The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1943
Page 8
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The Algotia Upper Des Moirtop, Alfotta, Iftwft, August 5, HOLD REUNION AT THE CALL PARK The immediate families of Peter Elbert, oldest pioneer of Lotts Creek township, gathered Sun. day at the Ambrose Call park, Algona, to commemorate the 84th birthday of Grandpa Elbert. Everybody brought well-filled baskets. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schumacher, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Schumacher, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elbert and son Darrcll, and daughter Anita; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Walters and son Durwoocl, daughter Janice; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Elbert and son Petey Joe, and daughter Madonna; Mr. and Mrs. John Farrell and son Gary, daughter Colleen; Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Vaughn and Helen Walters, all of here; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Elbert and Mrs. Eva Sykes, of Pocahontas; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schumacher and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schumacher and daughter Martha Ann, of Swea City; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schumacher and son Merlyn and daughter Judy, of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fuchsen and daughter Mildred, of West Bend; and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elbert and family, of Corwith. Mr. Voig-t is confined to his bed with a severe case of malta fever. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swanson •were Mason City callers Monday. Melvin Elbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Elbert, is spending a 15-day furlough with his parents. Mrs. Milton Espe and Rosella Voigt, of Algona, spent the weekend at the parental home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. A 9-pound son was born Saturday at the McCreery hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eisele. They have one other child, a boy. Mrs. Herman Bode of Mason City, spent; Sunday at the home of her mother, Mrs Elizabeth Eisele, and sister Alice Herbert Potratzl and sons Edward and Richard, of LottS Creek, spent the weekend with Mr. Potratz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz. Meryln Wegener returned to Edmonton, C.iuada, Sunday morning after sperid.irig a 20-day furlough with his' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wegener. Mrs. Herbert Potratz, of Lotts Creek, is under the doctor's care and at present is staying at the home of Mr. Potratz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard; Potratz. Mr. 'and Mrs. Jack Johnson and daughter Susan, and son Billy, of Rolfe, were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Ostwald. They also made a short visit in the evening at the Herman Voigt home. George Elbert visited with Mrs. Elbert and daughter Mary Jo Sunday at the home of Mrs. Elbert's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert French at Sioux Rapids. Mrs. George Elbert is at- .ending summer school at Storm jake. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn and laughters Phyllis and Arlene and VIr. and Mrs. William Meyer spent Sunday afternoon visiting with the Herman Voigts. Even- War Victory Hemp Notes (By Kinsey & Elstoh, Mgrs.) ing callers were Mr'.' and Mrs Herman Meyer, and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voight and son, James. _ip, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Alexander the Leo Ramus family of Algona Edward Rich Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George Lee and Mrs. Arthur Alexander and daughters were callers at the Lyle Alexanders Sunday to watch Art Alexanders new combine work. Art started combining Lyle's oats Friday afternoon. Change to Finer, Fresher A&P COFFEE Now Drink All You Want! • NOT RATIONED • 8 O'CLOCK 2 Ibs. 41C RED CIRCLE 2 Ibs. 47c BOKAR 2 Ibs. 51C BLUE STAMPS N, P & Q Expire Aug. 7 No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 2 Can 40. 