The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 18, 1943 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1943
Page 9
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Alpm* Up*** Ifcs M»tec*» Alganfl, Iowa, yov<ai.ter16,1643 Harold Campney Visits Home Folks Harold Campney, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Campney, Union township, was home recently to spend a ten day furlough with his wife and parents. His wife is the former Opal Sabin. He is now stationed at Camp Gordon, John- Iton, Flft, since being moved .nere about six weeks ago from Fort Dix, N. J., for several weeks of Amphibious training. He has been in service since Decertlbef of last year. While he was hortte his parents entertained at a family dinner in his honor, other guests being Mr. and Mrs. Walter Campney and family of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis and family of Union township. SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, October 27, 1913. 8:00 o'clock a.' m. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present: Fraser, McDonald, Schram, Qulnn, and Helken, Absent: None. Motion by MdDonnJd and seconded by Helken thot Lot 8 In Block 4 Original Plat In Lakota, Iowa, bo cold to Gertrude Schlssel for the sum of $700.00 nnd that J. !H. .Fraflcr, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and I* J. Immorfali, County Auditor, be authorized to execute, sign, and deliver a Quit Claim Deed for same. Ayes: All. Nays: Nona. Motion (by McDonald and seconded by Hciken that a paupers notice be served on Gottlieb Oudknecht and wife. Ayes: All. Motion by Schrnm nnd secondiil by McDonald that the resignation of Casey 1..0SB, Assessor for Portland Township, be accepted. Ayes: All. Motion by Hchram and seconded by McDonald that the appointment of Donald IttnBsdorf, of Titonka, Iowa, as Assessor for Portland. Township for the year Iflll be approved. Ayes: There being no further business at this time the Board motioned to ad Journ to 9:00 o'clock a. m. November I, 1!M«. Ayes: All.' I,. J. IMMIDKFAIM., County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa. November 1, 1943. 9:00 p'clock a. m. NEW AND USED MACHINERY USED MACHINES No. 25 John Deere Corn Picker. I. H. C. 2-16 Plow. 40 It. Sandwich Elevator, complete, and in good shape. Several 14 in. Plows. Mowers. Spring Tooth Harrows. Discs. NEW MACHINERY Hog Feeders, Water Tanks, Poultry Feeders, Hog Waterers, Motor and drive for DeLaval Cream Separator, Milking Machines, Hairimermill Belts, Tractor Mounted Sweep Rakes, Pump Jacks, Speed Jacks. Full Lane of TRACTOLUBE OILS AND GREASES Firestone Farm Tires and Rims REPAIRS Idea, We carry a full line of Allis-Chalmcrs, Oliver, New and Massey-Harris repairs, and do service and overhaul work on all types of tractors and farm machines. Arrange ' to have your machinery- repaired before spring work. now Bradley Bros. PHONE 714 SO. HOTEL ALGONA E SAVED OF OU R « The m ! an told us we would- pay for the insulating with thefuelsaving—butof course we thought that was just sales talk. Not a bit I We actually saved nearly halt' our fuel cost the first winter. t'Duc the main thing of course was the added comfort we had immediately. Every room as warm as toast m winter,—and (gol in summer, po matter how ho; the sun. The upstairs is as comfortable now as the downstairs—and we are really much happier- FUEL BILtS ThU now Ihlck - insuMlpn m«thod is noc Jike old methods. It consists of a marvelous