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The Idaho Springs Siftings-News from Idaho Springs, Colorado • 5

Idaho Springs, Colorado
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Sale BY VIRTUE OF a certain Writ of Execution issued out of the oflice of the District Court of Clear Creek County, State of Colorado, and to me directed, whereby I am commanded to make the amount of a certain judgment recent- ly obtained against The American Power and Mining Company, and in favor of Pirie for the sum of Three thousand and seven and 100 Dollars lb) damages and Twentythree and 100 Dollars costs and accruing costs. I have levied upon the following described property, to-wit: all of the water, water rights, water power, power rights as the same appear from the filings thereof in the office of the State Engineer of the State of Colorado and in the office of the County Clerk and Recorder of Clear Creek County, Colorado, transferred by deed from John J. White. E. Nellie White and lorria F.

Carnal, dated May 19, 1900, and as described in said deed, wluch said deed was recorded on the 12th day of June. in the office of the said County Clerk und Recorder in book 166. at page 137. The Mills Placer Mining, Survey Lot No. 408, Mill Site Survey Lot No.

292. Mill Site Survey Lot No. 318, Garden or the Georgetown Driving Park. And ull machinery, power plants, electric plants, buildings, pipe lines, dams, reservoirs, mills, compressors, plants, tools, implements, fixtures and appliances and all franchises, rights and privileges of every kind or nature pertaining to the said property or any part thereof; together with all und singular the hereditaments and appurtenances of every kind and description belonging or in anywise appertuining to the above described property and all the structures located upon the said premises or any part thereof, or in anywise connected therewith, and all franchises and erty, real, personal and mixed, power plants, ntuiions, power house structures and buildings connected with the business of manufacturing. Helling and distributing electricity of the defendant, The American Power and Mining Company.

including all real estate, improvements, rights of way. and all pivileges and appurtenance's therewith; and all licenses, buildings, engines, boilers, dynamos, electric machines, generators, exciters, and ull other kinds of electrical and mcchunicaf appliances now otfned by the said defendant. The American Power and Mining Company, and all poieH, lines, rails, conduits, tools, fixtures, supplies and other property, real, personal and mixed, wheresoever situate, anti in any way connected with said electrical machinery and business, together with all and singular, the tenements, and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining, anti all and singular the rents, issues, profits and income which may hereafter arise from said property or any part thereof, the saui property and every part thereof being sitnate tn tear freck County. Colorado, anti now standiug of record in the names of D. A Van Trine and Joseph Aurell THLKKFOKK.

according to said command 1 shall expose for sale at public vendue to the highest and beat bidder for cash, the above described property, on FRIDAY the 77th day of JUNE. A. I) at the hour of to o'clock A M. of the said day. at the main power plant building of the American Power and Mining Company.

also known the power plant ami the "American power plant, situate near the county road and near the Colorado and (southern main lii of railroad, about one mile north of Georgetown, iu 1 iear Greek Valley in said 1 ooalj and (Rate Dated at Georgetown. Colorado, this sth day of June. A D. ALBERT STRAUB. Sheriff of Clear Creek County, Colo.

I. KfcCiENNirTEH. Attorney for Plaintiff. First publication. June last publication June Notice of Dissolution We, the Charles Lamb, President.

and Lillie lamb. Secretary, of The Creek Lumber Company, a corporation organized and existing under ami by virtue of the laws of the State of olorado. do hereby give notice that at a meeting of the of the said corporation, duly called for the purpose of considering the propriety of dissolving said corporation. hekl at the office of the said corporation, at No. Miner btrret.

Idaho Colorado. on Wednesday, the eleventh day of June. at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day. pursuant to notice given to, the stockholders thereof in the manner provided i by law for the calling of stockholders' meetings for the purpose of amending Articles of Incorporation. the stockholders, by a vote of more than two-thirds of the entire capital stock of said corporation, ordered said corporation to be dissolved.

We further certify that all debts ow ing by said corporation have been fully paid IN WITNESS WHEREOF. We have made and signed this notice of dissolution, under the seal of said corporation, this eleventh day of June. 1919. CHARLES L. LAMB.

Attest: President. LILLIE O. LAMB. Secretary E. L.

BKGENNITTER. Attorney. Seal First publication June 13. 1919. Last publication July 18.

10. Something Else to Do. You will see pools und the standing water frozen through the winter, when the little running streams are bounding along between fringes of icy gems. Why is this? The streams have something else to do than stand still to be frozen up. Be you like them.

John Hall. G. ARKILLS Chemist and Assayer CONTROLS A SPECIALTY At J. J. Old Stand 1517 MINER STREET VV.


Assayers and Chemists M.i nin (j Kii(j i eers 1438 Miner St. JAMES UNDERHILL nee U. S. MINERAL SURVEYOR Phones Forks ano Idaho 41 Undrrhill Bldg. Idaho Springs, Colo.