2»/2 can No. 2 can Scott Co Red Kidney Beans 1 ^ 02 lona Diced Carrots N ° an2 Cal. best yel. cling Peaches No 2 lona Tomato Juice pnn Glen Val. Early June Peas*° a 2 lona Tomatoes A&P Apple Sauce A&P Grapefruit Juice lona Cream Style Corn Suit. Early June Peas lona Bartlett Pears A&P Pineapple Juice can 46 oz. can No. 2 He I3c lie I3c 26c I4c I3c I Oc 20c 20c I2c Me RED STAMPS T & U NOW EFFECTIVE Cudahy's Tang Mazola Salad Oil 12 oz. Can 100% Pure Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening 1 Ib. Ctn. 36c 58c 23c Point Cost Point Cost __— i— i 5 Pts. 8 Pts. Each 3 Pts. Each AS FEATURED IN AUGUST WOMAN'S DAY! Marvel "Enriched" Frankfurter or Sandwich VARIETY ROLLS Ann Pace SPAGHETTI or 3 Ib. MACARONI Pkg. White House 1 red pt. ca. EVAP. O tall «n p MILK « cans *WC Sunnyfield "Enriched" CAKE FLOUR White Sail SOAP GRAINS Pkg. of 8 2% Ib. 24 oz. |Q r Pke. I «JU GET YOUR COPY OF WOMAN'S DAY NOW—ONLY 2c Sultana Salad Dressing Ann Page S'ndwich Spread Hershey's Cocoa Sunnyfield Wheat Puffs Sunnyfield Corn Flakes Sunnyfield Bran Flakes GOLD MEDAL COFFEE CAKE FRESH EGGS SNO-SHEEN Qt. Jar Pt. Jar 8 oz. Pkg. 8 oz. Pkg. 18 oz. Pkg. 15 oz. Pkg. Ib. Bag 15 oz. Size Doz. Ctn. m ib. Pkg. Enriched Flour Jane Parker Orange Apricot From Nearby Farms Pillsbury's Cake Floor WHEAT FLAKES Sl STALEY'S Pkg. SPICK 5 Of. WHITE Bot. BALL Doz. EA A Doz. MASON Pts. 33G Qts. Invest in your Government—Take Year Change in V. 8. WAR STAMPS 33c 25c flc 08c Me IQc 1.32 38c 28c 8c CUBE STARCH SHOE POLISH FRUIT JARS 12 oz. Q_ OC I2c California PEACHES, lug .. WATERMELONS per pound California LEMONS, size 353, doz. -ft NOT RATIONSB 2,59 04c 43c SWEETHEART The Soap That Agrees .With Your Skin 3 Beg. Cakes A&P FOOD STORES uKtAT ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC 1 t A LOItr 1 Land that produces wild roses to any extent should never 'be selected for the growing of hemp We are informed by different agronomists that land producing wild roses denotes poor soil fertility. . Another reason Tor the necessity of a clean border around the liemp field is that if the first round of cutting falls on rubbish that has been cut and left on the border strip the picker binder will pick up the weeds or rubbish under [he hemp straw when making the aundles and this will cause a lot of trouble besides lowering the ;rade of hemp fibre. By all means lave a good border around your lemp fields prior to the time of cutting. Wherever a dead furrow has been left in the seed bed at time of seeding you will notice shoi't iemp. The bottom of a dead fur- •ow is hard with none of the loose oil which hemp needs. The furrow has a tendency to hold mois- ure too long. The question has been asked many times "Why do we have tall orn growing beside short hemp when we have been informed that hemp does well on the same kind of soil good corn is grown on?" An answer, which we believe is logical, is that due to excessive rains the hemp soil has been packed hard enough to not allow the hemp plant to receive its required amount of nitrogen, whereas the corn, under the same growing conditions has been cultivated several times and which has allowed the corn to receive through its roots the amount of nitrogen needed for full growth. We expect to have some very interesting information in next week's column of Victory War Hemp Notes. Buy war stamps and bonds to day and secure our tomorrow. BANCROFT NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hulterstfum, of Baraboo, Wis., came last week for a visit S-Sgt. Richard Schiltz, who has been visiting' at the home of his father, P. I. Schiltz, left Saturday. Marjorie Lattimer left Sunday for Carroll, Where she will enter nurses training at St. Anthony's hospital. Pvt. Raymond Nemmers, Camp Dodge, came Monday to spend his furlough at the parental Nick Nemmers home. y A/S Vincent Nurre, who is attending school at Ames, spent the weekend at the parental Mrs. Anna Nurre home. Robert Wolfe left Saturday