The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1943 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1943
Page 9
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C. H. RIGGERT, OF WHITTEMORE, DIED SATURDAY Whittemore — Funeral services Henry 83 were held Tuesday afternoon following a short service at 1:45 nt the house and at 2:00 at St. Paul's Lutheran church. The Rev. W H Discher officiated. Burial was in the Lutheran cemetery southeast of town. Christoph Henry Riggert, son of Henry Riggert and his wife, Maria Hmrichs, was born the 6th of March, 1860, in Gross Suesstedt, Hanover, Germany. It was about the year 1885 he migrated to the United States. At first he lived with an uncle in Illinois, and later with another uncle at Sac City, Iowa. From there he came to the vicinity of Lotts Creek. Married at Lotts Creek On the 28th of October, 1888, he was united in marriage to Maria Koehler, the Rev. Martin Fuerstenau solemnizing the marriage at Lotts Creek. To this union were born one son and three daughters, all of whom are living. His wife preceded him in death by 9 months last December the 13th. Immediately after their marriage they settled on their farm one and one half, mlies west of the village of Lotts Creek, retiring in 1918 the.y moved to Whittemore and lived there until their death. In Popr Health Mr. Riggert's health has been failing for some time. However, his death was not expected as soon as it occurred, He was still up and around Saturday morning, though weak. Saturday af- Aigouft Upper DM Moittcg, Algoaa, Iowa, September 16, 1943 LEDYAJRD NEWS Mr, and Mrs. August Sprank visited several days last week at the Wm. Goche home at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Watts and family of Wells, Minn., visited Sunday at the Pete Jorgensen home. Miss Jean Henricksen of Blue Earth visited over the week end at the parental Christy Henricksen home. Wm. Stubbe, who has been employed in Des Moines, returned Saturday and will spend a few days here before being inducted into the army. Mr. and Mrs. Asa Warner .received word that Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Warner of Albert Lea are the parents of a daughter named Golden Kay. Mrs. Rose Moulton, who has seen staying with her sister, Mrs. Butterfield, at Swea City, s spending a few weeks here at the Asa Warner home. Mrs. Ray Ward, the former Margaret Zeilske, and daughter, Caren King of California, are vis- ting at the home of her parents, Mn and Mrs. Richard Zeilske, Kossuth Hospital, euro Mr. and Mrs. Herb Trenary re- Mr " BIlfl Briggs, care ceived word that Mr and Mrs pt . ? f Soclal w « Itarc > b»nd Bill Trenary of Titonka are the George c iohMonYWnt".".:'': parents of a son born Sunday «t u D Moniux, rent the Dalmadge hospital at Buffalo li 5 " 11 * Center. Henry J D - , rent Kline, rent .. 170.00 32.00 94.90 0.00 10.00 10.00 20.00 20.00 18.70 .18 Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Green and Mm „„ ,„„ Esther and Mr. and Mrs. Theo -KohihnnB Hardware, nup Green and family spent Sundav » k(! , T(l i" ll f ncr . '"I""- 2.50 in Hubbard visiting at the Chas. iAhTnmiP°Boi«T ™" " ™™ Ziemke home. Mrs. Wm. Green iDcpt, of Soeinf Welfare', "b'i'imi and Mrs. Ziemke are sisters. 'CO'IINTV'wAWu Rev. Edw Cass and his mother, ,£°2• T'otts, PnboT 12000 Mrs. Cass, left Sunday for Fay- L E Stephens, night service .. ette where Rev. Cass will spend Northwestern Bell Telephone a two weeks visit with his par- !-• ( - 0 -- tple r>iione service ents. There will be services the MhXtot'oY 10.00 30.00 31.03 .711 two Sundays Rev. Cass is gone. Mrs Irvln Ethcrlngton, conned Mrs. Anna Wiese of Mason CH y I K . f f,"'', n •••;,•••,;••••;••, ......... spent the week end and Labor duy ^on^^^t'p. ?