The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1943
Page 8
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Safety grams I'm not getting much criticism on some of, the ideas put forth in this column ... either people are agreeing with me, or feel that the argument might become too involved. I'll stick my neck out again and advocate something that I have talked about before, and that is this: I recommend the elimination of horns from automobiles and trucks. Several European cities have tried it prior to the war and had considerable success. Mem- ph;'is, Tennessee, I believe, is a good example of what can be done in, a downtown section to eliminate unnecessary noise. Automobile horns are not tooted without regard for the welfare of the other citizens and is a good example of what can be done if officials want to enforce it. It would make better drivers of all of us. We would not npproaci an intersection with the idea tha we can blast the pedestrians ant blow other automobile drivers ou of our path by sounding our horn carelessly. We would approac! intersections, schoolhouses, anc dangerous locations with a ca absolutely under control, and witl the thought in mind that w might have to stop suddenly. Space does not permit me t tell of the many other advan tagcs, but I'll come back agar some day with this same thought Horns can be eliminated. moored his houseboat. The spot was also his favorite place of relaxation. The boulder has been suitably inscribed. The Lmn County Fish nad Game Club, oJ which Kosek was a member, was n charge of the dedication. Third Time For the third time in the past 0 years, a child has been born in Corydon family while the fa- her was serving his country. Eighty years ago, the late Judge Capt. Hiram Evans, was serving it the front with General Grant in he Civil war. During World War I James Evans Cooney, Jr., grandson of Judge • Evans, was born while his father, Lieut. James I> Cooney, served here and over- is with the Army Air Corps. AROUND IOWA James Evans Cooney, Jr., was born on Sept. 26, 1943, while his father is serving overseas in World War II. s HOSPITAL NEWS General Hospital Oct. 30: Ralfoh R. Baade, Woden, surgical. Wilton Bebo, Wesley, medical. / Kosstlth Hospital Oct. 28: Mrs. Don Usher, Ottosen, surgical. . • : Nov. 1: Mrs. Delbert Janes, Algona, surgical. Nov 2- Mrs. Wade Hanson, Algona, girl. Mrs. Dale Simon, Algona girl. Jack Ailts, Lakota, surgical. Mrs. Harlan Sigsbec, Algona, boy. FOR SALE: Lowe seed corri-<- either white or yellow. Can take orders at The Algona Hardware or call 945-W. Andrew M. Hansen, Algona. ,39" Eastern Star. At the Masonic Temple on Saturday, Nov. 8, at [00 a. m. ' 44 FOR SALE: 30 head Purebred Spotted China boars, low, down, easy feeders. New blood for old customers. M. L. Barton, Vi mile E., 1 mile S. LuVerne. 4(M5 DANCE: Legloa Hall, Algona, Friday evening, Nov. 5,- 9:00 'clock. Don Bormann's orchesi- ra. Sponsored by Townsertd Club No. 1. Price 35c, plus tax. 44* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, new blood. The broad back, easy feeding kind. : Farmers' prices. Paul Krueger, % mi. South and 4% West of Titonka. Phone Burt. 40-44* Classified Ads CLASSIFIED BATES Minimum charfie 25c for 13 words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charted, 3c per word. N» B« ents* commission allowed. II advertising agents charge their clients 8c and send cash with order they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE: John Deere hay loader in good working or.der. Edward Mullins, Elevator, Hutchms, Iowa. FOR SALE: Duroc boars. New blood for old customers. John F Weber, 2 mi. east of Irvmgton. Phone Agona 15F22. 44-45* 'OR SALE: 40 good spotted Poland China boars. Also some white ones. And a spotted pony. Anton Vammen, Ringsted. 