for Minneapolis, Minn,, where he will be employed in a shoe store and will attehd school at the university. Joseph Schneider and Bobbie Fuchs, students at St. Thomas college, St. Paul, Minn., spent the Weekend at the home of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dankbar had their new daughter baptized Fidelis oh SUhday. MrB. Dankbar and baby are at the J. F. Helinsky home. Mft and Mrs. Cletus Deitering, Collette Welp, and S-Sgt. Richard Underkofler, of Camp Bowie, Tex., spent Tuesday visiting at McGregor. Pvt. Ralph Cayler left Saturday after Spending his furlough at the parental Mrs. Anna Cayler home. Ralph is stationed at Camp Roberts, Calif. George Kockler, Mary Ann, George, Robert, Martin, and Joe Hamilton. Mrs. John Kockler and Collette attended a Krapp family reunion at Mason City, Sunday. Joe Rahe, Mrs. Katherine Vaske, and Otto Vaske left Sunday for Geddes, S. Dak., to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mary Augustine on Monday morning. They returned home Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roman Wilhelmi, of Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vaske, and Cynilla attended the funeral of Clem Menke at Cold Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or loss. When paid with order, 2c per word;- when charged, 8c per word. No ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 3c and send cash with order they receive Ic pel word commission. For Sale FOR SALE—Several used drive and thresher belts.—See Leo Lichter after 6 p. m. FOR SALE—Team of sorrel geldings. 8 and 9 years old. Inquire at the Algona Upper Des Moines. 31* Ration Calendai Tires Class A Ration: Second inspect tion deadline, Sept. 30. Class B Ration: Third inspec tion period July 1 through Oct. 31 Class C Ration or bulk coupons Third inspection deadline, .Alig 31. Commercial vehicles: Every G days or every 5,000 miles, which ever occurs sooner. Gasolrne A Book (new) coupon No. 7 ( gals, each) valid through Sept. 7, (Steel Plate License No. and Stat must be written on the face o each coupon immediately upor receipt of book.) Fuel Oil Period 5 coupons (11 gals, each now valid, expire Sept. 30. Period No. 1 coupons (10 gals per unit) valid July 1 throng' Jan. 3, 1944. Sugar Coupon No. 14 (5 Ibs.) valii Aug. 1C through Nov. 1. Processed Foods R, S and T blue stamps valii Aug. 1 through Sept. 20. Note th longer overlap period. Meats, Fats, Cheeses, Canned Fish T red stamp through Aug. 21. U red stamp valid Aug. 1 thru Aug. 31. V red stamp valid Aug. 8 thru Aug. 31. W red stamp valid Aug. 15 thru Aug. 31. Shoes Coupon No. 18 valid through October 31. -*Hospital News KOSSUTH HOSPITAL July 22 — Jane Bradley, Bancroft, surgical; Mrs. Wayne Ridenour, LuVerne, medical; Mrs. Thul Bode, girl; Mrs. West, Wesley rl; Mrs. Mitchell, Algona, boy. July 23 — Rose Farrow, Bancrolt surgical; Mrs. Fett, LuVerne, girl expired. July 24— Mrs. Kyle Keith, Hurt girl; Mrs. Vincent Eisenbacker Wesley, girl; Mrs. Rose Anderson LuVerne, boy. July 25— Mrs. M. G. Schrader Algona, boy; Mrs. Paul Olson, Algona, boy; Mrs. Wm. Etherington, medical. July 26 — Conrad Scott, Algona, .tonsilectomy; Frank Asa, Algona surgical. July 27 — Mrs. L. T. Christensen, Algona, girl; Mrs. Carroll, Burt, medical. July 28 — M. Wm. Woodcock, Algona, tonsilectomy. July 28— Mrs. Ervin Gerber, Algona, boy. Billy Woodcock Algona, tonsil- ectomy and adenoids. July 29— R. G. Frye, Algona, fractured hip. Audrey Louck, Ledyard, tonsil- ectomy. Mrs. Wayne Ridenour, of Lu- Verne, girl. July 30— Mrs. Gene Norte, Sexton, boy. Mrs. A. Licktie^, Sexton, boy. Baby of Mrs. Arne Pedersen, Algona, feeding case. August 1 — Mrs. Corwin Peer, Algona, boy. George Dettman, Algona, surgical. August 2 — LaVonne Hanselman, of West Bend, tonsilectomy and adenodis. Mrs. Howard Morgan, Algona, accident. Peter L. Dremmel, Burt, surgical. Mrs. H. M. Hansen, Wesley, nedical. August 3 — Mrs. C. H. Casey, Algona, boy. GENERAL HOSPITAL July 22— Mrs. B. O. Davis, Jr- vington, boy; Mrs. Glen Crilly, Algona, surgical. July 23— Mrs. A. A. Hatten, Corwith, girl. July 29— Mrs. E. G. Elliott, Titonka, girl. Mrs. Orrin Edwards, Algona, I boy. I July 31— Mrs. Max Sloan, Corwith, boy. (August 1 — Mrs. Axel Carlson, Wesley; be-y. FOR SALE—Good cheap work mare. Nice for threshing. Alfred Jergenson, Algona. 