The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 26, 1943 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 26, 1943
Page 7
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TEACHERS THE LUVERNE "MS ARE NEW e ™ o» e> t. seven th and eighth- Stephanie Cowling of Sioux , Al golia> BZSSd S^c^d^l^'^&n ^inrfe science. Miss Lillian Roggow A?i° ll8 V are visitln « at th * H. " nome economira at,^ „ ;"??, v I Allen home. ,, /rM . rs -Chas. Boyle and daughtei Normandin of Col-lTtinfa^^Ton 0 ^ * ner sister, homeithis week. i. L « dl !f, Be » ke dor of Des Moines i- is spending her vacation at the ° PrS 6 n f h i er P, arents ' Mr - and Mrs Fred Benkendorf. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Forage and son of Bode, spent the week- Mir a U he r, ho ? le of their daughter, M £ £ d S~%!*«*«* f «"V Mrs. Wm. Ellis went to Chicago last week td visit her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Orcenw »y ex the last Kruse, 'who attends ~""i, is enjoying vaca- uncle Hohert went v funeral services of an Mr. and Mrs. Percy Schichtl on Jerry, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer and Mrs. O. G. RamusTere nnJ T ngt °. n Frlda y attending uneral services for M. L. Roney " Wa o£ fL th * e * hoi 2 e of her Paints, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronback, while B f ryhi11 , go ! s to Randolph , Texas, for further training Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Berryhill 6 W !? nesda y from Chanute Kansas. Mrs. Berryhill will stay Loren Larson of Algona visited J he Arthur and Ralph Dimler a y.i Lore " has joined THrf and expected to leave Friday. Loren served wj h Rainbow Division during the first mm f ?";•, He operated a *«" AlI ona Verne before Coving to The Birthday club met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs George Tiede. Bridge was played %£**£***?' Mrs " Paul p W»iPs won high prize and Mrs. Harold Sorenson second high. Mrs. Rob- p«Vi w el Won low P rize - Mrs. Cecil Wermenson of Ft. Dodge was ?«"«*. Refreshments were served oy the hostess. Algona. Creamery, prov Aleona Baking Co.. prov. Consumers Market, prov Shuts Shoe Store, 'clothing-™ Grahams, clothing — Dr. P. V. Janse, medT Bancroft Oil Co., gae 872 Mld-C o n 11 n e n t Pet7o1eum Corp., gas „,.., Kossuth County Im~pir"~c6"." ' 1 ^" < --- *' Ofc qA Algona Implement"cor,~p-eira- Bradley Brothers, reps. P " Kossuth iMotor Co., reps 21 SB Ralph Halibert, hay SIS nmgcxLVHD.-' That' tSe-?Jo u n Auditor Is hereby authorized to thil W m r /H ntS for a " b1 " 8 all ^ at n£L Sr tln 5 ^ as per "Schedule of Claims Hereinbefore "Written " On motion Board adjourned to 9-00 o clock a. m, August 30th, 1943. AyesT jj ' umim HADE ^~ 7#fc*^ Quality^ Pitch hard all day, Then relax the Old Style way J. H. PRASE H, J. Distributed by KENNEDY & County Auditor. (PHONE 222 ALGONA, IOWA SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office, Algona, iowa, 9:00 O'clock A. M. J " Iy Supervisors of Kossuth pursuant to adjournment imbers present. McDonald and County War ,Boml Commit- ona, Iowa, beginning August f n P f r °, V J de< L ln Chapter 169 & See Our Displays of The Finest PLUMP—LUSCIOUS—FULL FLAVOR ANNING FRUIT Pears—Peaches—Apricots GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES FRESH PEAS BROCCOLI LETTUCE ~™^V^ 'RESH RED RIPE JPMATOES ilTLL OF JUICE GRAPEFRUIT [NEST GRADE JUICY S. NO. 1 IDAHO : '"—• r [BsseT Potatoes lO^Mc sv GENUINE BALL MASON FRUIT JARS COMPLETE WITH CAPS & RINGS w th 1M3 h« A je 19^1 m ° n ' n > beginning as o fViT.* 16 * 1 ! 6 be .'u s n ° fur ther business at Journ tS e 9-Oo en v? ar k motloned to a<I- 1943 k "•' m '' August 2, J. H. IFRASBR, Chairman. County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, | 9:00 o'clock a. m. AUgU8t 2 ' 1943 ' -o^nYy 3 m° f t SU ? e '' VlS t 0rS * f Kossuth if£«a«« uckey, sup Norton A son, fuel Knnsas Mattre8s"co""supr C. A. Heard, sul>"~ Council Oak Store, "suiT BEST QUALITY RUBBER JAR RINGS -— L Lbs. i DOZ. 15c Mnt f h» «>URT~"FUND" I Matthew C. Grler, court 148.65 22.66 27.48 746.22 67.46 | 42.42 I ,Vi^- ; 3«&89 1RC.S2 5.00 4.50 I 24.16 [ 12. CO 3.30 3.00 .86 6.00 32. CO 12.00 132.33 10.00 1.26 X.92 28.39 «6.