The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1943 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1943
Page 6
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The Aiftfft* Vftw* ftsg fitohfti, Alfoni, lowt, OetAbw 28, IMS PRAIRIE PALS 4-H CLUB IN ELECTION AT SATURDAY TEA Wesley: The Prairie Pals 4H club were entertained nt a tea Saturday afternoon at the home of Cheryll Meurer. Their mothers were guests. Six new members joined the club: Marjorie Bleich, Elaine Mullen, Joan Penton, Jeanne Penton, Donna Marie Weiden and Lois Galaway. New officers elected were: President, Mary Lee Cole; vice- president, Cheryll Ann Meurer; secretary, Patricia Richtsmeier; treasurer, Rose Mary Studer; historian, Marcia Ann Downs; reporter, Betty Mullin. Mrs. August Studer, assistant leader, had charge of the meeting in the absence of the leader, Mrs. Lou Wingert. The next meeting will be Saturday, Nov. 13, at the home of Betty Mullin. Eighteen were present at the tea Saturday afternoon. The United Service Women's Organization will hold a food sale Saturday, Oct. 30, in the Chas. Kraus home. The United Service Women will meet Thursday evening, Nov. 4, instead of the llth as that is Armistice day. The cross on the steeple of the Catholic church received a cout of gold leaf last week. A steeplejack from Dubuque did the work. Fighter! Sheriff Milford Enbelbert of Marengo assisted a dog in killing a rat on the city streets. The rat seemed to be winning the fight until Dale Mattison came up with two pieces of board, and killed the animal. It was a muskrat. Swea-Eagle Woman Loses Brother In Accident Swea-Eagle: Mrs. Mike Kennedy received a. phorte call Saturday morning informing her that her brother, Wm. Engesser, of Tracy, Minn., had met death that morning when he became entangled in a corn husker machine. He was 33 yeaVs old and leaves a wife and four, small children. Mrs. Kennedy left to attend his funeral which was held at Tracy Monday. Melvin Hawks who was employed on the Alaska Highway returned home Wednesday. The Hawks family spent Saturday at the Paul Olson home at Algona and were dinner guests Sunday at I Merwin Marlow's. SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa September 29. 1943 !l:00 O'clock A. M. Hoard of supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present: Frasor, McDonald, Schram, Qulnn and Heiken. Absent, None. Mix Your Own Mashes! SAVE MONEY with Magic Mash Maker All you nerd is your own grains for the base—and Sargent's Magic Mash Maker for the balance. Magic Mash Maker supplies 22 protein, vitamin, and mineral elements to blend with your grains to give you all types of poultry mashes, at real economy cost. Free home-mixing directions supplied with each bag. Save on poultry feeds., Try a bag and see how you can cut costs. White's Market Phone 631 E. State Your Excellent Cooperation WITH ROOMS AND APARTMENTS APPRECIATED Will want 50 more sleeping rooms and 5 apartments at once. Carpenters coming! Phone No. 1 Algona Chamber of Commerce Motion by Holken and 2nd by Qulnn tlmt the 1342 taxes bo sus- pondcd on the following numbered properties: 55-612, 56-613, 55-614. 5li-.1it!>, 55-513, 55-28!). 56-491. 55-620. 55-527, 55-51B, 55,252, 55-141, 55-35-1. 55-353, 55-651, 55-562, 55-125, 56-314, 55-5-18, 56-210, 55-598, 55-192, 65-169. 55-191, 55-172, 66-610, 65-398, 55-433. 55-506, 55-559, 65-474. 55-348, 65-277. 65-49, 65-48, 56-362, 55-180, 55-42?, rui-341, 55-293, 66-83, 65-84, 65-661, :,5-2Sfi, 55-592, 65-585, 5B-586, 65,-321, 55-320, 55-226, 65-543. 56-66, 65-42ii, 55-5311, 55-406, 65-584. 65-498, 56-497. 55-1112, 55-5-10, 55-50, 55-234, 55-455. :,5-3, 55-011, 66-453, 65-197, 65-243. 55-469, 55-580. 65-309, 55-508. 65-393. 55-100, 55-446, 55-504, 65-403, 65-409, r,5-429, 56-536, 56-233, 55-16, 65-1, 55-126, 46-307, 55-480. 