Proceedings JUNE SESSION. A. D. 1919. At the request of the State Highway Commissioner, it was ordered that a warrant for $5,380.13 be drawn to the order of William Williams, on account of State Highway Contract for work on Floyd Hill; $4,510.00 to be refunded immediately by the State Highway Commission, and the bal ance of $880.13 to be paid by each, the State Highway Commission and the County.

The following bills and accounts were audited and the Clerk instructed to issue warrants on the different funds for the various amounts; ROAD FUND. IN FAVOR of SERVICE AMOUNT 7103 Mrs. Alice Buckley, auto 34 50 7104 Roberts Bros. Grocery Co supplies 18 65 7105 Carl Truscott. labor and horse 119 50 Robert Roberts, labor 48 00 Harry Smith, labor 21 00 Francis Truscott, labor 81 00 Earl Williams labor 3 00 Walter Green, labor 18 00 Neal Erickson, labor 27 00 Earl Harris, labor 30 00 Poirson team and man 56 00 Moritz Neuman, supplies 3 35 7106 R.

Hardesty Mfg. culverts 285 69 7107 George Oxley, labor and horse 119 50 Leroy Hefferman, labor 60 00 Lowell-Wood ward Hardware supplies .1 85 7108 T. M. Puderbaugh. labor und horse 126 50 O.

E. banning, labor 30 00 R. J. labor. 6 00 J.

8. Miller, labor 67 50 L. Oliver, labor 36 00 A. Brandt, labor 3 00 John Walch, lumber 7 90 Idaho Springs Lumber lumber 58 20 Mines Supply supplies 5 46 7109 A. J.

Ricci, labor and horse 124 50 A. Sylvestre, labor 70 60 C. O. Nelson, labor 76 50 Gust Lund green, labor 72 00 Clarence Lundgreen, labor 75 00 charies Magnesaon. labor 73 50 George A.

Gallagher, labor 61 50 W. Hwanton. labor 61 50 F. Logan, labor 76 50 John Bowen, labor 69 Ed. Knight, labor 9 00 Robert Buchanan, labor 06 00 Arthur Snavely.

team 7 50 Frank Raper, team 22 50 Oscar Nelson, team 7 50 Henry Holcombe, hauling 00 Kneisel A Anderson, supplies. 13 0 i apito 1 Manufacturing pipe- 12 00 Nelson, hauling 1 50 Fountain and Swanson, coal 1 50 J. A. Kantian. supplies A.

J. Ricci, supplies 10 J. Bmkley. 4 00 10 E. Elliott, labor and bone.

119 Hugh Collick. labor 8100 7111 George H. Sharpe, labor and horse 123 Edgar Sharpe, labor 75 00 George Maire. labor 36 00 Moritz Schlagel, labor 45 oo Nelson Pearson, teams 21 oo T. A.

Tyler, labor 93 0" Jesse Leike. team 217 ou William F. Barrister. labor 38 00 Hendne Jfc BolUtofT. supplies 37 q.

H. Anderson, supplies 1 oo 7112 D. I. Hooley. labor and horse A.

K. Watt, labor bt A J. Trtmberth. labor 72 oo Henry August, labor 1,1 A. Chadwick, labor 18 do Albert Johnson.

labor 9 Oo 711 Alex Seaton, labor and horse 12s 25 Emerson Peart, labor 81 09 11. Tetley. Labor 79 50 J. Kaminky, labor 60 OP Harper, labor 33 00 George Albert, labor 3 00 A. Walder, labor 4 50 E.

Bubeck. labor W. Light, team 22 50 8. L. Burger, repairs 27 75 Lowell-Wood ward Hardware Cosupplies 29 56 John Jamison, labor 3 on L.

Cent lever, labor 12 oo H. Wakler, labor 4 50 7114 Prank H. Rice, labor and 112 50 J. C. Diamond, labor 12 00 J.

Hicks, 45" 7115 Ray Enjeart, hauling 9 00 7193 U. E. Wood, supplies 23 49 7191 William Williams, advanced on contract 5,300 13 Total Warrants Road Fund $9,516 07 POOR FUND. 7116 Ed. C'owle.

supplies 500 7117 Dr. H. W. Kirby, services 900 7118 Mrs. A.

Buckley, supplies 17 00 7119 Fountain Jfc bwauson, supplies 12 75 7 120 Roberts Bros. Grocery supplies 25 00 7121 Teddy Straub, wood 800 7122 D. J. Donnelly, supplies 60 00 7123 L. A.

Hafer. agent, rent 6 00 7124 Nelson and Pearson, hauling 18 00 7125 H. E. Machol, supplies 7 24 7126 G. W.

