Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1981 · Page 22
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1981
Page 22
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22 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Tues., Jan. 13, 1981 Triangle Tattler: Young company is frozen out of its theater Have show, will travel: One of the city's adventurous young theater companies is all rehearsed with no place to go. The weekend's frigid ' weather caused the water pipes to burst at Theater Express, and the company won't be able to open its third production of the season as scheduled on Thursday. "We need a theater and we're willing to perform anywhere tliat ; has a 220-volt line and as few as 50 ! seats," said artistic director Jed Harris. Theater express was scheduled to present the Pittsburgh premiere of ''Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi," a British v play by Pam Gems. "Frankly, with our cash flow situ-ation, if we don't get this show on in the next two weeks it could very r well mean the end for us," Harris said. Changing directions: Friction may produce pearls but it doesn't always guarantee gems on screen. So many of the disappointing year-end films were the results of con- George Anderson flict during production. "Flash Gordon" was worked on for a long time by director Nicholas Roeg ("Don't Look Now") but he was replaced by Mike Hodges ("Get Carter"). "The Jazz Singer" was started by director Sidney J. Furie ("Lady Sings the Blues"), but he was fired and production shut down until a replacement could be found. Richard Fleischer ("Tora, Tora, Tora") got the job. "A Change of Seasons" was beset by turmoil and director Noel Black ("Pretty Poison") was fired. Richard Lang ("Mountain Men") com pleted the film. "First Family" drew negative response in its first sneak preview and writer-director Buck Henry ("Heaven Can Wait") re-shot the ending. "Altered States," which has not opened here yet but was a Christmas release in New York and Los Angeles, had a prolonged shooting schedule during which director Arthur Penn ("Bonnie and Clyde") left the project and was replaced by Ken Russell ("Women in Love"). Writer Paddy Chayefsky ("Network") insisted his name be removed from the credits, and the screenplay author is now listed as Sidney Aaron, a fictitious person. This pattern is becoming standard in the tumultuous movie business. Coming up later this month is "The Incredible Shrinking Woman," which was started by director John Landis ("The Blues Brothers"), who dropped out of the project when Universal drastically cut the budget. Joel Schumacher, who wrote the screenplay for "The Wiz," made his debut as director instead. No wonder so many movies today don't hang together. The show goes on and on: Father Tom Smith and his three colleagues in the cloth will return to Ben Gross' restaurant for six weekends starting Jan. 23. Their previous run was a sellout and they ended up on the Today