The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1943 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1943
Page 10
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I The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, October 21, igff WUiiiMHiMM^«HWWda«MttrtM^MriMt*MMUMIUBMi*UlttiMllH^^ Leigh* of Irvington Called to Minnesota; Mother Seriously 111 Irvington: Mr. and Mrs. Sim teigh and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leigh Were called to Wlnnebagp, Minn., last week due to the serious illness of their mother, Mrs. John Leigh. Mrs. Leigh had suffered a stroke and due to the advanced years of her age deep concern was felt for her recovery. Mrs. Leigh was 89 years old last Sept. 13. For several years sue has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. John Gray. Later a report was received that she was somewhat improved. General Hospital Oct. 9: Conrad Limberg, Woden, surgical. Oct. 13: Mrs. Paul Dettman, Burt, surgical. Oct. 15: Mrs. J. P. Studer, Wesley, boy. Oct. 17: Mrs. J. T. Green, Algona, girl. Oct. 20: Chris Nelsen, Algona, medical. Kossuth Hospital Oct. 7: Thomas Christopher, Algona, medical. Mrs. James Johnson, LuVerne, boy. Mrs. Herman Ackerman, Algona, girl. Mrs. John Jennings, Algona, medical. John Van Buskirk, West Bend, medical. Oct. 9: Floyd Riebhoff, Burt, medical. Mrs. Kissner, Burt, girl.- Oct. 11: Heyo Boeckelman, Jr., Titonka, surgical. Oct. 14: Mrs. R. J. Doyle, Bancroft, boy. Mrs. Leo Crowley, Bancroft, girl. Mrs. George Sengbusch, Algona, girl. Oct. 15: J. F. Weir, Bancroft, .surgical. Oct. 16: Mrs. Burnel Bruns Void, Algona, boy. Mrs. Walter Lill, Algona, girl. \ Oct. 17: Mrs. Emory Smith, Lakota, surgical. Bonnie. Kay Weydert, Bode, medical. Oct. 18: Mrs. Weymen Blanchard, Algona, girl. Mrs. Vincent Ellman, Lakota, boy. Bill Zimmerman, Algona, tosilectomy arid adenoids. Oct. 19: Phillip Meuer, Algona, tonsilectomy arid adenoids. Bruce Young, Titonka, medical. . Mrs. Vernon Sorensori, Algona, boy. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED KATES Minimum charge 25c for IS words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per word. N» ag- ents' commission allowed. It advertising agents charge thi-lr clients 3c and send cash with order they receive le per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE: Vagabond house trailer, like new. Sleeps 4. Good tires. John Oudes, Wallingford, Iowa. 42-43* FOR SALE: Bjustrom's house, large garage, at 408 Diagonal. $2000. See Joel M. Herbst. 42 FOR SALE: 15 Yearling Hereford Bulls of serviceable age and guaranteed breeders, $125.00 to $150.00 each; also 10 registered Hereford cows, soon to drop calves, sired by the head of my herd, "Prince Domino." C. M. Haas, 1 mi. so. Rodman, Iowa. 41-43* FOR SALE: Roll top desk, studio couch. Inquire Box 101, Whittemore. 42-43* FOR SALE: 6-volt windcharger on 45-ft. tower. Complete with wiring and Zenith radio. A. J. Bernau, Vi mi. E. of Burt. 42* AFFIDAVIT STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. We, A. A. Schipull, President, A. L. Brown, Secretary, and H. ~J. Bode, Treasurer, of the Kossuth County Agricultural Association being duly sworn on oath depose and say that the said society or association, being duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, held a fair known as the Kossuth County Fair on the 24th to 25lth days of September, 1943, near the city of Algona, Iowa, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fide exhibition of live stock, together with agricultural products, farm implements, etc., as contemplated by law. We further depose and say that the sum of $1765.95 as shown in the financial statement attached hereto has been paid to the