The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1943 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1943
Page 8
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The Algona Upper DCS Moines, Algoai, low*, July 15,1S43 ARTHUR G. KELLY, U. S. N., MARRIED MWHIHEMORE Whittemore—Miss Betty Holmquist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Holmquist, of Boone, formerly of Emmetsburg, became the bride of Yeoman 2/c Arthur G. Kelly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Kelly, at St. Michael's Catholic church at 9:00 o'clock Monday morning, the Rev. Edward Fandel of Sanborn, uncle of the groom, officiating. Miss Peggy Miller, of Emmetsburg, a friend of the bride, was maid of honor and Francis Fandel. a cousin of the groom, acted as best man. The bride had been employed by the Block & Kuhl department store in Moline, 111., and the groom is with the U. S. navy, having been in the Iceland area the past 18 months. He will return to New York at the end cf his 30-day furlough. A three-course breakfast was served at the Thomas Kelly home to about 24 relatives and friends. Arno Hahn arrived home Sunday from Texas for a 15-day fur- Congregation of here attended the installation of Teach A: Liisman at-Lotts Creek Sunday afternoon. Mesdames Erwih and Walter Struecker attended the funeral of a friend at Luverne, Minn., Sat? urday. .They returned home Sunday.. . Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber received the. glad tidings that they are now , grandpa and grandma, as a daughter, Susan, arrived at the home of LI. and Mrs. Vern Weber at Ogden, Utah, Saturday. Mary Jane Reding arrived here Thursday to spend a two weeks' vacation.with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding. She is employed by the Department of Interior at Chicago. At the parental home for dinner Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Reding and son, Terry Lynn, of Irvinglon and Mary Jane of Chicago. A number of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schultz Sunday to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Schultz. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt and son, Raymond, Mrs. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer and son, Gerald, and Mr. and Mrs. George Maahs and family of here; Rosella and Elenora Voigt of Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer and lough with his parents, Mr. and Elaine, and son Alden, of LuVerne. Mrs. F. O. Hahn. Cards were played and lunch was A number of St. Paul's Lutheran' served. War Hemp Notes (By Kinsey & Elston, Mgrs.) AUNT LUCY'S Helpful Hints MEAL PLANNING - COOKING - SEW1NO This column is dedicated to the patient mothers who have to pack lunch boxes. For it is almost as monotonous for her as it is the one who has to carry and eat a cold lunch every day. If one likes sandwiches, it is not as bad, otherwise, a great deal fo ingenuity has to be used. It is necessary in packing a lunch to remember the essential foods and have a balanced meal in the packed menu. First requisite—Milk - Soups, custards, chocolate (hot or cold) creamed dishes. Second—Vegetable - raw in salads or plain, sandwich spread, and soup. Third—Fruits - Desserts, or sandwich filling. Fourth—Eggs - Deviled, salads,'sandwich filling. Fifth—Meats - Cold sliced, salads, creamed dishes, sandwiches. Sixth—Butter in sandwiches, desserts and cookies. Sweets—Molasses, sugar, and honey, syrups, in cake, cookies and desserts. A thremos bottle of hot nutritious soup is one of the best solutions of getting something warm and satisfying, and that adds good stores of body building nutrients. The cream soups may be made •with whole milk or condensed and help in getting the needed amount in the diet. Cream of Lima Bean Soup 1 % cups cooked dried lima beans, 1 tablespoon parsley finely minced, 1 cup top milk or thin cream, 3 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 teaspoon salt, pepper, 1/4 onion, minced. Soak beans in cold water 4 to 5 hours. Cook in same water 20 minutes, add salt and cook until tender. Rub beans through coarse sieve. Melt butter, add onion and cook 5 minutes. Remove onion, add flour to remaining butter, blend until smooth. Add pureed beans, cream,, salt, pepper. and minced onion. Bring to the boiling point. Pour into thermos bottle for lunch box or serve immediately. Sandwich Spread (This recipe will make two pounds of delicious spread using only ONE pound of butter). 