*""• at the parental Herman Simons- Hobarton Co-op Kiev Co fuel meier home. They also visited 1 ,,""' 1 «™ ln .................. liro.29 with Mrs. Josephine Wiese on 33.20 4.80 .01 Monday, Labor day, at the Albeit Andnrnon Jnck Sprnt,"p'r'ov."!! lois.'lb Brand home. Hub Clothiers, clothing Co. 30.72 1.00 SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office AlBonn, Iowa August 30, 1013 ternoon at 3 o'clock he passed away. He leaves to mourn his death one son, Plerman, at Lotts Creek; three daughters, Mrs. Mike Zimmerman, Algona, Mrs. Paul Krueger, Burt, and Miss Dora Riggert at home; thirteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren. 0:00' O'Clock A. M. Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present, Frascr, Quinn, Helken, Schram and McDonald, Absent. None. Motion by Ilelken and 2nd by Quinn that a refund in the amount of S20.SO be made to C. II. Blair of Grant Township for 1040 personal taxes, because he paid same twice ,as per Examiners Item No. 15. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Schruin that a refund In the amount of $5.20 be made to Mrs. Mary Metcalf for 1942 taxes paid by her on lllouk 143, Call's. Addition to Algoua, Iowa, through erfor. Ayes: All. Motion by Quinn and 2nd by Helken that Lots 25 and 2(1 ill Block 0 I'ark Addition to the Town of Fentou. Iowa, „„„ „,„„„..,-„, „„„ «o-™ to ' Tolm Iuhr for tlle sum of 'Matt I'arrott K Song Co., Szit.fH) I1U l*nr>n»imjiMil/>.1 I... *l... ri'« ..... ,!..._._ n rt . . •*""•> ^-">» Don Christ, bounty ,M Orvllle Itlppentrop, bounty .. .1 W J DnvlHon, J 1' feed 3.01 W H Steward, Constable fees O.Of A McArthtir, Weed commissioner 201.0: ~ " " 4.50 3.7,- Vea Molnes, The Richard Zeilske reunion £ H p nn f p> mei " e "l was held Sunday at the home of Missouri^S"' cL,..,,,, ^ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeilske's I «"i> ' 300 daughter, Mrs. Raymond Wilcox,|9 I0 . H "crncnt, sup.. o.oo at Fort Dodge. Those attending were Alfred Zeilskes of Grant, Elmer Zeilske, Guckeen, Minn., Herbert Zeilskes and Art Zielskos and Mrs. Ray Ward and daughter Karen of California. 2 00 Algona Produce, sup. ...'.'.'.','.' 80.05 Kohlhaas Hardware, sup , -------- . „,. „ 35.02 llnncroft Oil Company, sup. .. Hoyul "400" Oil Co., sup 17,41 KcMilveil: Tim I the County Auditor Is hereby authorized to Issue warrnnts for nil bills allowed nt this meeting 11 per "Schedule of Clnlms Hercinbefoi recommended by the Town Council of Fenton, Iowa, and that .1. II. Frascr, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and L. J. Iimucrfull, th County Auditor be authorized to o.\i> cute, sign and deliver a Quit Clalii Deed for same. Ayes: All. Nays: None Motion by McDonald and 2nd bj Helton that the cash allowance Swea City Plant Has 50 Picking Turkeys Swea City—The crew of tiirlrpv ! Mnrtlm 1{ «» tz "e Increased"''to'^jiio.oo Dicker? at the Fnrlct n-t, D l' er """""• '"Waning September 1st picKers at tne Forest City Pro- Ifor cure of ' duce dressing plant has reached Ayes: All. the 50 mark. Picking has been under way for a couple of weeks A rougher has been installed to hasten the work. The rougher is a large wheel covered with prongs encased in a drum and is used to strip the feathers from the birds The entire, output of turkeys wii: be shipped to the armed forces. Try this new Insulation !1)L_ her" mother, Anna Tlefz Motion by McDonald mid 2nd bj Schram that the Official Kond of Kl noru Volgt Espe, Clerk in the Record ers Office in the umount of $1,000 bo approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Ilelken nnd 2nd by Schnim that