Ford, supplies 9 10 7127 M. E. Swagart, supplies lo uo 7128 Kneisel Anderson, supplies 15 00 7 i 29 G. A. Pease, supplies 49 00 7130 H.

A. Elliott, supplies 6 97 7131 Mrs. Louise Johnson, care Poor House 77 00 7132 R. E. Wood, supplies 25 50 7183 Roberts Bros.

Grocery Co-supplies 50 00 7134 Joseph Burke, rent 8 00 7135 Louise Berg, career Mrs. Rolfe 31 00 7136 Woodcraft Hospital, care Balvki 60 00 7137 W. Hall berg, supplies 20 0" 7138 Leo Riebel, money advanced 7 15 Total Warrants Poor Fund 532 71 GENERAL FUND. 7138 William C. Ives, county commissioner, salary, and expenses 57 16 7139 John W.

Green, county commissioner, salary and expenses 57 91 7110 Thomas W. Cunningham, county commissioner, salary and expenses 59 77 7141 Patrick H. Devaney, treasurer. salary and expenses 180 7142 F. A.

Maxwell, deputy treasurer, salary 100 00 7113 B. A. Holley, county clerk, 175 00 7141 George D. Criley, deputy clerk, salary 100 uo 7115 Royal R. Graham, county judge, salary 150 00 7146 Albert E.

Straub, sheriff, salary 191 66 7147 A. H. J. Horstrnann, assessor, salary and expenses 178 12 7148 J. A.

Noone, clerk of District Court salary 56 75 7149 W. S. McGintie, district attorney, salary and expenses 37 34 7150 Albert E.Straub, sheriff expenses. 9 30 7151 Malcolm Marks, reporter, 15 00 7152 Albert E. Straub, sheriff, 60 oo 7153 Kneisel A Anderson, supplies 80 7154 Town of Georgetown, water 15 00 7155 Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph services 15 7156 Henry Holcombe, supplies 25 45 7157 Louise Berg, janitress services.

4') 25 7158 Miles D. Cottingham, undersheriff services 5 00 THE IDAHO SPRINGS SIFTINGS-NEWS. 7159 Bank of Idaho Springs, juror certificates 66 7160 Bank of Georgetown, juror certificates 10 30 7161 First National Bank, juror certificated 31 00 7162 Joseph Guanella, juror certificates 575 7163 Tony Lombardi, witness certificates 12 50 7164 Felix Zerlingo. witness certificates 12 50 7165 Richard Allander, juror certificates 2 65 7166 B. A.

Holley, juror certificates 4 60 7167 Emil H. Anderson, juror certificates 2 65 7168 William Walt hers, juror certificates 2 65 7169 George E. Blatter, juror certificates 5 15 7170 A. H. juror certificates 5 15 7171 John McCabe, juror 5.15 7172 James Jones, juror certificates 5 15 7173 James Underhill, witness certificates 7 10 7174 August Swanson, juror certificate.

5 15 7175 A. J. Trenberth, juror 340 7170 Edwin Malone, juror 7 10 7177 Bank of Clear Creek County, juror and witness certificates 55 50 7178 C. F. Hoeckel Blank Book and Lithographing Co- supplies 6 86 7179 B.

A. Holley, county clerk, clerk to Board 10 00 7180 Colorado Power Co- services 13 10 Dewey C. Bailey, services 7182 Teddy Straub, wood 6 Oo 7183 Albert E. Jones, services 2 60 718-1 State Board of Land Commissioners. list 2 60 7185 Georgetown Courier, 50 00 7186 Idaho Springs Siftings-News, printing 14 71 7187 Alan D.

Fraser, services 12 10 7188 W. S. McGintie, district attorney, salary 22 20 7189 Idaho Springs Mining Gazette. supplies 12 75 7190 B. A.

Holley, county clerk, services and office expense 52 95 7191 Malcolm Marks, reporter, salary 15 00 7192 Elizabeth J. Gleason, county superintendent. salary and expenses 102 46 Total Warrants General Fund 29 RECAPITULATION. Total Warrants, Road Fund 9,516 07 Total Warrants, Poor Fund 532 71 Total Warrants, General 2,106 29 Total Warrants Drawn $12,155 07 STATE OF COLORADO 3 County of Clear Creek I. B.

A. Holley, Clerk and Recorder, and ex-officio i Jerk to the Board of County Commissioners of ''tear 'reek County. Colorado, do hereby certify that the foregoing has been truly and correctly taken from the minutes of the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners as the same appears of record in the minutes of said proceedings in my office. in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the official seal this, my office, at Georgetown, this 12th day of JUNE. A.

D. 1919. B. A. HOLLEY, County Clerk and Recorder and Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners.

By Okokok D. Ckilky. Deputy. Newsy Notes From Georgetown Vicinity Mrs, K. Edwards of Denver visited friends Sunday.

