Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1926 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1926
Page 11
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V .Massif ied-Financial L FRIDAY MORNING, mm IV tplftttsfatr cjfo ft mt Sporting News MARCH 5, 1926. ALL SET Fl am Blfa Oil CJUNMVJIL CARL iBeRNDLE. AND BtdNDLE. Pa - '! 1 ' tV.''--. ---411 V V 11 I ' b P 111 P . ' I " I i.' . -111 i It n II 9 ;...-' III." Is J 1 : .T' I ' y"T ' r 1 , w I 1 i -.v; ft Jf III! ' . r Li, . ' 'f-.O.!- "-V1 AXV ll B(lOOK5 ' ' V . St' 4. ROBERT (Y. Reio 1 ft j - : KATHLE.EN McRAE. fARGAflET EDOr a mzle: leads PIRATES TO 7-2 VICTORY OVER ST. PATS STOBY-EffiRIDS SPEE0EKS EEABY T SET REeCliS DEWDP'SEY-TUNWEY SilEET AUG. 26 Champions From All Parts of North American Continent Here, Including Joe Moore, Indoor Title Holder; Charley Gorman, Outdoor Crown Wearer, and Sensational Leila Brooks. FINALS TO BE RACED OFF AT CLOSE OF CH NIGHT Tonight's the night! Dnquesne Garden's the place! 8:30 is the starting time! For the greatest indoor ice carnival of the twentieth century. Gasps of surprise and ahs of wonder will escape the lips of Pittsburgh ice devotees tonight when the gigantic international indoor ice skating championships being held by The Pittsburgh Post under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Ice Skating association, gets under way. For champions from almost every corner and nook of the .North American continent have been collected by The Post and .this year's fete the - ost elaborate and pretentious ever held in rac ing history. When the starting gong is Bounded And these champions step oat onto the loc for the preliminary gTand march, world record holders, fancy skating: champions, stunt kins and every other branch of Indoor &katins win be represented. More speed will be shown than at any other meet. MOORE vs. GORMAN. Joe Moore. Indoor world record holder for the last six years, and conqueror of CLls Thunbers. the sensational Finnish champion, and Charley Corman, the outdoor crown wearer, bitter rirala. will be side by side for the first tune in history. 'or they will likely lead the procession. And the climax of this rivalry which is just about ready to burst into flame, will be reached an hour or so later when tbey will tw pitted against each other in the skating duel of history- TTiis great ractnjr event was consummated by The Post and The Penn-"Vylvanla 5katmi? association after aJ-nioft fvery other agency in the land i:ad failed to grtt the racing marvels to consent to battle. For years they n;ivp been bickering; and arguing hi.-h is the better. But never could li'-y l"- put .icainst eat b other in a tn-!uf-tve test. First one wanted un-ic.isonoble concessions and then the .ihcr wanted advantages out of rea-on. The result was they never were m. itched. This duel, however, will be only one if the many in store for the lookers on at toniKbfs spectacular skating tveats. Numerous others will be presented. And in nearly every one champions from near and far will take part. The very ftrst event carded is the 4"-yard men's championship. Gor-nian, liolJcr iT the record for the dia- Crippled Children To See Champions Tomorrow Night The goestM of honor n the ceeond Mid elmrinr riar of the International indoor Ire ukattnir championship at Iu-tiuiw Oardm tomorrow niirttt will be tbo rhlldrrn of the Indnstriai Home for Crinplrd Children. Throoirh the ee-oneratlon of the P1lthnnch Trajuiortation Company. Green tairab will corner the crippled and maimed children from the home to the Oarden and bark apain, withont charge. A Kpreia! sertion will be art apart for the crippled children and novelty events will be srheduled for their entertainment. tanee, S6 1-5 seconds, will attempt to lower his own record. GIRL. CHAMPIONS. The girl champions probably will foous the eyes of a grant majority of the fans. For the one and only Brooks, Canadian girt and holder of