«7 4.00 13.02 3.M I .74 , 35.60 )2.fi7 66.91 6.12 23.03 111.3+ 5.58 133.23 2.GS Let's keep the Jhing Swea v,,ij, jueraiu, printing Algona 'Reminder, printing "" <bty Pearaon ' Ti-eaa., advT Frank KohlhnasrmayoJ'fcGB" A. J Copley, sheriff fees t ^°°^ war <l. mayor fees k Burke, const fees fees Bourne, coronet Frank Coeverr~w~e~ed~~c'5mmT~~ M. T. H*o uagyi weed com irberts, weed commTI J. comm. ottui ivaurrman, rep. A 8 ' A CI St h J lda H "t<=hTsonr"6: , Pldlar . mtonk a T°", & S ° ns Co., ntonka Topic, sup Koch Brothers, sup. Kllpto I.ooae Leaf Co""i Jenkins Pergemann Co., sp" C. S. Pearson, dupl. warrant LIBRA'HlY FUND ~ 'S-S'S'-^rgsn;? Sealing: Wax Parowax' o Save On Sugar ISc Pen rcn 14.56 10.50 >_ 23.41 — 660.17 '_ 42.63 '"r Bridge & \^XX-v.- 1717.68 171.70 132.51 122.81 98.56 We earn our pleasures in the American Way of Life t Goin' fishing has a serious purpose in life these days. Ifs fflo dera A^enca^ fgettingup ., moresteam(>infa we abor w.thout thought of time or sacrifice . : : I by"QuTn'n UJ thrj C Vh nal11 an . d —••"«« Post oastiei I _____ Toasfies OZ. Pkg. Del Monte T«H 1 Lb. Can Fruit -g |^^ CockfaHplV 1HC 'r^^ 'iji** [Grape-Nuts Pkg. .< by wm. F. Gronbach, patrol i??'si &?---or- :::: fi 'fe^lo'vlerpa^r---- 1 " -» S. D. McDonald, patrol" Archie Dodds, 'Patrol RalPh Markla, patrol ?' i. ' J alic ' patro1 • John Stott, patrol on™ S ^ okw ell, patrol ~ Oliver Young, patrol A. J. Hildman, patrol" I27nn Urban Neuroth, patrol I«'M Edwrnrrt n ni,« __* . l^a.M ^chmaowealotthenghttothepleasureearnedbyhishonestlabor ^^FornearlyahundredvearsOldStvleLager.alongwitho&erfine beers.hasco^butedinthe steady progress of our naoreabundan, We, proving a wholesome and refreshing beverage. In return for us consutent effort to maintain a high standard, Old Style has " .itis supplied through Merchants dedicated to the highest standards of service : , -. Keep Pitching, America! § Welch, patrol -----------Roelf Miller, patrol" ........ ~ Verne Mollnder, Clyde Sanders, ' Del Monte 47 v-Can Tomato - luico ; jJL Del Monte No. 2J4 Glass Deluxe |Guaranteed Quality Consumers •FLOUR FINEST,MILLED i [lichen Pride FLOUR Plums T Points.. RICH BLEND Consumers COFFEE LB. 21C Del Monte No. 2 Can Pineapple Juice P ,*L Fruit Ceckfail Del Monte Buffet Size Del Monte 1« or. Can Golden Cream Corn 14 Points.. Del Monte No, Extra Fancy Tomatoes 2 Can RICH FULL FLAVOR Consumers OATMEAL 2o«.9c4 l8 T15c ALL PURPOSE GRIND Kitchen Pride COFFEE I'SSf&'sss! r •«•"«« * l&r^rSAr?^ I Collector Victory VJ. A. Schram, haul"gravel Thompson Yards Inc., BUI Sargent Machine Co, sup Chaa. Emanuel, labor Moore & Moore Inc., sup" Funk & Delm, sup. Geo. F. GrlmsehJ, labor '- Power " -. f u.,«v signs -- Power Co., serv. ' Jakob Teuscher""Iabor F. S. Norton, fuel Algona Hardware, sup Chet'8 Used Auto Part's.'sup' Electric Service i& Sales Co 1LB 27c * « Jm, J§ Glass Jar I Tlr""^"""""" " Iu * family, L. B MarVa SMS'SJS! "£S£H ; r K S»4siH«:A™ POULTRY CO '"»h y » s ° nran> and seconded by 1 timm" * Kos swth County accent I Ji_^ . n z. *T^* ** M. Hoover in T>iitm 0»« EGGS FEED THI ARMED FORCES! THERENAZI AGENTS AT WORK IN YOUR HEN HOUSE? latnea O«*A A« /^*<<^«A _ KM «.« - —. . x Mi , . HojwltaJ, ho»p. Mrs. Ella Brte Harry li3nK2 ? rairfir-r:7," «?•?? your ton a Dl,f«««. op , ralor IRK S9< ereca.Bp Iowa Public Service Co sup Henry Gelshecker, labor Sioux City Iron Co. sup Bancroft Oil Co., sup Dens Oil Lubricant So.."sLp Central State Electr o Co light serv. le F"-"-" fiup Co su e Mach ' n « * up "?bs Cook "f nJeToV "" Balbach Co., sup Henry Plalser, sup" Lone Rook Exchange ~Co7,~mip A, w. Hendeby, sup "" Northern Lumber 'Co.T's'up Ogren Service Station eup! " Walter G. Benjamin, labor "" Thompson Distributing Co."; Greenberg AuicTlifuppfy"e™""" Royal "*»" Oil Co.,-sup. Marvel .saay Aim & Boleft prov. -------- " Whlttemore Creameiy''^^"" Sorensen (grocery, prov. " WarburtoJ Oroceiy, prov7 ---- rrea C, Huettner. prov Consumers Market, prov.""' «• * H. Grocery, prov. — ' . «• A., prov! _,"" T - Pepartroent 1 Pfcf, ' 1! THERE'f A OOOD Rt At ON WHY I Ibe knows that the Hue | 8 Wf. ««v*»invKiuffll e ,

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