Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1963 · Page 8
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1963
Page 8
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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE i TUESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1963 Mysterious Radar Line Headed Storm Weather Observer Puzzled by Seldom Seen Phenomenon (Continued from rage? 1) ftfr further studier havp been made," she says, "we may not have a final answer." Lin Wa Independent The mysterious storm line formed independently of the savage thunderstorm that Mattered much of the rest of the Pittsburgh district, dealing heavy blows to Carnegie and several Northside areas. MU Kenny got her first hint the storm was romlng when the radar picked up Indications of severe weather near Toledo, O., bout 5 p. m. Her suspicion grew to virtual rertalnty at 7:15 p. m. when the radar showed a strong; thunderstorm developing near Younratown, - "d traveling southeast. An hour later the storm split in two. One of these headed toward Pittsburgh. On radar, the storm dmage showed hooks at the edges which weather forecasters have come to link with tor nadoes. Then the thunderstorm did something else many tornado-spawning storms do it gave hlrth to a peculiar elongated cell, which lay in a threatening position 12 miles west of Carnegie when the power went off. Couldn't Contact Area Weather forecasters tried to find out by telephone where the storm was hitting, hut couldn't because so many lines were down. An investigation Is underway to determine whether any of the devastating winds were tornadoes. Weather men are making on-site Inspections of damage, interviewing witnesses, and studying pictures of the storm-damaged areas made available by the Post-Gazette. Vincent flagarro, assistant director of the airport weather office, said no official weather observers have ever reported seeing a funnel-shaped tornado cloud in this area. M MPH Was High He also noted that the top wind speed recorded Saturday at the airport was 85 miles an hour ten miles an hour above hurricane force, but a long way below the 400 to 500 m.p.h. winds recorded in tornadoes. But neither of these facts, he said, rules out the possibility of a tornado. "In some areas," he said, "winds could have been much stronger than they were where our instruments are located." Just a short distance from the instrument location, he said, the winds broke a chain capable of holding 10,000 pounds, tearing an airplane (a C-119) loose from its moorings and hurling it into another plane. Hallcn Elected Falk Fund Head Philip B. Hallcn, former planning associate at the Hospital Planning Association of A 1 1 e g h e ny County, has ,3? president of the Maurice i Falk Medical "Fund, effec- 4 He will sue- I coed Dr. T. I Cowlcs, w h o -J has accepted Mr. Hallcn a position on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. The purpose of the fund, with headquarters in the Grant Building, Downtown, is to promote personal and public health. Vodka 80 Proof. London Dry Gin. JBEVl Dim lifimrn ZJiZT! r I- Distilled from 100 Grain. Gilbey't Distilled 90 Proof. 100 Grain Neutral Spirits. W. t A. Cilbe.Ltddn, 0. Distributed b Nat'l Dutilleri froductt Co. --. BUTLER t j J v P)AKM'0WN , !'ONV MTwOMA, ' k NEW KINSIN6T0N Iyf 1 s"? 0 1 ' '-v'""", ' 5"AD00ciW J MiDGEVlUt X.