scores of world's records, will be here. Then. too. her strongest rivals will be here including Kathleen McRae, Canadian outdoor champion in l?;t; Margaret McEride, the present all-around champion of Canada; Mary M. Rogers. Silver Skates Derby winner at Chicago last year: r.utli A. Muhlmeyer of Chicago, runner-up to the champion; Geraldine Mackie. of Toronto; Isabel McCullough. Toronto; Klsie Muller, who set the world's record for the mile in the meet here last year; Olga Anderson. Lois Littlejohn. Lorrtta Neit-zel. Anne MacKeracher. Grace Hub- fCoinn-d on Acxf i'ufftr.J SKATING PROGRAMS IXTKRXATIONAL. IVDOOR SPEED S1CTTVG CHAMriONSinPS OF THE INTERNATIONAL, SKATING UNION OF AMERICA HEIJT BV ! THE PITTS KURGH IOST ! Under the Auspices of ! PEN N S VL V A N 1 A SKATING ASSOCIATION At HIQUESNE GARDEN. PITTSBURGH. PA. March 5th and ttth, 1920 I 8:30 P. M. 1 ... OFFTCIAIjS OF MEET j HONORARY REFEREES !Hon. Charles II. Kline, Mayor of Pittsburgh. Hon. Robert M. Gibson. Pittsburgh Atheltlc Association. A- W . 1 nompson. I'ennfjyivania rKanii .tssocuuon. DIKEOTORS OF MEET A. CL Conch, President. Pennsylvania Skating Association. Bon H. Gtffen, SecTtstary-Treasttrer International Skating Union of America and Secretary-Treasurer Pennsj ivania Skating Association. REFEREE W. G. Brat ton. President International Skating Union of America. STARTER Garnet t M. Sixsmith, Pennsylvania Skating Association. CLERK OF COURSE James Mackay, Pennsylvania Skating Association. ASSISTANT CLERKS OF COURSE Edgar Anrin. Pennsylvania Skating Association. Dr. Dink Madden, Ppnnsylvania Skating Association. T. Murray Locklin, K&st Liberty V. M. C. A. JUDGES AT FINISH William S. Haddock. President Allegheny Mountain Association, A. A. U.. Chief Judge. Joe Page, New Brunswick Skating Association. Roy D. Schooley, Pennsylvania Skating Association. Dr. John B. Sutherland, University of Pittsburgh. Clarence Over ml, Carnegie Tech. Henry Blum, Pleasant Valley A. C. TLMEKS Karl Davis, Unirerity "of Pittsburgh. ' William A. Palmer, Shadyside Academy. James Dennie, Oliver High School. R. W. Neyhart, Pennsylvania Skating Association. Dr. Jim Marks, Carnegie Tech. Frank Shea. University of Pittsburgh. MARSILVLS AND JUDGES AT TURNS R. G. Daner. Pennsylvania Skating Assoc iation. JameS i rimes.. Pennsylvania Skating Association. Henry Townsend, Duquesne Garden. , Horace Townsend, Duiesne Garden. Dennis Manners. Pennsylvania Skating Association. William D. Tavlor, Pennsylvania Skating Association. PHYSICIANS Dr. H. M. Fink, A. A. V. Dr. M. A. Blunter. Pennsylvania Skating Association. ANNOUNCERS Joej' Donnellv. A. G. Spalding & Bros. Nat Moll. Forbes Field. SCORRRS Regis WeLsh. Pittsburgh Post, Chief Scorer. Chester Smith, tiajsette Times. Ralph S. Davis. Pittsburgh Pree-s. Bert Tacgart. I'itt.sburgh Sun-Joe Hnhn. Tri State News Bureau. Harry Camins. Pennsylvania Skating Association. Havey A. Boy Ic, Chronicle Telegra4h. CONTESTANTS AND NUMBERS No. Name 1 Lcla Brooks, Old Orchard Skating Club. Toronto. Canada. International Indoor Champion. 1924; International Outdoor Champion, 192.": Women's World's Outdoor Champion 192$. 2 Kathleen McRae, Old Orchard Skating Club. Toronto. Canada. Canadian Outdoor Champion 1924. 3 Margaret McBride. Old Orchard Skating Club. Toronto. All Around Canadian Junior Champion 1926; Indoor Champion Ontario Association 1926. 4 Mary M. Roger. Old Orchard Skating Club, Toronto. Junior Silver Skates Derby Winner at Chicago 192."). 