The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1943
Page 8
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LEDYARD ORGANIZES AND ELECTS OFFICERS Ledyard: The United Servic Women of America held thei second meeting at the city ha on Nov. 3. Mrs. Joe Mayne, tern porary chairman, called the meet ing to order and the pledge p allegiance to the flag was givei followed by the national anthem New members joined, making 3 to date. Mrs. Ed Looft then gav a very good report of the 6th dis trict meeting held at Algona Ledyard's Unit received the chatter, No. 256, for this meeting. . Ledyard's unit officers are as follows: Mrs. Joe Mayne, president; Mrs. Jack McDonald, first vice president; Mrs. Leo Anderson, second vice president; Mrs E. A. Carpenter, secretary; Mrs Laurance Pingel, treasurer; Mrs Geo. Thompson, historian; Mrs Edward Nuss, chaplain; Miss Louise Wilson, sergeant at arms; Mrs. Virgil Barrett, parliamentarian; Miss Hosack, music chairman; Mrs. Ed Looft, telephone committee; Mrs. H. M. Dyer, pub- Farm Sales Are Scheduled For Next Ten Days Four farr. sales are scheduled for the next ten days according to advertisements ' which have been placed with the Algona papers to date. Nov. 12: Lloyd Martin sale at farm 4 miles west and 4 miles south of Algona, offering cattle, machinery, household goods and White Rock pullets. Nov. 15: Nick Fisch sale at farm 8 miles .south and 4^ miles west of Algona 1 offering horses, cattle and farm machinery. Hns decided to quit farming. Nov. 16: Carl E. Bahling sale at farm 2 miles west and 1 south of Burt, offering cattle, horses, machinery. Will move to smaller arm. Nov. 23: A. W. Young closing out , sale at farm 3'/.> miles east of Algona on Highway 18, 2 miles north on gravel, 1 mile east and h. mile north. Included in this ale are 37 head of fine, register- d Black Angus cows, calves, » """• ii. iTA, i^JfUi, JJUU- «city chairman; Mrs. Asa Warntr and Mrs. Max Nilz, membership committee. The ways and means committee of three will be named at the next meeting. The oath ot office was read by Mrs. Virgil A general meeting will be held on Nov. 20 at 8:00 with Mrs. Monlux, district president, coining for the installation service at which time a program will be arranged and lunch will be served. Refreshment chairman is Mrs. Aeilt Troff with Mrs. Fred Darnell and Mrs. L. Ternes as helpers. The Christmas card £?™ iiee , is Mrs> E " A - Carpenter, Mrs. Jack McDonald and Mrs Anderson. KJCALC TO HOLD FIVE COUNTY SPfiNfi Y6Uft .WINTERS in Southern Arizena, where the W. A. Merrlam, Des Moines Grand Secretary of the Odd Pellow Grand Lodge of Iowa, purchased a $10,000.00 war bond for ihe endowment Fund of I.O.O.F. Homes at Mason City at the recent Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly Session held in Des Moines. $25,919.00 in war bonds was purchased by the Odd Fel- ows Grand Lodge of Iowa at ts ninety-sixth annual session jn Des Moines through an Odd Ft?low bond booth set up for this session. Purchases were made by the lodges and individual members in attendance; The Odd Fel- , sm. Ten up to . , 80 unimproved acres, $10.00 per h ^, a , to t al of 1.335,044 acre. Write Richard Reese, 1172 Pasadena, Callfl in all its branches, with Summit Ave., located in Iowa. I .