The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1943 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 4, 1943
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ServimMett Clip Column %iiuth and Algona Doings of Fait Wefck' Condensed For Service Men. Clip and Mall in .Ybtir Ntott Letter to the Boys. Robert.'-fost, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. WV'Post, promoted to cdtotam and stationed at Lincoln, Nebr. . , . Robert J; Harrington promoted td'Captata, now station- 'ed at Prthfeton, Minn. , . , frank Miles, .editor of x State American Legionnaire prbmdtecl to rank of fijajor. . . .At yeclilt meeting bf K6sstith County Amer> icaiii Red Cross; M. H, Falkeri- halnef re-eiedted chairman for 1944 Red Cross Drive. 'Fidelia SkOw heads Junior Red Crosg division 'now enlisting membership. .,,,',-.. Kiwanisi Club, selects H, M. Smith president, Dr. : C. H. Cretzmeyer, vice president •'•• • A diten digger is ,iiow in actibn thnt scoops a hole 3 ft. wide, 8 to ifl ft, deep laying Of .pipe to carry Water from Algona municipal wells to Prison camp. ... Santa Glaus is the only man who pays I any attention to silk stockings when there's nothing in them. .. . Jiilia Bourne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bourne and sister of Dr.iM.Gi Bourne, commissioned WAVE officer and stationed at Great Lakes Training .Station. . , .A Texas butcher sued a girl for 'breach of promise. .Im'• agine jilting a butcher these days. . •„ . Dr. John Keneflck will report to San Diego, Calif;, on Nov. 22 as a lieutenant commander in the-Ntfvy. Dr. C, D. Schaap; commissioned .. rf lieutenant, senior grade, hagi left for, Naval service. .*.<-? Geo. W." Patterson Of fleai 1 Burt, Iowa, will again fatten -10,- OWMiead of lambs, . . . Swea City fire department annual banquet one evening last week. Roast goose and capon dinner for this gala event. Earl Hansen is fire chief. . . . Two dollar bills would Established 1865 ALGUNA, IUVVA, THUKSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, ALGONA TO HAVE TEEN-AGE CENTER L, Esser Writes From Mediterranean War Zone to Parents Harold Singleton In Trouble Again Algona persons who take the Des Moines Tribune were interested last Friday to read an item about one Harold Singleton, negro, who had been "arrested in Des Moines on a larceny charge for taking rails out of a track in Des Moines and selling them to a junk man, Many of them will recall that as a yolmg man, 'one Harold Singleton, Was frequently in trouble with,local officers and courts. Harold* was raised by a fine colored couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lynk Singleton, who lived in Algona a good many years ago. The boy proved to be a constant trial to his foster parents, and once went so far as to kill two of his father's horses by puncturing certainly come in handy these days in buying $1 worth of almost anything you could mention. . . . Lou Ricke, Wesley farmer, wrestles with a mechanical picker, lost a good portion of his clothes. . . .' Ledyard women to organize United Service Women of America Chapter, . . . Quickest way to climb the Golden Stairs is to use a defective ladder. . . . At the United Service Women of America district meeting in Algona Oct. 26, ; the following soldiers and sailors home" on furlough helped with the program: Sailors, Joe Lynch, Calvin Wadleigh, Douglas Brown, Russeft Buchanan; soldiers, Charles JPax- on, Peter Hegerty, Jerome Neilson, while Nurses Antoinette Bonnstetter and Mrs. A. M. Amunson, American Red Gross workers, Mrs. Lucille Zerfass, Mrs. Fred Kent and Mrs, Joe Lynch headed" department demonstrations. . . . HOME,ON FURLOUGH, at Algona, Robert Kohlhaas with Navy; Air, Corps, 1 ~'"' tmnwa,•••; sIp^a;.::.'Sgt, i; Leonard ? ' : ;mit"'iBujrtis .'