The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1943
Page 8
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Tlie Algona Upper DCS Molnes, October 14, l|3 LADIES FRIENDLY CLUB, RIVERDALE MEETING TUESDAY St. Joe: The Riverdale Ladies Friendly club met Tuesday with Mrs. Mary Becker and Mrs. Lucille Patterson, assisting hostess. The meeting opened with the club motto. Roll call was answered with a conundrum. Mrs. Lyle Steele, president, talked on fire prevention. Two 4-H girls gave a demonstration on primping by pressing. Mrs. Mamie Fitch and Mrs. Ben Potter played old time music. Six couples danced the Virginia reel and several other old time dances. A written contest on horses was given by Mrs. Mamie Fitch. Mrs. Ben Potter won the prize. Helen Becker played several piano selections. A pot luck lunch was served. The guests of the club were: Mrs. James Devine, Miss Marcella Thilges, Miss Susie Naber, Mrs. Potter, Mrs. August Berdau, Mrs. Will Reding, Mrs. John Erpelding, and the 4-H girls, Angela Erpelding, Verena Kayser and Thelma Bormann. The November meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Jean Metzen on the third of the month. from the army when he became thirty-eight years old. He had been stationed in Alaska prior to his release. The 4-H girls will have their meeting this Saturday afternoon with Mary Joyce Capesius. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius and Mrs. J. B. Winkel were guests Friday at the home of Julius Capesius. Wilbur Metzen, son of Mrs. Wm. Metzen, was released recently' Ration ttook4-~ (Continued from Page Owe) diet and* Wesley. Registration first floor school building. The hours Thursday 1 to 5 p. m.; Friday and Saturday 8:30 to 12 a. m. and 1 to 5 p. m. Grant Administrator, Supt. A. V. Barrett. Site includes Grant township. Registration is manual training room. The hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 1 to 6 and 7 to 0 p. m.; Saturday 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. Burt Administrator, Supt. W. B. Officer. Site includes Portland and Burt townships and the town of Burt. Burt township registrants may register at either Burt or Lone Rock. Registration in school house. The hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m.; Saturday 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. Seneca Administrator, Supt. A. L. Kingery. The site includes Seneca township and Seneca. Registration in gym. The hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2:30 to 8 p. m. Lakota Administrator, Supt. Cook. The site includes Lincoln and Ledyard townships and Lakota. Those in Ledyard township may register in Ledyard or Lakota. Registration In home economics robni. The hours Wednesday 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Ledyard township those closest to Lakota; Thursday 9 a. m. to 12 m., east of Main street, 1 to 5 p. m. west of Main street; Friday 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Saturday 9 a* m. to 2 p. m. The two latter days Lincoln township. Ledyard • Administrator, Supt. Richard Brower. Site includes Springfield, Hebron and Ledyard townships and Ledyard. Ledyard township registrants may register either,at Ledyard or Lakota. The hours Thursday 7 to 9:30 p. m., A to O; Friday, 8 a. m. to 12 m., E to K; 1 to 6 p. m., L to S; 7 to 9:30 p. m., T to Z. Fcnton Administrator, Supt. V. J. Tatum. Site includes Fenton township who may either register in Fenton or Lone Rock, and Fenton. Registration in home economics room. The hours, Wednesday 9 a. m. to 5 p. m., come that day if possible as school is closed all day. Thursday 8 to 9 a. m.; Friday, 4 to 5 p. m.; Saturday, 9 a. m. to 12 noon. Joe Weber, Wesley, Home From Rochester Wesley: Joe Miller was brought home from the hospital at Rochester, Minn., via the Tom McMahon ambulance. His condition is much improved. He became seriously ill two weeks ago following a FENCING Another shipment of Heavy Barb Wire and Woven Wire Fence has arrived. Be Sure to Call and See Us Today. F. S. Norton & Son Phone 229 stroke, 'taker! to the Mercy hospital at Mason City and a few days late* to Rochester. Mrs. Jim Gibson of Thompson, a former Wesley resident, is at the hospital at Rochester. Morris Dailey of St. Benedict was also at the hospital. TITONKA NEWS Mrs. Charles Reed and new son Gary Richard returned Wednesday from the Mason City hospital. Gary's father is in North Africa. Mrs. Joe