-'-Regional Bally Here 43-45* According to Mrs. Myron E WO ¥ EN! put *°wf out in front! Ludwig, 204 S. Ridgle™ Algo.n L i° m I*™ StateVOwn WAG -j "r. &_ B ".MComnan* n<5w. For full details nearest Army Re- -at? "Wtifi Elmore, Minn. 48*46- KELP WANTED ~ Men With Business experience to tralft for stdre managers. J&bs good after **. «;*/• Apply at local Cdtiricll Oak Store, Algona, Iowa. 34tf afatord, gas motors, water tank, tank heater. Algohft Maytag Store, 45 Ludwig, 204 S.Ridgle Ataona ° n l° uf tats Own WAG has been selected by the fjrand C ° mpan ^ now> For fuU Details, lodge and assembly officers ™\ Bpp % at 2™? nearest Arm Re-' the headquarters for five "t.n! cruj ting Station. ties, Kossuth, Humboldt, Wlnhe bago, Hancock and Wright, foi | T h 0 A**™ T u- i a regional rally to continue the L Jx Anertn , a £ lfe Insurance Corn- bond drive. The date of Novem-l? y . farm - oan plan turns over ber 12 has been selected and the rally will be held in the Bryant school- building starting at 1:36 <, A vv Mnwirv . u ^ SA pY E M 9 NE 7,, whTen you borrow ™, e . A " a " suranc e Corn- Cent o f y o ur , j you j. m. , * ldgHou * h - see WOMEN! Iowa's counting on .you!. Jphi your State's Own WAG Company now being form ed! Back up your fighting men where you: can help them In' a vital way! SEjB MIS FOR Real Bargains farms, loans, drainage surve and estimates on tilq.,-^Phi Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. l*tf KEEP YOUR service Man sup' pliea with stationery. Send him box with his branch insignia embossed eft each sheet. Box «&<* tains 50 sheets and SO . |140 a bo*. Army, NaVft Amy and Navy Air forces, Coast Guajfd. and Marine uisignlaa. The Algonit Vppef Des MoineS. - I9<.tf DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—dark green, chocolate, rid, piftk. blue and peach.for sale at the upper Des Mdines office, tec each, 2 for 26c. • 8-tf: , , eifers and bulls as well as othpr attle, horses, Spotted Chinoa logs and machinery. Mr. -Young as leased his farm. The Colwell Sale Barn will re- Jen for business • on Tuesday, "«-~*-' >-••* i WliLlVIClJ' . Nov. 16, for its first sale of the be the toastmaster and Miss Cowling, Miss Roggow and A. J Hjelle will assist with the music Dorothy Dryer of Lone Rock is also on the evening's program T . h e Rev. L. Wittenburg, pastor or the local church, is president eason. Walther League Rally LuVerne Next Sunday LuVerne: The fall rally for th young people of the Luthera Walther League will be held nex Sunday afternoon at the churc and a fine program is being pro pared. There will be a busines meeting at 2:30 followed by Vesper service at 5:30 at whic the Rev. A. J. Otto, Lone Roc^ will give an address and at 6:3t a banquet wil be served and th .EIMRUSHED, V 1859 •* I3c ONLY 9 MORE SHOPPING DAYS FOR BLUE STAMPS X-Y-Z November 20th is the deadline for your blue stamps X, Y and Z! Bear this in mind when you're A & P Marketing ... and take your Pick of the best of our canned foods values. A & P offers you a grand assortment of high- juality canned foods at money-saving prices. BLUE STAMPS Miss Wisconsin (is pts. ea .) ALASKA PEAS, 28 oz. can Teenie Weenie Whole Kernel . „ GOLDEN CORN (10 pts. ea.) 12 oz. can I ZG Campbell's (3 pts. ea.) 9 01 TOMATO SOUP 10% oz. cans 3 for ZfC Dromedary (3 pts. ea ) GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 46 oz. can Ann Page (6 pts. ea. GRAPE JAM ! ] b _ j. Aim Page (4 pts ea ) t T CRABAPPLE JELLY 12 oz. jar I 1C BROWN STAMPS Sweet Sixteen (6 pts. Ib ) OLEOMARGARINE 1 ib. ctn. 100% Pure Hydrogenatecl Vegetable Shortening (5 pts. Ib.) n KFHWT8' Bracelet From Jap Plane Shot By Mate LuVerne: Mrs. Burtis De Nin received a bracelet from her husband who has been serving with the navy in the southwest Pacific for the past eight months. The bracelet is made from a piece of fuselage off a Japanese Zero which was shot down by her husband. Mr. De Nio is a motor machinist's male. IOWA is proud , of its WAC Will it be proud of YOU Join your State's Own Compan now. Apply at your nearest U.S [Army Recruiting Station.' 