The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1943
Page 7
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Algona Upper Des Molnes, AlgMj>Jggfr. Noveiiilter 11,1943 $3475 IN BONDS GIVEN TO CHURCH IN WHITTEMORE Whittemore: Individual war bonds amounting td $3,478.00 were contributed to St. Paul's Lutheran congregation towards -a hew church. It was decided at the October meeting to make a canvass among the members to, buy U. S. Bonds and contribute them to the congregation towards a new church. Elmer Maahs is spending a IS day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maahffli Sgt. Henry Behnke is spending his furlough here with his moth- and er, Mrs. Albert Behnke, other relatives. lla Mae Vaux of West Bend spent from Friday evening until Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Art Heidenwith. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler, of Rake, came to spend Sumiav win relatives and also to attend the shower of Ruth Vandt Sunday evening. They- were maroonnd here until Tuesday on account \: drifted roads. THE CRISPW CORN FIAKES POST TOASTIES Hl«r» SUVem . ^-y _ , _ Sandw, Spread.«l4c Ginger Ale 3 flul Dtpoilt quirt «.ia<i itnta -- . I8KMustard' V I3c While Soda 3\S5i 25c <,,„„, Frull OtitHrMn !,Tl!J t 'Jlr h Marmalade .*.»29c Beans 2 1 °*J»23c Qunn .nd IU.IM »•• •"«••«• "'V'"*. 1 ! "'"•A*' Olives H» s .^89e Peas 2 , 0 ™ 29c UruwMtanrt *•!«. ol • M"U JUntod «i»mir " J«' nu Grapefruit -«.32c Tomatoes ,Jtt. IQc iti Value! THE COFFEE WITH FUVOR WORTH CROWING ABOUT RED ftt\ WW GROUND TO ORDER ROOSTER vVl I IiJu IIB - IAO D>l Montt Wtiolt Ktmtl 10 ftlnu suntenl "OH"" Corner, «.,««, I3c BonllaFlsh »«. w 25c Del MonM Crtam it»t« 18 PelnU El. Corn 2 «£•£» 2Sc *»»„•.». Ooldtn Cmm «WU 1» PotnU EXtf&Ct (01.250 Corn «,..« lOc T.bli «w«» UngniM It Poinu IKjch «"*•""* Q 14 l8KPeas2.o~~,33c Milk 3 Mtnntt Powtfw Junket ,«•..» 96 Mwy iU»«n« Corn Starch H».P>,. 6e PlM-O-RIt* Imiuilon Vanilla .«.*«.. I0c 8 Polntl Crlsco i to. j« 24e AmtlNJ Light Syrup 1 •/....» 15c Amtlzo Ooldtii Syrup i W «..i»l4c K-9 Dog Meal V, b : I9c CryiUI WhIU Soap 3°ri4c Rinso ..«,.»,. 23c Otmpltilon •«•» Lady Louise 4b*.l9c lo>p Qralni ' Wash-Well 2 *Z£ 33c Tolirt f««P Lux RICH FUU-FIAVOR, SATISFYING 18K COFFEE WHEATIES PANCAKE FLOUR WAGIC BAKE ENRICHED ' FLOUR «L91 QUICK OR REGULAR * QUAKER OATS 3 b«. 20C Starch 2 'J.T Ho Unit i2«.»«g. 9c Window OIMIHT Tidy House •«. I So •tit Polllhlng Flow W« Aerowax ,h»2lc Ctdtr OH Furnlturt Polish ..x. I0c w-s . Pot Cleaners 2 <» I So Powdered Bon Ami .«».» I Ic Hilex — 49c Sani Flush •«,.«.. 19c Oauit Vi*'*" Toilet Tissue 3,on,13c FIBHTS 2 Ib. pko. I VIM Drip tr Rtf. Folgers Coffee Rtg. or lodlud Rediflo Salt Rtg. tr lodlud Morton's Salt MldwMt Oyiur Crackers Arliucnt Sod* Crackers Corn Flakes ,3 1P U" 21c Spaghetti t».«:.. ^ Me 1 Ib. pkg. I 2c Soy-A-Wheat Macaroni BUTTER COOKIES SIWSniNR HI II CRACKERS Humboldt Lb. Ib. Ib. 15e FOLGERS COFFEE ' 3Dc P&GSOAP Lge. size STANDARD NO. 2 CAN CORN 10 43c 3 25s XOKAV GRAPES CRANBERRIES FANCY APPLES CALIFORNIA CARROTS quart Ibs, for 25c 29i TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT POTATOES £ bunches |VV 4 *»25e 49c peck BABY BEEF 6 POINTS SHORT RIBS „ 19C CHUCK ROAST 9 -POINTS ROUND STEAK „', 42c 12 POINAS SIRLOIN STEAK ,, t 39e PURK GROUND BEEF „ 26c BACON 37c 5 POINTS RING BOLOGNA lb 29C 4&4fc ^fr . ' -^^^ : <^(^^' ^^r ALGONIAN WILL INSTALL NEW OFFICERS LEDYARD USW UNIT Ledyard, Nov. 8—The United Service Women here held their second meeting at the city hall Wednesday. Mrs. Jos. Mayne, temporary chairman, called the meoting to order, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was given, followed by group singing of tho national anthem. Mrs. Edw. Looft then gave a report of the recent 6th district meeting held at Algona. A de- toiled report is given in the secretary's report, and will be read at the next general meeting. T..ndynrcVs unit had its charter— No. '256—for this meeting. New members have joined, making the total membership 31 to date. Mrs. Mayne Heads Unit. The unit officers are: Mrs. Mayne. president; Mrs. Jack McDonald, first vice; Mrs. Leo Anderson, second