the budget for reimbursement to the Stute Fund for Aid to Dependent Children in the amouul of $4343.00, us submitted by the Stuto of lowu, Department of Social Welfare be approved. Ayes: All. There being no further business nt his time tile Board motioned to ud- ourn to 9:00 O'Clock A, M. September , 1043. ' L, J. Iminerfull County Auditor Auditor's Office Algonn, Iowa , September 1, 1043 0:00 O'Clock A. M. Bourd of Supervisor's of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present; Fraser, McDonald, Schrum, Quinn and Helken. Absent: None. • . Motion by Helken and 2nd by jelinun that Fraser bo appointed to make necessary repairs on Druluagu District No. 105. Ayes: AH. Motion by McDonuld and 2nd by Iclken thnt Quinn be appointed to make necessary repairs on the follow- ng Drulnuge Districts: Nos. 32, 39, SU, 133 nud 103. Ayes: All. Motion by Quinn nnd 2nd by Schram hat Hclkeu be appointed to mnkc ccessary repairs on the following )rulnnge Districts: Nos 34, DO, Ki, 00, 131), 180, E. K. 4 and W. K. 08-130. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and 2nd by Quinn tha_t J. H. Fraser, Chairman of Immer K Wortmnn, locnl rcg H D Curtis, locnl rcg fl II Drcyer, locnl rcg F I" Newel, locnl reg II A Thompson, locnl rcg. .. Wm. Boykcn, locnl rcg. II H Fliinell, local rcg Florence llof, locnl rcfe Fred A Dletmnnu, locnl reg, .. Mrs. Mae Lattlmcr, locnl rcg. Adnh Cnrlson, locnl rcg Kossuth Co Farm liurenu, npprop cle D. Anderson, bridge Inspector nrl W. Daniels, Apiary In- upector inch Brothers, sup. Mdlnr & Clmmbers Co, supp. 20.00 Missouri-Kansas Chemical Co., jnnltor sup. ." 199.14 Itainiuoml & Stephens Co., Klip .'X 3.00 4.50 .7; 1.7C 4.2f 20.75 2S.:iO 9.1S M O Bourne, Coroner fees .. lln II /munch, Assist, in Supt. office T. B. FUND II George Bccnken, Indcin. cnt- tlc BANG'S DISEASE FUND Dr L W Fox, Indcm. cnttle .. INSANE FUND J Cogloy, Sheriff fees .... Helen White, Clerks fees .... n Cretameyer, Comm. fees . I) Shiimway, Comm. fees .. J Cogley, Sheriff fees LIBRARY FUND Chus. Whitney, Library up- prop ; COURT FUND owu State Bunk, Withheld tux LIBRARY FUND 3 S Heath & Co., book sup. .. Institute of Research, book Jinn & Co., book sup Nntionnl Forum, book sup. .. Anticock Bookplate, book sup. INSTITUTE FUND Stute University of lown, sup. Cullf. Elem. School Prtn. Association, sup lucinlllnn Co., sup ?he Uducutiou Digest, sup. .. D C Ueuth & Co., sup "xten Dlvl U. of Iowa, stip. .. CONSTRUCTION FUND Chas E Chubb, Assist County Engineer Vhceler Lumber Bridge Co. freight K Norton, work on rond .. lo Rahn, rent on hind MAINTENANCE FUND Thompson Distributing Com- puny, sup K Rubber Welders, sup. .. he Bulbuch Co., sup uck Lynch, sup oyul "400" Oil Co., sup Ibbs-Cook Tractor Equip. Co., sup ' F Smith Tiro nnd Battery Co., sup. 85.12 18.70 7.75 0.81 0.05 14.05 0.25 3.00 3.00 2.70 7.92 1.50 0.30 7.00 4.02 4.0 3.0 .7. 3.0 8.1 0.0 2.3 0.0 30.00 Written". Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourneii Die". L. .T. Immer.'all County Auditor. before "Sine West. Elec. Sup., mdse 66.29 H. W. Post, freight 2.51 Ry. Exp. Agency, express .53 Algona Laundry, laundry 5.41 Funk & Diem, mdse 8.02 Botsford Lum. Co., mdse. 1.31 Wm. C. Dau Gar., repairs C. S. Johnson, mdse Matt Parrott Co., mdse. W. W. Sullivan P. M., postage 16.44 Botsford Lum. Co., mdse Kossuth Imp. Co., mdse.. Percival Motors, mdse. Kent Motor Co., mdse Wm. C. Dau, repairs .... Funk & Diem, repairs.... N. W. Bell Tele. Co., rent 15.00 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv. 16.02 Tax Fund, witholding 63.67 WATER FUND Harry Barton, salary .. 83 23 Frank Ostrum, salary 9.24 2.12 .50 10.10 76.23 2.45 4.<«7 Con. Oil Co., gas ". ." 