31* FOR SALE — 1941 Ford, 2-dr. Very clean. Practically new rubber. Kirk Auto Co. 31 FOR SALE—-Used electric washing machine, laundry stove, 2 cream separators and 1 electric radio. Algona Maytag Store. 31 FOR SALE—24 Purebred yearling Hereford bulls. Domino breeding, $125 to $150. Our price is very low for this quality bulls. C. M. Haas, Rodman, Iowa 31-32 FOR SALE—Am offering for sale some choice purebred Hampshire sows and gilts for fall far- row. Thomas R. Graham, Livermore, Iowa. 31 FOR SALE—All steel, roller bearing, Iwo wheeled wagon. Algona Implement Co. 31 FOR SALE—5.. burner Perfection kerosene stove with oven attached. Root Hardware, Wesley, 31 FOR SALE—Pullet chicks 10 to 12 weeks old, in the following breeds, White Leghorn, White and Barred Rocks, White Giants, Black Australorps and White Wyan- dottes. Priced right. Phone, write or come in and see us. SWEA WANTED — Bookkeeper with training or experience. Permanent position. — Phone 714 Bradley Bros., Algona. 31 WANTED—A girl or woman to assist with general housework. Mrs. J. C. Mawdsley; Phone 14F22. Algona. 31* WANT TO BUY—Good size delivery rake. Farrell Alban, West Bend. 31* WANTED—Lady to cook in cafe. Short hours. Good pay. Prefer one inexperienced in restaurant work. Rosedale Cafe. 31-32. WANTED—Middle-aged housekeeper. W. H. Lacy, Algona. 508 E. Call St. 31" HELP WANTED—Male and female to help prepare food products for army, navy and civilian use. Good pay, extra overtime. This work considered essential. Swift & Co. 31-32 Lost-Found FOUND—Purse containing money. Owner may have same by identifying and paying for this ad. Call after 6:00 p. m. City Marshall, Burt. 31 Miscellaneous NEED MONEY to buy a farm? Let us tell you about the Aetna Life Insurance Company's new farm loan plan, low rate, 26-year repayment plan, a reserve feature, no deductions. .Hutchison & Hough. Security State Bank Bldt;. 24-33* CITY HATCHERY, Iowa. Phone 35. Swea City, 29-34 FOR SALE—House. Inquire of C. Alig, Whittemore, Iowa. 30-31* NEW AND USED MACHINERY FOR SALE New: Tractor buck rake for F-20; Oliver 7-ft. tandem disc; Corn Belt cone type burr mill; Firestone tractor tires; Redwood cooling tank; 2 spring-tooth harrows; horse drawn buck rake; tractor drawn rotary hoe. Hog feeders, chick feeders, 2 high pressure steel double drink hog fountains, Hammermill belts. Used: 2-14 John Deere plow, 3-14 John Deere plow, tractor plow. 1940 Chevrolet I'/z ton truck, dual wheels and very low mileage. Two-wheel trailer. John Deere corn binder. Two horse- drawn mowers, 2 gas engines, 4 cream separators, 2 Kovar spring tooth harrows, Flying Dutchman side rake. SEE US NOW FOR HONEY- MEAD FEED Try our Tractolube oils for your car and tractor. BRADLEY BROS. South Hotel Algona. Phone 714 FOR SALE— Gladiolus blooms, corsages, bouquets and basket arransemnts for all occasions. Alo orders taken'now for the glad >ulbs—when you can see the lower in bloom. Schimmel Gar- lens 4 blocks west of Kossuth hos- PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. Bjustrom's Furniture 1-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. — Phil J Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf KEEP YOUR Service Man supplied with stationery. Send him a box with his branch insignia embossed on each sheet. Box contains 50 sheets and 50 envelopes $1,10 a box. Army, Navy, Army and Navy Air Forces, Coast Guard and Marine insignias. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 19-tf RUBBER STAMP PADS and ink. black, blue, green, 40c each at the Algona Upper Des Moines Office. 11-If FOR SALE—Book of 500 receipts and duplicates, 4 to a page, $2.50 Algona Upper Des Moines. 