A Dobbins of Idaho Springs was a business visitor here Tuesday. Mis. George Hiltz. motored up from Denver Sunday with her son Bobbie, for a visit with her daughter. Miss Elsie Theis, of Sublette, Illinois, is the first arrival at Glenarbor, to spend the summer months.

Mrs. J. Keating entertained the R. E. club last evening, Five Hundred being the classical game indulged in.

Charlie Hall left the fore part of the week tor Cauada to take charge of a silver property for Denver capitalists, in the Cobalt region. Willie Hiltz, a former Georgetown boy who has just returned from overseas duty, was circulating among his friends here during the week. P. T. Stephens and Ernest Miller expect to leave the last of the week for Wyoming, where they are to take charge of a concentrating plant.

Gotfried Johnson, who was in the thick of the fracus in France, left the last of the week, after a visit with relatives, to work on his ranch near Fort Logan. J. B. Foley and P. Patterson, who are motoring from Chicago, expect to arrive here the last of week, after an exciting experience with mud and bad roads thru Illinois.

Thurman Lyons of Silver Plume has been awarded the contract to widen the bend in the new road to Silver Plume. With this improvement, we will have an ideal auto road. Naylor lake is now open for the season under the management of G. A. Shaque.

At a recent meeting of the company, the fol! lowing officers were elected- H. E. 'Crist, president, John Tomay, secretary, treasurer and superin' tendent. County Judge R. R.

Graham and family visited in the valley Tuesday, via the auto route. Mrs. Rubabo and her daughter, Lottie, are visiting at Huntington Beach, California, with Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Boyer, fomerly of Georgetown.

William Flemming of Lawson was a Sunday visitor. He says that early-day activity is in evidence, with indications of boom times coming. Will Nelson, who has a lucrative position with the Denver Gas and Electric company, is spending his vacation here visitfng with friends. The county judge and the county clerk journeyed to Navlor and Duck lakes the fore part of the week and came yack laden with speckled beauties. A to was issued to Dr.

Alan D. Fraser of Springs and Wilhelmina C. Coughlin of Fort Collins. The friends are extending heartiest congratulations. Professor Alberson of the State School of Mines, and Captain J.

T. Smith, editor of the mining department of the Denver News, were on a tour of inspection of some of our most promising mines Monday. Joseph Guanella of Empire was transacting business here Tuesday. He reports much activity in mining, especially in the Dailey district, which at present seems to be the center of attraction for prospective investors. Young Financier.

Newell entered his study one day much excited and out of breath. he said, man out in (he street has some pigeons for sale, and I just lack 24 cents of having enough to buy one. you give me that As the father handed' ov the desired amount lie asked now much the pigeons were worth. As the small boy hurried away lie shouted back: We are particularly happy to announce the recent arrival of a beautiful new line of RIBBONS They are in all widths and shades, and of surprisingly nice quality. Some are suitable for vestees, others for hair bows, some for fact we are prepared to supply all your RIBBON wants.

Another new arrival is a lot of pretty crepe KIMONOS Satin-Trimmed, and made more attractive with Sprays of Hand-Embroidery. They are $4.00 Each Ws Dress Skirts In Silk Poplin, Rajah and Serge, Of Old Rose, Navy Black or Gray. Are a riot of color Oinghams this year, and of beautiful quality. We have a splendid selection Percales are here in Summer Shades At NELSON'ST Orientals. Orientals seem to he immune to the fierce heat of the fireroom in ocean steamers, and can endure for a great length of time temperature that would speedily prostrate white men.

Our Wonderful Language. A certain merchant died, leaving to his only son the conduct of his extensive business, and great doubt was expressed in some quarters whether the young man possessed the ability to carry out the policies. said one kindly disposed friend, part, I think Ilenry is very bjrtght and capable. sure he will said another friend. is undoubtedly a clever fellow, but, take it from me, old man, he got the head to fill his Scold Your Wife Here is some good, sound horse sense.

If the dinner taste just to your liking, if the coffee is a little off color and the flavor is there is anything else you think ought to be improved be in too great haste to criticise your wife. She very probably is doing the best she can with the groceries you furnish her. just as much in the groceries as there is in the cooking, and every woman knows it. Just try buying your groceries from The Roberts Bros. Gro.Co.

THE PIONEER STORE It will pay you. English Levender and mint. The great secret of Ti lavender and mint lies in the light, friable, chalky soil, not often found in a climate congenial to both plants, yet essential to a perfect result. Bach, in fact, may be grown with a certain measure of success on hill, in marshland. or meadow, for both are hardy, and, when well rooted, are nearly impervious to drought und frost.

World's Greatest Force. love in the apple dumplings that gives them an irresistible flavor. Blade. The Modern Complaint. The follow who used to kick when he was handed small change now kicks about the smallness of the change lie is handed..

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