The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1943 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1943
Page 5
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REHABILITATION PROGRAM PLANNED BY IOWA TB GROUP A new program of rehabilitation for sanatorium patients to oe sponsored by the Iowa Tuberculosis Association and affiliated county associations through the Christmas Seals funds was out- Ined by C. V. Kammeicr, executive secretary of the state organization at a regional meeting Tuesday at the Wahkonsa hotel Fort Dodge. Help to Patients The plan, which it is hoped will become effective in the late fall, will extend educational and vocational help to sanatorium patients in preparation for their return to normal life. Under this plan a patient whose condition would / necessitate a change of occupa- • tion would be helped to that end before leaving the Sanitorium A student whose classes were interrupted by illness might receive instruction when his health, permitted. A state counselor \ylll be placed in charge of the program. A school of instruction for the annual Christmas seal sale which will open November 22, was conducted by Mr. Kammeier, Miss Marguerite Pfeffer, field director, and Mrs. Kathryn Walters. Attending the school were association leaders from Humboldt, Pocahontas, Calhpun, Kossuth, Palo Alto, Webster, Hancock and Wright counties. Antoinette Bonnsletter, local school nurse, and advispr for the Kossuth county tuberculosis board, represented Kossuth county at the meeting. Local officers of the association are Joe Lowe, chairman; Dr. C, C. Shierk, vice chairman; with Mrs. Dana Paxton, Dr. John Kenefick, Mrs. Wendell .French and Miss Bonnstetter, board members. >•••'•' Moines, Algona, Iowa, September 23, 1943 Mrs. Paul Willey Is now employed at the Elk Cleaners where she is receiving clerk and bookkeeper. Corporal Carl Norman, stationed at Shrcveport, La., is here on a nine-day furlough, visiting with lis family and friends. He has jeen in the service 'since July, 1942. Mrs. Emma Cosgrove, who has >een in the Kossuth Hospital for twelve days, is now recovering very nicely. She has a special nurse, and on Wednesday she was up and around a little while. All of her children are here. Glen Earth is a new clerk at he A. & P. store where he began work Tuesday. He and his fam- ly came here from Tama and ave moved into the Weiner house n North Jones street. The Earths iave one child of school age. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wallukait nd family visited Sunday in •lumboldt at the home of Chris's- rother, Matt Wallukait, und amily. Mrs. Wallukait plans to eave today for Eagle Grove to isit her aunt, Mrs. George chaurice, and her brother. Mr. and Mrs. Mclzar Falkcn- hainer left Sunday to attend the Druggist convention in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. John Haggard rode with them, as far as Minneapolis and went 'from there to Virginia, Minnesota, where they are visiting Mrs .Haggard's parents. Mrs. Glenn Crllly received word last week that her son, Rex Voyles, had been "-made a seaman second class in the Navy Seabees at Camp Peary, Williamsburg, Va. Rex has done exceptionally well to receive the rating so soon SAIL THRU IFALL HOUSECLEANING with these Quality Cleaning Aids 14 oz. can White Sail Cleanser 4c gallon jug White Sail Bleach 3J C 2% lb. pkg. White Sail Sal Soda gg lb. can White Sail Paste Wax 20C As Featured in October "Woman's Day"....2c Vitamin-Rich Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Vitamin C-f 20 lb. Lug WASH. PEARS 51.99 TOKAY GRAPES ... lb. |5 0 Key to Vitamins: ++Excellent Source. +Good Source Ked Stamps X-Y-Z and Brown A and B r Effective COLD STREAM PINK SALMON 16 oz. can DEXO SHORTENING 1 Ib. carton WHITE HOUSE EVAP. MILK 4 Baby Cans ...: : 22e 23c I9c Blue Stamps U-V-W Now Effective IONA STD. TOMATOES 19 oz. can ............... OUR TWINS PORK & BEANS 30 bz. can .............. 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The Kaldors will then leave the last of the week. Boyd Granzow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow, and Ralph Hagg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagg, spent from Saturday till Monday at a cabin at Clear Lake. The boys wanted to have an outing before they settled down to work. Boyd is leaving today for Iowa State College at Ames, and Ralph has been notified that he is now in 1-A. Don Will, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Will, came home Sunday after spending three months on a trip in the merchant marine. The trip took Don to North Africa. He is home for a three weeks' visit. Don entered the merchant marine in April of this year. During this trip he was a messman. He will go to New York for his next assignment. Clyde C. Cooper returned