9tf IF XOU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines, 50c and up. 13-lf ital. \ 31 FURNITURE FOR SALE Still have a few household items hat must be disposed of before »ve go to California. See these it- ms at 624 S. Jones St., second irick house south of Swift and ?o. Must be sold right away. 3 piece mahogany upholstered et. 1 electric floor lamp. I library table; 1 center table. 1 dresser, 1 kitchen table. 1 kitchen cabinet. 1 12-guage pump gun with a eather case. A lot of'good winter coats. Ev- rything priced to move. JOHN P. BSYON 31» For Rent 'OR RENT—Three room office suite in Haggard & Peterson building. Available Sept. 1. |ifow occupied by Kossuth Credit" Bureau. 31* ROOMS FOR RENT—West State Street, second house west of Ice Cream Cottage. Daisy Cook. 30-33* Wanted WANTED—Hatchery flocks of all breeds. Write or phone, SWEA CITY HATCHERY, SWEA CITY, IOWA. Phone 35. x 29-34 WANTED — Local and : long distance trucking. C. H.' 'Lasting^ In care of Walburg's Cafe. Algona. Phone 159. 30-33* ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c each. for 35c, 34-tl DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—dark green, chocolate, red, pink, blue and peach for sale at the Upper Des Moines office, l.«c each, 2 for 25c. 3-lf HOME LOANS TO BUY, REPAIR LOW OR REFINANCE. INTEREST RATE NEW AND TERMS—WHY PAY MORE. Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. Buy Bonds Here. latf GET YOUR typewriter and adding machine ribbons at the Algona Upper Des Moines. 4-tf FOR DURABILITY-^-For Impres- sivenejss—Use Better Paper. Tho best papers are made from rags. Try New Era Bond, 20 Ib. substance, for a really fine paper. $2.70 for 500 sheets. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 9-tf SEVERAL FARM BARGAINS- TWO well improved farms of 240 acres, one well improved farm of 100 acres in Northern Kossuth County at $100 per acre. Several Southern Minnesota well improved farms'at $75 to $125 per acre. Call or write me. W. H. KEIGLEY- BLUE EARTH, MINN. 80-31 HAY ROPE for barn and "hay stackers. Electric fence controller, Hot Shots, radio battery packs. Coal heaters and cook stoves. J. E. Ukena, Hardware and ments. Lakota, Iowa. Imple- 30-31 FREE jCyLLJNG SERVICE-HCull pj,d hens now. Say? feed by get- 64 n$yay.ers. Expert cuU- JBJC *ee us for appointment ers, Springs, Mihfy,t .T^day 1 Ing. Mr. Menfte-lfi' * fofmer Bancroft resident Jimmie L^ttlrnef, is spending this week at Ca,mp* Lady Of the Lake at Lake Okqbdji. His mother 'took him up.StirtdayV Marie Brink, Mrs. ! MeiVin Mallfty tin'd Roger accompanied her and visited Irene Malloy, Wofd Has i been received of the marriage of • Amanda iJkena, daughter of Mr, arid Mrs. Wm. Ukenaj of Lakota, and' E> M. 2nd Class Roland Kollasch, of Bancroft. The couple were married Saturday, July 24, at Si Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Mr. and Mrs. Kollasch will .live in Philadelphia. , IRVINGTON NEWS afttf riltw, Lfcwls Marshall, newly- w>eds. there were about . forty guests present. ' Several started threshing last week but reports'were being circulated that the oats were so damp and in some instances nearly mouldy so operations had to cease. BenJTrehurte had his oat Crop conibined, Carol Hutchins doing the work. Leonard F. Pompe Air Mechanic School Graduate* From Texas Mr. and Mrs. George Hackman Jr. and daughter Joanna, Knoxville, Tenn., arived, at the Fred Geigel home last Monday for a three weeks' visit. Mr.Hackman is an electrical instructor In the Knoxville high school. Mrs. U. B. Frankl visited several days last week at the home of her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mulligan at Eagle Grove. Another house guest at the Mul- ligans was their son, Father Thomas Mulligan of Seattle, Wash, 'Mr. and Mrs .E. O. Chamberlain and Mr. and Mrs. Rasmie Hansen were joint hostesses at a shower Friday evening at the Chamberlain home honoring Mr. CLASSIFIED ADS SAVE MONEY When You Buy From Us When You Sell To Us FOR SALE Tiger Chief Batteries. Regular price $6.25. With coupon, only $5.75. For short time only. . Get your coupon book how. lOc each. Good up to August 15. Save up to $20 by using these books. Let us figure your insulation job now and avoid the rush. Free estimate. No obligation. 