Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1981 · Page 22
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1981
Page 22
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22 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Fri., Jan. 30, 1981 Feople Her heroine: Maureen Reagan told the San Diego Lawyer's Club her "role model" is 19th-century suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton, whose congressman-father disowned her for speaking out for women's rights. "I've learned that a little friendly disagreement with my father is the better way," the president's elder daughter said. But she foresees "no adverse effect from my father's election on the women's rights movement" even though he opposes the Equal Rights Amendment She said "the politics of the 1980s will have to be taking the best from the left and right and forging a new middle philosophy. . . . regardless of who is in the White House." Changing careers again: Dallas Cowboy defensive end Ed "Too Tall" Jones, who gave up football lor a time to try boxing, has a new career singing. "I've been singing for years, mostly in groups," Jones said at one of several Memphis appearances to plug his first single, "Funkin' On Your Radio." Actually he doesn't sing much on the record. "Mostly it's me rapping with disco," he said. "I've heard some other people's first releases and they weren't that good. I'm in the ballpark." If singing and football fail, Jones, 29, 6-foot-9 and 270 pounds, can always fall back on acting. He appeared in three films and will do an episode of TV's "Diff'rent Strokes." Musicians' sidelights: Rock star Don Henley of The Eagles, charged '""' "-'IM-U MW Will I II INI III.. Ml I : iW v'Y; f 4 7 . Associated Press "All-American Girl" Saty Teas celebrates her title with her brother Joshua and her parents. with giving cocaine to a minor and with possessing narcotics, asked to be placed in a drug diversion program. If Henley completes it, the drug charge would be dropped. . . . Carlo Ginlini, Los Angeles Philharmonic music director, canceled all scheduled appearances this spring because of his wife's illness. Marcel-la Ginlini has been sick since December, and underwent surgery in Milan last week for an aneurysm at the base of the brain. Cnsader Violinist Itzhak Perl-man, a polio victim who gets around on crutches, feels discrimination against disabled people is not being ended quickly enough. "I would like never again to go into a garbage elevator to get to my concert hall," he said. Perlman, 35, said some things were being done to make it easier for disabled people to enter public buildings, but more action was needed. Perlman told the U.S. Council for the International Year of Disabled Persons that the disabled represent a "very important part of our work force, what we are going to give them, we are going to get back." As Maine goes . . . : Stacy Teas, 14, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is the 1981 All-American Girl, winning the title in New York City. Accompanying her at the auspicious event in the life of so young a girl were her proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Teas and her little brother, Joshua, 8. Punch lines: Actor Peter OToole, . on never having won an Academy Award: "I'd love to win one. After you've done a good job and have been paid, it's time for the glitter and the prizes." . . . Clean-cut Cliff Richard, on the image of rock stars: "Who told the press that to be a rock singer you had to be either a sex maniac or a drug addict?" . . . Soap opera star Stuart Damon ("General Hospital"), on sexual freedom of daytime TV: "We get away with a lot more than they do at night. There's a lot of passion going on in daytime TV." By Vince Leonard Nightclub owner picking up on Punk rocl (Coo tin ted from Page 19) people the bands attract Blue hair, bizarre outfits and earrings in lips are not uncommon. And you may love watching the latest dance, the Pogo. It's not named after the comic-strip character but the bouncing stick, because dancers jump up and down to the music. Up and down to such tunes as "Crash Their Brains In," and other numbers Johnny Mathis probably will never record. "Punk music is a cult thing," Zarra said. "And