The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1943 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1943
Page 2
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WHITTEMORE AND FENTON YOUNG FOLKS WED SUNDAY Whfttcmtjre=-Miss Dawn Vaud Daughter .of :Mr. and Mrs. Walte Vaudf, ancTPvt. John Struecker eMfonthrAir Field, Hondo, Texas d Mrs. Herma n£on, were mar liftg at 7:30 at St church in Whit j. H. Dische ble ring cere ehnke played L^iaflP' 8 wedding - bnae entered the church on the arm,of her father who gave her in "" S.S . „»._*. r^ri iau<r ctiiu uranee blossom halo. She caffied a bou- home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vaudt, south of town, With about 60 relatives and friends in attendance, as follows: || Ait tltt«flfl Mr. and Mrs. Emil Eiftiers of Burt; Kill WEDS Mr. and Mrs. Fred Langerman; U VI . TTEll/lJ Swea City: Mr. and Mrs. Henry /if nt ffftftt A jMvt Krueger West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. L\K I II INF ?lTII Ull *« JUllii ^1 III '--^ ^_^*^;.*^ '- v ' lv '- : " v '-''^' es en; r. an rs. Harold Nelson, Ringsted; Mr. and a^T kn a e^n L sTue k c°K C e k r' : ^L™^?^™^ fnmiiv Font,!.,. M...!* e*,..,A,,i™, P. een received in LuVerne by dren spent a couple of past week Ashing in the family, Fenton; Marie , Mason City; Phyllis Vaudt, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. tives and friends and Discher Mrs. W. «la-i sp eht . ler Bishop ford, wno are; 1 both working in Waterloo, spent Sunday aikl MOM day at their respective home here. Linden Wilkinson of Mason City visited with friends about town a couple of days the past week and Ehftigti Fiiher, City, Ordered to S«* ni * ht at - Dim- Lorenz Gade and daughter, Bren- Virgil is the eldest son of M'j. I CM-,*,. „„., V K » U «. , da, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greinert and Mrs. Ed Mason of Charles Lhn «™ y «,™J?iLj5 a , thr X n H'? 161 "' and family and Bertha and Delores City,'but formerly of LuVerne ±° Vern S?r d J"rSf S ^ Oi J?, e l' D^I>-.,(., „!! „* wkut i ana vera uimier of Cedar Htmins Potratz, all of Whittemore, and. Rev. and Mrs. R. W. Wablitz, of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zinnpllitnl Arthur nimim- h nr »» Fenton. Ushers were Harold Nel- are the parents of a babv sir! hnm », "«««;r nome. son and Calvin Vaudt; table wait- last Wednesday g ,. Norman Hesse, son of Mrs. Lll* »-i _ , • * __. *l •*,/ • I ii A Hxli?c?A «« j-3 T\**tD ***• T i_L. A_. — — .- •esses were Bertha and Delores, t Potratz, of here and Betty Reinen, Ft. of West Bend. The bride attended the Luth- H i n. hn nome. S °f"* at t lie Hesse, and DeRoV Lichty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lichty, are enjoying furloughs at their homes here. Both boys are in the navy. me onae auenaea me LiUtn- n/r j -. T . . ..»..».. ^w.,., ^uj*, aic m me navy, eran parochial school and gradu- L ^'^nd Mr S . J - , A - Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lichty and ted from the Whittemore public P m .' Iy ™ lt * d rela V v , e , s in Wall- DeRoy, Mr. and Mrs. Herman tea irom tue wmttemore public r"",", o j »^ n ,,ivc=, in wuu- jjeKoy, Mr. and Mrs. Herman chool. She is now employed a t ingrorcl Sunda y and Monday. Shultz and Mr. and Mrs. Steve fie Ankeny defense plant. ' Mr, and Mrs. Geori?p Rhnnitav I Rnkor pr»inv*aH a nnimia r\f ^0-*^ Cadet Ostwinkle In Dlass at San Antonio Swea Clt^-i . Melvin Fisher and and Mrs by son- ar . — „..