winning exhibitors in settlements of premiums won at the fair for the current year and that no part of this amount was paid for speed events or to secure games or amusements. We further depose and say that the attached financial statement is a full and complete statement of the receipts and expenditures for the current year and that the attached statistical data is true and correct. A. A. SCHIPULL, President, A. L. BROWN, Secretary, H. J. BODE, Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of October, 1943, by A. A. Schipull, President, A. L. Brown, Secretary, and H. J. Bode, Treasurer of the above named society or association. (Seal) EDITH WELTER, Notary Public. FINANCIAL STATEMENT RECEIPTS Cash on hand from last report (Do not enter overdraft here) $ 71.01 Receipts outside gates $ 547.75 Receipts night grandstand and quarter stretch 259.50 Total ticket sales $ 807.25 Concessions and privileges (dance)— 216.79 State aid (this year anticipated) 1336.16 Miscellaneous receipts of fair: Entry fees . S 529.78 From nil other sources of fair 482.12 Total miscellaneous receipts of fair - $ 1011.90 FOR SALE: Black Poland China boars, eligible for registry. New blood for old customers. Reilly Bros., ',4 mi. S., '/.> mi. W. of Lone Rock. 42-45* FOR SALE: 1942 22-ft. Hawkeye house trailer, fully equipped, good tires, like new. Used four months. $1000. P. V. Clover, Aurelia, Iowa. Phone 235. 42* FOR SALE: 1933 Chevrolet four- door sedan. Good tires. Charlie Egel, Irvington. 42* FOR SALE: Holstein bulls. Serviceable age. Can be registered. Call at the J. M. Patterson farm, 5 miles S. of Algona. 41-42* FOR SALE: Purebred Hereford boars, eligible to registry. New blood lines. I'/z mi. N. E. of St. Joe. 40-46* FOR SALE: Purebred spotted Poland China boars. Priced reasonable. If convenient call after school hours and Saturdays. Joseph G. Miller, Wesley. 41-42* FOR SALE: Portable elevator and wagon hoist, all steel. Arndorfer Bros., St. Benedict, Iowa. 42" FOR SALE: 1941 Ford 2 door. Good rubber. Very good shape. Kirk Auto Co., Algona. -il FOR SALE: 1940 Buick 4 door sedan. Low mileage. Good rubber. Kirk Auto Co., Algona. 4.1 FOR SALE: Duroc boars, new blood. Vaccinated. W. J.-Barr, Algona. Phone 3F21. 41-42* FOR SALE: Spotted Poland China boars. O. T. Cherland, 1V 2 mi. N. and 1% mi. E. of Lone Rock. 41-44* Total receipts of fair County aid Total receipts from sources other fair Grand total receipts (including previous balance) DISBURSEMENTS Open premiums: Agricultural products $ 82.75 Fruits and vegetables — 189.75 School exhibits — 92.25 $2784.86 $ 3372.10 2794.86 $6237.97 364.75 Total open premiums -4-H Club Premiums: Cattle (beef and dairy) _$ 745.00 Pigs - 212.00 Lambs 23.00 Poultry 11.00 Other 4-H premiums 410.20 Total 4-H Club Premiums $ 1401.20 Total premiums other than speed $ 1765.95 Music and attractions 449.85 Miscellaneous expense of fair: Advertising $ 48.00 Printing, stationery, record blanks, etc. 117.74 Postage, express, freight, and drayage 98.78 Administrative and office pay rolls 265.00 Gate department, pay roll 38.00 Police and parking pay rolls 47.00 Pay rolls, all other departments. 43.00 General and common labor during fair 168.94 All other expense of fair 187.09 Total miscellaneous expense of fair $ 1013.55 Total expense of fair — Indebtedness of previous year paicL- Maintenance of grounds and buildings 127.54 Insurance 355.36 Interest 877.66 Total expense other than fair_. $ 3229.35 1146.23 1360.56 Grand total disbursements _. $ 5736.14 Balance on hand $ 501.83 STATISTICAL DATA Are grounds owned by society, county, or city? Socie How many acres in the grounds? 