-. k Jf Jl N. CMTU SHANNON . J 0ESNeMtKEESroNT I 'HOUGHTON (SPOTT5!VaLUt ""UM.eiY EST Hi Ji PostGeiette Ms Radar watchers were baffled Saturday night by a mysterious wavy line, shown above in the approximate, position it occupied at time of Glassport storm. Arr ow at left shows main storm's path. Federal Aid Offered Area Storm Victims (Continued from Tage 1) Business Administration an nounced it is ready to receive loan applications now In the Fulton Bldg., 107 Sixth St., Downtown. Later, an additional office may be established in Glass-port to serve that community, Clairton and McKeesport, according to F. A. Thomassey, SBA branch manager in Pittsburgh. These loans are made at an Fr. Healey Dies at 71 The Rev. James A. Healey, who had served parishes in Aliquippa, Latrobe, Union- town and Pittsburgh, died yesterday (Aug. 5) at Seton Hospital, Baltimore, Md. He was 71. Father Healey was born in Gaston, England, Aug. 20, 1891. He attended St. Andrew Parochial School here, Du-quesne University and St. Vincent Seminary, Latrobe. He was ordained at St. Vincent Arehabbey June 22, 1917, by the late Bishop J. F. Regis Canevin, After ordination Father Healey served at St. Joseph parish, Aliquippa; Holy Family, Latrobe; St. John, Uniontown; St. Patrick in the strip; St. Mary of Mercy, Downtown; and the Missionary Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. Friends will be received at St. Patrick Church Rectory, Seventeenth Street and Liberty Avenue, Strip District, after 5 p. m., today. A solemn requiem mass will be sung at 10 a. m., Thursday in the Good Samaritan Chapel of St. Patrick's Parish, Fourteenth Street and Penn Avenue. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery. United Airlines, Machinists Agree WASHINGTON'. Aug. 5 (API - - United Airlines and the AFL-CIO International Association o f Machinists have reached agreement on terms of a new labor contract, a company spokesman said today. An agreement was reached on all items in a dispute dating back to June 1, 1962, when the old contract expired, he said. Hetall Price far either X . 'f, I ' a. WASHINGTON inferest rate of three per cent for a 20-year period. Eligible to apply are owners of homes, businesses, churches and charitable institutions damaged by the storm. "They're for big and small business alike," Thomassey stressed. The General Adjustment Bureau, a i Arm serving about 200 Insurance companies In handling claims, has established a special storm office at McKeesport and augmented lti staff at the Green Tree office to handle Carnegie claims. The McKeesport office is at 403 Lysle Blvd. and that in Green Tree at 875 Green Tree Road. Another office of the firm, at 12256 Frankstown Road, Penn Hills, will handle other storm claims. Covers Wind Damage Under extended coverage for homes and commercial establishments, owners are reimbursed for wind damage, including the cost of remov ing fallen trees, an Insurance company spokesman said. Anyone carrying insurance on damaged property should first report the damage to the agent from whom he bought the policy. The agent will carry on from there. Gov. Scranton dispatched Maj. Gen. Thomas White, state adjutant general, to Pittsburgh to tour the areas of storm damage. Dr. Richard Gerstell, state director of Civilian Defense, enroute from the West to Harrisburg, was ordered by the governor to stop off here last night and check storm needs. Emergency Meeting Glassport Council will hold an emergency meeting at 8 o'clock tonight In the Glass-port Municipal Building to discuss storm damage and strategy, Mayor Robert Shaw said. Meanwhile, a clearer picture of the extent of industrial loss became apparent yesterday with estimates of "more than $3 million" damage to Coppprweld Steel Corp.'s main plant and headquarters building in Glassport and $1 million damage to the U. S. Glass Co, plant at Glassport. Both Copperweld and U. S. Glass are closed as a result of the storm. Copperweld's 7.50 e m-ployes were on a three-week vacation, with two weeks t go, when the wind struck, and a spokesman said yesterday he didn't know how many would be able to return to work When their vacation ends. Principal damage at Copperweld was to the casting and rolling mill and laboratory buildings. There was no estimate of when full produc- tj If , Cb4H0b B3- iff- r " imii mwtp i It i Poaf-Gtxfltt Photo Mhn Frances Kenny explains use of weather