Monday from Minneapolis where he has spent a few days visiting his daughter, Mrs. Harold J. Sorensen, and family. The Sorensens' oldest son, James, is in the Kenney Institute undergoing treatments for infantile paralysis which he contracted a couple of weeks ago. He seems to be doing very nicely and is now on the road to recovery. LaVonne, gaugiitcr of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wolcott; Maxine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marc Moore; and Cecilia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo C. Miller, were week end visitors here from Omaha, Nebraska. All three are enrolled in the Radio-Television- Electronic Institute.' Maxine enrolled a week ago while LaVonne and Cecilia entered the first of August. Maxine had worked the past year at Kresensky's. Mr. and Mrs. Myrrel S. Muetz- zel and daughter, Jacqueline, of Cedar Rapids and Mrs. N. P. Christensen and Mrs. H. E. Weas- lin of Spencer were visitors Friday at the Ed Parks home. Th Muetzzels left Saturday for thei home in Cedar Rapids after vis iling at Spencer and here. The are former residents here, Myrre being employed at the Advanc Publishing Co. as linotypist. Mrs^sjster of Mrs. Parks a niece of"Mrs: "Christensen,' an a daughter of Mrs. Weaklin. Pvt. and Mrs. Andy Phillips ar rived in Algona Monday for : :en day visit with relatives am friends here and at Burt. Thej were recently married at Olym pia, Washington, and this is thei wedding trip. Andy, who is in he army service, is a son of Mr and Mrs. Henry Phillips of ona and the bride was Miss 'auline Moore, daughter of -Mr and Mrs. Robert Moore of Burt Mrs Phillips is in government work at the army camp near Tacoma, while her husband is in the army. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gililand of Colorado Springs, Colorado, were visitors Wednesday and Thursday at the Henry Helmers home. A dinner was given them Thursday with the following people attending: Mrs. Wendie Oswald of Breda, Mr. and Mrs. Her"J an Westberg of Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Diedrick of Emmets- aurg, and Jim Boston of Emmetsburg. Mrs. Gililand, Mrs. Oswald, ,and Mrs. Westberg are sisters of Mrs. Helmer's. Mr. Gili- and, who is on a 15-day fur- ough, is a military policeman and s stationed at Colorado Springs His wife lives there with him. Mr. and Mrs. William Finn spent the week end in Minneapolis visiting the .letter's brother Lores Crawford; Mrs. William Aalderks of Lakota. left Wednesday after spending ck week here with her daughter, Mrs. Alwin Huenhold. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hall left Saturday to spend their vacation at Menahga, Minn., with the Dr Olsons who have a cottage there Merle Miles of Clear Lake Is a new, clerk at the Zender store His wife and family of three children are for the time being ra- maining in Clear Lake. Mrs. Kathryn Spies was a week end visitor with her husband in Chicago. Carl Spies, her husband, is stationed at Fort Custer, Michigan, with the M. P.'s, and joined his wife at Chicago. Jake Freeh is a patient at Iowa City where he is receiving treatment for cataracts on both eyes. One eye was operated upon Monday of this week and the other one will be treated at a later date. John Lainuth returned to his home in Fort Dodge Saturday after having spent a week here With the Matt Lamuth family and the Louis Bodes. John celebrated his 74th birthday the Monday he was here. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Platt are here for a few days' visit with the R. O. Bjustroms and other Algona friends. Barney is an aviation mechanic third class and has been' stationed for several months a Norman," Oklahoma. Lt. Pat Cullcn returned to New York Sunday evening after a ten day furlough at Whittemore with riis parents, Mr. and Mrs.. J. C Mullen, and in Algona with friends. Pat is doing radio communication work in the army air force. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Strclt of Oxford, Michigan, arrived Monday evening to spend several days visiting the former's father, A Streit, and other Algona relatives. Fred has a men's clothing store at Oxford, and has been on a buying trip. Mrs. Mary Umberhower had her arm severely bruised one day last week when she caught it in, a washing machine wringer. The fact that her hand was caught in some folds of bedding which she was washing perhaps saved breaking a bone. Sgt. Edward Immerfall, of Camp Carson, Colorado, located near Colorado Springs, is home on a nine-day furlough, visiting with his mother, Mrs. Frances Immerfall, and other relatives. Sgt. Immerfall has been in the service since July, 1942. L. G. Kenyon, who was for several years employed by Cowan & Son as office manager, is now with the Cowan Building & Suo- ply Co. since the firm