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The Idaho Springs Siftings-News from Idaho Springs, Colorado • 1

Idaho Springs, Colorado
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natural State historical history society The Idaho Springs Sittings News. SIFTING ESTABLISHED ESTABLISHED 1900 IDAHO SPRINGS, SATURDAY, OCT. 24, 1914 SIFTING 1883 NUMBER Republican County Ticket Clear Creek County Showing how each name must be marked in new headless ballot For Representative 20th General Assembly Clear Creek County HERMAN E. CRIST For County Clerk and Recorder BENJAMIN A. HOLLEY For County Treasurer HENRY L.

ROBERTS For County Sberiff FRANK SEROY For County Assessor CHAS. A. CROSSON. For County Superintendent of Schools ANNE DINGLE For County Surveyor FRANK A. MAXWELL For County Coroner ALAN D.

FRASER For County Commissioner 1st Dist. GEORGE W. FORD Herman E. Crist is a young man who is forging his way to the front in his chosen profession of law by close application to duty and the exercise of good sound practical ability. He is thoroughly acquainted with the needs of the mining imdustry from a legal standpoint and also with the requirements for a more equitable system of taxation, He is thor.

oughly conscientious in everything he does and will serve the peo le in the most honorable and efficient manner. He is the Republican candidate for member ot the 20th general assembly. Benjamin A. Holley is qualified in every possible manner for the position of County Clerk and Re corder. Endowed with push and energy, trained thoroughly in clerical work, possessing a most bappy and genial disposition that is appreciated by all who transact business with him, The is thoroughly equipped for the position and its most exacting duties.

When you go to the polls No- vember 3 don't torget that H. L. Roberts is the candidate for treasurer and that be is a pioneer in Ciear Creek and has conducted business in the county for over thirty years. He is a thorough business man, a courteous gentleman and has been faithful in all callings, business and political. A vote for bin is a vote for a most competent man.

Frank Seroy is a blacksmith and has fougbt his way through life by hard labor. He is thoroughly familiar with the labor interest as he knows by experience its trials and difficulties and is in thorongh sympathy with these who toil, whether with brawn or brain or eth. As a candidate for sheriff he is pushing his campaign on his ability to perform the duties thereof in a business-like official manner. He is winning friends wherever he goes for the people recognize in him a man of stalwart qualifications, fearless and discreet, Charley Crosson the affable, competent and industrious assessor is before the people for re elec tion and the voters can feel assured 'that Charley will go his limit to give the people a good, clean, consistent and just administaation. If close application to duty, careful watching after the interest of the taxpayers and courtesy will accomplish this, then Charley will continue making a success in the position, A vote for Mrs.

Anne E. Dingle is a vote for a competent lady for the position, both by education and good business methods. She will fill the office of superintendent in a most successful and faithful manner. She is a native born of this county and is a member of the Clear Creek County Pioneer Association. Frat A.

Maxwell is not a seeker for office, but when he is called to accept a position he does so with that firm determination to perform the duties in the most exacting manner. Every one who knows Frank Maxwell knows that he is a man who never stops short of doing what is rigbt. He has been tes.r.d officially and found absolutely loyal. He is a man of his word in every respect, He is a surveyor and mining engineer of the very highest order. When vou come to cast your vote for Coroner just remember Dr. D. Fraser, the Republican candidate for this position, He is the man for the position and you can't find a better one, Whenever duty requires or calls him, he will be there promptly. He is too well known to require any encomiums. Vote for Dr. Fraser.

George W. Ford is a thorough business man. This is what is needed in a member of the Board of County Commissioners, He has made a success in bis own business and this is an that be wiil do so with all business entrusted to him, He has also pinned his faith to mining and has been a large employer of wining labor in his various leases, He has the first class requirements for the position to which he aspires. The city has been full of candidates this week and they have been around presenting their different qualifications for thelr respective positions, and in a lady. like and gentlemanly manner.

This is right, for a person who cannot build himself up without trying to tear another down is unworthy of a public position. Every candidate should exert himself or herself to gain the desired prize, but it should not be done by rating an opponent, Let us have clean politics. Mrs. Anne E. Dingle, candidate for the office of County superintendent for Clear Creek County on the Republican ticket, recently visited with the family of Harry C.

James in Denver. They are old and close friends Mr. James comes up here often and patronizes the Hot Springs, and also spends some time at Dumont as be is interested in the Albro mine, and is also officially connected with the Denver National Bank, He belongs to the hustling class and is a person of the most creditable social and business standing. Representatives of the candidates on both the tickets were in evidence last week at Silver Plume on Friday night and also at Empire on Saturday night and they report a good time in which breth. ren and "sisteren" enjoyed themselves in the utmost harmony.

Lon Roberts came down from Silver Plume on Thursday and spent the day here. He is one of the hustling employes of the Roberts Bros. Mercantile company that has a branch store at the Plume- His friends extended him a most hearty hand shake and he has lots of them, THE REPUBLICAN RALLY The Republicans will Opera House on Wednesday Hon. I. N.