radar. tion might be resumed. About 200 U. S. Glass employes will be idle until repairs can be made, according to Robert Keleher, executive vice president, and he couldn't say when that might be. "This hit us right at the beginning of our busy season," Keleher added. The Salvation Army and Red Cross were still in service at Glassport and Clairton yesterday, and the Red Cross will continue its relief head Marriage License Applications Monday. AI. S. 18 HOLMES-O'CONNOR, John B. 14(10 BfUlah Rd.; Patricia L., 130 Black-hawk Sf FUCOI-GARDAKOWSKr. .lamw J., 1311 Frfport Rd., Choawlck: Evolyn T., 1901 Harrison Ave., Jfannettf. KEKNER-SIVERD. Richard E , Hn Spruce SI.. Verona; Joyco K., 630 College Ave., Oakmont. KON-S1MPSON. Frank M, 111 ManJ-fleld Ave., Carnesle; Kathryn L 101 Slate St.. Oakdale. . . KAMINSK V-LADIE, John J., RD 1. Chei-wirk; Helen M.. RD 3. Tarentum. BEADI.E-SCHULTZ, Thomaa P.. 7S40 Lemlnjton Ave.; Alberta JS.. 4 10 Tort- LEONB-CUDA, Frederick S . S0 Sprint Way, Sharpiburt. Linda M.. 221 Davis MOiYnARO-'cONDERATO. William. 13 Visia View Dr., Verona; Francea M., Arllnltnn. V. KARP1AK-DOLNACK. Robert M. 109 Wtmlnter Dr., Verona; Patricia D. A.. 240 Universal P.d., Penn H11U. BRADLEY-WATKINS, Galen. 70 Or- Phn St.; Jacquelyn, 538 Brushton FRANK-HEtRV, William T.. 4 Tlm-berlane Dr , Allison Park; Erma L., 16 Northwsy Dr. , CALABRO-FEDUTES, R 1 t h a r d, 1 Eljhth St., Elizabeth; Charleyn, Box 251, Newell. BREGMAN-SKY, Alan D.. 2S14 Shtdy Ave.; Marcla B.. 203 Colerldjo Ave., Alloona. 1VAN-ROHALY. Michael B. , 15 Division St.. West Mimin: Pstrlcia A., 715 Prlscllla Ave.. Duquesne. WATSON-ANDERSON, Lloyd E., Oklahoma City. Okla.: Marian JR., 117 Fifth St.. Asplnwall. 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Am quarters in the Westinghouse Electric Corp. repair plant at 1000 Ohio Ave., Glassport. Salvation and Red Cross units fed hundreds of police, firemen, soldiers and volunteer workers, and the Red Cross headquarters accepted requests by more than 50 families for assistance, a spokesman said. The Red Cross headquarters is open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. daily for such applications. COMFORT-WITT. J. Allen, 30 Union Ave.; Sharon S., 100 Newburn Dr. SHAWKEY-JONES, Samuel F., 321 Ju- cunda St.; Cheryl. 208 Keariaige St. 2ABELA-TERESA, Casimlr P.. .10(10 Zephyr Ave; Teresa, 3053 Glenmawr Ave. FAJTAK-WILHELM, Raymond. 11J0 Sylvan Ave., Homestead; Irene, 724 13th St., Ambrldse. FIBUS-SOLOMON, Ronald Ell. 1501 W Psto St.; Harriet K., 2281 Shady Ave. MILLBR-ESPY, Ronald D. , 5184 Park Ave. Bethel Park; Evelyn M., 320 Maryles Ave., Brentwood. MARSHECK-ELLISON. William J Ocean City. N. J.; Patricia L.. 165 Lonjue Vue Dr., Mt. Lebanon. SCHEELE-MALE, Robert B., 4150 Bite-low Blvd.; Marianne. 210 Conover Rd. GR1FFITH-VORRASI. Martin J., 133 E. Tenth Ave.. Homestead; Jo Anne, 1037 Duffleld gt. PERR Y-RAUBER, Peter C. Jr., 34 Gre-fory St.; Dolorea M., 434 Klnfsboro St. EVANS-SNYDER. Richard D.. 5005 1,1. brary Rri., Bethel Park: Barbara A., 94fi Brerwvlpw Ave., Rsldwln (Boro,). HANCOCK-LAIRD. Arthur V., 2902 Bethel Church Rd., Bethel Park: Bonnie J., 480 Logan Rd., Bethel Park. BIVINS-VANCE, James A 19 35 Charles St.; Wanda L.: 1934 Charles St. GLOVER-GREENB. Walter A. C, 447 Sixth St., Halrton; Bsrba A.. 653 Rldse St., Clairton. WEIN-DEKTOR. Bernard J., 5434 Howe St.; Marilyn A., 6551 Darllni-ton Rd. ONTKO-PORTER, Michael. 510 Center St., Braddock; Shirley, 821 Eliiibeth St. SCOTT-PAUL. Howard L., 393 N. Yesr- llnir Dr.. Columbus. O.; Judith A.. 704 Marie St.. Glassport. KRAUSE-SCHULTZ, John R.. 238 Tjnirel Dr.. Greensburt; Faulette X., 303 Au- tusta Sf. ZIMMERMAN-CONWELL. Curtis R. 1510 Homestead Rd.; Donna L., 5307 HUhrrove Rd. HANuON-BrtOiJDV. .Tames 54 55 Soruce St.; Mary X,., 31 Southern Dr., RD No. 2. CAPLE-MARIANO. Richard L,. 3nn Winston St.; Carol A., 8-25 Johnston Ave. LEAR-BURGER, Ssmuel O.