• ,frpm;-";Camijj^:S( Fairbanks, •', stationed 1 - Tin. N«w, , York; at Bancroft,•"Pvti Gordon IjCcDohald of. Ft.' Leonard Wood, Mo.; at Swea City, Lt. Emory Bergeson; at St. Joe, Sgt. Alvln Brpelding from Partipa, Texas. . . . On the Kossuth War Chest Drive the local boys in charge had a, motto, "Let .us 'all dig down and GIVE generously. Let our hearts decide! If-we can't go-r- we can give." Well SOLDIER lots of prominent people did not show up on the subscription lists . . .no one went from their house •-. . . ho one GAVE from their house and SOLDIER their heart did not decide in. your favor. . . '. All stores and offices •will close in .Algona on Thursday, Armistice ©ay, Nov. 11. Now with the Allied forces in the Mediterranean war zone, James L. Esser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Esser, Algona, in a recent letter assures his parents that he's fine and not to worry about him. Jim has been with the service since October, 1942, trained in Camp Clark, Mo., and was sent overseas in April of this year. He is a member of the military police escort company. His letter: Dear Mother and Dad: How is everything at home? Certainly hope you are all fine. We've been pretty busy lately, but working keeps you occupied and takes your mind off the war itself. I'm glad it's that way. I'm really seeing the sights over here. They have some beautiful churches. I went to Mass in a church 2000 years old..I also saw one that was built in 1175. They represent something fine and beautiful; it just makes you feel grand all over to be able to hear Mass in a church of this kind. Is there anything of interest going on in Algona? I imagine that all of the boys around there have left, but then they'll be back before you know it. : Oh yes, Mom,. I saw the ruins their intestines sharp,stick. with' a poisoned ,of ; ,Venice. Ijsujr^ly/neyer expected BIGGEST CROP OF CORN EVE GROWN DUE IN KOSSUTH Crop Report Shows County to Grow the Largest Yield of Soybeans and Corn In History This Year. Kossuth county farmers are going to make history this year. When the corn crop is gathered it will be found that it is the largest grown in the history . of the county, according to crop reports by Harry Nolte. Corn is exceeding last year's crop by 10 to 12 per cent per acre and a larger acreage percentage was planted. It is also said by men who know that this year's crop is the best feeding corn grown in Kossuth since 1939. Soy Beans Yield Biff Kossuth farmers . also went to town in soybean growing. Tha yield per acre far exceeds that of any previous year and the quality seems to have been "good, though there was much worrying on the part of growers earlier in tl)e-.fall season because of ex- ARMY AIR CORPS TEST GIVEN TO 20 BOYS TUESDAY Six Algona Youths Pass Examination and Will Join Army Air Corps Enlisted Reserve, Twenty students in schools in this and neighboring counties took a three-hour eye and mental test in the Algona high school building Tuesday through the office of Principal Don Miller. The test was administered by Captain Emil A. Koehn, of the army air force, and continued through three hours, 10 a. m. .till 1 o'clock. Those passing the tests will be called to DeS Moines in the near future for final physical and mental examination. If these are successfully passed the student is placed in the army air corps enlisted reserve. If now 17 years of age and attending school they will not be called until the end of the semester in which they reach 18. If now 18 they are subject to call any time. Those Passing The list of those passing the Algona Dry As a Whistle This Week One would almost think thitt the prohibition era was with us again this week when /or several days there was a droughth of the foaming malt drinks and even the liquor store board was practically empty. To those who like their foamy quaffing it brought buck the days of the '20s, but there were no hundreds of bootleggers here at. this time to help solve the quenching of thirst which was expensive in "them thar days." Yep, Algona was almost as dry as a bone for a time this week. preliminary tests consists of Richard J. Wheelock, Eldon L. Hovey, Ralph Smith, R. Helmers, Glenn L. Frank C. Jenkinson and dph'.t worry: about me;. I'm all fight and keep in 'good condition bodily and''spiritually. Still haven't received the Algona paper that you