show. . . . The musical revue "Eight to the Bar" has been held over at the Fountain Room in Wil-kins Township through Jan. 30. One cast member Tom Quick has had to drop out, so Jim Humbel will join the other originals, Terry Azzara, Jerry Comunale and Mary Ann Wolfe for the rest of the run. Behind the scenes: Aside to Joanne Pflugh: Yes, it's true the flashback at the end of Agatha Christie's "The Mirror Crack'd," which provides the motivation for the movie's murders, is based on a tragedy that actually happened to Gene Tierney back in the 1940s. Agatha Christie used an incident at the Hollywood Canteen during World War II as the basis for the book. As with the character that Elizabeth Taylor plays in the movie, the tragedy eventually contributed to Tierney's nervous breakdown Neil Diamond attended the black-tie premiere of "The Jazz Singer" in New York, but he was conspicuously attended by bodyguards. It was less. than a week after the murder of John Lennon, and Diamond, like a lot of celebrities, was feeling uneasy about public appearances. He also skipped the press interviews the next day, although that may have been because he foresaw the reviews. Quoteworthy: Asked if she was dismayed to be named to self-appointed fashion authority Black-well's list of the worst-dressed women, Jill Clayburgh shrieked with laughter and said, "I was thrilled. Bo Derek was on that list, too. In what other way could I ever get on the same list as Bo Derek? I was absolutely delighted." On the town: Chuck Brinkman is putting together four hours of Frank Sinatra music and an array of giveaways of Sinatra memorabilia at the Monroeville Marriott's Poolside Lounge tomorrow starting at 9 p.m. Record albums and autographed photos will be given away by the WFFM disc jockey. ... A policeman's lot will be a heavenly one when the plush disco Heaven begins a series of special parties to thank the city's men and women in blue on Jan. 22 Pittsburgh Public Theater finally made the New York Times on Dec. 28, but in the real estate pages instead of the entertainment section. The article "Housing Scarce for Touring Actors" showed John Carpenter and Dorothy Stinnette, the leads in "Death of a Salesman," in front of the Victorian show house where the company houses visiting actors on the North ' Side. I T 1 7C WB. A MT. Mi MOWNGS UFOtl t P M. 1M(14 I' 3 SUNiBXIDmiSTMTINHWOWONtr J ' Jarw Fonda. Dolly Partoa 9 TO 5 tPGt Todoy at 7:15 A 9:25 Gtnc Wilder Richard Pryor 5TIR CRAZY (R) Todoy ot 7:23 9:40 J Clinl Cairwood ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN (PC) Today at 7: AO tk 10:00 Gold Hawn. Chnvy CHat SEEMS LIKE OLD JIVES (PS) Today of 7:10 4 9:30 Cltnt Eotfwood ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN IK) Today at 7:40 9:33 A CHANCE SEASONS (I) Today at 7:30 4 9:43 JANE FONDA UlY TOMLIN DOLLY PARTON The rower Behind The Throne NOW SHOWINGI Oidl tliilll IHwIorf for fm twi Tiam CHATHAM Downtown Pgh CINEMA WORLD Norwin H.IU Plain NORTH HILLS McKnight Rd. SHOWCASE EAST Monroavillo SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp VILLAGE South H.IU Vill.aa NEIL DIAMOND LAURENCE OLIVIER fro ' ,v, sJh i m 4th SMASH i W(K i I lit fifth Avo. 471-74QO 1:00. 