45G Burt Coach Takes Job With U. S. Navy Burl: Coach and Mrs. B. A i r— Wickett nnd son went to Des NEAR NEW AUTOMOBILES Moines Friday and also visited We have 15 of those prlm^rn relatwes at Milo over the week low mileage Fords and Sro end. They returned Tuesday, but lets in coaches and club VToupes 16ft agam Wednesday .for Des 1939 to 1941 models, also 2 1942 Momes, as Mr. Wickett, who had models cars which require cer- laken an examination for a com- tificate. These cars all have fine mission of lieutenant (j.g.) in the high tread tires, Ley look Ike Naval Reserves some time ago, new cars. Come in and see foi was to report for duty at the yourself right now as this kind Universiy of Arizona on Oct. 15. sells fast. 6 cheaper cars ready to Vlrs. Wirlrpff ovnoMt. «,v _~j or. t»r in T-..»... -- . :!? l " Wrs. Wickett expects td return he end of the week and will move their household goods 10 Milo where her parents live and he and her son will live there or the present. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, Sc per word. N» ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising: agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE: Duroc boars. New blood for old customers. John F. Weber, 2 mi. east of Irvington Phone Algona 15F22. 44-45* go. W. E. Ley for Used Cars'. Lakota, Iowa. .. •. _ 44-45 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All th',/ new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. ' x j WE WISH to contract eggs from good egg producing flocks. Excellent premium. Culling done free. Will pay transportation charges if you are not located Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Hadi6s and Washers, Bjustrom's Furniture •> . 1-tf USED Merchandise For Pressure gas .stove, cream POPULAR GAMES AT St. Cecelia's Academy Mon., Nov. 15 STARTING AT 8:30 50c FOR EVENING'S ENTERTAINMENT Mrs". Roy Christensen Mrs. Don Hutchison Committee LUNCH MAY BE BOUGHT FOR SALE: Polled and horned Hereford bulls; some eligible to egister. Get a choice weaned calf ow. Others ready for service. oseph A. Skow, Wesley. 44-49' FOR SALE: Hampshire boars from 200 to 400 pounds; large roup to chose from; the tops of 00 head; new stock for old customers; all immune and eligible TO egister; guaranteed breeders. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley, 44-49* FOR SALE: Five milking shorthorn cows. Fresh soon. Phone 803, Lone Rock. W. A. Knoll. 45 SALE: Spotted Poland China boars, spring and fall pnced "reasonable." Jos. G. Miller, mi. west, 4 mi. north of Wes- j g y °" graveled road. a45-48 FOR SALE: Maytag washer, floor lamp, beds, studio couch, chairs other things. Macumber's Cafe, Lone Rock. 45* FOR RENT: Modern 5 room unfurnished duplex, available December 1. 628 North Thorington. 45 1-7 | 7C 25c dexo White House EVAP. MILK (1 pt. ea.) Ib. ctn. 64C tall cans 26C DO YOUR PART. MAKE FOOD FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! Produce Food Conserve Food Share Food Play Square. U. S. W a r Food Administration. Ration Free Fruits and Vegetables Texas Grapefruit, size 80 Each 5c (Vitamins B1+ C++) California Head Lettuce, size 4 Each 13c (Vitamins A+ B1+ C++ G+) Idaho Russet Potatoes 10 Ib. bag 47c (Vitamins B-f- C+) Emperor Grapes \ H, 16c 8 O'CLOCK , America's Most Popular Coffee 3 & 59c UED CIRCLE Coffee fc bags *9l C BOKAR Coffee 2 bags' 51 C Powdered or Brown SUGAR I Ib. 8c Use Stamp 29 from Book 4. Sultana DRIED PRUNES NOT RATIONED Jane Parker Deluxe n n w FRUIT CAKE Z ]b . s | 2e SIC Enriched White f , MARVEL BREAD 24 oz. loaf I I C SUNNYFIELD FLOUR ....50 Ib. bag $2.04 Delicious . _ GRAPE NUTS ]2 oz. pkg. 130 Sultana Brand « mt\ PEANUT BUTTER 4 Ib. jar 43C Wilson's Pickled MA PIGS FEET H oz. jar 20C "RITZ" CRACKERS Ib. pkg. 24C Ann Page Cane and Maple t A BLENDED SYRUP ] 6 oz. jug 196 RATION CALENDAR Processed Foods: Blue stamps X, Y Z fro-n Book 2 expire Nov. 20. Green stamps A B C irom Book 4 good till Dec. 20. Meats Fats, Oils, Butter: Brown stamps C, H, J from Book 3 all good thru December 4 fcuirar: Stamp 29 from Book 4 effective No<-' 1 thi-u January 15. , Sultana Brand (14 Blue pts. ea ) IA KIDNEY BEANS .......I ib. 1 oz. JarlOC Sultana Brand (20 Blue pts. ea ) if FRUIT COCKTAIL 1 ib. tan I 16 Sultana Brand (15 Blue pts. ea ) in PRUNE PLUMS No. 2& can lOG Hershey's . n COCOA % ib. pkg. IOC (8 Blue Pts. ea.) qo^ 2 Ib. box 490 | RASPBERRY PBESEBVES .""