-Jr.. 744 6th St,, Pltcalrn: Dorothy V., 326 Mortimer Ave,, Turtle Creek. Divorce Proceedings ntvoncrs oranted OHOtJSTON. Bnbert H. (rnm KveWn M. CRAHAM. Mary K. trom Homer M. BALL, Nancy Doushty from .lamea C. JOHNSON. Owendolyn C trom Alonio L. .JONE.S. Grace Lee from Willie B. terry, Meivin s. from Enaie. BEATY, Miriam L. from William T. nivoRri: suits rn.KO LANKIKWICZ, Robert P. aialnst Wlsa-beth Ann. LOBAUGH, Barbara atalnst William G. Jr. HENNINGSEN, Udonna J. atalnst Donald P. BLACK, Geneva aialnst James P Ij:sKO. Helen A, ajalnst Charles W. DuPREE, Vonda W. aialnst Albert J. TESTA, Helen E. ajalnst Henry A. OLSON, Frank O. atalnst Realna S, ROSSI. Edward M. atainit Beverly Ann, BLAZER, Bonnie E. against Donald G. CLEAR Y, Anne C. atiainst John F. SHORT. Llla M. atalnst Milton. FUKARO. Shirley T. aialnst Bennl. BURTON, Edwin O. aialnst Lucille M. CARR. Elsie L. aialnst Raymond F. SCRIBNSR. Helen E. atalnst Charlea F. PECK. Joyce J. aialnst Donald J. ZURAVCIK. Nick u Iso known aa Zma), aialnst Mary. MUSZYNSKI. Henry W. aialnst Lucille J, MEYER. Phyllis D aialnst Harry M. KALBFELL. Lou Bell aialnst John Ralph. RUBIN, Dorothea J. aialnst Paul. Dry Skin Itcii? M-ltCK" Sill all i wm AT 0NC( Zcmo "de-itchea" akin these 3 weyi: (I) Reduces sensitivity to itchinf . . . toot hea, cools. (2) Supprwaee itchinf tn salterns. P) Antiseptic promotes healuif. To fret the ami itch action best for your type erf itching, ask for either Zemo Ointment or Zeme Liquid. Both "de-itch" effectively. Barr Seeks To Avert Picketing Negroes Still Hold To Demonstration Plan for Tomorrow (Continued from Page 1) police and equipment at the site. "We don't expect any trouble," Supt. SliiNser fcid. "We expect that this will b an orderly demonstration," As long as it remains peaceful demonstration, he said, the police will not interfere. "We feel that picketing is a legal means of demonstrav ing," he said, "and as long as It remains so we will protect their right to picket." The police superintendent said he could not say In ad vance what action by the Negroes might cause the police to break up the demonstration. Similarly, the NAACP's Brown refused to say whether the demonstrators intended only to picket or whether they would try to stop work on the construction site. "What we're going to do there," Brown asserted, "will be pretty much determined by what happens there." At the same time Brown's other charge at the rally Sunday that both the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny ' County were themselves guilty of job discrimination brought quick denials. "We Just don't know what he's talking about," said a spokesman for Mayor Barr. 'He simply hasn t Indicated yet where the alleged dis crimination In the city Is sup posed to exist." A spokesman for Dr. Wil liam D. McClelland, county Divorcee, Ford Linked (Continued from Page 1) friendship "A well known secret." The World -Telegram said Mrs. Austin conceded she and Ford "are good friends" but she refused to comment on any plans for the future. She last was reported heading for St. Moritz in Switzerland to visit her sister. When asked If she would see Ford, the World-Telegram reported, Mrs. Austin admitted "our circles may cross." i Mrs. Austin, born in Milan, has a Park Avenue residence here and also spends considerable time in Europe. The Fords were married July 13, 1940, in a glittering wedding in Southampton on Long Island. They have three children, Charlotte 22, Anne 19 and Edsel, 14. Ford, whose father, Edsel, was the only son of auto pioneer Henry Ford, met his wife while both were returning from Europe aboard the former luxury liner Norman- die in 1936. Mrs. Ford, 44, the former Anne McDonnell, is the daughter of a socially prominent New York family and one of 12 children. During the four years be fore they married, Ford was converted to Catholicism s by