„ « 110 . George Shanley Baker enjoyed a couple of days of Webster City visited Sunday at outing at Clear Lake the past the' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hilbei't week. home - „ Visitors at the Clint McClellan Jean Mosher, who is working in home during the week-end were: Cedar Rapids is spending her va- Mr. and Mrs. Glen McClellan and I cation with hm* r*i/^41-»n»« TV/T»*« /-i* n I />V^il^*>an Ta.^v>A4-u** Ti/r-»^i_ii * uur ^ap,^ 1S spending her va- Mr. and Mrs. Glen McClellan and At the San Antonio Aviation cation with her mother, Mrs. Geo. children, Dorothy McClellan of adet Center, Texas, last week a Tiede. Des Moines and Mrs. Leonard •lass of 211 aviation cadets, all| Mr. and Mrs. August Kerstein Wilson of Yale -»"fc.i«j v^i ULI. (.(vicxi/iv/u v,cnjcvci) a i» i ATJ.I , cii ILI JV1J o. /A.UcuS[ JVerStein I *•»»•»»» *-/A *. MAV;. rom Iowa, completed their pre-|of Clinton, Minn., spent Monday Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Phillips of light training for pilots. An Al- —" u "--=- --•- -- -• . - ona boy, Claude N. Ostwinkle, ivas a member of this class. He s the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. t-n M.!; Sabatoges Keep "jyoun't clothes sweet drv •id with their niece, Mrs. Helen Trauger. Robert Miller, Dale Zenlner and Billie Hof left Saturday evening for Des Moines for induction into the army. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Raney o Waterloo spent the week-end a the home of Mr. Raney's mother Flora Raney. Norma Jean Wagner of Forl ') 1 : in—t.-Ki—•"- ^ e c °l° rs , whish away all ,stams I. assure; you o£ ; add edi wear'from garments; that • lAlHANCiEH.JFOiR'teyER^ ' ; CLEANED-; A ".'t'''-' '" Modern Dry Cleaners & Tailors HOLMES & CLOPTON Dodge is visiting at the home oi her aunt, Mrs. Andrew Thompson, and family * Mr. and Mrs. John Ramus and children visited a couple of days the past week with relatives in Sioux Falls, S. D. Marion and LuVerne Harmening of Long Beach, Calif., visited at the Emil Heinie home a coupie of days the past week. Florence Godfrey, who is working at Thompson, Iowa, spent the week-end at the home of her mother, Mrs. W. F. Godfrey. Mr. and Mrs. James and chil- Storm Lake visited at the Jennie Phillips home over the week-end. Their son, Douglas, returned home with them after visiting relatives here the past few weeks. Arthur Satre came Sunday from Rockford, 111., for a couple of days --• T ,_"? -.-«.«*.» n«4u isai/jr ouil-* ar fived late last week from Wish- ingtpn, D. C., td join their tw& small sons. Roland and Howard, who have been with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ewing, for several weeks. Ensign Fisher returned east early this week, having been ordered to sea. Ris wife and the children will- remain here for some time. fcj Cadet Gerald Stetisty To New Mexico Field Cadet Gerald R. Steussy, son of Mrs. Henry M. Steussy, Altona, has completed his • basic raining at the Merced Army Fly* ng School, Merced, Calif., and will now go to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, for his advanced instruc- ion. Prior to his acceptance as fin viation cadet he was employer] by the Clinic Pharmacy and Supply Company, of Fort ~ ' Ki?MUr4! Celrt WHso* aiS* Glen StnKft, ST, JOE NEWS Rosahne RidiBg of Algona 1 li tS«^'?? th , is week with Marv Joytie Capesius. ,. Jlm p °wers and Bill Miles Spen t the Fourth of July week-end vlsr iting relatives in 'Fort Dodge James Cape'sius spent a week recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius at Algona. «» Mr<Tand ¥"• ® en Thilges of near Ledyard were Sunday visitors with relatives and friends In a< —, daughter 61 Albert Weber, ei spent the week-end At ithe honle, ..