The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1943 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1943
Page 10
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Tha Algona Upper Deft Molttes, Alfona, Iftwii, Novemtof 4,1943 PLATFORM ROCKER Regular $39.95 A new platform rocker that gives form fitting comfort. Deeply padded. Beautifully patterned tapestry covers with richly carved walnut finish hardwood frame. Choice of Beige, Royal Blue, or Wine. NOW $9795 I Lounge Chair and Ottoman Regular $46.95 Now 34.50 Davenbeds f'oautifully upholstered and finely styled. A large bedding compartment ;incl makes up into a full sized bed. Truly a '"ramble Bargain. Regular $59.95 Now 42.50 Felt 9x12 Regular $3.79 Fine quality felt base rugs. The hard finished enamel surface asjurcd long and beautiful wear. Easy to clean. Popular and attractive patterns. Precision printed and thoroughly baked. This low price is for the large 9x12 size. Gamble's Health Builder Box Soring and jB^ *- _ -* Mattress Regular $49.95 Now 39. Extra soft mattress, hand rolled edge, corded tape, stapled felted cotton. Beautiful jacquard cotton floral ticking. Fine quality of staple cotton felted into soft fluffy layers makes up the filling in this mattress. Upholstered box spring to match. Coils covered with protective ticking and fully upholstered with smooth top. Cotton Mattress Regular $11.95 Now Inner springs have gone to war but this mattress built of layers of soft fluffy cotton will give full comfort and long use. FREE: Each man visiting on* store Friday and Saturday will be presented with a useful gift Free of Charge. New Items Added In the past year we have added many new lines of merchandise. It has always been our desire to be able to furnish merchandise for every need you have. In our expansion we have added furniture, cloth- ing, groceries and cosmetics. In these new items you will find the same high quality and satisfaction guarantee you have been accustom- ed to finding in the merchandise you have been purchasing from us for the past fifteen years. The Algona tipper Des Moines, Algdna, lotra, November 4,1945 •iH^m^BHHHHHI^HlHBHHIU flHHi^^HHHI^^^^^Hi CLEARANC Starts Friday Nov. 5tlv Store Will Be Open Until 9 p. m: Friday and Saturday It has been a pleasure in serving you folks for the past fifteen years, and we sincerely ciate the fact that it was you who matfp our success possible. Daring these troubled and high prices we felt this was an opportune time to show our appreciation. For reason we have planned the largest money-saving event in our history—offering endous savings we feel you deserve. BUD BARNARD Managing Partner Prices Effective in Algona Store Only FREE: Each woman visiting our store Friday or Saturday will be presented with a useful gift Free of Charge. —a mmmm wmm MM wmam mam VBKSn Toiletries Sale NOW 9c Regular 15c Sellers HOSIERY No, 500. ..Fall fashioned hosiery. Service sheer tor all day duty and luxury evening wear. This hosiery is reinforced in heel and toe with mercerized cotton for practical wear. Sim Gay and Sky Glow. Ceiling 80c. CA_ Now OHS Be Sure to Shop Our Half Price Table j| - ? Folks! It's A Value Sensation!! ROUND MIRROR Large size cleat minor with silhouette