sent. But it will catch up with me one,of these Kenneth L. Asa, all of Algona; Wilbur M. Schram, Titonka; Harlan D. Johnson, Garner; Robert R. Worthington, Humboldt; Nelson H. Hendrickson, Hardy; James R. Carson, James H. Benner, Merrian G. Lechelt, Charles P. Lewis, all of Britt. Prior to, going into the tests Captain Kpehrt addressed the sophomore, junior and senior boys concerning the army air corps and- explained the methods of entering the service in that branch. Wall Street Broker Visits Kossuth Farms Struthers Purdy, Wall. Street broker from New York, was in Algona Thursday and Friday days. COUNTY BOARD T.B. ASSOCIATION IN MEET WEDNESDAY Hears Reports of Officers; Plans Christmas Sea Sale; Will Have Miniatur ' Your loving son, Jim. Colwell Promoted to Yeoman First Class Willis Colwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Colwell, has been Yeoman, first class, ' , at. San Dfego;' Calif., where he is ' at the Naval Air station and works in the personnel office of Lt. Comdr, Gregory. Willis graduated from the Algona High school in 1936. He- studied at Capital City Commerr cial college at Des Moines, and after graduating there, he was employed at' the <• Master Craftsman Jewelry *Co. at Des Moines. Two years ago he enlisted in the navy, and took his boot training at the Great Lakes . Naval school. Fol- The executiiyV: .board of th Kossuth Coiinty : T; B. Associd tion met., at Hotel Algona Wed nesday noon,. Following a dinns the business. session was held in ; which reports were -made by of ficers of the', association, Mrs Dana Paxspn,." Algona, secretary Mrs,: W- P, French,' 'treasurer, ant Miss Ant o i'n e 1 1 e Bonnstetter school pur«(j.''.an'd 'advisory; hurte \ for the .;•, association. 'Joe Lowe president of the association, directed the meeting, . 'Take Over Program 35r, C. C. Shierk, vice president reported .on " the rehabilitation program set up by the state as- •ociation and the local group voted to adopt the program here. The miniature X-Ray program will be a project of the association here gbeut the' first o^ the year Through this -every school boy and girl, in the county will be given X-Ray an.4 where indications are that tuberculosis exists further treatment wiH be given, ad showed positive and ?3 ftJqn;. ?here- were . resident? in T, p. •»»*»vMvuMe, and one T. I?, pa? tint had died. Plan Seal Sal* The hoard made plans, for the Christmas Seal Sale which "" 09 started on Nov. £nue through C) members at the board being chair* i for their "^^"^ « lowing boo.t . training he waff . sent to San Diego where he has been ever since. JAMES C. HIGGLE DIED IN HOME HERE TUESDAY EVENING Following an illness of several months James Charles' Higgle passed away at his home, 309 S. Tones street, Tuesday evening at 0:30. Funeral services will be leld from 'the McCulJough Chapel this morning, Thursday, at 10 o'clock in charge of the Rev. R. T. Kittrell,' rff the Baptist church. Interment will be in East Lawn Memorial Park, Lived Here Year James Charles Higgle was born n Clarinda, Iowa, in January o 1872. He married Miss Clara Tompkjns, also pf Clarinda, when a ypung -man. and to this union, were born two sons, Clark am Or. Kenneth, both of Des Moines and 8 daughter, R. Marie, of thL city, supervising nurse at the Jeneral hospital, The wife and hree children survive. Mr. Rig;le had been a resident of Algona >wt a year, wbw he and Mrs reported that 20 •percent. of the sugar beet acreage was abandoned, the shortage of help being partly responsible as well as the beets being infected with a plant disease which ruined much of the crop. Heretofore the sugar beet crop has been of: considerable consequence yearly in the northern part of the county. CIVIL AIR PATROL SQUADRON HOLDS MEETING TUESDAY Civil Air Patrol Squadron members to the number of better than 60 met at the Bryant school Tuesday night for'the'reg- ular weekly session. Two classes in first aid were held, one in charge of Mrs. Russell French and the other under the direction of Dr. S, W. Meyer. First aid is taken by about forty of the CAP