the then Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen. Ford's wife was raised as a Catholic and he as a Methodist. The Catholic Church does not recognize divorce. However, a Catholic clergyman said the church permits a separation under certain circumstances. leeai Netctt Estate of Arpad Ludwlf Nadal, deceased, of Forest HUH Boroufh, Ps. No. am of 196.1. Letters of administration t. a. on his estate were tranted to the undersltned who reouesls all persons havlnt claims or demands aialnst the enisle of decedent to make known the same and all persons Indebted to decedent to mske payment without delay to Charles I. Zletler, Adra,, c.t.a., 183 Cherry Valley Rd., Ph. Jl, Pa. Charles I. Zlrgler, Attys.', 01 Law Finance JBIdt., Plh. 1. Pa. Estate of Johanna Blum, deceased, of Mt. Lebanon Twp., Pa. No. 3337 of 1963. Letters testamentary on her estate were tranted to the undersltned who requests all persona having claims or dmandi aialnst the estste of decedent to make known the same and all persons lndebled to decedent to mska payment without delay to Alexander D Rosenbaum, Kxtr.. BIS Bower Hill Rd.. Pgh. 16, Ps. Alexander D. Rosenbaum, Att'y., .600 Jones Law Bldt., Pin, 1, Pa. Estate of Catherine Maud Shea ski c. Maud Shea aka Maud C. Shea, deceased, of Pfh.. Pa. No. 3243 of 1963. Letters testamentary on her estate were tranted to the undersigned who requests all persons having claims or demands atalnst the estate of decedent to make known the same and all persons Indebted to decedent to make payment without delay to Pittsburgh. National Bank. Etr., 414 Wood St., Pin. 33. Pa. Lloyd E. Glurk, Att'y., 418 Frlck Bid!., Plh. 19, Pa. Estate of Irvlnt Johnson, de-cesjed, of Pth Pa. No. 3332 of 1963. Letters testamentary on hli esisie were tranted to the undersigned whs requests all person! hivinr claims or demands atalnst the estate of decedent to make known the asme and all persona Indebted to decedent to mike payment without delsy to Robert ft. Brown, Xitr., 340 Wylle Ave., Pih., Ps. L. pel McGrsth; Me-Grsth, McGrsth, McGrath Dijon, Att ys., 1703 Grsnt Bid!., Plh. 1, Ps. Estate of Ada R. Bliss, deceased, of Plttsburitl, Pa. NO. 3433 of 1963. Letters of administration on her estue were iranted to the under-simrd who requests all persons hav-Ini clslms or demands aialnst the estate of decedent to mske known the ssmt nd sll persons Indebted to decedent to make plsyment without delsy to Elisabeth B. Alderdlce. Admi., 1359 Shady Avenue, Pitts., 17. Pa., or to A. C. Coney Jr.; Klrkpatrlck, Pomerov, Lock hurt A Johnson, Attys., 1130 Oliver Bldt., 33, Pa.- Estate of Dominic Guszl. aka Domlnlck Guzzl, aka Domenlck Guzsl, deceased, of Plttsburih, Pennsylvania. No, 3066 of 1963. Letter! teitsmentary on his estate were iranted to the undersltned who it-qusets all persons havlnt claims or demands aialnst the eslate of decedent ot make known the ssme and all persons Indebted to decedent to make payment without delay to John B. Rossi, execulor, 1303 Oakrldi Street, Plttsburih 36. Pennsylvania, or to Ernest G. Nsssar and Ernest G. Nssssr, Jr., Attys., 305 Fifth-Grant Bulldint. Pittsburgh 19. Pa. Estate of Michael Kenderes, de-cessed. ot Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No. 593 of 1963. Letter! testamentary on his estate were tranted to the undersigned who requests all persons hsvini rlilms or demand! assinst the estste of decedent to mske known the ssme and a'l persons Indebted to decedent to make psymenl. without delsy to Wllllsm Kenderes. a'k-s Wllllsm Renders. Kxtr., 600 Fordham Avenue. Pitta-burgh 36, Ps,, or to Ernest, G. Nas-asr. Aitr , 363 Fifth-Grant Bldi Pittsburgh 19, Pa. JOHN P. HESTER Going to higher court. commissioner chairman, said 'I am not aware of any dis crimination in employment by the county." Pasquale Navarro, presi dent of the Navarro Corp., denlpd that his firm practiced discrimination against