40 Estimated value of grounds, $12,000.00; buildings, $63,000.00. Total value $75,000.00 Present indebtedness, $13,770.00; grandstand certificates $6871.08; notes and open accounts. Total number exhibitors, all departments - 407 Number of exhibitors, live stock departments --133 Number of horses exhibited ,*}? Number of cattle exhibited «* Number of swine exhibited "«j Number of sheep exhibited -° Number of head of poultry exhibited ,—---3B Number of rabbits and cavies exhibited o". 6 Admission fee charged at outside gates: Adults, 25c; children 25c over 10 to 12. Total number paid admissions, outside gates, 2193. Total attendance at fair, 4500. . Admission fees charged at grandstand: Day, none; night, 2nc, Admission fees charged at quarterstretch, none. Tptal number paid and non-paid admissions at grandstand and ouarterstretch: Night, 1537. Millage levied for next year's county aid, .05 mills.. Amount you anticipate levy will return, $2000.00. A U y OFFICERS OF THE FAIR President, A. A. Schipull, Lu Verne, Iowa. Vke President. Alex Bonnstetter, West Bend, Iowa. Secretary, A. L. Brown. Algona, Iowa. Treasurer, H. J. Bode, Algona. Iowa. FOR SALE: Two red Shorthorn bulls. Ronald Gardner, 5 mi. N. E. of Algona. 41-42* FOR SALE: New Clean Easy milking machines, Iowa Cream separators. Get your milking machine while they last. Algona Maytag' Store. 41 Store. 42* A FEW LEFT: Collapsible baby carriages with steel wheels and rubber tires. Bjustrom's FurnU ture. Complete home furnishings. 41-43 MEDIUM SIZED piano. Excellent condition. Prided for qulok resale. Write Armstrong Piano Co., Spencer, Iowa. 41* FINE IMPROVED 1 eighty acre farm for sale: Excellent soil, best location in county, 2 miles north of Swea City. Beautiful grove of Black Hills Spruce and Black Walnut. Will make, wonderful home. Possession March 1st. Terms, cash. Sophia Anderson, Swea City. 41-43* PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — All the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tf HELP WANTED — Men with Business experience to train for store managers. Jobs, good after the war. Apply at local Council Oak Store, Algona, Iowa. 34tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. Bjustrom's Furniture 1-tf AETNA FARM LOANS — Low rates, no commissions, appraisal or title examination costs to the borrower. It 4s worth. looking into. Call or write Hutchison & Hough, Security State Bank Bldg. 34-43* HOME LOANS TO BUY, REPAIR OR REFINANCE. NEW LOW INTEREST RATE AND TERMS—WHY PAY MORE. Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. Buy Bonds Here. 18tf Try New Era Bond, 20 Ib. substance, for a really fine paper. $2.70 for 500 sheets. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 9-tf KEEP YOUR Service Man supplied with stationery. Send him a box with his branch insignia embossed on each sheet. Box contains 50 sheets and 50 envelopes. $1.10 a box. Army, Navy, Army and Navy Air Forces, Coast Guard and Marine insignias. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 19-tf RUBBER STAMP PADS and ink, black, blue, green, 40c each at the Algona Upper Des Moines Office. ll-tf IF YOU NfiBO rUbbfif ttampS fttf any purpose, you can order them At The Algohtt Uppef De8 MolneSi ?0c and up. • \ 13-U ADDING MACHINE Rolls f6* sale at the Algona Upper Des MoiHes office. Regular size, 16c each, 2 for 26c. Large size, 20c each, 2 for 35c. 34-U SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. — Phil J.. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf GET YOUR typewriter and adding machine ribbons at the Algeria Upper ^Des Moines. 4-tf DESK BLO'BTERS,': assorted colors—dark green, chocolate, red, pink, blue and peach for sale ht the Upper Des Moines office, IPc each, 2 for 25c. 3-Vf FOR DURABILITY—For Impressiveness—Use Better Paper. The best papers are made from rags. GLASSMB ADS From Kossuth County Advance FOR SALE—USED VIOLINS.