- ___..»J shower will „ for Helen Ydungwifth Presentation Academy hall Whlttemdre ne*t Suriday. Mr. and^s.' John Ffullnger returhed recihlly from Rochester, Minn., where Mr. Prullnger had submittea to a major operation/ Bernlee Stattiemanh recently spent several days at the Joe Vollmer home near Bancroft. Mrs. Vollmer and Miss Stattlemann are sisters. John Capesius had the misfor- ;une recently to ruh a pitch fork nto his foot and i)r. Beardsley considered 'it' necessary to give him a shot for lock jaw. V V*"**»S*»*I««* thTVAIA «•**» •*- \J Sffetft l«f, 'WefcftfRtHi ™.. „« lives' aftd f/ieftds. Mrs. KenhM is the mother Of Mr*, Hefflf? Bof* •mafln. - v • > x, . ' The Riverdale FHendiy'Club'&i* joyed the annual club picnic* on July 4th 6ft the fi6b Casey farm. All members 6f the club and their families gathered for the event. Mrs. Mamie Fitch and Mrs. Alfred Grill were on- the entertaining committee. Banns of marriage were published in St. Joseph's church Sunday for 9gt. Arthur Plathe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plathe, and Htelen'Youngwlrth, of Whfttemora. The wedding will take place In St. Michael's church, Whltteirnore, ori July 14th. Sgt. Plathe is'stationed at Camp Attenbury, Indiana. St. Benedict News The Ben Recker fmaily was Sunday dinner guests at the Vaske home at Bancroft. Helen Arend, who attend sum mer school at Cedar Falls, spe over Sunday with her paren here. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Immerfa and daughter spent Monday af ernoon with 'his mother, Mr *T ,,^** * l ^ (<»l <*>.-> i^^^tnv^i-j, «.i4., AVI. a V.ULIJJIC v/x uaja CJLUUUII vvilll niS visit at the Fred Fritzmeier home. Francis Immerfall. Mrs. Satre and son returned home with hlmY«7r"havTnI*s P 7 n rthe|corwith an were r vis^ Mondty a f.ff S hL m ° nth at the home of her the hol "e of their daughter, M and Mrs. August Huschka. , „ Mrs. W. G. Berryhill is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arndorfc Huron, S. D., to Chanute, Mrs. W. F. Johnson of ^ an fl? of her new granddaughter. Tim- mi e Cote returned home after visiting at the home of his grand- >arents the past three weeks. News Items of Lakota Vicinity Mrs. Kooloff attended the funeral of a small grandchild at Buffalo Center Thursday afternoon. Marjory Ann and Joyce Lee Adams are making an extended visit with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Lester. • Mrs. Herman Wirtjes, Sr., fell Awhile, working in her garden last .veek and broke a bone in her leg, near the ankle. The leg is in a ast.v !••;•;;. Betty. Kienitz, who is employed ^icKenna and the % en ™ ^ e A so ? s s P en ^ Fort Dodge hos- datghte^ls" ITry Chas. Nelson donated blood for the patient for a transfusion. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ludwig and daughter, Luella, and husband of Spokane, Wash., arrived Suu- day night to visit his sisters, Sis- — o vs s ssers, is- bron township, spent last week ter M. Radigundis and Mrs. Greg Sunday visiting her mother, Mrs. Studer. Mr. Ludwig's last visit to Rachael Kii Rachael Kienitz. Marvin Klocke arrived Satur- this vicinity was about 24 years day morning frof a camp in Ken- Sister M. DeSales of St. Francis tucky and will spend a five day Convent, Milwaukee, Wis., is vis- furlough with his parents, Mr. and itin S her mother, Mrs. Josephine TVTi'c A r 1 TTI^iob-tt ' I Rosfnmpvnr nn^ K»-^tV,nw Al..:« t the Ray Eichson home in He- Mrs. A. C. kiocker""' """ Rosenmeyer, and brother, Alvin .The Otto Koppens, the Joe Kop- |ff ^'£l™^£«$* a dinner last Sunday in honor of WashWeU , *VH* VALU QUALITY PLUt tUPIN VALU •VEiiy D«V LOW PRICES 'MMNt iUPBR •AVINQI FOB VOU WHINEVIR VOU tHOP. CHICK TH« VALUE* LUTED HERE. Ill WHAT YOU iAVE, •alad Ityla I8KMustard ...