Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1974 · Page 12
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1974
Page 12
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-12- -riTTSRURGlI POST-GAZETTE i THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1974- ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR. George Anderson The Latent Image Has Not Faded J ?. . ... . i Vv,,. f I I 11- 'II.: M(llJOl.f UAHtKJlHM imm ."'1,.., htSOShiUi hrFrTWcbi.,iFdlKi Nil I ! NO PASSES ACCEPTED M ". ) Will A i rciF 111 niTiafi lliw iqllT TODAY AT 1 :00, 4:30, :OOP.M. Firefighters Paul Newman and Steve McQueen cotitar for the first time in "The Towering Inferno," the story of a fire In the world's tallest skyscraper. The film begins its regular run tomorrow at the Fulton after a benefit premiere tonight. William Holden costars. LAST 6 DAYS! N volved In a documentary on Pitts-burgh Steeler star Franco Harris. That, in turn, led to a s e r I e s of 10 such portraits of sports stars, all produced in the past 14 months by the Pittsburgh company. Romero and his crew have been traipsing around with such noted jocks as 0. J. Simpson, Willie Stargell, Lou Brock, Reggie Jackson, Bruno Sam-martino, Mario Andretti and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who is usually rather inaccessible, and who turned out to be the most colorful and candid of all the sports celebrities, according to Romero. But, cracking the networks has been almost as tough as defeating the feature film distribution game. "THE NETWORKS are like the old movie studios," Romero said. "It isn't the generals who are difficult, it's the lieutenants around them. They keep you away from the top men, probably out of fear of competition in many cases." Despite this blockade, Romero managed to reach ABC-TV's Roone Arledge, who became available after completing the live Frank Sinatra special. Howard Cosell, who appears in the Simpson film and whom Romero described as "extremely generous with his time," helped the local filmmaker reach Arledge. "We screened the film for Howard at the New York Hilton, which is right across the street from ABC, and he liked it so much he told Roone to look at it," Romero said. As a result, "0. J. Simpson: Juice on the Loose" airs on ABC (channel 4 here) on Saturday, Dec. 28 at 4 p. m. "That's their title," Romero said with a certain degree of obvious distaste. "We wanted to call it '2003' because of his record number of yards rushing with the Buffalo Bills." That feat is one of the highspots of LITTLE HAS been heard of the Latent Image nnd director George Romero since "The Crazies" had its short, unhappy release almost two years ago. The abortive distribution of the fourth feature film produced by the Pittsburgn outfit created a certain amount of understandable disappointment and frustration. But, despite the fact we've heard little from Romero, the film's fate did not lead to inactivity. In fact, the main reason we haven't heard much about the young film-maker lately is that he simply hasn't been around much. For the past 14 months, he has been away from Pittsburgh more than he's been in the city, even though his company continues to keep its corporate headquarters here. I talked to Romero the other day during one of his stopovers, and found him brimming with ideas and activity. To begin with, "The Crazies'" is not quite dead, he told me. "We had some very good reviews and the great reception at the Edinboro Fes-' tival, but the distributor didn't seem to know what to do with it," he said. "We'd still like to get it back and into theaters. There have been two solid offers for the rights that would cover every dollar put