5 Geraldine Mackie. Old Orchard iskating Club. Toronto. Winner Bal- RICKARD HAS BOTH UNDER CONTRACT FOR JERSEY, IS REPORT Wills to Be Removed F rom Picture by Gotham Commission Today For Signing With Fitz-simmons; Rickard Apparently Outwits His Former Matchmaker, Who Represented Stoneham. ORK Copyrurht, 19S6. New Tork Tri heme NEW YORK, March 4. Jack Dempsey will met Gene Turtney in a 12-roxmd no-decision battle for the heavyweight championship of the world at Boyles' Thirty-Acres in Jersey City on Thursday, August 26 or the following day, August 27. Txmney has signed for the match and his contract, countersigned by his manager, Billy Gibson, Ls now in the hands of the promoters of the affair. Dempsey has already given his word that he would accept Turuney's challenge and the .match is rearded as closed. WILLS TO BE CENSURED. When the New York State Boxinj? Commission meets tomorrow afternoon it is probable that an announcement will be made that Ilarry Wills, colored heavyweight and generally considered as the lofrical contender for the heavyweight title, had lost the support of the local boxing; authorities because he went west several months ago and signed articles with some very-vague promoters for a championship contest to be staged next summer at Kenton Harbor or at some other point near Chicago. Tex Rickard will he the promoter of the Jersey City content between Dempsey and Tunney although he was not ready tonight to admit this. It ;s a fact, however, that Rickard has the match signed, sealed and delivered and that it will take place in the big; bowl. Tunney was signed in Florida a neck ago and negotiations with Jack Dempsey were completed in his room at the Hotel Alamac, Tuesday afternoon. Although he denied that he came here in connection with any future contest or the arranging of any bout for the heavyweight cliampion-Mi:p it is known now that Dfinpsiy's nit hTf wa.s for the sole purpose of concluding arrangements for his meet-in- with Gene Tunney. STONEHAM BIDDING. Charles A. Stoneham. owner of the New York Giants and proprietor of the Polo Grounds is bidding for the match, and is negotiating with Dempsey through Frank Flournoy, former Speaking About Himself, Firpo Tosses Boquets About Recklessly Bl K'OS. AITtKS. Marrh 4. Lni An-jrel Firpo said IoHaj that there is nn trntb in the rnmor (hat he will definitely retire from the ring after his, bout with F.rniinio Snalla. the Italian heavyweight here on April 3. On the contrary, he said he i looking forward to a tour of Canada and the t'nited Stale in the near future. He pointed out that he was never more fit than today, with his weight at 224 pound., which is a mere eig-ht poanda aoove fighting weight, and adding- that he i only 30 yearn of age. doe not Mnoke or totjeb alcoholics and connlderff he Hat. 10 pood years of boxing ahead of him plenty of time to proye he is not a buck nutriber. l-lrpo claims that since, he has pot himself in the hand of a competent trainer, he is a better man now than he was hrn he fa-ed Jack Dcrnpsey. CLASSY TEAOT BIGGEST FEATURE K BUGS' TCD9n Drury and Conacher's Passing at Goal Plays Prominent Part in Listless Win Recorded By Cleghorn Clan; Milks Gets Four Goals Unassisted; Adam s Also Stars. BRUINS WIN OUT OVER MAROONS; SENATORS VANQUISH NEW YORK By SAM K. SrGnKE. Itib Milks was fighting mad last night. And it is a good thing: for the Pirates that he was. Otherwise the Cleghorn crew might have had a much harder time trimming the St. Pats. The Pittsburgh icers went into the combat with the full knowledge that they must set back the Toronto lads if they were to stay up within striking distance of the third place Bruins. Despite this incentive, the Pirates went about their work very listlessly. They know well that Toronto, according to the dope, should be defeated, so they didn't bother putting on full speed. Fortunately, Ilib remembered Odie Cleghorn 's admonition to win. so he piled up four goals, three of which were unassisted. The final score was Pirates 7, St. Pats 2. (Continued on Vcx Pas?eJ Improving IX1NDON. March . IV P.i The rrince of Wales compet-ed in the Welsh Fitarri-4 point to point rr..