The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1943 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1943
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"%0* '*«** »& .vf4|i "»* *jv< •-: H$SSUth ftntf AfgdnU Doing* 1 of Past Week Condehled FoirSer* vice Men. Clip and Mall In Your Next LetbBt to .the B0y»; Tfiie Kossuth County Wat Chest drive id now on and will daffy through for the" month of Opto- . ben -A. 'E. Kresensky is' County Head and L. S. Bohannon will Supervise the Algona solicitation , • . . . Leon M. Merritt, popular Legionnaire, heads' ^he Kossuih American Legion. . . . Rea E. Walters, District 'Administrator of OPA estimated farmers are getting SQ% more gasoline than they really/need for non-highway purposes, ,,. . Sgt. Francis W, Hinz, of Camp Phillips, Salina,' Kans., spent his furlough with relatives in LuVernei". ... Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber of Whittemore have 3 sons in,the service, Roland, Wilmar, Vern. . . . Corp. Melvin Ol-. , son of Camp Chaffee, Ark., is home with parents who live in Bancroft.'. . .. A. L. Pulliam, with the Fort Worth Army Air Field .,.. is Visiting Algona friends. ... Lt. and Mrs. Thomas Halpin here from Camp Swift, Texas, visiting former's parents. ... 1st Lt. Donald W, Patterson, formerly of Hurt, an Air Pilot recently award- 1 ' ed air medal and Oak Leaf Clus. ter. . i . Lt. Raymond Steven formerly of Algona, commissioned and a bomber pilot. . . . Lt. J. F. Schoby now in' sub-u-boat war activities. .; . Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mpgensen of Swea City have .6 * sops' With ; Navy; they are John, ."•- Jens', ; Carl, Lawrence, George and •; Harold.' ... Farmers are cutting •>$.'*# beans, filling silos and fall ^.plowing. The fall season in this locality is wonderful, with the '*":treesi'leaves arid 'foliage display- Ing beautiful colors. . . . Miss Eleanor Fraser now in Des Moines and former- Secretary of Selective Service Board visited draft headquarters this week. . . . Rev. P. Earl Burgess, recently appointed Methodist District Superintendent, has purchased the Lon ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER~V1943 ^^ ^^^ . . , ,,^ IA^. s ^ _ -f r ^^ •"•• i • i i* i n---- ------ . _ ~ . ."o V \JJLJt i 4 —— iNVJ *xll $220,000 TOPS KOSSUTH BOND DRIVE Home Economist Alma G. Schultz, Leaves Kossuth Miss Alma G. Schultz, county lome economist here since April 942, leaves tomorrow, Friday, or her home in Cedar Falls. She Wright property' on North Thorington street and will move there. . .*': Washington, Iowa milk deliveries were halted awaiting adjustment of ceiling prices governing producers. . . .WAGS and WAVES are recruiting in this area weekly. . . . Report all of your 3td War Loan Bond purchases to the Kossuth Activities office. County War FALL SCRAP DRIVE SET FOR THURSDAY OFNEXT WEEK - <tae Day Set Aside For Gathering' Scrap in This District; 'Men and Trucks r rttfnfaiff' Up -For- Johf ' ''Plans are petting-eUnder.Way in all Communities in the county for the'fall scrap harvest to be held on Thursday, October I4th. • - It is realized by everyone that this is an extremely busy time to hold a scrap drive in a farming community. The date was selected because it was hoped that the big rush on the soy bean combining would be over and the corn picking would not be completely under way. The scrap should be collected in time to be worked up and shipped to the steel mills before the winter snows set in. Pick Up Scrap Everyone is urged, both in the towns and the country, to gather up everything which can be put Into' the Nation's Scrap Metal Pile. The scrap committees want to repeat to the farmers that no wire is being hauled in this drive. Because of the shortage of help it is impossible to handle the wire in the local yards and in the various ...baling yards. • Committees In the Algona districts committees are now laying plans for the drive. The Algona chapter of the Red Cross will again operate a refreshment .stand across