into it, but the distributor won't sell it. It's just sitting on a shelf." (The distributor is Lee Hessel's Cambist Films, a small independent that financed the film. The best-known Cambist release is probably "Cry Uncle.") "THE WHOLE distribution business for independents today is just impossible," Romero said. That's why he has branched out, at least temporarily, into a new medium television. With financial support from Babb Investments locally, Romero got in the film, which Romero screened for me at the Latent Image's fifth floor office on Fort Pitt Boulevard. Simpson's record effort is edited to the strains of the "2001" theme, only one of the many clever concepts Romero has injected into the excellent film. Even the interview portions have a spontaneity and flavor we rarely see in such documentaries. The film will be updated, by the way, to include a reference to Sunday's game with the Steelers at Three Rivers Stadium. WHILE ROMERO has piled up enough film footage to put together the definitive expose on the life of a professional athlete "assuming I could ever get the clearances from everybody" his first love remains dramatic films. "I've got several scripts for TV movies and considerable interest from a New York agency that saw "The Crazies' and worked with us on the sports docs," Romero said. Laurel Tape and Film, the new Latent Image subsidiary, is also buying rights to several independent films with hopes to distribute them nationally. And, of course, Romero remains a cult figure because of his first feature, "Night of the Living Dead," which was singled out again in the recent book "The Best" as the finest of all horror films. Romero accepts such praise with equilibrium. When a New York Times article compared "The Exorcist" unfavorably to "Night of the Living Dead," Romero wrote to director William Friedkin to say he disagreed. He counts Friedkin among his favorite directors, a list that also includes Hitchcock, P o 1 a n s k i, Welles, Coppola, Nichols and Kubrick, "who is in a class by himself." "CATGH mo n mmni mo " ooiieiuM IA uaiaoiu gum 18 milHIIXtaUII niuufi' Ili'HMi.OlOR'IANv.l-.ION" vii o 22" R) plUS-Alan Arkin al the "LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS" PRIMAL PLEASURE rim' !'!." 'I0i't flMUIIDN" PIIHIl" ni n "TOIKC " 1 10 Ml "CATCH 22": 6 9:55 'LOVERS": 8:10 TODAY AT1:00 I James Caan m ' LAST 6 DAYS! ADlfcNTUIP BEVOND IMAGINATION 4:00,1:00, 1:00, 10:00 P.M. HE NEVER v"i3Sll hS3 Gombleiu WZVLTDISNEYpnoDucnoNs' T0DAV AT 2:30, 4:15. 6:15. ! 60. 10:00 P.M. A Km QOQD Shipim Film TONIGHT AT7:30 1 9:45 P.M THEATER CLOCK IJon Voihl's Most Stnulive Perloiminci! THCDOE5S1 FILE GUILD - "Catrh 71" ot 6 and 9:55. ' Lost of the Red Hat Lovers at 8-10. KINGS COURT - "Flesh Gordon" at 8 and 9:50 MANOR - "Trial of Billy Jock" at 8. OX STAGE SQUIRREL HILL - Jon Volght ond Maximilian Schell In "The Odessa File" ot 7:30 and 9:45. STANLEY - Chrlsthooer Lee and Brltt Ekland In "The Man with the Golden Gun" at 1:45, 4, 6:15, 8:30 and 10. WARNER - Charlton Heston and Avo Gardner In "Earthauoke" at 1:15, 3 30, 5:45, 8 ond l&ilS. TS Smoih Suipmst Hit el tlx Ytarl "Primal Pleasure" at 'Young Generation" at SHADYSIDE -7:30 ond 10. 8:45. rji i r J m J a.1 Ilia -i- '"''- ''-'-in i I m I i i uniun i hi Q.vv m i. ju r .m. m ON SCREEN BUHL PLANETARIUM - "The Christmas Star" at 2:15 and 8:15. CHATHAM CINEMA - Jock Lemmon and Walter Matthou In "The Front Page." Premiere tonight ot 8: IS. benefit. ENCORE ft FORUM - Art Carney In "Horry and Tonto" at 7:30 and 9:30. FIESTA - James Caan In "The Gambler" at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. FULTON Paul Newman and Steve McQueen In "Towering Inferno." Premiere tonight at 8, benefit. FULTON MINI - "The Groove Tube" ot 2:1S. 4:15. 