- a Beanfort Hunt today, hat was only able to flni-h fifth, completinc the difficult course of two and a half miles withont mishap. Major Rupert lC-wis won the event, ahich was wrtDeued by a lars crowd. matchmaker for Tex Rickard. Flournoy left for Chicago this afternoon with Ptoneham's final bid. This proposition, which will be turned down by the champion, calls for a bout at the Polo Grounds some time in August with Tunney and it provides a guarantee of J.iOO.000 for Dempsey. It was as the ageut of Stoneham that Flournoy went to Florida a few weeks ago although it was generally supposed that he went there to act in behalf of K;ckard. Fiournoy talked witJi Tunney and with Billy Gibson. Gene's manager, and is understood to have arrived at some sort of a tentative agreement for a bout with Dempsey. Rickard'a sudden departure for Florida was decided upon when he learned of the purpose of Flournoy's trip. Rickard started out with the purpose of beating his former matchmaker to the goal and he has apparently succeeded. AND Tilt) FIGHT WAS ON. The game got under way as usual with the Garden orchestra playing the National Anthems. The Pirates were still standing at attention when the puck was fated by Keff-rec Dave Richey. Ilib beat Adams to the drop I and like a flash he was off. Dye. how-i ever, snitched the rubber from the ; speedy Pirate center and was well in 'on Conache and Smith before the lo-calrf awakened to the fact that the i game had started. Conny nonchal-i antly flipped the disc away from Dye, then leaned back on bis stick again. while Darragh picked up the puck and carried it way. This sort of thing seesawed back and forth until Hib got peeved and knocked the rubber out from a scrimmage near the Pirates' net. In attempting to pa.ss it, he shot off side and the play was recalled. Again beating Adams to the drop. Hib picked up the loose puck, tricked his way past the St. Pats' center, who incidentally is one of the smartest centers in pro hockey, and set sail. Like a flash he rode past Cain and j McCaffery straight in on Dye and Day. Cleverly overskating the puck, he made as if to reverse himself, then retrieved the rubber, pulled Roach out of the net and dropped in the first All in Vain! PITTSBURGH"". Worters G . . Conncher ......... t I . mith K. U. . Milks C .. McC'urry I.. U Darragh It. W. ST. PATS S. ... . Roach t ain McCnfTery AdamH Ia.r Dye, Scoring: first period Milks, unassisted. 1:1 . Second period ('otion on a pass from I'mrj, 11:0:;; Mcl'urrr, unaMinted, 1I::A; Milks, on a pass from t onacher. 13:20; Spring, on pao from ( onacher ITrtr;. Third period Adams, on a pass from IHu , .1:14: Adams, on a pans from MrfsJTcry. :.'.: Milks, unassisted, 11:07; Milks, wn-at.i,ted. 17:lo. I'enalties Berlinue le. 3 minutes, illegal checking. Spares Pittsburgh, Drury. White, Cotton. Lowery, Kerliniiet te, sprint; St. Tats, Shay. Bellrfeuille. Netille. Referee Iaie Kichie, Montreal. Getting Straight BRIOGI- PORT, Conn.. March 4. ( . p.) Otillu Chapdelaine, better known as Jack Heuuiey. contender for the light heavyweight ho-rinjr championship, does not know whether be is an American citixen or not. That there may be no doubt, be has applied for citizenship. He was born in Canada in !'OQ. the family moved to Holyoke, Mass., in 101. tally, while the Toronto goalie, stood flu'footed looking on. SHOTS KAIN ON KOY. Rut this goal instead of awakening the Pirates seemed to give them more confidence and oner, more they re-Borted to their watchful waiting game. As luck would have it, nothing: hap-pr-ned, though Roy Worters was skid-d:ng around on his norse half a dozen times in stopping the rain of shots from the stick of De, Day and Adams. Odie must have read the riot act to his charges in the intermission between ;the first and second periods, for when ithe. yellow-jcrseyed hoys came on the ii-e again their faces were, blood red land fire could oe teen shooting out of .their eyes. In one minute and IS sec-jonds they caged three mors goaJ-s. I Drury, White and Cotton were thrown I l(k into the fray after five minutes (fonti7wf on Van'- Tfcir?-cnJ t i ! i i 5r.-

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