Negroes In its hiring policy and asserted the NAACP had not brought its complaints to him except by a letter. Brown re sponded by saying his aides had tried repeatedly to put their protests before Navarro personally but had been ignored each time. 1 ALMANAC CALENDAR ' ALMANAB CALENDAR Legal Notice IN THE ORPHANS' COURT OF ALLEGHENY COUNTY. PENNSYLVANIA IN RE: ADOPTION OF DEBORA ANN CLOSSON. No. 405 of 1963. To: GEORGE CLOSSON, fsther of minor mother. Victoria Ann riosson. mother ot Debora Ann Closson, born on the nth day ot November, 1962, In the City o Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. Penn. lylvanls. and any other Interested Ksrty: Tske nonce thst a petition as been presenlrd by Vlclorla Ann Closson In the sroresaid Court at the above Number and yesr prayina thst the said Victoria Ann Closson be permitted to relinquish forever all her parental rlihls to Dehors Ann Closson. her minor child, and Ihe Court has fixed the 4th day ot September, 1963, at 8:30 o'clock A M E. S. T., as the time, snd Orphans' Court, Rth floor, City-County Building. Grant Street, Puts- . burgh, Pennsylvania, as the place for hearing on ssld petition, whrn and where you may appear snd show csuse. It any you have, why ssld prayer should not be granted. William F. Donstelll, Attorney, 925 Grant Building, Pittsburgh 19. Penna. Estate of Dorothy D. Hendricks, deceased, of Penn Hills Twp.. Ps. No. 3249 of 1963. Letters testamentary on her eslate were iranted to Ihe undersigned who requesls sll pai-iw.i having claims or :!?mand acalnsl the estate of decedent lo make known the ssme snd all per-eons Indebted lo decedent to make payment without, delay lo Mellon National Bank A Trust Co., Kxtr., Mellon Square. Pgh. 30, Ps. Joseph 8. D. Chrlstof, Att'y.. 30S Park Bldt., Plh. 33. Pa. Estate of Helen M. Hack, deceased, of Plh., Ps. No. 3343 of 1963. Letters of admlnistrsllon on her estate were irsnted to the undersigned who requesls all persons havlnt clums or demands sulnst the estate of decedent to mae known the ssme ind sll persons mdebled to decedent to mske payment without delsy to Stephen J. Hack, Adm., 633 North Bratty St.. Pih. 6. Ps., Wllllsm L. Jscobs. William A. Jacob Jr., Attvs, 1006 Law A Finance Bldt., Plh, 19. Pa. Estate of John H. Quick a'k'a .T. H. Quick, deceased, ot Edtewood Borouih. Pa. No. 3346 of 1963. Letters testamentary on his estate were tranted lo the undersltned who requests sll persons havmi claims or demands aialnst the estate of decedent, to mske known the ssme and all persons Indebted to decedent to make payment without delay to .. G. Oulck. Extr.. 141 W. Hutchln-on Ave., Pih. 16. Pa., W. James Aiken Jr., Atty., 1606 Law Fl-nance Bldg., Pgh. 19, Pa. Estate of Lulse Blrle, riecessed. Of Pill., Pa. No. 3348 of 1963. Letters testamentary on her estate were granted to the undersltned who requests all persons havlnt claims or demand! annul the estate of decedent to mske known the ssme and ill persons Indebted to decedent to mske psymenl without delsy to George Blrle. Extr., 3919 nippey St., Pih. ps. Robert F. Burktrdt, Ally., 1015 Bener Bid ij,, Pgh. 19. Pa. Estste of Cora B Gibson, deceased, of Brldgeville. Pa. No. 3239 of 1963. Letters testamentary on her estste were iranted to the underslsned who requests all persons havlnt rlatms or demands aislnst the estate of decedent lo make known the ssme and sll pennns Indebted to decenenl to mske pevment without delay to Elisabeth T. Gardner. Extra., 103 Grandview Dr., ranonsburg, Ps. John R. Bowmsn. Att'y, 1300 Standard Llie Bldg., Plh. 33, Pa. Hester Quits (Continued from Tare 1) will go to a Republican, probably Albert A. Fiok, GOP com-' mlttee solicitor. Flok last night received the unanimous recommendation of the 30-member GOP County Advl-sory Committee. Final approval, however, lies with the 2,500-member GOP County Committee, which will meet Aug. 15. The advisory