Kingston, Armstrong, was nearlng final atages in district court here today. Virtually all evidence bad been submitted when court adjourned for an over-Sunday recess, "Th« suit, Jn which Mrs. Zlttritsch is asking 120,000, and Kingston, by cross-petition, Is, asking »10,000, is based on 'an automobile accident which •opemred j^ne U at the Intersection of the east street in Swea City and No. 9, . , "Kingston filed his cross-petition against Lewis WJleon and the Algona bakery, claiming he was so severely injured that h e has been «n- aWe to w»rk since the a<x**ent. He also c|aim* that bis wife wa» Injured. * -) • • , ,j Mrs, the When the. truck, traveling we'sfc crashed into the side of his car. Both ear and truck turned over The bakery carried liability insurance, but Kingston did not. ."Witnesses for the plaintiff have been V. W, iBlomster, Fred ,Mlehe, Buell Johnson, Russell Byers' T R. Hanifan, C. P, Berggren/'Dr-d,'w. Ijundqutet, -all of Swea -Sifyc" and Sarah Doran, Harold Yan v ^3len, and L. M. Merritt, all of Algona. 'The defense called John NieteonSand J. A. Crawford, Bancroft; Mrs,'Harold Roba, Airs. Adolph Anderson,, and August Peterson, Swea City; and Richard. Cronk and Dr. G, H West Armstrong, • ' "L. E. Linnan, Algona, and H, B. Narey, Spiri^ Lake, 'are Mrs. atMtMb. J. W. Kingston^ attorney" . session of the General Assembly there' were four,' contests In , the house involving margins of ,47, 10, 11, and four votes respectively, and in each case the local decision. wu sustained. The house was repute- lican, yet though each complaining contestant was a republican, they alt lost." PORTLAND FARMER FINED FOR ROW AT RQCKFORD. ILL. fann er, Edward Smith, Portland was charged Monday wlt profane and obscene language la public against Joseph Koestlef, on Justice farm weeit. The argument concerned a child's sweater,] /which Smith accused Koestler of toting, Smith was brought before Wlnkel Monday, pleaded Deer Sighted in Plum Creek ^ 4 deer was slgfited er was «ijn Into by handcar on the in Plum Creek townshlp_on Arnrff-. Uoe «y. The 4«er run down by <*»« handcar Jg t&i«sF«d. to to was fined |5 and, costs of $8,4 j, another case before Justice ' Wl Smith to charged -with assault' battery on JCpeMler.' 'This caw wa* cntin ' ' ' EAGLETS WILL COME NEXT THURSDAY FOB F, be local wll| end the locaj jbaspn^ acfreSHM against *" ' " **-•" «^. : " " U»:

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