the people who follow it, the New Wavers, are to the '80s what the beatniks were to the '50s and the hippies were to the '60s. "The music really is a statement. It's rebellious and it concerns world events from nuclear power to the KKK. And it's to the point. There's one lyric that goes: 'What do you say to the KKK. (expletive deleted)." "And that's a ballad," Zarra said, . breaking into a laugh that sounded like Broderick Crawford clearing his throat He added that all of the New Wave bands that play his club, such as the highly regarded Silencers and Car-sickness, do only original material. "In that respect, the groups are far and away more innovative than the typical Top 40 groups, who just recycle old Barry Manilow or Neil Diamond tunes. "At first, the music's a little hard to take. But after a while, you can really get into it When I first heard it, I couldn't stand it But I sort of like it now. Either that, or I'm going crazy." Zarra is so enamored of the music that he's forming a Punk band of his own. "I'm putting together some of the best musicians in town and hope to form the ultimate Punk group," he said. And the name: "JZ and the Pestilence. You like it?" We'd rather not say, JZ. We'd rather not say. The Electric Banana opens at 8:30 p.m. tonight and tomorrow. Bands perform from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. jmijiiiiiiiijiiwiiWIIM JlLLIJHPigPjlggmSgl omi i im i n , .run. ii II I ib&m.ta. u: i i -s.-i-ws iff-' tea ir-sra.'nRPII vfe llMf M$ ll ."tJr4 1 COMING FBI FFR fi OAKRIDRF BOYS it I tuniu i ui i in hi ! f 1 : F I Ticrm tnwuma Jf !A Info: 836-8000 The PALACE THEATRE Cartaa So. Crachn Box offa cpa 10 m-i m Ifff i -re Iwftjue wi. yjowMGS moid t tjl i .; 1 ... ' SUN It HOUMYi HST MATIMH SWOW OWH J t i in iny.i.i.i i . 9 TP 5 (PG) (rulfUi-JPo ' AJOMKBRABnt'RNE'IIK"HAHI)GKH)WINpolM A CUV HAMIlTtlN fta V;H.4 I.ANSBl KY-l.KKAI.MMi CHAPIJN -TONY CI RTIS HWAKIIMIX KIK-K HI OSON-kIM NOVAK-HJZABKTH TA UW ik HCAniACHmSTItVTHK MIKWWI RM k d..." MumR h KIHN CAMERON Scrnl h JONATHAN HALES- HARRY SANDCFR Mut 6. JOHN BRABOURNF. mi RK HARD GOOUWIN OmM B, CUV HAMILTON PGlfTl GlJOMCfSUCOSTtD S LTS) NOV SHOWIJIG CMCI TWITM Kit UOW lIMf i km NunH cum MMTM HUX. iori bus .11. 1 km-m wk liiml nnxmiMiitijmi mm SPtCIAl HMITEOtNGAGfMENTi THE TREI Of WOOOfMUOGS 7O0 IP H ffWi SutoMx iO DEREK & SHIRtEV AAaclAINE A CHANG! OF SEASONS 7 55 IOOOiRI STIR CRAZY 7 351 9 4S Il Ritko.d Ptyot 33 THE JAZZ SINGER 7 30 i 9 53 IPG) N.,1 Diamond TME MCSEDBU SUSiiKWG WOMAN 8 051!5POl lily Tnlm THE PRIVATE EYES B OO I 9 35 (PG) Tm Conway STIR CRAZY 7:45 . 933 It) -chord PryK HE IDOV 3BD6IG wr' ORDINARY PEOPLE 7 30 & 9 35 IR) Mory TyW Mxxt ALL SEATS i 1.50 SNEAK . PREVIEW TONIGHT AT 7:45 OF THE MOTION PICTURE GENE SHALIT, NBC-TV, CALLED "TERRIFIC" PGuetil wm tuoffna tw mtw Rurnto M a TWINtlfTH CINTtMt tOt CTNEMETTE EAST Monroeville Mall DENIS Mt. Lebanon SHOWCASE NORTH MeKnight Rd. SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp. SQUIRREL HILL Squirrel Hill m Wmm MfW ALL SEATS $1.50 TlPiVTtEYt$7 30 9 30,PG) ALL StATS $1.50 SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES 7 55 ft ' M lC-' C-iMi Hown ALL SEATS $1.50 FIRST FAMILY 7 00 491,,.. THE PRIVATE EYES 7 30 4 9 30 PGl Tim Con-or ALL SEATS $1.50 JAZZ SINGER 7 3oi94o,pg) ALL SEATS $1.75 TMElBt08aiigtD7ooi9oo,p- ELEPHANT MAN 7 30 930iPG)JotmHurt Gm H. hWd Prrer STIR CRAZY (R) ) ladmr 1 74Q A x4t CM liMtl , UT WEI VU TOU CAN (K) 1amy m Til J 4 9i30 ...""'!:"" l. ....... Chfe Mown Owwy CNaM W QUI IMS (ft) TMlay ml 7,70 t 9.4J loSey at 7t1S A 9:35 lily Tomhn mm mw wi mi T4ar M 7i30 9i50 llll nil I I .... , "From the stark smplcity of the opening credits to the shattering conckjston, 'ORDINARY PEOPLE' is a soul-searing, penetral honest movie. Emot orally stimng It is nearly impossible to look at this brilliantly executed film without being moved to tears" Katnteen Carrol. N. Y. DALY NEWS wtmmivm iimi ksii ibwi m-Ktmumwz rariti:.5B iwu R ONE OF THE TEN BEST PICTUBES OF THE VEAB! CINEMI WEXFORD ft. 19 CINEMETTE EAST IkmoMill, HOLLYWOOD Dwmt I0MB8EL HILL Umrtl Hill f'A smart and funny movte.' Jack Kroll, Newsweek Chevy Goldio Charles Chase Hawn Grodin PRIVATE EYES c tsr lAtr hokth ToJov H 1:15, 7:70, t:30 t 11:15 JAZZ SINGER m moT CAST NORTH Today t 1:30, 10:00 A 17:40 Iiglil l 7:45 STIR CRAZY R WttT HOTH Twfay ol 1:00, MO, f:J0 A 11:30 POPEYES Toa,y ,.,s ;.M ,.5S t JM ANY WHICH WAY YGU CAN W mr mouth Toooy ot 7O0, 7:10, :40 A 11:45 THE IKCEEDI3LE SUSIKXING W0AN w t.sr x,tm wtsr Todoy ot 1:30, 7:30, t:40 A 11:30 BLOOD BEACH h rw T4y ot 7O0, 1:00, 10:00 A 11:50 n-f.r Today ol 1:45, 7:45, 1 OOP A II :50 SEEMS LIXE OLD TIMES tAMT wit, mm t,y :45 ,., t lJCS CST, HORTH. "T8BUTE" 7:45; CAST: "ALTWED STATES" 1:00 9 TO 5 0 wr tAar lotey wi )4Q, 7:30, t:50 t 1 1:55 i'fj "8 jmmmUmm Inn. ii. ! W lm,mnl , f V. S Neil Simon's A JAY SANDRICM FILM BtfBERT GUILLAUME uw MARVIN HAMLISCH MLAJCMW MUlMSltlN PftWiatw. 0Mgrd v GENE CALLAHAN o,oii.o. DAVID M WALSH wb, NEIL SIMON Puciw HAY STARK OnadK JAY SANDRICH 7J PG pueitm woua suasEsni el Loia Mnw. m. mo, m miMiii(i.LMi. m- CXirei nctiMI iMOui'Mts 7th GREAT WEEK! CIKIU I0ILD It 51 Si tetun in Hjl tfWJ yt. Ittei WS OJiJrat UOWCiSE EAST Moron JWWCASE Will Hd(M l SHOWCASE WEST labnsai TTl soumaiiiL ...sort hi Troupe settles at Chatham The Winter Company, the city's newest theater company, has taken up residence in the Playroom performing space in Woodland Hall at Chatham College. "A recently concluded agreement with Chatham will give us a base from which to work while we continue negotiations for a permanent home," said Charles Altman, managing director. The Winter Company recently scored a success with its production of "Living Together," second part of Alan Ayckbourn's trilogy "The Norman Conquests." Because of professional commitments by several company members, production of the third play has been postponed. All three Ayckbourn plays, "Table Manners," ''Living Together" and "Round and Rouna the Garden" will be staged in revolving repertory from June 4 to Aug. 2. First, the company will produce two Harold Pinter one-acts. "The most unusual and daring picture made in Hollywood in many decades A completely unique departure from any film in memory like no major motion picture ever produced!" -VmnnnScoii. UPl "The most magical and original film of the year." -Ueriwd Uiw. &ANNLTT PKLSS "In POPEYE. Miss Duvall is one of the unexpected treasures POPliYE has other unexpected joys. Including the fact that unlike most movies it gets better and better as it goes along." Vincent Canby, N.Y. TIMLS "POPEYE is an entertainment for all agts an experience quite unlike anything you have ever seen before." -Rex Rod. N.Y. DAILY NfcWS uPbfEVE M0 iiOfiVEOU iiBiinui PG PAKUTAL CUnANCE SUGGESTED S&I mrtttmm J Monr.rtlMll;372-M At 7J0 4 O0 .AL affliHisfii nsfci At 1:1$, 740, 9i55 4 12.-00 oUA. GENE WILDER and RICHARD PRYOR Together Again in... sun crazy ( OH VIHIV Pl( II Kl I'ii-.iiii. IIVWMI MISMII fHODl t ll(l GENE WILDER RICHARD PRYOR ,i STIR CRAZY Mumi In lOMstOtr-txeculivo Pmriuipr MEHULt II ( MR ProdutPd bi HSWH UflSSItlS' Vnllinht HKU I I U IKIII)US T f I now SHOWING! 7th HILARIOUS WEEK! CHESWia Oieswkk CUMA WORLD, Rt. 51.... Century III Moll CINEMA WORLD, Rt. 30 Norwin HiUs Plaza CMMETTE EAST Monroevilk Mall KINGS COURT Oakland SHOWCASE NORTH MeKnight Rd. SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp. 3 GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS BEST ACTOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS BEST ORIGINAL SONG fl l NEIL DIAMOND LUCIE ARNAZ tove on the Rocks" Music and Lyrics by NEIL DIAMOND 3 and GILBERT BECAUD 1 ' f& Wj : . ft IEMI FILMS NEIL DIAMOND LAURENCE OLIVIER "THE JAZZ SINGER" A JERRY LEIDER PRODUCTION s,o,g LUCIE ARNAZ CATLIN ADAMS franklyn ajaye Screenpioy by HERBERT BAKER Adoption by STEPHEN H. FOREMAN Bostd on ih. ploy by SAMSON RAPHAELSON O.g.nol Song Score Pertormed by NEIL DIAMOND So....,. oo.t 6. BOB GALOO i .hh M, o. LEONARD ROSENMAN Produced by JERRY LEIDER D.rec-ed by RICHARD FLEISCHER IREAO Tr BANTaAI BOOK I PGiPAflNTALGUIuANCSUGGSTED 3W SOMf IUTT RIAL MAT MOT BE SOTT ALl FOB CMILDflCtS .V.g.oi Soui-d-.ck A.bum fit luil on I Capitol BcCCBDS AND tapes w0r'd .(J ElrM1 wsm obra ICflOU tOIJ-ll 30 t. rw Hs Tta KWJ HI LAm ! CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOR iHOW TIMES imtn cikciu.. ICKUT MIUUE UflftUf OUT JWltAH K0ITI .MtllU Enrgo .Horwv

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