..^"/"ib Blue Label V A O^\ OVDYTH KABO SYRUP ift | b j ar Ann Page MAPLE FLAVORED SYRUP 1 pint j ar BISQUICK 2 Ib. 8 oz. pkg TOBACCO^ Albert ' Bil? Be " W Sir Walt€f Baleiffh TOBACCO 1 , b pkg Sunnyfield CORN FLAKES 18 OZ- pkg .Bajah BLACK PEPPER x , b> b 28C FOR SALE: Registered spotted Poland China boars. Henry Muller, 5 mi. west Algona on Highway 18, 1 mi. north, and Vj mi. west. 44-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Hereford boars. Frank Bormann, 5 5 /2 mi. north of Bode. Telephone 2606. 44-48" nr£ I Registered Milkln s n° rtTh °rn bulls. Wayne Keith Surprise - Surprise A Second Showing of the Famous Annis FUR COATS One Day, Sat., Nov. Chrischilles Store R T Burt ' Iowa ' 45 FOR SALE: Large size Veg «.-f' ea ™ separator, slightly use?^5. The Algona Hardware. 4 FOR SALE Single row International power corn picker. Louis Scheppmann, near Irvington. Phone Algona 27F13. 44-45* FOR SALE: Hereford bull, 2 years o 1 d. Breeder. Louis Scheppmann, near Irvington. Phone Algona 27F13. 44-45* FOR SALE: New cream separa tors, milking machines, Warn Air coal heaters, electric motors radio batteries. The Algona May tag Store. 4 FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire spring and fall boars. C. C Baas, West Bend. 44-46 FOR SALE: Seven Poland China ^ fall boars. Carl Froelich, Wes- FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, serviceable age. Phone 2231, Wesley. Leander Seefeld 44-47* FOR SALE: 40 good spotted Po^land China boars. Also some white ones. And a spotted pony. Anton Vammen, Ringsted. 43-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars. New blood for old customers. Aaron Steussy, Lu- Verne. 43-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Hereford boars. Eligible to be registered. New bloodlines. Hf. mile north of Fenton on Highway 41 Everett F. Mueller. 43-43* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars. See Frank Koppen or Joe Koppen,- 1 mi. East and IVi mi. South of Lakota. 43-45* FOR SALE: Purebred spotted Poland China boars. Reasonable. Fred DeVries, Titonka. ^ 45-46* FOR SALE: Single row corn belt corn picker. Good working SALE: A few Shorthorn milk cows. Some fresh now some in a week. R. H. Peter, aurt. 45 * FOR SALE: Purebred Berkshire boars. Henry C. Shiek, 6 mi. N. £-. Algona. 45-48* FOR SALE: 1939 trailer house, Palace model. Completely furnished. Write Mrs. H. Dietrick, Rolfe, Iowa. 45* FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire boars. Will deliver reasonable distance. Thomas R. Crahan, Livermore, Iowa. 43-40* FOR SALE: New up-to-date bungalow, completely furnished with fine new equipment and furniture, living room, two bed- •ooms, large kitchen, with breakfast space, bath, plenty of closets and cupboard space, insulated, electric water heater, softener, garage, fine level yard. Pos session can be given. See Joel M Herbst, R. E. & Ins. 4 FOR SALE: Black Poland China boars, eligible for registry. New Jlood for old customers. Reilly Bros., % mi. S., ^ mi. W. of Lone Rock. 42.451, FOR SALE: Purebred Hereford boars, eligible to registry. New blood lines. I'/i mi. N. E. of St Joe. 40-48* FOR SALE: 1939 4-door Mercury sedan. Heater and radio Hoenk Motor Co., West of Cour House. 