Coyle of Chicago has a new baby boy born Oct. 9. He was named Joseph Thomas, Jr. His father is in the medical corps overseas. Mrs. Coyle is the daughter of Dr. Pierce. Sartor. Mrs.S.L.Lamoreagx has returned to her home in Steveiisville, Montana, after visiting her mother, Mrs. George Hansen. Mrs. Lamoreaux son, Warren was just recently inducted into the army for limited service after he had been rejected twice. George Watson died Thursday at the University hospital at Iowa City where he had been taken recently due to his illness. He was the father of Mrs. W. F. Hamstreet, Titonka. She and Dr. Hamstreet went to Pittsburgh, Pa., where the body was shipped for burial. Wanted WANTED: Full time clerk and part time clerk. A. &' P. Food Store. 41 HELP WANTED: Steady, reliable man, married or single, forj^ear around job on farm. Good wages. George Seaberg, Wesley, Rt. 2. 41-42* HELP WANTED: You can eam extra Christmas spending money and at the same time help your country by working in an essential food industry. We. need several women and men to process poultry and eggs. Swift & Co., Algona. . 40-41 WANTED: • Experienced stenographer, part time,, good pay. Box 397. 40-41* LOST: V4 in. mesh fish net, 85 ft. long, on Highway 109 between Algona and airport. Finder please notify E. V. Pierce, phone 977.T, Algona. 41* Miscellaneous USED: Two used cream separators, 1 used Washing machine, sed gas motors, Briggs, Stratton nd Maytag, 1 used coal-wood eater, used pressure gas stove. Repairs for all makes of washing machines. Algona Maytag Store. 41 Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for IS words or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per word. N» ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order they receive Ic per word commission. For Sale FOR SALE: 15 Yearling Hereford Bulls of serviceable age and guaranteed breeders, $125.00 to $150.00 each; also 10 registered Hereford cows, soon to drop calves, sired by the head of my herd, "Prince Domino." C. M. Haas, 1 mi. so. Rodman, Iowa. 41-43-' FOR SALE: Purebred spotted Poland China boars. Priced reasonable. If convenient call after school hours and Saturdays. Joseph G. Miller, Wesley. 41-42* FOR SALE: Good work horses. Alfred Jergensen, Algona, Iowa. 41* FOR SALE: Holstein bulls. Serviceable age. Can be registered. Jail at the J. M. Patterson farm, 5 miles S. of Algona. 41-42* UMERS TORE E YOU MONEY AMAIZO 14 lb. White AMAIZO Algona Butter 44c 59c a [i] FOLGER'S COFFEE In 2 lb. Jars FOR SALE: 3 Young Shorthorn cows. Just fresh. A. L. Baker, Lone Rock. 41" FOR SALE: Ohio improved Chester White sow to farrow soon. Donald Youngwirth, LuVerne. 41 NEW: Gas motor and electric clean easy milking machines, hand turning and electric cream separators, electric motors, Vi H. P. Algona Maytag Store. 41 FOR SALE: Pint fruit jars, storm door paper and window glass at C. H. Johnson's store. 41 FOR SALE: Wood stoves, pipe and stove boards at C. H. Johnson's store. 41 FOR SALE: 10-20 International tractor, in good shape. Jacoo Maasdam, Algona. Phone 27F24. 41* FOR SALE: Rev. Buthman's home at 314 S. Minn., excellent location, close in, possession now. See Joel M. Herbst. 41 f! SODA CRACKERS 2Bobx 25c FORTRESS TISSUE ~ 4 for 25c CONSL 7 MERS PANCAKE FLOUR CALUMET '<£ IKINS4) OXYUOL IMJIl LINAL TOKAY FLAMING RED GRAPES, 2 Ibs. . . Sweet Potatoes, 3 Ibs. • JONATHAN APPLES, 3 Ibs. . . BLEACHED, EXTRA LARGE CELERY, Per Stalk . FRESH TOMATOES, Per Lb. . 29c 29c 29c 29c lOc Consumers Food Store Original Notice In the District Court of Iowa. In and for Kossuth County. Emma Mielke Gade, Plaintiff, vs. Augusle Mielke, also known a Auguste G. Mielke, John Belli and Mrs. John Behl, his wife, Albert Behl and Mrs. Albert Bchl, his wife, Tena Voigt and Wiliani Voigt, also known as Wilhelm Voigt, her husband, Otto Fleischfresser, Paul Fleischfresser and Martha Fleischfresser, his wife, and all the unknown claimants and all persons unknown claiming any right, title, or interest in and to the following described real estate, to-wit: Lots 1 and 2, Block 18, Whittemore, Kossuth County, Iowa, and all the heirs, spouses, assigns, grantees, legatees, devisees, and beneficiaries of each and all of the above named defendants, Defendants. To Each of the Above Named Defendants: You are hereby notified that a Petition of the above named Plaintiff in the above entitled action is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the