65-652, 65-466, 55-294, 55-628, 55-273, 65-440, 56-441, 55-165, 55-528, 65-416, 55-234, 65-268, 55-402, 65-101, 65-283, 55-282, 65-369, 55-308, 56-181, 65-166, 55-199, 56-360, 55-361, 55-371, 55-687 and 65-612, reason recipients of Old Age Assist- unco. Ayes: All. Motion by Schram and 2nd by Hclken that the following resold tlun bo adopted: RESOLUTION AVHKREAS, It Is tound by tho Stat« Kxaminers that many County warrants were outstanding on D«- cembor 31, 19-12, that had beer, 1s- Hlied many years ago, and WHKRKAS, the said examiners recommended under Item No. 23 tit tli-e 1942 examiners report that the Knurd of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, pass a resolution can- celling all warrants (except Drainage warrants) that were Issued in tho year 19I!7 and prior years and -still 'ouiMamling, an* \VH10KKAS. it Is recommended by tl.e State Kxamlners, that In case a warrant should be presented for payment tliat has been Included In tin"- list to be cancelled It shorn! be attached to a county claim form and allowed by the Hoard and a new warrant be Issued by tho County Auditor against (lie fund on whlcl. llu: original warrant was Issued. NOW. THRR10FORK, UK IT RE- SOLVI5D, by the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, that I*. .1. Immorfall, County Auditor, of Kossuth County, Iowa, Is hereby directed to prepare a list of the warrants to be cancelled according to the various funds, numbers and amounts, and retain one copy for the records In tl.o office of the County Auditor and certify one copy to the County Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa. Ayes: Holken, Qulnn, Schram, McDonald and Fraser. Nays: None. Resolution adopted this 29th day of September, 1943. Signed: J. H. Fraser. Chairman. Attested: L. J. Immerfall, County Auditor. Ther-e lining no further business at this time, the Board motioned to adjourn to 9:00 O'clock A. M., October I. 1943. L. J. Immerfall, County Auditor. Auditor's Ott'ioe Algona, Iowa Are yov a girl with a star-spangled heart? A girl who's wil. ling to help out when her fighting men need her? A girl who wants to feel she's doing something vital to earn her'own share of the victory? Have you an urge to do something about your country and the things you love? If you do— you ail- needed in the WAG—and needed now! He's thinking calling the back home floing to call tonight, when he's off duty. He won't have much time and that call means a lot to him. Might be to a mother or dad or sweetheart right hi your town or on your street. It can be as close and near to you as that. You can help him get better service if you don't do any Long Distance calling^of your own between 7 and 10 each night. That's about the only tune be can get to the telephone. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 82.7S io.r.0 •IS.00 98.5(i 25.00 49.50 416.67 3.00 October 1, 1943 9:00 O'clock A. M. Mourd 01' Supervisors met purnu- uit to adjournment with all racni- lers present. Motion by Helkcn and 2nd by cm-am that the following quarterly oports be approved: Recorder's Ro- irt of Fees; Clerk's Report of I'eos; Auditor's Report of fees and jther collections, and Sheriff's Report to Board of Supervisors. Ayes: Motion by Qulnn and 2nd by McDonald that Fraser be appointed to mak« necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 160. Ayes: All. Motion by gulnn and unu, by Heiken that Schram bo appointed to make necessary repairs on Drain- ago District No. 132. Ayes: All. .vlotlon by Schram and 2nd bj Hclken that Qulnn be appointed U nake necessary repairs on th« blowing Drainage Districts: No. J9 incl No. 72. Ayes: All. , •r ii,,p nv onlnn and 2nd by Sel.ram that Heiken be appointed to repairs on lliu fol- owlni; Drainage Districts: No. 4. Vo. 60, No. 80, No. 82, No. 88 and lolnt E.K. No 4. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald, and 2nd by }ulnn that the County Auditor be llrected to liav u notice of assess- nent of benefits, on Sub 1 of Drain- se District No. 68 given as provltl- November 17, 1943, at 1:30 O'clock P. M. as time set for hearing on same. Avcs: All. , . 'o-i motion Board proceeded t.o Audit and Allow claims as "per ^e(.L-clule of Claims Hereinafter Written." COUNTY FUND Cltv of Algona. Light Serv. $ 3G.OS SV.'W. Sullivan, P.M., Postage 27.78 Virginia Gregory, .Salary .. liertha K. Johnson, Salary .. Dorlno Fraser, Salary Uernlce Rising, Salary .... F. A. Newvllle. Guard Airport W. A. Schram, Comm. & Scs- slon 2 20 - 11 P. J. Heiken, Comm. & Session 232.41 W. B. McDonald, Comm. & Session 191.95 J. F. Qulnn. Comm. & Session 226.83 J. II. Fraser, Comm. & Session , ..30.1.1 A E. Lauritzen, Travel Exp. 64.60 A. J Cogley, I3d. & Lodge Prisoners 18.32 A. J. Cogley, Mileage & Invest. Fees 143.i/0 H W. Miller, Office Exp. .. 59.83 M. A. Bartholomew, Guard Airport 60.00 C. W. Pearson, Treas., Adv. fjty 9.56 C. H. Os'twinkle, Del. Tax Col. 89.24 Advance Publishing Co., Board Proceed 26.65 Bancroft Register, Board Proceed. & Printing 68.50 Coast to Coast Store, Sup. .. 8.31 Kohlhaas Hardware, Sup. .. 3.12 Lalng & Muckey, Sup 1.00 Advace Publishing Co., Sup. 8.16 Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, O. A. A. Exp 10.00 W. A. Marty, Quar. Exp. . . l.SO H. M. Harris, Weed Comm. .. H. M. Harris. Weed Comm. .. Kossuth County Farm Bureau, Approp Frank Kol.lhaas, Mayor Fees Ruth Ann Uemls, Typing 1942 Audit 24.93 Employers Mutual Casualty Co., Earned Premium 1,309.33 Auditor of State, State Examiners Exp 743.25 F. H. Kemis, Court Reporter 120.02 Kossutli County Fair Ass'n, Approp 1,891.19 CONSTRUCTION FUND Farmers Lumber & Grain Co., Sup. 671.73 Wheeler Lumber Bridg-e & Sup. Co.. Sup 3,137.01 S. U. French Lumber Co., Sup 1074.52 Warren W. Bowman, Labor 147.06 MAINTENANCE FUND City of Algona, Light Serv. 15.97 Milo Patterson, Patrol 127.0(1 Clifford Holmes, Patrol .... 127.66 Arnold Wegner, Patrol .... 103.41 Joe M. Esser, Patrol 1411.6U Clarence Hentges, Patrol .. 127.6ii Wm. F. Gronbach, Patrol .. 150.4G Kasmle Hunsen, Patrol 127.66 P«ter Movlck, Patrol 127.6(1 S. D. McDonald, Patrol IIO.US Ralph Markla, Patrol 128.63 Archie DoddH, Patrol 117.UO John Stott. Patrol 99.00 Lem Stoekwell, Patrol 108.71 Clarence Ackerman, Patrol .. 20.00 A. J. Hlldmar., Patrol 127.66 Urban Nuuroth, Patrol .... 128.03 James M. Long, Patrol 129.60 .Juyal Sanders, Patrol 128.03 Kd'ward C. Ohm, Patrol 98.50 .V. F. Scl.rader, Patrol .... 122.Ssl l-JIk-k Hawk, Patrol 117.96 i-ld Baker, Patrol 128.14 Clyde Sunders, Patrol Verne Molinder, Patrol .... 127.20 ,lue Welch, Pairol 98.50 Rolf Miller, Patrol 123.7S Uert Shullmyer, Patrol 103.41 Hurry Helmke, Patrol 180.66 George F. Graham, Patrol ... 98.4U C. 11. Cooper, Patrol 51.60 Dick Baade, Patrol 60.25 Oliver Young, Patrol 124.80 .1. E. Fall!, Patrol 80.61 C. W. Pearson, Adv. Freight 6.72 Dwight F. Graham. Labor .. 8.50 C. H. Cooper, Lubor 8.75 George Looft, Labor 9.00 Henry Flslier, Patrol 90.40 John Welch. Labor 9.00 rileg Fort Dodge Co., Sup. .. 111.58 Gibbs Cook Tractor Co., Sup. 354.84 Farmers Coop. Soc., Sup 100.11 Bulbach Co., Sup 7.46 Globe Machine & Sup. Co., Sup 68.40 Algona Hardware, Sup 68.40 Waterloo Construction Co., Sup. ' 13.41 Interstate Oil Co., Sup 243.36 J. M. Blancl.ani, Sup 56.87 Kossuth County Imp. Co., Sup. 1.62 Gamble Store, Sup 12.43 Funk & Delin, Sup 6.1." Greenberg Auto Supply, Sup. 45.85 Kohlhaas Hardware, Sup. .. 1056 Peerless Oil Co., Sup 309.43 Bancroft Oil Co., Sup 626.99 Thompson Yards, Inc., Sup... 4.26 Thompson Distributing Co., Sup 90 Leighton Supply Co., Sup. .. 14.58 Kossuth Motor Co., Sup 12.87 Central States Electric Co., Light Serv 1.02 Iowa Public Service Co., Light Serv 1.02 Central States Electric Co., Light Serv 1.02 J. I. Merryman, Labor 209.05 POOR FUND Hoods Super Value, Prov. .. 