of Cowan & Son discontinued business for the duration when H. J. Cowa joined the Navy Seabeas and wa commissioned a lieutenant (j.g.) Mrs. William Dooley and son Michael Thomas of West Bend Wis., are visiting here for a con IT'S SO EASY and INEXPENSIVE TO DECORATE * Perfect PAINTED WA 1 1 S . . . * THERE'S A PATTERN TOR EVERY COLOR USE * SO EASY-SIMPLY WET AND APPLY TO SURFACE COWAN Building Supply Co. THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SEPT. 23-34-25 Bibb 7^ Han from SECOND FEATURE Richard Arlen and Wendy Barrie in "SUBMARINE ALERT" Two Serials-~"Jr, G Men vs. Black Dragon" and "Don Wlnslow ._, of the Coast Guard" SUN., MON., TUBS., WED., SEPT. 26-87-88 89 * ^PWPH • BW iBW. ill! IT GENE AUTRY in 1 "MEXICALA ROSE" At This THEATRE pie of weeks with Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dooley. Rita Dooley, daughter of the J. J. Dooleys, will visit over the week end from Des Moines where she is employed by the United States Employment Service. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barry, Sr., were Des Moines visitors over Sunday. Mr. Barry and his sister, Mrs. C. B. M. Smith, of thp.t city, enjoyed their annual birthday dinner, an event which they have not missed for more than a dozen years. Her birthday is on the 17th and Bill's is on the 19th of September. In an item last week in this paper a mention of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Colwell's visiting here was made in which it was stated that Willis had employment in San Diego, Calif. As a matter of fadt Willis is in the navy where he holds a rating of yeoman, second class, and is in the office of a navy officer in San Diego. John Phillips, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phillips, arrived here Monday after receiving his com- •nission at Camp Davis, North Carolina. After his leave he will De stationed at Camp Stewart icar Savannah, Georgia. Mrs. D hillips' parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Dunivan of Scranton arrived Monday also to spend a few days. Maxine Dailey, daughter of VIr. and Mrs. Tom Dailey, arrived here Saturday evening to spend a week with Louise Wadleigh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wadleigh, and other friends. The Daileys moved to Long Beach, Calif., a year ago after Maxine, graduated from the Algona High School. Maxine is employed in an office at the Douglas Aircraft Corporation. Mrs. Don Alt will go to Des Moines Saturday to meet her husband and visit for a few days at the home of his parents. Don has just been Commissioned a second lieutenant following completion of officer candidate school in Florida. He and Mrs. Alt will spend the latter part of his leave in Algona at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greenberg, with whom their little daughter, Marilyn, will remain while her mother is gone. A letter regarding a subscription to the Aigona Upper Des Moines from Mrs. Ann Zittritsch now living at Odell, Illinois, tells of the death of her mother on August 6 after an illness of some length. Mrs. Zittritsch, who had made her home with Mrs. A. Hutchison for the past few years, was called home early in the sum- mer by her mother's illness. She is now keeping house for her fa- ther. Ker daughter, CfctherlM* also'Odell. , Chicken Dinner Corwith Legion Hall Sunday, Sept. 26 Serving Starts 5:30 p. m. 50c and 30c Games and Entertainment St. Mary's Catholic Church Everyone Welcome 38* PHONE 229 F. S. Norton & Son FOR ANY EAL Buckwheat STEWING OR ROASTING Lb. PANCAKE FLOUR CHICKENS BIB BOAST STANDING BEEF «. Lb - <C9 Points PREMIUM 1/2-lb. 8 Points PURE— 6 Points Pork Sausage FRESH— 2 Points Pork Hocks . . SLICED— 3 Points Pork Liver . . . PREMIUM— 5 Points Slab Bacon . . SKINLESS— 5 Points • • • • Lb. Lb. Lb, Lb. Lb. 19c 15c 29c 29c BUTTER Algona Creamery 45c 12 pts. Lb. RATH'S SHORT SHANK—6 Points CNICS Lb. Salad Dressing COME AGAIN BRAND Pint Jar HILLS. FOLGER'S, OR HASH'S '. 1-Jb. Glass OUR BREAKFAST Coffee VELLOW Mb. Bag ,2 Lb 01. 2-lb. Box BDBtWFS Vanilla GRANDMA'S OLD FASHIONED Molasses It Pkg. FORT DEARBOBN RoHed Oats ...... V k ; BREAKFAST CEREAL / Cream of Wheat.. 2P t" FORT DEARBOBN SODA Graekers....... NATIONAL Maearoni Jy JENNY LEE figP NfifilliAfi "•° !L •58 «wwH8«5> . . « , , pfc- . NATIONAL PLAIN Hsfi Bread Lf ;5 NATIONAL, JUMBO. ENKIOHED White Bread ,,..pbra NATIONAL—1 Red Point - * Cyan Hillr Q IIV,-^ bvugvi niien . . < . SP Cam PDBE—3 Red foluti Mb- 21c 24c 18c 22 G 1Sc 4c 19c 10c Worcheslershire . ^ \ 2c WUfDOW CLKAMEH Windw ..,..,,, ie ^ 13c Dog Kibbieq ..,,. ^ 27c 26c 18c PISCO BW Wf_ ' 4 . S W fl'IB U||||k jjga -.j ifJftjf&M ' imjatjmjaj^ |^»M .u^^^fc Bliili tetilgl .—•..-.-N ATf OKI n ^Hiflr MM pit. mm ^gfr Jf| lU TEA CO. FOOD STORES

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