above entitled Court, and which Petition states that the Plaintiff is the absolute and unqualified owner in fee simple of the real estate described as: Lots One and Two (1 & 2), Block Eighteen (18), Whittemore, Kossuth County, Iowa, and that the Defendants above named make some claim adverse to the title of the Plaintiff in said property, and that the unknown claimants to said premises claim some interest in and to said real estate as the Plaintiff is informed and believes, but that Plaint^U has no knowledge or information and does not know how said interests as claimed by said unknown claimants was derived or claimed to have been derived or the method of obtaining same, and that Plaintiff states that none of said Defendants, or unknown claimants, have in fact any right, title, or interest in and to the above described premises, or any part thereof, or any color of right, title, or interest therein. Plaintiff in said Petition prays for the establishment of her estate and title against the adverse claims of the Defendants, and that each and all of them and all unknown claimants and all persons unknown having or claiming any right, title, or interest in and to said premises, and all persons claiming by, through, or under them be barred and forever estopped from ever having, asserting, or 'claiming any right, title, or interest in and to said premises adverse to the Plaintiff or Plaintiff's title therein, and said Petition prays that this Plaintiff',-! title to said premises be quieted, established, and confirmed, and that said Plaintiff have all such other and further equitable relief as to the Court may seem just. You are also hereby notified to appear before said Court at Algona, in Kossuth County, Iowa, on or before November 1, 1943, and unless you so appear yojur default will be entered and judgment and decree will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON, Algona, Iowa, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 40-42 FOR SALE: Single row McCormick-Deering corn picker. Inquire at Sportsman's Tavern. 4l' ; FOR SALE: Two red Shorthorn bulls. Ronald Gardner, 5 mi N. E. of Algona. 41-42 ;: FOR SALE: Large trailer house good tires, good shape. Mrs Harrison, 442 N. Dodge. 41* FOR SALE: Duroc boars, new blood. Vaccinated. W. J. Barr Algona. Phone 3F21. 41-42' FOR SALE: Spotted Poland China boars. O. T. Cherland, 1% mi N. and 1% mi. E. of Lone Rock 41-44' FOR SALE: The Wadsworth res idence at 5 East Call, Algona to settle estate. If interested s& Jean Wadsworth at residence o C. B. Murtagh at Security Stat Bank. •* FOR SALE: Allis-Chalmers com bine. L. B. Erdman, Wesley 41 FOR SALE: Yearling black Po land China boar. Ronald Jen kins, Algona. _ FOR SALE: Thirty head 4-yea old ewes. ¥2 mi. N., 4% mi. E of LuVerne. Phone 2509. Orvill Anderson. gets % Midw&t iStectrfc Ca.» Court St., S1M>* .ffjjfy . Iowa. Pftc-NOGRAI>tt ttEScqUBS — All the new releases. Needles, album«!,-*-Kossuth. Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tr WANTED •"• Men with Business experience t6' train tot store Managers. Jobs good after the war. Apply at local Council Oak Store, Algona, Iowa. 34tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. Bjustrom's Furniture AETNA FARM LOANS — Low rates, no commissions, appraisal or title examination costs to the borrower. It is worth looking into. Call or write Hutchison & Hough, Security State Bank Bldg. 34-43* HOME LOANS TO BUY, REPAIR OR REFINANCE. NEW LOW INTEREST RATE AND TERMS—WHY J?AY MORE. Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. Buy Bonds Here. 18tf ^ FEW LEFT: Collapsible baby carriages with steel wheels and ubber tires. Bjustrom's Furni- ure. Complete home furnishings. 41-43 INE IMPROVED eighty acre farm for sale: Excellent soil, est location in county, 2 miles orth of Swea City. Beautiful rove of Black Hills Spruce and Black Walnut. Will make won- erful home. Possession March st Terms, cash. Sophia Anderon, Swea City. 41-43* .VINCHARGERS AVAILABLE NOW. War Production Board as allotted a limited amount of 2 volt winchargers and batter- es for early fall delivery. For nformation, write Don Schoni- Whittemore Methodist Church Chicken Supper and BAZAAR Basement of Church Wednesday, Oct. 20 Start Serving 6P.M. Public Invited FOR SALE: Size 5 child's all wool teal coat, leggings and bonneV. Mrs. A. J. Dittmer, Burt. Phone 8on93. 