1 envelope plain gelatine, V4 cup cold water, 1 pound butter, 1 HVz-ounce can evaporated milk, 1 teaspoon salt. Soften gelatine in the water. Cut butter into small pieces and heat over hot water but do not melt the butter, have it just soft enough to beat. Dissolve gelatine over hot water and add to the butter with salt. Gradually whip the milk into the butter with a Dover egg beater or electric mixer until milk does not separate. Keep in refrigerator when not using. Fresh milk may be substituted, in which ca:;e a pint of milk, preferably the top half of a quart of while milk, and soften the gelatine in milk instead of water using Vi cup taken from the pint substituted. Sandwich Fillings Cottage cheese, carrot and nuts; cottage cheese and celery; cottage cheese and dates, raisins or jam. Peanut butter and dates; peanut butter and banana; peanut bul- ter and preserves; peanut butter and minced olives. Dates, chopped and orange juice; dates and nuts; dates and marshmallows. Cheese, olives and nuts; cheese and bacon; cheese and prunes. There is no limit to the combinations and each one has to be guided by the likes and dislikes of her brood, but do give variety and be ready to try out another trick if they tire of the routine. Be sure and put fresh fruit, strips of nice fresh vegetables, nuts and cookies, varying as needs be, and some candy for a surprise occasionally will make you a popular lunch packer. Grisham-Wildin Near Ottosen Saturday At the Robert Kuhiman home near Ottosen Saturday evening at 7 o'clock Carl F. Grisham, of Cobool, Minn., and Mary Jane Wildin, West Bend, were united in marriage, the Rev. N. A. Price of the M. E. church, Algona, performing the ceremony. The bride was attended by LaVonne Bacon and the groom by Merrill Bacon. ST. JOE NEWS Barbara Thul of Algona is visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Airs. John Thul. Corrine and Norman Kayser spent the first of last week with their aunt, Mrs. Anna Kayser. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Illg went to Rochester, Minn., Thursday, where Mrs. Illg went for a check-up in the clinic. Mrs. Herbert Benge and Elizabeth of Bradgate were Friday afternoon visitors at the William Hammer home. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Colwell and daughter of Irvington were last Monday evening callers at the Geoi-ge Wagner home. Darlene Riding, Shirley Riding and Shirley Wagner spent the first of last week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Illg. Tom Rowells was taken to Iowa City by ambulance last Tuesday and underwent a major operation. His daughter, Mrs. Peter Schmitt, is with him. Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McGuire entertained friends, and relatives in their home last Tuesday evenin:;. The evening was spent with cards and scoially. Lunch was served. A large number from this vicinity attended the pre-nuptial sho\y- er for Miss Helen Youngwirth in St. Michael's Academy at Whittemore Sunday afternoon. Miss Youngwirth was the recipient of many pretty and useful gifts. She was married to Sgt. Arthur Plathe, of this place, in St. Michael's church at Whittemore, yesterday (Wednesday) forenoon. War Hemp Industries, Inc., was chartered to operate the hemp processing mills authorized under orders issued September 19, 1942, by the War Production Board, which requested that there be produced in 1943, 300,000 acres of hemp fibre and 50,000 acres for hemp seed. This action was taken under the war emergency and wr.s designed to meet the necessity for an essential product for the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Forces in the prosecution of the war. The question has been asked, 'What is a weed?" Any plant grown out of place is a weed, therefore, corn in a hemp field is a weed, and hemp in a corn field is also a weed. If any hemp seed has been spilled in handling, or washed out of the hemp field, it should be treated as a weed and destroyed. There are still some empty seed sacks that have not been returned. Please put these empty sacks in your car now, and drop them off at the Rising Elevator on your next trip to Algona, so that they may be cleaned and repaired for next year's seed. The hemp crops in this area are growing taller and looking better every day. We had the misfortune of hail damage in several fields in the Lone Rock-Burt area, but we can be thankful that damage by floods, like in Illinois and Indiana, were not suffered in this area. It is very important to have a border around your hemp fields. This should be grain or a crop that does not need cultivation. Cultivation makes.