vice; Mrs. E. A. Carpenter, secretary; Mrs. Laurence Pingel, treasurer; Mrs. Geo. Thompson, historian; Mrs. Edward Nuss, chaplain; Louise Wilson, sergeeant - lot - arms; Mrs. Virgil Barrett, parliamentarian; Miss Hosack, music chairman; Mrs. Looft, telephone committee; Mrs. H. M.Dyer, publicity chairman; Mrs. Asa Warner and Mrs. Max Nitz, membership committee. A ways and means committee of three will be named at the next meeting. The oath of office was rerta ny Mrs. Barrett. Mrs. Monlux to Install. A general meeting will be held Saturday, Nov. 20, at 8 p. m., with Mrs. D. D. Monlux, Algona, district president, conducting an officers' installation service. A program will be given, and lunch will be served. The refreshments chairman is Mrs. Aeilt Troff, with Mrs. Fred Darnell and Mrs. L. Ternes as helpers. A Christmas card committee consists of Mrs. iO. A. Carpenter, Mrs. McDonald, and Mrs. Anderson. A collection taken at this meet- I inj; amounted to ¥3.90. Work will $ Whittemore News &0ffttOM^^ Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hahn and family of DCS • Moines spent la?t week here, Paul taking in the week hunting ducks and pheasant:!. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyn- and son Gerald, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Kuecker and family at Ames Sunday. A number of relatives gathere-l at the hom'e of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Meyer Friday night to celebrate _ randma Nissen's 86th birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Breehn and family, Mi 1 , and Mrs. Edwin Greinert and daughter, Verdell, Mr. and Mis. William Ostwald and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meyer and son Donald and daughter Marie Alice, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voist and daughter Evelyn and Billy Johnson and Mrs. Bert Seeley of here, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Nissen and son of Webster City. Cards were played and lunch was served later 'in the evening. A miscellaneous shower wns held Sunday night in the auditorium of the Lutheran school in honor of Miss Ruth Vandt, who will become the bride of Fred Rhoda, Elmore, Minn., Saturday, Nov. 13. About 50 ladies attended and a guessing contest was the entertainment of the evening Mrs. Lorenz Gade and Mrs. Louis Wchspan v/on prizes and Mrs. Erwin Bargman won the door prize. Laura Lee Bargman sang a solo and Naomi Greinert played a piano solo. Following the reading of the congratulations and unwrapping the many -beautiful presents received by Miss Vandt, lunch was served by the hostesses. Remember the "Good Days 99? be planned at the next meeting. A general social meeting will be held once a month; work meeting^ every two weeks. The me'et- ing was dismissed with a prayer by Mrs. Mayne. ^ Jos. Thilges, St. Joe, fell recently in a wagonbox, and broke a shoulder bone. Elephant Ttuefc 1 E. E. Carr of Mt. Ay*, «As chased the semi-trailer with & 22-foot stock body tfcdd to it&6&* porting Baby Mine when she wa» owned by Iowa children. A trttC* tor was included in the sale. The inscription on the trailer refldS^, "Iowa Children's Elephant Baby Mine and Dandy." CARE FOR YOUR CAR FOR YOUR COUNTRY HI Time was when ca'r owners took it for granted that cold weather would bring with it a whole crop of motoring troubles. But those days are past. Your modern car, u'ilb proper care, should serve you faithfully summer and winter. But proper care a important. Winter's not far off, and right now is a good time to take your car to your Phillips Dealer's for a pre- wintcr check of lubrication, ignition, cooling system, tires. A check-up now may help prevent future trouble. Hflil Original Notice In the District Court of Iowa. In and for Kossuth County. Emma Mielke Gade, \ Plaintiif, —vs.