31.45 2.55 . Clements Serv. Sta., gas 27 01 2.20 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., merchandise 1.05 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., merchandise 4.15 R. I. Stevenson, et al, re- 4 undsJ 50.00 Passed and approved this 26th day of August, 1943. FRANK KOHLHAAS,, Maytfr. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Algona U. D. M., publishing Mess. Print. Co., mdse League of Iowa Mun., dues Bert Whilmarsh, salary.... 25.41 7.3t 30.00 68.90 Bert Whilmarsh, salary.... 50.00 Ray Barton, salary 49.34 F ' E. Sawyer, rent 25.JO Joe Dunn, salary 11.16 Mrs. A. M. Collinson, C. U. Pollard, salary 27.50 salary 25.00 Ira Kohl, salary 25.00 Coll.'Int. Rev., tax 9.'J3 Laura Mitchell, salary .... 63.20 j SWIMMING POOL FUND McKesson & Robbins, Mary Helen McEnroe, sal- mdse 22.23 West. Elec. Sup., mdse ........ Wm. C. Dau Gar., repairs 20.08 ary 45.20 Inez Harris, salary 37.00 Tax Fund, tax 17 17 GENERAL FUND A. R. Moulds, salary 75.95 7.41 j Charlotte Johnson, salary 37.BO N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv. 3.32 Union Steam Pump Co., merchandise 27.00 salary 72.32 : McKesson & Robbinsimer- Cecil McGinnis, salary N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv. Hillerich & Bradsby Co., merchandise 7.20 n »«P« ! «'8or 1 s'"and"L! 7. 'central StutcB"Elec."Co.,"ilirut County Auditor be iiuth- service orlzed to execute, sign and deliver a J I Merrymnu, 'brldge'work"" Quit Calm Deed unto ISllo Rahn, to Arnold Motor Supply, sup ?, certain tract of land now In posses- C W Pearson, Treasurer, adv slon of Kossuth County, Iowa, located for frelirht uou "-'' uuv In WW1/ nf XT Air t/ -a «_..*.! __'«*« 11 « _ * _ *?" "l. ln of NW% of Section 22 Fen- Q. Why do tome insulations bring more comfort — lave more money? A. The efficiency of insulation depends on its thickness and on the type of material. Q. Why do somany home-owners, after careful investigation, select Eagle In- tulation? A. Because Eagle Insulation is a fire- resistant, water-repellent mineral wool. It contains millions of tiny dead air cells Hence U is extraordinary effici 8 - ton Township containing approximately 23.43 acres more or less and which is being used for the gravel and roud material contained In said truct. It Is further agreed by Ello Rahn nnd Kos-' suth County, thnt the gruvel und road materlul Is exhausted in approximate- lly 8.00 acres of said tract, but that Quit Claim Dee'd unto Kossuth County, lowu, on the remaining 14.5:1 acres of suld 23.43 acre tract which still contains a lurge quantity of gru- vel und rond material, uud Kossuth Peerless Oil Co., sup 201.20 Bancroft Oil Co., sup 400.81 Karl Stott Hardware, sup 22.K1 C S Johnson, sup .82 Hood's Super Valu, sup. .. .01 Kohlhaas Hardware, sup 19.5U Thompson Yards Inc., sup. .. 7,27 Dutch's Super Service, > sup. .. Concrete Products Corp., sup. , sup Dukehurt-Hughes Tractor und K(iulp, sup Bulbach Company, sup. Barton-Warner Co., sup Herman M lirown Co., sup. ™ 1111 ' -«UMM wu AJ.L.1 U4U1| m .U tU IV 11 l^Ut, UU U, County shall have the sole use und Bieg-Fort Dodge Co., sup benefit of said remaining 14.53 acres (Overton Chemical Co sun intil suld gravel and rond material'Standard Oil Company sup " is exhausted. Suld truct shall then re- Stuudurd Oil C™, "up " vcrc to the originul sub-division from Sleg-Fort Dodge Co sun "" whence it was tuken. Ayes: All. Nays: Ernest J Gules et al, removai A ??":.