-the outer stalks of hemp too large to handle by the hemp harvester machine. We have found some hemp ruined by cultivation of the border crop. Hemp stalks measuring 8 feet 4 inches were brought into the office July 9th. Rye & Hinkel, Construction Co., are really going to town on the construction work of the Algona plant. Regardless of constant rainy weather, the new buildings seem to spring up like mushrooms. You will be proud of this new industry. Although we are not yet in a position" to begin hiring mill workers, if you are interested in securing work in the mill,- we would like to suggest, if you have not already done so, that you leave your name .and address at the Hemp Office, which is temporarily located in the .McEnroe Building. Applications will then be sent out at the proper time., We will be glad to answer questions in this cdlumn that are mailed to the War Hemp Office, pertaining to hemp grow and processing. . "Care for-our Boys and Girls in service." Buy more War Bonds and Stamps now! (Victory War Hemp Notes \yill be published each week in the Algona Upper Des Moines. For new developments read your local paper. Hemp Plant Office Telephone 686. Surgical Dressing Room Open Again The Red Cross surgical dressing room is again open on three days of the week, Monday morning from 8:30 until 11:30 and in the afternoon from 1:00 until 4:00; Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 until 4:00; and Friday morning from 8:30 until 11:30. The Friday morning hours are for the Junior Red Cross, but the girls may come to any of the other sessions. Any girl who is interested will be wel- i come. There are about 30,000 bandages of three different types to be made in the present quota. The work is being done as usual in the Holmes building, first door north of the Modern Dry Cleaners. BANCROFT NEWS UNION NEWS Mrs. Cliff Aalfs and two child ren, of Sioux City, are guests th week at the parental Cheste Bailey home. Maurice Boevers left for h home in California Wednesda following a three weeks' slay her with his father, Goerge Boever afler the death of his mother o June 20. He owns and operate a veterinarian hospital there. T^ ' Belly Long of Sheldon sper Ihe week at the Ralph Coope and Earl Long homes. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED BATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 ivords or less. When paid with order, 2c per word; when charged, 3c per word. N» ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients Sc and send cash with order they receive le per word commission. Wanted WANTED—To buy a row boat large enough to carry four people sui'ely. Must have good oars, good oar locks, be sound tight, and in good condition. Would pay good rent for use of such a boat for 30 days. E. L. Gilbert, 621 East North St. Phone 973-W. 28* WANT TO RENT—Two or threa- room furnished apartment. Call 6-F12. 28* WANTED — Waitress and dishwasher. Hotel Algona. 28 WANTED—Women help, 30c to 35c per hour. Alffona Laundry. 28 HELP WANTED—Male and female to help prepare food products for army, navy and civilian use. Good pay, extra overtime. This work considered essential. Swift & Co. 27-28 Lost-Found STRAY CALF came to my place. Owner identify and pay costs. Lawrence Thilges, Bode. 26-28* For Sale FOR SALE—500 bu. ear corn; 500 bu. oats. Alfred Jerguson, Al- Major and Mrs. S. Sukavitch of Albuquerque, New Mexico, arrived Monday lor a few days' visit at the Dr. T. J. Egan home. BUDGET ESTIMATE LONE ROCK INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Notice—The Board of Directors of The Lone Rock Independent School District, Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet July 26, 1943, at 8:00 P. M., at The Lone Rock Bank. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning July 1, 1943, and ending June 30, 1944. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursemnets, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. E. M. JENSEN, District Secretary. FUNDS 1 2 Expenditures for Year S fl 3 gona. 23* FOR SALE — Nearly new 1912 model RCA radio-phonograph combination. Edna Miller, Algona Phone 977-W. 28" Miscellaneous SEPTIC TANKS and cesspool cleaned the modern way. Her one week only. Call Mike's D-X 196, between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m SS-28 THREE-QUARTER SIZE Piano— Like new. Cash or terms. Writ Auditing Dept., Box 142, Spencer Iowa. 28 HURRY! Order baby chicks Co: July 17. Some started Leghorn pullets. Wellendorf Hatchery, Algona. 28 : NEED MONEY to buy a farm? Let us tell you about the Aetna Life Insurance' Company's new farm loan plan, low rate, 26-year repayment plan, a reserve feature, no deductions. Hutchison & Hough. Security State Bank Bids; 24-33 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — AI the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric Algona, Iowa. l-l: Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. Bjustrom's Furniture 1-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. — Phil J Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-1: FOR SALE—Fresh Shorthorn cow Herbert Haas. One mile nort! of Hobarton. 