— Auguste Mielke, also known as Auguste G. Mielke, John Behl and Mrs. John Behl, his wife, Albert Behl and Mrs. Albert Behl, his wife, Tena Voigt and William Voigt, also known ns Wilhelm Voigt, her husband, Otto Fleischfresser, Paul , Fleischfresser and Ma r t h a Fleischfresser, his wife, and all the unknown claimants and ail persons unknown claiming any right, title, or interest in and to the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots 1 and 3, Block 18, Whittemore, Kossuth County,'Iowa, and all the heirs, spouses, assigns, grantees, legatees, devisees, and beneficiaries of each and all of the above named defendants, Defendants. To Each of the Above Named Defendants: You are hereby notified that a Petition of the above named Plaintiff in the above entitled action is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the above entitled Court, and which Petition states that the Plaintiff is the absolute and unqualified owner in fee simple of the real estate described as: Lots One and Two (1 & 2), Block Eighteen (18), Whittemore, Kossuth County, Iowa, and that the Defendants above named make some claim adverse to the title of the Plaintiff in said property, and that the unknown claimants to said premises claim some interest in and to said real estate as the ^Plaintiff is informed and believes, but that Plaintiff las no knowledge or information and does not know how said interests as claimed by said unknown claimants was derived or claimed to have been derived or the method of obtaining same, and that I Plaintiff states 'that none of said ! Defendants, or' unknown claim- I ants, have in fact any right, title,' or interest in and to the above described premises, or any patt thereof, or any color of right, title, or interest therein. Plaintiff in said Petition prays for the establishment of her estate and title against the adverse claims of the Defendants,. and that each and all of them and all unknown ( claimants and all persons unknown having or claiming any right, title, or interest in and to said premises, and all persons claiming by, through, or under I. them be barred and forever f estopped from 'ever having, asserting, or claiming any right, title, or interest in and to said premises adverse to the Plaintiff or Plaintiff's title therein, and said Petition prays that this plaintiff's title to said premises be quieted, established, and confirmed, and that said Plaintiff have all such other and further equitable relief as to the Court may seem Just. I You are also hereby notified to appear before said Court at A1-! gona, in Kossuth County, law*, on or before December 9, 1943, and unless you so appear your default will be entered and judgment and decree will be rendered against you, for the relief demanded in the Petition. HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON, Plaintiffs Attorneys. Algons, Iowa, . HARMS SUPER SERVICE STATION State and Phillips Sts. Frank Haldeman, Attendant Harms Oil Co., Distributors ' John N. Thul, Agent Phone 74 — Algona We are pleased to announce we have opened our new cafe and will be pleased to serve you. Our aim is to give you the best in food and service at popular prices. ' The New FLOYD PIERCE, Prop. Having decided to quit farming I will sell at public auction on my place 6 miles east of West Bend; 8 miles south and 4£ miles west of Algona; 5| miles north and 1£ miles west of Bode, sale to commence at 12 o'clock, noon, on , • ' NOV. 15 the following described property: L Consisting of three head of horses, one bay team and one sorrel mare coming 5 year* old; 1 white face bull 2 years old; 5 head of young milk cows; 2 head of yearling . heifers and 2 sucking calves. One John Deere A tractor; 1 tractor cultivator; 1 2-bottom 14-inch tractor plow; 1 8- ft. McCormick-Deering binder; 1 King & Hamilton 40-ft. elevator; 1 McCormick mower; 1 McCormick hay rake; 1 McCormick 10-ft. tractor disc; 1 4-»ection harrow? 1 John Deere manure epreader; 1 John Deere planter; 1 single row cultivator; 1 walking plow; 1 gang plqw; 1 horse power; 1 speed jack; 2 wagons; 1 hay rack; 1 wagon box; 1 endgate seeder; 1 McCormick-Deering cream separator almost new? 1 bob sled; 2 sets harness; drill, vice, and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE; Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. NICK FISCH, Owner Colwell Bros"., Auctioneers OTTOSEN, IOWA Iowa State Bank, West Bond, Clerk - r T>'f -> tS' HEALTH • ._ __

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