loose material, which is blown into the air spaces of your walls and roof, whether your house is new or old. Quickly done, without muss—fireproof, virtually indestructible. Saves M much as 40% on fuel bills—saves labor. Keeps rooms cool in summer, warm in .winter. Prevents lath-marks. » Sold on easy deferred payment plan. Let us furnish you an estimate —without obligation, • » EAGLE INSULATION I (ce?p» ypvr htww tppl in worm In winter B^trd of Supervisors of Kossuth Oll^r Young, I«tr6l liM.SO adv freight county met pursuant to adjournment A. j. w., u .,..u, ^a.,0, >.«.-? IntcMtnte J owci «..o., nt,ni with all members present. Ayos: All. Urban Ncuroth, patrol 134.94! »?', x - v -.-—-a,75" H r,:,- Motion by McDonald and seconded Clarence Ackerman, patrol ... M..JO *Mold Motop Bug., mi, Cowan Building Supply Co. Insulation— All Metel Wentlierstrip Oyer 4000 hopes !»s«late4 !» North Iowa in 7 ye»w. 10,000 tons of coal pr equivalent in oil and gas Bayed, with all members present. Ay. Motion by McDonald nnd seconded by Helken that due to the approval of the Commliwion the lioni-it ot Supervisors hereby directs the transfer of four patients from the State Hospital for the Insane at Cherokee, lown to the Kosmith county home and thnt Cholmnn Frnser sign nil transfer papers and execute said transfer. Ayes: All. ' ' Motion by Qulnn nnd seconded by He.lkcn that Secondary Ilond Petition No 601 be placed on file. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Schram thnt Frnwr bo appointed to make necessary repairs on the following Drainage Districts: No. 9. No. fll. and No. 103. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn and seconded by Sc'hram thnt McDonald bo appointed to innke nroessnry reolrs on Drain age Districts No. 91 and No. lt!l. A yen: All. , , , Motion by Qnlnn nnd seconds! !>y Ilflken thnt .Sehrnrn be a pointed to maka nece.-Rfiry repairs mi l)rnin.-iK>- District No. 4. Ayes: All. Motion by Schrnm nnd seconded by McDonald that Qulnn be appointed to make necessnry repairs on Drainage Districts No. 4 nnd No. 72. Aynn: All. Motion by Schram nnd seconded by Qulnn thnt Helken be appointed (< make nccessnry repairs on the. following DrnlnaKC Districts: No. 4, No 12 No CO, No. SO, No. 82, nnd No. 102. Ayes: All. , , , Motion by Helken nnd seconded by McDonald thnt the salary of Hnrry Helmkn, Shop Me.chnnlc be Increased to .80 cents per hour, beginning November 1st, 1943. Ayes: All. Motion by Qulnn nnd seconded by McDonald that the suspended taxes on Ixit fi or Wlnkel'B Subdivision of the. South One-third (S 1-3) of the South Half (f* 16) of tho Southwest Quarter (SWV,) of Section 13, Township m North, Range. 29, West, for tho years 193S, 1939. 1910, 1911, and 1912, be completely abated, together with nterest thereon, as recommended by he Town Council of tbe Town of Bancroft. lown. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded jy Schrnm thnt the following nnsess- nonts bo spread on the tax lists for collection with the 1!M3 tnxcn to be paid, with 1st nnd 2nd half of taxes on the I'olowlng drainage districts: 'Percent of Drainage District Orlglnnl Awmi't Sub 9 of Dr. No. 4— Third Assessment V4 Percent Dr. No. 12— 7th Assessment 1 Percent Dr. No. 20- 7th Assessment 1 Percent Dr. No. 33— 8th Assessment .2 Percent Dr. No. 7'V- 3rd Assessment 2 Percent Dr. No. 81— 6th Assessment 1 Percent Dr. No. 91- 2nd Assessment ',£ Percent Dr. No. 97— 4th Assessment 2 Percent Dr. No. 116— 7th Assessment 1 Percent