design border. Suitable for any room or hall Reg. $1.19 3 Piece Bedroom Suite-Bed Chest and Dresser Modern Waterfall Bedroom Suite. Three Piece—Bed, Chest and Dresser. A smart styled modern suite of quality and style. Matching oriental wood veneers or walnut veneer base. Regular $97,50 TWO PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITE Large, roomy two piece living room suite. Hardwood construction throughout. Carved Walnut finish legs and fronts. Full web construction. Deep filled arms, cushions and back, Choice of colors and patterns Regular , rt^ nfl $124.50, Now O*ti5lW Regular nl% QA $97.95, Now l«-3v AN AVERAGE 5 ROOM HOUSE for only SAVE MONEY by INSULATING NOW! Yes, the average cost to completely install Gamble's Horneguard Insulation in a 5- room house is just $140. This includes all labor and material. The attic alone would average $65 for a 4-inch fill. That's real economy! An insulated home is cooler in summer and warmer at less cost during the ^ winter months. HOMEGUARD INSULATION Fluffy and featherlight. Fire and vormin resistant. Not affected by moisture. Is non-settling. It will keep your home 10 to 18 degrees cooler in summer and reduce fuel costs up to 331/3% in winter. Installed by factory trained men. HOMEGUARD INSULATION PAYS FOR ITSELF IN THREE YEARS in Fuel Savings A.onel Ask for a FREE Estimate en Insulating Your Home Tennis Racquets Golf Balls Baseball Bats Golf Balls MAGICOL New Pfiint Sensation! Economicoi — Omi Coat Covers Quick drying, "no paint" odor and it's easily applied. Anyone can use it and get a professional appearance. One Gallon Make's I'/i Gallon Paint. Cne Gallon it Reg. $2.49 q Enough for the -| QO Average Room JLet/O Quarts rQ« Reg. 69c Now Jivv OLD LABEL KALSOMINE 5 Ib. 9c 101-105 West State RED HOT PAINT SPECIALS We have a few cans of paint we have discontinued from our line. These include Varnish Stains, Art Enamel, Shingle Stain, Bam Paint and Interior Gloss Enamel. These will be reduced to More Furniture Specials COLONIAL PLAQUES 79c 59c CHAIRS and ottoman $39 - 95 $27.95 PICTURES, Dimensional ^ 59C UTILITY CLOSET $695 $4.98 OAK DINETTE SETS $46 95 $42.59 OCCASIONAL CHAIRS $1395 $11 JO SHAG TONE RUGS 24x36 $4 95 $3,29 SHAG TONE RUGS 24x48 $5 95 $3.98 SHAG TONE RUGS 27X54$725 $4.95 muam^^mmmmmmmm Carload Shipments Make These Prices Possible 35 Ib. talc surfaced, complete with cement and nails. Covers 100 sq. ft. Reg. $1.07 55 Ib. Mica surfaced, Regular $1.90 90 Ib. Slate surfaced, choice of green or Guaranteed 17 years. Reg. $2.32 Let us give you a free estimate on your roofing needs. $1.60 We have expert workmen to install shingles, rolled roofing, or brick siding. Wallpaper Clearance \l/'-M It's Patriotic nd Econora- aal to do your paper-* ng. Brighten r our home vith this large selec- ion of heau- iful patterns. ^eg. 40c ans legular 40c louble roll ncluding border. I Clothing Clearance Beg. SWEATERS, ™ e SL w '$ HANDKKERCHIEFS t£ MEN'S KNITTED SHORTS 39 ' KNIT WORK °* T Shitt 79c DUFFEBAGS $I29 GARMENT BAGS *? 98c 'I MEN'S SOCKS, S*. 3 - 69<! 