the street from the scrap dump, which again will be at the Northwestern station. Committee chairmen in the Algona district are as follows, with chairman named first and the to\yn representatives second: - , . Union—Alfred Schenck and Wendell Jensen. Plum Creek—Hollis Benschoter and Wm, St. Clair. resigned the home economist work as of Oct. 1. Mjss Schultz has made application to join th Red Cross Overseas Canteen Ser vice and hopes to take up tha work within a short time. Dur ing her connection with the ex tension service in this count} Miss Schultz made a host o friends, especially with the 4-H club girls and their parents. Sh proved highly capable in everj detail connected with her work She succeeded Mrs. Ruth Sexton Hicks here in 1942 and the latter is now with the main office in Ames. So far no successor to Miss Schultz has been appointed MISSBURNETTA BONNSTETTER HEADS SEALS SALE been" appointed County , Chairman of the Christmas .Seal Campaign of the Kossuth County Tuberculosis Association, Joe Lowe, president of 'the Association, announced today. The first official duty of Miss Bonnstetter will be the appointment of a committee to assist in the Christmas Seal Sale which will open on Monday, Nov. 22, and continue uhitl Christmas. T. B. Deaths Increase In accepting the appointment, Miss Bonnstetter said, "Records show for the second time in 18 years, the Iowa tuberculosis death rate rose last year. It is too early to'judge Wh_e|H6r^6r not the increase was caused, by the war and if it is ^be followed by still other increases, But in' any case' it stands as a challenge to the people of Iowa, and it is clear that under present conditions, we must continue to expand our wartime tuberculosis "campaign. The Kossuth County Tuberculosis Association has the biggest job in its history to do during 1944' and can do it only if'the Christmas Seal. Sale is a success. Ninety-five cents out of every Seal Sale dollar remains in Iowa to fight tuberculosis. I KOSSUTH MONEY TO PROVIDE HELP FOR USO CENTERS Drive to Raise $22,000 Is Started In County; Fund to Cover Help For 17 Agencies and Clubs. USO, the' "home away from home" for millions of American soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen, marines and women in the services, will receive approximately 55 per cent of the funds raised in the National War Fund Campaign in Kossuth county. Other agencies such as War Prisoners Aid, -United Seaman's Service and 14 relief appeals for United .Nations will divide the remain- Ing 45 per cent upon a basis of budgeted needs, it was stated today by A. E. Kresensky, chair-' man of the War Fund drive in ECossuth. $61,000,000 to USO "On a national scale," it was stated by Chairman Kresensky, 'the USO receives approximately *61,000,000 of the national goal f $125,000,000 for all 17 agencies ncluded in the National War und. This amounts to less than 2 cents per day per man -and woman in active service in the armed forces, of the nation—a rather small amount for us to give for USO when you consider what these people in service are doing,.for us." Today, more 4han 16,000,000 visitors per monifh are enjoying more than 2,400 USO clubs and centers in this country • and its hemisphere bases. The USO City Retailer Employees SeU $67,304 In Bonds Trains as WAVE Employes of Algona Retailers ' Allen, Dick proved their ability as salesmen' Allen, Virginia '.'."". and saleswomen when, they sold *j onar > Rnoda $67,304.0'0 worth, of. Third War iffi^ ^. COOK, Uay Curtis, W. G, "."" Courtney, Mrs. Anna Loan Bonds during the September No doubt town tne Retailers' this is Bond Drive. record for a size of Algona. And there were some really high sales turned in during the month. Elaine Kinsey High 1 Miss Elaine Kinsey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Kinsey, and clerking in the James Drug Store, was high in sales and turned in a total of $14,275. Several of the clerks turned in over the $3,000 mark while eleven of them turned in over $1,000. According to reports there were some high sales made by clerks in towns throughout the county, as well. At any rate the Retailers Bond Drive in September was certainly a success. Over $200 Sales Here Arend, Christine $ 3,050 Orend, Rose 2,250 325 775 3,353 200 225 275 1,175 1)750 — — „ f _,._._.