3:15. 5 30. 8 00 i 10:00 3 mom 11111 QESI Miirrta m win T nniNn JOHN r HOLMi'.S and S I.V.'0i!:l!'0i!il Press & Post-Gazette classifieds sell what you're not using Remember when comedy DOD NEWHART ' MADELINE KAHN FIRST o .FAMILY IE CHECK THEATRE DMiCToaiEs roi SHOW TIMES BANK CINEMA. BETHEL CINEMA. EASTLAND. SHOWCASE NORTH. SHOWCASE WEST- . Downtowii pah. Bath! Pgrk ..Eastland Plaia McKnight Rd. .Robinson Twp. 1 r-?W' l ': -,.v SHIRLEY MacLAINE ANTHONY HOPKINS ' BO DEREK 20th CENTURY-FOX FILMS CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOR SHOW TIMES CMEMETTE EAST. DENIS MANOR. MoarstviH . Mt. Lebanon .Sfluirral Hill SHOWCASE NORTH McKnight Rd. SHOWCASE WESTRehiison Twp. n iiiiii wih mm .ii n i iiu.li Liu ii j PGj S I JjrW . rfl'lll III Hill uMl hmim loio' bi ouim e immi h m wos 0 1 ,8r'f touuiimaiioni crwnti NOW SHOWING! Chock TKoalro Drrortoriot for Show Timoi! OMMA WOf U Coition m Moll SHOWCASE EAST Morwoo.illo RMION n TV SHOWCASE NOIH .. MKo,,h. ad. FUUON Dnton r,l.. SHOWCASE WEST ... lokrnwr, Twp FLASH CORDON w"T mouth tr Today at 1:00, 7:50 A 10:00 FIRST FAMILY S Today ot 1:00, 7 30 & 9:30 WUMT MOUTH STIR CRAZY R WflT rVOHTH Today at 1:00, 7:10 & 9:20 POPEYElpg Today at 1:15, 7:30 & 9:35 ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAM ri cast ursr mouth Today at 2:00, 7:10 & 9:30 THE JAZZ SINGER1 Today ot 1:30, 7 40 A 9 50 f AtT MONTH A CHANGE OF SEASONS 11 Today ot 1:30, 7:40 A 9 40 wwtr momrm THE MIRROR CRACKED P0 "t Todoy ot 1:45, 7:45 & 90 SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES ri iast Mi: uoxth Today ot 1:15, 7:20 9:25 9T05 Today ot 1:00,7:30 & 9:40 Even if you didn't love her last movie, that's no reason to try to kill her. Agatha Christie' TltO IPG NOW CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOR SHOW TIMES BANK CINEMA Downtown Pgh.. McKNIGHT CINEMA ... McKnight Rd. RAINBOW CINEMA White Oak SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp. Srfcii iimited Engage me nti BY! BYE BRAZIL 7 30 4 9 30 PRIVATE BENJAMIN 7:35 & 9:45 (Rl Gotdw Hawn 1 II .FY FIRST FAMILY 8:00 & 10 00 IR) Bob NewhSft ELEPHANT MAN 730& 9:66 IPGIJohn Hurt MOUNTAIN FAMILY ROBINSON 7:30 & 9 30 IGI no passes STIR CRAZY 7:45& 9:55 (RIRichard Pryor SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES 7 45 & 9 55 (PG) Goldm Hawn J liTTTt- ALl SEATS $U0 HOPSCOTCH 7:30 & 9:30 (Rl AIL SEATS $1.50 ELEPHANT MAN 7 15& 9 3oipg) MOUNTAIN FAMILY ROBINSON 7:30 & 9 30(GlRob6M Logan ALL SEATS $1 JO ORDINARY PEOPLE 7 35 & 9 50 (Rl MOUNTAIN FAMILY ROBINSON 7:00 & 9:00 (G) no passes ALL SEATS $1.50 PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT 7 30 8. 