3.00 Hertzkes Store, Prov 28.00 Consumers, Prov 40.00 Sorensen Grocery Co., Provl 44.00 Aim & Boise, Prov 10.00 Smith Department Store. Prov. ~. 10.0.0 S. & L. Co., Clothing 1.96 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer. Med... 61.60 Dr. .1. W. McCreery, Med. .. 35.50 Dr. J. N. Keneflck, Med. .. 7.60 Dr. P. V. Janse, Med 19.50 Dr. R. L. Corbln, Med Dr. J. G, Clapsaddle. Med. .. Dr. Royco M. Bahnson, Med. Kossuth Hospital, Hosp. Care Mrs. Ella Brlggs, Care Thompson Yards Inc., Sup. .. Farmers State Bank, Premium H. E. McMurray, Labor .... John Uhlehake, Rent Lydla Relnhart, Rent C. B. Murtagh, Rent Goo. C. Johnson, Rent .... Department of Sociol Welfare, Blind Aid Marvel Dole, Salary ....;... County Farm T,. E. StfMibPnft, T.-|irM Sorv... Roy O. Larson, Labor 7..' 1.0 20.1 3B.E 20.t 20.S, (il.7 81.4 20.0 10.0 lO.Oi 5.00 98.66 O I- " 120.00 Irvln Etheflnftton. Lftb«!r * > . o. A. Roemesuv. raUw; 1 '...... AlgronA Hardware, Sup. .. 1.03 23.25 . 44.7 75.10 141.12 FtifR & Delfrt, .Sup. f. .... Konlhaas HardWare. Sup 1 . -alng & Mtiekey, Stipr , Alton* BAItinr Co.. Prov. \lsrona Creamery, Prov. . Sorensen QrOcefy, Prov. .. _______ [Catherine Park, Ml8<3l, Exp. 18. OS )t. 1\ V. Jflnse, Med ....... 37.BO )r. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Med. . . \ 1.00 3, A. Heard, Sup ..... , ..... 10.00 lancroft Oil Co., Ons .... 81.94 Cossttth Cdtlnty Ifnpleinorit Co., Sup. .... ..... ........ .43 V. R. Llnde, Baled Hay .... 47.YB Resolved: That the County Audi* or Is hereby authorized to Issue ''arrant 8 for all bills allowed lit his meeting us "per Schedule* of Malms Hereinbefore Written." On motion Board adjourned to :00 O'clock A. M.,- October 27, 1943. vyen: All. L. J. Immerfall, .county Auditor. POPULAR GAMES AT St. Cecelia's Academy MOII. Mov. 1 STARTING AT 8:30 SOc FOR EVENING'S ENTERTAINMENT Mrs. E. C. McMahon Mrs. E. A. Schemel Committee LUNCH MAY BE BOUGHT Just Look at This! Dresses have that new appearance after a trip to the Modern Dry Cleaaers & Tailors. Send your clothes to us regularly and make the appearance of your dress last with the lite of'the garment, 1 Everyone these days wants her clothes to last as long as possible. See us for tailored • suits, alterations and repairs. Please return hangers and , watch delivery schedule for your neighborhood. Phone 537 Modern Dry Cleaners & Tailors Holmes & Clopton Algona U. D. M. Wants Ada Bring^Quick Results FRUITS and VEGETABLES LETTUCE ALL PURPOSE SHORTENING Point 3-lb. CC M Value 12 . •Container O5JU IN CARTONS—Point Valu 3 LARGE I FIRM V HEADS 4 DOZ. SIZE Golden Porto Rlcan Sweet *< Potatoes 3tb,25c Golden Heart Tender Celery ./£,; 19c California Firm and Ripe Tomatoes 2 Lb ,25c 2 29 CALIFORNIA Carrots Pure Lard BAKING POWDER Calumet ... ARM ft HAMMER Baking Soda HAZEL Cake Flour. MARGRAVES' Lb. 16-ci. Can 16*1. Pkg. 18c FINEST GRANULATED Sugar 7c 22c SUGAR STAMP 14 & CANNING STAMPS 15- U EXPIRE OCT. 31 Imit. Vanilla 8-01. Bottl* ^•H^**^ 5 APPLES GREENINGS FOR SAUCE AND PIES HAZEL IRAND Peanut Butter COM! AGAIN Queen Olives PLAIN Dill Pickles . MEAT SAUCE Heinz 57 Sauce is. 24c FORT DEARBORN Rolled Oats 32c 33c j?r 22c COME AGAIN BRAND Salad Dressing Pkg. 48-oi. •^IB^- • 18 BREAKFAST CEREAL Cream of Wheat 2 ,. 8 ^ 22 o CORN FLAKES PostToaslies -'A? 9c OUR BREAKFAST Coffee.... V?, 21c HILLS. FOLGER'S Hash's Coffee NATIONAL PLAIN OR SUGARED Donuts lifebuoy HEALTH SOAP U. S. CHOICE, BEST BLADE CUTS, NONE HIGHER—9 POINTS BEEF ROAST " Round Steak 37c tb U. S. CHOICE TENDER i-oiNT VALDB u Ivory Flakes Walleyed Pike 35c SELECT MEATY— Point Value 4 SPARE RIBS DOQ FOOD—A-B-O DIET RED HEART lux Flakes WILBERT'S FLOOR WAX NO-RUB WAX BOWL FOR BETTER HEALTH

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