3-1 Household Values $1.50 49c SUSPENDERS 3-69c 98c 49c Wizard Furniture Polish, Pints : Paper Plates Prime Cleaner Gallon ... Kneeling ,_ Pads Mystic Foam Upholstery Cleaner 59c Quart ; Shoe 'Shine 19c Kits O'Cedar Cream Polish 59c and Cloth :... Silvei? Polishing 25c Cloth : Bathroom Glass and Tooth 29c Brush Holder Sale 7s lOc 98c 34c 47e 13c 47s 17s 15s .95 1.95 Hog Feeder Clearai] 25 bushel Feeder, reg. $33.95 ... 25 bushel Feeder, reg. $44.50 ... 45 bushel Feeder, reg. $54.95 ....... Mineral Feeder, reg. $9;75 Eifecl ELECTRIC FENCE CONTR<«R The. standard handles up to 15 miles of fence. Operated on storage or hot shot battery. Stand. $10.95 $8.95 Deluxe Electric Fence Controller. 6 volt. Only 2 moving parts. Reg. $1£95. Now $13.95 Combination 6 and 110 volt Electric Fence Controller. '$19.95 Discontinued GROCERIES Convenient Monf f , •nfs PEANUT CRUNCH PEANUT BUTTER SOUP MIX, JeDi>y *** SPAGHETTI, *-"-*• FGG NOODLES, > eo " y «QUICKIES, MACARONI MATCHES, Sale 42c 3-25c 3-20c 19c 21c Hygrade Household 6-23c Covers 2 Price Viking Toilet Tissue Regular Price C D 5 - 43c 33c 19c Varcon MOTOR OIL A real saving on your motor oil needs, compares in quality with.any oil at any'price. Money back guarantee. For cars, trucks and tractors. Regular Price. 60c per Gallon. Now per Gallon In Your Own Container GLASS FROST 'type. Pair .... I! 1 *!?" ond i'>l(! ideal for clear wli 1Q"»W frost thli for «xtr9 wld* ranjif |aeh HIATflHOSI ho<* damp. Adji wlnl.rfrenl (9 6t/ HIATUSWIT control! i Knob, lighi wbtn b3 Slondgtd Medtl ,.| PalMx* Modfl RAOIAfOR rutt, milt 91 by alcoh«l SAFETY MATCHES GIMf SPANISH OLIVES STUFFED OLIVES, STUFFED OLIVES 3 "' HOLSUM MUSTARD FRENCH'S MUSTARD VANILLA, V TSSL CAKE FLOUR, Simbllrst ' 5 '"" 34c ni AfTD Gamble's $2.31 rLVUIX, F nr ichi»d!. 50 Ibs. OH HENRY COOKIES 23c 23c 15c y«v/ Wrisley Assorted GLOSS STARCH CORN STARCH BAKING SODA, WHEAT?Um WHEATENA RALSTON OATS RALSTON CORN FLAKES * 2-21c Values For The Farm Rural Mail Boxes $2.50 29c S1.79 21c 72 in Lace Leather .' Chicken Remedies % Price Asphalt Insulating Board 45c 32x48 Dairy Cleanser 89c 10 Ibs ... Redy Mix 39 C Rat Killer Perfection Filter Discs 35c 6 in. Plain Soot $l.oo Destroyer We have a complete line of Rubber Belting in Stock. 396 69s 29s 27s 79s Medallion Blankets GLASSWARE Individual Fireking m Casserole, lOc IC Set 3 Mixing Bowls n_ 25c I 1C Tilt Jugs, 40 oz. M 15c 9C Glassbake Gift Set -70- 89c ICC Glass Creamer and" " *t .." Sugar, 13c '. IC Bon Bon Dish n 2 for 9c -f. vC Nappie Dish, Lipped A K^ So 4 for OC Gold Rimmed Goblets If. 15c I I C Hostess Sets (Cake tray, Q£|_ knife, 6 plates) $1.39 .... O3C Console Set CD.* 89c DSfi "Range Tec" Sauce n f AA Pan, \y, qt. $1.69 .... QliVif GAMBLE'S FIRST Ills ; -'-"FOR KT 20. MULE TEAM 20 MULE TEAM BORAX POUND PKG. OLD DUTCH CLEANSER Chases O CANs Dirt ,J fO Parson's Household CLEANSER 23< Efficient, Odorless and Harmless. Quart Johnson's Sell Polishing GLO-COAT FLOOR POLISH 'PINT QUART 59< 98< 20 MULE TEAM BORAXO Cleans Dirty Hand* PER CAN WINDEX Cleans Windows Without Wqter 60Z. BOTTLE Aunt Sue's Home Dry CLEANER 69<l Non Inflammable For All Cleaning OAUON • ... lady H*Un Uc,vld FLOOR WAX! SELF POLISHING PINT QUART' 29< 49< •^Kr ^frli^!*wf^ 9ff GAMBLE'S GRANULATED SOAi 24 ok, PUJ""] F ^givw-tm *r m • • JRPOSIPUMICI SOAP FOR BATH, TOILET ANP HOUSEHOLD WOODBURY f ACIAL SOAP 10C$fZ9 r,l v .