43-45" Home-Grown Product Through the use of lumber ob tained from trees on his own ground, Ed Schultz of near Churchtown effected a saving of $175 in building a large poultry house. The 18x40x10 foot dimension building was built at a cost of $224.07. Two hundred forty hens can be accommodated in the building. Three thousand board feet of oak and basswood from "ripe" trees on his place were used in the building. When It Rains It Pours Bad luck has been following the Kenneth Duryee family of Mcln- tyre. Their two youngest sons lost their lives when the barn burned and they were trapped : n the oat bin. A few days preceding the fire another boy broke his arm. Last week, the parents took iwren, 10, to a doctor's office for treatment of a bone disease. Return Visit David Brier Smith, 84, left Marion in 1890 to go to Kansas. Las1 week he returned to Marion for a visit, the first since he left. He learned that many friends hac passed away some 20, 30 or 4f years ago. He also found out tha the Daniels hotel, where he hat desired to stay, had been aban doned years ago. Memorial A granite boulder was recently placed on a hillside at the Uppc Palisades on the Cedar river nea the spot where the late Charlo Evans was born while his father J. Kosek of Cedar Rapids usually MARKETS I No. 2 white corn, new $1.08 % No. 2 yellow corn, new 92 No. 2 mixed corn, new 91V4 30 Ib. white oats 68 No. 3 barley 88 No. 2 yellow soybeans 1.61! No. 1 flax 2.80 HOGS Heavy butchers, 180-200 ....14.30 Heavy butchers, 200-300 14.00 Packing sows, 270-360 13.00 Packing sows, 360-400 13.00 CATTLE Yat yearlings 12.50-13.[)0 Stock steers 9.00-11.00 Veal calves 8.00-14.50 Fat steers 12.50-13.50 Bulls 10.00-10.5f Sheep 4.00-5.0C Lambs 12.50-13.00 EGGS Extras 45f Mediums 41i Dirty and chocked eggs 35; CASH CUEAM Sweet 52 No. 1 51 No. 2 49 POULTRY H&is, over 4 Ibs 20 Hens, under 4 Ibs 17 Cocks 14 Springs, over 4 Ibs 23 Springs, under 4 Ibs 22 Leghorns - —.22 FOR SALE: Polled and horned Hereford bulls; some eligible to register. Get a choice weaned call now Others ready for service. jSjeph_A. Skow. Wesley. 44-49* FOR SALE: Hampshire boars from 200 to 400 pounds; large group to chose from; the tops of 400 head; new stock for old customers; all immune and eligible to register guaranteed breeders oseph A. Low, Wesley. 44-49* FOR SALE: 4 year old registered shorthorn bull. James Brophy i/, mi. north of Algona on High- vay 169. « FOR SALE: Registered spottec Poland China boars. Henry Muller, 5 mi. west Algona 01 Highway 18, 1 mi. north, and % mi: west. 2 FOR SALE: Purebred Hirefor boars. Frank Bormann, 5V- mi. north of Bode. Telephon 2606. 44-4B FOR SALE To Close Out Partnership . 1 Regular Farmall on good rubber, completely reconditioned. 1 No. 221G Farmall cultivator. 1 42 ft. Wood Sandwich elevator, complete. 1 John Deere Auto-Steer steel farm truck wagon. 1 Hay-rack, like new. 1 12-ft. Roderick-Lean tractor disc harrow. 1 10-ft. Minn. Sulky rake, used year. 1 20-ft. peg tooth harrow. 1 Tank heater. 1 Gas engine and pump jack. 4 Steel oil barrels. 100 bags Cobbler potatoes. R. C. BAUER & FRANK GAHAN Wesley, Phone 3311 i 4411 •OR SALE: Jack mule, 4 months old. Mike Elbert, 1% miles west Sexton. 43 ' 4 '* FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars. New blood for old customers. Aaron Steussy, Lu- Verne. 4 3-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Hereford boars. Eligible to be registered New bloodlines. 1% nine north of Fenton on Highway 44. Everett F. Mueller. 43-43* Wanted models cats which, *OJUM cet-. tlficate. These caw.all have Me high tread tires, the> >look. like new cars. Come in and see for, yourself-fight now fts tHU kin* sells fast. 6 cheaper cats teady to go. W. E. Ley fof Used Cars, Lakota, Iowa. *4-45 tains 80 sheets and 80 envelopes. 1,101.* fcc*. Army, Navy, Awn;, tid Navy Air Forces, Coast Guard fid Marine IHSifchias. The AlgenS OeS Moines. JO'". ARE YOU proud to be a daughter of Iowa? Then make Iowa proud of you! Join y$"jr State's )wn WAC Company—NOW1 44G USED MERCHANDISE For Saloi Pressure gas stove .with built- in ovenj good cfeairi separator; battery radio! .410 Shotgun. Algona Maytag Store. 