members, those having taken the Red Cross first aid course being excused for further instruction. All of the members took instruction in military drill with Leon Merritt directing. Cy Roth gave a talk on radio beams and the method of sending. The local squadron, recently organized, with a membership, pf better than seventy at this time, shows every indication of continuing in membership. The students are showing considerable enthusiasm in the study periods of over two hours and a half weekly covering such subjects as meteorology, navigation, aerial photography, radio and maps, as well as drill and military courtesy, -..•••- }^ P.urdyifelaricL holdings.Mof ^s8me^S50d'"aiH'es" AUTO COLLISION DAMAGES 2 CARS HERE SATURDAY One Owner Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated; Three Passengers Treated at Local Hospital. According to records in the sheriff's office Henry Dukeman, Baldwin, Kansas, detention carnp worker, driving a 1941 Mercury, collided with L. E. Caldwell, of Deg Moines, also a detention camp worker, driving a 1939 Dodge, just this side of the underpass on Jones street Saturday afternoon at 5:30. In the car with Dukeman was Donald DeMoss while Caldwell had as passengers Warren Bellups and Wade C. Carroll, all of them employed at the camp. The three passengers were shaken up and bruised and taken to a hospital for check-up. Dukeman was arrested by Sheriff Art Cogley, charged with driving while intoxicated. Brought before Mayor Kohlhaas Sunday morning he waived hearing and was bound over to the district court, giving bonds in the amount of $350. The damage to the two cars was estimated at about $200 each'. - .•• "• ••' -•.,••, • -..- •-. v. . CITY OF ALGONA DEFENDANT IN NUISANCE ACTION Mrs. Marie Sues For Falkenhainor Abatement of and Kossuth county. • --Kg found it' impossible-to get a room at-the hotel and was a guest of E. J. Van Ness and daughter, Katherine; Mr. Van Ness looks after the Purdy interests here. Lt. Leighton Misoach On Leave Lt. and Mrs. Leighton Misbach visited in Algona from Sunday until Wednesday with relatives and friends. Lt. Misbach, former Algona mayor, is stationed at Goldsboro, N. C., where he is a liaison pilot, and is home on n ten day leave. His wife, the former Katherine Carlson, has been with her parents at Madrid since her husband went to Goldsboro. BACK ON RATION .Coffee drinkers will probably give" a sigh of relief to learn that coffee is not going back on the ration list, says Chairman W. P. French, of the local War Price and Rationing Board. A rumor has been spread that coffee would again be rationed because a stamp marked "coffee" appears in Wai- Ration Book Four. Mr. French pointed out that War Book Four was in the process of being printed when coffee was taken off the list. The printing was too far along to remove the coffee stamp, so the job was completed as begun. The coffee stamp in Book Four will not be used. , Sewer Nuisance and $2,000 In Damages and Action Costs. Claiming that the sewerage system of the city adjacent to her home has become a nuisance and is dangerous to health, Mrs. Marie Falkenhainer, 121 E. Oak street, on Monday filed a petition in district court asking that action to create relief and also asking for $2,000 damages from the city. Mrs. Falkenhainer's petition states in part: 'Claims Four Year Nuisance "That the defendant does now and has for the past four years maintained a nuisance in that by its operation of the municipal sewerage system of Algona, Iowa, it has permitted raw sewerage to be deposited into a ravine near the dwelling house of this plaintiff. That all of the residence property and streets and alleys lying north of State street in Algona is drained through a sewer pipe consisting of tile and sewer pipe, all of which is deposited by defendant's use of two outlets into a ravine near the dwelling house of the plaintiff. Opens Into Ravine "That one of these outlets opens into the ravine about 800 feet south of plaintiff's dwelling and on the north side of Lucas street between Moore street and Harlan