^ 8e DurkM'i Paitiout Dressing «..,b..«,.24c Gravy Master Vo.ul I4c ^.cr.. m ,^ ««>»•«" " Corn NO.* to oi M.t.b.tuo I2e £ nrlch _. . Bran Flakes «.,.,... Corn Ripe Olives iooi..i«.37c °^^^ WM Beans Vinegar Wheat Flakes II ippiejuice ^ isc *^^f 1iK Juloa of t Polnu HCllOgg S Grapefruit u*. m I2c •***'•** 1IK Julct of Grapefruit Tomato Juice 2 14 Polnu Me 4 Polnu Per Lb, .»,,. 27c I0c 1t*l.D«f. IOC I4c 4« oi. can S Polnu Jumbo Wet 4 pomu Wheat Cereal 4Q|» Sunrlch Quick *" c Rolled Oats 4..,,.,. I7c Amarlcan Beauty .p olnu Macaroni 2 it 27c Shrimp m 7o lt .n4lc *•"•"«•"«•«•» i™,,, Spaghetti 2 r. 27c n'/, oi.c.n 9c Grape Nuts i2oi. P . g . I3c Turkey Noodle loup ' 1 point __ „ . . __ Morton House N :.n 1 9c Muffets H., P k,. 9e .Carol Out Onen 14 Polnti Paneake Plour Beans Pet Milk 2 Mo. 2 19 oz. cam TO WAR 80HDS ->3> , ;. i^vau^y iii naaj ..-.I Special Showmgrof ..-.At: pens, the Edward Hagges, the Orville Koppens and Katherine Becker enjoyed a picnic supper at the Otto Koppens July 4th. Mrs. Clifford Holding and children came up from Burt Thursday and attended the funeral of Henry Roba, and al,so visited her sister, Mrs. Elmer Kienitz. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson, Buffalo Center, spent Sunday afternoon with Henry's mother, Mrs. Sarah Patterson, and the evening , with the J. H. Warburtons. Mrs. Carl Gerzema drove to W m ^o fiflr i<w i\J u/lC> 3.s\3. Ackley last week Wednesday to visit a relative, Mrs. O. W. Ryken, who is ill. She also visited at the A. K. Fedge home while there. Mrs. Emory Smith and Mrs. Bob -lemans came home Sunday from Fort Dodge, where they had been since Thursday with Emma Smith, who underwent a major operation at the Lutheran hospital. They report her condition as satisfactory. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heetland n$ Mrs. Charles Gutknecht at- .en'ded a meeting of the County [fllr'n^ Bureau board at the Burt ij^eiy jFriday evening. The women's committee met with them orts of the state meeting Sister DeSales. Don McCarthys entertained last Sunday at dinner his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. McCarthy and son, Vincent, and brother, Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy and baby, and Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Shiltz and two daughters, Dorothy and Berni'ce, all of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dorr have received word from their son, Joe, at Salt Lake City, Utah, that he had passed his physical test for overseas duty and would soon be on his way. He has for the past year been studying radio and code courses and recently was married and went to Las Vegas, Nevada, after completion of studies Madison, Wis. R** ruiniv rdiiiftxMV riuur £ „ 23c Aunt Jemima i BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS 2 80Z. PKGS. S IB. PKG. 20< 25< .21 POINTS NO. 2</i • 29 OZ. CANS 16 POINTS 18K COFFEE VAC PACK IN GLASS CANNING JARS DRIP OR REG. IB 32 NO. 2 19 OZ. CAN 1 RED POINT PER CAN ve.n. . .-Theiahniial meeting of the rural schools/:dt T !,edyard township was held afc.the^ilerry Heetland home last-w«8k'/Wednesday evening and ithe'I regular: business cared for. Mrs. 'JerryFHeetland was re-elected aecratarj and) Jerry Heetland, treai9u»er. hCharlesi: Gutknecht is president. Wade BaTi^rkur'WeVl- from La- r45do,.'«.Mo.j-.»-.rSdtCird«y>-. morning, iwherfi'he.'hadiartteridedittle funeral jof'ainepliaw.vWilllam'Fra^ier, wno |drowned'''lastf'jweek Monday and j who Cleaves I a" wWa-ind'Jtwri small .ehildrenJ Mril Fraaietf was'-known Iherfe: as(-lie'worked tenthis >vicmity jseveual ."years' >ago.' > • M n ; 11 r 1 1') uti-. j ' ! ll r 'E: 1 W6rtmah i; drove"lb ; Algeria lPrlt}ay-'wh'ere'lVe ; tofalt a'-biis'to-BeS' MomcB'; i) «7K*»*«»- i: l i io 1 J i i^Uf 'v,.t iiu«' Four Corner Ne^ws j — .T^y.»