4, FOR SALE: 1931 Ford Model i door sedan. Phone 822-W 45 1 - 'OR SALE: Purebred Polan China boars. Also two year ing boars, one Poland nnd on Dotted Poland. All vaccinatec "!. O. Mann & Son, Burt. 45-4 "'OR SALE: Lowe seed corn. Ai reservations must be confirmei n November if possible. See m t the Algona Hardware or 431 N. Williams St. Phone 945-W .ndrew M. Hansen. 45t OR SALE: Team of bay colts both geldings, coming 2 and ears old. Will make a big eavy team. H. M. Satern, Bode 45-46* ^ 33C A&P FOOD STORES * > T M t G » A l »T L AN r OR SALE: Brooder house 8'xl2'. Number of Tom Barron white leghorn cockerels from pedigreed, matings. Phone 697-J. 45* FOR SALK: Eleven tube Zenith radio. Call at 15 E. Elm St., Algona. 45* FOR SALE: Hampshire boars. New Glory blood lines and all immune and eligible to register V. F. Fett, LuVerne. Hanna Station. 45* FOR SALE: Five-foot Genernl Motors refrigerator. Monarch electric stove comolete with pable. Kitchen utility cabinet. All like new. Call at 628% N. Thorington on Saturday or Sunday. 45 FUR SALE: 30 head Purebred bpotted China boars, low, down easy feeders. New blood for ok customers. M. L. Barton, % mile fc., 1 mile S. LuVerne. 40-45 FOR SALE , r, To CIose Out Partnership 1 Regular Farmall on good rubber, completely reconditioned. 1 No. 221G Farmall cultivator. 1 42 ft. Wood Sandwich elevator complete. 1 John Deere Auto-Steer steel farm truck wagon. 1 Hay-rack, like new. 1 12-ft. Roderick-Lean tractor disc harrow. 1 10-ft. Minn. Sulky rake, used I year. I 20-ft. peg tooth harrow. i Tank heater. : Gas engine and pump lack. 4 Steel oil barrels. 00 bags Cobbler potatoes B. C. BAUER * FRANK GAHAN Wesley, Phone 33U 44lf A Big, Warm/ Extra Long Blanket (25% wool...SO?6 rayon...25* cotkx) * 7 IpVljLY COLORI TO CHOOSI FROM! t-UIXURIOUSLY BOUND WITH S INCH SATIN I Chrischilles Store Wanted IVANT TO RENT: Half section farm. Plenty of help and mod- m machinery. H. M. Satern, Bode. f _» WANTED: Farm hand. Inquire at this office or write Box 69 45-46* LOST AND FOUND T R A Y E D : Whiteface steer" about 600 Ibs. Frank Eiselc Whittemore. Phone 2342. a45 Mr. Jfowe, ANNIS representative, to!4 us earlier m the season that he would make but ONE trip this Fall. However, he is calling on just a few qf his better accounts and has consented to give us Saturday, Nov. 13th (THIS WEEK). If you have any particular fur problems, come in on that day. All selling will be done by Mr. Chrischilles and coats may be boughf right frpm Mr. Howe's stock, THIS WILL POSITIVELY BE THE LAST ANNIS FUB COAT SHOWING. CONFIDENCE CHRISCHILLES STORE v i ,'•' ,v ,' • .""•'''••;," , 1/r^..^ JLN our grandparents! ' time, stores were smaller. There was a per. .^ sonal tie between storekeeper and. customer. Branded goods were few and far between. The customer depended on the assurance of the merchant,, whom she usually knew personally, as to whether or not goods were of value. And because the merchant personally valued the customer's trade,,and the custo- '. mer knew it, his assurance meani-.something.. ' The last 25 years have seen a phe- nominal rise in brand-name merchandising backed by national advertising, At the same time, stores have grown much larger, Customer confidence formerly enjoyed by the merchant personally has, in most cases, been slowly superseded by confidence in the brand name. Cos- Sflr4 Corsets, Phoenix Hosiery, Munsingwear, Barbizon may be bought without hesitation at thfe . *toi „ - 0 * maintaining the confidence Hit comers,had in Theo ChrischJUes, Sr. 3 yeapfi ago when he personally waited on every earner who entered the front door; " *"• sure-rbuy only QyAI4TV mer- .'

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