28 FOR SALE—New milking machines and cream separators. Algona Maytag Store. Phone 399. 28 FOR SALE—One red milk cow just fresh. One roan bull. Raymond Kramer, 1 '/i miles south Cresco church. 28* FOR SALE—Small icebox. Holds 25 Ibs. ice. Edward Kain, Algona. 28 : FOR SALE—New hog feeders cf all sizes; burr grinders, large capacity; Massey-Harris 101 Jr. tractor. We have various otl-^r items of new machinery. Check with us to see if we have what you want. Bradley Bros., South Hotel Algona. Phone 714. $12,336 359 $12,695 1,893 General .......................... $11,395 Transportation .............. 375 Total Gen. Fund ........ $11,770 Bonds and Interest ........ 1,758 Total All Purposes ...... $13,528 $13,588 Secretary's balance July 1, 1943 1. GENERAL FUND ........ . 2. Less Unpaid Bills 3. Less Balance Reserved Net Unencumbered Balance (G. F.) SCHOOL HOUSE FUND Number of persons of school age Taxable valuation, 1942 ,„.„ ...... .. Money and predfts, 1942 .;;U...^ .......... $13,500 None $1,700 $11,800 350 None 350 $13,850 None $1,700 $12,150 1,800 1,800 $15,650 None $1,700 $13,950 $6,108.06 $ 400.00 5,708.06 6,108.06 None $1,168.69 ..$712J?77 $ 20,790 f USED CAR AND MACHINERY FOR SALE—1931 Pontiac 6 4-dr sedan, good tires, motor o.k. 2- wheel trailer. '41 I. H. C. pickup baler. Allis Chalmers 20-35 tractor. 3-14 John Deere plow. Horse drawn mowers. Rebuilt wagon box. Gas engine. Cream separators with motors. Minneapolis-Moline side rake. Spring tooth harrows. Twine, wire, oil, grease, antifreeze. HONEYMEAD FEEDS FOR ALL LIVESTOCK BRADLEY BROS. 28 Phone 714 So. Hotel Algona FOR SALE — 15-30 McCormick- Deering tractor. Mike Loss, Algona. ' 27tf FOR SAi.E — Theiman steering outfits to drive tractor from binder seat. Good stock of repairs. J. E. Ukena, Hardware & Implements, Lakota. 27-28 FOR SALE—Purebred Shorthorn bull, 2 years old. John Metzger, 4% miles north and 2% miles west o* Hobarton. 28* HOME LOANS TO BUY, REPAIR OR REFINANCE. LOW INTEREST RATE NEW AND TERMS—WHY PAY MORE. Algona Federal Savings & Loan Algona, Iowa. Buy Bonds Here. 18tf ON HAND NOW—Day old and started chicks at reduced prices Get them now, as we are about to close for the season. Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. 26-28 KEEP YOUR Service Man supplied with stationery. Send him a box with his branch insignia embossed on each sheet. Box contains 50 sheets and 50 envelopes. $1.10 a box. Army, Navy, Army and Navy Air Forces, Coast Guard and Marine insignias. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 19-tf RUBBER STAMP PADS and ink, black, blue, green, 40c each at the Algona Upper Des Moines Office. 11-tf FOR SALE—Book of 500 receipts and duplicates, 4 to a page, $2.50. Algona Upper Des Moines. 9tf DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—dark green, chocolate, red, pink, blue and peach for sale at the Upper Des Moines office, l."c each, 2 for 25c. 3-vf IF YQU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines, 50c and up. 13-tf ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c each, ' for 35c. 34-tJ GET YOUR typewriter and adding machine ribbons at the Algona Upper Des Moines. 4-tf FOR DURABILITY—For Impressiveness—Use Better Paper. Tho Nest napers are made from rags. Try New Era Bond, 20 Ib. substance, for a really fine paper, «270 for 500 sheets. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 9-tf W.'Algona. 26* Inez Menke spent the week-en at the parental J, H. Menke .home Inez is employed by the Unio Pacific railroad in Omaha. Mrs. A. W. Kennedy, Jimnii and Joann, Mr. and . Mrs.. Joh Brink spent Sunday at Ayrshir visiting Dr. and Mrs. Brink an family. . Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Quini Jeanne and Eileen, Mrs. Gen Wolfe and Denny, were guests o Sunday at the C. N. Miller horn at LtiVrene., Staff Sergeant Francis Menk will leave Wednesdty for Cam Crowder, Missouri, after spend ing his furlough at the parenta J. H. Menke home. Dolores Schiltz • and Marjon Walsh returned Sunday, from Dav enport where they had spent few days visiting with the latter brother and family, Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Walsh. LuVerne Austin, Billy Fuchi Martin and 1 Paul McDevitt, Larr; and Francis Nemmers, Josepl Eicli, James Bradley, and Bobb, Nurre are spending this week B Camp Lady of the Lake at LaK Okoboji. Mr. and Mrs. George Wahnke of Joliet, Illinois; Agnes and Reu ben Olson and Wayne Hjarth spent Sunday at Windom, Minn They were guests of Rev. anc Mrs. L. J. Patten and son. Rev Patten is a former pastor of the local Baptist church. Maxine McCarthy, petty office third class, came last Saturday tc