100% Pure Pennsylvania Motor Oil, per gallon, 49c, with coupon, in your own container, plus 6c federal tax. Regular 65c value. 'Army i Air Field, Tex., announces that Leonard P. Pompe, son of Mrs. Martha Porilpe, has completed his course as.'an aviation- mechanic. 1 • His graduation from the school now fits him for airplane maintenance and he Will be sent to some base where , he will keep America's flying fortresses in the air for victory. In addition to his mechanical training he has also been drilled in military tactics and is conditioned to 'meet all requirements of an American soldier. Notice ol fcfobite of Will KOSSUtH CQUNfV, si. IN DISTRICT COUttT • 1 No. 3066 March Term .a 943 To all whom It may boncern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last ;Wlll and Testament of peil v . Reltisanifcfifc deceased*i |i "day/filed, operied' and read, Tuesday, the 31st day of August, 1943, is fixed for hearing proof, of same at the Court House in AR. gona, Iowa, before, the District; Court of said County, or the! Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock A, M.' of the day above 1 mentioned all persons interested' are hereby notified and required to appear, 'arid show cause if any they have, why said instrument- should probated and allowed as and for the..last Will and .Testament "bf 'said' deceased.' Dale at Algona, Iowa, August 4, 1943. HELEN-WHITE; Clerk of District Court, HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON,/ .H " Attorneys* {>'; 240 Acre Homestead To Be Sold Public Auction of H. R, Mantle Estate Clarion, Iowa, Court House, 10 A. M., August 10, 1943 Belonged to same family 50 years; modern 8-room house; REA; graveled hi- way on two sides of farm. LOCATION' Six "ules « ast of Renwick, in Wright A-vr\^* i ivrr* . ^^ one w , t he group of 12 high producing counties in Iowa. (1940 U. . S. Census Report.) Webster Loam, drouth resisting deep subsoil. Soil rich in humus and. well kept; heavily .live- stockei»fpr 50 years. " ' Average corn yield for 5 year period, above 60 bushels per acre. . ,: . Normal yield of corn 53 bu per Cropland ....... . ...... 226 acres TOTAL INCOME FROM GRAIN CROPS, PASTURE, HAY AND AAA FOR 1942 36 Acres Soybeans— . Total yield 1020 bus. Gross cash income ............. 84 Acres Corn — Total yield 5,242 bus. Gross cash income ........ ..... Oats, flax, pasture hay, and AAA ... .......................... 51,583.22 4,822.64 2,372.50 Landlord's Income .'calves, cream, ei interested in a long' Tenant also sold hoj_ (The present tenari (Present lease provides for % • grain crop exce; $7.50 per acre for Kay and pasture.) The above items are checkable at Farmer's Cooperai vator, Renwick, and at the AAA office, Clarion. TERMS OF SALE: $5,000.00 cash. Bala] March ,1, 1944 t rtl A GENUINE PRICE CUTTING DRESS SALE CHRISCHILLES' STORE There is some confusion about the use of the word "SALE." The government is trying to curtail the MISUSE of this simple word — trying to make it apply only to a GENUINE CLEARANCE OF END-OF-THE- . SEASON merchandise. We are co-operating in this effort. We are trying to CLOSE OUT the finest lot of THIS SEASON'S dresses in our . • history. WE ARE REALLY CUTTING PRICES. Come to this important event. , Every Spring and Summer Dress (Over $6.50) IS ON SALE EVERY SPRING AND SUMMER DRESS (over $6.50) IS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. There are smart, beautiful, dress-up navys in all sizes; there are cool, comfortable seersuckers, sheers and novelty materials; there are "better" butcher linens and njuiami cloths from Famous and JUafter— in short, there is just about everything in almost every size, including Dom Podson juniors. This is- a -real *aie. 3"wo important price irroups are: ^ Values to $1 5.00 to $20,00 $ £.95 $13,75 Other dresses {ojr much less New Seersucker and Cotton Print Dreises \ (

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