Stevens, formerly ates Senate, and one of ble speakers in the State the people of this city and sues of the day. He is a Author of very high standing. Lion is extended to voters party. There will also show from until 8:00 political rally will be held. The numerous mining strikes that have been made during the past few months should give confidence and inspiration to all who are interested in business as well as in mining.

It is the success in mining that has made Idaho Springs and is the main business that will continue te support the city. There are other attractions that will help in the support of the city, such as the tourists, the ranch industry and the like, but the main stay of out section and its principle support must be the outcome of the mines, The returns from any one of the big mines, such as the Gem, the New Era and others will bring more revenue to the town than all the other sources combined. Hence, is behooves Idaho Springs to fos. ter in every possible manner this great industry that for years has been the backbone and sinew of our prosperity, that has supported us when all the other resources have been mere bagatelles compared with mining. The fact is that we bave neglected this great industry.

We have not boosted it as it should be. We have not at all times laid aside our jealousies in its interests. We bave been too afraid that some one will prosper in which we want to share, when we should be satisfied with sharing in indirectly. Wel have intentionally or innocently knocked some property that we should have boosted. We have said that "his property is good but I have something which is the worst kind of knocking.

We have have said that the property is good but the booster is "no good." It is this kind of knocking that is detrimental and should be stopped. If a man can sell stock or property and the stranger comes here and he is met with the propositon, when be is trying to get the right information, by people who will say in an indifferent manner, his property is good but I have something better," he is a knocker for perhaps his property is inferior to that of the man who gets the parties here, The people of the community should set down bard on such knockers. It should be the aim to assist everyone to place a holding that is meritorious whether we like the man or not. Let us be honest with our fellow citizen even if be is not our choice, The Seaton Mountain Mining Corporation 18 one of the latest that has filed articles of incorporation with the county clerk of this county. It has a capitalization of 500,000 shares of the par value of $1 per share, Its principal office will be in Denver but its perations will be in Clear Creek County.

hold a Rally at the evening, October 28, 1914. candidate for the United the most logical and forci. of Colorado, will address community on the isLawyer, Editor and an A general to hear him, regardless be a free moving picture o'clock after which the The following is from the pen of Captain James Smith, mining editor of the Rocky Mountain News, and which will be of interest to the mining readers of the SiftingsNews. "A new company has been incorporated on an old Clear CreekGilpin mining property, the idleness of which has long been a wonder of people familiar with the existing conditions. The company is composed of local business people, all of whom are well known here.

The property in questioning is the Lincoln group, owned for many years by H. A. Wimbush, an old-timer in Denver. It is surrounded by heavy producers of the precious metals, and the ore apparently bas been proved right up to its lines, Adjoining and nearby six- figure mines are the Crown Print and Virginia, Belman, Comstock, Dove's Nest, Lake, Windsor Castle, Specie Payment, Mono, Aduddell, Frontenac, Seaton, Idaho Springs and others. Several of these but right up to or into the Lincoln "The Lincoln Group Mines company is in reality two companies, the one being incorporated under Arizona laws for $2,000,000, and the other a holding company, incorporated for $20,000 under the laws of Colorado.

Of the 000 shares 1,000,000 shares go for treasurv purposes. The company will own the property outright, consisting of nine claims, six of which are patented aud situated on Pewabic mountain, near the head of Virginia canon in Clear Creek county aud right close to the Gilpin county lines, The company ll commence development at once, operating for the present through an old 160-foct shaftsaid to be in $60 ore--and also through the Central tuncel, which cuts ore bodies in the neighborhood. Post Master N. Marihugh has been circulating a petition to have the morning freight bring up mail. He has the signature of the minining companies, the business men and many others and bas sent the petition to the chief postal clerk of this division.

It is another illustration of the careful manner in which our postmaster is looking after the interest of the patro of the postoffice and the courtesy that he is ever ready to show. It is hoped that the authorities will consider the petition favorably as it will be great accom modation to the people of this city and vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Curran left this morning for West-Cliffe, Custer County, where they will make their home.

Mr. Curran is a mining mill man and also a builder of mills, and this will be his work in the southern part of the state, Twenty -eight years ago L. E. Cassatt of this city, published a paper in Georgetown called The Arbitrator. We were shown a copy of this publication in which which is inserted a poem entitled "The Reign of written by a resident of Silver Plume- and which we take pleasure in re-publishing.

Silver Plume, July 3, 1886. "It is what he saw whose eyes at Patmos were closed in trance. It is the culmination of Christianity; the city of God upon earth with its halls of Jasper and its gates of pearl. It is the reign of man; the era of the Prince of Peace." It is coming, the day's approaching The reign of the Prince of PeaceWhen the great of the earth encroaching On the rights of the weak, must cease. Brothers, the new day's breaking, And Heaven's frustrated plan Shall come with the new awaking, That heralds the Reign of This teeming earth bears plenty, For every human One grasps the shares of twenty; Men suffer for his greed.