spend a few days visiting he: parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mc> Carthy. Maxine has been stationed at Boston, Mass., but- is now transferred to the University of Notre Dame. Mr. and Mrs. Leander Vask and iPat entertained at supper las Thursday evening honoring Sgt Clarence Vaske, Dalhart, Texas Guests were Mrs. Johanna Vaske Valeria and Linus; Ermina Recker of St. Benedict; Mr. and Mrs Marvin Vaske and family; Mr and Mrs. Ervin Ulses and family Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Fangman and family and Sergeant Vaske Mr. and Mrs. Albert McCarthy and family entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their daughter, Maxine. Guests were Mr 'and Mrs. J. W. Schiltz, Evelyn Bernice and Lawrence, Mr. anc Mrs. J. H. Sheridan, Mr. and Mis John McCarthy and son, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sundin and family, Wesley; Mr., and Mrs. Donald McCarthy and family, St. Benedict, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Flora, Algona. OTTOSEN NEWS Mrs. Chet Alme and Shirley were Ft. Dodge visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lander were business visitors in Boone. Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kinseth of Bradgate were Sunday dinner guests of the Sam Kinseths. Ralph Gatton returned Sunday from the Lutheran hospital at Ft Dodge after a recent operation. Mrs. Merle Faulk and Mrs Amelia Watnem returned home from Rochester, Minn., Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Christiansen of Marshall, Minn., were visitors this week at the Ralph Richards home, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs and children of Bradgate were Sunday visitors at the Peter Holt nome, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Watnem and family visited Mrs. Manda Mitsven at Bode Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Albert Hermansen and Arlene and Mrs. Paul Neilsen of Rolfe were Friday night visitors at the L. J. Bremsen home. The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met at the church parlors Friday afternoon with Mrs. John Coyle and Mrs. Clyde Barindes as hos- ;esses. Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Elston and and Elton and Mrs. Mayme Hofius of Algona, were Sunday night visitors at the Eugene Hofius lome. Wilma Wiess, of Humboldt, who •ecently returned from New York where she visited Pfc. Loweil Sropf, was a Friday visitor at the Sam Kropfs. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Manguson of Milroy and Mrs. 'Martin Mangu-* CLASSIFIED ADS SAVE MONEY When You Buy From Us When You Sell To Us FOR SALE Be Cool This Summer Be Warm This Winter Homeguard Insulation pays for itself in 3 years on fuel savings alone. Average cost for 5-room bouse only $140 including labor and material. Now You Can Buy Tires If you have a "B" or "C" card and drive over 240 miles a month. See us for full information. Re-roof Now At a Saving Don't take a chance on a leaky, worn out roof. Gamble's Slate Coated rolled Roofing guaranteed |or years. son, of Marshall, Minn., Were Friday dinner guests at the Ernefet Enockson home. 1 Mr.' and Mrs 1 . Donald Cooper and children and Mf, and Mrs. Getf. Cooper WSrfe visitors last Sunday at the Ar'ehie Hansen home at Spirit Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Norland Shultz, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Skow and farhily and Mrs. Albert Shu'ltz and family werfe; Sunday evening visitors at the Art Tabors. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oppedahl and Peter and Mrs, Bertha Oppe^ dahl and Dickey wei'e Sunday dinner guests at the Thomas Rogness home at Thor, also the Ira Lee home. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Enockson and girls visited the W.' G. Cooper home at Rutland and with Pic. Keith M. Cooper, 'home on furlough from Camp Haan, .Calif., which he is spending with his wiCc and parents and Other relatives. LONE ROCK NEWS The Russell Bates family were visitors at the Ralph Hurlbert home Sunday evening. Mrs. Lillie Thompson and Neva were dinner guests at the Walter Thompson home Sunday. Mrs. Knute Thompsen, Ring- sled, came Sunday for a visit at the Andrew Thomson home. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radig and family were dinner guests . at the John'Schallin home at Lotts Creek Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Long and son, Roger, were dinner guests at the W. H. Reidel home at Burt Sunday. * Mr. and Mrs. Ben Murray of Detroit, Mich., were dinner guests at the E. M. Jensen home Saturday evening. Roger Jensen, who has been a patient at the Kossuth hospital for several weeks, was brought home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quinn and children, Cletus and Barbara, wei'e dinner guests at the Wm. Duddinj; home at Bancroft Sunday. Donald Marlow, Dell Marlow, Mrs. Eldon Marlow and Jean Sates spent .Sunday at, Oakdale With'M&. Donald Marlow.' Mr. and Mrs. W, C. Melter and the'Clair Bellinger family attended the stiver wedding of the Monroe Heiters at Marathon Sunday. The *R. a Borchardt family, East Chain. Minn., were visitors at the Emil Kraft home Sunday. ,Their daughter, Marcella, remained for a Week. ; • • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wolfe, Algona,' spent Sunday evening at the Calvin Householder home. J. C: Householder accompanied them home for a week. , Mr,'and'Mrs. Charles Reilly of Waterloo, Oscar-Rei'lly, Jean Sim- mohs and Ida Reilly, all of West Bend, Were visitors at the Merwin Marlow home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson and the Henry. Kueck family were guests at the E. J. Heidenwith home at Swea City Saturday evening in honor of Mr. Heidenwlth's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ackerman and son, Claude and Larry, of Ventura, called on relatives and friends here Sunday morning. They and the Frank Flaig family and Helen Sprank attended tha Hoosier picnic at the Robert Ackerman home near Burt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bierstedt had as their dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Murray, De- troit; Mrs. Johti Householder, Oel- weifll Mr 1 , ahd Mrs, Walter Daoken of AlgoBa: Mrs. Alice Sierle and family, Mrs. Wm. Murray and son, William, and Mrs. .Jessie Goozey. Mr, and Mrs. Walter Thompson received -a telephone tall ftom thek son, Warren, stationed at Camp Peary, Va., Saturday mom- ing. He was having-"a 62 hour leave and was sight-seeing at Washington, D. C. He recently received a promotion to 2nd class seaman. • ., Visitors at John Traub Home In Ottosen Mr. and Mrs. John Kline of Carlisle and their daughter, Florence, of Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. Nina Traub of Des Moinos visited from Wednesday until Thursday with the women's sister. Mrs. Joe Preston. Mrs. Traub remained until this week Wednesday when Mrs. Preston will take her to her home and stop at Ames to bring home her daughter, Wilma Preston, who has completed a four year home economics course nt Iowa State College. Lillian Aukes of Buffalo Center is working at the John Drew home. IF YOU WEED FURNACE REPAIRS Depend on ua for prompt, expert service at reasonable pricei. We'll help you be sure your furnace U kept in good shape./ The factory provides us with 24-hour' a-day service on genuine repair part* for Green Colonial furnaces. NEW FURNACES? U TOUT present furnace* la beyond us* or repair, you can Btill buy i new Gr«en Colonial. Aik us about It. « 2 Laing Ouckey ?lione 464 N. Dodge St ALGONA, IOWA GREEN COLONIAL FURNACE SERVICE Frozen tor the Duration PROTECTION WILL MAKE THEM LAST 'Scientific Tests Show That Pittsburgh's "Vitalized Oils" Keep Paints "Live," Tough and Elastic /"'HECK UP on your property and your household equipment. Do \^t they need repainting? Then — in these uncertain times —better not put it off. Do the job NOW with Pittsburgh Live Paint —and your possessions will be protected for years to come. Pittsburgh Paints stay "Live," tough and elastic because they are enriched with "Vitolized Oils," which remain in the paint film and. prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. Because of the "Live" quality, Pittsburgh Paints retard cracking, peeling and blistering. In all our experience in the paint business, we've never seen their equal for giving long, trouble-free protection on every type of surface — brick, wood, plaster, concrete; or metal. PITTSBURGH PAINTS Kohlhaas Hardware Sale of Shoes In compliance with the OPA Odd Lot Release—we offer 'our quota of seasonable shoes which include -Whites and two-tone Tans to you—and you can buy these without giving up shoe stamps. There is no secret about it—these are all pre-war quality shoes, live rubber heels, A-1 quality leather soles. To add to the deal, we are going give the price a great big Crack also and really make things interesting—so here goes —from July 19th to July 31st only, we offer these fine summer shoes—made by Crosby Square, Weyenberg and John Million. They are $4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 grade shoes and the Sale Price will be So grab yow pocketbook and leave your shoe stamps home. You can't beat it^-and you patft1>e"1»ak Remember the dates—Monday, Jyjy J9th to Saturday, July 3Jst only for pur sale of OPA Qdd lipt Release Shoes. *• vigtff . N QUALITY CLOTHING AND SHOES

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