street, where it flows in a northerly direction along the ravine to a point from 50 feet to 75 feet east of the plaintiff's dwelling house, at which point the second outlet of the defendant opens into the same ravine, with the result that such raw- sewerage stands in pools within 50 to 75 feet of plaintiff's dwelling. That by reason of that pollution of the open ditch adjacent tb plaintiff's dwelling, said plaintiff suf- t 'eniJJgip^^ from "-said ravine and permeates i* the dwelling-house of this plain- 9 am P f °r tiff,' and tha't said .condition i- unbearable and dangerous to health," Had Contacted City Kossuth Boys to Train at Indiana College Jar.ics M. Cooper, son of J. A. Cooper R.F.D. \, Algona, and Jacob W. Simmons, of Armstrong, Iowa, have been assigned by the army to specialized training at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, where approximately 2,500 men are being prepared through intensive instruction for '' oi'i'jcer and technical services. The Indiana University unit is one of 200 established at colleges universities under the War Department's specialized training program. The army men at Indiana are housed in former women's dormitories and fraternity houses, are regularly enrolled H the university, and will receive university credit which may oe used after the war toward college graduation. FIRST BOY SCOUT AND CUB CIRCUS HERE NOV. 12 A Public Demonstration of Scout and Cub Activities and Skills at High School 7:30 p m. . The first Boy Scout-Cub Circus will be presented by the Kossuth District Boy Scouts and Cubs at the Algona High School, Nov. 12th, at 7:30 p. m. The Circus is a public demonstration of Scout and Cub skills and activities. The program is built about the theme, "Youth— Serving America." The Boy Scouts of America, Have been particularly active in war activities and are keynoting their Circus about these activities. Circus Staff The circus staff will be Antone Johnson, 'chairman; A. H. Schuler, director; C, S, Whitehouse, preparation;. Bob. McCullough, property, and Elson Fischer, announcer. Event directors will -be ,Orin Spalding, Algona Band; C. C. Shierk, : prologue; 1 :- -grand ' entry; : Ed COMMITTEE OF SEVEN APPOINTED TO RAISE FUNDS Citizens Committee Refers USO Center Option to War Activities B^ard; Action Taken Tuesday Night. ; . "-;:' ; %' ;; v Algona will have -a ' teen-age. youth center as wel}- as ,a, USO. center, the letter .to be a .county project, according -to action of the citizens committee which-niet at the city hall Tuesday night. L. S. Bohannon and Mrs. D. D. Mon-' lux, appointed by the., -citizens committee to investigate.the USO center question, reported (that they had met with a if eld repre-' sentative of the national USO and{ that a center would be .provided;' here, to be partly financed by the'* national organization, and the. cgmmittee also recommended that the USO be county-wide in con-' trol. For that reason the citizens; committee voted to ihefer the USO' problem to the county war activities cpnimittee for further- action. Committee of Seven Reports The committee of seven •, appointed at an earlier .session-: of". the citizens committee' ,to study the teen-age recreation problems? also made a report , Tuesday, night. This committee/made up j j of representatives .frqm , civic,. 5 church and school .organizations,, consists of Rev, C. C. Richardson^ chairman, pf the -Ministerial; Union; Mrs. John McQuire, of the-r P.T.A.; Mrs, CampbeJV fflomph-* rey, of the Woman's 'Chjb;-.. Don? Miller, of the public schools; p e v. R. V. Sweeney, of the ..parochial. c/>Vm/Ylei« T\i* r* f** Clfin^f^.' Q* tho schools; Dr. C, C. Junior. Chamber of and Clarence Phillips, p; ior Chamber of Comrrii committee reported thaV 'Rafter a" study of centers in other qommu-" 5 nities, and meeting with' 'representatives of the school system*here, it would recommend * the establishment- of ,a-yo^t/fcenteii ID' Al£rOD8j ** ?- '* f *t'j> iJ»» i'^i-' 1 *„* * iur v*"^ 5 -T • • ;P Z£!Pj». •'Jtatsf£** ™* .* _. .