„, *».«i*jt* .. ..... ) Douglas, Mrs. H. E ............. 2,300 Dutton, Marie .............. 350 Daughan, Ursla ............... 200 Foth, Mrs. John ..... ' . 475 Frankl, Anna ................ . 700 Fechner, Mrs. Anna .......... 800 Haldeman, Thea ............. i 280 Helberg, Esther .............. ] 625 Hemphill, Alene ............. ..... 1,450 Hansen, Laura ................ '225 Holtzbauer, Andrew 275 Holmes, Yarda ....... Harland, Mrs. Kuth Kenne, Maybelle . Keen, Hazel ............ Kinsey, Elaine ........ Lynk, Mrs. B. Lampe, Rose ......... '.". LaBarre, Eleanore ...... ..... 975 Lashbrook, Fae ............... !.... 225 Lindhorst, Maxine ......... "' 3 225 Lorenz, Mrs, Twylah ..... 450 Larson, Ruth ......... 2 50 200 425 234 250 14,275 450 325 Malueg, Irwin 200 Murtha, Ruby 750 McKenna, Mrs. R. J. 250 McNeill, Grace 325 Mathes, Lyle 525 Miller, Roberta 1,280 Miller, Emma i 575 Nasby, Mrs. Ruth 200 Peterson, Julius 275 Putz, Mildred 200 Runge, Wilma , 200 Reese, Margaret 1,285 Ringgenberg, E. J 250 Reynolds, Margaret 200 Ringgenberg, Emily Semon, Annabelle .. Sorensen, R. V. 525 300 Sorensen, Mabel 3 000 Sankey, Doris 225 Scanlan, Rose 2,570 Specht, Fern E Stephensen, Shirley Spies, Mrs. Kathryn Thompson, Lois 1,000 375 200 1,400 means to them a home-like place to go for recreation; to read, write, listen to music, attend parties and dances, secure refreshments or just relax. For troops off on maneuvers or stationed at isolated places, the USO mobile units follow them with refreshments and recreational facililies Voluntary Gifts "All this, is .made possible in £y ?5?.way;,," it is, the chairman,**'and' that is 'through the voluntary gifts of those, back home through the National War Fund." This year everyone in Kossiuh county is being askqd to give generously to the USO through the National War Fund in the united ampaign to be held in this county his month. Every giver will also provide funds for the 16 other gencies included in the War "und and this drive will be the nly such campaign for all 17 gencies to be held for the next 2 months. Two agencies oth'T han the USO serve the needs of ur men on the military front. They are United Seamen's Service and War Prisoners Aid. Mrs. Ida Hibler Dies Wednesday Evening Ida Jane Hibler passed away Wednesday evening at 7:00 at the home of her brother, John McVay^She had been ill for around two years. She was born on Juiy 10th, 1861, being 82 years old when she died. She was married to Chris Hibler, and moved to Algona two years ago from Freemont, Iowa, They had one child, Reba, who is deceased. Burial will be at Freemont, but other funeral arrangements are ncomplete. Foil Dodge Presbytery To Hold Session Here Tuesday, October 12 The Fort Dodge Presbytery,, ed by the local Presbyterian insistins of a Ifi pnnntv nr-on or,/-! loJi— _i o.nn *cao/ieriBn PHEASANT BAG TO BE 6 BIRDS, 37 DAYS IN'KOSSUTH You May Shoot Five Cocfc and One Hen Every Day From Oct. 28 to Nov. 7 If You Have Shells. Starting at 9 o'clock Thursday October 28, the open season on pheasants will.obtain in Kossuth and 37 other northern Iowa counties. .Through the . following 36 days, or until Friday, December 3; you may shoot .five. pheasahl cocks and one. pheasant hen each day, providing your' aim is.'good enough, and, also," providing you have the shells. Your daily hours for hunting are from 9 o'clock a. m. to 5 p. m. The state conservation commission has opened quail shooting this fall to 65 counties. Twenty- two of these in the central part will be permitted to shoot quail from October 28 to November 7. a ten day period, and the bag will be limited to three birds. In \past years these counties have furnished hunters during the pheasant season for this area. Perhaps our ..own sportsmen wi!l have more shooting this year because the southern, hunters will have some hunting in their own areas, and again because of gas rationing, as well as a shortage of shells. . . t. i VanAllen, Nellie ............ '366 Wesley, Rosetta ............. 525 Williams, Jane .... ...... 500 Webster, Helen .................... 1,050 Zender, Pauline ....... . .......... 3,000 Total ••••• ............................. $67,304 ATTENTION EVERYBODY! All persons who wish to sell whatever scrap iron they have are urged to take their scrap to the junk yards before Thursday, October 14th The drive held last spring indicated that most people are willing to donate their scrap when truckers, together with farmers and businessmen, donate their service and time in the Scrap .Harvest. BE ON PROGRAM HERE FRIDAY NITE Former Senator L.' J. Dickinson, now of Des Moines, will ap- >ear on the 85th anniversary pro- Tarn in the Congregational church here Friday night, when he will ONE JURY IN YEAR KOSSUTH MUST BE MOST PEACEABLE The September term of court I is still in session but there seems SCRAP COMMITTEE GIVES $50 EACH TO SEVEN TOWNSHIPS Proceeds From May (Scrap Collection Reach $1,362; Ked Cross and War Chest Get Total of $950. A final financial report on the spring scrap drive was made Monday night to the scrap drive committeemen in the Algona area Net proceeds from the sale of th<» scrap collected on May 25th were $1,362.62. ••'...(•. Checks Mailed Tuesday The committee voted to appropriate $500 to the Red Cross >450 to the War Chest, and $100 to the United Service Women of America. The' War Chest appropriation was allocated by the committee, $50 to each of the seven townships in the Algona area and $100 to Algona. The even townships which participat- 'd in this 'distribution of $50 'ach are Union, Pliun Creek, Cresco, Irvington, Garfield, Riv- rdale and Sherman. The remaining balance of I lightly over $300 is being held o be added to whatever proceeds Jean French, only daughter of Mayor and Mrs. Howard Frencn, Titonka, has gone to Hunter College, New York City, to begin training with the WAVES. Since December she has been an accounting clerk for Douglas Aircraft in Los Angeles. She recently visited her parents before going east. A brother, Lt. Howard F. French, is now in North Africa. Miss French is the first Titonka girl in the Waves. Two Cars Collide South of Hobarton When the two cars driven by George Hahle, going south, and Roy Davis, going north, on the highway a half mile south of the Hobarton corner at 10:45 Saturday night the resultant damage from a collision was estimated by Mr. Hahle to be about $100 to his car. Sheriff Cogley and Patrolman Hutchison checked on the accident and.,on Wednesday Mr. Hahle Was'-taken before Justice Deya i "-Water tr a'rid was fined: $25 for reckless driving. • RETURNS COMING IN INDICATE QUARTER MILLION Kossuth Men and Womert Bally to Make Third Wrtf Loan Drive Success; Farmers and City Folks Co-operate. By Gene Murtagh County .Bond Chairman With returns still Incomplete, Kossuth county has definitely exceeded Its quota in the Third War Loan drive by over $220,000.00. Actual purchase of bonds between September 1st and October 2nd are in excess of $1,375,000.00, „ while the quota for the county was $1,153,000.00. ; Farmers Buy With purchases of series E, F and G. bbnds still counting in the drive until October 15th it is probable that the margin over the quota will reach $250.000.80. In one day this week in one of the banks in the county, there? were five substantial purchases, of bonds by farmers who Had received checks for their soy beans. Agencies Commended The bank, theatre and other agencies are certainly, to be com-' mended for their work in issuing the bonds. It ,may not be generally understood by 1 the public hut the banks and theatres do not get a cent for their work in handling the bonds, but they gladly donate their time, feeling that this is a vital contribution to the war effort. While