- *.^- •iiwb IilS SOD} IJohn, who 1 came' up i; from fh'^'lhiiii I<Jwa'(!C*ty'JStdint"Ake a - ep.en.t the? . , ' John; taiOesi Maine* Eva Lee Smith returned home Monday from a week's vacation at Okoboji with a group of Good Hope young people. Mr. and Mrs. Le6 Ramus and sons, Algona, were chicken supper guests at the A. B. Alexander home Monday evening. The Ray Smith family were picnic dinner guests at the Emil Pearson home July 4th. The Henry Smith and Floyd Duncan families were also there. Francis Priester, brother of Mrs. Robert Walker, was home on a furlough from Tuesday tp Saturday of last week. He is stationed at Gregor Field, near Spokane, Washington. Picnic dinner guests at the Lawrence Kirsch home July 4th included the Cecil Bjustrom, Robert Walker, Orville Holdren, Lewis Broesder, John McNeil, Quentin Bjustrom and Orie Dittmer families. Mr. and Mrs. Arne Pedersen became the parents of a 7M> Ib. son, jat the Kossuth hospital Saturday [morning. Mrs. Pedersen is the 'ormer Laura Jean Smith, daugh- •u- of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, ibaby has been named Robert , n, and is the first grandchild to* Il jj»e' Smiths. pMriry Joyce, daughter* of Mr. CAKE FLOUR GEORGIA- „ .I, PEACHES 2 STANDARD QUALITY Tomatoes DAIRYLAND ' . t Evap.Milk 3 COMPLEXION SOAP Palmolive 3 OXYDOL ae '_ .<-, f « « u'/ 2 oz. CANS 26< Large Pure Vanilla Burnett's Floor Was ' Wax Rite - ,, fterowax .„, ^o Rub Liquid White Shoe Polish to,*.,... RinSO Ivg. pkg. Junket Tablets Pkg . ""PHIOES IN THIS AO, __ _ i • Polnu Ambaiia.dor Toilet 27e Mazola Oil « M 27c Paper HI, HO ... — -. • 39e Crackers 1 Lb Box Northern 3 t50 theet i a. rolli IOC jn c Glorox IWfc WaihWeld 90 ?r?o 8 P fira ' BS 2| C Gloss Starch *•" Liquid I2c Pekto gallon 21 c Tissue 5^,250 n I« Klbblei *' c , Ken-L Ration,,, P k, 25c 33c LinalSoap ,, fl . P , B 23c liland Palm 1 ib. Pk( . 7c Toilet Soap 4 ^, 17r Uc Royal Lemon 2 .^ 23c Cleanser w cam EXCIPT ON PIRI8HABLH, ABB OUARANTtID THRU THUB8DAV, JULV 15th. -Mrs.-. 1 Ward ,ter; > JShiijley; j dl 'Exeelsior< came > i'Thursday • i for 1 >an> ' 'ok tended ivisit with' T her : motheri'lMrs.^I^ Smith. iMrs..-: :Dawsori > si i ihu'sbandJ has resigned' as cashier! iof'theifixt relsior bank andihbs'Jtaken^'^ogii- tion in Havre,->fMontana: Mrs. Dawson will join him. thece, in Jil? Mf§M Ed ward Rich, spent July fjnjjmj 5th with her parents «ud .family. Mary Joyce is a clerk in the grocery department at the • e fi nedy , Apartment store at Bateoff. M* 1 and Mrs. Glen Cow- ng were supper guests at the icns Mondajtt<«Svfenujg and took LOW PRICES fVfKY DAY AT SUPER VALU Ib. 43c Creameiy Butter Super Valu BROKEN MEATS rtans as t.o their future home. iiSdi'hUBban'd,'2Mr3^»*'4a[rai H aan:ifi«MJlsorJ/I sierbh° r Raafe spent Satur- iiwwJAK ^w-S^Bil^ 0 ^ 8 / ^ itn .-I'Eaward Bicns. Bit's' Rude is a ster of Mrs. Rich and came from os Angeles, C*ttf!)• >to spend the noW»diilwit<i<J|eDiti<i6S)Vtemce tier usbamTs^ Decent lStad«iti(4» into ft .DUA f{ ' SLICED BACON A LARGE MINCED BOLOGNA 4 POINTS LB. 23' SMALL .WIENERS ^Z? 6 SUMMER SAUSAGE "?£ 3Je BRAUNSCHWEIGER' ^ 33« LONGHORN TENDER HAM SHANKS 8Ptf. Super FRUITS VEGETABLES GOOD SIZE LEMONS LARGE SIZE ORANGES LETTUCE' CABBAGE CARROTS DOZ. 29' i • 00749° Heads u,9 c 2 iunclmIf' Could Yon U*e ^^r^^^ ^^PJ^^ ^^((PJP^ , ( H - 1 ' ' '.$ ' - ' ', * ' ^""~"~ W H!!Wl UHW ^rW^B5*'*i - 1: ?'::-. ,l/:i^.l*/ ..*..^~aLM$&*3£. ^;^3>^:.•''

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