__ , ., ,. "' gruvel Notice of Sheriff's Sale STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. No. 13644 Notice is hereby given that by virture of General Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 25th day of September, 1939, in favnr 41007 " f M ' A- Erl enborn, as plaintiff, which judgment was thereafter 18.50 assigned to Charlotte A. Erlenborn, as plaintiff, and against George W. Hartenbower and Lisetta J. Hartenbower, as defendants, for the sum of Six Thousand Four Hundred Eighty- two and 59/00 Dollavs and costs, taxed at One Hundred Thirty- three and 33/100 Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon ihe following described real property as the property of the said Lisetta J, Hartenbower to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The undivided One Seventh (1/7) interest of Lisetta J. Hartenbower in and to the following described real estate; to-wit: The South Half (S%) of Section Three (3) in Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range Twenty-seven (27) West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, excepting therefrom a tract described as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of said Section Three (3), thence North 208.72 feet; thence East 208.72 feet; thence South 208.72 feet and thence West 208.72 feet to point of beginning, containing one acre for school house purposes, and, The East Half (E%) of Section (5) in Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range, Twenty-seven (27) West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, which interest is subject to a lien in favor of the executor of the estate of Anna Kaiser, deceased, in the sum of $7,382.38 and interest as fixed by order of the court June 15, 1943 in causes No. 16621-50-121 and No. 1662250-122 of the records of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accru- ng costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, on the 30th day of September, 1943, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kosuth County, Iowa, at the hour )f 10 o'clock A. M., of said day, vhen and where due attendance vill be given by the undersigned. Dated this 31 day of August, Fosters Furn. Store, mdse. 7.09 Larson Serv. Sta., gas .... 21.29 Wm. C. Dau, repairs 15.71 Dutch's Super Serv., serv. 5.04 H. W. Post, freight 1.53 Jesse Lashbrook, salary.... 83.23 , Slliott Skilling, salary I Chas. Harvey, salary Fay Minnard, salary John Helmers, salary 72.20 chandise 5.41 Milbury Atlantic, mdse.!!!! Funk Diem, merchandise.... Algona Laundry, service.... 11.37 30.35 2.S3 14.^6 .55 51.75 Ry. Exp. Agency, service.... Collector Int. Reve., tax Collector Int. Reve., withholding tax 9.60 SEWER FUND Joe Dunn, salary 44.02 84.13 C. U. Pollard, salary 20.00 54.13 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND 54.13 N. Western Bell, service 4.34 54.13 DEPOSIT FUND Good dry cleaning brings out the best in a garment, and that garment will bring out the best in you. Have your clothes dry cleaned often and you will have a better appearance and at the same time save money that can be converted into war stamps and bonds. SEE US FOB YOUR NEW MADE-TO-MEASURE FALL SUIT PHONE 537 rv Cleaners & Tailors HOLMES & CLOPTON .50 11.48 8.17 49.82 180.00 20.82 30.78 1.00 70.23 207.40 13.00 6,44 22U.UU 2.77 3.33 17.17 .1)2 131.US 33,08 15U0.1U COME AGAIN BRAND—Point Value 18 PEAS SWEET OIR]>-PoInt Value 19 SPINACH ...... 27-ox. Cl«n SWEET GIRL—Point Value 10 CORN CUT—Point Value 10 Green Beans 19-ox. Can 13 VEGETABLE JUICE—Point Volne 2 V-8 COCKTAIL ... CNSWEETENED—Point Value 4 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE SALERNO CUT—Point Value 10 TWIN SODAS GRANDMA'S OLD F; MOLASSES GRANDMA'S OLD FASHIONED Wax Beans RILLS, FOLGER'S OR NASH'S COFFEE I8-or. Can 46-oz. Can Bex 16-0*. Glass Lib. Glaii 18c 12c 15c 31c 22c OUR BREAKFAST Motion by Helken and 2nd -------- _ ........ _ ..... ...„ „., Sc ' llruul that J. H. Fraser, Chairman - gru by Peerless Oil Co,, sup. **..u>,o 11 in ciiruurumariiy euicieut. Ai County, lown and L J Immerfull applied in 4-inch thickness, it stops heat iKossutl'i County Auditor be authorized •nd cold more effectively than a concrete '"" ' ' " wall 12-fect thick I Q. Is it true that Eagle Insulation soon pays for itself? A. Yes. It cuts fuel bills drastically, Often as much as 40#1 Q. How is EaRio Insulation installed in an existing building? A, This unique mineral wool is applied pneumatically. No building alterations ire necessary. Authorized contractors do the job. No muss, no fuss. P. What is the easiest way to compare afferent insulations to find out which U the best buy? A, Use study chart of Comparative Insulation Values found on page 7 of rT.^Iet, "How To Live in Com- lort. i his book tells you what to insist on if you want maximum comfort from insulation the year around. Mail cou- poq today for freg copy, INSULATION for homes Free Booklet-Mail Coupon |fl to execute, sign und deliver u Quit Claim Deed unto Uurvey Rath and Cluru Ruth, huBbnnd nnd wife, to u certuin truct of hind now In possession of Kossuth County,. lowu, located n SEV, of NW"4 of Section 35 Foutoii Township which Is being used for the gruvel und roud material contained In suld tract. Now that the gruvel und rond material contained In suld tract la exhausted it Is to revert to the or- Igliml sub-division from whence it wiis taken as per ugreemeut at the time suld truct wiis purcbused by Kou- suth County. Ayeu: All. Nuya: None. On motion Bourd proceeded to uudlt and allow claims us per "Schedule of Claims Hereinafter Written." COUNTY FUND H W Miller, County Attorney office exp * 0103 lowu State Bank,' withheld'tux 2li3i«t State Comptroller, Excess Interest 030.72 W li Reynolds, Assess. Grunt Township W McDonuld, sand ut county shed , Interstate Power Co., light service Interstute Power Co., light Funk & Deliu, sup Algonu Ilurdwuru, sup Centrul Auto Electric Co., sup Gibbs-Cook Tractor uud Eci- Co.,' Blip, Glbbs-Cook Tractor und Ecj- 1-1U.OO 22.27 07.41 277. W) 4.10 2.20 L'.Ol 0.55 3.27 141.11 10.32 A. J. COGLEY, , Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. CHARLES M. WEBBER, Plaintiff's Attorney. 36-37 SOAP POWDER Super Suds . LIQUID BLEACH Purex WINDOW CLEANER Spraybrite .. LIQUID BLEACH Hilex 24-ot. Pkg. 23c 15c 13c Gal. 49C COFFEE !*21d NATIONAL JUMBO WHITE BREAD . ^e^, 11 & 32-01. Glass 8-01. BoHle CRISCO COUNCIL MINUTES 3.51 Uip. CO., blip Lelghton Supply Co., sup! ; '.'.'. jreeuberg Auto Supply, sup. owu State Bank, withheld tux 227.28 22 22 City August 26, 1943 Council met in regular City of Algoua, light uud power service Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., telupuoue service iert Shellnieyer, patrol . illlo Patterson, patrol 120.11 13.22 21.90 City of Algona, light uud water service W W.^SulUvan^P M, stumps 20.-15 10.00 130.50 1.50 25.00 COWAN Building Supply Co. EAGLE INSULATION ALL METAL WEATHEUSTBIP Kossuth Co. Treasurer, auiiuers Item No. 1U H B White, Examiners Item No. 3 ...,, IV W Sullivan P M, postage .. NW Bell Telephone Co., tele. service , 64.12 iertba E. Johnson, Assist, in Aud. office 84.70 Virginia Gregory, Assist, in Aud. office 73,40 W E McDonald, Comm. and session , 102.50 J Helkcu, Comm. and session 223.44 " H Fraser, Comm. and sea- Sion 228.30 V" A Scbrum, Comm, and session ;..,..... 180.49 . F Quinu, Comm and sessioq 221.10 C H Ostwinkle, Del. Tax coll. 102.10 F A Newville, guard air port 98.60 M A Bartholomew, guard air port T 60.00 A J Cogley, board uud lodge prisoners 65 04 A J Cogley, Mileage and Invest fees 234.05 A B LauriUen, Travel exp, .. Helen Dickinson, "Assist, in Co. Supt. office Algona Upper Dea Moloes, Board proceedings, supplies, Fenton Beorte'r,' printing '','.'