postoffices have been selling bonds for a great many years, their sales are surprisingly small in comparison with the sales of other agencies. Town Sales Following is a list of aqtual purchases at hte various bond issuing agencies in Kossuth Algona county: Algona Fed. Saving & there may be from the drive to be held next Thursday. consisting of a 16 county area and Irvington — Henry Scheppman and Clarence Pollard. Cresco—Ralph • Morgan and A, L. Brown. Garfield—Fred Traub, Faber and A. L. Brown, HarJg. West George Rlyerdale— Matt Kirsch and Joe Half pf Sherman— Sim l^elgh and Roy Christensen. ' Boy Scoots to Help • The collection 'of, scrap in the town of Algona will be made by the Boy Scouts under the direction of 'Pick Sorensen, {n Algona the scouts will not only collect scrap metal but will also collect tin cans which have -been processed, In pdditfon the fcUpwJng have been asked to head the commit* tees of refreshments, M. Hf FaJk, enhataer; trucks, Joe 'Bradley am} closing, Clarenge' ' ' some thirty churches, will hold a "Spiritual Life Conference" at the Presbyterian church in Algona Tuesday afternoon nad evening, October 12th.- Three outstanding speakers, Presbyterian workers in foreign lands, will be . on the The session will be called to order at 3:30 p'. m. and will continue through the afternoon and evening, with a supper serv- ladies at 6:30. Miss Porter, Missionary Miss W. Hladia Porter, born of missionary parents in India, will be one of the speakers, She has been a teacher in the Kinnaird College, all girl students, affiliated with the Punjab University Miss Porter has a picturesque anl interesting story to tell of the _____________ visement several ease* «,hn»l n i any ,_ years a member of the while church here, will no doubt give work jn that far-off land. with light a somewhat docket, One Jury In comparatively | Friday evening serVes and ad! dress will be open to the public and many old friends and former During the past year only one neighbors will attend and all are jury case has been tried in the welcomed by the church to come local'court, that of Richard Sche- °Ut and meet the senator, ver vs. Hebry A. Scandrett, heard Eugene Hpnorable Diachftrge iJPi ""I ^-'SWfese -Tfttss «&' for their hpme,.}n Chipa .Monday evening alter a week's a Pr. and Mrs. Rj, TWssen "f ,«*«» had just been hpnorably agchargetf from tfa? army due to injuries receive*! whilef in service and which proved/ a handicap for unlimited «ery{ce, He had a patient in en army hos- in the January term of this year. This was a case involving an auto and train collision in Sexton it will be remembered. Another case during the year the jury was called and then dismissed before the noon hour on the same day. Helen White, county clerk of courts, has only the record of the one -jury case since January of this year, the only one since September of last year, It must be that. Kossuth county folks are peaceable or they settle their legal troubles out of court. Cheat Drive Worker* to Meet ^ Algona "meeting fa c hsurineft and JUSTICE COURT DISPOSES OF 9 CASES IN WEEK Eight cases having to do most ly with overloading and faultj registration of trucks were dis posed of in Justice Delia We] ter's court during the week. John Johnson, Bancroft true* driver, was assessed $lQ*and cost 'for overloading. Information wa filed by a highway commission officer. ,- " fiL 0 *®*^ 1?t , 3HP* .. s ™i* , |p r hj will be open & tJie pub«p; A teen minyte musical program and recitals by several soldiers as to fine work of seyeraJi agencies the U6Q wiU be heard. Sev, era! speakeri bepn arrang«=4 Bert Hamilton, of Minneapolis Wcked in $IQ and costs for o " v frt<wi PP Qw. jst of October w did also. JLeottwd Stevenson p; Mapleton, Minn H for a J|ke of- 8Wd4jt is hoped a good attendance will tuft out for the meetr i u. pfte* lee, both driving trucks out of Sioux City were b$led into court far having delinquent truck regi wtrataon and paid $9 Foster wft« .also DIVORCE FILED AND GRANTED IN ONE DAY