— Ask Advance. 6p6 FOR SALE — DUROC JERSEY boars.—Otto Wilberg, Fenton. 8p6-7 WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO work on the farm.—Inquire at Advance. llp5-6 20 POLAND CHINA SPRING boars with plenty of quality.— O. E. Ely, Wesley. 12'2u)6 FOR SALE—15 EXTRA GOOD ewes, one saddle horse.—W. E. Lane, Algona. Ilp6 FOR SALE—3 YOUNG SHORT- horn cows. Just fresh,—A. L. Baker, Lone Rock. 12p6 FOR SALE—HAMPSHIRE boars. —Louis Price, 4 mi. south, % mile east of Lakota. Ilp5-10 FOR SALE—CHOICE LOT OF 55 purebred Hampshire boars. —Joe Thorn, Lu Verne. 12(2)5-12 FOR SALE—SINGLE ROW McCormick-Deering corn picker. —Inquire at Sportsman's Tavern. 12p6 FOR SALE—ELEVATOR hoist; Hdlstein mllk-bOW, fresh, second tahV-Vietb-f Fitch, Titottka. mm A FEW Bt?tfK3 FOtt' SALE- Phpne S1F" 4, tlfonW, 4 miles south of town.—L. N, Htlnson. 15p6 FOR,$ALE—LAftGE TRAILER hotise. Good tires, good shape. —Mrs. Harrison, 442 N. Dodge. 14p6 FOR SALE—ONE GfOOD MILK cow, fresh. — Godfrey Schulti!, 4 mi. S. 'Lone Rock, phone 3816. I«p6 FOR SALE—BUILDING 22x50. Two Stories high. It/interested see Mike Koppen, Whlttemore. 13p6-8-l(M2 FOR SALE—OHIO IMPROVED Chester White sow, to farrow soon.—Donald Youngwirth, Lu Verne. 13u6 FOR SALE—PUREBRED Poland China boars. New blood for old customers.—Aaron Steussy, Lu Verne. l4u6-9 FOR SALE — 8x12 BROODER house, 2 wide wheel wagons, and stock saddle.—Clinton Sampson. 14p6 WALNUT GROVE IN THE RA- tion will produce better hogs.— H. S, Fain, Humboldt, phone 297-M., I2(2)51tf REG. SHORTHORN AND Angus bulls; Duroc, Hereford, Berk shire, and Yorkshire boars.—Ben Studer. Wesley. 14(2)14tf WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO work on farm; modern house on separate place. No milking.— Inquire Advance. 16u6-7 FOR RENT—BUSINESS BUILD- ing, 24x60, basement, double doors front and back. Good location. Phone 506-LJ. 16u6 FOR SALE—PUREBRED Hereford boars, eligible to be registered; new bloodlines.—1'A mi. north of Fenton on Highway 44. —Everett F. Mueller. 17p6 FOR SALE—SEVERAL REGIS- tered Polled Shorthorn bulls. Milking strain. Papers furnished. —B. Penning, Buffalo Center, la. 15u6-7 WANTED—MAN WITH HUSK- er to husk 50 a. corn. Can furnish elevator for man's own job as well as mine. — J. H. Zanke, Burt. 23p6 FOR SALfi — McWHORf fiR House, barn, 2 lots deep, at 620" E. McGregor Si Owners'will noto sell at sacrifice.—See Joel M. Herbst. 2lu6 FOR SALE—GRADE MILKING Shorthorns, some fresh, others fresh soon. All young cows; extra^good milkers.—Clinton Walt* man, Burt. 20p8-6 FOR SALE — PUREBRED Spotted Poland China boars', spring and fall low down easy feeding type.—Bert Geerdes, 3% mi. S., 1 % mi. E, Lakota. 24p4-l3 I WILL PAY $400 TO ANYONE with a good 2-row corn-picker to pick 100 acres of corn now, or $3 per acre after, Nov. 10.—H. J. esley, 'phdfwi ' POR te* While bdhrt, gbdW , to please antfbreetter 6* ' i~Harm fit, Hulsinp, 4 and'1% miles W. Buffalo Cfefl%. FOR SALE-PUREBRED CKBS- ter White boars. New bloodlines for old cUstbmeris.^ Geope Wdlf,iLu Verne;,5 mil'£; and 1% ml. N."Lu Verne <)r< 10 mi. S.fof Wesley. - ,„ \. DUROC BOARS — OFFERING 60 thick-bodied, heavy hamnTOd purebred boars. Popular bredd- ing, Satisfaction .guaranteed. No Sunday sales.-f 1VC ' JV ifiOMett i& Sons, 6 mile? So^bne mile East Britt. '"•'"- V 28(u2)3tt W/\« BONDS AND SAVINGS STAMPS ,* Duration Lacers 'uper-ileek LOOP- LACING is as PLIABLE as elastic in this streamlined GOSSARD. De- signed to make a more CHARM- ING You... while PROTECT- ING your vitality from the great. DEMANDS on it todayl $7.50 CHRISCHILLES' Me GOSSARD S&m FOR SALE: Warm Air heater, new. Algona Maytag Store. 