44 Gfef YOUR typewriter and Adding machine ribbons at the Algona Upper DBS Moines. **« F YCtf NEEE) rubber stamps fot any purpose.'ypu can Ord&r them at The Algona Upper Des Moines. iOc and up. , .*8-« SPEND YOUR WINTERS in Southern Arizona, where the warm sunshine spends the win^ ter. 'Cures T. B., nose and tnrout rouble, rheumatism. Ten up to 80 unimproved acres, JilO.OO. per acre. Write Richard Reese, 1172 Summit Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 11 NEW SHIPMENT of dry cells fdr farm telephones at Pratt Electric Co. 44 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — All the new releases,, Needles, al- burns.—Kossuth Radio & Electric Algona, 'Iowa. _• HELP , WANTED — Men with Busfhess experience to train tor store managers. Jobs good after ttte war. Apply at local Counci Oak Store, Algona, Iowa. 34tf WOMEN OF IOWA, you're urgently needed in the WAC. Join Iowa's Own WAC Company —Now! Go to your nearest U. S. Army Recruiting Station. 44G FREE! If Excess acid causes you pains of Stomach U lcers > Indigestion, Heartburn, Belching, Bloating, Nausea, Gas Pains, set free sample, Udga, at Barker Drug Store. . 44* WE WISH to contract eggs from good egg producing flocks. Excellent premium. Culling done free. Will pay transportation charges if you are not located near one of our pick up stations Write for details. Thompson Hatchery, Elmore'j Minn. 43-46 STATES CAFE Help Wanted: Steady jobs, good working conditions and wages. Apply at States Cafe or phone 932-LW. 44 WANT TO RENT: Half section farm. Plenty of help and modern machinery. H. M. Satern, Bode. 44-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars. See Frank Koppen or Joe Koppen, 1 mi. East and Ite mi. South of Lakota. 43-45' f FOR SALE: Black Poland China boars. 6 mi. West and 4'A mi. South of Algona. Leonard Baas West Bend. .43-44* WANTED: Full time clerk. Some experience. Woodward's. 44 SAVE MONEY when you borrow. The Aetna Life Insurance Company's farm loan plan turns over every 'cent of your loan to you. No deductions. For details see Hutchison & Hough, Security State Bank -fildg. 44-53* Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room Suite Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. Bjustrorrt's Furniture #A* Afta. ' , , .._-k^_ SEE ME FOR Real Bargains ifl farms, loans;, drainage surveying and . estimates on. tile. f^;Phil J Kohlhaas, phone ,22, " Practice Bldg. Algona, Iowa Residence.Phone 970 pffice Phone 342 WANTED: More hatching eggs for the Kossuth County Hatchery at Algona; Write Spencer Chick Hatchery, Spencer, Iowa. A & P FOOD STORES in Iowa have attractive opportunities for experienced food people. Men or women with managerial ability, fruit and ' vegetable clerks, cashiers, meat cutters. Some part time openings. It will pay you to investigate. Contact local A & P store, District Supervisor, or write or call Personnel Department, 316 S. W. 5th Street, DCS VIoines. **4 WANT TO BUY: Table model electric radio. Write C. Rog- holt ^Wallburgs, Algona. 42* NEAR NEW AUTOMOBILES: We have 15 of those premium ow mileage Fords and Chevro- ets in coaches and club coupes, 1939 to 1941 models, also 2 1942 FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire boars. Will deliver reasonable distance. Thomas R. Crahan, Livermore, Iowa. 43-46- FOR SALE: Black Poland China boars, eligible for registry. New blood for old customers. Reilly Bros., % mi. S., % mi. W. of Lone Rock. 42-45* WANTED: Lady help. Saturdays and Sundays. Rosedale Cafe. 44 Lost-Pound FOR SALE Single row Interna tional power corn picker. Louis Scheppmann, near Irvington Phone Algona Z7F13. 44-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Hereford boars, eligible to registry. New lood lines. 1% mi. N. E. of St. oe. 40-4b FOR SALE: Hereford bull, "years old. Breeder. Louis Scheppmann, near Irvington Phone Algona 27F13. 44-4o» FOR SALE: 1936 four-door Chevrolet sedan, first class shape, "ood tires. 