Dr. No. 111- 8tli Assessment 1 Percent Dr. No. 156- 3rd Assessment 7 Percent Dr. No. 157— 3rd Assessment 1 Percent (See Record, for Resolution.). Ayes: All. On motion 'Board proceeded to And- i It nnd Allow claims as per "Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore Written." COUNTY FUND Kay L. Setchell, sup. $ 14.40 W. W. Sullivan, postage 25.00 Northwestern IBell Telephone Co., tel. «erv. 85.33 Iowa State Bank, withholding and Victory tax 250.80 Treasurer of State of Iowa, use tax returns J«-3- Clty of Algona, light serv 33.18 W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage 16.03 Virginia Gregory, salary "3.40 Bertha B. Johnson, salary ... 94.71. Bernice Rising, salary (50.00 W. A. Schram, comm. and session 21G - 40 p. J. Helken, comm. and session - -lO-W W K. McDonald, comm nnd session - 03 - 60 J. H. Frnser, comm. and. cession • J. F. Qulnn, comm. and session C H Ostwlnkle, del. tax col._ W. U Whitney, assist, in Sheriff's office . A. J. Cogley, bd. and lodge. prisoners A. J. Cogley. mileage and Invert, fees ' A K Laurltzen, travel, exp.. H W. Miller, office exp. Advance Pub. Co., board proceed. and sup. 256.19 Bancroft Register, board proceed. Titonka Topic, printing Algona Upper Des Molnes, board proceed, and sup. — Swea City Herald, printing... Fenton Reporter, printing ... P'i'i.n. City Herald, printing — Missouri, Kansas Chemical Co., .sup. I alng & Muckey, sup. Kohlhans Hardware, sup. — Armstrong Laboratories, sup.. Botsford Lumber Co., sup. — Botsford Lumber Co., sup. — Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid Missouri Kansas Chemical Co., sup. Virgil Sachs, bty. ISiigene Christ, bty. Dr. M. G. Bourne, coroner fees ' Frank Kohlhaas, mayor fees. A J. OoKley, sheriff fees Delia. Welter, J. P. fees A JT Cogley, sheriff fees •Cossuth County Farm Bureau, approp. W. 13. Wiemer, mtg. W. E. Flynn, mtg. 5d. Halverson. mtg. i"red Ploeger, mtg. Chas. Bashara, mtg. Wm. Rlngsdorf, mtg, W. J. Stewart, mtg. <". 13. Teeter, mtg. ,loyd H Bartletf, mtg. Herman W. Harms, comm. lenry Gettman, weed comm . ••.arl W. Daniels, apiary lnsp._ iuymond N. Klass, attorney, year's upkeep serv. Fidlar & Chambers Co., sup._ xoch Brothers, sup. •Mdlar & Chambers Co., sup... Matt Farrott & Sons Co., sup. ^.... Pratt Paper Co., »up. Hl.bJ Pitman Publishing Corp., sup. yle -Slathos, printing posters Foster Furniture Co., sup. .— Mrs. Clothilda Hutchison, O. A. A. uxp. --— War Activities Committee, in" nft llarcnco Ackerman, patrol . l^i.w John Stott, patrol 116.40 Lem Stockwell, pntrol 122.M Jam'oB M. I»ng, patrol 127.66 Doyal Sanders, patrol 127.06 W. F. Schroder, pntrol 127.66 Henry Fisher, patrol 8-1.90 Edward O. Ohm, patrol 93.71 Kllck Hawk, patrol 122.81 Kd Baker, pntrol ._. 127.66 Vorn Mollndrr, pntrol 121.80 Joe Welch patrol 126.00 Clydo Sunders, pntrol 125.30 Roelf Mlllor, pntrol 11.7.WJ George F. Graham, patrol 90.40 1 Dirk Ilnade, Inbor 20.00 C. If. Cooper, labu.' 20.00 Dwlght Orahnm, labor 20.dO Mcrwln Mnrlow, Inbor 20.00 Cliff Holding, Inbor :».00 ell .Shlpler, Inbor 16.00 Von Robinson, Inbor 8-00 Walter U Johnson, labor 47.00 Jack Hnhln, labor W> Otto Schmidt, labor 30.00 Harry Winkle, Inbor W.OO Jakob TeuKCher, Inbor 15.00 Gordon Ohm, Inbor iifi.OO Wilinrd Ohm, labor "0.00 Idling ft. Muckey, «up. 13.06 Carl Johnson, tiling 1'. Henry Johnson, tiling 6.25 Nick Bertc, labor 17.00 German Valley Store, Blip. ._ MM r,l<ibe Mnchlnn & Sup. Co.. sup. T-.TI Bancroft Oil <.'