9 30 ALL SEATS $1.50 ELEPHANT MAN 7 30.9 451PGI All SEATS $1.75 PVT. BENJAMIN 7 oo9 oor tew UmwIm . FrtMfctfrak pwmrw BIAS DELIVERIES KJUTfO COtO AU MACHO CAST flui UVE MAli UIL1S OmHy m Itar .. II .. , Tkil Wmr fMtria ANDY W DIN BARGAIN NIGHT $1.50 ELEPHANT MAN 7-30 & 9 30 IPG. Qosino iivi luniu our LIVE' ON STAGE' Ntll Unit,: HONEY M'OKITE aOU 807 Lberty Av SUSAYE LONDON t 4 bar latmalloal teoulitt I lb tiwt: Mm W. II M J. I 00 t t U 1 n KIMll Iri 4 W h. 1 10 S M. I JO JLe, J CPfM 041 f 10 AM to S 4M Ckri 0. Sum! SUTil HOT I - IHMS r - They turvtved natunfc hry... but notthe&iwrnment! Twr T.'WVii-n Mountain Family Robmso ','"iirj RORF RT f LOGAN SUSAN DAMANTE SHAW G ffS LiA'jt BK i-AN ! MtAfntB RAT TfiAV MAM L AH 'jt N nO OfcO(jt BUCK f(.0Vfl - :tn,w-,i'"."l. H'. r.. ,r-.-N, '.rl ( u , nrt,0.. ,,,,(,, ,ut S "'.IK '.ON i 1 rf m UrtUI CUAUIIJi Limited at iuiu ui irnn luiitiit, engagement! nifviji KUfVUC CHfSWKX CHESWrOC ONCMA 1? MONIOCVIUf OMEMA WOtlD-II 30 i MO WIN MIUS PLAZA . ONiMA WOlO-H Jl, So. ONTUIT MAli ONfMCTTE SOUTH CtliNTUt tO QEST DONALDSON'S OOSStOADS IASTLANO ASTLAND PLAZA Iff Dlf fCTOtlf S Of CAU THEATHf S K SHOWTIMfS HAMPTON PLAZA IT i. AUISON PAIK Mcknight oncma Mcknight id MT OUVEt MOWNSVIUf ID. PAIKWAY McKEESIOCKS NO PASSU ACCl PTfO Point Park College PART-TIME PERFORMING ARTS CLASSES FOR THE COMMUNITY Register Jan. 22, 23, 24 NEW CLASSES JAN. 26 THEATER COURSES Beginning Intermediate and Advanced level Drama Courses. DANCE CLASSES Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Dunham, Folk, Professional training Tap, Pre-School. MUSIC COURSES Private Voice & Private Piano Half-Hour or One Hour Lessons f muty StUSun Classes lor sH tots For FREE Brochure or intormation call 391-4100 Ext. 339 or 330 or write Point Park College Community Classes Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Chevy Chase . Gofdie Hawn t CkDllMEs p CKSWU Cktswitt CMA IMUWt 51Sl.-.CtiiilllUI QWS HI Ham fx HcKmeM H. I I(KM Twp. I saawfi Ma SHOWCASE LAST SHOWCASE SHOWCASE WEST SQyillEl Hill iHWMiAUIild FIRST FAMILY Al 2 00. A 00. 6 00 B 00 4 10 00 P.M. II THE MIRROR CRACK'D FObSWOO0 ST.3S5-OI04J A.2,15. 415. ,is. 815 iO:i3P.M.(POt NINE TO FIVE CHATHAM CENTEH.261-10OI aizasi iojopm.(pG) POPEYE 2 10 SIXTH ST.2BI-UI3 AilJ0,3,0,tAi,l,Q041ftO0P.M.PO) ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN Al 1,00, 3:15. 3:30, 00 4 10,00P.M. (PG) FLASH GORDON 01 SIXTH ST. 281-43S6 I Aii.30.3,AS,a:,8i4io,oop.M.PO) 'it i 1 1 1 .1 J'l 3807 FORBES AVE . 682-2334 STIR CRAZY At 7 30 19:45 P.M. (I) K., 3 , . THE FORMULA Al 7 304 9:43 P.M. ID) 1729 MURRAY A VE 42 1 -1 6331 A CHANGE OF SEASONS At 8 00 4 10 00 P M (B) DM tll I III I HI III I IIIW SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES At 8 004 10:00P.M. (PG) 5824FOWAROVE.421-7vOO ORDINARY PEOPLE At 7:43 4 9:33 P.M. (R) 336 FIFTH AVE.47I-7400 THE JAZZ SINGER J Al 100. 3,15. 