committee last night alio endorsed Democratic Judges Alpern and Hester, and "whoever the Democrats name for County Court." The probable appointment of Councilman McCarthy to County Court means he will not continue to run for another term in city council. Thus, there is likely to be a scramble among Democrats ' for his place on the council-manic ticket to be voted on next fall. RBECUE w,,hRAGU' Heat And Serve On HOT BEEF yy SANDWICHES FIATUM0 PRODUCT! KATURIO PRODUCTS Legal Nofeei Estate of Ssdle Allken, decessed, Of Greentree. Pa. No. 3.142 Of 1963. Letters teitsmentary on her estste were iranted to Ihe undersltned who . requesls all persons hsvlnt claims or demands scainst the estate of decedent to make known the ssme and sll persons Indebted to decedent without delay to John s. Altken. Exir., R, D. No, l, Eighty Four, Ps,, .John R. MM'aw. Attv., 2200 First Nail. Bank Bid!.. Pgh. 33. Pa. Ze-msn It zemsn. Attys., Zeman Law Bldg., Csnonsburt. Ps. Eslate of Emma F. Rles, deceased, of McKees Rocks, Ps. No. 3422 of 1962. Letters testsmentary on her eslate were iranted lo ihe undersigned who requesls all person! having claims or demands atalnst the ' eslate to make known the same and all persons Indebted to decedent lo mske payment without delay to Henry G. Haupt, Extr., 1312 Vine ' St., McKees Rocks. Pa., Roberts, ' Dorn St Mohan. Attys., 700 B, F. . Jones Bldg.. Pgh. 19, Pa. Eslate of Charles F. Houlihan, deceased, of Ml. Lebanon, Pa. No. 3161 of 1983. Letters testamentary on hli estate were granted to the ' undersltned who requesls all persons having claims or demands ttaliut the ' estate of decedent to make known ; the ssme and all persons Indebted to i decedent, lo make psymenl without delay to Rose Houlihan. 454 .Serrano Ave.. Mt. Lebanon. Pa. and John R. Foster. 1515 Second St., Beaver. Ps., Extra. J. Donald Cook, , Atty., 3600 Grant Bldi., Pgh, 19. ' , Estate of Esther Rice, deceased, of Pgh., Pa. No. 330 of 1963. Let- , ters testamentary on her estate were grimed to the undersigned who requesls all persons having claims or demands sislnst the estate of decedent to mske known the same and all persons indebted lo decedent to mske payment without -delsy to Louis Rice. Extr., 6711 Meivin St., Pih. 17. Ps.. J. I. Simon. Ally., 614 Bskewell Bldi., r Pgh- 19. Ps- f-state of Eltzsbelh 5" Freve 'I'ka Mrs. William E. Freye, de-ceased, of Inirsm Borough, Pa. " No, 2659 of 1963. Letters testamentary on her estate were granted to the undersigned who requests all ' persons hevlng claims or demands agalnsl the estate of decedent to mske known the ssme and all persons Indebted to decedent, to mske payment without delsy to . Harry ; W. Freye. 3313 Gerber Ave., Pgh. 1 2, Pa. and Mrs. Helen Owston Henderson, 3806 Weslth Ave., Pth. 12. Pi,, Extra, Fred Shoemaker, Att'y., 434 Forbes Ave., Pgh. 19 Ps. Estate of Louis F. Wilharm, deceased, of Wllklnsburt. Pa. No. 3153 of 1963. Letters testamentary . on hli estate were tranted to ihe undersigned who requests ell per-eons havlnt claims or demands , atalnst Ihe estate of decedent to make known the same and all per-aona Indebted to decedent to mske ' paymenb without delay to Caroline M. Wllhirm. extra., 3036 Falrlawn St., Pittsburgh 31, Pa., or to Nor- man H. Jacobs of Ha.lett. Gannon . Jacobs. Attys., 708 Park Bulld- lnr. Pittsburgh. Ps. 13222. Estate of Wllllsm A. Weln, de- " ceased, of Mt. Lebanon Twp.. Pa . No. 3373 of 1963. Utters of Id-ministration eta on his estate were ' granted to the undersigned who re- auests all persons having claims or emands against the eitaie of decedent to mske known the ssme and all persons Indebted to decedent to mske payment without delay to Feme W Horne , Admx.. eta 50 Cornell PL Ml. Lebanon. Pa. Donald t". Winson; Eckert. Seamani A Cherln Attys., 1000 Porter Bid.., Pgh. it, Pa. . . u v 'AaMCTTI

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