<>., sup. f.i.1.25 O. K. Rubber Welders ,mip. .. ll.SI'l 1'nprr (.'nlmcnHiin & Co., sup.. l.-W.OO SnrKerit Mnehi'ie <'<., sup. liO 40 Fort Dodge Mu.hlni! K Supply Co., sup. '•'•)•'* Itarlon Warner Co., sup. 24.42 Kohlhnns Ilnrdware, sop. 8.11 Karl Stott Hardware, sup. ... II 87 lieeil Hardware, sup. 17.59 i". W. Pearson, Treasurer, Central Auto Electric Co.. sup. Standard Oil Co., sup. Balbach Co., sup. Sleg Fort Dodge Co., sup. Herman M. Brown <>>., sup._. Olbhs Cook Tractor Co., mip.__ Algona. Implement Co., sup. ._ Concrete Products Corp., su|>. J'OOli FUND Marvel Hole:, salary Smith Department Store, prov. Fred c. Huettner, prov. Hei-lzke's Slore. prov. AVnl'Iron <.!)•• wry. I r»v. Whlttrmorn Creiim.'i-.v. prov. _ Aim K Boles, prov. Hurt Oreninery Station, prov.. Korensen fJrncery, prov. Conmimers I'liod Store, prov.. C. S. Johnson, prov. S A. I/. Co.. clothing Xemlor'H, clothing Ilotxford Lumber Co.. fuel .. Dr. P. O. Nelson, med. Dr. (.'. H. Cretzbeyer, med. __ Dr. S. W. Meyer, med. Dr. F. J. Colby, med. Dr. It. ti. Corbln, med. Dr. .1. O. dapsnddli-, med. _. Dr. W. D. Andrews, med. Dr. Roycc M. Bahnson, med.. Dr. F. 13. 'Sawyer, glasses K. D. Jaine. 1 ?, med. sup. Lit Verne Pharmacy, med. sup. A. It. Borchardt, med. mip. __ I>usby & <5loBHl, med. sup. General Hospital, hasp. care. Mrs. Ella Briggs, care D. D. Paxson, premium Ben 'Farrow, labor Milton Pringle, auctioneer serv. A. H. Fuchs, burial C. B. Murtagh, agent, rent — 8.42 1.16 101.79 70.10 X2.4S 40.SO OS. 75 2.00 .TC0.72 171.47 20.18 IH.!>I 9S.M !).«• «.10 •5.WI I .1.00 3.00 10.00 l;s.CO 22.WI 10.00 11.00 i! 77 4.00 20.OS 17-iOO 18.91 30.00 l.M) I & SO 20.00 11.00 13.BO 11.05 IH'.OO i:i.oo l.'W Mi.70 C. Johnson, rent j».«j ^l""^ 1 . 1 .SIL 0 ^'. Oca -. - Mrs. J. L. lionar, rent Department of Social Welfare, blind luiRlst. -*!•;;? Marvel Polo, mileage 1 »-- !0 Iowa State Hank (official depository) withholding tax .. 13.04 COUNTY FARM Northwestern IJi-ll Telephone Co., tel. wrv. I-''™ I,. B. Stephens, light serv. — 34..-a B. S. BnrgUBon, slip. i'^.'O Jten Dnkken, labor '„ Irving KlherlnRton, Inbor IOv.00 Katherlne Park, inlHrl. exp... l''.'-> Northwestern Bell Tulcphonr Co., tel. serv. Algona Uaklng Co., prov C. H. Johnson, pro K. D. James, med. sup. A II. liorehn.rdt, med. sup... Fox & Wlnkol, vet. sorv. O. K. Rubber Welders, til-.- Funk & Dolm7~hnr<fware sup.. Mid - continent Petroleum Corp., kerosene That the County Anm- tor Is hereby authorized to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as pw "Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore Written.", ,'AyeiK AIL On motion (Boafd Die." . LI. J. , County •;,'; IS..!. 5.92 1..VI •J.IO.OO Rummage and Bak'i SALE ALLEN MOTOR CO. BLDG. Saturday, Nov. 20 9:00 A. M. Sponsored by Women's Ass'n of Congregational Church The Trade-in Store Foi Real Bargains In New and Used Furniture Heating Stoves Cook Stoves Desks Buffets Cream Separator Tables and Chairs Kitchen Cabinets Clothes Cabinets Dfnins Table and Chairs Ice Box The Trade-in Store East of Court House 210.S5 231.43 C.L'u weed 139.SS Bil.SJ 67.99 1U9.K C.fjti 177. SI 3.CO 3,50 1M.75 1KI "0 141.70 40.35 5.00 13.90 ".GO 6.00 2.50 10.60 9.50 U.10 416.67 4.00 2^00 4.00 4.00 4^00 4.00 4.00 1.1.27 117.20 10.00 2.98 ti.28 22.78 7.40 3.00 6.71 1S.30 230.71 p. H. Kemls, court reporter. 77.8j> W. U Whtlney, bailiff —-— 38.00 Iowa State Bank, Official De- 21.00 1100 U.OO 10,00 46.35 4.10 19.00 174.70 739.83 Helen White, clerk's fees Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, exam, phys. fees — T. C. Hutchison, attorney fees J. D. Lowe, attorney, fees A J. Cogloy, sheriff fees Dr R. M. "Wallace, phy. fees. T. 'B. FUND Dr. Paul O. Geilenfeldt, T. B. Dr"ji' A7~Sanftner,~~f"~B."inspT aoNsrriR.ucTioN FUND O. M. St. P. Ry. Co., freight— Iowa State Bank, (official State 'Depository) withholding taxes .— Qeo. C. Pettlt, labor -Warren W. Bowman, labor ._ John Carlson, tile and labor— J. I. Merryman. bridge work.. MAINTENANCE FUND Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. te). serv. _ Iowa State Bank (official Je- poaltory) withholding taxes. Treasurer of State of Iowa, use taxes return _—.....—City of Algona, Usht uerv. ... Harry Helmke, patrol,. MUo Patterswn, patrol Clifford Holraeg. patrol ...... Arnold Wesner. atrol .. Wm. F. Gronbaoh, patrol Raemle Hansen, patro) .„—Peter Movlck, patixil —,„ Bert Shellmeyer, patrol Joe M. Eisner, patrol ._...--- Olarencn Hente'es; patrol 8, D. MoPo»aJ4, patrol . Ralph MarWa, p*tro J 201.20 17.85 1.12 CLOSING OUT e farm located 3 or 1 mile east and As I have leased my farm, I will sell the following described property at public auction at th miles east of Algona on Highway 18, 2 miles north on gravel, 1 mile east and 1 mile north; or mile south of the brick center school in Plum Creek township; or 2 miles north of Sexton, 2 miles west and 2 mile north, on TUES. Sale to Start Promptly at 12 O'Clock Noon Lunch Wagon on Grounds 52 37 Black Angus Cows, Calves, Heifers and Bulls, All Registered. If you are wanting to build up your herd, here is your opportunity to buy choice stock of the breed that takes the grand championship prizes. 7 Head Milk Cows. 8 Head Young Stock. 7 -- HEAD OF HOR! This offering includes four sorrels; 1 3-year old horse; 1 4-year old mare and 5 months old colt; pair of welt broke mares. Also a mare coming 3 years old, wt. 1150, and a brown horse, coming 5 years old, wt. 1400. 15 Spotted Poland China Brood Sows- 3 Pure Bred Spotted Poland China Boars MACHINERY, ETC. Grainlbinder, corn binder, 2,16 tractor plow with 3 sets of lays, single row cultivator, 2-row cultivator, 15-ft. tractor disc, 15-ft. John Deere land roller, 2 flexible 4 section drags, Hay buck, Lets grinder with feeder and wagon loader, International 8 m. burr grinder, hand corn sheller, 16 inch walking plow, sickle grinder, Democrat buggy, wide tire wagon with box. New Idea 4-wheel trailer and wagon box with 4 tires and tubes that are almost new. 1 Concord harness, 1 back-pad harness, 10 horse collars, 70 Ib. Western saddle, one of the best you can buy; spurs, pair leather chaps, 9 hay slings, drag cart, 2-wheel swill cart, steel wheel wagon wuth roller bearings, pitchforks, scoop shovels. 65.bushel self feeding hog feeder, 3 feed bunks, pig troughs. 2 wheel trailer, chick feeders, wucken nests, hog waterer and barrel, hog ferraenter, hard wood lumber. Tongues and wagon reaches, box for car, log chains, 4% h, p. Water* loo Boy power engine, 150 Ib. anvil, forced-feed post drill and bits, set of taps and bolt dies, die set for pipe thread and taps. New hand blower forges big iron kettle, jack screw, line shaft and pulleys, block and tackle. 200-300 ft. 7-8 inch rope, 800 gal. buttermjm tank, King drag and stone boat, 25 Ton Hay In Stack, Second cutting of clover, timothy and alsikf. TERMS; STRICTLY CASH. NOTHING REMOVED UNTO. SETTLED FOR A. W. YOUNG Lou Matem, Auctioneer Clerk*; Gene

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