Patience a little longer; The days are now but a span, When wrong shall die, and the wronger, In the glorious Reign of Man! We make for the rich their money; We toil that the few may thrive; We hoard great stores of honey, For the drones of the human hive. In the sweat of thy brow shalt thou flourish; Is Heaven's appointed plan, And one of the hopes we cherish, Is to make it the Law of Man. The great war in Europe is havits effect on the mining industry as it is impossible to get the desired amount of cyanide to push the mill operations. The OneidaStag is one of the properties that is suffering on this account. Their mill is ready for operation, as it has been turned over by the contractors and is a modern, up-todate mill both as to the building and also as to its installment of machinery.

The owners have a very large tonage of ore in their stope and bins ready to be treated of an excellent grade, while there is also an immense tonage of a lower grade that is available, The mill has a capacity of at least fifty tons a day and was built at an expense of nearly $40,000. It i is not possible to tell when the needed cyanide can be secured and as result the mill cannot go on and do its work on account of the impossibility of securing the cyanide. The machinery has been tested and gives excellent results. The citizens of Alice have or ganized an Independent stage line between that vicinity and Idabo Springs and have arranged with Dave Williams to manage it. The stage will leave the Idahc Springs Post office every Tuesday and Saturday mornings at nine o'clock and and will carry mail, passengers, and freight, Ed Alexander has been commissicned post master of Alice, The arrangements on the part of the citizens there will be in effect until some other arrangements are made This is a worthy business act on their part and will prove a great convenience.

Mr. Williams has secured the services of James Humphrey to dryie the stage. "'Cement' Bill Williams is now running his Stanley Steamer daily between Golden and Idaho Springs and will do so whenever the weeth er permits. The Steamer will leave Golden between nine and ten o'clock in the morning, arriving here before noon, It will return between three and four in the afternoon. The hour of leaving will depend upon the convenience of the passengers.

The line is already being well patronized by travellers as the scenery over Floyed Hill and Lookout Mountain is of the most attractive and facinating nature. DEATH RECORD A Fatal Accident Mr. W. G. Vail, the assayer at the Argo Mill met instant death about eight o'clock this morning.

He was cleaning the snow off of the steps that lead down into the mill when he slipped and fell breaking his neck. The distance was only about eight or ten feet that he fellThe deceased was about fifty years of age and had been in the employ of the Argo Mill for about five months. His son, (who Is in the employ of the Denver and Rio Grande company will arrive here on the train this evening to take care of the remains. An, Early Settler Gone To Rest The death of Mrs. Jane Thomas occurred at Loup City, Nebraska, October 18th.

Tho deceased had been sick at for the past seven years, but her last illness was only of three weekg duration, curing which time everything possible was done b- her husband and children to alleviate and comfort her remaining days. She was born in Ergland in 1850 and came to this country in 1880 with her husband, John Thomas, to whom she was married in 1871, her maiden name being Jane Parson. They settled in ths city directly on arriving in the country and lived here for twenty-three years when they moved to Loup City, Nebraska, where they have lived for the past eleven years. Surviving her is her faithful husband, one son, William Thomas, and three daughters, Mesdames Fred Daddow of Lou City Samuel May and Thomas Dunston of this city, also John, Edward and James Thomas, nephews, of this city, and Mrs. Wm.

Manhannett, neice, of Der ver, The remains arrived here on Wednes lay evening and were taken in charge by Undertaker B. A. Holley. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. C.

E. Liston at two o'clock yesterday afternoon from the Methodist and the interment was in the church Idaho Springs cemetery. The pallbearers were Thomas Trelease, Charles Arthur, Hugh Collick, Phil Smith, John Cruse and Fred Thero. Thus the last tribute of respect and egteern W88 paid to an estimable elderly lady, a devoted wife and a loving mother; and all that mortal hands and loving heart could bestow. Mr.

John Thomas and son, William, will leave to-morrow for Loup City. Another Veteran Answers the Last Roll Call W. W. Blatchford was found dead in his cabin near Floyd Hill cn Wednesday night. The last seen of him was on the 16th and it is presumed that he was taken with paralysis and died instantly in bed as there were no signs whatever of any struggle and he was lying in the same position as'it is supposed he occupied when he went to bed.

His death was discovered by Messrs. Ray Enyeart and William. Elliott. From the closest investigations it is also concluded that he died of last week, as this 18 the last time any. one had sean him.

He was engaged in placer mining and had be so engaged in this occupation since he came here just after the Civil war, his operations being confined to Clear Creek. He enlisted at the beginning of the Civil war in Company 1Ith Wisconsin Volunteer infantry and (served until he was wounded in the battle of (Fort Blakely near Mobile. He was buried from the home of is sister land brother in-law, Mr- and Mre. Jud M. Brown, Soda Creek at ten o'clock yesterday, the funeral services being conducted by Rev.

E. ston and the remains buried in the Idaho Springs cemetery. The pall bear ers were Ed. Erickson, I. D.

Ellis, Dan Ulrich, James Ogden, S. M. Smith and James Culley. Miss Lottie Champion left last Sunday afternoon for Nashville, Kansas, where she will spend her vacation of several weeks visiting with her sister and family..

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