1935 Chevrolet coach, -ood condition. 1929 Model A. Five-room all modern house witn nil heat. Inquire Schultz Bros., Algona. 2__ FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire spring and fall boars. C. C. ,aas, West Bend. 44-45 OR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, serviceable age. Phone '31 Wesley. Lcander Seefeld ' 44-47* 'OR SALE: One barn, 18'x24' ] and one trailer house, 8>xl6 vith or without trailer chassis Iharles McDonald, 718 E. Oak St., Algona. 44 'OR SALE: Used range 'anc Skelgas combination cook stove John Long, Jr., Burt. Phon lon93. 44 ^OR SA.LE: '40 Dodge 4 dr. Se dan or '39 Plymouth 4 dr. Bo'l n A-l condition. Will sell eithe one H. M. Satern. One mil South, 2 East of Bode. 44-45 OR SALE: Spotted Poland China boars. O. T. Cherland, l ] /2 mi. ST. and 1% mi. E. of Lone Rock. 41-44* LOST: Black zipper brief case, containing valuable papers. Hugh M. Black. Phone 8-F24, Algona. 44 " LOST: Key, No. 32 .on one side. Reward. George Schumacher, Irvington. Phone 12F2. 44' Miscellaneous WOMEN! Make Iowa proud o1 you! Join the WAC now! 44G RUMMAGE AND FOOD SALE Sponsored by the Order of the BUY WAR BONDS AHD SAVINGS STAMPS * FOR SALE: 10 acres flood lavi a-'joi-.v'i" mv'l »ovn. <"!i;o bouse and out buildings, all for $3500. Inquire of B. F. McFarland, West Bend, la. 44 FOR SALE: Clean Easy milking machines and Iowa cream separators. 1 Warm Air coal heater. Algona Maytag Store. 14 FOR SALE: New McCormick- Deering No. 42 combine, on rubber, with attachments. Field cultivator. Algona Implement Co FOR SALE: English Leghorn and White Rock pullets. Ira W . Hansen, Burt, Iowa. ** essard Strategy LOOP-LACING... super-smooth lacing patriotically REPLACES elastic (like your man, rubber has gone to war!) in this desirably light weight MisSIMPUCITY* . . . allowing the same figure FREEDOM. The lacer and back crossover feature GUARD against muscular strain and fatigue. $7.50 •R»j. U. S. P-tl. Off. I LOW -INTEREST RATE AND TERMS—WHY PAY MORE. Algona Federal Savings & T Loan, AlgonS, Iowa. Buy Bonds Here. lot! Try New Era Bond, 20 Ib. substance, for a really fine paper. $2.70 for 500 sheets. The Algonb Upper Des Moines. »-" RUBBER STAMP PADS and ink, black, blue, green, 40c each at the Algona Upper Des Moines Office. u ' u FOR DURABILITY—For Impressiveness—Use Better Paper. Tho best papers are made from rags, KEEP YOUR Service Man supplied with stationery. Send him a box with his branch insignia embossed on each sheet. Box con- Courtesy You're Always Welcome Here CHRISCHILLES STORE S7l, ,e Sfi ne o Chrischilles Store In these days of increased volume, many stores and institutions are becoming discourteous, ill- mannered and almost unobliging. The strain o£ the times is beginning to tell in the personnel of many business organizations. We are proud that our sales force, altho doing almost twice the work as ever before,isshll dedicated 100% to the quality of COURTESY At THE CHRISCHILLES STORE, while some delay is unavoidable at various times of the day, the treatment is always the same. Our salesladies are pleasant, obliging and accommodating and you will find at this store, the friendly atmosphere you've always enjoyed. You II always feel "welcome" here—and we respectfully ask your co-operation that this friendly spirit may be fostered. Remember, in the face of a greatly accelerated volume, we are trying our level best to please you. We have the for the Home Front When you think of Clothing think of Zender's-QuaUty clothing at low ceiling *ric<* which ar, . W e to pay. Now is a fi»e time to get the new Suit or Coat you have planned to tmy. you have failed to join the Civil Air Patrol—do 16O _ no * ! M szss. expense will be the donation of a little of your a small price to pay for so worthy a cause. C.A.F. Uniforms available at Zender's. C!A.P. Insignia available through the unit. Try Zender's A Man's Store carmtoi*. a Chrischilles

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