41 FOR SALE: Used gas motors, Briggs & Strntton and Maytag. Used cream separator. Algona Maytag Store. 41 FOR SALE: Large size circulating heating stove. C. Winkie, 919 Diagonal, Algona. 42 ;< FOR SALE: One 1929 Model A Ford tudor. Good condition. D. J. Goeders, Sexton, Iowa. 42* FOR SALE: Lowe seed corn— either white or yellow. Can take orders at The Algona Hardware or call 945-W. Andrew M. Hansen, Algona. 39lf FOR SALE—Book of 500 receipts and duplicates, 4 to a page, $2.50. Algona Upper Des Moines. 9tf FOR SALE: Seven room house, all modern, with garage. Ideally located. Call Mrs. M. B. Foote at 457 or H. W. Miller at 427. 42* FOR SALE: 1935 Master Chevrolet sedan. Good tires. Good motor. 2% mi. S., 1 W. of Lone Rock. Phone 412. Delton Krause. FOR SALE: 30 head Purebred Spotted China boars, low, down, easy feeders. New blood for old customers. M. L. Barton, ! /4 mile E., 1 mile S. LuVerne. 40-45 FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, new blood. The broad back, easy feeding kind. Farmers' prices. Paul Krueger, V> mi. South and 4',-i West of Titonka. Phone Burt. 40-44* Wanted HELP WANTED: Steady, reliable man, married or single, for year around job on farm. Good wagas. George Seaberg, Wesley, Rt. 2. 41-42-' WANTED: Girl or woman to work Saturdays and Sundays. Rosedale Cafe. 41 WANTED: Full time clerk. Good wages. James Drug Store. 41 STRAYED: Holstein cow from my farm. Lester Wehrspann Phone 2526, Ottosen. 42 WANTED: More hatching eggs for the Kossuth County Hatchery at Algona. Write Spencer Chick Hatchery, Spencer, Iowa. 42-44 WANT TO BUY: Table model electric radio. Write C. Rog- holt, %Wallburgs, Algona. 43* Miscellaneous FREE! If Excess acid causes you pain of Stomach Ulcers, Indigestion, Heartburn, B e le hi n g Bloating, Nausea, Gas Pains, get free sample, Udga, at Barker Drug CHRISCHILLES Look over the list of high grade, EXTRA SIZE blankets listed below—we believe it's the greatest showing of strictly FIRST QUALITY, HIGH GRADE BLANKETS ever shown in Algona, We have the giooais^we are ceiled in price and we are proud of this unusual winter promotion. Card of Thanks We wish to thank pur friends and neighbors for the beautiful flowers and the many kindnesses extended to us at the time of the death of our beloved mother. Lester Willson and family. 42* Card of Tfiaoks We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their kind words of sympathy, and the beautiful .floral offerings, at the time of the tragic death of our little daughter, Genelle. 'Mr. arid Mrs. Arthur Stueve and 'family. 48* 70x80 5% wool fine twill woven blanket, wide sateen binding, assorted block-plttid patterns, all colors .... 72x84 5% wool, extra fine twill cotton Blanket, in beautiful plaid patterns, all colors, wide sateen binding Madison 72x90 .50% cotton, 50% rayon, plain color Blanket, satin bound. Winter King Brand. A very unusual value ........ ... ..... .......... ...... ...... ............................... ;.. ............. Stanley "Chatham" 72x84 25% wool, 50% rayon, 25% cotton, Plain colors, beautiful taffeta binding. Dark colored AC "JC border, very attractive. Only .................... ............ ...... WV-IV Sutton "Chatham", 72x84 25% wool, 50% rayon, 25% cotton, All plain colors (no border), wide satin binding. BJch colors ....... ..... Airloom "Chatoam" Super 72x84 75% wool, 25% cotton BJan ket. AJ1 plain shades, rich satin binding. A real value for ....... „.......!.;. Woolrich "Chatham" 72*84 100% wool Blanket. The best blanket on the market today. Handsomely finished, A A AJ| exquisitely colored ... .......... ..... ......................... - r ...... •• ..... wwPWF 41* V

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