41 * FOR SALE: Lowe seed corn- either white or yellow. Can take orders at The Algona Hardware or call 945-W. Andrew M. Hansen, Algona. 39tf FOR SALE: 30 head Purebred Spotted China boars, low, down, easy feeders. New blood for old customers. M. L. Barton, V-\ mile E., 1 mile S. LuVerne. 40-45 FOR SALE: Nearly new Case 2-14 tractor plow. Can be set in to make 2-12. Howard Withara. Phone 10F2, Algona. 40-41* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, new blood. The broad back, easy feeding kind. Farmers' prices. Paul Krueger, % mi. South and 4% West of Titonka. Phone Burt. 40-44* FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire spring boars. Also one yearling. Will deliver reasonable distance. Thomas R. Crahan, Livermore, Iowa. 40-41 FOR SALE: Grade milking shorthorns. Some fresh, others fresh soon. All young cows. Extra good milkers. Clinton Waltman, Burt, Iowa. 40-41* FOR SALE: Fall spotted boars. Ralph Thompson, 1 mi. N. of Lone Rock. ' 40-41* Attraction BOAR SALE Naefke's Chester Whites 40 Head Top Soar Pigs 7:30 Tuesday Night October 26th, 1943 Write for catalogue Rebert Naefke Clarion, I»w» 40-11 PINE USED CARS: Just received 15 Fords and Chevrolets from 1938 to 1941 models. These are the cleanest, nearest to new, used cars that we have seen. They are one ownetf, 'low mileage caw and Ail have exceptionally good tiros. Drive In and look them over n ., w. is. L*?, Lakote, SPECIAL DAIRY CATTLE SALE CLEAR LAKE AUCTItiN CO, Clear Lake, low&i.. ' 150 to 200 Springing Cows, Springing HelferS* and Bulls. Holsteins, Guernseys, Shorthorns and Browft Swiss.' Lots of good .big, closes: Up, v Springers. ... , Each week We arfe selling . entire hefds; for. Different; coft- signors. All coWs consigned from fcood Nbrth Ibwa •Hetds. ',, ; Be Sure::andA«6hd\ ?:••-'; .'?\"..' : .-' • ' Remember—Evei-j?'.-'$i|^fd^, ' . •* Also, our regular Livestock; SliiiseVfe?^. Friday CLEAR LAKE AUCTION CO, CLEAR LAKE, 161VA , Royal Neighbor LdHge RUMMAGE SALE and BAZAAR Allen Motor Building Saturday, Oct. 16 Beginning 9 A. M. Loans To Buy Fuel Borrow $50-$100 or more thru us to store youf winter's fuel supply NOW. Also Loans for school needs, clothes, debts, taxes, livestock, feed—or any worthy purpose. Monthly Payments or Special Plans For Farmers L. S. Bohannon Phone 103 Algona, la. IT'S mmnce THAT PAYS' GIVE YOUR HOGS Balance your corn ration—reduce your feeding costs. MInral Meat Meal contains minerals, proteins, and conditioners all in one bag—the elements experts say can save 5 bu. corn for every 100-lb. gain, compared with feeding corn alone. Get a trial bag on our money-back guarantee. White's Market Say Fellow! Before that old man blows a cold chill so far into your spine that you can't shake it for the rest of the winter—you'd better do something about it. Get yourself into Zender's and get some warm clothing to hold out those cold blasts. Yes we have lots of heavy gear today. Remember—The wise man keeps warm this winter. He gets clothed today. Zender's "A Man's Store" Join the Civil Air Patrol. Consult us or see Dr. Andrews or Dennis Pratt. That Personal Touch ,"-•'"• ' • Chrischilles' Store Do you believe that clothes—coats, dresses, suits and hats—reflect your own personality? Of course you do. And do you believe that it is possible for an old established store to so conduct its buying that it may select styles particularly adapted to the needs of its women customers? Of course you do! Or if you doubt this, come and see the new garments which are arriving daily in our ready-to-wear department. » ' Already, our advance sales show that we have been successful in our efforts to bring Algona and Kossuth county women the particular styles they are looking for. Yes, and we've sold a number of high grade, carefully selected winter coats, lavish with soft, beautiful furs, If you are interested in a new Fall and Winter garment, come in while these new goods are arriving and make an early choice. You'll find our salesladies anxious tp show you the new things—to help you , buy just the garment you are looking for. We stock Anni* Fur Coats, Also good fur coats at about $100.00, As always, style is our first consideration—price 19 «o soon forgotten. You'll find the new things very moderately priced but the important thing is that the garment hat been selected because it -was stylish, not because it was cheap, >-r Cojne in and see the new things, Or «all 281, V

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