6:15, 8:15 ond 10. GATEWAY - Al Pacino ond Robert Duvall in "The Godfather Part II." At 1, 4:30 and 8. BEN GROSS - Rt. 30, Irwin, Pa. Don Brocket's "Burlesque Gaieties." tonight at 9-30. LoBASTILLE DINNER THEATER - Oliver Plaza. "The Boy Friend." To-nloht at 8:30. MARKET SQUARE PLAYHOUSE - 4th and Market Sts. "Gvpsv." Tonight at 7:30. PLAYHOUSE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER - "Streets of New York." Tonight at 8. WALT HARPER'5 ATTIC - Market Sq, "Jocnues Brel Is Alive and Well . . . tonight ot 7. 1 a Post-Gazette GoocHcffow. Rijistrf by BUFNA VISTA DISTRIBUTION CO . INC. G Technicolor rfi 1974 WaII Oitnty Productions 4 ' . r- 1 :, nnA 1 LSiiyj WAIT MSNEY WINNIE the POOH and TICCER TOO JLij TECHNICOLOR Will Oiry PrtttfucHN TONIGHTAT, 7:30 1 9:30 P.M. 1 fllUnillllUIUIIIHHl STARTS TOMORROW! ART CARNEY is OSCAR Bound in I the IMjeiluooti nst I f STAtMANT A IOUNOI j CHRISTMAS DAY DINNER 1 . , . a tradition with us! Bring lb family and enoy the who dy' ' SWING fROM J TM. T0 1 P.M. I DINNERS START At '5.95 27i 4.45 I NEWS from "Around the your easy-to-read morning world" is a daily feature in Post-Gazette. of the THE BEATLES "AWAY WITH WORDS" The World's Largest Traveling Multi-Media Production Comes to Pittsburgh for Eleven (11) Unforgettable Performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 20th, 21st ond 22nd. Advance tickets on sale now for only $3.25 at all TICKETRON and NATIONAL RECORD MART locations. S3. 75 ot the door. 4 Shows Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m., plus Special Midnight Freak Show each night. 3 shows Sunday at 6 p.m. (matinee) plus 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. (final show) AT PITTSBURGH'S ACOUSTICALLY PERFECT SYRIA MOSQUE Brought to You by A.F.C. Audio & Communications Design, Inc. 5700 Centr Avt. at Negley FREE PARKING in the Kennilworth Goroge E Kennilworth For Reservations call362-9550 ALBERT R. BROCCOLI HARRY SALTZMAN pre n jf Ihe 3!appy one for the otidays o They'd do anything for a story... and do. r i PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WILLIAM STEINBERG Music Director POSMD lOHAsrH ,Vw, are Candm tor HIOMfS MIC MM .K AMnt Condidor HEINZ HALL FCR THE PERFORMING ARTS TOMORROW ot 8:30 P.M. SUNDAY at 3:00 P.M. ZDENEK MACAL Co'iriuc iiij Bsrllitf Overture, Hsitian Carnival" Roussel Smfonietta for Strings Ravel "Daphms et Chlo'e" Suite No. 2 Beethoven Symphony No.? For Tickt Information. Cell Heini Hall to Oftict. 281 -3000 ;i:Hr' F5. ;'yK Id' 4 " Ik fUr- t V - :::.:.:.:.. . .-. . -. - f . , ....... lV.v.-.-.v.- . . x Gentlemen r . I otNowi 2nd BUZING HIT "MEATMLl" f t HOLIDAY J IT . SPECIAL SHOW! X''K 0 HOT-STRONG V ' A. ADULT MOVIES ' M FLEMING'S rj Wk Wmm WALTER rMTHAU THE FElOrJT PA0I COvtT'irq WD Vm. CHARLES WO -AUSTIN PENDLETON ere1 CAROL BU RN ETT 5 tv bi u wider 6 i m diamond Bcxed on the plo, ov KN ItO'crd CMARLE5 MocIffjR- Dccted bi BJLLY WILDER fcaf HoourcflWOS l.'-'C flocwied bv M MO.l IfCCOO P:j,.;50N' AL''.'.,e6'lFiCIu fj'.!!88 THE (KQDHLIG w!h CHRISTOPHER LEE- BRITT EKLAND albert r. broccoli harry saltzmau erected by GUY HAMILTON -Screenplay by RICHARD MAIBAUMandTOM MANKIEWICZ tJ0H:i BARRY COLOR ' I MOTIOH HCTUIH SOUNDTBACK VAIUU OH UNlTCO 1W5 J HICMK tllOTlj f fjfj APtlStS f I f "(tit CUIBIICI lUCCtl'lll I PG ..r;::;.rv,:.:,:. NO PASSES ACCEPTED TOMORROW STARTS TODAY Potur At 1s43, 4:00. ;1 S, 8:30, 10:4S P M- mj in- r fr , 1-ji n r iniiim --if-ini iiiiiiMiiiiiiiiaiirinn wwiwiiiiiiiiy RAISING children? Read "Parents Ask" daily in jour 4morning Post Gazelle.

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