5:30.8 004 lO-OOPM(PG) ttsburgh loynouse PLAYHOUSE THEATRE COMPANY NOW thru JAN. 35 taml CAOrM VINHIA fflh THAT CHAMPIONSHIP CSPIayhouse Junior C3 mm OPINS THIS SATUPOATI All S.a 53 00 iti-ilm Repertory! Todoi firm, 7 30 t 9 30 OCSMMON (PG) Wcdrmday'i Film: 7:30 4 9:30 M'A-S-H (!) Thundov't Film: 7:30 4 10:10 UOOO AND SAND A IT VW413) 411-444S 221CraAAir PMiburgh.M 1iai3. unrt' m a,c ttan o( Joint Park College F""- if ''uNC0UN AVe7766O254 RTJLUS0NAIilO4j7j433 I McKNIGHT P 367-588c7n No POMM AcCptd MOUHTAII FAMILY I0IIIS0I At 7 00 4 9O0PM (G All MOtf $ 1 . 50 ot all tiftMJI THE SUPHANT MAN At 7 30 4 10:00 PM. (PG) No PoM A (cp.d MOUITAIi FAMILY lOtllSON At 7 00 4 9 OO P M. (G) All 0oti $ 1 .50 at all ttmat PRIVATE BENJAMIN At 7 45 4 9:45 P.M (Rl NINE TO FIVE At 7,45 4 10:00 P.M. (PG) ORDINARY PEOPLE At 7,30 4 9,45 P.M. (R) No Potto Accaptttd MOUHTAII FAMILT IOIIIS0I At 7,00 4 9,00 P.M. (G THE MIRROR CRACK'D At 8 00 & 10 OOP M (PG) ilui!tRavef3 i WHERE THE LADIES j HAVE WPtB4Wt fla 1 .OsC.1 i l4i life) i 71 X&fft22D: I M IK emmwmwm mv. w32SiEiiEm& -jili'l ilV -'-'i!'-iJ f;?yTTittTTiW'J'F;Wff'lWi1 CENTURY HI MAIL653 0027 2091 DGHEiNTBfcE 80 276-5250 ALT WHICH WAY YOU CAH At 7:J04 9 40PM.(PG) POPEYE At 7:45 4 9:50 P.M. (PG) SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES At 7,30 4 9,40 P.M. (PG) No PatM Accoptarf MOUHTAII FAMILY IOIIIS0I At 7,00 1 9,00 P M. 0) No Pattot Accnptod MOUITAII FAMILT I0IIIS0I At 7,00 4 9 00PM (G) RliMl'i Til 4IIST0C4TS At 7,30 1 9 30 P M. (G) It. mmi m, (loMarotM) No Pa.Mt Acptd MOUITAII FAMILY RORIISOI I DONALDSON SCII.941-87II I At 7 00 4 9 00 p m igi " MT7uANON343-7300 A CHANGE OF SEASONS At 8,004 10:00PM. IR SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES At 7 45 4 9 45 P.M. IPG) LX)MONT 561-1066 AH tooti Jl 50 ot aH ttmai ORDINARY PEOPLE At 7:30 4 9 45 P.M (R) I SHHIllS MAUSb NINE TO FIVE At 7,45 4 10,00 P.M. PGI iSTflRinasonETHinQOFF! M7:ViSi:ili:Hf:VlT l MON80iVmi,373-UI3 I MONROtvmi3730U3 WiN H ILLS PLAZA863 6800 hmt I'-iMiiii' ' Iit itiTiiiiistrvriMRiifAWM r MONROEVILLE MALL372-6145 1 ki.:-Jt M..AXs'tjLtiu-i ItASTUNO SHOP. CIK. '672-97051 No Poim Accotd MOUITAII FAMILY lOIIISOR At 7 00 4 9,00 P.M IG) NINE TO FIVE At 7 30 4 9 45 PM PG) STIR CRAZY At 7.45 4 9,45 P.M. (R) No Pattot Aceoptod MOUITAII FAMILT IOIIIS0I At 7 00 4 9 00PM (G) FLASH GORDON At 8,00 4 10 OOPM (PG) A CHANCE Of SEASONS At 8,104 1 0:10P.M. (R) STIR CRArY At 7,40 4 9,43 P.M. (R) ORDINARY PEOPLE At 7,30 4 9,43 P M. ) POPEYE At 7 30 4 9,30 P M. (PG) No Pattot Accoptori MOUITAII FAMILT I0IIIS0I At 7 00 4 9-00 P M. G) lor oow Nrtt TONIGHT AdvVft tl.M FUST IAMILT At 7 43 4 9 43 PM () jPEHN HlliS SHOP. CTH.73I-8300 AH toah SI 30 at alt tatto. THE ELEPMAIT At 7,30 4 9 45 PM (PG) Need it? Find it fast with Press & Post-Gazette classifieds STARTS TOMORROW AT THESE THEATRES: flATON CINEMA WOmD-Rt. 30 I.. CINEMETTE EAST .. Dowptowp Pgh. .Norwin Jilli Plan .. MtMrMvill CINEMETTE SOUTH .. GritrM Rd. McKNIGHT CINEMA ......... McKnight Rd. SHOWCASE WEST . . Robinson Twp. fur FaAMOCIS BROILED SIRLOIN STEAK. iff if" 4irr BROILED BOSTON SCROD. YCXJR CHOICE All Day. Every Day. For a Limited Time Only. 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