.'. Wesley News-World, printing T tonka, Topic, printing ..." Whltteujorc News, printing ,. Elk Cleanors and Furriers, cloned Clifford Holmes, putrol ...... 113.11 Arnold Wegner, putrol 102.44 J eter Movick, pntrol 127.00 Win P.Gronbnch, putrol 125.23 Itusmie Kuusen, putrol 110.0S Clarence Heutges, patrol 127.00 S D McDonuld, putrol 127.UU Rulph Murklu, putrol 123.03 Archie Dodds, putrol 123.40 J E Fulls, putrol 133,48 Leui Stockwcll, putrol 120.84 John Stott, Imtrol 118.40 Oliver Young, patrol 988.5U A J Hllduiuu, patrol 127.BO Urbuu Neuroth, patrol 123.30 James Long, patrol 118.03 Doyul Sunders, patrol 121.84 W F Schruder, patrol 08.60 Blick Huwk, patrol 103.41 Bdward Onm, patrol 67.04 Ed. Baker, patrol 130.67 Joe Welch, patrol 120.80 Verne Uollnder, putrol ..;... 127.30 Jlyde Sunders, patrol 126.80 Koelf Miller, patrol 131.05 Jarry Heuike, patrol 180.10 Toe M Baser, patrol .-. 130.30 Varren Bowman, patrol .... 80.13 session, with all members present. Minutes were read and approved. Building repairs were approved for G. R. Cook and N. C. Rice. Beer permit for E. C. Wittkopf was renewed. Resolution was passed permitting a ration bank account to be opened and maintained in the name of The City of Algona. Memorandum of agreement between the Church of The Open Bible and The City was approved permitting Church to make temporary sewer and water tap until such time when material and labor will be available, a deposit to be made at this time to cover estimated total cost. Motion carried that swim pool close August 29. Appropriating Ordinance No. 603 was passed. The meeting was adjourned to Sep^ tember 9th. ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND L. M. Bellock. salary...: ...... $ 78.40 F. C. Dailey, salary Yog. Shortening 4 I1K1) I'OI.VIS Sweetheart Toilet Soap LUX SOAP 7 talk C * ,.* ,!,.„,, W 4000 home. SjwOtfwJ »» iJSI * *Mu1k e y ' rebaiVs ..... 856 th Iowa In 7 years. 10-000 ton* EobiW« M$SSh8? rawUi ma «*i o* i MI « ^ ®° Jeorge Graoajn, patrol 114.40 iick Buude, patrol .......... C H Cooper, patrol POOR FUND owa State Hank, withheld itax larvel Dole, salary ,,, Whittemore Creamery, prov. . Fred C M.U*ttuer, proy. ...... Warburtou's Grocery, prov. .. Hood's Super Valu, prov Paul Ernst, prov. Lludes' Food Market, prov.'','.' Hertekes Store, prov. Consumers^ prov ...;..,, C B Smltb, prov. .„ S & L Co., clothing ....;,.. A B Melnzer, 2 pair lenses '..Dr. B K Babnsqu, medicof.... Dr Pierre Sart?r, medica .... "*-,roid Broretoo, M. p., W edi- D'v *V, y 'J«w.' wiaicai' V.V.'.V 5 ^^WWgb, pro,. I i gw Jtt «« Tom Ualpin, salary 81.00 Walter Gorman, salary 83.23 C. C. Wright, salary 62.40 Wm. O. Ludwig, salary .... 71.00 Alyis Pill, salary 60.40 If. E. Stephenson, salary..., 79.00 Chester Webb, salary 66.25 B. S. Barton, salary 13.08 Frank Ostrum, salary 7.50 Joe Dunn, salary |o.47 H. S. Roth, salary 83.00 C. u. Pollard, saftry !Q2.iO Ira KoM, sslary 46.00 Adah Carlson, salary 8010 Diesel Service, oil 294.82 C. M. St. P, & p. ihr freight ;...... 460.27 Ivory Soap 10e £ff Toil** Soap Ivory Snow GREEN BEANS FRESH AND TENDER GOUNBN JAMS 5 01. Pkq. lOc OXYDOL rr ICUTABAGAS LARQE LUSCIOUS Mwcasa TOKAY CRAPES. ..... fO» COOKIM9 ANU Pascal Celery Howw-Crane, merchandise 100,73 North Elect. Supply, merchandise ........„,„, 7.71 W. O. Allen, ' - -- 1 * "altesbjg jr« merchandise •«^^'""»inv *»«» Bft I iyfUN^Wfeai^THT fl^ ^^^ ^^B APPLES 3-27' m m^ ^ ^m^mm*- ^y .^ ?/ ^^^ jy. v: TEA CO. -FOOD STORES

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