<.? C ic*W j3£$lM&* .SMvAnvi According to the petition, Mrs. Falkenhainer has on several occasions notified the city of the presence of the nuisance but seemingly with no results coming therefrom as the city has neglected and refused to abate the same, the petition states. In asking for judgment of $2,000 with interest at 5% per annum, the plaintiff also asks that the costs of the action be paid by the city Mrs. Falkenhainer is the wife o. Melzar Falkenhainer, manager o X Anderson, Indian center'be-op^ned'-foliagli s „„ *• *-•-., r, Cu , bs; Earl ""'Spi-ague, young people only; that ft card b«T ! first aid; F. S. Slagle, chariot issued .and-a very nominal fee be :e; A. H. Schuler, signalling; charged; that on the back of the P. Philhps. physical fitness; G. card a pledge be signejH by the. the Druggists Company. Mutual Insurance Kossuth Boy New Guinea Casualty WALTER SMITH, JR. SENECA, REPORTED Whittemore Township Farmer Sues Wife Eo Divorce Wednesday Dated Wednesday, Nov. 3, ther was filed in the clerk's office a petition by Victor Gerber o Whittemore township, asking ab solute - divorce from his wife Coletta Gerber. The petition states that Mrs. Gerber. has become sullen, abusive and brutal endangering the life of the plaintiff. The couple was married in Emmetsburg Feb. 24, 1041, and have lived together since that time. There are no children. with came to . home COLLETTEWELP, BANCROFT, DIES W»l4 Algon? that CflJlitt* W( rt A. L. ARNDORFEK, ALGONA SAILOR, FRACTURES HIP When Arnold L, Arndorfer, Algona, and a shipmate were cross* ing an intersection in Norfolk 1 , Virginia, Saturday night, a week ago, the former was hit by a car and in the accident he suffered a broken hip. His companion had hie 6x?t hurt, qn i y slightly. Arnold, was rushed to the navy a cast .,. ....,*»;. wear : for of * «e on e«ve test July and agajn had a FARMERS SELLING MEATS REGISTER WITH LOCAL OPA Farmers who sell or transfer rationed ineats, fats and dairy products are required to collect ration paints for, the items sold and must turn over points to the War Price and,", .Rationing Board, received tronj unch 1 sales, £nno«nced W, P, French, chairman, local-War Price and Ration- Ing Board. They must also register with-the JEW «nl* War Pries ?ro, the ._ Rationing .necessary KILLED IN ACTION Was Member of Sniper's Squad In New Guinea War Department Reports Death On August 21. Seneca: Mr. and Mrs, Walter R Smith received pfficial notice from Washington, D. C,, Friday that ther son, Junior, lost his life while in action in New .Guinea on Aug. 21. Memorial services were jeld at Mason City Sunday, where his wife and baby son, nine months of age, live. The father lad never seen his son. The Smiths had received word frori heir son- that he had been wounded and had been hospital- zed but they were not to worry ibout him. He expected to be ent but' again in a • sniper's squad nd it is presiuned that he never etumed from this mission. t. Donald Woods In Hospital; Had Been in Australia Mrs, Joe , word Saturday ese forms hoard these local Named to Card4nal Guild PWWOQd, spfl Of Mj S , L., , ., . laker, \yhq is a senior student in -------- -----who does not receive should' apply ;to W *>r a SPW% togeths? value chart, Each tanner who «OJs cati<me4 meate feto pr dairy products should Wifce ?«i*ain he, s regjstersd with his Revenue Office Closed the '»*_ finer had spn, Lt- AUS, Presbyterian Dads and Sons to Banquet Wednesday, Nov. 12 In observance of "Father and Son Week" the Presbyterian Father and Son banquet will be served at the church on Wednesday evening, November 10th. The speaker wil be Rev. C. C. Richardson, local pastor. The program committee is made up of Nyle Latch, chairman, Herman Barker, C. S. Kurtz, Alwin Huen- lold and Harold Dains, while the ticket committee consists of A. E. (Cresensky, chairman, Gaylord Shumway, C. U. Pollard, C. B Vlurtagh and L. F, Rice. Frank 3eigel, Joseph Skow and Dennis Pra^t constitute the boys' committee. LAKOTA DRIVER PLEADS GUILTY TO INTOXICATION Charged with drunken driving H. McMullin and "Raymond Borg, Cub games; 1 Richard .So'renson, campfire; H. W. Miller, Milton