¥ wul "ij SiSS fWCCTHURT SOAP 3^ Full size 72x84. Bright attractive colors with rayon trim to match. 25 per cent wool, 75 per cent cotton. Prepare for winter with one of these warm blankets. Regular $3.98. Now No. 702. Full fashioned, extra, sheer. 42 sraugre, 75 dcneir. en Ceiling 75c. Now 09C No. 0500. Full fashioned slightly irregular, 42 gauge, 100 dencir reinforced toe and heel. Ceiling 67c. mn Now 49C Ladies Cotton Mesh Hose.. Regular 43c. Now Boot Eez Hosiery Savers Regular 20c .Now I9c I4c Jeep Sox Oft Regular 25c. Now z tor W0C Gamble's Certified Dress Socks Latest popular patterns for all occasions. Dress, sport or business. Long wearing and economical. See our large selection. Regular 33c 69c Moonstone Ware M 11 Reg. Lunch Plates ............................ 10c Desserts ....................................... 5c Cups ............................................ ... 5 C Saucers ......... '. ............ , ................. 5 C Goblets ................ , ....................... iflc Creamer .... .................................... iQc Sugar ............................................ iflc Cloverleaf ............. .... .................. lfl c 7 Piece Glass BEVERAGE SET [H 7 pieces. 80 ounce pitcher jil with ice bridge' and six Vf. tumblers. A smart colorful 111 KJ 39c 32 Piece Complete Service Foe Six Complete service for 6. Quality Dinnerware in beautiful Lace Needle Point Pattern. Reg. $6.39. AR IA Sale J>0. I S3 De Luxe Ties CLEARANCE AND Star Ash Trays. If you're too lazy to empty your ash trays use these and then throw them out with the i ^ ashes IC Plastic Dog Leashes, We dout believe they'll bold 9, dog or even a good sized eat but they do make nice «_ bathroom clotheslines OC Fly Paper. Enjoy your evenings by watching the A. flies do the laha Conga *w Window Shades without rollers. You can use yo*i> old roller and disappoint that I f- Peeping Tom for only .... IOC Waldorf Bath Salts. Smell like the breatn of spring in lave fall (limit 35 to a cus- i«_ tomer) 5 Ib. bags I £6 Gold Fish Bowls without the goldfish, pan be used for flower pots, bean pots o? I« just plain utility pots .... 16 Mavis Dusting Powder. We have more things to make you smell nice, TWs can be used after a bath or by sprinkling heavily an[ the bat)) can be dispensed with .....,.„ ., AwV Plastic purlers. The guy that sold us these, safd they were fast sellers. So far they've been fast A. on the shell «$ Dog Food. Tour dor way not like it but here's a chance to show him who is boss. Can also be used if you hav« guests and, are low to ration points, Name your own price. Plain colors and bright combinations. Full cut. Wool lined. A $1.50 Value. Regular Price $1.00. Now uu vaiue. 69c GREY COVERT WORK PANTS Reg. $2.09 Of fJJ Sale 01aO Full roomy cut to provide comfort at work. Heavy drill pockets. Pockets are bartackad to avoid rips. Sanforized Less than 1% shrinkage. Atl waist sixes with assorted leg lengths. Ideal for work er vacations. Men's Dress Pants, Regular $3,49. Sale $2.69 Boy's V Neck Sweater Coats Solid color back and sleeves wit contrasting front. Button style. V neck I 2 patch pock-l ets. Regular *" 9 $2.29 Oil Tan Work Shof» Wittwtan4"joU -pf outsold wait, h§ve h.«ftvy ,

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