The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1943
Page 7
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r '*m The Algona tJppef Des Moines,, Alfona, Iowa, October 21, 1943 POPULAR BURT GIRL MARRIED TO WODEN SOLDIER Burt: Marcella Gifford, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gifford, and Cpl. Frank Alborne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Alborne, Woden, were married at 8:30 Saturday evening at the home of the bride's parents, the "Rev. Paul Figge performing the ceremony. The bride, Who wore a sky- blue ankle .length. dress with brown accessories, was attended by her sister, Donna Jeanne Gifford, as maid of honor. She wore a rose .colored dress with white accessories. The bridegroom was in uniform. His best man was Bernard Gifford, brother of the bride. A dinner for the members of the Immediate families was served before the ceremony and light refreshments were served later in the evening. After a few days visit, with the parents of the bride and bridegroom, Cpl. Alborne, who is in the Air Corps, will return to the camp in Tennessee where he is stationed. His bride will remain here for the present. The bride has recently been employed at the Geesman cafe. Cpl. Alborne was a farmer before entering the service. VND PROVIDES SUPPLIES, CLOTHING. HOME fRONTS Of OUR ALLIES OVERSEAS IT SUPPORTS THE US0 AND HELPS JUNIOR: "Gee, Mom, it must ta'ke a lot of money to Jo all that." HI, JIMMyil'M NOT GOING! I'M PUTTW All My SAVINGS INTO THE WAR fUND THIS MONTH YEAH, yEAH-l KNOW IT'S JUST A UTTIE WAD- SUT My SHARE WILL HELP IN WINNING THE WAR, AND SO Will yOURS-HOW ABOUT IT1, THAT'S RIGHT, JUNIOR, EVERyONE SHOULD SHARE CENEROUSiy-. THAT GOES fOR OUR TELEPHONE, TOO-IT'S A PARTy UNE, yOU KNOW, SO DON'T TALK TOO IONG. d ^ * * Party line telephone users help each other to have good service when they share the line fairly. Long distance telephone users also share . •when they give men and Women in the service , a break, by not calling long distance between 7 and 10 in the evening—about the only time those in the service have to call home. NORTHWESTERN IELL TELEPHONE COMPANY A Share in the War Fund Is a Share in Winning the War hcGuires Build R> R. Fill Replacing 'High Bridge 9 (The Upper Des Moines is indebted to The Central Contractor, official publication of Associated General Contractors of America, for the above cut and the story herewith printed. Editor). Motor transport has done pretty well by itself in recent years and many enthusiasts are willing to predict that the freighters and Pullman cars of the future will operate in the clouds, but apparently the railroads aren't ready to sign them off yet as obsolete. Still, it will surprise a lot of folks to learn that the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway company is actually building seven miles of new line in this state. The illustration on the cover of this magazine reproduces a photograph of the work of M. T. and John T. McGuire of Algona on the project of a new line to run from Granger to Madrid by way of Woodward. It will replace the old more direct line which extended between Granger and Madrid and involved the crossing of the Des Moines river over the famous Old "Highbridge," a structure which has thrilled many a juvenile trackwalker and gave grandfather his first sensations of flying as the Milwaukee's yellow coaches moved over it with some caution. The n ew route avoids the necessity for a large bridge structure of any kind. Although the new line traverses a longer distance, the running time will be less inasmuch as traffic over the old Highbridge, which is 2,065 feet in length, cannot travel at a speed exceeding ten mile per hour. A spur from the line proper will be built into the Dallas mine between Granger and Woodward. Our illustration pictures four Caterpillars and scrapers, two patrols and two bulldozers at work on the largest of the line's fill, this one 64 feet high. The Me- Guires on this project work a single shift fo 12 hours per day and a crew of 14 men is employed on the job. The railroad's own crews will lay the ties and steel. Total cost of the project is estimated ot $300,000. 'It is anticipated that this new line can be put into service some time in November, after which the old bridge, constructed in 1882, will be razed. Since the McGuires have also been doing the grading work on nine of the 11 hemp plants being built in Iowa this season, they've had a lot of moving around to do. In addition, they did the grading on 1.296 miles of access road serving the naval air base at Ottumwa. John McGuire, in addition to managing these construction projects, also operates a farm and is producing hemp this year which will find its way into one of the plants for which he has done the grading and perhaps when it becomes rope, even onto some of the ships to be manned by men now traveling daily over the access road at Ottumwa. M, T. McGuire is presently living on and operating another farm in Kossuth county. The McGuire brothers have been members of the Central Branch, A.G.C., since 1923, shortly after the organization was founded in this state. John T. McGuire served as a member of the board of directors of the branch, representing the grading division, in 1937, 1938 and 1939. For several years the firm of Wesley McGuire Brothers was organized and McGuire made its headquarters at Forest City. The firm of McGuire Brothers was ' organized in 1914 but-now operates as M. T. and John T. McGuire. News Items of Burt Vicinity The Sewing Circle met last Friday afternoon with Mrs. C. S. Coffin. Mary Jane Winch's parents, who live at George, spent Sunday here with her. Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Miller visited Mrs. Miller's grandparents at Havelock Sunday. Bernadine Ollom, who is working at Ankeny, spent the week end here at home. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Graham, Bode, spent the week end with Mrs. Graham's father, E. O. Chipman. The'E. C. Weisbrods, Fenton, were Sunday evening dinner guests at the W. W. Boettcher home. The Joe Zanke's have bought the old Will Bleich house in which the Ralph* iCarneys* are living. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rentz attended the funeral of Mrs. Rentz's grandmother, Mrs. Annie Bahrig, at Charles City Saturday. Gail Carlson celebrated her llth birthday Friday afternoon by entertaining 11 girl friends at P. party at her home after school. The Edmund Larson, Arie Dittmer and Quintin Bjustrom families were Sunday dinner guest's at the Otto Harlan home near Algona. T/ie dawn hasn't changed... The Chester Webbs, Algona, spent, Sunday at the home of Mrs. Webb's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Rash. It was John Rash's birthday. Mrs; Bahne K. Bahnson lett Friday evening for Chicago. She was to visit her husband, Dr. Bahnson, who is at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dorrance, Fairmont, Minn., visited. Burt friends Sunday. They had dinner at the Mrs. L. D. Hodgson home and supper at the Will Ringsdorf home. Albert Manus left Sunday for Milwaukee where his family moved several weeks ago. His brother, George, has taken over the K & H Co-op. Oil Co. station, of which he was manager. Mr. and Mrs. Casper Herding, Ellsworth, Minn., Henry Hasse, Rock Rapids, and Mrs. Wm. Maroschek, Ayrshire, and granddaughter, Lavonne Crew, Webb, spent Sunday at the Emil Hasse home. Ivan Hicks, White River, S. D., and Mrs. Bill Hansen and daughter Esther, Wesley, were supper guests Saturday at the John Koestler home. Mr. Hicks is a nephew of Mrs. Koestler and Mrs. Hansen. Next Sunday morning the Rev. Perry O. Hanson, Jr., will preach at the Graettinger Methodist church and the pastor of that church, the Rev. ,J. Heber Miller, will preach here. It will be the annual Missionary Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Staehle and their brother-in-law, Frank Wernli, Hazen, N. D., accompanied Mrs. W. L. Sauerman and son Jimmy to their home at Sparta, Wis., Sunday, where they planned to spend a week or two. The Franz Teeters visited at the Verne Teeter .home near Algona, Sunday. They also visited Mr. Teeter's mother, Mrs. D. A. Teeter, who recently returned from Des Moines where she had undergone an operation at the General hospital. The Woman's club met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. C. W. Patterson. The program consisted of a Readers Digest panel discussion on the topic, "Friend England and Friend Italy." It was a discussion of the first steps in international cooperation. Mrs. W. W. Boettcher, Mrs. Karl Anderson, Ruth Hodgson and Mrs. Don Mitchell took part in the discussion. The Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Wessel went to McGregor Saturday for a short visit at the home of Mrs. Wessel's brother. Sunday they attended the funeral of a cousin of the Rev. Wessel at Dubuque and were to go from there to McGregor for a few days visit with relatives. Supt. and Mrs. W. B. Officer and daughters and Lurena Wessel took them to Mason City Saturday where they took the train. IRVINGTON NEWS Morning still bang* out her mist* to dry »» fresh and ,coo) «od, clean as when you last saw « new day tip» toe over the horizon ,, , , The dawn hain't changed except for millions of fighting American! to whom daybreak is but * •ignal for another attack^ an attack that must go on. Among them is your son or brother, your husband, father or friend. We knows that the attack must go on until the white flag .of uncondjtioM&fijrrenT der flies ove mrlin and What would your man give for a good night's sleep under crisp, clean sheets—a hot bath and the meals you complain aboijt? What would he give for a new day filled with peace and quiet? You know the »Q»wer,Forthesethin<she is prepared to (five his all. What will you give to back him upP More work and. greater sacrifices! Yes, and more dollar* now in* vested in War Bonds to • back the attack that must to on, RACK THE ATTACK •wy Mort War Bond. Nowl Miss Camilla Frankl spent last week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Frankl. Joe Wadleigh is visiting with his brother and other relatives in Illinois which is incidentally his old home state. Mrs. Ben Trehune arrived home last Wednesday after visiting friends and relatives for two weeks at Rochelle, 111. Milford Plathe, 'son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Plathe, has purchased an airplane which is now stationed at the field west of Irvington. Mrs. Katherine Park accompanied by Mrs. Bay Sheehan of Algona have gone to Cedar Rapids for several days visit at the John Burge and Mrs. Beulah Moss home. ,'Paul Gish has .arrived home from Dubuque where he was attending school taking work 'preparatory to becoming a Catholic missionary. He will not return for the present. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Woods have received word that their son, Condal, has arrived safely overseas. Condal left -from a western seaport but his exact location is unknown. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips have received word from their son Clifton of his safe arrival in India. Clifton is in the company of radio technicians and has been in the service for some time having enlisted from South Dakota. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. IN DISTRICT COURT No. 5084 September Term, 1943. To AH Whom It May Concern: You are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the lest W*U and Testament of Chris Riggert, Deceased, dated January 29, 1943, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 8th day of No." vmeber, 1843, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock A- M-, of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, a^d show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probac- ed and allowed as and for the last Will and Testamtat of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, October 11, 1943. H^SN WHITE, Clerk of District Court. 'AJJIA PEAJ|§D,N, Deputy J* 4. Loans To Buy Fuel Borrow $50-$100 or more thru us to store your winter's fuel supply NOW. Also Loans for school needs, flothes, debts, taxes, livestock, feed—or any worthy purpose. Monthly Payments or Special Plans For Farmers L. S. Bohannon Phone 103 Alitoim. li> FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 AND 28 •HOP BARM IN TNI WIIK Youngsters, retired salespeople and untrained part- time workers are now enlisted to fill the depleted ranks of our store personnel . . . they are filling the vacancies left by the more than 200 Council Oak Boys now engaged in the toucher and harder Job of restoring Feaee and Order o» more distant shores. In order that we may render the quick, snappy service which yon enjoyed In our stores in Pre-War days and to maintain our old-time efficiency, we urge yon to do your shopping "Early in the Day" and "Early in the Week". You'll find It will pay you dividends in time saved, first choice of the foods you want, and enable us to give yon a more friendly attentive service. BUCKWHEAT CAKES , , Now in Season *• • I Cakes made from Robb-Ross Buckwheat are noted for their true Buckwheat Flavor. A prepared flour blended with the finest New York Buckwheat. FAMILY BAG .... 31* COUNCIL OAK GUARANTEED MEATS There is good nutrition in any cut ot meal HAMBURGER PER POUND PURE LARD 33* I Found! .... .......... HIP Summer Sausage 350 Fancy n Bacbii 3Q0 Sliced, Per IA , Polish Sausage OQg •o.. W^r>» WHITING FISH Iffo Per Pound • *Y PORK LIVER 200 SAUSAGE 94* t Lb fc"V Per I,h. WIENERS _ 996 Per Pound fcwV BEEF LIVER Per Pound .... BIG BOLOGNA Per I'onnd •WJTI PORK SAUSAGE SKILLET 1 Ib.MUMfemot lHeup*eooke4 1 tabletpoont tomatoe* 1 minced onion* J ttbletpooni cctehvp 3 cup* cooked rice If link MUtage it wed, ait into half- inch piecei. Pan-fry sausage and oniona until brown. Pour off dripping!. Add hot cooked rice, tonurtoet and catchup. Blend. Cover and cook very slowly 30 minute*. Sfrw «(••.,. PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE An Alternative for Butter and Whipping Cream 2 Packages 2lc g Packages for 1 Point Sunsweet Tenderized PRUNES 4 Points Extra Lge. If x Pound Pkg. IIP MORNING LIGHT PEANUT BUTTER 52c Table and Salad TOKAY GRAPES I5c PER POUND Eatmor Cranberries, Lb. . .29c NORTHERN RUTABAGAS, Lb. 4c ACOEN . . _. SQUASH, Lb 5c LARGE HEAD •• LETTUCE, Each .lie CELERY, Stalk . I5c — m **^^^^^^^ ^ Hershey Breakfast Cocoa ••* * HEINZ 57 SAUCE JOHNSON'S -^ CRACKERS Wheaties, SSL* 1 - 2 for 18c Algona Creamery Butter, Ib. 45c Morning p Mr h PS SHerf or No. 10 _ gQ c Light ^ CaCIICS Halves Size wv*. Cut Green Beans 3 r"; s2 24c Fancy Blue Rose Spry or Crisco O Ib. 09 r ^ P kg. ££<• 3 Ibs. 69c Exchange the empty for 22; carat Gold Pattern Dishes. CLAPP'S FOODS Cereal and Instant Oatmeal 2 Packages .,..27c For rich mellow flavor, delightful aroma nnfl "more cups per Ib." Rockford So&ks SUPERB OATS, 3 GRIAM CF WHE»T, PKg. NANCY ANN D9lfSL&9DK' Knox OOP* value at tha lowest cost, is found te Nancy Ann RecQpjneniis Tbftt " W * Wartime Large 24 W KitLK r,. —V -— : /-yr.jtT:»as ,. .ttW NORTHERN JI55UI wn\ Mr. and Mrs. WE ••' -!••'• ' ' •• '• ' '-* ' * *

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