Norton, Paul Lindholm,, court of honor; Paul Figge; finale. Troops and Packs to participate will be from Algona, Burt, Bancroft, Fenton, Lakota, Ledyard, West Bend, Lone Rock, Lu Verne, Swea City, Titonka, Whittemore, Armstrong and Ringsted. THREE CASES IN JUSTICE COURT Three truck cases, all of .them filed by agents pf the state high- 'vay commission, vere disposer' ->t in Justice' Delia Welter's court Vre Tuesday. W. E. Broderson. /Vlgona, was .picked up for ' overloading and . was_ given a fine of and costs. Con Whittemore,- •Higgins, brought ••har" ed with having an over- length trailer and was fined $2 and costs.. R. C- Kollasch, of Wes- Tey, answered to a charge of driv- *ng under <a delinauent truck license and , cpnfo-ibuted $5 and costs. ' '' ' Rites For Mrs. H. W. Miller's Brother Are Held Today Owatonna H, W. s Miller weijt to Qwtonnc, Minn., Tuesday tq. join Mrs. Miller who arrived there that 'day 'rom Washington, p. C., bringing >aclf the, body of her brother, Bernard C. Kuckenreuther, 24, Vhp died Saturday night at the alter -Reed hospital where he ate Sunday , ewis, Lakota, night Lawrence appeared before "•TT-*-T W-TF- . -»*^T San Franciscp. . ed further -word ^ John's, that, hs. had ^ MpKinney, Texas, to § hospital tiutrft. Dick In T«x**f University According to ward itfn leg? Station, Te*as, — *^ "—"- 18, son pf dayor Kohlhaas Monday morn- ng. He plead guilty to the charge and was fined *300 with flQu.syspendfc},* Lewis was p|cto- S? up , lb r Sheriff, Art Cogley oh toe highway Jaefsreen Jierf and Shnore la,te SundV evening. He , . was. brought to Algona and^pJac- ed in the county Ja't until his hearing in mayWs court Monday forenoon* T Jfovy Recruiter Wagon Changes Schedule Here Beginning with November the navy recruiter wagon will y^t Algona every of instead of weekly as ease in the past, Thi* lad been a weeks, patient for seven, The young man was taken sick wjth a lymphatic ailment while serving overseas in the air forces and following an operation there Was rushed to Liverpool and sent to Washington, D. C. Mrs, Miller has been with him most of the time since his arrival there, as were his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.J?.Kuckenreuther, and his other sister and two brothers; other members of the family left Washt ngton Sunday to return •*" hut Ifrs. r""— any the member to follow the idles laid .down by the. .committee! that the, members create self-government" in.setting up the operating /ules; that the members work in cooperation with the citizens operating committee; that a'paid director be employed to have- charge of the center. ' Three Nights Per Week It was also recommended that thfe'-center be open three evenings each week, Tuesday from 7 to 9:30, Friday from 7 to 11, and Saturday ;fronv,7 'to 9r30. However, the, center would; be ope» every week day,-from '4 to S O'clock p, m. A.milk bar-would be set upj for./nilk driiflts, ice, cream and sandwiches. Ping pong, shuffle -board, and other games equipment Would "be set up. A juke' box'./for' dancing would be .provided, with this form of entertaininent being used only two nights of the week, the ' other night being for non-dancers. All of this . form of entertainment, food and'game equipment was suggested ; by the - teen-age youth, hundreds of whom been contacted '''during . the several weeks. >• • Permanent Committee The operation committee which had made the, above report and recommendatipns, was permanently appointed by the citizens at the- Tuesday night session. ,The com-* mittee will begfn WOT*'at once? for the renting 'of- youth -center space, for the raising of. funds an3 providing equipment, The youth center must he supported by the citizens and friends of,the teen,? age group. The city has no fund which permJte . using- mcsey / fo? this prwect. However, 4f, the cenr ter and project prow? highly use^ ful and fiilflU the needs tor car, mg. for the teen-age, r( proplenvthe-Qjtisena may „.. & J° .y^A*^-^ 9** had past youth citizen,

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