RECORD Perhaps, the courts grind slowly sometimes and in some cases but there was a record established in this county Tuesday when a petition for divorce was filed and the petitioner granted the divorce, all in one day. Dimpie Lastine, wife of C. H. Lastine. truck driver, was the plainitff. She filed asking divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment Tuesday morning. The defendant, C, H. Lastine, waiv.ed notice of filing and did not appear at the hearirig and the plaintiff was granted the divorce with $300 permanent alimony and $5C attorney's fees. The couple was married at Dakota City, Nebraska, July 22, 1943 and lived a.< husband and wife till September 26, 1943. Dimple Lastine's petition stated .that she had been e resident of Kossuth county since July, 1943, and of the state four years. She is said to have toi<? court attaches that she wanted the divorce in a hurry because she vas in a hurry to go out west and hat as this was her third marriage she was through with this marriage business. LONE ROCK WILL DEDICATE HONOR ROLL SATURDAY Town and Community Have 80 Names On Board Recently Completed; Patriotic Program Is Prepared. With the dedication of the hon- or " )1 U )0 . a F d > Just completed this week, ;Lone Rock will present a program in that town Saturday afternoon, October 9. Through the ddeication Rev. E. S. Maynard, of Ledyard, will give the the dedication Rev. E. S. Mayber will be played by the Lone Rock band. Following the services at the board there will be a parade to the baseball diamond and Whittemore and Lone Rock will cross bats. Whirlwind Game This game promises to be a whirlwind grudge exhibition. On Sunday, Sept. 26, Whittemore defeated Lone Rock in an extra inning session, 1 to 0. And now Lone Rock hopes to even (that score. During the afternoon a flag parade will be staged by the now celebrated Swea City Saddle Club. Throughout the afternoon coffee and hot dogs will be serv- Loan' Ass'n Algona Nat'l Farm Loan Iowa. StaTe"^Banir_... Security State Bank Post Office ....$ ll,475iOO - 360,114:25. 202.005,SOr ' 646,836.01^ Bancroft Farmers & Traders Sav. Bank ...:.... .- 62,712.35- Post Office 5,568.75 Bart 68,281.10 Burt Savings Bank 49,696.25 Post Office 4,125,00 First r, Post . Fenton , Trust ,&' Sav. k.of Armstrong:... „__ Office" 9.50&25 •r'- 1 - ' 42,461.50, . LakoU . , f Fanners Trust & Sav. i •Bank, Buffalo Center 45,199.25 Post Office .......— l,48fc2S ; - 46,680.50" , State, Bank yt Ledyard Post Office ..........,.; 37,287.50' 2,4561.25-* 39,743.75- Lone Rook Lone Rock Bank 45,89750 Post Office 2I962..50 , ed by the ladies of the Lone Rock community. There are 80 names of men and women from the Lone Rock community on the honor roll and the board was just erected and completed this week. 48,86Q.OO LuVerne Farmers State Bank .... 40,962,00 Post Office ..;..; Zfl^S Swea City 42,668.25 Iowa Theatre 9,093.75 State Bank of Ledyard 90,831,25 Just One Week To Mail Xmas Packages Week's Temperature Stays In 70s Range According to records of Weatherman Harry Nolte the week's temperatures have proven normal Post Office Titonka Savings Bank 100.060.25 Post Office „ 1 103,116.50 Exchange State Bank- Post Office fall. an even temperature the 70s as high. No rain- The record: Hi Thursday, Sept. 30 73 Friday, Oct. l 71 Saturday, Oct. 2 '73 Sunday, Oct. 3 74 Monday, Opt. 4 70 «** Christmas overseas- packages? S^ 8 ^ Oc k 5 . - 74 must be mailed to Army men by Wednesday, Oct 6 77 235* & **$ to Navy men by' ' ~ L °61 54 39 37 41 42 46 October so. The stsff of the Red Pross, under the direction of Mrs. Gene Murtagh and fjrs. w. 9. Andrews will be gl*4 w heto anyone wrap such packages at the Red pross rooms pver the Iowa State Bank/ These be.more than .. .- -,-—-,- 3? inches in combined length and girth, and cannot weigh more than five pound? including wrappings. The container should, be e5 wood, tin «r heavy com«^ted JNJ»F«s vtri. Employe* Bold Presentation Meet T

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